How do I win the Fed Ex Cup Championship?

  1. Do I need to win all four tourneys in a season on the Champion level? I thought having the most points at the end of the season would be enough to win the championship (like in real life) but apparently it wasnt. I ended the year the points leader, was awarded player of the year honors, but under my stats and objectives menu, game has not checked off that objective.

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  1. If it is like the real Fed Ex Championship, winning helps a lot, but in the end it is based on the Fed Ex Cup scoring system. Regular season wins provide points for qulaification and initial ranking for the first of the FedEx tourneys. Top 125 go to first event with their points from regular season. The finish in that event awards more points (about 5X the points for regular season), totals are recalculated, and the top 100 continue to 2nd event. Top 70 go to 3rd event and top 30 go to final championship. At the start of the final event, the Tour Championship, points are reset to 2500 for #1 rank, down to 210 points for #30, on a distributed, weighted scale. The Tour Championship finish yields more points, which are added to the starting amount. The highest total points after the 4th event wins the FedEx Championship. Even if you qualify 125th, winning the first 3 events should rank you #1 for the tour championship. After two seasons where the leader heading into the final tourney was so far ahead of the pack they could have finished last and still won the Fed Ex Cup, the scoring system was amended to the current version. This scoring system was new for 2009 and gives the higher ranking a distinct advantage, but cannot guarantee a win. But even with the current scoring system, a win at the Tour Championship does not win the Fed Ex Cup. Last year, Mickelson won the Tour Championship and Tiger finished second, but since Tiger started the event in the top rank, his final point total was higher than Mickelson. Basically, if you start the Tour Championship ranked lower than #5, you need a few miracles to win the Cup. If you start in the top 5, you just have to beat the players that have a better ranking than you. It's a statistical nightmare, but still better (at least simpler) than either the BCS standings or an NFL QB rating.

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