How to add backspin on advanced mode?

  1. Very frustrating if you can't add backspin in advanced mode... can you? I know you can adjust the angle of your shot, but is there a combination / formula to add some spin so every single shot doesn't hit the green and trampoline straight off? Frustrating.

    User Info: ScarletFever99

    ScarletFever99 - 8 years ago
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    Yes I enjoy playing advanced mode, I played it that way right out of the box.

    However playing advanced shouldn't make it *harder* than the actual sport. Pros spin the ball all the time. There should be a way to do it (make it challenging of course) if you hit the perfect shot at the perfect angle. For example a hard down swing with a partial follow thru.

    I know somehow I've managed to spin the ball back in advanced mode, once I spun it right in the cup and i was thrilled. Maybe instead of increasing the loft you decrease it so you strike down on the ball (pinch it on impact) like the pros do?

    User Info: ScarletFever99

    ScarletFever99 - 8 years ago

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  1. I will do my best here, but this is discussed on the message board in more detail.

    No, you cannot add backspin in advanced to the same degree as in the other control modes.

    You are already onto the right answer. The advanced mode uses phyics similar (or at least based strongly) in real life. Using a shorter club with a more angled club face will give the ball natural back spin. Short wedges tend to have natural back spin. Try adding loft, this will give you either backspin or at least cause the ball to 'sit' more when landing on the green. Also, use the 1 button to change to a flop shot. Flop shots add loft and with a short club the ball will pretty stay where it hits the green.

    As for your concerns about the difficulty, advanced mode takes away the props and makes you think harder. No pro can give the ball backspin like you can swinging the Wiimote. Also, no pro can hit a short iron and make the ball bounce to the right by putting spin on it. Instead, you are actually given more tools to work on your shot. Check your lie, adjust your club, adjust your shot type, and then adjust your swing. With this many variables, you can pick the shot you need rather than adding spin afterwards. It is a bit of a change of thinking from the previous games where you hit a shot then corrected it. Now you do all your thinking and work pre-shot, then just get a good strike on the ball.

    Finally, increasing your luck stat will give you better bounces.

    Try changing your approach to each shot, and many more thrilling shots will come your way.

    User Info: videogames2004

    videogames2004 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. that's why it's advanced.

    it sound's like you are on the right track, you can get a lot out of changing the club angle, but also tune your clubs.
    In the club tuner I think you turn spin down(up adds for-spin), and also increase the loft.

    User Info: teknic1200

    teknic1200 - 8 years ago 0 0

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