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"Dead Space: Extracted to Perfection on the Wii"

Concept: Experience the events of the discovery of the marker on Aegis VII, and follow a group of survivors attempting the escape the disaster. This on-rails shooter is Dead Space for the Wii. Test your skills and survive the waves of Necromorphs in the challenge mode.

Graphics: The graphics are on par with the original Dead Space on other high definition systems. The layout and detail of familiar places on Aegis VII and the Ishimura are identical to the original Dead Space.

Sound: Perfectly chilling. The screams, creaks, and groans will have your heart racing. Very little music but when heard sets the mood appropriately.

Control: Although one does not have freedom of movement within the environment the on-rails artificial intelligence moves as one would want to deliver a very satisfying shooting experience. Aiming with the Wii remote, and changing weapons with the nunchuck is simple and precise. Kinesis and statis are preserved, and well executed. The Ripper gains the most from the motion controls as moving the remote in all directions directs the blades through 3-D space. Co-op play is enable through a second remote to have the character duel weld weapons, but only one player can control kinesis and statis.

Game Completion Time: 8 hours for one play through.

Dead Space Extraction lives up to lofty expectations of its pedigree to deliver a very satisfying adventure on the Wii. The story follows several characters through the disaster of the outbreak on Aegis VII and the Ishimura without ever breaking for a cinema scene – the game play seamlessly overlaps with the action to create a truly interactive movie experience. All of the familiar locations in Dead Space are preserved in detail and all of the guns return in this sequel, enhanced by great motion controls.

If there is a down side to this game it is that the game is too short, and is itself an on-rail shooter. Having the freedom to move around as one pleases would have been great, even if it could have been awkward with the Wii, but this on-rail shooter experience is as good as it can get. Although a play through in story mode will take less than 8 hours it is a great experience, one that no Dead Space fan should miss. Tension and pacing are well done in this game to deliver the scares – I know this game made me jump a couple of times!

The game is so much fun that additional play throughs are likely and recommended. The challenge mode increases replay value by acting as an arcade survivor mode where one competes for high scores by surviving ten waves of enemies in style.

Recommendation: Any fan of the horror based on-rail shooter video games would agree that Dead Space Extraction may very well set the bar of excellence. Although the game may be short and sweat the game play within a story experience coupled with a excellent atmosphere and controls make this a great game. Those who have played the original Dead Space will love visiting the Ishimura and its' characters again, but those who never played any Dead Space game will find this title a great place to be introduced to the franchise.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/11/11

Game Release: Dead Space: Extraction (US, 09/29/09)

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