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    Game Script by Zxela404

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    Final Fantasy IV - The After Years
    Game Script
    Created by: Zxela404
    Creation Date: July 27th, 2009
    First Uploaded: August 2, 2009
    Email: alexturnitin@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
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    (1) - Main Script               (MNSCT)
        (1.010) - Ceodore's Tale    (GSD01)   *
        (1.020) - Kain's Tale       (GSD02)   *
        (1.030) - Rydia's Tale      (GSD03)   *
        (1.040) - Yang's Tale       (GSD04)   *
        (1.050) - Palom's Tale      (GSD05)   *
        (1.060) - Edge's Tale       (GSD06)   *
        (1.070) - Porom's Tale      (GSD07)   *
        (1.080) - Edward's Tale     (GSD08)   *
        (1.090) - Lunarian's Tale   (GSD09)   *
        (1.010) - Final('s) Tale    (GSD10)   *
    (2) - Extra Dialogue            (EXSCT)
        (2.010) - Ceodore's Tale    (ESD01)   *
        (2.020) - Kain's Tale       (ESD02)   *
        (2.030) - Rydia's Tale      (ESD03)   *
        (2.040) - Yang's Tale       (ESD04)   *
        (2.050) - Palom's Tale      (ESD05)   *
        (2.060) - Edge's Tale       (ESD06)   *
        (2.070) - Edward's Tale     (ESD07)   *
        (2.080) - Porom's Tale      (ESD08)   *
        (2.090) - Lunarian's Tale   (ESD09)   *
        (2.010) - Final('s) Tale    (ESD10)
    (3) - Acknowledgments           (ACKTS)   *
    (0.0) Legal Stuff - (LGS1)
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    (0.1) Version History - (VHS1)
    Version 0.91 - (02/08/09) (First Version)
    - First Version, containing Ceodore's, Kain's Rydia's, Yang's, Palom's and
      Edge's Main Script.
    - Also contains all of Ceodore's Extra Dialogue, and some of Rydia's.
    Version 1.36 - (09/08/09) (Second Version)
    - Added Porom's and Lunarians, and some of Edward's Main Script.
    - Added Porom's and Lunarian's Extra Script.
    Version 1.80 - (25/08/09) (Third Version)
    - Finished Edward's Main Script.
    - Finished Rydia's Extra Script, added Edge's, Yang's, Palom's, Kain's and
    Edward's Extra Script.
    Version 1.95 - (28/12/09) (Second Last Version)
    - Finished The Final('s) Script, and some of the Final('s) Extra Script. The
    next update will be the last version.
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                                    <Main Script - MNSCT>
    ================================\                   /==========================
    =================================\                 /===========================
    ==================================\               / ===========================
    			Long ago the Blue Planet was saved
    			by the prayers of an entire people.
    			    Two moons became one anew,
    			 and time inexorably marched on...
    			 The day of departure has arrived
    			 for the heir of the holy paladin.
    			  In the skies above the airship,
    			   two moons float up listlessly,
    			 one ominously gorwing ever larger.
    			Why has this dark harbinger returned?
    			 A new destiny has begun to unfold
    				and yet, as always
    			the crystals brim with silent light.
    Ceodore's Tale - The Adventure Begins  (GSD01) \
    <Baron Airship>
    [Three soldiers stand on the deck of the airship, piloted by three other Baron
    Soldier (Pilot): Captain Biggs! The Adamant Isle is in sight!
    Biggs: Very good.
    Wedge (turning to the third man): You don't look well, Prince Ceodore.
    Ceodore (lowering his head): ...
    Wedge: I can tell you're nervous about this. It is your first deployment, after
    all. Try talking with some of the other soldiers and take your mind off matters.
    [Ceodore speaks with the men aboard the airship to quell his nerves.]
    Wedge: We are currently on our way to the Adamant Isle, a very small landmass
    in the middle of the ocean. It is the staging ground for your initiation trial
    in becoming a knight, my lord. It goes without saying, of course, how overjoyed
    your father Cecil is to see you finally taking on this task.
    Biggs: Monsters don't play favorites. Royalty or peasants - they aren't picky
    about their prey. It's just as true for us Red Wings, too, I suppose. You may
    be the crown prince of Baron, but it means nothing here on this ship.
    Soldier: Your father, King Cecil, achieved knighthood by passing this trial
    himself. Did you know that he actually served as captain of the Red Wings
    before becoming king?
    Soldier: The Adamant Isle looks peaceful enough at first glance, I'll give you
    that. There's a grotto there, though...a holy land, of sorts. All knight
    trainees will visit there once.
    Soldier (Pilot): The Red Wings are the pride of Baron, the most elite of our
    kingdom's forces. We may not be at war, but our training regimen is as fierce
    and grueling as always!
    [The ship nears the Adamant Isle.]
    Wedge: How are you feeling now, my lord? Better?
    Ceodore: ...Yes.
    Wedge: I can certainly understand what you're going through, my lord...But
    considering our bloodline, there's nothing for you to be worried about.
    Ceodore: My bloodline?
    Wedge: Yes, my lord. You have inherited the blood of two great heroes: King
    Cecil the paladin and Queen Rosa the white mage.
    Ceodore (turning) : That doesn't mean anything! I am just another soldier being
    tested for knighthood.
    Biggs: Don't kid yourself, boy!
    [He stands face to face with Ceodore.]
    Biggs: You're no soldier yet. You're nothing but a squire. The Red Wings isn't
    the playground it was back in King Cecil's day.
    Ceodore: I know that. That's why I'm here today to...
    [Biggs strikes Ceodore, who falls to his knees.]
    Wedge: P-Prince Ceodore!
    Biggs: You've got a lot to learn, boy. Starting with how to keep that mouth of
    yours shut.
    Soldier (Pilot): Ready to touch down on the Adamant Isle, Captain!
    Biggs: Good. All hands, landing stations!
    [The crew prepare to land and the ship settles on the Adamant Isle. The
    soldiers all disembark.]
    Biggs: Here's out stop, Ceodore. The Adamant Isle. You are report to the
    village of Mythril up ahead and await further orders. Got it?
    Ceodore: Yes, sir...
    Biggs: Can't hear you! Say it like you mean it, boy!
    Ceodore: Yes, sir! Understood, sir!
    Biggs (turning): Hmph. As sorry as ever before. Now move out!
    [They all march onwards to the nearby village. Ceodore rests before embarking.]
    Soldier: Even in the most tranquil of lands, monsters may strike anywhere,
    anytime. If you are low on HP or MP, use that pot over there to get you back on
    your feet. I wish you the best of luck with your knight trial, my lord!
    [Biggs and Wedge await Cecil at the entrance to Mythril.]
    Biggs: Your mission in this trial is to obtain the Knight's Emblem housed deep
    inside the Adamant Isle Grotto. There is one requirement, boy! You can't enter
    the grotto until the moon is at its fullest. You'd best get yourself ready
    before then, mentally and physically.
    Ceodore: Is there any reason why I have to wait for the full moon, sir?
    Biggs: Hah! So you don't know about that either? This is gonna be a long day,
    I'll tell you that.
    Wedge: The light from the moon casts its effects upon all creatures of our blue
    planet. No monsters can escape from its influence, and neither can you, Prince
    Ceodore. Black magic, white magic, even physical attacks are all affected by
    the phase of the moon. But remember this! The moon cycles between phases with
    the passage of time, my lord. You will need to adjust your battle tactics with
    the current phase to survive out on the field.
    Ceodore: What happens during a full moon?
    Wedge: Black magic becomes stronger, but melee attacks are half as powerful.
    White magic is unaffected.
    Ceodore: So our swords become a liability during a full moon?
    Wedge: Not necessarily. Our attack power is halved, but that applies to the
    monsters as well. What's more, my lord, you are gifted with white magic from
    Queen Rosa...If your tactics match the current moon phase, then you will never
    be at a true disadvantage in battle. Now then, perhaps we could stay at the inn
    until the full moon arrives.
    [Before resting at the inn, Ceodore takes a short tour around the village.]
    Biggs: Start learning how to follow orders, boy. I told you to wait until the
    full moon!
    Wedge: Now then, let's get some rest at the inn until the full moon arrives.
    [Ceodore stays the night and the moon changes phases. He heads outside and is
    met by a Baron soldier.]
    Soldier: Captain Biggs is waiting for you at the grotto. Please hurry.
    [Ceodore makes his way towards the grotto as he is commanded.]
    <Adamant Isle Grotto>
    Biggs: Late even to your own mission? Man, what a worthless squire they stuck
    me with. We're about to begin our journey into the Adamant Isle Grotto. Not to
    repeat myself, but your orders are to obtain the Knight's Emblem. If you want
    to cut and run like the spoiled prince you are, now's the time.
    Ceodore: ...
    Biggs: Oh, did that hurt, boy? Well, quit pouting and go get your provisions
    from these chests!
    [Ceodore takes the treasure and prepares for his trial.]
    Soldier: I can already see you becoming a valiant soldier like your father,
    Prince Ceodore!
    Wedge: Prince Ceodore! May you have the best luck in battle!
    Biggs: Finally found some resolve in you, huh, boy? Get on with it, then!
    [Biggs and Wedge join forces with Ceodore as they speak with the resident of
    the grotto.]
    Dweller: You're the one after the Knight's Emblem, aren't you? Well, keep your
    guard up in there!
    [He stands down and the group journeys below.]
    Soldier: Watch out!
    Dweller: Be careful out there!
    [The group traverses the caves and encounter monsters along the way.]
    Biggs: Hee hee! Here we go, Ceodore!
    Wedge: I imagine you're already aware of how the phase of the moon can affect
    you on the battlefield. It's a full moon right now, so black magic is more
    powerful. White magic hasn't changed at all. Take a look at the commands.
    Weapon-based melee attacks have been weakened by half! As you can see, the
    color of your commands changes to reflect the effect of the moon. Commands
    strengthened by the moon phase are displayed in green while commands weakened
    are displayed in red. Make sure to pay attention to these colors during
    battles. They could have a major impact on the outcome of the fight!
    [Thanks to Wedge's advice, the party emerges victorious and continues their
    Wedge: Next, I'll tell you about Band moves. A Band is a type of powerful
    multi-person technique. You cannot perform a Band with someone unless you have
    some kind of bond with that person.
    Ceodore: Bond?
    Wedge: Yes, my lord. Allow myself and Captain Biggs to demonstrate. First, you
    must choose who you want to Band with. Next, you choose the command your
    partner should execute. For this demonstration, Captain Biggs is my partner,
    and he will select Attack, setting off the Band.
    Ceodore: What if Captain Biggs chooses something besides Attack?
    Wedge: Then the Band would fail before it even began. Are you ready? Watch!
    [The two engage in battle to educate Ceodore.]
    Wedge: When it's my turn, we'll press right on the +Control Pad to display the
    Band command. Once you choose Band, you'll have to select a partner. In this
    case, that would be Captain Biggs. After that, once Captain Biggs's turn comes
    up, select Attack. With that, everything is set. All that remains is to execute
    the Band itself. Let's give it a try!
    [The two perform a devestating blow.]
    Biggs: What, boy? Was it too fast for you to see?
    Wedge: Successful Bands will be recorded in your list of Band moves. After
    that, you can execute the Band at any time by choosing its name from the Band
    Biggs: Bands consume MP from every party member involved in them. So don't get
    cocky and blow it all away. Got it?
    [They continue down the grotto.]
    Biggs: Okay, Ceodore, it's all yours from here.
    Wedge: Don't worry, Prince Ceodore. Remember, you have the blood of King Ceicil
    Ceodore: That has nothing to do with it!
    Wedge: Prince Ceodore!?
    Biggs: Looks like you're got at least half a backbone in you. Get back here
    alive, or forget about making the Red Wings.
    Ceodore (nodding): Yes, sir!
    [Biggs and Wedge await Ceodore's return.]
    Wedge: I'm sure you can do it, Prince Ceodore.
    [Ceodore ventures alone, fighting many foes as he reaches the lower levels of
    the grotto. Ceodore happens upon the bottom floor.]
    Ceodore: !
    [He spies a lone treasure chest.]
    The Knight's Emblem!
    [He makes his way to the chest but finds himself in the middle of a battle. The
    foe proves to be too strong. Fortunately, Biggs and Wedge appear.]
    Wedge: Ceodore! Are you hurt!?
    Ceodore: Stay back...please!
    Biggs: !
    Ceodore: This is...this is my battle to fight!
    Wedge: You don't have to push yourself so hard!
    Ceodore: My father...and my mother...have nothing to do with this...I...I...
    I'll get through this...by myself!
    [Ceodore continues the fight and his potential awakens. He is now able to
    defeat the foe and acquires the Knight's Emblem. He collapses shortly after.]
    Wedge: Prince Ceodore!
    Biggs: Wedge!
    [The two surround Ceodore.]
    Wedge: Cura!
    [Ceodore slowly stands.]
    Ceodore: Thank you very much. Sorry about that.
    Wedge: I knew you could do it, Prince Ceodore! You have amazing powers hidden
    inside you!
    Ceodore: ...
    Wedge: Now you're a full-fledged knight, my lord!
    Biggs: We're leaving. Our work here is done.
    [The three make their way out of the grotto, but Ceodore stops for a moment.]
    Ceodore: Um...Wedge? Captain Biggs? Thank you...Thank you for everything!
    [Biggs leaves without a word.]
    Ceodore: Captain Biggs...
    Wedge: I expected nothing less from you, Prince Ceodore.
    Ceodore: Uh?
    Wedge: We must hurry to the airship. We'll get an earful if we're late again.
    [The moon changes phases and Ceodore makes his way out of the grotto.]
    Dweller: I never would've guessed you'd come back in one piece: now you're
    officially a knight for life!
    <Red Wings>
    Soldier: Congratulations, Prince Ceodore! Are you ready to return to Baron
    [The crew prepares to leave, and the airship takes to the skies.]
    Biggs: How's it feel, Ceodore?
    Ceodore: Sir?
    Biggs: How's it feel to be a knight?
    Ceodore: I...I'm not sure what to say, sir.
    Biggs: Of course you aren't. The "Knight's Emblem" is just a name. You risked
    your life in there to obtain a mummified rat tail. Have you figured it out yet,
    boy? You don't become a knight just because you obtained the Emblem. It is
    simply a test of your resolve. You've only arrived at the start of your
    journey. There is yet a long road ahead before you truly belong to the Red
    Ceodore: Yes, sir!
    Wedge: Amazing, Prince Ceodore! I can't wait to see you become a paladin and
    follow in your father's footsteps.
    Ceodore: I haven't made up my mind about becoming a paladin yet.
    Wedge: Why not, my lord? With the blood from King Cecil and Queen Rosa, surely
    you could be...
    Soldier: Incoming attack!!!
    Biggs: Calm down, soldier! You call yourself a knight of the Red Wings?
    Soldier: But, but Captain! We, we have monsters! Countless swarms of them!
    Ceodore: What!? Here they come!
    Biggs: Brace yourself, Ceodore!
    [The group fight aboard their airship for their lives. They defeat the first
    wave of foes, but many more take up their place.]
    Biggs: Gah! How can there be so many of them!?
    Soldier: Smoke is coming from Baron's direction!
    Ceodore: What!?
    Biggs: Full speed ahead!
    Wedge: Prince Ceodore!
    [The party hastens towards their homeland.]
    <Baron Castle>
    [The king and queen are in the throne room with a guard on watchful duty. A
    soldier runs into the room.]
    Soldier: My liege! A large horde of monsters is headed this way!
    Cecil (rising from his throne): What!?
    [The castle shakes and a monster cry is heard from afar.]
    Rosa: But their numbers were supposed to be dwindling!
    Cecil: You stay here, Rosa.
    [He turns to his guard.]
    Protect Rosa for me.
    Guardsman: Yes, sir!
    [Another attack on the castle and Cecil prepares to fight the hordes off.]
    Rosa: Cecil...
    Cecil: Don't worry about me. Just stay right here for me.
    [He leaves, following the soldier to the entrance of the castle where he is
    joined by a number of other Baron guards.]
    Cecil: Where are they coming from?
    Soldier: We don't know, sir! There're so many of them...
    Cecil: All of you, stay on your guard right here.
    Soldier: Yes, sir! We'll guard the throne with our lives, sir!
    [Cecil ventures out to serve his people when he is struck by two enemies.]
    Cecil: What!? They've already made their way inside the castle!
    Cecil: The castle gate is secured, and yet monsters are within the keep!
    [He happens upon a fallen soldier.]
    Soldier: Ergh. Where are these monsters coming from?
    [Cecil cannot help him, but instead climbs higher and higher to the tops of the
    tower, hoping to find an answer. A cloaked figure is accosting a pink-haired
    woman just as Cecil climbs the last set of stairs.]
    Girl: Ahhh!
    [He manages to defeat the enemy.]
    Girl: King Cecil!
    Cecil: Get inside the keep! It's too dangerous here!
    Girl: Y-yes, my liege!
    [She leaves and Cecil is close behind her. The guard protecting the western
    tower appears just as Cecil prepares to secure that area. The guard falls.]
    Cecil: Are you okay!?
    Soldier: I...I am sorry, my liege!
    [A monster descends down the stairs and lunges at Cecil.]
    Cecil: Hange in there, soldier!
    [Cecil continues towards the western tower. His name is called in a small
    Rosa: Cecil!
    [Rosa has trailed behind Cecil.]
    Cecil: Rosa!
    Rosa: I'm coming with you.
    Cecil (turning away) No, you can't. I will not let you put yourself in danger.
    Rosa: That's why I can't let you go alone, Cecil. A white mage by your side
    would allow you to concentrate in case of a fight, wouldn't it?
    Cecil: Fair enough. But I want you to promise me this. If worse comes to worst,
    I want you to run away, even if it's by yourself.
    Rosa (lowering head): And leave you to die?
    Cecil: Yes. For Ceodore's sake!
    Rosa: Okay!
    [The two continue on their survey of the castle, hoping to diminish the monster
    threat. As they move out to the castle courtyard, they notice the source of the
    Cecil: So that's why! The monsters are coming from the sky...
    Rosa: Cecil, look! The moon!
    [The two look on as a second moon appears in the sky. Citizens the world over
    gaze into the sky, knowing what fate may befall them. They have seen this moon
    Cecil: Is that Golbez's...? Why now, of all times?
    [They pass another fallen soldier and run into an old friend, whose beard and
    goggles make him the unmistakable Cid.]
    Cid: You're late, Cecil! What have you been doing this whole time!?
    Rosa: I'm glad to see you safe, Cid.
    Cid: Of course I am! I haven't slowed down that much, you know! What I'd like
    to know, though, is where these monsters came from outta the blue!
    Cecil: I couldn't tell you...
    Cid: Where's Ceodore?
    Cecil: He's on an expedition with the Red Wings to obtain the Knight's
    Cid: He ain't back yet!?
    Cecil: There's no need to worry. Biggs is there to take care of him.
    Cid: Well, we better do something about this place then, eh? Wouldn't want to
    spoil the celebration banquet.
    [Cid joins Cecil and they ascend to the central courtyard.]
    Cecil: The castle gate has not been breached...
    Cid: That means they must have flown in!
    Rosa: Here they come!
    [Enemies strike again but they are fought off.]
    Cid: Cecil! These guys are like nothing we've fought before!
    Rosa: There's just no end to this!
    [The fighting continues.]
    Cecil: Cid, I've got a favor to ask.
    Cid: And what is that?
    Cecil: I want you to take Rosa and get out of the castle.
    Rosa: Cecil?
    Cecil: Baron will fall before long if this continues...
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Cid: Going down with the ship?
    Rosa: I'm staying with you!
    Cecil: These are the king's orders, Rosa. Take care of Ceodore!
    Rosa: ...
    Cid: Ah, brother...He always has to be so darn stubborn.
    Cecil: I'm counting on you, Cid!
    Cid: Leave it to me! Just make sure you don't get yourself killed, got it?
    Rosa: Cecil!
    [Cid escorts Rosa out of the castle.]
    Cecil: Rosa...Ceodore's in your hands now, my dear!
    [He hears a familiar sound.]
    [A giant dragon makes its way towards Baron. Cecil recognizes this creature.]
    [Bahamut, the God of the Eidolons, appears and drops a passenger off to join
    Rydia! Wait...no...
    Mysterious Girl: So you're Cecil...
    Cecil: You know who I am?
    [As if to answer, Bahamut attacks Cecil. Cecil cannot stand against the
    creature and falls.]
    Mysterious Girl: A half-breed. As expected...
    <Red Wings>
    [Ceodore, Biggs and Wedge are nearing Baron.]
    Ceodore: This feeling...It couldn't be! Father! No!
    Biggs: Maximum speed! I don't care if we blow the engine to pieces!
    Soldier: We're already beyond maximum output, Captain!
    Ceodore: We...We've gone off course!
    [The airship is damaged.]
    Soldier: Critical damage to the right wing! We've lost control!
    Ceodore: Aaagh!
    [Ceodore is struck down in the next attack.]
    Wedge: Prince Ceodore!
    Biggs: !
    [A number of quick attacks strike the airship as Biggs tries to stand Ceodore
    on his feet.]
    [The king and queen of the Eidolons stand, with a familiar looking girl clad
    in green in attendance.]
    Eidolon King: !
    Rydia: What is it?
    Eidolon King: No...listen, Rydia, you must leave here at once.
    Rydia: What? Why all of a sudden!?
    Queen: There is nothing to fear.
    [The Eidolon King casts a spell which engulfs Rydia in a blue light.]
    Rydia: !
    [She disappears.]
    Eidolon King: What do you want?
    [He is addressing the mysterious young woman from before.]
    Mysterious Girl: Your power. I am here to take it.
    Queen: We'll see about that.
    Mysterious Girl: Bahamut is already under our control.
    Eidolon King: The Hallowed Father of the Eidolons! Who are you?
    [The woman casts a spell that engulfs the entire room.]
    Eidolon King: !
    [The king and queen turn to stone.]
    <Eblan Castle>
    [Edge, the King of Eblan, stands atop a parapet, overlooking the Tower of
    Babil, renewed and restored.]
    Edge: The Tower of Babil! It's back...
    [It is indeed the same Tower as before, glowing a dangerous color.]
    <Dwarven Castle>
    [The king and princess of the Dwarves are in the throne room, accompanied by
    a few guards. A soldier bursts into the throne room.]
    Dwarf: King Giott! The Tower of Babil! It's...!
    King Giott: What!?
    [The Tower glows the same crimson color as it does above the earth.]
    <Red Wings>
    [The airship has crashed and the crew lie thrown about. Some dead, others
    severely injured.]
    Ceodore: Oof...ergh...What!? Captain Biggs! Captain Biggs...You put your life
    on the line for me...If I...if I was more of a soldier, you wouldn't be like
    this right now...
    [The moon changes phases and Ceodore checks the rest of the crew for any
    Ceodore: Wedge? Weeedge! He's...he's dead. This one too...Hang...hang in there
    ...Hey...Hey! They're dead...all of them.
    Biggs: Errgh...ugh...
    [Biggs moves slowly.]
    Ceodore: Huh?
    Biggs: Prince Ceodore...you're still alive, aren't you?
    Ceodore: Stop talking! I'll go find somebody to help! Help! Anyone!
    Biggs: I'm sorry...I wasn't able to get you back to Baron safely...my prince
    Ceodore: Captain...Biggs...
    Biggs: Now go...hurry...away from here...
    Ceodore: I can't do that, Captain Biggs! I...I'm still just a squire! You can't
    expect me to. I can't do it on my own!
    Biggs: Just a squire?
    [Biggs has a flashback of another moment aboard the Red Wings, once commanded
    by the then-Dark Knight Cecil.]
    Biggs: We are the Red Wings - the pride of Baron! Must we now be thieves, sent
    to plunder from the weak?
    Cecil: Enough.
    Wedge: But, Lord Captain! The Mysidians offered no resistance! And still we cut
    them down.
    [Biggs draws Cedore closer.]
    Biggs: Ceodore...listen to me...You must return...to our beloved Baron...no
    matter the cost. This...is my final order...
    Ceodore: Y-yes, sir!
    Biggs: Good...That's what it means to be...a knight of the Red Wings...
    Ceodore: Yes, sir!
    Biggs: You are the last...of the Red Wings, Ceodore...We, the Red Wings...are
    the greatest airship fleet in the skies...the pride of Baron! My orders...are
    the law...to you...
    Ceodore: !
    [Biggs dies. Ceodore lowers his head for a moment and then steps forward.]
    Ceodore: I, Ceodore, of the Red Wings of Baron...will now return to Baron, sir!
    [Ceodore finds himself surrounded by enemies during his escape to Baron.]
    Ceodore: !
    [He fights off enemy units and is on the verge of collapse.]
    I am a member of the Red Wings! I can't let it end like this...
    [Just then, a hooded man appears and finishes off Ceodore's enemies with one
    Hooded Man: Still alive?
    Ceodore: I...Th-thank you!
    [Ceodore backs away, but the man follows.]
    Hooded Man: Are you all right? You didn't look completely useless back there...
    but taking on a monster like that is suicidal.
    Ceodore: I...I can do it. I must get back to Baron...no matter the cost!
    Hooded Man: With no airship?
    Ceodore: Yes! Even with no airship! I am a member of the Red Wings of Baron. I
    don't need an airship to lay claim to that.
    Hooded Man: Ah...
    Ceodore: You've heard of them?
    Hooded Man (nodding): "Who hasn't heard of them" would be a better question.
    That's the most famous unit in Baron's military. You'd best be careful, though.
    The monsters are restless ever since the trouble...
    Ceodore: Trouble?
    Hooded Man: Don't tell me that you don't know. The war that raged across this
    land, once...
    Ceodore: Yes, I know now. My mother and father have often told me about it.
    Hooded Man: We can reach Baron from Mysidia, in the west.
    Ceodore: Is there a ship there?
    Hooded Man: Something even better than that. I'm coming along with you.
    Ceodore: Are you sure?
    Hooded Man: I have business of my own in Baron. Urgent business.
    Ceodore: I...my name is Ceodore. And you are...?
    Hooded Man: I don't have a name. Yes...I abandoned it long ago.
    Ceodore: Huh?
    Hooded Man: Weren't you in a hurry just now?
    [The two leave for the village of Mysidia. It is a village inhabited by mages
    and scholarly people.]
    Hooded Man: The Hall of Prayer is at the north end of the town. Someone there
    can break the seal for us.
    Ceodore: The seal?
    Hooded Man: Yes...the seal blocking the way to the Devil's Road.
    <Hall of Prayer>
    [Ceodore and the hooded man make their way to the northern most building in the
    town. Ceodore has met the man who now rests in a bed, aided by a nurse.]
    White Mage: The elder's health has been taking a turn for the worse...It would
    be greatly appreciated if you could keep it quiet.
    Elder: Oh...it's you, Ceodore...You've grown into such a fine man. Me? Oh,
    don't worry. I'm not that quite bad yet...I am more concerned about you.
    Please, please be careful...The moon is two once more...You must hurry to
    Cecil's side!
    [Ceodore promises to do so and speaks with the pink-haired woman at the foot of
    the stairs.]
    Ceodore: Um...pardon me. Is there anyone here who can unseal the Devil's Road
    for us?
    ??? (stepping forward): Someone who knows of the Devil's Road? Who are you?
    Ceodore: I am Ceodore, of the Red Wings of Baron.
    ??? (jumping with excitement): It's you! Heavens, you've certainly grown,
    haven't you?
    Ceodore: You...know me?
    ???: Of course you don't remember me. We haven't met since you were a very,
    very young child.
    Ceodore: So you are...?
    ???: I am Porom, white mage of Mysidia.
    Ceodore: You're Porom? My parents have told me so much about you.
    Porom: So why do you want to use the Devil's Road? You said you were with the
    Red Wings. Did you not come here by airship?
    Ceodore (lowering his head): It was brought down...by a horde of monsters.
    Smoke is coming from Baron's direction!
    Porom: I knew it...That would explain the unease I've been feeling lately.
    [She turns to look up the stairs.]
    Hey, you guys! Could you come down here, please?
    [A pair of mages hurries down and joins Porom.]
    White Mage: Did you call for me?
    Black Mage: Who are these people?
    Ceodore: We want to take the Devil's Road back to Baron.
    Porom: The white mage here knows how to open the seal.
    Ceodore: Thank you very much!
    Porom: But I must warn you, the pathway wasn't named the Devil's Road for
    humor's sake. It'll be a rough road to plow by yourselves, I fear.
    Ceodore: So...
    Porom: I'd go with you, but I can't leave the Hall of Prayer empty right now.
    These two mages will guide you instead.
    Ceodore: Thank you!
    Porom: Please take care. Send Cecil and Rosa my regards!
    Ceodore: I will!
    [The two mages accompany Ceodore and they prepare to leave. Just then, Porom
    notices the hooded man.]
    Porom: Hmm? And you would be...?
    Hooded Man: No one you know, I don't think. Let's go, Ceodore.
    [Before leaving, Ceodore prays atop the Prayer Dais.]
    White Mage: The second moon's return...it portends ominous things.
    Black Mage: This moon seems remarkably different from the one before. What
    could it all mean?
    Porom: Be careful, Ceodore. Please give my regards to Cecil and everyone.
    [The group reaches the building that houses the Devil's Road.]
    White Mage: I will now release the seal. Stand back, please.
    [A blinding light fills the village, and the path is open once again.]
    Let us continue inside.
    [Ceodore enters the Devil's Road. It is a winding and dangerous route filled
    with vicious enemies and puzzling hallways. Eventually they make it through and
    reach the town of Baron, and the nearby Castle.]
    <Baron Castle>
    [Two soldiers guard the castle gates.]
    Soldier: No one may pass...Orders from the king...
    Ceodore: It's me! Ceodore!
    Soldier: No one may pass...Orders from the king...
    Ceodore: Can't you see who I am!?
    Hooded Man: Let's go, Ceodore.
    Ceodore: Huh!?
    Hooded Man: We're wasting our time here.
    [They leave and converse briefly in a clearing just south of the castle.]
    Ceodore: Those guards were strange...So pale, and what's more, they didn't even
    recognize me.
    Hooded Man: Just like before...
    Ceodore: Huh?
    Hooded Man: We can sneak into the castle through the waterway in town.
    Ceodore: I'm impressed you know about that...but isn't that way locked?
    Hooded Man: Someone has got to have the key, right? Let's have a look around
    the town.
    [The group seeks information about the whereabouts of the key. After a bit of
    searching, Ceodore calls on Cid's family once again.]
    Cid's Daughter: Oh! Prince Ceodore! The waterway key? I'm holding on to it for
    my father, actually.
    [She hands over the key.]
    My father should be in the castle, right? Tell him to stop pushing himself so
    hard for me, please, Prince Ceodore?
    [The party navigates the tunnels under Baron.]
    <Baron Castle>
    [Ceodore immediately wishes to find his parents.]
    Ceodore: Father! Mother!?
    Hooded Man: Ceodore...Your parents are in the castle?
    Ceodore (nodding): Yes.
    Hooded Man: What are their names?
    Ceodore: My father's name is Cecil, and my mother is Rosa.
    Hooded Man: !
    Ceodore: What's wrong?
    Hooded Man: No, nothing...
    Ceodore: I'm going ahead to check up on them!
    Hooded Man: Wait!
    Ceodore: What is it?
    Hooded Man: Watch yourself...
    Ceodore: I will...
    [Ceodore runs into the castle to find his parents.]
    Black Mage: Um...
    Hooded Man: What is it?
    White Mage: Our mission was only to accompany you on your way to Baron.
    Hooded Man: That's right.
    Black Mage: Something bad is brewing as we speak.
    White Mage: We need to bring word of this crisis to Mysidia.
    Hooded Man: Well, thanks. I appreciate the help you gave me.
    [The mages also leave the hooded man. He stands alone for a moment before he
    hears a faint voice.]
    Hooded Man: Uh!? Someone's voice...I can barely hear it.
    [He heads to the throne room, only to pass by mindless soldiers filling the
    halls. The throne room is empty, but he is called out by someone behind the
    throne as he prepares to leave.]
    ???: You are...?
    [Cecil appears and takes the throne.]
    Hooded Man: You're all right...
    Cecil: Of course I am. I need to be if Baron is going to continue keeping the
    peace in this world.
    Hooded Man: You've changed...
    Cecil: Do I know you?
    Hooded Man: ...
    Cecil: If you're just a stray beggar, then please leave immediately. I am a
    very busy man.
    Hooded Man: Pardon me...
    [The hooded man makes his way out of the castle, only to run into Ceodore.]
    Ceodore: There's no one here!
    Hooded Man: Yeah...looks that way.
    Ceodore: They...did the monsters get them all?
    Hooded Man: Looks to be that way...
    Ceodore: I couldn't even find Cid's airship, the Enterprise...
    Hooded Man: You didn't? Let's just pray he got out safely.
    Ceodore: Let's hope so...
    Hooded Man: Now is not the time to dawdle.
    [The two rejoin forces to inspect the castle further. Ceodore attempts to go
    into the throne room, but the hooded man advises against it.]
    Hooded Man: (No...it'd be better for Ceodore if he didn't see Cecil in his
    current state.)
    [The two instead head towards the front gate, where the guards are surprised at
    their appearance.]
    Soldier: How did you get in here? Leave now.
    [The two men discuss their plans outside of the castle.]
    Hooded Man: So, what are you planning to do now?
    Ceodore: I'm going to look for the Enterprise!
    Hooded Man: Is that right...
    Ceodore: What about you?
    [The scene shifts to Cecil at his throne, three guards in attendance.]
    Soldier: Your orders, my liege...
    Cecil: There was an uninvited guest right here earlier. I don't know how he got
    in, but he did.
    Soldier: Your orders, then...
    Cecil: I have never met the man before, but there was something about him...Go
    after him. The kingdom of Baron must protect the world's peace.
    Soldier: Understood, Your Majesty...
    [The three depart and make their way towards Ceodore outside the castle.]
    Hooded Man: Looks like our stay here has been cut short.
    Ceodore: Huh!?
    Hooded Man: Come on, let's go.
    Ceodore: Go where?
    Hooded Man: We're going northwest...to Mist Cave. Hurry.
    [Ceodore and the hooded man make their way northwest.]
    <Mist Cave>
    [A lone soldier blocks the entrance to the cavern.]
    Soldier: No one may pass...Orders from the king...
    Ceodore: Why not!? There's no way my father would give a decree like that...
    Soldier: No one may pass...Orders from the king...
    Hooded Man: All right...
    [The hooded man confronts the soldier.]
    Ceodore: Hey!
    Hooded Man: Brace yourself, Ceodore!
    [The soldier transforms into its real form, a monster, and is defeated by the
    two men.]
    Ceodore: ...
    Hooded Man: I figured as much.
    Ceodore: That monster...he's got that soldier!
    [The hooded man enters the cave without responding. Ceodore soon follows.
    Climbing a steep set of stairs, Ceodore hears a strange noise.]
    Ceodore: !?
    [He continues on but hears the same noise again further in the cave. The hooded
    man looks around for a moment.]
    Hooded Man: We need to move, Ceodore. A cave-in down here would be bad news.
    Ceodore: Ah, okay!
    [Ceodore attempts to make his way across a bridge but collapses and falls deep
    into the abyss.]
    Hooded Man: Ceodore!
    [The hooded man jumps down after Ceodore. They both end up in an unexplored
    part of the cavern.]
    Hooded Man: Can you walk?
    Ceodore: Nngh...I'm fine!
    Hooded Man: Good, then start climbing.
    Ceodore: Okay!
    [They make their way through the cave and run into an odd creature.]
    Creature: Oh! Did you fall off the bridge? Dear me, what a disaster...You can
    find the cave exit up ahead, but you won't be able to return to town until
    then, I don't think...If you're going to save, be careful that you don't save
    yourself into a corner. By the way...do you need any supplies?
    [They purchase a few necessary items and make their way towards the exit. When
    they do, however, the cavern is more dangerous than ever.]
    Ceodore: It's shaking harder now!
    Hooded Man: Where's it coming from? We're directly above it!
    [A hole appears in front of them and a monster strikes but is eventually
    Hooded Man: You all right?
    Ceodore: I'm fine! Was that thing the inhabitant of this cave?
    Hooded Man: I'd say so...this time, at least.
    Ceodore: Huh?
    [The two men continue onwards and find themselves in the original part of the
    cavern once again. As they make for the exit, Baron soldiers march behind, but
    Ceodore is out of view.]
    Soldier: They must have come through here...They must not escape...Orders from
    the king...
    Hooded Man: There they are.
    Ceodore (looking towards the exit): !? Over there, too!
    [Soldiers crowd the exit as well.]
    Hooded Man: We're surrounded!
    Ceodore: What should we do!? There's no way out.
    [The hooded man looks around as a heavy fog covers the cavern.]
    Hooded Man: What the...!
    Ceodore: The mist is thickening!
    Hooded Man: Keep quiet...
    [The two hide under the cover of the mist as the soldiers run into each other.]
    Soldier: Where are they?
    Soldier: They weren't in Mist, either...
    Soldier: So that means...
    Soldier: They must be somewhere close to Baron.
    [The soldiers hurry back to Baron.]
    Ceodore: This mist...it saved us.
    Hooded Man: ...
    Ceodore: What is it?
    Hooded Man: Nothing. Let's move before they come back again.
    [The mist subsides and they exit the cavern.]
    Ceodore: Mist is ahead of us, right?
    Hooded Man: That's right.
    Ceodore: I thought the mountain east of the village had caved in.
    Hooded Man: We'll take advantage of that.
    Ceodore: Huh?
    Hooded Man: They wouldn't expect a couple of fugitives to head that way, I
    would imagine.
    Ceodore: We're walking right into a collapsed mountain!?
    Hooded Man: That's exactly right.
    Ceodore: Wait a minute! Tell me, why are you doing all this for me?
    Hooded Man: I'm not doing this for you. There's a man I'm after...Someone that
    I have to defeat, even if it costs me my own life.
    Ceodore: A man? Who is he?
    Hooded Man: ...A dragoon...ex-Baron.
    Ceodore: Hey...his name wouldn't be...
    Kain's Tale - The Ex-Baron Dragoon   (GSD02)   \
    [The elder has rejuvenated himself and stands with his mages at his side. Porom
    Porom: What is it, Elder?
    Elder: The dragon...It's crying!
    [They look to the sky at the two moons.]
    [We see a shot of Mount Oredeals, and we move in closer to the summit, where
    Kain stands.]
    Kain: Cecil...
    [Tired after his climb, Kain decides to head back. However, he pauses for
    Kain (gazing down): (I can't leave this mountains. Not yet...)
    Kain (gazing back): !?
    Kain (stepping forward): Where are you!?
    Kain (looking around): (There's someone else here besides me?)
    [Kain heads back to the summit, constantly hearing the voice.]
    Kain (looking around): (That voice... It's no mistake. I am hearing
    [Kain continues up, reaching the summit.]
    "You will...too..."
    Kain (looking around): It's close.
    [Kain examines the monument.]
    Kain: (Is it coming from this monument?)
    "You will, too...
    [Kain it teleported to a small chamber with mirrored walls.]
    Kain: This place...!?
    "You, too...intense pain...Just as my...did before."
    Kain: What?
    "The end of..."
    [A flash of light envelopes the screen, and a reflection in the mirror
    can be see for a brief moment, before it disappears after another flash
    of light.]
    Kain (turning): Who are you?
    [Another flash occurs, and the reflection steps forth from the mirror.]
    Kain: !
    [Kain's reflection attacks him, and the screen is enveloped with light
    again, the logo is shown, and we see the two moons again. Finally, we
    see Kain once again standing on Mount Ordeal, when the air is
    pierced with a screen.]
    Kain: !?
    [Kain heads towards the voice, and sees Porom being attacked by a hooded
    Kain: (A white mage!)
    [He jumps into the battle, where Porom and two mages face a horde of
    Porom: Look at all of them! We're hopelessly outnumbered!"
    [Kain drops down and, defeating on skeleton, and then zooms across the screen,
    defeating the rest.]
    Porom: Kain!
    Kain (approaching): Have we met before?
    Porom (also approaching): I am Porom, white mage of Mysidia.
    [The screen fades, and cuts to Mysidia. Kain faces the Mysterious Girl and
    Porom, and the village is littered with the bodies of defeated mages, along
    with a defeated Elder.]
    Kain: Is this what you're looking for?
    [He holds up the crystal, which flashes.]
    Mysterious Girl (stepping forth): This is it--the real thing.
    Kain: It's yours.
    Porom (stepping forward): Wait, Kain!?
    Mysterious Girl: A wise choice.
    Kain: On one condition, though.
    Mysterious Girl: What?
    Kain: I'll give it to you only after I finish what I set out to do.
    Mysterious Girl: And what is that?
    Kain: An audience with the King of Baron.
    Mysterious Girl: And for what?
    Kain: To take his life...I will kill Cecil with my own hands!
    Porom (jumping): !
    Mysterious Girl: Understood. Bring the Crystal with you.
    [The Mysterious Girl heads for Devil's Road, and Porom tries to stop
    Porom: Kain!
    [He jumps over the buildings and heads into Devil's Road, where he
    sees the Mysterious Girl.]
    Kain: Who are you, anyway?
    Mysterious Girl: All in due time.
    [Kain follows the Mysterious Girl around Devil's Road.]
    Kain: What happened to Cecil?
    Mysterious Girl: As the king of Baron, he's perfectly fine.
    [Kain continues to follow.]
    Kain: Tell me this. Why are you collecting the Crystals?
    Mysterious Girl: There's no need for you to know.
    [Kain continues on.]
    Mysterious Girl: And who are you?
    Kain: A dragoon. Ex-Baron.
    Mysterious Girl: I see.
    [Once Kain exits Devil's Road, he heads after the Mysterious Girl, who
    is now in the Baron Castle.]
    Soldier: No one may pass... Orders from the King...
    Mysterious Girl: Let him in.
    [The guards let Kain in, who follows the Mysterious Girl. After looting
    the Castle, he heads up to the throne room.]
    Mysterious Girl: Cecil's in here.
    Kain: I know.
    Mysteriosu Girl: Let me ask you again. What do you plan to do when you
    see Cecil?
    Kain: Nothing has changed. Cecil will die by my hands!
    Mysterious Girl: I see.
    [They both head in, to discover an empty room.]
    Kain: Where is he?
    Mysterious Girl: I want to test your resolve.
    Kain: I told you already. I intend to kill him.
    Mysterious Girl: But can you?
    Kain (turning): Of course.
    Mysterious Girl (approaching): Give me your Crystal.
    Kain (facing her): I will, once my business is done. We agreed on that.
    Mysterious Girl: The Crystal's that important to you?
    Kain: You can crush the thing to pieces for all I care. All that matters
    to me is putting an end to Cecil's life!
    Mysterious Girl: Why do you hate him so much?
    Kain: That's none of your concern.
    Mysterious Girl: Then you won't mind getting two mroe Crystals for me.
    Kain: What?
    Mysterious Girl: Do that, and I'll arrange an audience with Cecil for you.
    Kain (facing her): ...Fine.
    Mysterious Girl: I still need the Wind and Fire Crystals.
    Kain: So, Fabul and Damcyan, then.
    Mysterious Girl: I will lend you an airship and a company of soldiers.
    Kain: Fair enough...
    [With no time to waste, Kain heads back out, where he is blocked by
    a solider.]
    Soldier: We are ready for you outside, sir.
    [The soldier leaves, and Kain follwos after him, boarding the airship.]
    Soldier: Are you ready to depart, sir?
    [Kain says "Yes"]
    [The airship flys west. Meanwhile...Ceodoe and the Hooded man
    arrive at Mist.]
    Ceodore: I heard that the path ahead is blocked after the mountain
    caved in.
    Hooded Man: You heard that over in Baron?
    Ceodore: Y-yes, but...
    Hooded Man (turning): Perfect. We'll proceed due east from the village.
    Ceodore (stepping forward): W-wait a minute!
    [Regardless of Ceodore's objections, the two continue up to the cliff-face,
    where Ceodore is faced with a daunting sight.]
    <Mist Cliff>
    Ceodore: Wow. The mountain's collapsed into a sheer cliff.
    Ceodore (facing the Hooded Man): Are we really going to climb this thing?
    Hood Man (facing Ceodore): It's the only way to escape from those
    pursuing us.
    Ceodore: B-but, that's ridiculous! There isn't even a path for us to take.
    Hooded Man (turning): So we'll blaze one.
    [They begin to climb up the cliff, making cautious but steady progress.
    They reach the top, and begin to climb down the other side. However,
    Ceodore is like then adept at climbing cliff faces.]
    Ceodore (slipping): Whoooa!
    [He falls.]
    Hooded Man: Ceodore!
    Hooded Man (jumping down a ledge): You okay!?
    Ceodore: Yeah, I think so!
    Hooded Man: Hang on!
    [The Hooded Man makes his way easily to Ceodore, and examines him.]
    Hooded Man: Are you hurt?
    Ceodore (standing): No, I'm okay. Sorry about that...
    Hooded Man: There's no need for apology. Just be more careful next time.
    Ceodore: Yes, sir!
    [Together again, they head down the remaining distance of the cliff.]
    Ceodore: *huff huff*
    Hooded Man (facing Ceodore): Looks like we're through.
    Ceodore (looking back): I can't believe we made it down the side of that
    clif in one piece.
    Hooded Man: But you did, and you did it all by yourself.
    Ceodore (facing the Hooded Man): Are you kidding me? I never could've done
    it without you.
    Hooded Man: Don't underestimate yourself. I only provided you with the
    opportunity. You're the one who saw it through to the end.
    Ceodore: Yeah... You're right!
    Hooded Man: !
    Ceodore (stepping forward): What's that?
    [The airship Kain took is seen flying nearby, heading to Damcyan.]
    Kain: You will rue the day we meet, Cecil?
    [The scene shifts back to Ceodore and the Hooded Man.]
    Hooded Man (stepping forward): The Red Wings!
    Ceodore (facing the Hooded Man): No!
    Hooded Man (turning): What?
    Ceodore: The Red Wings are the most elite airship fleet in the skies!
    The ones manning the airship up there right now are no Red Wings! They're
    just mindless drones!
    Hooded Man: True enough.
    Ceodore (turning): They're still on our trail, then.
    Hooded Man: No...they are heading in another direction.
    Hooded Man (stepping forward): That's the way to Damcyan.
    Ceodore (approaching the Hooded Man): Wait... you don't think they'll attack
    Damcyan, do you?
    Hooded Man: There's no time to lose. Let's head northeast to Kaipo first.
    Ceodore: Got it!
    [They head to Kaipo as Kain is seen on the airship again.]
    Kain: ...
    [A flashback occurs, to the moment when the reflection of Kain attacked
    Kain: My reflection in the mirror...
    Dragoon: Hah! Long have I awaited this moment!
    [The Dragoon eventually overpowers Kain.]
    Kain: Ergh! How did you...!?
    Dragoon: I have finally been freed! Freedom is mine at last!
    [Back on the airship, Kain raises a Crystal.]
    Kain: Fabul's Crystal is mine. That leaves just one more!
    [Back to Ceodore and Kain, who arrive at Kaipo.]
    Hooded Man: Desert travel is far more fatiguing than you think. Let's
    rest at the inn first.
    Ceodore: Certainly.
    [They go to bed, but late in the night, Baron Soldier suddenly brust in.]
    Ceodore: !
    Baron Solider: We've got him.
    Hooded Man: Look out Ceodore!
    [With a few swift combined swordstrokes, the pair defeat the Soldiers.]
    Ceodore: Who...who were those soldiers just now!?
    Hooded Man: They weren't human...not anymore.
    Hooded Man: Don't show them mercy just because they're from Baron. Otherwise,
    you'll wind up like that yourself.
    Ceodore: I know...
    Hooded Man: We need to stay on the move. When day breaks, we'll traverse
    the underground waterway to the northeast.
    [They finish resting, and head to the waterway as the dawn breaks.]
    <Underground Waterway>
    [Cautiously, the duo wade through the waterway, weary of the monsters
    inside. Eventually, they come to a resting area.]
    Hooded Man: We'll rest here.
    Ceodore: But I'm just fine!
    Hooded Man (turning): You need to pace yourself. We've got a while to go.
    Ceodore: Oh...all right, then.
    [Meanwhile, Kain lands near Damcyan.]
    Kain: You all wait for me here.
    Soldier: But, sir...
    Kain: Look, I know you're being mind-controlled, but at least value your
    lives a litte.
    Soldier: Yes, sir. But if things prove more difficult than anticipated...
    Kain: Don't count on it.
    [Kain exits the airship, and enters Damcyan, heading to the Throne Room,
    where Edward is waiting.]
    Kain: You...
    Edward: I never expected to see you here, Kain.
    [The scene shifts back to the Ceodore and the Hooded Man.]
    Ceodore: Mo...ther...
    [Now rested, Ceodore and the Hooded Man continue through the waterways.
    Soon, Ceodore spots something.]
    Ceodore: I see sunlight!
    Hooded Man: We aren't through this yet. Watch yourself.
    Ceodore: Right!
    [Once again, we find ourselves at Kain, who is confronting Edward.]
    Kain: You cleared the room for me, didn't you? Nice to see a show of courtesy
    from you.
    Edward: Mm-hmm.
    Kain: Will you continue this act of kindness and hand over the Fire Crystal?
    Edward: Is that what you're really after?
    Kain: It's not the main thrust of my business... but yes.
    Edward: So what are you really after?
    Kain: I'm going to kill Cecil.
    Edward: Have you seen him yet?
    Kain: Not yet. That's why I'm here.
    Edward: I see... Sadly, I'm afraid I can't let you have my Crystal.
    Kain: Even if it costs your life?
    Edward (gazing down and back up): Mm-hmm.
    Kain (stepping forward): Let me put you out of your misery, then.
    ???: Kain, stop!
    [Kain turns as Rosa appears.]
    Kain: Rosa!?
    [The scene shifts back to Ceodore and the Hooded Man, who are on the last
    leg of the Waterway. However, it isn't quite over yet.]
    Ceodore: A dead end...
    Hooded Man: You got the guts to jump in?
    [If you say "No"]
    Ceodore: What? From here!?
    Hooded Man: This is the only path we have. You up for it?
    [If you say "Yes"]
    Ceodore: Of...of course!
    Hooded Man: Time to see what you're really made of.
    Ceodore: Yes, sir!
    [They jump, and the scene shifts back to Kain.]
    Kain: Rosa...
    Rosa: Kain? Your mind hasn't been...
    Kain (turning): No. I'm acting on my own volition.
    Rosa (approaching): Really?
    Kain: Once I kill Cecil...you wil be mine, Rosa!
    Rosa: Kain!
    [Suddenly, all of the Baron Soldier's appear.]
    Kain: Sadly, time's up.
    Kain (stepping forward): Give me the final Crystal!
    Edward: I believe I already made myself clear.
    Kain: What?
    Edward: I refuse.
    "Edward opened a small box!"
    [A quick flash occurs, and bombs ravage the room, killing all of the
    soldiers in the room, just as it once happened in Mist.]
    Kain: A carnelian signet!
    Edward: Souvenir from Baron.
    Kain: Well! All the better for me!
    [He attacks Edward, while Rosa protests.]
    Rosa: Kain, stop this! Kain!
    [Kain defeats Edward.]
    Edward: So this...is what you really want?
    [Edward collapses.]
    Rosa: Edward!
    Kain: Ah...That's it, that's exactly it.
    [The scene ends with Kain grabbing Rosa, and shifts to Ceodore and
    the Hooded Man, who have landed below. It seem they must continue on.
    Finally, they reach a strange opening in the water.]
    Ceodore: There's an exit behind the waterfall!
    Hooded Man: Ceodore, wait.
    [Tentacles burst from the water!]
    Hooded Man: Guess we aren't getting through without a fight.
    [The tentacles attack! Once again, Ceodore and the Hooded Man pool together
    their strengths in order to defeat the beast.]
    Ceodore: That was intense.
    Hooded Man: If this is how violent the monsters are getting, then we must
    fear the worst!
    [Finally outside, they head up to Damcyan, only to see Kain fly away with
    Hooded Man: A Baron airship! We're too late!
    [Cut to the airship.]
    Kain: My work in Damcyan is done... Farewell, Edward.
    Rosa (facing Kain): Kain, you must stop this madness!
    [Suddenly, the airship trembles!]
    Kain (turning): !?
    [Another airship flies in, with Cid at the wheel!]
    Cid: Hah hah! Just in time! The Enterprise ain't no spring chicken, but it's
    still as healthy as ever! Just like me y'know!
    [Cid spins, and we cut back to Kain.]
    Rosa (approaching the railing): Cid!
    Kain: He never gives up... But no matter! Rosa is already in my hands!
    [Kain's airship flies south, and Ceodore spots Cid.]
    Ceodore: It's the Enterprise! Cid!?
    Hooded Man: Let's go, Ceodore!
    [Together, they run up to the throne room of Damcyan, where Cid is
    tending to Edward.]
    Ceodore: Cid!
    Cid (jumping): Oh! Oh, Ceodore! Thank the heavens you're alive! I didn't
    know what happened to you! I was just beside myself!
    Ceodore (looking around): Mother...where's Mother!?
    Edward (approaching): I'm sorry, Ceodore.
    Cid (turning to Edward): Ah, it's not your fault. I should've stayed with
    Ceodore: What happened to her!?
    Edward: She's been taken away, Ceodore. Kain took her.
    Hooded Man (stepping forward): What!?
    Cid (approaching the Hooded Man): Wait up. Who's this guy?
    Hooded Man: We'll talk later! To the Enterprise! Now!
    [The scene shifts to Kain, who is flying over Kaipo.]
    Rosa: Kain...why?
    Kain (gazing down): Heh heh... Hah hah hah hah!
    Kain (turning to Rosa): I've reserved a front-row seat for you, Rosa...
    to witness the death of Cecil right before your eyes!
    Rosa: Kain!
    [Back on the enterprise, Ceodore & Co are giving chase.]
    Ceodore: This can't be happening... I've heard so many stories about Kain
    and his brave deeds, and this is who her turns out to be.
    Cid: ...
    Edward (facing Ceodore): Don't worry, Ceodore. I doubt he'd ever lay a hand
    on Rosa. Cecil, on the other hand...
    Ceodore (turning to Edward): My father!?
    Hooded Man (stepping forward): Faster! We need to go faster!
    Cid (raising his hand): What in the heck is going on here, anyways!?
    [Cut back to Kain, who lands the airship.]
    Kain: Come, Rosa! It's time for the main event!
    Kain (approaching Rosa as she backs away): You'll see me walk right up to
    Kain (getting closer): And tear him apart limb from limb!
    Rosa: Kain!
    [Fueled by desire, Kain heads into the Castle, dragging Rosa.]
    Kain: Move it! I've got the Crystals...and I've got Rosa, too!
    [The guards allow him passage, and we switch back to Ceodore.]
    Cid: Prepare for touchdown!
    [We switch back to Kain, who is getting closer to the throne room.]
    Kian: Heh heh...hah hah hah hah!
    [Back to Ceodore, who is getting off board, along with the others.]
    Ceodore:  I'm going, too!
    [With no time to waste, they head up to the castle.]
    [Again with Kain]
    Kain: Haaah hah hah! I'm coming for you, Cecil!
    [Back to Ceodore.]
    Soldier: No one may pass...
    Hooded Man: Out of the way!
    [They defeat the soldier, and continue through the castle.]
    [Back to Kain, who is getting closer.]
    Kain: Freedom is finally upon me! Yes, Cecil...I'll finally be free from
    [Back to Ceodore, who rushes to the throne room. They catch up with
    Kain, right before the throne room.]
    Ceodore: Mother!
    Rosa: Ceodore!
    [The Hooded Man walks in.]
    Kain: You!
    Hooded Man: Found you.
    Rosa (facing the Hooded Man): Kain!?
    Ceodore: Huh!?
    [Rosa and Ceodore both look around, and back off.]
    Rosa: So...who are you?
    Kain: I am Kain. The real Kain.
    Kain (turning to Hooded Man): This pathetic's fool's back to shame himself
    in public for one last time, I see!
    Hooded Man: That's right.
    Kain: Let's settle this once and for all! If that's what it takes... to
    prove who I really am!
    [They jump at each other.]
    Ceodore: !
    Hooded Man: Stay back, Ceodore!
    [Cid and Edward arrive.]
    Kain: Fine by me. This is my own battle!
    [They attack each other. However, Kain seems to have the advantage.]
    Kain: What's the matter!? Isn't this what you wanted all along!? You
    wanted Cecil dead... so you could have Rosa for yourself!
    [They emerge out of the battle, and Ceodore rushes in.]
    Ceodore: Stop it!
    Rosa (facing the Hooded Man): Kain!
    Kain: Rosa!
    Hooded Man: Stay back, Rosa!
    [The Hooded Man attacks the now "Kain?", with new strength, and Jump!
    Soon, Kain? falls.]
    Kain?: You...
    Kain: I am ready to accept you now.
    [The battle ends... and we see the flashback to when Kain? defeated Kain.]
    Kain: Y-you...
    Kain?: I am...you! I am what you really feel, deep down in your heart!
    [Kain? begins to leave.]
    Kain: W-wait...hold on...
    [Kain? pauses, then leaves, and we return to the throne room.]
    Kain?: W-why...? Why?
    Kain: I've been held back all this time by the past. I thought those days
    had been buried for good... But things didn't work that way. My past is
    as much a part of me as any part of my body. The happiness, the sadness...
    And all the hatred...
    Kain?: Stop...no!
    Kain: I'm not here to deny your right to exist.
    Kain? (falling): Yaaagh!!!!
    Kain?: I...I...
    Kain (approaching): Calm down. You're not going to die.
    Kain: Wha...what?
    Kain: You're a part of me, too.
    Kain?: !
    Rosa (approaching Kain?): ...
    Kain?: Ro...sa.
    [Kain? fades away...]
    "Obtained Water, Wind, and Fire Crystals!"
    "Yes...this is justice..."
    Kain: That voice!
    "Please...my sons..."
    [The screen fades to white, and when it turns back to normal, Kain has
    new attire.]
    Kain: What the...
    "Kain the dragoon has returned to his original form!"
    Ceodore (stepping forward): That outfit...
    Edward (approaching): It's like...a paladin.
    Rosa (running up to Kain): Kain!
    Cid: This is the moment we've been waiting for.
    [They turn to him.]
    Cid (approaching Kain): After all this time! You're finally back!
    Kain (gazing down): Yes, I am here before you once again!
    [Finally, they enter the throne room, where Cecil waits for them, with the
    Mysterious Girl by his side.]
    Cecil: Welcome back.
    [Ceodore, Kain, Rosa, Cid and Edward stand before Cecil.]
    Cecil: Hello Ceodore, Rosa, Cid... And most of all, Kain!
    Rosa (stepping forward): Cecil!
    Ceodore (stepping forward): Father!
    [The scene fades as Kain approaches Cecil...]
    End Credits!\
    Rydia's Tale - The Eidolons Shackled   (GSD03) \
    [Our tale begins in Mist, where several people are gathered around a
    Village Chief: Peaceful days have finally returned to our homeland... We have
    taken up the goals you strove for in life. I only hope that we will receive
    your blessing.
    [Rydia walks up to the villagers, who notice her.]
    Villager: Rydia!
    Village Cheif (running up): What's the matter, Rydia? I thought you were
    supposed to be in Feymarch.
    [Rydia looks away, and gazes down. The scene goes dark, and shifts to the
    entrance, where Edward stands.]
    [Rydia runs up to Edward.]
    Edward: How long has it been, Rydia? I'm so glad to see you well!
    Rydia: What brings you here today?
    Edward: Just trying to do what I can to revive the fortune of this village.
    Rydia: But doesn't Damycan have it hard enough right now?
    Edward: Don't worry. There are thousands of citizens in Damcyan, and they have
    all the resources they need. Cecil and everyone are thinking about more than
    just Baron. They worry over the fate of Mist, too.
    Rydia: They do?
    [The screen fades.]
    "Your Young Highness!"
    [The scene shifts to Eblan Castle, where Edge starts to leave the room.]
    Seneschal: Where might you be going?
    Edge (turning): Just for a little training session.
    Seneschal: I have heard for many of Eblan's great treasures are being sold
    for profit.
    Edge: Any why not? What's wrong with using Eblan's treasures to help with
    Eblan's recovery?
    Seneschal: I can only hope that proves to be the case, Your Young Highness.
    Edge: Anyways, I'm off.
    [Edge leaves, and the scene shifts back to Edward and Rydia.]
    Edward: They sure do. I have word that Fabul is providing vast shipments of
    vital resources, too.
    Rydia: Yang came through for us!
    Edward: It was all thanks to your contributions, Rydia.
    Rydia: Oh, don't be silly! Everyone's pitching in for each other!
    [The scene shifts to Baron Castle, where Cecil and Cid stand together, Cid
    shifting from side to side.]
    Cecil: Calm down already, Cid.
    Cid: I can't believe you're taking this so lightly, Cecil! She's been at it
    for half a day now!
    Rydia (coming up the stairs): Is it over yet?
    Cid: Rydia!
    Cecil: Here for the big day, huh?
    Rydia: Has the baby been born!?
    Cid: Well...
    "Wahhh! Waaahhh!!!!"
    [They all look up as the scene moves to Rosa and the new born baby.]
    Rydia: It's a healthy baby boy!
    Cid: You did us proud, Rosa!
    Cecil: Thank you, Rosa.
    Rosa: Hee hee...
    Rydia: So, do you have a name?
    Cecil (turning): Yes. We've already picked one.
    Rydia: Oh? What'd you decide on?
    Rosa: Ceodore.
    Cid: Hmm! I like it!
    Rydia: Nice to meet you, Ceodore!
    [The scene shifts to the current day, once again to Mist. The camera moves
    around the village and enters a house, where several children run in.]
    "Hey, where's Rydia?"
    Village Chief (approaching the children): She doesn't normally do this, but
    she's taken a trip back to her other homeland.
    "Her other homeland?"
    Village Chief: Yes. The Feymarch.
    [Finally, we cut to Feymarch, panning around the place, and entering the
    Chamber of the Eidolon King.]
    Rydia (entering the room): Your Majesty...
    Eidolon King (stepping forward): Oh! Rydia, my child! Much time has passed
    since we last met.
    Queen: Why are you here?
    Rydia: ...
    Queen: Have I not made it clear enough? You are not welcome here in the
    Feymarch anymore.
    Rydia: I'm sorry. I...I just wanted to see everyone...
    Queen: Now that you have seen them, it's time for you to leave.
    Rydia (turning away): ...
    Queen: In case you have forgotten, you are not a citizen of Feymarch, Rydia.
    Rydia (turning back): But...!
    Rydia (stepping forward): Can't I at least come back to visit every now
    and then? You won't even let me do that?
    Queen: We cannot.
    King (turning): Rydia is like a child to us. Surely it wouldn't hurt to
    let her come by...
    King (turning back): !
    Rydia (looking around): What is it?
    King: No... Listen, Rydia, you must leave here at once.
    [He begins to charge up a spell.]
    Rydia (stepping forward): What? Why all of a sudden!?
    Queen: There is nothing to fear.
    [The king casts a spell on Rydia.]
    Rydia: !
    [She teleports away.]
    King: What do you want?
    [The Mysterious Girl walks in.]
    Mysterious Girl: Your power. I am here to take it.
    Queen: We'll see about that.
    Mysterious Girl: Bahamut is already under our control.
    King (stepping forward): The Hallowed Father of the Eidolons! Who are you?
    [The Mysterious Girl raises a hang, and the screne flashes yellow.]
    Eidolon King: !
    [The King and Queen turned to stone, and the screen fades to white, showing
    the logo and title. And then we see Rydia lying on the upper level of Feymarch.
    Rydia (looking around): What just happened!?
    Rydia (running to one of the hooded figures): Snap out of it! Are you all
    right? Oh, no... He's been completely petrified!
    Rydia (gazing down): Who...who would do something like this?
    [Unsure of what to do, Rydia makes her way back to the King and Queen to see
    what has happened.]
    Rydia: !
    [Amazed, she examines the statues.]
    King: Rydia...why did you return?
    Queen: I'm sorry, Rydia... You should be in the land of the humans, not here...
    Rydia: Your Majesty... Your Highness...
    Rydia (gazing down): This is all my fault! I came back here despite your
    warnings, and now look at what I've caused!
    [The screen flashes, and we see a flashback of when Cecil and Kain unwittingly
    released a Bomb on the village of Mist.]
    Rydia: No more... I don't want to lose anyone else anymore...
    Rydia (glancing up): Never again!
    [With nothing else to do, Rydia makes her way out of Feymarch.]
    <Passage of the Eidolons - B3>
    Rydia: I need to tell everything about this as quickly as I can!
    [Making her way through the ancient passages, Rydia comes upon a couple of
    Rydia: Monster!
    [She tries using summon, but no Eidolons appear.]
    Rydia: No... They aren't even answering me.
    [Resorting to magic to defeat the enemies, Rydia manages to defeat them.]
    Rydia: Hang on, everyone. I promise that I'll save every one of you!
    [As Rydia emerges from the passage, she seems confused.]
    Rydia: Luca!?
    Rydia (looking around): The Falcon's gone, too. Where did they go?
    [Suddenly, a hooded figure appears, and although Rydia jumps back, the
    enemy attacks! Unfortunately, Rydia is engulfed by hopelessness...]
    Rydia: I can't do anything...
    "Cannon fire from above!"
    [Luckily, someone saves Rydia. She gazes up toward the sky.]
    Rydia: Luca!
    [An airship, the one that saved Rydia, lands nearby, and a voice is heard.]
    Luca: Ha hah! Looks like you could use a favour right about now, Rydia!
    [Luca waves, and jumps over to Rydia.]
    Rydia: Where were you?
    Luca (spins): I was so bored that I went to make a few engine improvements, and
    I'm just testing them out right now! Master Cid's going to give me a full
    engineer's license once he set his eyes on this!
    Rydia: That's great, Luca...but what about the Crystal in the Dwarven
    Castle? Is it safe?
    Luca: The Crystal? What's that about all of a sudden?
    Rydia (gazing down): We have problems, Luca...
    [The scene briefly goes black, as if Rydia were explaining the situation
    to Luca.]
    Luca (turning): I knew something was up.
    Rydia (facing Luca): Oh? What do you mean?
    Luca (facing Rydia): I said that I was out on a test flight... But that's
    not the only reason I'm here. Something's definitely up. You can tell from
    how the number of monsters suddenly multiplied out of nowhere. So, I thought
    it's be a good idea for me to take the Falcon out on a patrol.
    Rydia: I'm impressed your father allowed you to do that.
    Luca (spinning): He doesn't really know about it, haha! Getting him to let me
    be an engineer's apprentice was painful enough.
    Rydia: That sounds more like the King Giott I know, I'll say that much.
    [The earth trembles, and Rydia and Luca look up. An airship is seen flying
    by the Dwarven Castle, loosening a few cannonballs, and quickly departing.
    Rydia and Luca are quite concerned.]
    Luca: Oh no!
    Rydia: Was that... the Red Wings?
    Luca (turning): Hurry!
    Luca (jumping on board and lowering the bridge): Get on, Rydia!
    [Rydia runs on board, and Luca lowers the bridge and takes off, heading for
    the Dwarven Castle, and into the the Throne Room.]
    <Dwarven Castle - Throne Room>
    Luca: Father! Are you all right?
    King Giott (jumping): My stars! That's what I want to ask you, Luca!
    Blundering around on that airship of yours... but never fear! My fortress
    was built to stand strong against bombing assaults as feeble as that one.
    Rydia (stepping forward): It is good to see you again, King Giott.
    King Giott: Ah! Welcome, Rydia! It's been ages, it has!
    Luca (stepping forward): The Crystal, Father! Is it safe?
    King Giott: We weren't able to protect it...Unfortunately, it was taken,
    and by just one young woman, on less.
    Rydia: What!?
    King Giott: That was no ordinary girl, though. She wielded the exact same
    powers as yours, Rydia!
    Rydia: !
    Luca (facing Rydia): The same power as Rydia? You mean... she can control
    King Giott: That's correct. She used that power to shrug off my most
    battle-hardened dwarven guards and snatch away the Crystal with ease.
    Rydia (glancing away): How could something like this happen?
    Luca: But why are the Red Wings involved in this!? Where is Cid!?
    King Giott: You hardly need to worry about that man, Luca. He is as stout
    and hardy as any dwarf I have met.
    Rydia (facing Luca): Something's happened to Cecil...and to Baron. I'm
    sure of it! There's no other explanation for why they'd bomb this castle
    without reason.
    King Giott: The wars of the past are about to spring forth anew. That much,
    I fear, is certain. Their forces already have three of the Dark Crystals in
    their hands!
    Rydia (facing Giott): So where's the last Crystal?
    Luca (facing Rydia): The Sealed Cave!
    Luca (turning): Father! I'm going to the Sealed Cave!
    King Giott (jumping): Luca! You have already put yourself through enough
    danger! If you go there...
    Luca: Oh, Father, I'll be fine! We aren't going alone, anyway.
    Rydia (facing Luca): Huh?
    Luca: Besides, the only way to get in is with this necklace I have, right?
    Luca (facing Rydia): I want to be the one who uses it this time. It's all
    I have left from Mother!
    Rydia: Luca...
    King Giott: I never thought I had raised such a stubborn child...
    Luca (facing Giott): Like father, like daughter, you know.
    King Giott (stepping forward): Just remember to be careful. The Tower of
    Babil has been glowing ominously for days...And the worst part is that
    this is only the beginning, I fear. Rydia, make sure my daughter doesn't
    get into trouble.
    Rydia: Yes, Your Majesty!
    Luca (jumping): And I'll be here to help you out, Rydia!
    King Giott (stepping back): My dear ladies, please do not overextend
    yourselves. We've enjoyed peace for many years. But now, I'm afraid, the time
    has come to reinforce our defenses.
    [With resolve in their hearts, Luca and Rydia head out for the Sealed Cave.
    However, Luca has one more surprise before they head out.]
    Rydia (noticing two dolls on the Falcon): Oh, hey!
    Luca (spinning): I told you we weren't alone, didn't I?
    [The dolls dance around and approach the pair.]
    Luca: These are Calca and Brina. They'll be a huge help to us this time, I'm
    sure of it!
    Rydia (facing Rydia): More of Cid's work?
    Luca (raising her hand): I fixed them up, actually. My airship expertise
    gets me a pretty long way with these things!
    Luca (spinning): Now, then! How 'bout we set off for Tomra first?
    Rydia: Tomra?
    Luca: if you can't summon Eidolons, then you're gonna need some new
    equipment, and fast!
    Rydia: I suppose so.
    [Luca grabs the wheel as Calca and Brina join her, and Rydia looks on.]
    Luca (raising her hand): Off we go! Falcon, away!
    [Luca, Calca and Brina dance as the Falcon takes off. Heeding Luca's
    advice, the pair prepare for their journey ahead - buying equipment at
    Tomra, forging necessary additional goodies at the Kokkol Forge, and
    training at the Sylph Cave. Eventually, they make their way to the Sealed
    <Sealed Cave>
    Luca: Thank goodness! The seal's still intact.
    Rydia: We made it in time?
    Luca (turn around): I sure hope so.
    Rydia: Huh?
    Luca: If the Red Wings threw their full firepower into it, they may be able
    to break the seal by brute force.
    Rydia: We better hurry, then!
    Luca: You got that right.
    "Brandish thou the seal-unraveling mark, and the path to the Dark Crystal
    shall be open."
    "Luca used her necklace!"
    [A flash of blinding white light, and the door opens.]
    Luca (turning): We've got to get our hands on the Crystal first!
    Rydia: And then what?
    Luca (spinning): Then we'll head for the Overworld and let my master know
    about this!
    Rydia: You all right?
    Luca: We'll show 'em what my master's Falcon can do! Besides, you're worried
    about Cecil and the rest, aren't you?
    Rydia: Yeah...
    Luca: C'mon, let get going!
    [With little hesitance, the group heads for the sealed cave, until they
    eventually arrive at the Crystal Chamber. Wasting no time, they grab the
    Dark Crystal.]
    "Acquired Dark Crystal!"
    [Knowing time is of the essence, they leave hurriedly, but things won't
    be that easy.]
    [The wall begins to tremble and shake.]
    Luca: A wall!?
    Rydia: I had a bad feeling this would happen!
    -after the battle-
    Rydia: Got it!
    Luca (looking around): Nice job, Calca and Brina!
    [They twirl and the party continues, heading back to the Underworld.
    However, right before they leave, Rydia suddenyl stops.]
    Rydia: !
    [A flash occurs, and a flashback is triggered, to where Cecil, Kain, Rosa,
    Edge and Rydia stand in the Sealed Cave entrance so very many years ago.]
    Rosa: Kain! Don't listen! Resist him!
    Kain: It's all right. I...I'm back in control of myself.
    [Kain strikes Cecil!]
    Cecil: Ugh!
    "Lost the Dark Crystal."
    [Kain runs off, and the flashback ends.]
    Luca: Rydia? What's wrong?
    Rydia (opening eyes): !
    ???: I see you saved me the trouble.
    Mysterious Girl (appearing in the entrance): So you're one of the last
    surviving summoners?
    Rydia: You're the one behind what happened to the Eidolons!
    Mysterious Girl: The likes of you don't deserve to talk about the Eidolons
    and Crystals.
    Luca: Who asked you!?
    Mysterious Girl: There is one who's far more worthy of the Crystal.
    Calca & Brina: !
    [They jump in front of Luca and Rydia.]
    Luca: Calca!
    Rydia: Brina!
    Mysterious Girl (defeating the dolls): These ridiculous toys. What a waste
    of time. Now, hand over the Crystal.
    Rydia (stepping forward): I won't let you have it!
    [The mysterious girl strikes her down.]
    "Lost the Dark Crystal."
    Luca (turning to Rydia): Rydia!
    Mysterious Girl (turning): With this, all four Dark Crystals are back in our
    Luca (running forward): Wait!
    [Without turning, the Mysterious Girl strikes her down.]
    Mysterious Girl: Your lives are not my concern.
    [She departs.]
    Luca: Nnngh!
    Luca (getting up and facing Rydia): Rydia...you all right?
    Rydia (facing Luca): Luca! What happened to the Crystal?
    Lucas (gazing down): I'm sorry, Rydia.
    Rydia: We need to hurry...before they get their hands on the Overworld
    Crystals, too!
    Luca (stepping forward): Calca...Brina.
    Rydia (joining her): Thanks, you two. You were kinder to us than we ever
    Luca: I'm going to repair you. I promise!
    [She gathers their bodies, and together, Rydia and Luca leave the cave,
    heading for the Falcon.]
    Luca (looking around the Falcon): That girl didn't even pretend to take
    us seriously.
    Rydia (facing Luca): Huh?
    Luca (stepping forward): She didn't lay so much as a finger on the Falcon.
    Rydia (looking down): And she didn't kill us when she had the chance...
    Luca (looking up): Not even a passing thought in her mind, are we?
    Rydia (looking up): Doesn't look like it, no...
    Luca: We need to get her back for this. Quickly, to the Overworld!
    Luca: Are you ready to go, Rydia?
    [If you say "To the Overworld!"]
    [Expertly, Luca pilots the Falcon through the Underworld, and up to the
    Overworld, where they head south. On board, Luca and Rydia discuss their
    plan of action.]
    Rydia: Luca, what our next course of action?
    Luca: We'll proceed south until we reach the northern coast of Baron! They
    won't expect us to sneak in from the rear!
    [They continue towards Baron, but Rydia notices something.]
    Rydia: What that over there?
    Luca: A black chocobo!
    [They spot a black chocobo, heading east.]
    Rydia: Palom!?
    Luca: That's not Porom, whoever it is with him.
    Rydia: No...it did look like a girl, though.
    Luca: Ooh, that sneak! After all that sweet talk he gave me!
    [Suddenly, Calca and Brina both jump back to life, spinning over
    to Rydia and Luca, who notice their actions.]
    Luca: Calca! Brina!
    Rydia: Oh, thank goodness! I'm so glad you're not hurt!
    [Suddenly, the two dolls attack!]
    Rydia: Calca! Brina!?
    Luca (jumping): Stop it! Both of you!
    [The dolls, however, continue their attack.]
    Rydia: That lightning strike...
    Luca: Their behaviour circuits must have gone haywire!
    [The dolls attack once more.]
    Rydia: Luca, we can't keep this up!
    Luca: Don't lay a finger on them, Rydia.
    Rydia: What!?
    Luca: Okay? Just let me deal with them.
    [By herself, Luca defeats the two dolls.]
    Rydia: Luca..
    [Cannon fire is heard.]
    Rydia (turning): Cannon fire!
    [A Baron airship appears, bombarding the Falcon. Rydia runs to the front
    of the Falcon.]
    Rydia: It's the Red Wings! They're trying to shoot us down!
    [The Falcon turns around and flies back north, with more cannon balls
    striking it.]
    Rydia: I can't keep us in the air anymore!
    [The tremblig of the Falcon becomes worse, but Luca finally takes control
    of the airship.]
    Luca: Emergency landing time!
    [The screen goes black, and the Falcon crashes. After a while, Rydia begins
    to stir.]
    Rydia: Mm...nnngh...
    [Rydia stands and looks around.]
    Rydia: Luca?
    Rydia (running to Luca): Luca!
    Luca (getting to her feet): I'm okay...
    [They both turn to look at the dolls.]
    Luca: ...
    Rydia (turning to Luca): Luca...
    Luca (examining the dolls): Calca... Brina...I'm sorry.
    Luca: We took some serious damage.
    Rydia: Do you think we can fix it?
    Luca: ...
    Rydia (jumping): "Just who do you think I am?"
    Luca (glanacing up): Guh!?
    Rydia: "I'm Cid the airship man; that's what they call me! Just let me
    at that thing! I'll get 'er back up in a jiffy!" That's whay your master
    would be saying right about now, isn't it?
    Luca (nodding): You're right!
    Rydia: See? There you go!
    Luca (turning): We'll need to find some parts for the repairs first!
    Rydia: All right, let's go!
    [Luca lowers the drawbridge, and the pair contain into the overworld.
    Together, they head into the nearby mine, where they are certain they
    will be able to find something with which to repair the airship.]
    <Agart Mine>
    [Together, Rydia and Luca go through the mine, having no luck with
    finding anything. Near the end of the mine, they come across a
    chest with a monster in it! Carefully attacking with Blizzard and
    physical blows, they manage to finally find something for
    the airship.]
    "Acquired agartite!"
    Luca: I bet we can repair the Falcon with this! Let's go back and try it!
    [We newfound spirit, they head out of the mine, and board to Falcon.]
    Luca: All right then! Time to get to work!
    Rydia: Let me help, too.
    [Together, they work on the Falcon. However, Rydia seems downcast.]
    Luca: This doesn't look good...
    Rydia: What is it?
    Luca: The damage is a lot worse then I thought. I can't fix it with what I have
    at hand...
    Rydia: You're kidding me! If we can't get the Falcon back in shape, we'll be
    stuck here.
    Luca: I know, okay!?
    Luca: I'm sorry.
    Rydia: Wait...you aren't thinking about salvaging the parts from Calca and
    Brina's bodies, are you?
    Luca: I don't have any other choice. That's the only way for me to get the
    Falcon off the ground.
    [If you have the Mythril Nut, Bolt, and Screw.]
    Rydia: Stop! You can't do that!
    Luca: But...
    Rydia: You grew up with these guys! You've known them since childhood!
    Luca: ...
    Rydia: Can't you use these?
    =Mythril Spring, Mythril Bolt, and Mythril Nut given to Luca!=
    Luca: This is perfect! Not just for the Falcon, but I can use these to fix
    Calca and Brina too!
    Rydia: Really?
    Luca: Yes! Thank you, Rydia!
    Rydia: I'll help too, Luca. We can repair this ship together!
    Luca (dancing): All right!
    [They continue reparing the Falcon.]
    Luca: The Falcon is back!
    [Calca and Brina jump]
    Rydia: Hee hee...
    [An earthquake suddenly occurs nearby.]
    Luca: An earthquake!?
    Rydia: Why is the ground shaking?
    [Another earthquake occurs, and suddenly Titan appears!]
    Rydia: Titan!?
    Titan: ...
    Rydia: It's me! Rydia!
    Titan: ...
    Rydia: Agart is in mortal danger!
    Titan : ...
    Rydia: Please! You've got to wake up!
    Rydia: No...
    Luca: What!?
    [The camera tilts up, and we enguage Titan again!]
    Rydia: He's... No! Titan, no!
    Luca: Oh, no...
    Rydia: Titan! Please!
    [Titan eventually reduces your HP to 1 when suddenly, a Man in Black
    jumps in, and defeats Titan in one hit!]
    Rydia: Who...are you?
    [Man in Black turns west.]
    Man in Black: We need to go. The tower awaits.
    [Rydia and Luca turn.]
    Rydia: The tower!
    [Cut to a view of the Pulsing Tower of Babil.]
    Man in Black: The horrors of the past come to visit us again.
    Rydia and Luca face man in black.
    Rydia: Who are you...really?
    [Man in Black faces them if about to speak.]
    End Credits!\
    Yang's Tale - The Master of Fabul     (GSD04)  \
    [You are immediately placed into a battle with three monks, which Yang easily
    disposes of. As the battle finishes, we see Yang is inside Fabul, training
    monks in a courtyard of sorts.]
    Yang: Passable enough, but you need to push yourselves harder--all of you.
    Monk: I bow to your greatness, Master Yang!
    Monk: Even as king, your prowess has not changed one bit!
    Yang: True strength lies within the heart, not the body. Have the heart to
    trust in your companions, and strength will follow each one of you.
    ???: Father!
    [An attractive girl bursts in]
    Yang: Yes, Ursula?
    Ursula: Please, Father, I beg of you! Allow me to train with you!
    Yang (turning away): My answer is firm, my daughter.
    Ursula (approaches): But why not!?
    Ursula (runs in front of Yang): I may be princess of this kingdom, but even
    more then that, I am a proud citizen of Fabul! Is it so wrong for me to
    become a stronger and better person?
    Yang (walks away slightly): You have no need for either of those things.
    Ursula: But, Father!
    Chancellor: M-M-Master Yang!
    [The Chancellor of Fabul bursts in through door]
    Chancellor: Urgent news, Your Highness!
    Yang: What is it?
    Chancellor: I will explain in the throne room.
    [The Chancellor departs]
    Yang (facing Ursula): Ursula, listen to me. You are the crown princess of
    Fabul, and you should not treat such a title lightly.
    Yang (faces monks): And neither should any of you.
    Monk: Yes, Master!
    [The monks depart]
    Ursula: ...
    [Ursula runs off, and the screen goes black]
    <Fabul Castle - Throne Room>
    Yang (sits on his throne, and gazes down): ...
    Sheila (faces Yang): Ursula again?
    Yang (straightens): Yes. Ursula, again. I cannot help but wonder where that
    stubborn streak of hers came from.
    Sheila: That would be you, without a doubt. I might be a little obstinate
    at times, but never as much as you can be,
    Yang (faces Sheila): I know, I know. We don't have to go through this again...
    Chancellor (stepping forward): Pardon me, Master Yang.
    Yang (looking forward): Ah. My apologies. So then, you had something to tell
    Chancellor: I am not sure how to put this, my liege, but dark shadows seem
    to be looming over Baron.
    Yang: You must be mistaken. Cecil would never lead his nation awry.
    Chancellor: Some reports state that several Crystals are now in Baron's
    Yang (stepping forward): What? That's preposterous!
    Duke Consort (stepping forward): Your Highness...
    Yang: "Yang" is good enough, my duke.
    Duke Consort: There is no denying the praiseworthy acts you and Cecil
    preformed to save our land. However...
    Yang: However?
    Duke Consort: Baron's last ruler was a similarly renowned knight, and yet
    his heart was blighted by evil in the end.
    Yang: I refuse to believe such a thing could happen! Not to Cecil, of all
    Duke Consort: But if that were not the case, how would one explain why
    Baron is suddenly gathering the crystals again?
    Yang: Baron is home to Queen Rosa, and to Cid. What you are proposing is
    simply too outrageous.
    ???: Master!
    [Everyone present faces towards the door, as a monk bursts in.]
    Monk: The princess has escaped! She wriggled out of the guardsmen's grasp!
    Yang: Not again...
    Sheila: Off to Mount Hobs, no doubt.
    Yang: Let me handle this.
    [Everyone looks at Yang.]
    Chancellor: But something must be done about Baron, Your Highness.
    Yang: My trust in Cecil remains firm!
    Monk (approaches): Let us come along with you, Master!
    Yang (faces the monks): Well then, time to depart!
    Monk: Yes, sir!
    [The Monk's A and B join the party! With slight irratation, Yang and
    his faithful monks head for Mount Hobs.]
    <Mount Hobs - East Trail>
    Yang (looking around): (I don't see a sign of Ursula anywhere. Has she grown
    strong enough to make it this far on her own? Or has something worse
    happened instead?)
    <Mount Hobs - Summit>
    [Yang and his monks approach Ursula, who is surrounded by enemies!]
    Yang: Ursula!
    Ursula (facing enemies): Yah!
    [Ursula swiftly dispatches her adjacent foes.]
    Yang (stepping forward): Ursula!
    Monk: Princess!
    [Ursula jumps into battle, which she eventually manages to win.]
    Yang: Ursula!
    Ursula: Stay out of this, Father!
    Yang: This won't be as easy as before, Ursula!
    [The Mom Bomb approaches, and attacks! After a long struggle, Ursulsa
    and Yang defeat it, along with the fellow monks of Fabul.]
    Ursula: Father!
    Yang: You foolish girl!
    Ursula: Father!?
    Yang: Not only did you disobey my express instructions...you blundered deep
    into the wilderness by yourself! What were you thinking?
    Ursula (gazes down): ...
    Yang: You had to have some reason.
    Ursula: The shooting star.
    Yang: The what?
    Ursula (faces Yang): I saw a shooting star fall near Mount Hobs several days
    Yang: And you kept this from me? Why?
    Ursula: If I told you, would you have taken me with you to investigate?
    Yang (gazes down): ... You are right. Now, back to the castle. Go on now.
    Ursula: Please let me go along! I promise I won't do anything rash!
    Yang: No.
    Ursula: So you are asking your daughter to venture back through the
    wilderness all by herself?
    Yang (gazes down): *sigh*
    Monk: We will gladly protect the princess for you, Master Yang.
    Yang: All right, you win. Whatever you do, just keep yourself out of danger.
    Ursula: Absolutely.
    [Ursula joins the party!]
    <Enter the Impact Crater - Upper Wall>
    Yang (stepping forward): What is the meaning of this?
    Ursula (stepping forward): It's as if the land itself has rotted!
    Yang (gazing down): If only that were all we had to worry about... I feel
    an intense power nearby...
    Ursula (facing Yang): This is not just any normal shooting star.
    Yang (facing Ursula): No. Brace yourself for anything. Mount Hobs could be a
    mere playground compared to this place.
    Ursula: Yes, Father!
    <Impact Crater - Floor>
    [Yang and his companions examine the tombstone]
    Yang: "Here lies a brave group of monks from the glorious land of Fabul."
    Oh, no...
    Ursula (gazing down): These must be the high monks who left to train on
    Mount Hobs!
    Yang: Rest in peace...
    [Suddenly the screen dims, and three Sylph appears]
    Sylph: Yang! Stay on your guard!
    Yang: You...!
    Sylph: They've come for us!
    [The first Sylph disappears]
    Sylph: And they will come for the Crystals next!
    [The second Sylph disappears]
    Yang: Wait! Of what do you speak?
    [The last sylph disappears, and the lighting returns to normal]
    Yang (gazing down): What is happening to this world of ours?
    Yang (faces Ursula): We must return to Fabul at once. I fear for its safety.
    Ursula (faces Yang): Yes, Father!
    <Mount Hobs - Summit>
    Ursula (stopping dead in her tracks): !
    Yang: What is it?
    [Everyone present stares up at the Moons.]
    Ursula: Look at that.
    Yang: It's a bird...no, an airship!
    [Cut to moon, where numerous (4) airships appear]
    Yang: The Red Wings! Heading for Fabul!? We must hurry!
    Ursula (facing Yang): Yes, Father!
    <Fabul - Throne Room>
    Chancellor: Your Highness! You have returned!
    Yang: The Red Wings are flying this way as we speak!
    Duke Consort: The rumors about Baron were true all along, it would seem. What
    shall we do, Yang? They are surely after our Crystal.
    Yang (gazing down): ...
    Ursula (facing Yang): The Wind Crystal symbolizes everything Fabul stands for!
    Handing it over to them is the same as abandoning what this kingdom stands
    Duke Consort: But Ursula, it we were to fall into a prolonged battle, I fear
    there would be untold bloodshed.
    Ursula: But still...!
    Yang: Something has happened to Cecil. Of that much I am certain. Until we
    know the truth behind it, the Crystal must not be surrendered.
    Duke Consort: You want use to fight back, then?
    Yang: No. I shall greet them at the gates and gague matter accordingly.
    Ursula: I'm going with you!
    Yang: You will not.
    Ursula: Why not!?
    Yang (facing Ursula): If disaster befalls me, the kingdom will be yours to
    protect. Your mother needs you...and so do our people.
    Ursula: Father...
    Yang (raising his hand): Gather all the monks! We must ready our defenses at
    [Screen fades, and cuts to the gate outside Fabul, where Yang awaits
    the Baron Soldiers]
    Monk (running up on the battlements): Here they come!
    Yang (raising his hand): Hold your attack. We will observe their next move.
    [The first three Baron Soldiers appear]
    Yang: Welcome to Fabul.
    [The Baron Soldiers move closer]
    Yang: How is King Cecil?
    [The baron soldiers jump forward, attacking!]
    Yang: !!!
    [Yang easily disposes of the soldiers]
    Monk (jumps up on the battlements): Incoming cannon fire!  It's coming from
    the Red Wings!
    [The entire castle trembles, as cannonball's strike it]
    Monk: Master Yang! Our defenses will not hold!
    Yang: Retreat into the castle!
    [Everyone present runs into the castle]
    Yang: (And so it begins anew.)
    [The castle trembles, and cloaked figures appear, which Yang disposes of. Three
    more cloaked figure appear, two of which approach the monks guarding the west
    and east side, slaying them both. They approach Yang's group]
    Yang: Ergh! Fall back!
    [Everyone present retreats]
    Monk: Our backs will soon be against the throne room!
    Yang: Fear not! Sheila has been safely evacuated!
    [The castle trembles as more enemies appear, which Yang easily disposes of.
    However, they just keep coming!]
    Monk: Master Yang!
    Yang: Haaah!
    [Everyone present retreats into the throne room, where Ursula and Sheila
    still remain]
    Yang: You! Why are you still here!?
    Ursula: To fight alongside you!
    [The castle shakes, and more enemies appear. Another easy fight for Yang]
    Yang: To the Crystal Chamber now! Both of you!
    Sheila: What about you!?
    Yang: I will stay here.
    [More enemies appear]
    Yang: They must be stopped!
    Ursula: Father!
    Yang: Go!!!!
    Sheila: Ursula!
    [Sheila drags Ursula into the crystal chamber]
    ???: Sorry I've been scarce lately.
    Yang (approaching): You!
    [Cut to the Crystal Chamber, where Ursula and Sheila wait]
    Shiela: Yang!
    [Ursula steps forward, and Kain Appears]
    Sheila: Kain!
    Ursula: What...?
    Sheila: Are you here to lend us a hand, then?
    Kain: Indeed. I am here to help...
    Kain (stepping forward): Help myself to the Wind Crystal, that is!
    Ursula: Mother, get back!
    [Ursula attacks Kain. Soon into the battle, Yang appears]
    Ursula: Father!
    Yang: Stay focused, Ursula!
    [Together, the defeat Kain]
    Kain: Impressive. The bloodline runs deep with you, girl. But no matter!
    [Kain steps back and jumps over them, grabbing the crystal]
    Yang: No!
    <Wind Crystal Taken!>
    Yang: Kain...how could you?
    Kain: Lest you be confused, allow me to assure you that this is not a repeat
    of the past. I am acting on my own volition--my own free will!
    -Kains jumps away, and runs-
    Yang: Ugh!
    <Screen fades outs, and cuts to the Throne Room>
    Duke Consort: In the end, we couldn't stop the Wind Crystal from being taken
    to Baron.
    Yang: Please forgive me for letting it happen...
    Chancellor: The flames of past wars flicker anew.
    Ursula: This isn't over!
    [Everyone faces her]
    Ursula: We haven't lost this battle yet! Not by a long shot!
    Yang: Ursula...
    Ursula (stepping forward): We can take back the Crystal!
    [Yang has a flashback to the previous time when the crystal was stolen.]
    Rydia: What's wrong with you? They took Rosa, but they didn't hurt her.
    We just need to rescue her! And the Crystal--we can take it back, too!
    [Flashback ends]
    Yang: Yes...you're right!
    Ursula: Father...!
    [Yang runs forward, past Ursula]
    Yang: Take care of the castle for me.
    Sheila: Where are you going, dear?
    Yang: To Baron.
    Chancellor (jumps): Wh-what!? That would be suicide!
    Yang: I must see Cecil about this!
    Ursula (facing Yang): I'm coming too.
    Yang: You're staying here.
    Ursula: This isn't just Fabul's problem. The entire world is at stake!
    Yang: !
    Sheila: Please be careful, Ursula!
    Yang: Sheila!
    Ursula: I'm prepared for whatever happens!
    Yang: My duke...please forgive the selfish deeds of your monarch.
    Duke Consort: Quite all right. I'm not too old to serve my kingdom yet.
    Sheila: We'll keep everything running while you're gone!
    Yang: Thank you.
    [Ursula joins the party!]
    <Aboard the Ship>
    [The Duke Consort, Sheila, and Chancellor are there to say goodbye]
    Sheila: Take care of yourself, Ursula! Do your best out there!
    Ursula: Yes, Mother!
    Sheila (faces Yang): Listen, dear. If anything happens to Ursula, I'll make
    sure you pay for it. And it won't just be the frying pay this time!
    Yang: Y-yes! Yes, my dear!
    Ursula: ...Mother?
    [Sheila walks back]
    Duke Consort (stepping foward): Leave the kingdom's affairs to me.
    Yang: Excellent.
    Chancellor (stepping foward): Master Yang, Princess Ursula... Please come
    home safely!
    [Yang and Ursula board the ship, and are promptly greeted by the crew]
    Captain: Make yourselves at home. It'll be a long journey. We'll take the
    roundabout path for safety.
    Captain (turning around): Raise anchor, men!
    Sailors (jumping): Aye-aye, sir!
    -Sailors go to work, as Yang, Monks, and Ursula look out at Sheila, Duke
    Consort, and the Chancellor. The ship departs-
    Ursula (facing Yang): So what will we do once we reach Baron?
    Yang (faces Ursula): Attain an audience with Cecil and figure out the truth
    behind these affairs.
    Ursula: What if Cecil's already in enemy hands?
    Yang (gazing down): Ridiculous! That could never happen...not to Cecil.
    Ursula (turning slightly): You're making me jealous of him.
    Yang (facing Ursula): ?
    Ursula (gazing down): You give him such absolute, unwavering trust.
    Sailor: Aaagh!!!!
    -Everyone faces up, as a sailor runs on screen-
    Yang: What is it?
    Sailor: M-monsters!
    Ursula (facing Yang): Father!
    Yang: Ready yourself, Ursula!
    [The team easily disposes of the enemies]
    Ursula: I've never heard of monsters storming the deck of a ship before.
    Yang: The moon must be affecting the world's creaturesin strange and
    unpredictable ways.
    [Flash cut to moons, followed by a cut to two boats, Yang's and someone
    else, sailing side by side]
    Sailor: That's a Damcyan craft starboard, Captain!
    Captain: Hah hah! We're racing 'er to the docks, ye dogs!
    Sailors: Aye-aye, sir!
    [Sailors jump as Yang approaches west the railing.]
    Yang: Damcyan?
    [Cut to Edward, who approaches the east railing.]
    Edward: Is that...Yang!?
    Harley: The king of Fabul?
    Edward: Yes. A stronger, gentler, braver monarch you will seldom find.
    [Cut back to Yang, who has now engauged in shouting across the waves to
    Yang: Edward! Are you sailing for Baron as well?
    [Cut to Edward.]
    Edward: Yes, that's right!
    Harley: Their destination is the same as ours?
    Edward (facing Harley): Indeed. Fabul has picked up on the same signs
    we have, no doubt. Ah, what a shot of confidence, knowing that he's on our
    [Edward faces the railing again. Then, it cuts to the two ships racing
    west, but Yang's ship gradually slows down.]
    Yang: Mmm?
    Ursula: We're losing speed.
    Captain: Looks like those monsters did more damage than I thought.
    Captain (facing sailors): Don't just sit there! The ship needs repairs, men!
    Get to it!
    Sailors: Aye-aye, sir!
    [They jump, and the crew moves around the ship. We then see the ship has
    stopped completely. On board, Yang approaches the Captain.]
    Yang: Well?
    Captain (facing Yang): Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like
    our fuel tank's out of action.
    Yang: What?
    Captain: We've got just enough fuel to reach the closest shore, but not much
    more than that, I'm afraid.
    Ursula: The closest shore?
    Captain (facing away): Yep. The Adamant Isles.
    [The ship arrives on one of the Adamant Isle's.]
    Captain: Whew! We made it.
    Yang: Where will find fuel, though?
    Captin: Some palm oil should work. It's not the best fuel in the world, but
    it'll do for now...
    Yang: I apologize for being blunt Captain, but we are on urgent business.
    Captain: Let's just get what we need and get moving again. Remember that this
    is an unexplored island, so there's no telling what's out there.
    Yang (stepping up): Then I'll go.
    Ursula (facing Yang): Father, I'm coming too...
    Yang: You will wait here.
    Monk: Let us go with you, Master!
    Yang: Enough worrying about me. I will be back in a short time.
    Captain: Be careful!
    [Yang departs, and the screen turns dark, then a strange blue-tint. Attempt
    to leave to continue.]
    Ursula (pausing): Father...
    Captain (approaching): Don't worry. Master Yang will be back before you know
    Ursula (faces the captain): I'm going!
    [Ursula runs off.]
    Monk: Princess Ursula!
    [Monks run off in pursuit.]
    <Adamant Isle - Forest>
    Ursula (stepping forward and looking around): How far in did my father
    go, anyway?
    [Exit the screen to trigger a flashback, where Sheila is speaking Yang in the
    throne room.]
    Sheila: Well, I'd best get things going for dinner.
    Yang: Thanks.
    Sheila: Ngh...!
    Yang (stepping forward): What is it?
    Sheila: Oh, nothing.
    Yang (facing Sheila): You look pale, my dear.
    Sheila: I'm fine. I'm not sick or anything.
    Yang: Then...what?
    Sheila: Hee hee! It's a child--our child.
    Yang: Wh-what!?
    Sheila: Aren't you happy?
    Yang (twirling?): Of, of course I am!
    [End flashback, and cut to Yang.]
    Yang: (Mmm...perhaps further in?)
    [Exit to trigger a flashback, where Yang is training with the Monks. Yang looks
    crestfallen, however.]
    Monk: Yah!
    [They do a dance.]
    Monk: Yah!
    [Another two-step dance.]
    Monk: Master Yang?
    Yang: ...
    Monk (stepping forward): Master Yang!
    Yang (gazes up): Mmm? What?
    Monk: Surely you could excuse yourself from training today, of all days.
    Yang: Don't be ridiculous. Training is an ongoing, neverending process.
    Duke Consort: Assuming your mind is in it, that is.
    [The Duke Consort appears, looking quite majestic.]
    Yang (turning to face him): Duke...
    Duke Consort: She'll be giving birth any moment now. Go now, and be by her
    Yang: But...!
    "Wah! Waaah!"
    Yang: !!!!
    Monk: Master Yang!
    Monk: Go on! Hurry!
    Yang (facing all monks): Right!
    [The duke moves aside as Yang rushes in, ending the flashback. Cut back to
    [Exit to trigger flashback, where a younger Ursula is "training".]
    Ursula: Yah! Hah!
    Yang: Oooh! Nice work, Ursula!
    Ursula: Really?
    Yang: Really.
    Ursula (stepping foward): So I can be big and strong like you someday, Daddy?
    Yang (gazing down): Oh, of course, of course.
    Ursula (jumping up and down): Yippee!
    Yang: But remember, Ursula, for there's something I want you to cherish
    even more than that.
    Urusla (spinning around): Uh-uh! No way! I'm gonna be big and strong like you,
    [End flashback, cut to Yang.]
    [Exit to trigger a flashback, where an older Yang and Sheila are conversing
    in the throne room.]
    Sheila: Dear...
    Yang: What?
    Sheila: When are you going to start giving Ursula her formal training?
    Yang (stepping forward): Not until she understands it for herself.
    Sheila (facing Yang): Understands what for herself?
    Yang (facing Sheila): Kindness. Nobility.
    Sheila: She's already a very well-refined young lady, dear.
    Yang (facing away): true enough, but she yearns for strength above everything
    else in her life. Everything.
    Sheila: You don't have to be so hard on her.
    Yang (facing Sheila again): Yes, I do. She's my one and only daughter.
    [End flashback, cutting to Ursula.]
    [After an arduous journey through the forest maze, Ursula and monks approach
    the (only) inconviently hidden palm trees.]
    Ursula: Palm trees! This ought to be enough...
    Ursula (turning around): ...!?
    [The monks guard Ursula.]
    Monk: Princess!
    Monk: Stay back!
    Monk: We'll handle this!
    [An adamantoise appears! Despite the valiant effort of our heroic crew, and
    after a whole lot of 1's, the adamantoise rueduces all the monks health to
    Ursula: This is bad news!
    [Cut to a flashback with an older Ursula watching Yang who is in turn
    watching two monks flailing around a giant boulder.]
    Monk: *huff huff*
    Yang: What? Is that all?
    Monk (facing up): This is impossible, Master Yang! It's just too hard...
    Yang: Trying to crush it through sheer force will only serve to bruise
    your knuckles. Every object has a weak point. Find it, concentrate upon it...
    [Yang owns the rock, Dragoon-style!]
    Yang: And you no longer need to exhaust your strength.
    [Monks look in awe as the flashback ends, returning to the battle.]
    Ursula: Father...I'll try my best!
    [Ursula uses a new technique! TENKETSU! It's super effective! And suddenly,
    Yang jumps in!]
    Ursula: Father!
    Yang: Keep your eyes on the enemy!
    [Defeated Adamantoise! Acquired Palm Oil! Ursula learned Tenketsu!]
    Ursula: *huff huff*
    Yang: Well done.
    Ursula: Father!
    Yang: You always had strength...but now, it is affirmed by your heart--the
    heart to save your companions in need.
    Ursula: I only carried out what you taught me to do, Father.
    Yang: From this moment on, consider yourself my newest disciple.
    Ursula: You mean...!?
    Yang: Don't expect special treatment, though. Not even my own daughter is
    allowed that luxury.
    Ursula: Father!
    [Ursula runs to her Father.]
    Yang: Spare me your tears. I am no longer your father. I am now master to you.
    Ursula: Yes, Master!
    Yang: Off to Baron, then.
    Ursula (bowing her head): Yes, Master!
    "You learned the Twin Wing Frenzy Band!"
    <Back Onboard>
    Captain: Master Yang! Princess Ursula! You've all come back safely!
    Yang: Will this work for you?
    "Handed over Palm Oil!"
    Captain: Amazing work, my liege!
    Yang: I need no thanks. My pupil did all the work.
    Captain: Pupil?
    Ursula: I am Master Yang's newest disciple.
    Captain: Princess...
    Ursula: Please call me Ursula. Is there anything I can do to help?
    captain: Well, if you're offering...I'll need help refining this palm
    oil into usable fuel. Could you lend a hand?
    Ursula: Sure!
    Sailors: Aye-aye, sir!
    [They jump as screen goes dark, and then cuts to the ship sailing merrily
    along. Then, we go onboard.]
    Captain: This is some high-qualiy oil! We'll be at the gates of Baron in the
    blink of an eye!
    Yang: ...
    Ursula (approaching Yang): Master...
    Yang (facing Ursula): What is it?
    Ursula: I feel a tremendous sense of foreboding ahead of us!
    Yang: So you've noticed it, too...
    Ursula: yes.
    Yang (raising his hand): Lash yourselves to the ship.
    Captain (facing Yang: Wha?
    Yang: Now! Do it!
    Captain: Y-yes, Your Highness!
    [The crew secures themselves to the ship.]
    Yang: This dread I feel...
    [The boat begins to shake.]
    Yang: I knew it!
    [A whirlpool appears before the ship, and the screens turn to black.]
    End Credits!\
    Palom's Tale - A Mage's Voyage        (GSD05)  \
    [Our tales begins with a shot of ship, heading east. Once on board, we see the
    Captain and a fellow sailor discussing something amongst themselves near the
    Sailor: They just ain't biting, Captain.
    Captain: Shhh! Stop whining! He'll hear you!
    Sailor (faces the Captain): Look, Captain, how much longer do we have to keep
    putting up with that brat?
    ???: Which brat would this be?
    [The crew members jump as Palom emerges from downstairs, and stands in front
    of them.]
    Captain: I-I apologize for my crew's insolence, Lord Palom!
    Palom (approaching the Captain): "Lord?" You know, you're about several
    decades older then me. Did you forget?
    Captain: In...in that case, what would you like me to call you?
    Palom (looking away): Figure it out for yourself, why don't you? You're a
    grown man, right?
    Captain: Er...yes...
    Palom (turning back): So quit blubbering like that, okay? You're too old for
    that act.
    Sailor (runs up to Palom): H-how dare you speak to the captain like that!
    Palom: The fish...
    Sailor: Unh!?
    Palom (facing the sailor): You guys catch any yet?
    Sailor: I...uh... No. Not yet. We...
    Palom: Are you guys even trying? Is it really that hard?
    Captain (facing the sea): These waters hold a bounty of fish. Coming up
    empty like this is unheard of.
    Palom: Okay, forget about it. Just get me something fresh, okay? We got a
    long voyage ahead.
    [Palom walks to the front of the ship, and closes his eyes.]
    Palom: (Ugh...I knew I shouldn't have taken this job.)
    [The scene shifts to the Prayer Dias, some time before our present situation.
    The Elder is contemplating silently, and Porom approaches him.]
    Porom: You called for me, Elder?
    [The mages and Elder turn]
    Elder: Where is Palom?
    Porom (looking back and forth): I apologize, Elder. I'll fetch him
    Palom: I'm right here.
    [Palom walks up, and Porom berates him.]
    Porom: Palom! Where have you been?
    Palom: What, am I supposed to report every little detail of my life to you?
    Porom: ...
    [Porom moves aside as Palom steps forward.]
    Palom: So, what did you need, Elder?
    Elder: I have received a request from a certain foreign nation.
    Porom: A request?
    Palom: Another prayer job from some country trying to palm its problems
    off on others, no doubt.
    Porom (facing Palom): Palom!
    Palom: I'll let you handle this one, Porom. By the way, Elder, have you made
    your decision yet?
    Elder: About the sage training you brought up, was it?
    Palom: That's the one.
    Elder: You are still not ready yet, Palom.
    Palom (stepping forward): Still? When will you actually think I'm ready,
    Porom: Palom!
    Palom (turning to Porom): All right, all right...
    Porom (returning to his spot): Now, what about this request we received?
    Elder: The nation wishes us to send a mage in order to train their
    Porom (stepping forward): I would be happy to handle this request, Elder.
    Elder: Thank you, but I have decided to send Palom this time.
    Porom: What!?
    Palom: Isn't it normally Porom's job to train Epopts, Elder?
    Elder: It will be your order of business this time, Palom.
    Palom: But what use would it be to send me? I don't know a thing aobut
    white magic.
    Elder (turning away): What use you would be depends entirely on you, Palom.
    Palom: ...
    [The scene shifts back to Palom, who is now surrounded by the freakish-blue
    glow of night.]
    Palom: (Guess it's night time already.)
    Palom (turning): And just look at that moon... It's getting closer and
    [The screen fades to black, and gives a dark shot of the moons, which, in a
    flash of light, is replaced by the logo and title. Finally, we go once
    more to the Prayer Dias, where only the Elder and Porom remain.]
    Porom: Elder, why did you send Palom instead of me?
    Elder: Hmmm...there are some things that only he is capable of, I believe.
    And what's more...Grrrk!!!!
    Porom (running forward): Elder!
    Elder (facing Porom): ...I am fine.
    [We cut back to the ship, which is populated by crew members. As Palom
    emerges from below, a crew memeber greets him.]
    Sailor: Good morning. Did you sleep well?
    Palom (facing him): ...Are we there yet?
    Sailor: I-I'm sorry...Why don't you take a walk around the deck? Even though
    I'm sure you're sick of it by now...
    [With resignation, Palom decides to explore the ship.]
    Sailor: Troia is a beautiful land, blessed with clear water and lush forests.
    Sailor: Apparently a large city fell under monster attack recently.
    Sailor: I saw a falling star in the nothern skies, but I had a bad feeling
    about it.
    Sailor: You have no idea how excited I am to see you! I mean, it's the
    famous black mage himself!
    [With nothing else to do, Palom approaches the Captain.]
    Palom: Captain...
    Captain (turning to face Palom): Yes?
    Palom: I seem to remember you convincing me that this trip would take no more
    than a week.
    Captain (looking away): Yes...
    Palom: And how long has it been since we departed Mysidia.
    Captain: About...a month now, I suppose.
    Palom (turning and walking back): I guess there's nothing much I can say, given
    that our compass is broken.
    Captain: I'm sorry...
    Palom (turning back): But you're all supposed to be sailors, aren't you?
    Captain: More or less...
    Palom (walking away further): Then isn't it your job to do something about
    this? I mean, come on!
    Captain: I-I'm sorry about this, my lord!
    Captain (turning back to the wheel): Wait! Up ahead! Look!
    [The Captain moves forward, and Palom reluctantly follows.]
    Palom: I'm not falling for that again, Captain.
    Captain: There it is! The cape of Troia!
    [All of the sailors approach as the screen fades to black. On the overworld,
    the ship sails past a huge tower, and parks in the docks. Back on board,
    the crew is parting ways with Palom.]
    Captain: I am sorry that it took this long, my lord.
    Palom: Aren't we still quite a ways away from Troia?
    Sailor: If you cross the western bridge and go north from there, you'll
    find a forest with chocobos. You can then cross the river on a chocobo,
    and you'll arrive in Troia in no time.
    Palom: Fair enough.
    Captain: Please be careful, my lord.
    Palom: Is that all?
    Captain: I...I am truly regretful for the delay...
    Palom (stepping forward): You don't have to kiss up to me like that. How old
    are you again?
    Captain: S-sorry...
    Palom (running back a bit and raising his hand): Well, see ya later!
    [Palom departs as the crew follows him and do their twirling jump.]
    Crew: Farewell, my lord!
    [Palom leaves the ship, and heads for the forest as instructed. After crossing
    the river with a Chocobo, he arrives in Troia. Not wanting to waste anymore
    time, he heads diectly to the castle, and right into the Epopt Chamber.]
    <Epopt Chamber>
    Epopt: Thank you for coming to Troia. It must have been a long journey.
    Palom: That isn't the half of it.
    Epopt: I'm sure you are aware of the reason why we have requested the elder of
    Mysidia to send you here...
    Palom: Epopt training, right? So, who'll I be working with?
    Palom (looking around): I thought Troia had eight Epopts.
    Epopt: One of our group has fallen ill, I'm afraid. The Epopts of Troia
    cannot fully carry out their role unless all eight of us serve as one.
    Palom: Huh. So basically, you need a new Epopt, and fast.
    Epopt: Exactly. I see the talented mage of Mysidia has a very sharp mind
    Palom: So, who will it be?
    Epopt: Please enter, Leonora.
    [Palom turns in as the young girl emerges, walks in front of Palom, and
    stands in the missing Epopt spot.]
    Palom: Yes, this one is definitely in need of some training. Oh, did I offend
    Leonora: No...
    Epopt: Leonora arrived in Troia about eight years ago. She immediately signed
    on you become an Epopt and has distinguished herself in service ever since.
    In recognition of her talents, we wanted to nominate her to the vacant
    Palom: All right, all right. Enough introduction. If she was talented, then
    why would she need training in the first place? How can you say you have
    talent if you can't even become an Epopt without someone drilling things
    into you?
    Epopt: I...
    Palom: Besides, isn't it your job to train this girl?
    Leonora (stepping forward): You...you are being rude!
    [Everyone faces Leonora.]
    Leonora: The Epopts are busy conducting their daily business! And...and with
    one of them fallen ill, there are only seven of them to serve their nation!
    Palom: Okay, okay, okay. I don't need a manifesto.
    Palom (facing up): But are you sure I'm the man you want? An Epopt's job
    is to serve her Crystal, right? Wouldn't you want her to be trained in
    white magic instead? You've got the wrong person here if you expect me
    to know any white magic.
    Epopt: What...!?
    Palom: He really should've sent Porom to handle this.
    Leonora: N-no, it's all right!
    Palom (turning): Eh?
    Leonora: White magic or black magic...both can provide me with the spiritual
    training I need!
    Epopt: I'm sure the elder of Mysidia had a plan of his own mind when he sent
    Palom: I guess so.
    Epopt: Be that as it may, Palom, we hereby request you accompany Leonora
    to the Tower of Trials.
    Palom: The Tower of Trials?
    Epopt: It lies south of here. If Leonora can reach its top floor, we will then
    ordain her as an Epopt.
    Leonora: It will be done.
    Leonora (facing Palom): I look forward to training with you, Lord Palom.
    "Leonora joined your party!"
    [Not wasting any time, the two head to the Tower of Trials, which Palom had
    sailed by previously, by using a Chocobo from the northern forest.]
    <Tower of Trials>
    Leonora: This, er...this is the Tower of Trials.
    Palom: What's on the top floor, anyways?
    Leonora: The...the Monastic Seal.
    Palom: So you grab that, come back, and you're an Epopt?
    Leonora (facing Palom): Y-yes.
    Leonora (approaches door): O great Earth Crystal, who hath blessed us with the
    great bounties of the land...For the clear water and lush forests you have
    bequeathed us, I offer you our thanks...and our prayers.
    [The door opens.]
    Palom: Well, glad to see you can recite your prayers, at least.
    Lenora (facing Palom): Y-yes... I, uh, are you ready to go, Lord Palom.
    Palom (stepping forward): Let's make something clear first.
    Leonora: Y-yes?
    Palom: Could you knock it off with that "Lord Palom" stuff?
    Leonora (gazing down): B-but...
    Palom: I'm pretty sure we're the same age.
    Leonora (looking up and gesturing): I, er...I'm actually two years older than
    Palom: Oh yeah? Good for you, but doesn't expect me to start calling you
    "Ms. Leonora" or anything.
    Leonora: Th-that's...er, that's perfectly fine with me, Lord Palom.
    Palom: Like I said, enough with the "Lord".
    Leonora: Y-yes...yes, P-Palom!
    Palom: That's better...
    [Now with the ground rules set down, the pair continue inside.]
    <Tower of Trials - 1F>
    Palom: Well, here we go.
    Leonora: Y-yes?
    Palom: Ready to start with your training?
    Leonora: Certainly! Please, tell me what I need to do.
    Palom: Let's begin with the basics. That would be Fire. You know what Fire is?
    Leonora: What is it?
    Palom: It's a fire attack.
    Leonora: Er, yes. Yes, that's right.
    Palom (turning away): ...That's it.
    Leonora (jumping): Wait...wh-what? Is that it?
    Palom (facing Leonora): Come on, Leonora. I thought they said you had talent.
    The first thing you need with magic is the ability to project an image of the
    magic in question. That's part of the idea behind spell transcription, too.
    Clear your mind and create an image of pure fire. Then, bring it to the
    [Palom raises his hand, and flames jump out towards the three nearby logs.]
    Leonora: Wow! That's amazing!
    Palom: Now you do it.
    [You'll be launched into a battle with Palom and a Fire Doll. Palom continues
    to instruct you.]
    Palom: Here's what you'll be practicing on. Now, go on!
    Leonora (concentrating): O-o-okay! Fire... Fire... Fire... Scorching red
    flames, burning brightly... The searing fire of a furnace...
    [Once the bar fills up, you'll acquire "Fire?"! Once you use it on the doll,
    Palom won't be too impressed.]
    Palom: You couldn't set a piece of paper on fire with that.
    Leonora: ... Yes, sir. I'll try my best.
    [Leonora tries again, and this time defeats the doll.]
    Palom: Okay, that's enough!
    [The battle ends, and Palom continues his lesson.]
    Palom: Okay, not bad. Now let's see how well you do in a real battle.
    Leonora: A real battle!?
    Palom: Training has no meaning if you can't do it in real life situations,
    right? Can you maintain your composure and visualize that image with a monster
    staring you down? That's the key.
    Leonora (looking awya): Maintain your composure...Contain your mainposure...
    Palom: You've lost it already, haven't you?
    Leonora (facing Palom): N-no! I can do it!
    [The two continue along, until they encounter a monster, which appears before
    Leonora: !?
    Palom: A guardian, huh? Here, you try fighting this one by yourself.
    Leonora (jumping and facing Palom): B-by myself!?
    Palom: Yeah, by yourself. Now, go on!
    [Leonora easily dispatches the enemy with Fire? Afterwards, she learns Fire.]
    Leonora (spining and raising her hand): I...I did it!
    Palom (facing her): It's not something to be that happy about... Anyways,
    that's just one of the building blocks you can eventually upgrade into
    higher-level magic.
    Leonora: H-higher-level magic?
    Palom: Fira, and then Firaga. The more powerful the spell, the more you'll
    need to concentrate your energy.
    Leonora (reflecting): I-I'll try!
    Palom: Of course, most people give up at this point, but...
    [Ignoring him, Leonora continues through the Tower. However, Palom pulls
    her aside as they near a pot.]
    Palom: Huh. Didn't think I'd see one of these.
    Leonora: Wh-what's that?
    Palom: Take a look.
    "HP and MP restored!"
    Leonora: What is it?
    Palom: We mages are just regular people when we run out of MP.
    Leonora (facing Palom): I-I understand. I'll be careful about that!
    [Leonora and Palom continue to the next floor, with everything progressing
    rather smoothly. Near the top of the second floor, however, they come to
    another hooded figure.]
    Palom: How convenient. One guardian per floor.
    Palom (facing Leonora): You're up.
    Leonora (facing Palom): M-me!?
    Palom: Well, I'm not the one in training here, am I?
    Leonora (gazing down): N-no, but...
    Palom: Good luck, girl!
    [Approaching hesitantly, Leonora attacks the guardian, and after a breif
    battle, defeats the foes. She walks back to Palom and does a twirl.]
    Leonora (raising her hand): I-I did it, Lord Palom!
    Palom: ...
    Leonora: I-I mean, Palom!
    Palom (turning away): That was merely passable, at best.
    Leonora (gazing down): Black magic is certainly harder to learn than
    white magic.
    Palom (walking away): It's not a matter of difficulty. You're either good
    at it, or you aren't. That's why you get called a sage if you've mastered
    both black and white magic...!?
    Palom (suddenly realizing something and walking to Leonora): Wait a minute!
    This isn't what you're training to become, is it!?
    Leonora (looking up): What? Oh...of course not! Never in my wildest dreams!
    Palom (looking away): ...That's what I thought. Let's continue.
    Leonora: ...
    [Quietly, the pair proceed up the stairs, where Palom starts the next training
    Palom: How about we tackle Blizzard next?
    Leonora: Y-you mean ice magic?
    Palom: Right, but don't think about ice. Think about the feeling of cold
    Leonora: The cold itself? Mmm... Cold air... Cold... Cold... Cold!
    Palom: You got the idea... even if you are scaring me a little.
    [Right away, Palom pulls out another training target, a Blizzard Doll.]
    Leonora (concentrating): Cold... Cold...
    [As the bar fills up, Leonora acquires "Blizzard?, and she wastes no time
    using it on the Blizzard Doll."]
    Palom: Well, you certainly look cold, anyway.
    Leonora: I...I'm doing the best I can.
    [After a few more attacks, the Doll crumbles to dust.]
    Palom: Okay, that's enough!
    [The battle ends, and Palom continues his lesson.]
    Palom: There. You're starting to get it.
    Leonora (approaching): I...I guess so...
    Palom: Seriously, that is one creepy face you're making.
    [Wordlessly, the two continue through the third floor of the Tower, and onto
    the fourth. As the approach the next staircase, they spot another hooded
    Leonora (facing Palom): Um, you'd like me to handle this one too, right?
    Palom: Of course. Now, just keep that creepy face of yours going.
    [Leonora runs into battle, using her new technique to defeat to the enemies.
    Afterwards, she learns "Blizzard!"]
    Leonora (spining): I...I did it!
    Palom (approaching her): Are you seriously trying here?
    Leonora (gazing down): I'm sorry...
    Palom: I'm not the one you should say "sorry" to.
    Leonora (facing Palom): I'll try harder from now on! So...so teach me more,
    Palom! Please!
    Palom: Can I ask you a question?
    Leonora: Y-yes, what is it?
    Palom: An Epopt shouldn't need to know black magic for her job. So why are
    you so set on learning this stuff?
    Leonora (looking away): I, er... want to further my mind and spirit.
    Palom: Troia's a peaceful nation. Its Epopts aren't supposed to be fighting
    battles. But there's something weird going on in this land... you know?
    This ringing a bell for you at all?
    Leonora (gazing down): ...
    Palom: ...
    Leonora: ...
    Palom: Don't want to talk about it, I see.
    [The pair continue up the stairs, and Palom begins the next lesson.]
    Leonora: So...next up is Thunder, right?
    Palom: Yeah. Let's get started.
    [Palom pulls out yet another target, a Thunder Doll.]
    Leonora (concentrating): Thunder... Rain Clouds... Lightning!
    [Leonora acquires "Thunder?"!]
    Palom: At least we now know you have a talent for something...
    Leonora: It's just not one I'm particularly happy to have...
    [After another attack, the doll crumbles.]
    Palom: Okay, that's enough!
    [The battle ends, and the lesson continues.]
    Palom: You're certainly getting into the swing of things now.
    Leonora: Thank you very much!
    Palom: Don't get too confident. This is usually the point where people let
    their egos sink them.
    Leonora: Er, yes. I understand!
    [The two continue on, passing through this floor back onto a different section
    of the previous floor. They head back, and eventually, on the sixth floor,
    they find another guardian near the stairs.]
    Palom: You're up again.
    Leonora: I won't let my ego get the best of me!
    Palom (facing away): Don't tell me. Show me.
    Leonora: Okay!
    [Leonora runs into battle, fighting the foes with her new technique, and after
    the battle, she learns "Thunder"!]
    Leonora (raising her hand): ...I did it!
    [She runs back to Palom, who seems as unfazed as ever.]
    Palom: Well, you've now officially mastered the basics of black magic. But
    don't think that's the end of it. You've only just made it to the starting
    Leonora: Y-yes, Palom!
    Palom: Black magic is all about knowing different things' properties. Which
    magic works best against what type of target--you need to have that
    knowledge drilled into you.
    Leonora: Y-yes...it's all a matter of training, I suppose.
    Palom: That's right, and if you don't have the talent, you'll just have to
    work that much harder at it.
    [Done with the lessons, Leonora and Palom walk up the last leg of the Tower,
    arriving at the top. Wasting no time, they examine the seal.]
    Palom: This looks like the top floor.
    Leonor: Y-yes, it is!
    Palom: Let's see here..."The Monastic Seal is the very words etched on this
    plinth..." Now tht's really stupid. So simply getting here is good enough?
    Leonora: ...
    Palom: If that's all you need to do to be a Troian Epopt, then you have to
    wonder what kind of...
    Leonora: Stop it! Please!
    Palom (turning): !?
    Leonora: You can say whatever you want about me. I don't care! But when it
    coms to the Epopts... I won't just stand there and let you insult them right
    in front of my face!
    Palom: Leonora...
    Leonora (turning away and gazing down): Troia is important to me. Everybody's
    so gentle and kind to me there. Maybe it's something you wouldn't understand,
    being the great magic super-genius that you are...
    Palom: Ah, sorry... I wasn't trying to make fun of them...
    Leonora: ...
    Palom: But listen... you're probably a lot better off without any natural
    talent. If you're a prodigy, then all that happens is you get lazy and quit
    pushing yourself to impove.
    Leonora (facing Palom): Palom...
    Palom: I'm just saying, don't let yourself be satisfied with where you are
    now, okay? Anyways, let's head back. You've got an Epopt post to fill.
    Leonora: ...Okay!
    [With nothing else to do, they head down, either with Wrap or by foot. Once
    they reach the bottom, they take a chocobo from the forest to the east and
    head to the Troian Castle.]
    <Troian Castle>
    [In the castle, Leonora and Palom head to the Epopt Chamber.]
    Leonora (walking forward): I have returned from the Tower of Trials.
    Epopt: Ah, Leonora. You're back rather soon. And the Monastic Seal...?
    Leonora: Yes. I touched the tower's stone plinth with this very hand.
    Epopt (stepping forward): Very good. I knew you had the right sort of
    potential within yourself.
    Leonora (turning): No...it was all thanks to Palom.
    Palom: Well, I should say so. If Porom were here instead of me, Leonora
    would've come back here in a coffin.
    Leonora: Huh...?
    Epopt: What do you mean by that, Lord Palom?
    Palom (stepping forward): Why does the Tower of Trials have monsters and
    guardians and all that inside?
    Epopt: ...
    Palom: Why do the Epopts need black magic? Why does Troia need it, for
    that matter?
    Epopt: We Troians need a way to protect ourselves.
    Palom: What, are you saying your Crystal might get swiped again?
    Epopt: There is always the possibility of that. We have reports from across
    the globe about a certain kingdom engaging in suspicious behaviour.
    Palom: Oh? Which kingdom is that?
    Epopt: ...
    Palom: You don't mean...
    Epopt: Yes. We are sepaking of Baron.
    Palom (stepping closer): What!? You've got to be kidding me!
    Epopt: This is unfortunately the truth, Lord Palom.
    Palom: That's ridiculous... He'd never do anything like that!
    [Palom runs off as Leonora turns around.]
    Leonora: Palom...?
    Leonora (turning back): Please excuse him. He must be tired from his long
    journey. It's my fault for giving him a great deal of trouble.
    Epopt: Leonora. I'm sure you are tired as well. Feel free to go. Take this
    time to rest your body.
    Leonora: ...Yes. Thank you.
    [The scene shifts to an outer part of the castle, where Palom stands alone,
    and Leonora approaches him.]
    Leonora: Palon...I'm sorry.
    Palom: You don't need to apologize.
    Leonora: But...
    Palom: Maybe the Epopts need a way to protect themselves and the Crystal, and I
    believe that. But there's no way what they said about Baron is true! Not
    with Cecil as its king.
    Leonora (approaching): Um...Palom? Are you tired? We should probably both get
    some rest...
    Palom: Yeah.
    [Leonora shows you to your room.]
    Leonora: Here, feel free to use this room as you like.
    Palom (walking forward): Man, what's that smell?
    Leonora (turning): This is the castle's infirmary.
    Palom (looking around): Okay, that makes sense then. I guess you want to cure
    this big mouth of mine.
    Leonora: Troia Castle is usually off limits to men, so this was the
    only room I could find for you...
    Palom: You've got to be tired too by now. Get some sleep already.
    Leonora: ...All right.
    [Palom climbs into bed and closes his eyes.]
    Leonora: Um...I...
    [Palom opens his eyes as Leonora gazes down.]
    Leonora: Good night.
    [Palom closes her eyes, and Leonora begins to leave.]
    Leonora: And...thank you, Palom.
    [Leonora leaves, and some time passes. Palom opens his eyes in bed and thinks.]
    Palom: (There was a time when Baron took away the Crystals by force, no doubt
    about that...Cecil himself took the Water Crystal away from Mysidia, no less.
    But that was all the work of Golbez, in the end. And Golbez is gone...he went
    away with the moon. Wait a second!)
    [We see the two moons in broad daylight, and we return to Palom.]
    Palom: The moon! That's it!
    [Palom jumps out of bed.]
    Palom: I can't stay here anymore!
    [Suddenly, Leonora appears and runs up to Palom.]
    Leonora: Palom...!
    Palom (turning): What is it?
    Leonora: Ah... I'm sorry if I woke you up. I... You might not believ eme about
    this, but...
    Palom: What is it?
    Leonora (looking down): The Crystal... It's afraid.
    Palom: I knew it.
    Leonora (looking up): You felt it too, Palom?
    Palom (stepping forward): Where is the Crystal?
    Leonora: Beyond the Epopts' chamber.
    Palom: Let's go!
    [Together, they head to the Epopt Chamber.]
    Leonora: I've brought Lord Palom with me!
    Epopt: Lord Palom, I'm afraid I have some distressing news. Airships from
    Baron are flying in the direction of Troia right now.
    Palom: What!?
    Epopt: It seems clear that their objective is the Earth Crystal we possess.
    Palom: So you want me to fight back against them?
    Epopt: That's not what we want to see. We must wait to see what their next
    move is.
    Palom: Look... you're underestimating what Baron would do. Let me keep the
    Crystal for you.
    Leonora (facing Palom): Palom!?
    Epopt: What are you going to do with the Crystal?
    Palom: I'm not going to do anything with it. Do not engage Baron's soldiers,
    okay? Tell them, some bandit stole the Crystal or something.
    Epopt: But...
    Leonora: I'm going with you!
    Palom (facing Leonora): You'd just get in my way.
    Leonora: I am an Epopt who serves the Earth Crystal. I know I'm new, but...but
    still! I have a duty to fulfill! A duty to protect the Crystal!
    Palom: You've said it now...
    Epopt: Very well. Leonora, we will entrust the Crystal to you.
    Leonora: I will make sure it is safe!
    [She enters the Crystal Chamber, and Palom inside.]
    Leonora: I'll take the Crystal.
    "Obtained Earth Crystal!
    Leonora (heading back to Palom): We need to hurry.
    [As Leonora heads back to the Epopt Chamber, she is stopped by Palom.]
    Palom: Stop! Not that way!
    Leonora (turning): What?
    [The scene shifts to the Epopt Chamber, where the Mysterious Girl appears.]
    Mysterious Girl: Where is the Earth Crystal.
    Epopt: What purpose do you have for the Earth Crystal?
    Mysterious Girl: Is there a reason why I must tell you?
    Epopt: The Earth Crystal is a symbol of Troia itself. I'm afraid we cannot
    simply give it up to someone so easily. Is this what Cecil, the king of
    Baron, has in mind?
    Mysterious Girl: I have no need to answer to an inferior species.
    Epopt: Inferior species!? Are you trying to insult us!?
    Mysterious Girl (stepping forward): I am not here to argue with you. Where
    is the Crystal?
    [The scene shifts back to Palom and Leonora in the Crystal Chamber.]
    Palom: We're too late. There's no place to run!
    Leonora (turning): ...This way!
    [Leonora leads Palom to the right, and through a secret passage.]
    Palom: A hidden passage!?
    Leonora (facing Palom): The Epopts built this escape route in case anything
    like this ever happened.
    Palom: They thought of everything, didn't they?
    [Together, they head down the stairs.]
    Leonora: I'm sure it won't be long before they find this passageway.
    Palom: Then we'll just have to run as far as we can before that happens. So
    where's this path lead to?
    Leonora: It runs underground to an exit near the castle entrance.
    Palom: Good, then let's keep moving until we get out.
    [They continue through the passage, which leads to the Waterway. The waterway
    is filled with monsters and intricate, but with their powerful magic, they
    manage to get through, jumping out right in front of the castle.]
    Palom: Any pursuers?
    Palom (looking around): No. Looks like they're still in the castle.
    Leonora: What about the Epopts?
    Palom (looking at Leonora): They aren't stupid, you know. I'm sure they
    won't do anything to escalate the situation.
    Leonora: ...
    Palom: You respect them, don't you?
    Leonora: Yes...
    Palom: So have faith in them.
    Leonora: ...I will do that.
    Palom: Come on. We need to leave the castle.
    <Troia Outskirts>
    Palom: So, where's a good place for us to run to?
    Leonora: How about the Iodestone cavern? We'll have a way to keep the
    pursuers at bay there.
    Palom: Where is that?
    Leonora: Northeast of Troia. We can take a black chocobo from the chocobo
    village. We can't have anything metallic equipped in that cave, though. We
    should restock in town first.
    Palom: Sounds like a plan.
    <Chocobo Village>
    [Palom and Leonora grab a black chocobo, and things start to get hectic -
    Baron Soldiers appear!]
    Soldiers: There they are! After them!
    [Palom and Leonora take off, and begin to fly away. However, Baron is
    still chasing them.]
    Leonora: An airship from Baron!
    Palom: They found us! Hang on!
    [Shot explode around them]
    Palom: Are those idiots actually trying to hit us!? What are they thinking!?
    [The shots continue, but the pair manage to escape. They park in front
    of the Iodestone Cavern.]
    Leonora: Thank you, chocobo! You need to get out of here now!
    Black Chocobo: Kewh!
    [The chocobo flies off.]
    Leonora: This way!
    Palom: Right!
    [They enter the Iodestone Cavern, and the magnetic field automatically
    Palom (looking around): Whoa-ho! That is a serious magnetic field!
    Leonora: Make sure that any metal items are unequipped from your body.
    Otherwise, you won't be able to move.
    Palom (facing Leonora): The soldiers are gonna have trouble with this, too,
    no doubt.
    Leonora: Yes, that's the plan.
    Palom (walking away): Well then, you better be getting back to Troia.
    Leonora: What!?
    Palom: Look, things are getting serious here. This is nothing like your
    training before.
    Leonora (running up to him): I'm ready for whatever comes my way! Besides,
    you're going to need my white magic!
    Palom (looking away): ...Is there a written rule somewhere that says all
    White Mages have to be so stubborn?
    Leonora: What was that?
    Palom (turning away more): No. Nothing.
    [Without further ado, they un-equip their metallic objects and explore the
    cave. Eventually, they reach a bridge where the mist suddenly engulfs them.]
    Palom (looking around): What the...
    Leonora: This is a deception put up by the Epopts.
    Palom: So where's the real path?
    Leonora: This way!
    [She leads him over an invisible bridge to the left.]
    Palom: Aha...
    [They both head down the stairs, and at the next stairs, they head back to
    where they couldn't reach before. Suddenly, soldiers appear where they were
    Soldiers: ...There they are!
    Leonora: Palom...!
    Palom: They must have taken off their equipment!
    [Hurrying, Leonora and Palom plow forward. Resting to the right, they
    head up and continue to the Crystal Chamber, and the approach the pedestal.]
    Leonora: Guess this it is for us.
    [She places the Crystal on the pedestal and Palom turns around.]
    Leonora: What?
    Palom: Think about it. How many soldiers are after us? We don't have
    infinite magic, you know. If they storm us with their superior numbers, we'll
    surely run out of energy sooner or later.
    Leonora (gazing down): ...
    Palom: That's the situation we're facing right now.
    Leonora: This is not like you...
    Palom: Huh?
    Leonora (stepping forward): This is not like you at all!
    Palom: And what could you possibly know about me!?
    Leonora (gazing down): ...
    Palom (turning): ?
    [They both look around, and Palom runs up to Leonora.]
    Palom: Leonores! Get back!
    [Palom pulls Leonora back, and suddenly, a figure appears before them.]
    ???: Yes... My prison has been unlocked...
    Leonora: The dark elf!
    Dark Elf: I simply lost my body in the previous battle. Nothing more.
    I am alive once again. The Crystal has resurrected me! That horrifying
    noise is gone... This time, I will finally acquire eternal life!
    [The Dark Elf attacks! He is a tough foe, and Palom and Leonora slug through
    it, struggling against the stronger magical attack they face. However, their
    conflicting magical elementals helps them keep pace, and they beat back the
    Dark Elf. However, the Dark Elf isn't finished yet.]
    Dark Elf: This form no longer suffices!
    [The Dark Elf turns into the Dark Dragon, who is immune to all attacks!]
    Leonora: Palom!
    Palom: Magic doesn't work!?
    [Suddenly, Shiva appears casting Diamon Dust, which defeats the Dark Dragon.]
    Dark Elf: Ergh... The noise is gone, and yet... Where...where is my
    eternal life? Aaagh!
    [He disappears.]
    Palom: Shiva! That must mean...!
    [Palom stands in front of Leonora as the Mysterious Girl enters.]
    Palom: Who are you!?
    Mysterious Girl: Give me the Crystal.
    Palom (backing up): ...You aren't from Baron.
    Mysterious Girl (stepping forward): Didn't you hear me? Give me the Crystal.
    Palom: What happened to Cecil?
    Mysterious Girl: I don't need to answer that. If you won't give it to me,
    I will take it by force.
    Palom: We'll see about that.
    Mysterious Girl: For an specimen of an inferior species, you seem to have
    some measure of good judgement... But you fail to realize the gap between your
    power and mine.
    Leonora (quickly grabbing the Crystal): Palom!
    Palom: (Give me the Crystal and get out of here.)
    Leonora: (I-I can't...!)
    Palom: (You're my student, right?)
    Leonora: (But...)
    Palom: (Don't worry about me. I've got the perfect plan.)
    Leonora (gazing down): (Really?)
    Palom (gazing down): (Yeah. Trust me.)
    [Leonora gives Palom the Crystal, who holds it above his hand.]
    Palom: Now! Leonora, go!
    [Leonora warps away.]
    Mysterious Girl: Finally ready to hand over the Crystal now?
    Palom: You said I was one of an inferior species, didn't you?
    Mysterious Girl: Yes.
    Palom (backing up): Well, you're about to be outfoxed by someone of that
    species... right before your eyes!
    Mysterious Girl (stepping forward): What do you mean?
    Palom: I mean this. Break!
    [Palom turns to stone, and the scene shifts to Leonora.]
    Leonora (gazing down): ...!? Palom...
    [Leonora heads out of the resting area, and the scene shifts back to the
    Mysterious Girl.]
    Mysterious Girl: Petrifying yourself along with the Crystal... How smart. I'll
    just shatter your body and retrieve the Crystal.
    Leonora: Wait!
    Leonora (running in): Don't you touch Palom!
    Mysterious Girl (turning): All we want is the Crystal.
    Leonora: I know that.
    Leonora (raising her hand): Esuna!
    [A magical flash happens, followed by the screen going dark, where Palom
    and Leonora argue.]
    Palom: (You idiot! Why did you come back here!?)
    Leonora: (How could you do that!? What if she shattered you to pieces?)
    Palom: (She was bluffing!)
    Leonora: (You're the one who's bluffing here... You've always been that way.)
    Palom: (What!?)
    [A flashback occurs, way back in the past, and a younger Palom is boasting
    to a younger Leonora, who looks like she could have been a toy doll.]
    Palom: So I cast a mighty Blizzard on the raging fires of Mount Ordeals, and--
    [Porom runs onto the screen, and runs up to Porom, hitting him.]
    Palom (spinning): Ouch!
    Porom: When are you going to stop that!? The elder's furious with you!
    [Porom drags Palom off as the flashback ends. Back to the present, Palom
    is dumbstruck.]
    Palom: That was you!?
    Leonora: You've always been that way for as long as I've known you. Bluffing
    and talking big...just to make others feel better.
    Mysterious Girl: I've had enough of this. Hand it over now.
    Palom (turning): I think you misunderstood...
    Mysterious Girl: ...!?
    Palom: Who said anything about giving you this thing?
    Mysterious Girl: Giving up your last chance to live? I find such a decision
    Palom: Maybe so. This girl's no good as an Epopt, that's for sure.
    [Leonora gazes down as Palom jumps forward.]
    Palom: But as my partner, she passes with flying colours!
    "You learned the Particle Bomb Band!"
    [With their new power, Palom and Leonora hack away at the Mysterious Girl,
    who doesn't seem to react.
    Mysterious Girl: Is that it?
    [However, she eventually summons Shiva again, defeating both of them in one
    Palom (falling): L-Leonora...
    Leonora (laying on the ground): ...
    "Earth Crystal Taken"
    Palom (rising): Wait... Stop... You...
    Mysterious Girl: I am done with you.
    [She teleports away.]
    Palom: No...
    Palom (collapsing again as the screen fades): Nooo!!!!!
    [The scene shifts to Porom, who is heading down Mount Ordeals with Kain. As
    though she can hear Palom, she pauses.]
    Porom: !
    Kain: What?
    Porom (stepping forward): Palom!?
    [The camera tilts up, and fades.]
    End Credits!\
    Edge's Tale - The Pulse of Babil      (GSD06)  \
    [The Chapter begins with a battle, much like Yang's. Edge faces 4 Ninjas of
    Eblan - Gekkou, Izayoi, Tsukinowa and Zangetsu. With a few swift sword
    strokes, Edge easily defeats the 4. Once the battle is over, we see we are
    in the courtyard of Eblan Castle.]
    Zangetsu (getting back up): I would expect on less of you, Master.
    Gekkou (getting back up): Even with the four of us together, we were like mere
    children against your assault.
    Izayoi (getting back up): We are still lacking in every way.
    Tsukinowa (getting back up): Truly, you have earned your name as master of
    our clan!
    Edge (facing away): Quit buttering me up like that. I've gotten far more
    out-of-shape than I care to admit.
    Tsukinowa: I have heard many tales about the great feats you have
    accomplished in the past. Could it be that you are still holding back to
    protect us from injury?
    Izayoi (facing Tsukinowa): Hold your tongue, Tsukinowa.
    Edge (turning back): Don't worry about it. I'd rather you give it to me
    straight than be overly polite.
    Zangetsu: Yes, Master. Tolerant as always. Sacrificing your own time to offer
    each of us your training... I, Zangetsu, could hope for no higher honor in
    my lifetime!
    Edge: It's only because you all practically twisted my arm to do this.
    Gekkou: We cannot afford to have Eblan's traditional ninja arts fade away into
    history, Master.
    Edge: Don't you think we'd be better off without these lethal weapons we
    call arts?
    Izayoi (stepping forward): But your arts can be used far more than the taking
    of someone's life, Master. As long as we have yet to meet our full
    potential... We must continueto strive for the limits of human ability!
    Edge (turning away): Maybe if the times called for that, but we're living
    in an era of peace. So why work so hard at this? Wouldn't you rather have
    some fun with your lives?
    Edge (turning back): Especially a woman your age, I might add.
    Tsukinowa (turning away): Ah, our wise master understands even a woman's
    Tsukinowa (standing forward): !
    Zangetsu: What is it, Tsukinowa?
    [Zangetsu steps forward, as Edge turns around.]
    Edge: What the..!?
    [Cut to the moon, at which point the 2nd moon appears below it. Then, we
    see the logo, and the title "Edge's Tale: The Pulse of Babil". Then, we
    return to Eblan, and find ourselves in the Throne Room.]
    <Eblan Castle - Throne Room>
    Seneschal (pacing around): That dreaded moon has returned! Oh, what is the
    meaning of this?
    Edge: Calm down already.
    Seneschal (approaching Edge): How could one possibly stay calm at a time
    like this!?
    Edge: Come on. You're an old man. You'll give yourself a heart attack going
    on like that.
    Seneschal (jumping): Your Young Highness!
    Edge: You know I'm sick of you calling me that.
    Seneschal: I could hardly imagine calling you anything else, Young Highness!
    Just when Eblan finally gets itself back on its feet, this moon again
    rears its ugly head! I fear this may not be the only specter from the past
    that we will see once again...
    Edge (gazing down): Enough.
    Seneschal: Your Youg Highness...
    Edge (rising from the throne): Seneschal, what would our soldiers and citizens
    think if they saw you like this?
    Seneschal: I apologize, my lord. I bow before your widom. You are truly the
    son of our late beloved ruler and queen!
    Edge: Right. Watch the castle for me.
    [Edge begins to leave the room, but he is interrupted just before he leaves by
    Seneschal: Your Young Highness! Where are you going?
    Edge (facing Seneschal): Off on a bit of business.
    Seneschal: At a time like this!?
    Edge: Mm-hmm. So watch the castle for me, all right?
    Seneschal: Please...please don't do anything reckless, your Young Highness!
    Edge: Calm down. You'll worry yourself to death.
    [Edge departs the throne room.]
    <Outside Eblan Castle>
    ???: Where might you be going?
    [Edge turns around as Gekkou jumps down from the battlements.]
    Edge: Gekkou...
    Zangetsu (jumping down): If there is something...
    Izayoi (jumping down): ...that needs to be done...
    Tsukinowa (jumping down): ...then please, all us to handle it!
    Edge: What do you mean?
    Zangetsu: You intend to investigate the return of the second moon by
    yourself, do you not?
    GekkouP: The moon is causing severe unrest within Eblan as we speak.
    Izayoi: Please make use of us if there is a need for reconnaissance.
    Edge: What're you talking about? I'm not doing anything like that.
    Tsukinowa (does a twirl): Master, our cheif advisor is right! You always
    try to bear all the burden by yourself!
    Izayoi (closing her eyes): Please, Master! Let the four of us share that
    Edge (turning away): I have yet to decide whether any of you are ready for
    such a mission.
    Tsukinowa (running forward): Then let this mission be a test of our
    Edge: ...
    Zangetsu (stepping forward): Besides, we can ill afford to have our leader
    away from his kingdom right now.
    Edge: I already asked the seneschal and the rest to handle my affairs.
    Zangetsu: It may not be long before the tower is set in motion again, my
    Edge (looking up): The tower...
    [We see a camera panning up, giving us a view of the Tower of Babil, then we
    return to the 5 Ninjas.]
    Edge: All right. You're on.
    Tsukinowa (doing a twirl): I knew you would understand, Master!
    Izayoi (stepping forward): Your orders, then, sir.
    Edge (facing away): Let's get one thing clear first.
    Gekkou (stepping forward): What would that be?
    Edge (turning back): Be careful. Your lives are too valuable to waste.
    All (bowing their heads): Yes, Master!
    [Now we come to the character selection screen. The character's individual
    scripts will be listed in the order they are given in the game. Gekkou,
    Zangetsu, Izayoi and Tsukinowa.]
    <Izayoi's Mission>
    [We begin Izayoi's Mission in Troia, where Izayoi is disguised as one of the
    Troian Epopt Trainees.]
    Epopt: Are you ready to begin today's training, girls?
    Epopt (stepping forward): For generations, Troia has been governed by a
    group of eight Epopts who serve the Crystal. However, one within our
    order has been afflicted by a grave illness. As a result, we must act quickly
    to choose a new Epopt. Keep that in mind as you go about your training.
    Epopt: Today, we'll work on your spiritual fortitude. You shall cleanse
    yourselves with cold water and shake off any distractions. This will help you
    focus your internal energies. Once you're ready, please assemble in the large
    pond in front of the village inn.
    [The epopt heads towards the pond, as the girls begin to gossip.]
    Trainee: Hey...did you hear? They say a war's about to break out.
    Trainee: I heard the same thing!
    Trainee: Word has it that Baron's deployed their airship fleet again. My mom
    said things are looking just like they did before the previous war.
    Trainee: And that's not all... I heard that Leonora will be taking her
    final exam shortly.
    Trainee: Say, that reminds me... Remember the rumour about how she needed to
    master black magic first?
    Trainee?: !
    Trainee (turning): Black magic?
    Trainee (facing Trainee?): Mm-hmm. Supposedly, they're requesting a mage
    from Mysidia to instruct her.
    Trainee?: ...
    Trainee: I don't know...
    Trainee: It sure seems like there's going to be war soon, doesn't it?
    [The departed Epopt suddenly returns, yelling at the girl.]
    Epopt: Girls, what are you doing?
    [All the Trainees jump.]
    Epopt: Hurry up and assemble in the pond!
    Trainee: Yes, ma'am!
    [The epopt leaves, and the trainees swiflty chase after them.]
    Trainee?: (I've been here for a while now...)
    Trainee? (gazing down): (What could be happening with Baron, though?)
    <Troia Pond>
    [As you enter the pond, the Epopt sternly addresses Izayoi.]
    Epopt: You're the last one here.
    Trainee?: I'm sorry.
    [The trainee? fills in the last spot of the formation.]
    Epopt: All right. You will now cleanse your bodies in the pond, intensifying
    your spirit.
    Trainee: Ma'am?
    Trainee (stepping forward): Um...what should we be thinking about while
    we're doing this?
    Epopt: You must try to sharpen your heart and soul as you concentrate. Do not
    think about anything else. make your consciousness one with the water
    surrounding you.
    Trainee: Er...yes, ma'am.
    [The trainee returns to her spot.]
    Epopt: No one is allowed to leave until all of you have achieved full
    Epopt: You may now begin!
    [Everyone bows their heads. If you try to move, you are scolded.]
    Epopt: Hold it, you! We've just gotten started!
    [Otherwise, wait a bit for a scene to occur, where one of the trainee's
    Trainee: I-I can't take this anymore! It's too cold!
    Epopt: You can't expect to become an Epopt if you can't even get through this
    training exercise.
    Trainee (facing the shivering one): She's a very frail girl, ma'am!
    Trainee: Her face is turning blue!
    Trainee (turning back to the Epopt): Please, ma'am, you need to let her
    Epopt: Very well. That'll be all for today.
    [The Epopt leaves, and the trainees also depart, as the trainee? remains.]
    Trainee?: (Why is Troia so eager for a new Epopt? They've gotten to the
    point where they've built a tower solely for training purposes...)
    <Tower of Trails>
    [After capturing a Chocobo from the nearby forest, the Trainee? approaches
    the Tower of Trials, designed to test those who aspire to become Epopts.
    The trainee? examine the door, which is tightly shut.]
    Trainee? (gazing down): (A magical seal? No matter.)
    [The Trainee? steps back and takes off her dusguise to reveal Izayoi, who
    jumps up onto the ramparts.]
    Izayoi: (I'll just scale the outer walls.)
    [Izayoi proceeds to jump up the wall.]
    <Top of Tower of Trials>
    [As Izayoi reaches the top of the Tower, a hooded monster appears.]
    Izayoi: What!?
    [The monster attacks, but with her bow, Izayoi eventually emerges
    Izayoi (gazing at the tower): (I'm impressed. Building a tower like this as
    simply as a training tool? There's an intensely powerful monster pressence
    inside. I can feel it from here. The Troian Epopts must have something in
    Izayoi (taking a step back): (What!?)
    [Cut to the Tower of Babil, which is pulsing red, and then we return
    to Izayoi.]
    Izayoi: (The Tower of Babil is glowing. It's still weak, but it's
    just as it was before! I knew the moon was bad news from the start! Time is
    if the essence! I must hurry back to Eblan.)
    [Izayoi looks around, and spots something.]
    Izayoi: ...That's it!
    [We see a ship docked nearby.]
    Izayoi: I'll catch a ride on that ship.
    <On Board>
    Izayoi (speaking to the Captain): Are you the captain of this ship?
    Captain: Y-yes, but...
    Izayoi: What is your destination?
    Captain (looks around): M-Mysidia, ma'am!
    Izayoi: I'm actually headed in that direction. Would you mind if I came
    along with you?
    Captain (facing his crew): What man of the sea would turn down a pretty
    lady like you. Right, you guys!?
    Sailors: Aye-aye, sir!
    [They twirl as Izayoi boards the ship.]
    Captain: So, where are you headed?
    Izayoi: The land of Eblan.
    [The scene shifts to the ship, which begins to sail away, and then it cuts
    back onto the sailing ship, heading south.]
    Izayoi: !
    [Izayoi runs forward as the sailors speak to the Captain.]
    Sailors: C-Captain!
    Captain: What is that thing!?
    Captain (approaching the front): The tower! It's...glowing!
    Izayoi (facing the Captain): We need to go faster!
    Captain (also facing her): B-but...
    Izayoi: I'll pay you however much you want!
    Captain: J-just as long as we don't go anywhere near that tower, okay?
    [The Captain resumes steering as Izayoi approached the front again.]
    Izayoi: (Hang on for me, Master Edge! Izayoi is on her way!)
    [The screen fades away and is replaced by the character selection screen.]
    <End Izayoi's Mission!>
    <Gekkou's Mission>
    [We see a shot of the Impact Crater, and we go on close, showing the purple,
    decrepit, wasted land with steam billowing everywhere. Near the bottom floor
    stands Gekkou.]
    Gekkou: I came here to investigate the falling star I heard about...
    Gekkou (stepping forward): But what on earth is this!? It's a scene
    straight out of a nightmare!
    Gekkou (gazing down): And this putrid air...It's as if the earth itself
    is diseased.
    Gekkou (glancing up): I don't even want to imagine what would've happened
    had this meteor struck a town...
    Gekkou (turning): Ah!
    [Gekkou approaches the edge of the river, as the camera pans to the side,
    revealing the Mysterious Girl facing 5 monks.]
    Gekkou: Monks from Fabul!
    Monk: Hold it! You there! Who are you!?
    Mysterious Girl: Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand.
    [Two of the monks surround the Mysterious Girl.]
    Monks: What!?
    Mysterious Girl: Don't even bother. It's futile.
    Monk (stepping forward): You will not insult us!
    Monk (also stepping forward): We have honed our bodies under the mighty
    Master Yang himself!
    [The Mysterious Girl looks to her side and raises her hand, striking two
    Monks down.]
    Mysterious Girl: I warned you.
    [She teleports up the ledge and strolls away.]
    Monk: H-halt!
    [They cahse after her, and the camera pans back to Gekkou.]
    Gekkou: That girl! Who is she?
    [Upon crossing the river, Gekkou checks the first Monk.]
    Monk: Who...who are you?
    Gekkou: I'm just a passing traveler.
    Monk: S-stop her...and...my friends....
    Gekkou: I'm on it. Just stay here.
    Monk: Thank....you....
    Gekkou (glancing away): (Forgive me! I hope you'll rest in peace.)
    [Upon checking the other monk.]
    Monk: ...
    Gekkou (glancing down): (I'm sorry...But I have a mission to fulfill. I
    must return to Eblan alive, no matter what.)
    <Impact Crater - Lower Wall>
    [Gekkou spots the Monks and Mysterious Girl, who continue up.]
    <Impact Crater - Middle Wall>
    [Gekkou spots the Monks and Mysterious Girl, who continue up.]
    <Impact Crater - Upper Wall>
    [Gekkou spots the Monks and Mysterious Girl, and hides behind a rock.]
    Gekkou: (Whoa!)
    Mysterious Girl: Why do you insist on following me?
    Monk: What did you expect!? We've got to avenge our brothers!
    Gekkou: (Don't do it)
    Mysterious Girl: Avenge?
    Monk: That's right!
    Mysterious Girl (glancing down): Incomprehensible.
    Monk: What is?
    Mysterious Girl: Abandoning your sole chance at survival like this.
    Gekkou: (She's right! Don't be so hasty in throwing away your lives!)
    Monk (surrounding the Mysterious Girl): As monks of Fabul, we have our honour
    to uphold!
    Gekkou: (Honour...)
    Mysterious Girl (looking around): ...Honour? Never heard that word before.
    Monk: Our honour is our pride! The pride of Fabul!
    [The monks rush in, but they are blown away by the Mysterious Girl.]
    Mysterious Girl: What is it that makes you want to die so fervently?
    Monk: This...this isn't over!
    Monk: Don't...don't lose hope...
    Gekkou (glancing down): (Great. Come on, Gekkou! What're going to do now?)
    [If you select "Join in"...]
    Gekkou (glancing up): Hold it!!!!
    [Gekkou jumps over to the Mysterious Girl.]
    Mysterious Girl: You were watching.
    Gekkou: You noticed?
    Mysterious Girl: I didn't think you were in such a hurry to die, though.
    Gekkou: Neither did I.
    Mysterious Girl: So foolish of you.
    Gekkou: My name is Gekkou, and on my honour, I swear I will join the fight
    against you!
    [Gekkou attacks, but is slaughtered by Meteor. He collapses to the ground.]
    Mysterious Girl: ...Incomprehensible.
    Gekkou: Master...forgive me.
    [If you select "Hold Back"...]
    [Gekkou hides as the monks rise back up and charge at the Mysterious Girl]
    Mobk: Yaaah!!!!
    [They surround the Mysterious Girl, and are blown away even further by
    her attack.]
    Mysterious Girl: Such a waste.
    Mysterious Girl (facing up): The interdimensonal elevator launch in going
    to fall behind schedule.
    [The Mysterious Girl teleports away as the camera pans back to Gekkou.]
    Gekkou: (Interdimensonal elevator?)
    [The screen fades out, and cuts to the Lower Wall, where Gekkou has buried
    the Monks and made a tombstone.]
    Gekkou (gazing down): (Monks of Fabul...I don't know how to apologize to
    you. But I have my own honor to uphold...the honor of Eblan!)
    Gekkou (glancing up): (I will atone for this later...after I preserve my own
    [Gekkou heads up the crater, as the screen fades and is replaced by the
    character selection screen.]
    <End Gekkou's Mission!>
    <Zangetsu's Mission>
    [We are now in the Underworld, over the Dwarven Castle. As we pan up, we head
    into the Dwarven Castle 1F , where several dwarves are milling around, until
    King Giott arrives.]
    King Giott: Another quiet, peaceful day, my men! I wouldn't wish it any other
    [All of the dwarves line up respectfully in front of the King as he
    continues his speech.]
    King Giott: We would never have earned this peace if it weren't for the
    hard work put in by all of you. Indeed, great were the casualities we
    suffered in that costly war of the Crystals. But we strove on! Yes, we
    soldiered on through the heartache, and...
    Dwarf (turning to face the dwarf beside him): Lali-ho, here he goes again.
    Dwarf (turning to face the previous dwarf): Once he gets started, the king
    doesn't know when to stop.
    [They both straighten as the King continues.]
    King Giott: Regardless, to all of you, I offer my congratulations on another
    day's work well done. Now it is time to rest for the day yet to come! Make
    sure not to overindulge this evening!
    Dwarf: Lali-ho!
    [They all do a spinng jump, but the dwarf on the far right end doesn't see
    to be much of an accomplished jumper. Two of the dwarves notice this
    immediately, as King Giott leaves. The rest of the dwarves turn to see what
    is going on, as one of the dwarves goes to the poor-jumpers side.]
    Dwarf: You all right? That wasn't much of a jump!
    [The purple dwarf looks around, and does a better spinning jump.]
    Dwarf?: Of course I am. Tali-ho!
    Dwarf (doing a double take): What?
    Dwarf? (facing him): Um...of course I am. Lali-ho!
    Dwarf (approaching closer): Lali-ho! A dwarf is nothing if he can't jump
    high. You needa take better care of your legs!
    Dwarf: Well, our work is done! Off to relax at the pub with some spirits!
    The pub's just upstairs on the right. It's down the corridor between the
    weaponsmith and armorer!
    [The dwarves resume their normal activities.]
    <Lali-ho Pub>
    Dwarf: Mmm? What? Looking for some fun? Why don't you go fetch the watchmen
    and lali-ho it up a bit, huh?
    Dwarf: Nothing like going on the roof to help ya sober up after a long night.
    <Dwarven Castle (Top)>
    Dwarf?: Ah!?
    [The two watchmen dwarf glance up, and the glowing Tower of Babil is seen.
    The watchmen jump in surprise.]
    Dwarf: The Tower of Babil!
    Dwarf: We must inform the king at once!
    Dwarf? (running forward): It's finally begun!
    [The two watchmen approach from behind]
    Dwarf: Hey you! Go report, now!
    Dwarf? (jumping on the battlements and turning around): Sorry, but my
    job here is done.
    Dwarf: Huh!?
    [The Dwarf? turns around and jumps to the east, startling the watchmen.]
    Dwarf: Wow! What a jump!
    [The scene cuts to the entrance of a mine. After a few seconds, the dwarf?
    lands in front of the entrance, flat on his face.]
    Dwarf?: Oof!
    Dwarf? (getting up): Ah, my back... That was higher than I thought.
    Dwarf (looking around): The tower's lit up! I must return to Eblan
    immediately and inform my master about this. It'll be a short distance to the
    Overworld once I get through these mines.
    [The dwarf? sheds his outfit, revealing Zangetsu, who heads inside.]
    <Dwarven Mine Path>
    [Near the exit, a Hooded figure appears.]
    Zangetsu: Ah. I didn't think I'd get away that easily.
    [After a brief battle, Zangetsu stops for pause.]
    Zangetsu (glancing down): That monster was far stronger than anything else
    I've encountered here.
    Zangetsu (gazing up): I have no time to spare! I'm coming back for you, Master!
    [Zangetsu heads up the stairs as the screen fades out, to be replaced by the
    character selection screen appears.]
    <End Zangetsu's Mission!>
    <Tsukinowa's Mission!>
    [We now find ourselves in Mysidia, where Black Mage is standing in front of
    a group of small children.]
    Professor: Now then, that's all for today, kids.
    Children: Yes, Professor!
    [They all twirls around, except for the purple-haired kid.]
    Professor: See you all tomorrow. Remember to eat a good meal and get a
    good night's sleep, okay?
    Children (jumping): Yes, Professor!
    [They all scatter, but the purple-haired one remains.]
    Professor: Lapin?
    Lapin: Y-yeah?
    Professor (approaching): You weren't paying attention to me today either,
    am I right?
    Lapin: S-sure I was! Really!
    Professor: You've been living in Mysidia for a very long time now. Are you
    honestly sure you're interested in studying the art of magic here?
    Lapin: of course I am!
    Professor: I have a hard time believing that.
    Lapin (turning away and gazing down): You're just saying that because I'm
    not from here...
    [The screen fades into a flashback, showing Lapin lying on the shore of a
    beach, not moving. A White and Black Mage walk past, and the White Mage
    noticed Lapin.]
    White Mage: !
    [The White Mage rushes towards Lapin as the Black Mage turns in puzzlement.]
    Black Mage: What is it?
    White Mage (turning): It's a child!
    [The White Mage turns back as the Black Mage rushes up.]
    Black Mage: He's alive! He's still breathing! Give him some Cure! Hurry!
    White Mage: R-right!
    [The white mage casts cure, and the flashback ends, returning to the current
    situation, where the Black Mage seems embarassed.]
    Black Mage: N-no! I didn't mean it like that...
    [Suddenly, Porom heads down the screen toward you. The Black Mage turns to
    face her.]
    Black Mage: Oh! Lady Porom!
    Porom: How many times do I need to tell you, Professor? You don't have to
    call me "lady".
    Professor: But...
    Porom: Anyway, the Elder's waiting for you in the Hall of Prayer.
    Professor: The Elder!?
    Porom: He wants everyone there, on the double.
    Professor: Understood, ma'am. Right away, ma'am.
    [The Black Mage hurries to the Hall, as Porom approaches you.]
    Lapin: Oh! Uh, yeah!
    Porom: You're hiding something, aren't you?
    Lapin: So you noticed? I've got a toad in my pocket.
    Porom: Is that all?
    Lapin (looks around): Well, actually...I've got some Gysahl Greens that I stole
    from the field as well.
    Porom: I hope that's it...
    Lapin: That's all! I mean it!
    Porom: ...
    Lapin: What? What!? I didn't do anything!
    Porom: You sound just like him.
    Lapin: Huh?
    Porom (looks away): Nothing. Make sure you give back those vegetables, okay?
    Lapin: Okay!
    [Porom leaves, heading toward the Hall. Lapin pauses, and also heads up a bit.]
    Lapin: (The white mage can't be trifled with. I better watch out around her.)
    [Curious of what is going on, Lapin decides to head up. However, the way
    is blocked by a Black Mage.]
    Hall Guard: Sorry, kid. The Elder's having a very important meeting with
    his mages right now. Run aong home now, okay?
    Lapin (turning away): Okay. (A very important meeting, is it?)
    [Not sure what to do, Lapin talks to one of the children near the entrance.]
    Kid: Hey, Lapin! Guess what! I just learned how to cast Toad! You want me
    try it on you?
    [If you say "No"]
    Kid: Oh, come on! You scared?
    [If you say "Yes"]
    Kid: Okay, here goes! ...Toad!
    [Lapin turns into a toad, and decides to head up to the Hall again. Upon
    seeing the toad, the guard freaks.]
    "Eek!!!! G-g-go away! If you don't go, then...I-I-I'm outta here!"
    [He runs off, and Lapin heads into the Hall, where he immediately hides.
    Inside, the Elder and Porom are in a heated discussion with 4 Mages.]
    Mage: What did you say!?
    Elder: There is no need to panic. I am merely suggesting on possible
    Mage: But if it turns out to be true, then we need to act as quickly as
    Lapin: (!)
    Black Mages (looking at each other): So, the Crystals are about to take center
    stage again...
    White Mages (looking at each other): The tragedies of the past are about to
    unfold once more.
    [They turn to face the Elder again.]
    Mage: Elder, where is Palom right now?
    Elder: He is on his way to Troia at the moment to honor a request.
    White Mages (looking at each other): The greatest black mage of Mysidia,
    absent from his post!
    Black Mages (looking at each other): If we were to be attacked right now, it
    really would be a repeat of the past, wouldn't it?
    Porom (stepping forward): Black magic is not a panacea for all our problems.
    [The Mages straighten as Porom continues.]
    Porom: Have you forgotten what the Elder taught us?
    Mage: B-but...
    Mage: How else should we respond to the moon's return?
    Porom (approaching the Elder): Elder...
    Elder: ...
    Porom: I will travel to Mount Ordeals at once.
    Lapin: (Mount Ordeals...)
    Elder (facing Porom): But...
    Porom: Don't worry. I won't do anything brash.
    Elder: Be careful out there. Whatever you do, remember to stay out of
    harm's way.
    Porom: Yes, Elder!
    [Porom leaves the Hall as everyone looks on, including Lapin.]
    Lapin: (Porom!)
    [The mages turn back around, and Lapin rushes out.]
    Elder: Listen, everyone. We cannot afford to hurry ourselves into an
    ill-advised plan of action. This may wind up being absolutely nothing at all.
    Mages: Yes, Elder.
    [The screen fades, and cuts to Lapin, just outside the door.]
    Lapin: (Why is Porom headed for Mount Ordeals?)
    [Realizing he should pursuit Porom, Lapin decides to change back before heading
    out after Porom. He talks to the Kid and changes back, heading out of the
    village. Lapin travels west, following the long path to Mount Ordeals.]
    <Mount Ordeals - Entrance>
    [As Lapin enters, he looks around him.]
    Lapin: (Well...time to climb the mountain.)
    [He spins around and dons his ninja gear.]
    <Mount Ordeals - Trail>
    [As Tsukinowa heads up the trail, he is almost spotted by Porom, who wheels
    around at the sound of something.]
    Porom: ?
    Tsukinowa: (!)
    [Tsukinowa jumps behind the wall as Porom approaches, looking around, and
    eventually continuing into the Mount.]
    Tsukinowa: (I can't let my guard down around Porom for even a moment.)
    <Mount Ordeals - Crossing>
    [This time, Tsukinowa spots Porom and hides behind a rock, just before Porom
    turns around.]
    Porom: Palom?
    Tsukinowa: ...
    [Porom looks around, and then proceeds. Tsukinowa comes out of hiding.]
    Tsukinowa: (She must be terribly worried about him.)
    <Mount Ordeals - Summit>
    [At the top of Mount Ordeals, with no Porom in sight, Tsukinowa examines the
    Tsukinowa: (What's this? A stone monument?)
    Tsukinowa (looking around): (Where did Porom go?)
    [Just as Tsukinowa heads across the brige, something grabs his attention.]
    Tsukinowa: !?
    [Tsukinowa faces the North, and sees the Tower of Babil glowing.]
    Tsukinowa: The Tower of Babil! I knew it! It's been activated!
    Tsukinowa: (glancing down): (I hope nothing's happened to you, Porom! I need
    to get to the western cape, fast! I'll be back as soon as I can, Master!)
    [Climbing down the mountain, Tsukinowa heads for Mysidia. To save some time,
    he grabs a Chocobo from the southern forest, and gallops back. Once he reaches
    Mysidia, however, he walks past it to the shoreline.]
    Tsukinowa (walking the edge of the shore): (Well, back to Eblan.)
    Tsukinowa (looking back): (Thank you, Mysidia. Farewell, Professor...and
    farewell to you, Porom! I hope we have a chance to meet again someday!)
    Tsukinowa (stepping into the water): (Left foot forward, before your right
    foot sinks...)
    Tsukinowa (stepping further into the water): (Right foot forwar, before your
    left foot sinks!)
    [Tsukinowa swiftly runs across the water, his voice echoing.]
    Tsukinowa: [Master...my friends...I will see you all soon!]
    <End Tsukinowa's Mission!>
    <Edge's Chamber>
    [We now appear before Edge, who is pondering in bed.]
    Edge: (The moon is getting bigger and bigger. Could that be the same moon?
    The one that was home to Golbez and Fusoya? Are the Lunarians back for us? I
    wish I could get rid of the butterflies in my stomach. Everything's happening
    just as it was before...Just like when Rubicante stormed the castle.)
    Edge (getting out of bed): (!)
    [Edge activates a switch in his room, jumping out. Meanwhile, in the throne
    room, Seneschal is freaking out.]
    Seneschal: Your Young Highness? Your Young Highness!
    Seneschal (approaching the guard): Where is Master Edge?
    Soldier: He should be asleep in his chambers. What's wrong?
    Seneschal (facing the door): The Tower of Babil, that's what!
    [We cut to Edge, who is standing on the castle's center tower.]
    Edge: I knew it! It's back!
    [We see the pulsing Tower again, and Edge appears outside Eblan, determined
    to investigate what is going on.
    <Cave of Eblan - B2>
    [As Edge travels through Eblan Cave to reach the Tower of Babil, he
    decides to examine his parent's grave.]
    Edge: (Father...Mother... You were buried out of sight...just as you
    requested, Father. A ninja to the end... Don't you ever get lonely, all the
    way down there? That tower had been set into motion once again...)
    Edge (turning away): (I know what all this means already.)
    Edge (glancing down): (I swear I won't let anyone go through that again!
    Edge (turning back): (I'd better get going. You can probably guess where.)
    <Path to the Tower of Babil>
    Edge: (I'm back.)
    Edge (glancing down): (Back to where I first tasted defeat.)
    [The screen dims, and Rubicant appears.]
    Edge: Rubicante!
    [Rubicante flickers away, the screen returns to normal.]
    Edge: What? What's going on here!?
    <Tower of Babil B1>
    Edge (facing the wall): (I'd never imagined I'd be going through here again.]
    [Edge goes through the wall.]
    [Edge continues up the Tower, running into a battle with two Belphegors, which
    he can't escape!]
    [If Tsukinowa didn't die...]
    [Suddenly, he hears a voice!]
    ???: You better not leave me behind!
    [Tsukinowa appears, casting Gale]
    Edge: Tsukinowa!
    [Together, Edge and Tsukinowa defeat the enemies.]
    Edge: Tsukinowa! Your're still in one piece!
    Tsukinowa: Mysidia's magic has nothing on our ninjutsu.
    Edge: Of course.
    Tsukinowa: Let's go, Master!
    "Tsukinowa joined your party!"
    [As the group approaches the next door, they are attacked
    by two Flamehounds.]
    [If Izayoi didn't die...]
    [Suddenly, a voice is heard!]
    ???: Master, you overexert yourself!
    [Izayoi appears, casting Flood!]
    Edge: Izayoi!
    [Together, Edge, Tsukinowa and Izayoi defeat the enemies.]
    Edge: Izayoi! You've returtned to Ebaln!
    Izayoi: Hopefully you won't treat me like a woman any longer, Master.
    Edge: Are you serious?
    Izayoi: I place my status as an Eblan ninja above my gender.
    Edge: You've gone crazy, woman.
    Izayoi: Not woman. Ninja.
    "Izayoi joined your party!"
    <Tower of Babil B2>
    [As the group passes the door and goes into the next level, they
    are attacked by 3 Proto Clockwork's .]
    [If Zangetsu didn't die...]
    ???: Master! Keep yourself focused!
    [Zangetsu appears, using Shock!]
    Edge: Zangetsu!
    [Together, Edge, Tsukinowa, Izayoi and Zangetsu defeat the enemies.]
    Edge: Zangetsu! You're safe!
    Zangetsu: I may be old, my lord, but I am well experienced.
    Edge: I see that.
    "Zangetsu joined your party!"
    [As the group continues on throughout the level, they are attacked
    by 2 Frosthounds.]
    [If Gekkou didn't die...]
    ???: I apologize for my tardiness, sir!
    [Gekkou appears, casting Flame!]
    Edge: Gekkou!
    [Together, Edge, Tsukinowa, Izayoi, Zangetsu and Gekkou defeat the enemies.]
    Edge: Gekkou!
    Gekkou: We're dealing with an unknown enemy, Master!
    Edge: Unknown?
    Gekkou: I think they arrived here on a meteor from the heavens.
    Edge: They what!?
    "Gekkou joined your party!"
    <Tower of Babil B5>
    [As the group of ninjas reaches the floor, the Mysterious Girl is
    seen emerging from a nearby door, blocking their way.
    Gekkou: It's her!
    Edge: Who?
    Tsukinowa: You know her?
    Gekkou: She's the one who came from the meteor! I have a feeling she's
    the enemy's leader.
    Zangetsu: Goodness. She's still only a young girl.
    Edge: So, what's our next move?
    Gekkou: We must avoid a frontal attack at all costs!
    Izayoi: If you say so, then she must be very powerful indeed, Gekkou.
    Edge: Watch yourselves, everyone. We must act carefully.
    [With no where else to go, Edge and his group head towards the
    Mysterious Girl. As he approached, the screen suddenly goes dark.
    Voice: (Edge...)
    [Edge looks around.]
    Voice: (Edge...)
    Edge: Who...who's that?
    Voice: (You cannot win against this adversary...)
    Edge: What!?
    Voice: (Run...run away from here as fast as you can.)
    Edge: (Run!? Who are you? Who's talking to me!?)
    [Edge's parents appear.]
    Edge: (F-Father! Mother!)
    [The screen turns red, and Rubicante replaces the visage of Edge's
    Edge: (Rubicante!)
    [The screen goes back to normal, and ignoring the warnings, Edge heads
    up to the Mysterious Girl.]
    Mysterious Girl: Some rats have burrowed their way in, I see.
    Edge: You're the one who doesn't belong, I'd say.
    Gekkou: Master! Don't provoke her!
    Mysterious Girl: What do you mean?
    Edge: Why have you activated this tower? What is your reason for this?
    Mysterious Girl: There's no use explaining to an inferior species.
    Tsukinowa: What did you say!?
    Izayoi: How dare you make fools out of us!
    Edge: Inferior species? Perhaps you have a point.
    Mysterious Girl: You have some sense, I see.
    Edge: Maybe so...but you do realize that humans have the power to adapt.
    Mysterious Girl: Adapt?
    Zangetsu: Don't let your guard down, Master!
    Mysterious Girl: In that case, it would be smart for me to settle this
    Edge: What?
    Mysterious Girl: You don't need to know.
    [Unexpectedly, the Mysterious Girl attacks! And as Edge and his group try
    to chip away at the Mysterious Girl, she suddenly summons Ifrit, to Edge's
    Edge: Ifrit!? Rydia...What's happened to Rydia!?
    [After a while of lobbing small attacks at the party, Ifrit suddenly attacks
    Edge's group with a burst of fiery energy, nearly incapacitating them.]
    Edge: Ergh! Trapped!
    Mysteriosu Girl: You may die now.
    Edge: Not if I can help it!
    [Realizing they are powerless, Ninja and his ninjas try flee from the
    battle, but the Mysterious Girl teleports behind them and blocks their
    Mysterious Girl: You have nowhere to run.
    Edge: You think? (The return of the moon, the reactivation of the tower...
    My mother and father...and the image of Rubicante...Everything's happening
    just as it did before.)
    Mysterious Girl (approaching): Your bravado ends here.
    Edge: Oh?
    [Edges uses the ninja art Smoke, and the group quickly darts into the
    Crystal Room.]
    Mysterious Girl: Giving up your only way out...Incomprehensible.
    <Babil Crystal Chamber>
    Tsukinowa: Where are we!?
    Izayoi: It's a dead end!
    Gekkou: Master! Why did you take us here!?
    Zangetsu: Do you have a plan?
    [The Mysterious Girl appears, and the group turns to face her.]
    Mysterious Girl: What do you have in mind, exactly?
    Edge: Things haven't changed here, either!
    [Edge reveals a hidden panel in the floor, which all of the Ninja's jump down.]
    <Tower of Babil - B8>
    [One by one, each of the Ninjas drop down onto the ground.]
    Gekkou: A trap door!
    Tsukinowa: This place is like some kind of ninja stronghold!
    Zangetsu: Amazing, Master!
    Izayoi: She's coming for us!
    Edge: Forget her! Just keep running!
    [As the group flees, they have to constantly escape from Ifrit. Edge remains
    clam, but throughout the numerous escapes, the other 4 ninjas think about
    their fates.]
    Gekkou: (We can't keep this going forever!)
    Zangetsu: (Where are you taking us, Master!?)
    Izayoi: (Who is that girl, anyway!?)
    Tsukinowa: (H-how far do we have to run to escape from this!?)
    Gekkou: (Do you have another plan in mind, Master?)
    Zangetsu: (If I'm called upon, Master, I will gladly sacrifice my life
    for the cause!)
    Izayoi: (I will place my trust in you, Master!)
    Tsukinowa: (Argh! We can't keep this up for much longer, Master!)
    [Edge examines the door at the bottom of the Tower.]
    Edge: Here we go!
    <Tower of Babil - Airship Dock>
    [As Edge enters the room, there is a flashback of the last time Edge entered
    this room - along with Cecil, Rosa, Kain and Rydia.]
    Cecil: What's this?
    [The group walks up to a giant airship.]
    Cecil: The enemy's latest airship?
    Edge: All right! We can escape in this!
    Rydia: But it's an enemy ship.
    Edge: Don't worry! I'm sure she'd rather be flown by us anyway!
    [Edge runs ahead and jumps on board, running for the wheel. The rest follow
    Rosa: You don't suppose this could be a trap, do you?
    Edge: This beauty? Not a chance!
    [The flashback ends and returns to the present time, as Edge appears the
    dock...with the airship missing!]
    Edge: !!!!
    Zangetsu: It's a dead end!
    Gekkou: There's no choice but to fight it out!
    Izayoi: Master!
    Tsukinowa: Ifrit!
    [The Mysterious Girl appears in front of the stairs.]
    Mysterious Girl: Are you done?
    Edge (turning to face her): All right! You win.
    Mysterious Girl: Ah. So you've finally accepted the inevitable.
    Edge: I have to admit you got me. There is one thing I'd like to know before
    I die, though. What's happening to Baron...to Cecil?
    Mysterious Girl: Baron is gathering all of the world's Crystals by the order
    of King Cecil.
    Edge: Huh, I see. Well, now there's no doubting it at all. History is
    repeating itself...right before our eyes!
    [Edge backs up, as the others watch.]
    Mysterious Girl: !?
    Edge: Your superior kind wouldn't know it...but our kind have a little
    something called instinct!
    [Edge jumps off the bridge!]
    Izayoi: Master!
    [Izayoi jumps eagerly after Edge!]
    Gekkou: Geh...!
    [Gekkou jumps!]
    Zangetsu: Geronimo!
    [Zangetsu barely makes it over!]
    Tsukinowa: Aaagh!!!!
    [Tsukinowa reluctantly jumps off!]
    Mysterious Girl: Choosing death by their own free will... Incomprehensible.
    [The screen fades, revealing all of the ninjas falling off the tower.
    Suddenly, we see Luca and Rydia flying in the Underworld, and the 5 ninjas
    of Eblan crash into the ariship, alive as if it were a soft landing.]
    <The Falcon>
    Tsukinowa: Ow!!!!
    [Everyone but Edge climbs to their feet.]
    Izayoi: Where are we?
    [All the ninjas look up.]
    Gekkou: An airship!?
    Rydia (runs over to Edge): Edge!?
    Edge (rising and looking at Rydia): Hey, Rydia. This isn't heaven we're in,
    Rydia: What... Why did you just fall out of the sky?
    Edge: History is repeating itself, Rydia. We were cutting pretty close to
    the edge this time around, though.
    Zangetsu: So that...that was a complete gamble on your part, Master?
    Tsukinowa: How could you be so reckless with your own life!?
    Edge (ignoring them and turning to Luca): Hey! Luca! Looking good there!
    Luca: Well, thank you! Not as good as you are, though.
    [Luca and Rydia turn away, and Edge walks in front of them, spotting
    Edge: Who's that?
    [The camera tilts down to reveal the Man in Black, who seems to have been
    staring at everyone off screen.]
    Man in Black: Sorry to disappoint you, but we don't have time for a
    reunion party right now.
    Edge (running up to the Man in Black): Huh!? Where did you come from!?
    [The Man in Black wordlessly turns and takes a step forward, as if
    pondering how much to say.]
    <End Credits!>\
    Porom's Tale - The Vanished Lunar Whale (GSD07)\
    [We begin in Mysidia, where it is just another day of training for
    the young tiwn mages Palom and Porom...but where is Palom?]
    Elder:  Well then, let us begin today's lesson.
    Porom:  All right.
    Elder:  Where is Palom?
    Porom:  Oh, not again...
    Palom:  So I cast a mighty Blizzard on the raging fires of Mount Ordeals,
    Palom:  Ouch!
    Porom:  When are you going to stop that!?  The elder's furious with you!
    Elder:  How many times must I tell you the same thing before it sinks into
    that thick skull of yours?  You've a deal of growing up to do if you ever
    plan to be the sort of mage Tellah was.  Two more hours of spell
    transcription for you!
    Palom:  Aw, not again...
    Porom:  You've only yourself to blame, you know.
    Palom:  (Forget it!  I've had enough.)
    Porom:  Palom!
    Elder:  What a troublesome one...
    Porom:  I'll bring him back here right away, Elder!
    Porom:  (I better get Palom back here before the elder gets any angrier.)
    Porom:  Give it up, Palom!  Elder wants to see you!
    Palom:  Tough for him!  I'm not gonna start my training all over again!  No
    Porom:  Give it up, Palom!  Elder wants to see you!
    Palom:  Tough for him!  I'm not gonna start my training all over again!  No
    Porom:  You're better than this, Palom!  I thought you wanted to be a great
    sage, like Tellah!
    Palom:  Ugh!  Okay, okay... You're right, you win.
    Elder:  You look like you have something on your mind, boy.
    Palom:  Look, Elder, you may not be aware of this, but my skills have
    developed much more than you think.
    Porom:  Palom!
    Elder:  Is that so?  There's nothing else here for you to learn.  Is
    that what you are trying to say?
    Palom:  Come on, Elder.  You know just as well as I do how powerful we
    really are.
    Porom:  Hold your tongue, Palom!
    Palom:  You think so, too, right Porom?  Were it not for us, Cecils
    would've never made it anywhere near Mount Ordeals!
    Palom:  We have grown so much since the journey we took on.  Haven't you
    realized that, Elder?
    Elder:  Hmm... I suppose you have a point.
    Palom:  I know I do!  'Cause I'm gonna become a sage!  Just like old man
    Elder:  Tellah, you say?  Then you have a long way to go, Palom.  Growth is
    not something gained on your own.  It is the product of all the people along
    the way... from Cecil, to Tellah, to everyone else around you.
    Palom:  I...I already know that, Elder!  I don't need you to tell me.
    Elder:  It is a simple thing to say, but I forbid you from leaving Mysidia.
    It is still too soon for you.
    Palom:  Too soon?  Well, when's it not gonna be too soon?
    Elder:  When you have truly understood the words I have spoken.
    Palom:  Can I go out and travel the world once I do?
    Elder:  Once you do...yes.
    Palom:  All riiight!  I'll be outta here in a flash!  Cecil and the others's
    better be ready for me!
    Porom:  Palom!
    Porom:  Are you sure you meant to tell him that, Elder?
    Elder:  Of course.  The meetings and partings one experiences in life help
    to strengthen the self.
    Porom:  Yes, Elder.
    Elder:  And I'm sure you would like to hit the road yourself someday, Porom.
    Porom:  I...what?
    Elder:  It is written on your face, plain as day.
    Porom:  Oh...
    Several years later...
    Palom:  Ha haaah!  Finally!  I'm off on my quest to become a sage!
    Porom:  What made you want to visit Kaipo first?
    Palom:  'Cause it's Tellah's homeland, of course.  What did you think?
    Porom:  That's all?
    Palom:  What do you mean, that's all?
    Porom:  Don't you understand anything?
    Palom:  Huh?
    Porom:  The title of sage isn't something to be obtained.  It's something
    that's granted to you.
    Palom:  Y-yeah, that's right.  I knew that already.
    Porom:  Then, who do you think grants something like that to you?
    Palom:  The elder, right?
    Porom:  No.  The people of the world do.
    Palom:  What...!?
    Porom:  Nobody's going to call you a sage just because you've learned black
    and white magic.  You have to overcome your earthly desires and make the
    magic something that benefits people around the world.
    Palom:  Pfft.  That goes without saying, Porom.
    Porom:  Are you sure you know?
    Palom:  Well, that's the way Tellah was, wasn't it?
    Porom:  You're right.  Tellah traveled around the world with the elder
    himself, long ago.  Just like we're doing right now.
    Palom:  Wow!  Really?  I knew it!
    Porom:  Eventually, the elder returned to Mysidia and devoted his life to
    protecting the world's magic.  Tellah, meanwhile, continued his travels for
    years afterward, using his power for the good of all mankind.
    Palom:  How long did he do that for?
    Porom:  Oh, at least decades.
    Palom:  (Oof.  That long?)
    Porom:  And at the end of his journey, he decided to settle down in Kaipo,
    where Anna was born.
    Palom:  Huh.  I didn't know that.
    Porom:  Of course, it'll probably take longer for you than it did for him.
    Palom:  Well...I'll give it a shot.  I'm in this for the long haul.
    Palom:  Whew!  Finally!
    Porom:  What are you complaining about?  You slept practically the entire way.
    Palom:  We have a long way to Kaipo, don't we?  It's in the middle of this
    huge Damcyan Desert in front of us.  Need to rest up while you can, y'know?
    Porom:  How nicely put.
    Captain:  We won't be departing for a while yet.
    Porom:  This is the underground waterway that connects to Damcyan.
    Palom:  ...
    Porom:  What is it?
    Palom:  Let's go back to Kaipo.
    Porom:  What for?
    Palom:  There's a place I wanted to stop by first.
    Porom:  Huh?
    Palom:  Wow!  It's Kaipo!  We're here!
    Porom:  What should we do first?
    Palom:  Let's take it easy for now.
    Porom:  But you've just spent days resting on that ship!
    Palom:  Oh, quit complaining.  What's the big deal?
    Gravestone:  Anna, daughter of the great and gentle sage, rests in this
    desert oasis surrounded by eternal love.
    Porom:  I didn't realize Anna was here as well.
    Palom:  ...
    Porom:  ...
    Palom:  (Anna, the woman Edward loved with all his heart.  She must've been
    a nice lady. Maybe kind of like our mom.)
    Porom:  (Anna...I witnessed in person the grace and profound love you
    possessed within. May you rest in peace alongside Tellah for all time.
    Sometimes I wonder...if I too had a chance. A chance to become a woman
    like you, a woman who knew how to love more deeply than anyone else.)
    Porom:  What?
    Palom:  Nothing.
    Grave:  Tellah, the great sage, rests in this desert oasis together with his
    beloved daughter Anna.
    Palom:  The old man's grave!
    Porom:  Well, don't just stand there!  Offer your respects to him!
    Palom:  ...
    Porom:  ...
    Porom:  (Tellah...may you be happy together with Anna for all eternity. And
    may you guide us with your infinite wisdom.  Especially Palom, he needs it.)
    Palom:  (Hey, old man!  Guess it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm
    finally here, I came to visit your homeland and everything. I hope you're
    watching over me, Tellah...Becomes someday I'm gonna be a sage, just like
    Porom:  Palom, is this why you wanted to come to Kaipo?
    Palom:  Heh heh!  Just thought I'd check up on the old man first, you know.
    Palom:  Right!  On to training, then!  To the underground waterway!
    Underground Waterway
    Palom:  (This must be the place.  The bridge where Tellah and Cecil first met.)
    Porom:  What's wrong?
    Palom:  Nah.  It just struck me... I'm really walking down this path, aren't I?
    I'm gonna be a sage if I keep this up.
    Porom:  Stop thinking about useless stuff like that in the middle of training.
    Porom:  Hmm?  We're at the exit already?
    Palom:  Not just yet.
    Porom:  What?
    Palom:  Can't you feel it?  The presence of a monster nearby.  A big one.
    Porom:  Oh.  Yes, now that you mention it.
    Palom:  Things are about to get serious.
    Porom:  We had better get some rest once we're back above ground.
    Palom:  You got that right.
    Porom:  W-wait!  Wait a minute, Palom!  That's too dangerous!
    Palom:  That monster's at the bottom of this waterfall!
    Porom:  Isn't there any other path?
    Palom:  Doesn't look like it.  You scared?
    Porom:  N-no!  Of course not!
    Palom:  So, let's go!
    Palom:  Here goes!  My first test on the path to sagehood!
    Porom:  Don't let your guard down!
    Palom:  I know, I know!
    Cooler Mammoth Defeated!
    Palom:  Hah!  So much for sage trial number one.
    Palom:  Ouch!
    Palom:  What was that for!?
    Porom:  You had your eyes on that monster from the start, didn't you?
    Palom:  ...
    Porom:  You know Tellah had problems with it, and you wanted to test your
    mettle on it for yourself.
    Palom:  Yeah, something like that.
    Porom:  ...
    Palom:  What now?
    Porom:  Is that really the kind of thinking a sage would have, Palom?
    Palom:  Of course!
    Porom:  Maybe you should think a little more about how to use your magic.
    Palom:  ...
    Porom:  Well?
    Palom:  ...Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    Several more years later...
    Porom:  *sigh*  Where did Palom run off to this time?  Our first trip to Mist
    in years, and he decides to pull a no-show on me.
    Porom:  Hmm?
    Porom:  And now look who's here!
    Cid:  Porom!?  That you?  Yow!  You've completely grown up on me, girl!  Sorry
    to keep you waiting!  Didn't mean to!
    Porom:  Oh, not at all.  I should be the one thanking you, preparing an
    airship for us and everything.
    Cid:  Actually, you're the one helping me out here.  I just upgraded the
    Falcon, y'see.  It needed a test flight or two anyway.
    Porom:  ...I suppose he's not coming.
    Cid:  Mmm?
    Porom:  No, it's nothing.  Thanks again.
    Cid:  So!  You were headed for Mist?
    Porom:  That's right.
    Cid:  Oooh, wait'll you see Rydia!  She's more beautiful than ever now,
    Porom:  I'm sure she is, it's been quite a few years since we last met.
    Cid:  Ha ha!  You'd certainly giver her some pretty good competition,
    though, Porom.
    Porom:  Oh, Cid!  Don't flatter me like that!
    Cid:  I don't ever lie to women, Porom!  That's the ever-lovin' truth!
    Porom:  In that case, thank you very much.
    Cid:  Ready to go, then, my dear?
    Cie:  The Falcon's a dream to ride on now!  The upgrade's really done the
    trick this time!
    Porom:  Palom!  What're you doing here?
    Palom:  What, am I supposed to report every little detail of my life to you?
    Porom:  ...
    Palom:  Hah!  Can you believe this girl, Cid?
    Cid:  Now, now, Palom.  You really oughta treat the women in your life
    better, y'know.  Like I do.
    Palom:  Happily, if the woman in question doesn't spend all day giving me lip.
    Porom:  How long has Palom been onboard the Falcon, Cid?
    Cid:  He paid me a visit over in baron, actually...
    Porom:  What?  Palom, you crossed the Devil's Road into Baron?
    Palom:  Is there something wrong with that?
    Porom:  You can't just go through the Devil's Road without telling anyone,
    Palom!  What if something happens to you in there?  Then what?
    Palom:  Yeah, yeah.  What, are you my mother now?
    Cid:  I know you're in your rebellious years and all, Palom, but that's
    Palom:  It has nothing to do with that!
    Cid:  Hah hah hah! Guess you two really are growing up, aren't you?
    Cid:  Where're you taking us?  Mist is over this way.
    Palom:  ...I know.
    Porom:  Testing yourself against the monsters again, aren't you?
    Palom:  Oh, get off my back already.
    Porom:  Rydia!  How wonderful to see you again!
    Rydia:  Palom!  Porom!
    Cid:  Hey!  Don't forget about me, girl!
    Rydia:  You come here all the time, Cid.  My goodness, you two are all grown
    up now, aren't you?
    Porom:  I'm glad to see you in good health, Rydia.
    Rydia:  How are you doing, Palom?
    Palom:  Uh...okay.
    Rydia:  So, what brings you here today?
    Porom:  We just thought we'd pay you a visit since it's been so long.
    Rydia:  Well, thank you very much!  Take your time here.  It'll be lovely
    to have you.
    Palom:  Listen...I know we just got here, but I got a favor to ask.
    Porom:  Huh?
    Rydia:  What's that?
    Palom:  I wanna go to the Feymarch.
    Porom:  What!?
    Rydia:  I didn't realize you were interested in the Eidolons.
    Palom:  It's for my training.
    Rydia:  You're trying to become a sage, aren't you?
    Palom:  N-no... It's not that, exactly.
    Rydia:  Well then, maybe a quick visit would be good for you.
    Porom:  Rydia!
    Palom:  Are...are you sure?
    Rydia:  I haven't been back either lately, so why don't you come join me and
    take a look around?
    Cid:  This is a job for the Falcon, then.
    Porom:  Palom...this is why you came to see Cid in the first place, isn't it?
    Palom:  'Bout time you figured it out.
    Rydia:  Let's get ready to leave, then.  You'll be joining us, right, Porom?
    Porom:  I...
    Palom:  I'm sure she'd rather stay here and hold down the fort.
    Porom:  I'm going, too!
    Rydia:  Ready to go, Cid?
    Cid:  You got it!  It'll be a snap with my new Falcon!
    Palom:  All right, then.
    Cid:  You ready to head off?
    Cid:  Mmm?  What, you forgot something?  Well, go take care of it!
    Cid:  Hang on, then!  The Falcon's ready to launch!
    Rydia:  Cid!  Would you mind if we stopped by the Dwarven Castle?
    Cid:  No problem, my dear!  I was just thinking about that myself.
    Porom:  We'll get to see Luca again, Palom!
    Palom:  I, uh, I'm not really looking forward to that.
    Porom:  Oh?  Really now?
    Dwarven Castle
    King Giott:  Cid!  Well, well, well!
    Cid:  I haven't seen you in a dog's age, King Giott.
    Rydia:  How are you doing?
    King Giott:  I'm fit as a fiddle, Rydia!  And who would this pair be?
    Porom:  It's good to sdee you again, Your Highness.  I am Porom of Mysidia...
    Palom:  And I'm Palom.
    King Giott:  My!  How could I not have known!  You've grown so much, both of
    ???:  Are they here!?
    Rydia:  Luca!
    Luca:  Palom and Porom!  Cid, too!
    Porom:  It's grea tto see you, Luca!
    Palom:  Ah, er...yo.
    Cid:  I don't even think it's been that long, but you've managed to become
    such a stylish little lady since!
    Luca:  Do you like it?  I was never a fan of dwarven fashion, really.
    King Giott:  So, what brings all of you here?
    Porom:  Well, we were hopoing that Rydia could take us to the Feymarch.
    Palom:  It's part of my sage training.
    King Giott:  Is it, now?  Well, I appreciate you paying us a visit, then.
    Feel free to sotp by anytime you please.  You are all family, as much as any
    dwarf in the world.
    Palom:  We'd better get going.
    Luca:  What?  You're leaving already?
    Porom:  How rude of you, Palom!
    Palom:  We just came to say hello, Porom.
    Rydia:  We'll come back soon, Luca.
    Luca:  I'm going with you!
    Palom:  Hey now, let's not get carried away.
    Luca:  You don't mind, do you, Father?  I wanna ride on Cid's airship!
    King Giott:  Luca!  I don't want you getting in their way!
    Cid:  Ah!  Interested in my airship, are you?  I'd expect nothing less from
    the dwarven princess!
    Luca:  So it's okay?
    Rydia:  Sure.  But only as far as the Passage of the Eidolons, okay?
    Luca:  Yaaay!
    King Giott:  Well, that's wonderful, Luca.  I tell you, all this child talks
    about is you guys.  And you wouldn't believe how she goes on about Pal--
    Luca:  Aaagh!  Hey, hey whoooa!  you're not saying anything!  La la laaa!!!
    King Giott:  Hey!  Settle down!  I told you, I don't want you causing any
    Dwarf:  Lali-ho!  Princess Luca's got it so lucky.  I'd love to rid on that
    bird someday!
    Dwarf:  The Passage of the Idolons is a dangerous place!  Make sure you're
    ready for it before running inside!
    King Giott:  Take care of Luca for me!
    Cid:  you ready to head off?
    Cid:  Mmm?  What, you forgot something?  Well, go take care of it!
    Cid:  Hang on, then!  The Falcon's ready to launch!
    Luca:  So, how've you been?
    Palom: Uh, okay...
    Porom:  What're you being so shy for?
    Palom:  Don't be ridiculous!
    Luca:  So you're really trying to become a sage...
    Cid:  We're almost there!  Prepare for landing, everyone.  Luca, you come and
    help me.
    Luca:  Okay!
    Rydia:  All right, Luca.  Would you mind waiting here for us with Cid?
    Luca:  Aww, how come?  Don't you want me to come along, Porom?  Palom?
    Palom:  We've come here strictly for training.  Sorry.
    Rydia:  That's not all.
    Porom:  Oh...?
    Cid:  Right-o.  We'll just run some maintenance on the Falcon whle we're
    waiting.  There's a few issues with the engine I gotta do something about.
    Luca:  Okay.
    Rydia:  We'll be back soon.
    Porom:  See you later!
    Cid:  Sure thing!  Good luck!
    Luca:  Hang in there, Palom!
    Palom:  Okay, okay, okay!
    Cid:  Hmmm...what's up with this thing?  I don't see anything wrong with it.
    Everything seemed to work fine u in the Overworld...
    Luca: Hmm...  You think maybe the heat from the magma is causing problems?
    Passage of the Eidolons
    Porom:  What's this?
    Palom:  The Eidolons...I can feel them!
    Rydia:  ...
    Porom:  What's wrong?
    Rydia:  The training ends here.
    Palom:  Whaaat!?  But we've come all the way down here and everything!
    Porom:  Is there a problem, Rydia?
    Rydia:  The Eidolons are not found of humans going into the Feymarch.  Plus,
    once you enter the Feymarch, time starts to flow erratically.
    Palom:  You mean...
    Rydia:  If you spend too long in the Feymarch, you'll wind up out of sync with
    the time flow of the human world.  Are yuo willing to risk that?
    Palom:  I am!
    Porom:  Palom!
    Palom:  If we go in for just a little bit, that won't put us too out of sync
    with human time, will it?
    Rydia:  I can't say...
    Rydia:  The two of you wait here, please.
    Palom:  Lemme go with you!
    Rydia:  No!  I'll be right back.
    Rydia:  Promise me that you won't follow me inside, okay?
    Palom:  Come on!  We're practiclaly there already!
    Rydia:  You can't, Palom.  Please, you've got to promise me!
    Porom:  All right.  We'll wait here for you.
    Rydia:  Okay, I'll be back shortly.
    Palom:  Sheesh.  Why'd she even bring us here if she was gonna do this at
    the very end?
    Porom:  Palom...  Why do you think Rydia brought us here in the first place?
    Palom:  Why?  Well, because...  Hmm.  Good question, actually.
    Porom:  Maybe she wanted to test our hearts...
    Palom:  Maybe...
    Palom:  Whoa!
    Porom:  Rydia!
    Rydia:  Sorry to keep you.
    Palom:  Keep us?  It was just a few seconds.
    Porom:  Rydia...?
    Rydia:  It's all right... Everything's fine.
    Palom:  But...
    Porom:  Plaom, no.
    Rydia:  I...I'm sorry.
    Rydia:  We'd better get back to the Falcon.  Cid and Luca are waiting for us.
    [If you try to enter...]
    Porom:  Palom!
    Palom:  Sheesh!  Okay, okay!
    Luca:  Oh!  You're back!
    Cid:  There you guys are!  How'd it go?
    Rydia:  Great... Everyone's doing well.
    Luca:  Get a lot of training done?
    Porom:  Um...yes.  Definitely.
    Palom:  You bet we did!
    Luca:  Well, guess what?  I just made a big decision of my own!
    Palom: Huh?
    Cid:  Luca is one talented girl, she is!  She diagnosed an engine problem that
    not even I could figure out!  I gotta hand it to the dwarves.  The way they
    approach technology is like nothing I've seen before!
    Luca: So we talked for a while, and we decided that I'm going to be Cid's
    Porom:  Really!?
    Rydia:  That's great, Luca!
    Palom:  Will King Giott let you?
    Porom:  Way to spoil the mood, Palom.
    cid:  Are you ready to go?
    Luca: I'm gonna buld my own airship someday, too!
    Present day...
    Porom: (... Palom... I guess you've arrived in Troia by now.)
    Porom: (And here I am, stuck in Mysidia all by myself...)
    ???:  Are you there, Porom?
    Porom:  How are you feeling, Elder?
    Elder:  Oh, no worries.  I feel fine today.
    Porom:  That's wonderful...
    Edler:  What bothers you, my child?
    Porom:  Nothing.
    Elder:  you wanted to travel to Troia instead of Palom, am I right?
    Porom:  I don't know anymore...
    Elder:  Are you worried about Palom?
    Porom:  Well...
    Elder:  you want to go off on your own, do you not?  Just like Palom?
    Porom:  Elder?
    Elder:  Palom is a rare talent, there's little denything that.  But he is
    still young.  That's why I sent him on this business.  There is much for
    Palom to learn through teaching others.
    Porom:  I see...
    Elder:  You're worried, aren't you?  Worried that Palom will surpass you
    Porom:  Perhaps.
    Elder:  You two have been together your entire lives.  As siblings, as
    friends, and as rivals...  But more importantly, when you look at each other,
    you see yourselves.
    Porom:  Yes.  You are right.
    Elder:  I'm sure you will find your own path to walk sooner or later, Porom.
    The best thing to do now is to think about what that path might be.
    Porom:  Yes, Elder!
    Elder:  There is no need to panic.
    Elder:  Ah!
    Porom:  What is it, Elder?
    Elder:  The dragon... It's crying!
    Porom:  What!?
    Porom:  The Lunar Whale!
    Elder:  I have called all of you here on dire business.  The Lunar Whale has
    risen, setting off in the direction of the moon.  With Palom absent, I would
    like to call upon the powers of the dragoon.
    Porom:  The dragoon!  You mean Kain?
    Elder:  The one and only.  If the rumors are to be believed, we can find him
    on Mount Ordeals.
    Porom:  But...
    Elder:  But what?
    Porom:  I heard that Kain has severed all ties with Baron.
    Mage:  Elder!  Certainly, this is a serioius matter that requires swift
    Mage:  But surely Mysidia's army of mages would be sufficient for its
    Elder:Even if those dreadful events of the past were to visit us again?
    Mage: ...
    Porom:  Black magic is not a panacea for all our problems.
    Porom:  Have you forgotten what the Elder taught us?
    Mage:  B-but...
    Mage:  How else should we respond to the moon's return?
    Porom:  Elder...
    Elder:  ...
    Porom:  I will travel to Mount Ordeals at once.
    Elder:  But...
    Porom:  Don't worry, I won't do anything rash.
    Elder:  Be careful out there.  Whatever you do, remember to stay out of
    harm's way.
    Porom:  Yes, Elder!
    Elder:  Listen, everyone.  We cannot afford to hurry ourselves into an
    ill-advised plan of action.
    Mages:  Yes, Elder.
    Elder:  I want you tow to go with Porom.
    Mage:  Yes, Elder.
    Mount Ordeals
    Black Mage:  What's that?
    Porom:  I don't feel anything.
    Porom:  Ah!
    Porom:  (I can hear something. It's fading fast, like it could disappear at
    any moment... It's a voice...one I feel I've known before!)
    Porom:  What...!?
    White Mage:  Where are we?
    Porom:  What a mess...
    White Mage:  Wait... Could this be the place where King Cecil of Baron became
    a paladin?
    Black Mage:  ...And the place where Tellah the sage used the forbidden Meteor
    magic, as well.
    "O gentle white mage..."
    "I...am about to fade..."
    "But my spirit...will never be extinguished..."
    "My sons have always believed in you... And now..."
    White Mage:  That voice...
    Porom:  Cecil's father...
    Porom:  Father of all mages.
    Nothing happens
    Porom:  !!!
    Porom:  Look at all of them!  We're hoplessly outnumbered!
    Porom:  Kain!
    White Mage:  What?
    Porom:  The dragoon from Baron.  The one that Cecil and his group trusted!
    Kain:  Have I seen you before?
    Porom:  I am Porom, white mage of Mysidia.
    Kain:  A white mage?
    Porom:  Do you remember me?  I've been ordered by the elder to search for
    Kain:  For me?  What for?
    Kain:  ...I see.
    Porom:  At this rate, Baron could be in danger soon as well.
    Kain:  But tell me, what reason do I have to help you?
    Porom:  What?
    Kain:  Baron cedased to be a part of my life a very long time ago.
    Porom:  That's not true...
    Kain:  Pardon?
    Porom:  You're just lying to yourself...to your own heart!
    Kain:  ...
    Porom:  Am I wrong?
    Kain:  No...
    Porom:  Then, please!
    Kain:  Let's go, Baron awaits!
    Porom:  !
    Kain:  What?
    Porom: Palom!?
    Kain:  We need to go.
    Porom:  (I know I heard his voice...)
    Porom:  What!?  No!
    Porom:  Kain!
    Kain:  We're too late.
    Porom:  We have to find the elder!  Quickly!
    Prayer Dias
    Black Mage:  Mysidia...the Crystal...they must be saved...
    Black Mage:  Leave this to us, Porom!  Get to the Hall of Prayer!
    White Mage:  They couldn't be after the Crystyal, could they?  Oh, no...
    White Mage:  Monsters...horeds of them...from the Devil's Road...
    Porom:  The seal's been broken!  Are they coming in from here!?
    Black Mage:  I never thought I'd see the battles and hard times return in
    my lifetime.
    Porom:  ...Get up!  Hang in there!
    Black Mage:  Porom...the...the Elder...
    Porom:  Elder?  Elder!
    Elder:  Porom... You've returned safely...
    Porom:  Elder...
    Elder:  The monsters... They appeared from the Devil's Road...
    Porom:  Then Baron's already been overrun!
    Elder:  I fear...it is alread too late...
    Porom:  No, it can't be...
    Elder:  Where is Kain?
    Porom:  Right here.
    Elder:  We stand below a pair of moons once more...  As we speak, your
    homeland of Baron is falling into the hands of monsters...  And then...
    Mysidia is next...
    Kain: They're after the Crystal...
    Elder:  So it appears...
    Porom:  Who could be sending them here?
    Elder:  I cannot say...
    Kain:  I need to see Baron for myself.
    Porom:  Elder, I too will go to Baron!
    Kain:  Don't.
    Porom:  Kain!
    Porom:  Where are you going?
    Kain:  Baron is my homeland.
    Black Mage:  Our magical seal, broken as if it were nothing... What on earth
    are we dealing with?
    White Mage:  Don't worry.  I'll give the elder the best care there is.
    Elder:  You don't need to worry about me, Porom.  Just...just promise me you
    won't do anything rash.
    Kain:  ...
    Porom:  Who are you!?
    Mysterious Girl;  Even if I told you, you wouldn't comprehend it.
    Porom:  You're the one who unsealed the Devil's Road, aren't you?
    Mysterious Girl:  Yes, to retrieve the Crystal.
    Porom:  Retrieve?
    Mysterious Girl:  Yes.
    ???:  Hold it, you!
    Porom:  Elder...!
    Elder:  Those who lust for power must never lay hands on the Crystal...
    Never again!
    Mysterious Girl:  I don't need your permission.
    Porom:  Ramuh!  Why are you doing this!?
    Elder:  No!
    Porom:  Elder!
    Porom:  Elder!  No!
    Mysterious Girl:  How meaningless.
    Porom:  You...!!!
    ???:  Wait.
    Porom:  Kain!
    Kain:  Is this what you're looking for?
    Mysterious Girl:  This is it--the real thing.
    Kain:  It's yours.
    Porom:  Wait, Kain!?
    Mysterious Girl:  A wise choice.
    Kain:  On one condition, though.
    Mysterious Girl:  What?
    Kain:  I'll give it to you only after I finish what I set out to do.
    Mysterious Girl:  And what is that?
    Kain:  An audience with the king of Baron.
    Mysterious Girl:  And for what?
    Kain:  To take his life... I will kill Cecil with my own hands!
    Porom:  !
    Mysterious Girl:  Understood.  Bring the Crystal with you.
    Porom:  Kain!
    Porom:  Elder...
    Elder:  ...
    Porom:  ...  Palom...
    Porom:  Palom!
    <End Credits!>\
    Edward's Tale - Star-Crossed Damcyan   (GSD08) \
    [We approach Castle Damcyan, and go in, to right outside the throne room,
    where an old man is having a panic attack.]
    Chancellor: I have urgent business; is His Highness present?
    Royal Guard (stepping forward): If you would lower your voice, sir... The king
    is currently occupied with matters of utmost importance.
    Chancellor (fidgeting uncomfortably): There is no time for this. I have vital
    kingdom financial issues to discuss with him at once.
    Royal Guard (stepping forward): We were ordered not to let anyone through, sir.
    If you would kindly return at a later time...
    Chancellor: This is an insult! I have come to conduct official business!
    ???: What seems to be the matter?
    [A blue haired woman with a neat hat appears from below.]
    Chancellor: Ah! Harley! Could you help me talk some sense into these people?
    Harley: What is the problem?
    Chancellor: Our ledgers have yet again fallen into the red this month. Damcyan
    is facing a severe financial crisis!
    Harley: Allow me to conduct with him personally about this.
    Royal Guard: But His Highness explicitly requested no visitors.
    Harley: Not even me?
    Royal Guard: Er...
    Chancellor: Well, then. Thank you very much for intervening on my
    behalf, Harley.
    Harley: Not at all.
    [Harley passes by everyone and enters the throne room, where Edward is
    playing his harp.]
    Edward: I believe I left specific word to turn away all callers.
    Harley: Even your own royal secretary, Your Highness?
    Edward (putting away his harp): Is this an urgent matter?
    Harley: Doubtful, my lord. I trust it is the chancellor worrying himself over
    trivial matters yet again.
    Edward: This is about our support pledge, I suppose. I thought I had left you
    in charge of that matter.
    Harley: I fear we can no longer keep it under wraps, Your Highness. Perhaps
    some reconsideration is in order.
    Edward (turning): There is no reconsidering to be done. The recovery of
    Damcyan cannot be complete without Fabul and Mist back on their feet.
    Harley (stepping forward): Certainly, my lord, but now we have extended
    ourselves to Eblan as well...
    Edward (turning back): That's why I was counting on you to take care of it for
    me. Only you have the talent for this post.
    Harley: ...It is a great honor to hear such compliments, Your Highness.
    Edward: The affair is in your hands.
    Harley: Yes, Your Highness.
    Harley (walking away, then turning): If I may, my lord...
    Edward: Yes?
    Harley: I believe there are times when the head of a kingdom must act with a
    firm, calculated hand.
    Edward: True enough.
    [Harley leaves.]
    Edward: The head of a kingdom...
    Edward (turning): And yet, neither Damcyan now I would be here now were it not
    for their voyage to the moon.
    [A flash of white, presenting the moons, the logo, and the title. Then, we
    briefly see a star fall, and we return to the throne room.]
    Chancellor: A falling star!?
    Edward: Yes. It appears to have landed in the vicinity of Fabul.
    Harley: That would explain last night's earthquake.
    Edward: Indeed. The shockwave from the impact, no doubt.
    Harley: Perhaps it has something to do with the moon.
    Edward (gazing down): Perhaps...
    Chancellor (running around): Then...then the horrors of the past have returned.
    Edward (glancing up): Calm yourselves, Chancellor. It is too early to make such
    Harley: I think a full investigation of this object is in order, Your Highness.
    Edward: I would like to inform Baron about this first, Cecil's viewpoint
    would be very helpful to us right now.
    Chancellor (sidestepping): I will summon a messenger immediately!
    [He leaves, and Harley approaches.]
    Harley: Your Highness. If I may presume to ask, please allow me to handle
    the investigation.
    Edward (stepping forward): Are you sure, Harley?
    Harley: I believe I have the requisite knowledge and experience for the
    position, my lord.
    Edward: It will be dangerous.
    Harley: Then allow me to bring several members of your guard along for
    Edward: I will join you.
    Harley: Who will guide our kingdom should something happen in your absence?
    Edward: Still...
    Harley: Please, my lord. You have nothing to worry about.
    [The screen fades, and we return to the throne room at night.]
    Chancellor: My lord!
    [The Chancellor runs in and approaches Edward, who faces him.]
    Edward: Has Harley returned?
    Chancellor: Not yet, I'm afraid.
    Edward: Is there any word from the messenger we sent to Baron?
    Chancellor: Unfortunately, there is not, Your Highness.
    Edward (gazing down): Too much time has passed. Something has happened.
    Chancellor: We could deploy a search party upon my daybreak, my lord.
    Edward (glancing up): A wise idea. We will wait until sunrise.
    Chancellor: Yes, Your Highness. I take my leave, then.
    Chancellor (leaving): Your Highness? I suppose you did not get a great deal
    of sleep last night, either. Please, try to get some rest.
    Edward: I will. Thank you, Chancellor.
    Chancellor: Goodnight, Your Highness.
    [He leaves.]
    Edward: (Anna...Tellah)
    [Still unable to sleep, Edward decides to explore the castle. Eventually,
    he tries again to fall asleep in bed, where he has has a dream about Anna
    at Kaipo.]
    Edward: Why...why am I here?
    [Anna appears in the lake, and Edward turns.]
    Edward: Anna!
    Anna: (Edward...)
    Edward: What is it, Anna?
    Anna: (...)
    Edward: Why must you look so sad?
    Anna: (...)
    [Anna fades, and Edward wakes up.]
    Edward: Anna? (...)
    [Edward tries to leave the castle.]
    Soldier: My lord, are you still having trouble sleeping?
    [The Soldiers shifts.]
    Solider: If you'll excuse me, Your Majesty, it is time for the changing of the
    [The soldier leaves.]
    Edward: (... The meteor likely landed in the area around Mount Hobs. Something
    must have happened to Harley!)
    [Edward tries to leave the castle.]
    "Your Highness!"
    [Edward turns as the Chancellor appears with 3 soldiers.]
    Chancellor: Your Highness, do you realize what time it is? Where are you going
    at this hour?
    Edward: I just thought I'd get some fresh air outside.
    Chancellor: Your Highness, we can hardly have the ruler of Damcyan strolling
    outside by himself! Please, take these guards with you.
    Edward: All right...
    Chancellor: And don't stray too far away from the castle!
    Edward: I know.
    [The soldiers join, and Edward leaves for the Impact Crater.]
    <Impact Crater>
    Edward (looking around): (What's happened here? I hope nothing's happened to
    Harley. )
    [They continue further down, until they meet a soldier.]
    Soldier: Ah, my lord!
    Edward: Oh, thank goodness! Are you all right?
    Soldier: Yes, sir! I apologize for worrying you. Our investigation has
    encountered numerous snags.
    Edward: Where is Harley?
    Soldier: Straight ahead, my lord.
    [Edward continues ahead, until he spots the next soldier.]
    Soldier: Your Highness! What brings you here, my lord?
    Edward: I was getting a tad antsy, sitting around waiting for you.
    Soldier: It is too dangerous for you to be here, sir!
    Edward: Oh, I'm quite all right. If you can survive this, I certainly
    can. Is Harley up ahead?
    Soldier: Yes, my lord. She ignored our pleas and proceeded further.
    [Edward continues further in, until he spots Harley pacing around below.]
    Harley: What could this substance possibly be composed of? It is as if the
    earth itself has putrefied. Could this have come from the moon?
    [Edward approaches Harley.]
    Harley (turning): Your Highness!?
    Edward: I told you coming here would be dangerous.
    Harley: I deeply apologize for worrying you, my lord... but this is no
    ordinary meteor we are dealing with.
    Edward: It certainly seems that way.
    Harley: Something beyond all that we've come to known has fallen here. That
    is the only conclusion I can make.
    Edward (turning): The moon... Something must be going on up there.
    Harley: But why did you come here, Your Highness?
    Edward (facing Harley): I just wanted to see the crash site with my own eyes.
    We had best return to Damcyan, Harley. This should be enough investigating
    for now.
    Harley: I...My lord...
    Edward: The messenger from Baron should be back by now. We should return
    to the castle to greet him.
    Harley: Yes, Your Highness.
    "Harley joined your party!"
    [Edward heads back to the top of the Impact Crater.]
    Harley: Your Highness!
    Edward (stepping forward): Hmm?
    [A Baron airship approaches.]
    Edward: The Red Wings!
    Harley: Perhaps they are bringing back our messenger.
    Edward: I can only hope so.
    Harley: Pardon...?
    Edward: We must hurry. The sight of the airship discomforts me.
    [Edward heads back out, and towards Damcyan Castle.]
    Soldier: The emissary from Baron is waiting for you, Your Highness.
    Chancellor: Your Highness! An emissary from Baron has arrived!
    Edward: I noticed, Chancellor.
    [They enter the throne room.]
    Edward (turning): So where is this emissary?
    Chancellor (facing Edward): He requested a tour of the castle while he
    was awaiting your return, my lord.
    Edward: A tour?
    Chancellor: Yes, my lord.
    Edward (gazing down): (Why now, of all times?) Has he been to the Crystal
    Chancellor: Not yet, my lord.
    Soldier: Right this way, sir. His Majesty has returned.
    [The emissary appears.]
    Edward: On behalf of my kingdom, I welcome you to Damcyan.
    Emissary (stepping forward): I come here with a message from the kingdom
    of Baron.
    Edward: There is no need for such ceremony, my friend. I trust King
    Cecil is faring well?
    Emissary: Yes, Your Majesty.
    Edward: And what of Queen Rosa? Ceodore must be a grown man by now, come
    to think of it.
    Emissary: I am afraid I did not travel here to chat, Your Highness.
    Edward: My parodons. Then let us turn to the matter of King Cecil's
    Emissary: Yes, Your Majesty. His Majesty requests that the matter of the
    meteor be handled exclusively by Baron.
    Edward: Why is that?
    Emissary: I was not provided with any further information.
    Edward: ...I see.
    Emissary: The message is delivered. I shall be on my way.
    Edward: One moment, if you could.
    Emissary: Yes, Your Highness?
    Edward: In circumstances like these, Kind Cecil would have personally
    paid a visit... That is the kind of person he is--and always has been.
    Emissary (turning): I will be sure to pass that message along to His
    [The emissary leaves.]
    Chancellor: Your Highness... What is the meaning of this?
    Edward: I trust Cecil has due motivation for this decision.
    Chancellor: But, my lord...
    Edward (steppindg forward): Perhaps I ought to pay him a visit.
    Chancellor: You...you mean to go see him personally!?
    Edward: Yes.
    Chancellor: You must bring guards, at the very least!
    Edward (turning): No. I do not want to involve the military with such
    Chancellor: But, my lord! I cannot in good conscience allow you to travel
    to Baron completely unescorted!
    Edward: Very well. I will leave the specifics up to you.
    Chancellor (turning): Guards... You will serve as His Majesty's escort
    on the journey to Baron.
    Royal Guard: Sir!
    [Edward heads up to the front gate, where he says goodbye to Harley.]
    Edward: Well, this is where we part ways.
    Harley: No, my lord. I am going with you.
    Edward: I am afraid I cannot permit that.
    Harley: I am your secretary, my lord. It you are going to have a summit with
    the king of Baron, it is my duty to be present.
    Edward: But...
    Harley: I am certain I will prove useful, Your Highness.
    Edward: ... Very well.
    Harley: I will make sure not to burden you too much on this trip.
    [Edward faces the flowers.]
    Harley: My lord?
    "Obtained Damcyan flowers."
    Edward (facing Harley): A small gift for Cecil.
    [Edward heads south to the Underground Lake, through to the Underground
    <Underground Waterway>
    [Suddenly, Harley stops, and looks down at the ground.]
    Edward (turning): What's the matter?
    Harley (looking up): N-nothing... Nothing at all, my lord.
    Edward: Your color does not look so well.
    Harley (turning): I am just a bit tired...That's all.
    Edward: There's no need to overwork yourself. We'll turn back.
    Harley (turns back): No! I just need a moment's rest. That will more
    than suffice.
    Edward: Let's make a camp here for now.
    [The group rest for the night, and prepare for the last part of
    the dungeon.]
    Edward: Feeling better?
    Harley: ...Yes, my lord.
    Edward: We will arrive at the Kaipo Desert shortly. Just hold on a little
    [They proceed through the rest of the waterway, and emerge into the desert.
    Swiftly, they cross it and reach Kaipo.]
    [Upon entering the town, Harley backs away.]
    Edward (turning): Harley?
    [She collapses.]
    Edward: Harley!
    [The screen fades to black, and returns to a residence, where Harley is
    resting in bed.]
    Harley: Your... Your Highness...
    Man: That's desert fever, no doubt about it. It happens to people on long
    journeys all the time. First they get fatigued, and it hits the second they
    step foot on sand.
    Edward: So, we need a sand pearl...
    Man: Oh, you know about those? I've only heard about 'em from my grandfather's
    old tales. There's a monster known as an antlion that lives in a cave near
    Mount Hobs. Supposedly, you can get sand pearls when it lays eggs. I've also
    heard that antlions only lay eggs during a full moon.
    Edward: I'll leave right now to bring one back. Would you be able to watch
    her until then?
    Man: Of course! But you guys better call it a day for now. I don't want all
    of you getting desert fever, too.
    Edward: That's true...
    [The scene shifts to outside, where it is night, and Edward is visiting
    the graves of Anna and Tellah.]
    Edward: Anna...Tellah... It's been quite a while, hasn't it?
    [Edward begins to play his harp, and Anna appears.]
    Edward: Anna...
    Anna: ...
    Edward: Anna... Why must you be so sad?
    Anna: ...
    [Anna fades away.]
    Edward: Anna!? (What are you trying to tell me, Anna?)
    [Edward walks away, when a voice suddenly booms out.]
    "What, can't you tell?"
    [Tellah appear, sporting a new sprite. Stylish.]
    Edward: Tellah!
    Tellah: Anna wants you to live, Edward.
    Edward: What? What do you mean? I'm as alive as I've ever been.
    Tellah: Hah hah hah!
    Edward: ?
    Tellah: Try asking your own heart about that one.
    Edward: What?
    Tellah: Got that?
    [Tellah disappears.]
    Edward: Tellah...
    Edward (gazing down): My own heart...
    [The scene resumes in the residence, presumably during the day.]
    Harley: Nnngh... Oooh...
    Edward: Harley...
    Man: The fever's getting worse. We need that sand pearl as soon as possible!
    Edward (turning): I will get it no matter what it takes! Keep an eye on her
    for me, please.
    Harley: High...ness...I'm sorry...This... is all my fault...
    Edward: Don't be ridiculous. Just stay in bed for me. I'll bring back the
    medicine you need.
    Harley: This wouldn't have happened... if I hadn't forced you to take me...
    Man: Enough talking. You need to converse your strength.
    Harley: Please... Be careful...
    Edward: Harley! (The antlion's den is east of Damcyan Castle.)
    [Edward begins to leave, and the guard stops him.]
    Royal Guard: You are traveling to the antlion's den, yes?
    Edward (facing him): ...Yes.
    Royal Guard: Let us accompany you, Your Highness!
    Edward (turning away): ...No. I need you to stay here with Harley.
    Royal Guard: But, my lord...
    Edward (facing him): Please. I'll be all right.
    Royal Guard: ...Yes, Your Highness!
    Edward: (This is my own problem...one that I'll fix myself.)
    [Edward heads back toward Damcyan as fast as he can. Eventually, he makes
    his way back, and heads east to the Antlion's Den.]
    <Antlion's Den>
    Edward: (Well, here I am. The antlion's den...The antlion should be
    laying its eggs when the moon is full.)
    [Hurriedly, Edward heads down to the lowest part of the level, and during
    the full moon, finds a sand pearl.]
    "Acquired Sand Pearl!"
    Edward: (Perfect! Now back to Harley at once!)
    <Underground Lake>
    [Edward heads back to Kaipo, once again going through the Underground
    Waterway, when suddenly...]
    Edward: Hmm!?
    [Two hooded figures appear from either side, trapping Edward.]
    Bandit: My, my, my. This is a rare visitor, isn't it?
    Bandit: Who would've expected a rich nobleman coming through here?
    [They both close in.]
    Edward: Sorry, gentleman, but I don't have anything you'd be interested in.
    Bandit: You liar! What about that shiny thing in your hand?
    Bandit: That must be worth a mound of gold in the marketplace!
    Edward (swiveling around): Wait! This is desert dever medicine! It would
    serve you no purpose!
    Bandit: Ah! So it is something valuable!
    Bandit: Valuable enough to give up your life for it?
    Edward: Ah ha!
    [He dashes forward, but begins to fall off the bridge.]
    Edward: !!!!
    [He falls off the waterfall.]
    Bandit: Oh, great.
    Bandit: I didn't do anything! He just jumped right in!
    [Down below, Edward recovers from his fall.]
    Edward: Oof...
    Edward (standing up): Where am I?
    Edward (turning): (The waterfall must've sent me all the way here. The
    exit's straight ahead. I hope you're still hanging on, Harley!)
    [Edward rushes the rest of the way, finally reaching Harley with the
    Edward: Harley!
    [He shines the sand pearl on her.]
    "The light of the sand pearl shone on Harley's face."
    [Screen turns...yellow.]
    Harley: Ngh...Ugh...
    [She wakes up.]
    Harley: Your Highness...
    Edward: Harley! Thank goodness I made it in time...
    Harley: My deepest apologies. This is all my fault...
    Edward: No, Harley. You did...nothing wrong...
    [Edward falls over.]
    Harley: Your Highness!
    [The screen fades, and reappears, this time with Edward in bed and
    Harley standing over him.]
    Edward: Nnngh...
    Harley: Your Highness! You're awake!
    Man: Luckily, this doesn't look like a case of desert fever to me.
    Edward: Now it's my turn, is it... I apolgize for worrying you.
    Harley: You've gone halfway around the world for me, my lord. Why did you
    put yourself through this?
    Man: You're the one who's pushing herself too hard here, my lady. You've
    just recovered from the illness yourself, and yet here you are, staying up
    all night by his side.
    Edward: What?
    Harley (turning): You promised me you wouldn't tell him!
    Edward: Harley, you didn't have to do that.
    Harley (swiveling around): O-of course I did. You brought me the sand
    pearl, and...er, I mean, it is my duty as your secretary, my lord...
    Edward: Thank you, Harley.
    [With everyone healed up, Edward and his company finally proceed to Baron
    to confront Cecil.]
    <Kaipo Docks>
    Captain: You headed for Baron? You've just made it with only seconds to
    spare. All set to go?
    [The group heads onto the boat.]
    Captain: Off we go, then! Raise anchor, men!
    Sailor (twirling): Aye-aye, sir!
    [The ship set sail, and on board, Edward and Harley talk.]
    Edward: How are you feeling?
    Harley (facing him): J-just fine, my lord. What about you?
    Edward: I could hardly fell healthier right now. Indeed, healthier than
    I've been in many years...
    Harley: Sir?
    Edward (turning): Oh, sorry. Just reminiscing about the past a little.
    Harley (gazing down): I see...
    Edward (facing her): Is something the matter?
    Harley (turning): Your highness...what do you think about the moon?
    [They gaze at the moons.]
    Edward: ...(Is that really that same moon? The same moon from before?
    The Lunarians...)
    Harley: Golbez...
    Edward (facing her): !?
    Harley: The man in black. The one who too Baron hostage and used it to take
    the Crystals. In the end, he left the planet, along with his moon.
    Edward: Your know about that?
    Harley (turning): So it is true.
    Edward: ...
    Harley: I simply constructed a little research of my own.
    Edward: How much more do you know?
    Harley: I know of certain theories regarding magic and airships...claiming
    they were gifts from the moon, not discoveries made by people here.
    Edward: Impressive.
    Harley (turning): But this moon... It looks different to my eyes. It is not
    the same one as before... Not the one I remember seieng in the past.
    Edward (turning): I agree with you there.
    [The ship continues sailing to Baron, and on the way, Edward spots
    Yang's ship pulling up alongside them.]
    Sailor: Captain! Fabul ship off our port side!
    Captain (spininng): Ha ha! Let's show em what we got, my lads!
    Sailor: (twirling): Aye-aye, sir!
    Edward (turning): A Fabul ship?
    [Edward approaches the railing.]
    Edward: Is that...Yang!?
    Harley: The king of Fabul?
    Edward: Yes. A stronger, gentler, braver monarch you will seldom find.
    [Cut to Yang, who is shouting across the waves to Edward.]
    Yang: Edward! Are you sailing for Baron as well?
    [Cut back to Edward.]
    Edward: Yes, that's right!
    Harley: Their destination is the same as ours?
    Edward (facing Harley): Indeed. Fabul has picked up on the same signs
    we have, no doubt. Ah, what a shot of confidence, knowing that he's on our
    Harley: So something must be afoot in Baron after all...
    [Edward faces the railing again. Then, it cuts to the two ships racing
    west, but Yang's ship gradually slows down.]
    Harley: My lord, Yang's ship is falling behind.
    Edward: What happened to them? Engine troubles?
    Harley: What's wrong, my lord? Are you cold?
    Edward (facing her): No...I'm all right.
    [The ship finally reaches the Port of Baron. Wasting no time, Edward
    heads up to the castle to speak with Cecil.]
    <Baron Castle>
    Baron Soldier: Who goes there?
    Harley: How rude of you! You fail to recognize King Edward, ruler of
    Baron Soldier (looking at each other): What...?
    Edward (stepping forward): I am here to see King Cecil. May we pass?
    Harley (stepping forward): We wish to speak with His Majesty personally
    to discuss the reply we received from his messenger.
    Baron Soldier: ... Very well. You may proceed.
    [They open the gates, and Edward heads towards the throne room.]
    Edward: It has been long since we last met, Cecil.
    Cecil: It certainly has, Edward. Quite a long time indeed.
    Edward: ...
    Cecil: Is something bothering you, Edward? You can take it easy here.
    Edward: I...I appreciate your kindness.
    Cecil: Come now, Edward. To what do I owe the honour of a visit from the king
    of Damcyan?
    Edward: I have come to speak of the meteor.
    Cecil: If that is why you are here, then the answer is the same as the one
    my emissary gave you. You have nothing to worry about. Please let Baron
    handle the matter.
    Edward: ...But what is the reason?
    Cecil: Do we have a trust issue here, Edward?
    Edward: Of course not.
    Cecil: Superb. I'm so glad you understand, Edward. I knew I could count on
    Edward: ...
    Cecil: Something the matter?
    Edward: What is your opinion on the moon, Cecil?
    Cecil (looking down): ...What do you think about it?
    Edward: I believe it portends bad things ahead for all of us. It reminds me too
    much of the past events that haunt us to this day.
    Cecil (looking up): Hmm.
    Edward: ...
    Cecil: All the more reason, then, that I hope you will allow us to handle the
    matters concerning the fallen meteor.
    Edward: I see.
    Cecil: Baron has a mandate to govern over this land, to keep it at peace.
    Edward: That's right. If you need to consult with me, please do not hesitate
    to do so.
    Cecil: Thank you so much for taking the long journey to my domain, Edward.
    Edward: If you will excuse me, then...
    Harley: (Your Highness?)
    Edward: Ah, one more thing. I could not help but notice that Queen Rosa is
    not with us today.
    Cecil: Yes. She's not feeling very well, I'm afraid.
    Edward: Is that so? That is troubling news.
    Cecil: There's no need for alarm. It is nothing life-threatening.
    Edward: Is Prince Ceodore doing well?
    Cecil: Absolutely. He is out of the castle for training right now.
    Edward: That is good to hear.
    Cecil: My wife and I would expect nothing less from our son, after all. Now
    then, I wish you a safe and pleasant journey home.
    Edward: Yes, my lord.
    Cecl: Ah, I just remembered. Guards, please present King Edward with the
    gift we discussed.
    Baron Soldier: Yes, sir!
    Baron Soldier: From the king, Your Majesty.
    "Acquired a small box."
    Edward: What is this, my lord?
    Cecil: A token of our friendship, and of my appreciation for your visit.
    Please, take it.
    Edward: I appreciate your kindness. This reminds me. I brought a souvenir
    from Damcyan.
    [Edward puts a vase of flowers in the right corner of the room.]
    Cecil (turning): Flowers? How befitting of you, if I may say so.
    Edward: (...)
    Cecil: Is something the matter?
    Edward (facing him): Oh, nothing. I am glad you like them.
    [Edward returns to Harley's side]
    Cecil: Until we meet again, Edward.
    Edward: Certainly. Do take care.
    [Edward and his company leave the throne room.]
    Harley: (Your Highness! What is the meaning of this?)
    Edward (facing her): We're going home.
    Harley: (Your Highness?)
    Edward (turning): Let's go.
    [With nothing else to do, Edward heads back to the port and onto the boat.]
    Captain: Well, that was certainly quick! We're ready to go when you are.
    Harley: Your Highness, what was the meaning of your behavior in front of
    King Cecil?
    Edward: That person was not Cecil.
    Harley: What!?
    Edward: The real Cecil would have known what my gift really was.
    Harley: What do you mean?
    Edward: I mean this.
    "Ewdard picked some Damcyan flowers."
    Female Voice: (Are you sure about that?)
    Harley: The voices are coming from the flower!?
    Edward: Shhh.
    [The screen dims a bit, while two voices discuss. Presumably, they are Cecil
    and the Mysterious Girl.]
    Male Voice: (There was nothing to worry about. He was acting extremely
    suspicious around me, though...He came here personally to check up on matters,
    it seems.)
    Female Voice: (Weaker creatures need to be more cautious.)
    Male Voice: (Damcyan is a hub of commerce, not of war. It's military is no
    more than mere ceremony. Seizing it would be a simple matter.)
    Female Voice: (Interesting. So the Fire Crystal is of no concern to you.)
    Male Voice: (Not at all. It is virtually ours anytime we desire.)
    [The screen returns to normal.]
    Harley: What is this?
    Edward (facing her): It's called whisperweed. You can use it to hear voices
    and sounds from faraway places.
    Female Voice: (Overconfidence is ill-advised.)
    Male Voice: (Certainly. My plan is already underway.)
    Harley: Plan?
    Edward: The gift Cecil gave us.
    Edward: You must be curious about it.
    Harley: Of course.
    Edward: Well, I must disappoint you, for this box must never be opened.
    Harley: Are you already aware of its contents, Your Highness?
    Edward: If my hunch is correct...
    Harley: Yes?
    Edward (facing her): This contains a Carnelian Signet...the very item behind
    the tragedy that befell Mist, once upon a time.
    Harley: Your Highness?
    Sailor: Captain! Up ahead!
    Captain: Whoa! What's that!?
    Harley: My lord!
    Edward: Did...did Yang's ship run into that? Oh, no!
    Edward (stepping forward): Leviathan!
    [We see a whirlpool, and the screen fades away.]
    <End Credits!\
    Lunarians's Tale - Blue Planet That Was (GSD09)\
    [We see Baron, and we move into Cecil's bedchamber....]
    Cecil: ...
    ???: Looking for him again?
    [Rosa appears, and joins Cecil at the window.]
    Rosa: I wonder how Ceodore is faring.
    Cecil: So do I.
    Rosa (turning to Cecil): Do you think he is safe?
    Cecil (turning to Rosa): I wouldn't be concerned. He has Biggs and Wedge with
    Rosa: But still...
    Cecil (turning away): Listen, Rosa. You need not worry for Ceodore. I know
    he understands.
    Rosa (turning): Understands what?
    Cecil (walking back): That destiny is something you create for yourself.
    [Scene changes to Agart, in the Observatory Room.]
    Scholar: *yaaawn* Oh my!
    Scholar (jumping): Sir Corio! You have to see this!
    Corio (appearing): What's all this racket for?
    Scholar: Th-the moon, sir!
    Corio: Wha!?
    [Corio runs to the telescope, and we see the 2nd moon appear. Then the second
    logo appears. Now on the moon, we go into the crystal palace, and into a
    battle, where Cecil faces Golbez, and attacks him.]
    Golbez: Cecil?
    [Cecil attacks again.]
    Golbez: Wait! Cecil, stop!
    [Cecil attacks and defeats Golbez. Golbez collapses, and we cut into the
    Chamber of Sleep.]
    Golbez (waking): !
    Golbez (stepping forward): Just a dream?
    [Golbex heads out, wondering what has happened while he slept.]
    Lunar Subterrane - B11
    Golbez: Ah!?
    [Screen flashes.]
    Golbez (looking around): I can feel something.
    Lunar Subterrane - B7
    [Screen flashes, and Golbez is attacked. He manages to fends off the
    enemies, and proceeds on.]
    Lunar Subterrane - B7
    [Screen flashes, and Golbez is attacked. He manages to fends off the
    enemies, and proceeds on.]
    Lunar Subterrane - B7
    [Screen flashes, and Golbez is attacked. He manages to fends off the
    enemies, and proceeds on.]
    Lunar Subterrane - B4
    [Suddenly, a red flash covers the screen.]
    Golbez: (It's growing stronger!)
    Lunar Subterrane - B4
    [Screen flashes, and Golbez is attacked. He manages to fends off the
    enemies, and proceeds on.]
    Lunar Subterrane - B2
    [Screen flashes, and Golbez is attacked. He manages to fends off the
    enemies, and proceeds on.]
    Lunar Subterrane - B1
    [Screen flashes, and Golbez is attacked. He manages to fends off the
    enemies, and proceeds on.]
    Crystal Palace - F2
    Golbez: ! The Crystals! They're the color of blood.
    [Golbez tries to leave.]
    ???: You noticed, I see.
    [Fusoya appears.]
    Golbez: Fusoya. You were aware of this?
    [We see the crystals again.]
    Golbez: What do you think the Crystals are trying to tell us?
    Fusoya: Something is happening here. Something that is beyond all of our
    [Camera tilts back to to Golbez.]
    Golbez: What could have happened to our moon while we were in stasis?
    [Fusoya joined your party.]
    Impact Crater Rim
    Golbez: Look at this!
    [Golbez steps forward.]
    Fusoya: There must have been a meteor strike here.
    [Both look down.]
    Fusoya: !?
    Golbez (joining him): It is eating away at the land itself! Like a parasite!
    Fusoya: This is no mere meteor.
    Golbez: What do you mean?
    Fusoya: I can't say anything else beyond that for now. This has even me
    Impact Crater - Floor
    Fusoya: Who might you be?
    Mysterious Girl (turning): Where are the Crystals?
    Fusoya (looking at Golbez before answering): Why do you want to know?
    Mysterious Girl: There should be eight more Crystals on this moon.
    Fusoya: Eight more? What are you talking about?
    Mysterious Girl (looking down): ...
    Fusoya: No reply? Then don't expect one from us, either.
    Mysterious Girl (glancing up): It makes no difference.
    Golbez (stepping forward): ?
    Mysterious Girl: I have all the time I need to search for them...once I
    obliterate the both of you.
    [The battle begins, and the Mysterious Girl summons Asura.]
    Fusoya: Asura!
    Golbez: Why? Why are you summoning the Ediolons!?
    [After a long battle, the Mysterious Girl finally falls.]
    Fusoya: She is slain.
    Golbez: She was quite a bit stronger than her appearance let on.
    Fusoya: Why would a girl like that be wielding Eidolons?
    Golbez: To be honest, I'm not sure I want to know the answer.
    Fusoya: No...
    [Fusoya faces Golbez.]
    Fusoya: Bahamut resides in a cave north of here. I think it'd be
    best if we checked up on him.
    Golbez: Right.
    Lair of the Father
    Fusoya: Bahamut!
    Golbez: He's been petrified!
    Fusoya: No. He's been chained in another dimension...Both his body and soul.
    Golbez: ...
    Fusoya: And if Bahamut has been captured...
    Golbez: Then the rest of the Eidolons must be as well!
    Fusoya: We need to hurry to the Crystal Palace. I fear for the Crystals.
    Golbez: Right.
    Bahamut: (Held captive by someone other than the true wielder of light...How
    could something like this happen?)
    Crystal Palace - F2
    [Golbez and Fusoya both spread out, and examine all the crystals.]
    Golbez: The Crystals! The light has departed them!
    [The Mysterious Girl appears.]
    Golbez: You...!
    Fusoya: You're still alive!?
    Mysterious Girl: You have my gratituide for leading me here.
    Golbez: What? Oh no...
    Mysterious Girl: This concludes our business.
    Fusoya: I wouldn't be so sure about that.
    Golbez: We have business of our own to settle...with you!
    [They fight again, and the Mysterious Girl summons Leviathan. Despite
    this, Golbez and Fusoya still defeat her.]
    Golbez: Is this girl immortal?
    Fusoya: I cannot say, but there is one thing of which I am certain.
    FGusoya: The blue planet's crystals are in peril.
    Golbez: (Cecil!)
    Fusoya: I will call for the Lunar Whale.
    Golbez: What?
    Fusoya: We must attune our Crystals with the Luna Whale;'s flgiht crystal.
    Golbez: How?
    Fusoya: By the power of our prayers.
    Golbez: Yes, Fusoya!
    [They pray, and one of the Crystals breaks.]
    Golbez: !
    Fusoya: What happened!?
    [Another Mysterious Girl appears.]
    Fusoya: !
    Golbez: There's more than one of her!
    Mysterious Girl: I need none of this any longer. Neither the crystals, nor
    Fusoya: What?
    [They disappear.]
    Fusoya: She's gone! Oh no! They're after our comrades in stasis.
    Golbez: To the moon's core! Now!
    Subterrane - B3
    [We see the Crystal Palace again, and Golbez and Fusoya rush onwards.]
    Subterrane - B5
    [We see the Crystal Palace again, and Golbez and Fusoya rush onwards.]
    Subterrane - B7
    [We see the Crystal Palace again, and Golbez and Fusoya rush onwards.]
    Subterrane - B9
    [We see the Crystal Palace again, and Golbez and Fusoya rush onwards.]
    Subterrane - B11
    [We see the Crystal Palace again, and Golbez and Fusoya rush onwards.]
    Subterrane - B12
    [As the pair enters, the second last Crytsal breaks.]
    Fusoya (turning): No!
    Golbez (turning): I hope we made it in time!
    [Fade to a shot of the Blue Planet, and then Mount Ordeals, where the glass
    inside the monument has shattered.]
    "I shall pray as well, my sons!"
    [The screen flashes, and appears in the Prayer Dias in Mysidia.]
    Elder: Ah!
    Porom: What is it, Elder?
    Elder: The dragon...It is crying!
    Porom: What!?
    [The land outside Mysidia begins to shake,and the Lunar Whale flies to the
    moon. Back on the moon...]
    Golbez: Father?
    Fusoya: Kluya!
    [They both run up.]
    Golbez: The last Crystal has shattered!
    [The last Crystal shatters, and the place begins to shake.]
    Golbez: What's going on?
    Fusoya: There's no doubt about it! The Crystals are gone... There's nothing
    left to hold him back any longer!
    Golbez (turning): Zeromus!
    Fusoya: If we fail, both we Lunarians and the Blue Planet have no hope left.
    You understand what needs to be done, Golbez!
    Golbez: Of course!
    "You learned the Double Black Magic Band!"
    [Zeromus appears! After a long battle, something begins to shake...]
    "I...cannot be destroyed..."
    [Zeromus casts Big Bang, and both Fusoya and Golbez are reduced to 1 HP.]
    "Evil...is evolution...at is purest."
    Fusoya: It is time, Golbez.
    Golbez: !?
    Fusoya: To the Blue Planet!
    [Fusoya teleports Golbez away.]
    Golbez: Fusoya...
    [Flashback, where Golbez and Fusoya say farewell at the end of FFIV.]
    Fusoya: We must go now, and sleep. We will pray for the peace of your planet.
    Come, let us go.
    Golbez (turning): Yes...
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Kain: Is this all right--letting him go?
    Rydia: You're brothers!
    Golbez: Farewell.
    Edge: Cecil!
    Cecil: ... Farewell...My brother.
    Golbez: Thank you. Brother.
    [Flashback to the Gaint of Babil, where Fusoya restores Golbez
    to his proper state.]
    Golbez: Why? Why was I so consumed by hate?
    Fusoya: You've regained your senses, then. Do you...do you remember your
    father's name?
    Golbez: My father... His name was Kluya.
    [Flashback to battle in the dwarven crystal room.]
    Golbez: Ha ha ha! This is all the power you possess? A pity.
    Golbez: Your eyes should still be free. Open them, and gaze upon true
    terror! Come forth, creature of shadow!
    Golbez: Farewell, Cecil.
    Golbez: An Eidolon...A shadow dragon, destroyed by mere mist?
    Female Voice: It's all right. You can move now!
    Cecil: That voice...
    [Flashback to the Tower of Zot.]
    Golbez: Feeble old man! You are nothing before me!
    Tellah: Meteor's time has come at last.
    Cecil: No, Tellah! You mustn't!
    Yang: You'll be the one it destroys!
    Tellah: So be it! Let my life fuel the spell that ends his!
    Golbez: Im...Impossible!
    [Flashback to the Dwarven Room.]
    ???: Kain! Why do you now hesitate?
    Cecil: You're him--the usurper!
    Golbez: So, you are Cecil. Allow me to give you something-- a gift, to
    remember our meeting by.
    Edward: Cecil!
    Yang: Let me through!
    Golbez: I did not come to treat with worms.
    Golbez: Kain! Enough of this foolishness. Bring me the Crystal.
    Kain: My lord.
    Rosa: Don't do it, Kain!
    Kain: !
    Cecil: Rosa, let it be!
    Golbez: Oh, you care for this one, do you? Then let me take her along
    as well.. to hold in trust until we are graced with the chance to meet
    again. Come, Kain!
    [Flashback to Golbez as a child.]
    Golbez: ...
    (A vile thing, isn't he? That brother of yours...)
    Golbez: What!?
    [The moon is shown.]
    (He is the root of all you've suffered.)
    Golbez: Wh-who's there!?
    (If it weren't for him, your mother and father would both still be alive.)
    Golbez: N-no, you're wrong!
    (And you are a vile little insect. Birthed from womb of a dragon's corpse
    you are!)
    "Stop...stop talking to me!
    Golbez: No, you're wrong! I'm...
    [We see Golbez lying on the Lunar Whale.]
    Golbez: Where...am I?
    [Golbez heads up.]
    Golbez: !
    Golbez: The moon!
    [We see the moon fly by the Blue Planet.]
    Golbez: Cecil!
    End Credits!\
    Final('s) Tale - The Planet Eater   (GSD10)    \
    [We pick up exactly from when Edge's chapter ended, where Edge is confronting
    the Man in Black.]
    Edge Huh!? Where did you come from!?
    Man in Black (turning): !
    [The man in black steps forwad, and we cut to the observatory in Agart.]
    Corio (jumping): What in blazes!?
    Apprentice (turning): What is it. sir?
    Corio: Meteors! Falling towards us from the moon!
    [Cut to a view of the two moons, which seem much closer, and the meteors
    falling towards the planet. We next shift to Damcyan, and into the throne
    Soldier: Trouble, my lord!
    Chancellor (stepping forward): What is it?
    Soldier: Meteors are bombarding the land! Countless waves of them!
    Chancellor: What!?
    Harley (stepping forward): King Edward!
    [The scene shifts to Fabul, where the chancellor is panicking as usual.]
    Chancellor (pacing back and forth): Oh, what will become of us!?
    Duke Consort (stepping forward): Calm down, Chancellor! We cannot afford to
    lose our heads!
    Sheila: He's right! We must maintain control of ourselves until he comes back
    with Ursula!
    [The scene shifts back to the Agart observatory.]
    Corio: I... I cannot believe this.
    Apprentice: What now, sir?
    Corio: The moon! It's...it's falling!
    [We cut to a much darker shot of the moon, which is casting a dark shadow
    across the land. Then, we cut to Eblan Castle.]
    Soldier: What in the world!?
    Seneschal: Young Highness!
    [Next, we cut to right above Agart, where Luca is piloting the airship over
    the Underworld.]
    Rydia: Oh, no!
    Edge: What's going on here!?
    Man in Black: We do not have the luxury of time.
    Edge (turning): You! Spill everything you know, right now. How about starting
    by telling us who you are, for one?
    Rydia (turning): Look out! A meteor!
    Luca (jumping): Emergency full-forward!
    [The airship shoots forward.]
    Edge: Unbelievable....Meteors are falling all over the land as far as the eye
    can see!
    [Suddenly, the Man in Black grabs the steering wheel.]
    Luca: Wh-whoa! What are you doing?
    Rydia: ...What are you turning the ship for?
    Edge: We're heading towards Baron Castle!
    [The airship heads north, towards Baron. Next, we cut to the Baron throne
    room, where Kain's tale last left off.]
    Cecil: Welcome back. Hello, Ceodore...Rosa, Cid... And most of all, Kain!
    Rosa (stepping forward): ...Cecil!
    Ceodore (stepping forward): Father!
    [Kain steps foward, and the logo appears. Afterwards, the airship lands in
    front on Baron Castle.]
    Edge (facing the Man in Black): What form of treachery if this?
    Man in Black (turning): Off we go.
    Edge: Hold it!
    [The pair runs off, as Luca talks to the dolls, if you repaired them.
    Otherwise, they too leave.]
    Luca: You two stay and watch the Falcon.
    [They twirl, and the party regroups outside Baron.]
    <Baron Castle>
    [The group approaches the castle, which is surrounded in fog.]
    Edge: What the...!?
    Rydia (approaching): It's the same glow as the one coming from the Tower of
    Luca: Is there no way for us to break through?
    Man in Black: ...
    [He turns to leave, but Edge stops him.]
    Edge: Where're you going?
    Man in Black: We must find another way inside.
    Edge: Stop! Wait!
    [They run off.]
    <Baron (Village)>
    [Check Ceodore's grandmother's home.]
    Rydia: Anybody here?
    Rosa's Mother: Who is it?
    Rydia: Oh, thank goodness! You're still alive!
    Rosa's Mother: That voice...
    "The door is unlocked."
    [They enter.]
    Rosa's Mother: Wait... I know you.
    Rydia: It's Rydia, madam!
    Rosa's Mother: And what of Ceodore!? Is Ceodore with you!?
    Rydia: I'm sorry...
    Rosa's Mother: I see... I hope nothing's happened to him and Rosa...
    Edge (approaching): There's no need to worry. He is Cecil's son, you realize.
    Rydia: He's right. I'm sure the son of Cecil and Rosa will make it through
    this...and I promise we won't rest until we find him!
    Rosa's Mother: Please....Please!
    Man in Black (turning): ...
    [Checks Cid's house.]
    Luca: Master! Master Cid!
    Child: Who is it?
    Cid's Daughter: Shhh! Don't go outside!
    Luca: No, it's all right! It's me, Luca!
    Cid's Daughter: What?
    "The door is unlocked."
    [They enter.]
    Cid's Daughter: Luca! Rydia and Edge, too!
    Luca: It's such a relief to see all of you safe.
    Cid's Daughter: Do you know of my father, or of King Cecil?
    Edge: We are in the midst of searching for them, but you know that stubborn
    old man better than I do. I'm sure he's doing just fine.
    Cid's Daughter: Yes... You're right!
    <Mist (Initially)>
    Rydia: This mist! Mother?
    Luca: Huh?
    Edge: It must be the Mist Dragon's work...
    Man in Black: The mist itself is protecting the village.
    "You must leave at once, Rydia."
    Rydia (looking around): Mother!
    Edge: Rydia? Do you hear something?
    "I cannot leave this village unguarded. Not for now. Once you have freed the
    Eidolons from the enemy hands... I want you to return here once more."
    Rydia: Free the Eidolons?
    "You have what you need for the task, Rydia... I am waiting for you..."
    Rydia: ...
    Edge (approaching): Rydia...
    Rydia: It will be done. I swear to it, Mother!
    Man in Black: !
    Edge (turning): What?
    Rydia (turning): Oh, no... Not you, too...
    Luca (facing Rydia): What!?
    Rydia: Ramuh, stop this!
    [They fight, and after a while Rydia tries to speak to Ramuh.]
    Rydia: Ramuh, please... I know you well... You are kind and gentle!
    [After a little while longer...]
    Ramuh: Ry...dia!
    "Ramuh has returned to Rydia!"
    [They enter the Prayer Dias, where Porom stands.]
    Rydia: Porom!
    Porom: Rydia? Thank heavens...
    [She collapses.]
    Rydia (approaching): Porom!
    [They reappear onboard the Falcon, on the bottom quarters.]
    Rydia: Oh... So that's what happened to the Elder.
    Edge: That must be why the door was sealed shut. He was staving off Ramuh
    and the monster hordes What a terrible state of affairs...
    Luca: Where is Palom?
    Porom: He went to Troia, but I don't know anything more than that.
    Rydia: We saw him from the Falcon. He was riding on a black chocobo.
    Edge: Troia...
    Man in Black: What of the Water Crystal?
    Porom: It's been taken. Kain has fled to Baron with it.
    Edge: Kain did what!?
    Porom: He...he said he was going to kill Cecil.
    Rydia: You're joking!
    Edge: Ridiculous! That can't be true.
    [The scene now jumps to the Baron Throne room.]
    Cecil: How delightful it is to see all of you again.
    Kain: Cecil...
    Mysterious Girl: We had a promise. Let's have the Crystals.
    "Water, Wind, and Fire Crystals taken!"
    Kain: !
    Cecil: With this, all of the Crystals are back in our grasp.
    Kain: "Back," you say?
    Cecil: Yes.
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Kain: Stay back, Rosa.
    [The screen fades, and resumes with Rydia.]
    [In town, the party spots the Mysterious Girl.]
    Rydia: !
    Mysterious Girl (turning): I'm done with this planet.
    Edge: Maybe so, but we're not done with you.
    Mysterious Girl (floating back): Out of my face.
    Rydia: What the...
    [She warps away, and the party is thrown into battle with Titan.]
    Rydia: Titan! It's me! Rydia!
    Titan: ...
    Rydia: Please, you've got to wake up!
    Luca: It's no use, Rydia! Titan can't hear you!
    Rydia: He can! I know he can!
    Luca: Rydia...
    Rydia: Titan and I have been together our whole lives! Ever since I was
    a child!
    [Suddenly, Titan unless a devestating Quake attack on the party...]
    Rydia: Titan! Please!
    ???: Float!
    Rydia: ...Wha!?
    [Outside the battle, Porom collapses from fatigue.]
    Rydia: Porom!
    Luca: You can't do this! You're still too weak.
    Rydia: Sorry, Porom.
    [The screen darkens and the party turns around.]
    Edge: Here he comes!
    [The part resumes the battle, with the Float status, and after a while...]
    Titan: Rydia... Rydi...a...!!!
    "Titan has returned to Rydia!"
    Rydia: Porom!
    Luca: Back to the Falcon! Now!
    [On the Falcon's quarters...]
    Rydia: We couldn't have done it without you, Porom.
    Edge: What a reckless girl...
    [The party arrives at Eblan to see the castle in flames.]
    Soldier: Master!
    Soldier: You're back! And safe!
    Edge: The castle's on fire!
    Rydia: Ifrit!
    Edge: What is happening here? Even Eblan has fallen into chaos!
    [Edge explores the castle, looking for the source of the problem.]
    [After encountering Ifrit, Edge defeats the two fire-causing monsters,
    and finally heads up to the throne room.]
    Seneschal: Your Young Highness!
    Edge: Seneschal, damage report!
    Seneschal: We've already evacuated all the women and children! I'm afraid
    our castle can't hold out for much longer, though!
    Rydia (turning): Here he comes!
    Edge (gazing down): Hmph! Leave that guy to me!
    Rydia (approaching Edge): That's suicide!
    Edge (turning): There's no other way! All of you, flee from the castle in
    the meantime!
    [Edge rushes off.]
    Rydia: Edge!
    [The scene jumps to outside the castle, where Edge brazenly challenges
    Edge: Come on, Ifrit! I'm not hiding from you anymore! Not this time!
    [The battle between Edge and Ifrit commences, but Edge is quickly taken
    down by Ifrit.]
    Edge: So this is the end... Rydia... did you make it out?
    ???: Come, now. You call that skill?
    [Rubicante appears behind Edge.]
    Edge (rising): You...
    [Edge attacks Rubicante!]
    Edge: Rubicante!
    Rubicante: So this is the man who managed to withstand my fire?
    Edge: What?
    ???: Edge!
    [Rydia appears!]
    Edge: Rydia! I told you to run!
    Rydia: You expected me to listen?
    Edge: Heh. It's your funeral.
    [After a while, Rubicante begins to taunt them.]
    Rubicante: What's the matter? Have you been defanged?
    [And continues...]
    Rubicante: Is that all the spirit you've got?
    Edge: Stop it!
    Rubicante: Now, recall it! That true flame which has been etched into you!
    [He casts Inferno, cripppling the pair, and leaving the battle.]
    Edge: What was that?
    Edge (gazing down): That's it! The blast from an explosion will quell the
    flames... An eye for an eye!
    Rydia: So...fire against fire?
    Edge: You got it!
    "You learned the Inferno Band!"
    [They jump down, avoiding the fire.]
    Edge: I'm ready for you now, Ifrit! Let's go!
    [They renew their efforts to defeat Ifrit, using their new Band.]
    Edge: Hah!!!
    Ifrit: !!!
    Edge: Surprised? You're not the only one who wields fire.
    [Luca and Golbez join the fight.]
    Luca: Wait a minute! You haven't forgotten about us, have you?
    Edge: Heh. Well, whatever. Let's go.
    [They duke it out, until...]
    Ifrit: Rydi...a?
    Rydia: Ifrit! You're back!
    "Ifrit has returned to Rydia!"
    Rydia (gazing down): Thank heavens you're back, Ifrit...
    [Suddenly, she turns to Edge.]
    Rydia: Have you gone mad!? Challenging an Eidolons by yourself?
    Edge: Not by myself.
    Edge (turning): (I hate to admit it... but you saved my life, Rubicante.)
    [Back in the throne room of Baron...]
    Cecil: What's this? Do you seriosuly intend to cross swords with me?
    Kain: Only if you wish for it.
    Ceodore (stepping forward): Kain!
    Cecil: And this is the man you've placed your trust with, Ceodore? Over
    your own flesh and blood?
    Ceodore: !
    Kain: Stay behind me, Cedore.
    Cecil: Ceodore...
    [The scene briefly changes to show the approaching moon, and return to
    the Baron throne room.]
    Cecil: I await your answer, Ceodore.
    Kain: Cecil!!!
    [He attacks Cecil, who seems to nonchalantly wave him off.]
    Cecil: What's wrong, Kain? Are you being serious!?
    [He attacks Kain, bringing him to his knees, as the scene shifts back
    to Rydia's group.]
    [The party enters Troia, where the entire castle has been frozen over.]
    Edge: It's been completely frozen over.
    Rydia: Oh, no...
    Luca: What is it?
    Rydia (gazing down): ... We have to hurry!
    [They explore the castle, eventually entering the Crystal room.]
    Rydia: Troia's Crystal is gone, too...
    Edge: It must have been her.
    [Luca gazes around the room.]
    Rydia (turning): What is it?
    Luca: Where could he be?
    Edge (turning): You mean Palom?
    Rydia (approaching): Think about it. Remember when the Red Wings were attacking
    Luca: He was on a black chocobo...headed due north.
    Edge: The area north of Troia is covered in mountains and forests.
    Luca: Wait! This reminds me of something master Cid mentioned. He spoke of a
    cave northeast of Troia filled with fearsome monsters.
    Edge: Care to give it a look?
    Rydia: Absolutely!
    <Lodestone Cavern>
    [Eventually, the group makes their way to the Crystal rooom, where Palom
    and Leonora lay on the floor.]
    Rydia: !
    Luca: Palom!
    [She runs up to him.]
    Luca: This can't be happening! Not to you!
    Edge (examining Palom): Would Fire or Flame do anything to help him?
    Rydia: This is no ordinary ice covering their bodies...
    Edge: Oh?
    Rydia: It is Diamond Dust.
    Rydia (turning): Shiva!
    [Suddenly, Shiva attacks them!]
    Rydia: Shiva! It's me, Rydia!
    Edge: You're wasting your time, Rydia!
    Luca: Give me back my Palom!
    [After a while, Shiva suddenly stops...]
    Rydia: She's stopped!
    Edge: Now's our chance!
    Rydia: Hold it! Shiva just wants to get back to normal! I'm sure of
    [If you continue to attack, Shiva perishes. Otherwise...]
    Shiva: You... It is you.... Rydia?
    Rydia: Shiva!
    Shiva: I... What was I doing?
    "Shiva has returned to Rydia!"
    [The colour return to Palom and Leonora.]
    Luca: Palom!
    Palom (rising): Hah! Who said anything about giving up? Give me back
    the Crystal!
    Luca: Palom!
    Palom (turning): ...Huh? What're you doing here, Luca? Am I dead, or
    Luca: Don't be ridiculous! You're alive...and so am I, for your
    Palom (turning): Leonora!
    Leonora: Pa...lom...
    Palom: Don't worry me like that, Leonora...
    [Palom collapses.]
    Luca (jumping): Palom!
    Rydia: Let's get them back to Troia!
    [The screen fades,and reappears in a bedroom of Troia Castle.]
    Luca: Who's that woman with you, anyway?
    Palom (turning): Her?
    Palom: She's my partner.
    Leonora: M-my name is Leonora. It's an honour to meet all of you!
    Rydia (gazing down): Palom, the Elder of Mysidia is in grave danger.
    Palom: What!? Then I can't just sit around here!
    Luca: You can't leave! Not yet!
    Palom (turning): Nobody asked you! What's going to happen to Mysidia if I'm
    not there for them!?
    Edge: Calm down. You haven't heard the whole story yet. The Elder has a
    team of white mages caring for him. Come to the Falcon with us. Porom's on
    board, too.
    Palom: ...Heh! Who died and made you my master?
    Edge: If you don't like it, then rest up until you can fight on your own.
    Palom (turning): No problem! That's exactly what I'm going to do, thank you
    very much!
    Edge: (Oh, brother. He's exactly as I was, once upon a time.)
    Palom: ...
    Leonora (rising): I, I want to come with you!
    Epopt (jumping): Leonora!
    Palom: Now, look...
    Leonora: W-we're not done yet, are we? You haven't finished teaching me your
    magic skills.
    Palom (facing her): Hah! Good point!
    [The scene fades, jumping to the Baron throne room.]
    Kain (tumbling back): Ngh!
    Rosa: Cecil, stop this!
    Ceodore (protecting Kain): Stop! Now!
    Cecil: Ceodore...
    Ceodore: L-lower your sword, Father!
    Cecil (stepping forth): Ceodore! You dare point your sword at your own
    Rosa: Ceodore!
    Ceodore: ...
    Kain (rising): Ceodore...
    Cecil: Answer me, my son!!!
    [The scene fades away, resuming with Edge on the Falcon.]
    Edge: A little too quiet, don't you think?
    Luca: There are people inside. I can feel it.
    Rydia: Let's go!
    [They run ahead, and spot some monsters.]
    Rydia: ...Antlions!
    Luca (approaching): You know of these creatures?
    Edge: These monsters... have they overrun the entirety of Damcyan?
    Rydia (turning): Antlion's are normally peaceful, docile animals. I've never
    heard of them harming people before.
    Man in Black: It must be the moon, then.
    Edge (stepping forward): Well, it's either us or them.
    Rydia (turning): Wait!
    Edge (facing her): Rydia...
    Rydia: Please spare their lives! They're not the ones at fault here.
    Edge (turning): Fair enough. I will be lenient towards them...when we can
    afford to be.
    [They reach the throne room.]
    Guardsman: Who goes there!?
    Harley: Halt!
    Harley: You are Rydia of Mist, yes?
    Rydia: I am. And I believe you are...
    Harley: Harley, royal secretary to King Edward.
    Rydia (approaching): Indeed. You have accompanied Edward to Mist many times.
    Edge (stepping forward): Where is Edward?
    [Harley glances down, and the scene fades to back, and reappears some time
    later in the room.]
    Rydia: Ah... He joined Rosa and Ceodore on a ship to Baron.
    Edge: And we all know what's happened to Baron Castle since. Who knows what
    has happened to them inside?
    Man in Black: ...
    Harley: I have faith in King Edward. He isn't someone who would fall into
    the enemy's hands so easily.
    Rydia: You're right!
    Chancellor: We will guard his castle with all of our forces! Until then, we
    our lord's fate in your hands.
    Harley (stepping forward): Please! You must take me with you!
    Edge: I'd reconsider that. This isn't exactly staid clerical work here.
    Chancellor (stepping forward): I would like to formally request she join you
    as well, sir.
    Harley (turning): What...?
    Chancellor (turning): There is no one in the world who cares more for our
    lord than you, Harley.
    Harley: Chancellor...
    Edge (turning away): Be that as it may, I can not allow a mere secretary to
    face the full brunt of battle. You may join us, but only until we meet Edward
    Harley: Oh, thank you! Thank you!
    Luca: You can stay inside the Falcon until we track him down. I'm sure your
    advice will prove invaluable in times of need!
    Harley: Y-yes, ma'am!
    Monk: Who goes there?
    Monk: Wait! I know them.
    Rydia: It's been a very long time.
    Monk: Lady Rydia!
    Monk: And Edge of Eblan!
    Rydia: The situation concerning the moon has thrown the entire world into
    disarray. How fares Fabul?
    Monk: I fear that the Sylphs have been laying seige to our castle.
    Rydia: What?
    Monk: The moon must be affecting them in some unfathomable way.
    Edge: Seems to be that way.
    Monk: But enough of this. Please, come in.
    <Fabul (Throne Room>
    Rydia: Sheila!
    Sheila (approaching): Rydia!
    Duke Consort: Ah, and Edge, too.
    Rydia: Where is Yang?
    Sheila: Away on business, sadly.
    Edge: I don't seem to see the Princess, either.
    Sheila: ...
    Duke Consort: The two of them boarded a ship headed for Baron.
    Man in Black: ...
    Chancellor: I'm afraid that's as much as we know for now...
    Sheila: What of it? I am not worried for them. My husband is more than
    capable of protecting our daughter. Why, given what has happened, I'm
    sure he's risking his life to find a solution even as we speak!
    Edge: No doubt, no doubt. The King of Fabul is a stout man indeed.
    Rydia: We'll find him! I promise you!
    Sheila: Stop right there!
    Rydia: Yes?
    Sheila: I want you to have this.
    "Acquired Frying Pan!"
    Sheila: My husband needs this right now. As for Ursula...
    "Acquired Ladle!"
    Edge (turning): What, no knife this time?
    Sheila: Mmm? What, you need another one? Sorry, but I'm all out of stock.
    Sheila (backing up): Anyways, I want all of you to be careful out there!
    [Entering the upper-right house, the party spots Yang.]
    Rydia: Yang!
    Yang: Ur...sula...
    Edge (turning): Hope this does the trick.
    [Select the Frying Pan.]
    Luca: Wh-whoa! What are you...?
    "You used the Frying Pan!"
    Yang: Ngh...Errrf... Come on, Sheila, let me sleep a little longer...
    Rydia: Yang!
    Luca: This is just ludicrous...
    Yang (turning): Rydia! Edge!
    Edge: You two make quite a loving couple, don't you?
    Yang: Ursula! Where's Ursula!?
    Rydia: Don't worry. She's right next to you.
    Yang: Do not fret over me! You need to wake up Ursula!
    Rydia: Ursula!
    Edge: This is Yang's daughter?
    Rydia: She looks so pale and gaunt. Something must be done...and fast.
    Yang (standing): Ursula!
    Rydia: Don't overexert yourself, Yang.
    Ursula: !
    Luca: She's moving!
    Edge: Hey, Rydia, can you help me deal with this? I don't have the nerve
    to hit a lady.
    "You used the Ladle!"
    Ursula: Mngh... Oh, Mother...is Father out training again?
    Yang (jumping): Ursula!
    Ursula (turning): Father...
    Edge: A mother's love triumphs over all, doesn't it?
    Luca (turning away): What the heck is up with this family?
    [Suddenly, the Sylphs appear.]
    Yang (turning): The Sylphs!
    Sylph: Yang... You were willing to risk your life for the sake of your
    child. As much as it pains me to say it, you are a far stronger man than
    any of us.
    Rydia: You...
    Sylph: Thanks to you, we have finally returned to normal. For now, both
    of you must rest. We will gladly lend you our powers!
    Yang: Thank you, my Sylphs!
    "The Sylphs have returned to Rydia!"
    Edge (turning): You've got fans in high places, don't you, Yang?
    Rydia: So this malaise has even reached the Eidolon King himself...
    Luca (turning): Rydia...
    Edge (turning): Come on, Rydia. Those Eidolons mean much more to you than
    all that, don't they?
    Rydia (facing Edge): ...They do. You're right.
    Yang: So you are headed to Baron as well?
    Rydia (facing Yang): Yes.
    Edge: Unfortunately, Baron Castle is protected by the same glow we saw
    covering the Tower of Babil.
    Rydia: We will find a way. If we can combine the Eidolon's powers with
    ours, anything is possible.
    Yang: Let's get moving, then.
    Ursula (standing): Father!
    Edge (approaching): You aren't ready yet.
    Yang: What?
    Edge: You need to recover first. You've got a wife and daughter relying
    on you, remember.
    Yang: Yes... You are right about that.
    [The scene fades as Golbez leaves the house. We return back to the Baron
    Throne room.]
    Cecil: Well done, my son! I always knew I could rely on you!
    Rosa: Ceodore!!!
    Cid: Rosa!
    [They jump into battle, but Cecil has some tricks up his sleeve.]
    Cecil: Ah, so you are serious... Then allow me to repay the favour!
    [Odin Appears!]
    <Eblan Cave>
    Mini'd Man: I've managed to get seperated from my master somewhere along
    the line... Oh, right. Speaking of which, I am a collector of tails.
    Tail Collector: If you give me 14 small tails, I'll give you one of my
    very, very special ones. Otherwise, I'll trade you 7 small tails for any
    color tail you like. Interested in a trade?
    <If you don't have enough...>
    Tail Collector: ...Too bad...
    Rydia: This glow... It's the same as Baron Castle!
    Edge: And if it's the same as what the Babil tower once emitted, then...!
    [Edge rushes forward, bouncing off the barrier.]
    Rydia: Edge!
    Edge: Ugh... That didn't do anything...
    Luca: Are you trying to get yourself killed!?
    Man in Black: This would be the interdimensional elevator, I believe.
    Edge: The device the connects the Tower of Babil to the moon!?
    Luca (turning): They're going to use it to transport the Crystals up there!
    Edge (turning): Ngh!
    Rydia: We need to find another way in there!
    [A hooded figure appears.]
    Man in Black: Looks like they've go other plans for us.
    Edge: To fight back!
    [They defeat the powerful foe.]
    "Acquired Kiku-ichimonji!"
    [Edge tries the barrier again, flying back.]
    Edge: Ngh! There's just no getting through!
    <Mist (2nd Visit)>
    Luca: The mist...
    [The mist fades away.]
    Rydia: Mother!
    [Suddenly, the villagers appear from the houses.]
    Rydia (stepping forward): You're all still here...
    Village Chief: Looks like you've freed all the Eidolons.
    Rydia: I have, sir! But how come only my mother's Dragon wasn't captured,
    out of all the Eidolons?
    Village Chief (turning): That would be the work of those children.
    Boy: Heh heh.
    Rydia: What?
    Village Chief: We villagers cannot communicate with the Eidolons like you.
    Man: But the power's there all the same...and these children hold it within
    their bodies.
    Woman: We have only a small fraction of your power, but we still pooled
    what we had to protect the village.
    Rydia: So this was all your doing!
    Boy: We had a big discussion about it...
    Girl: And we decided we had to save your mom's Dragon, at the very least.
    He protected our village, after all.
    Rydia: I...I think I understand now. Thank you... Thank you, everybody!
    Rydia: Mother!
    "Just as I am always with the people of Mist, so shall I always be with
    "The Dragon has returned to Rydia!"
    Edge (approaching): Ready to go, Rydia?
    Rydia: Absolutely! Now, off to Cecil's castle!
    <Baron Castle (After Barrier)>
    Edge: The glow...
    Rydia: It's disappeared!
    Luca: I hope this isn't a trap.
    Man in Black: Let's go.
    [He walks forward, and past the gate.]
    Edge: H-hey! Hold it!
    [They both rush after him.]
    <Baron Throne Room>
    [Inside, Ceodore and his comrades are fighting Cecil and Odin.]
    Rosa: No!
    Kain: Odin!
    [Suddenly, after a while of battling...]
    Odin: How long it has been, Kain.
    Kain: Y-Your Highness!?
    Cid: He's right! That's the voice of the late king, rest his soul!
    Odin: And look at what lies before me... Rosa, Ceodore, all my children of
    Baron. How could I possibly turn my sword against any of you?
    [He turns and faces Cecil.]
    Kain: Your Highness!
    Odin: You must save Cecil...and your homeland!
    [A flash of light appears, and Cecil collapses, ending the battle.]
    Mysterious Girl: !
    Cecil: Why?
    Cecil (stepping forward): Why, my lord?
    [He collapses as the Man in Black enters.]
    Man in Black: Cecil!
    [Edge, Rydia, and Luca enter.]
    Rosa: Rydia!
    Cid: You!
    Cecil: My...brother...
    Rosa: !!!
    Edge: Aha...
    Rydia (stepping forward): So you're...
    Kain: Golbez!
    Mysterious Girl (approaching): You're still alive.
    Man in Black: Sure am. Not that I have quite as many bodies as you do.
    Mysterious Girl: I was done with you all long ago.
    [They engauge in combat with the Mysterious Girl, who still controls
    key players...]
    Rydia: Oh, no... Not the Eidolon King, too!
    Rydia: Bahamut!
    [Eventually, they fell her.]
    Edge: We... we've done it!
    Man in Black: No, we have not.
    Kain: !?
    [Several copies of the Mysterious Girl appear.]
    Mysterious Girl: Well done. Now I am off to collect the Crystals. This planet
    serves no purpose any longer.
    Man in Black: !
    [They fade away, and we spot the moon again, and return back to the throne
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Kain: You were the real Cecil all along? I figured as much.
    Ceodore (slumping down): Father!
    Man in Black: ...
    Kain (facing him): Do you know anything about those people?
    Man in Black: More than you do, probably.
    Edward (stepping forward): They said that this planet serves no purpose.
    Do they intend to destroy the world with that moon?
    Rydia (turning): Oh no!
    Edge: Can't you stop it somehow!?
    Man in Black (turning away): There isn't anything we can do.
    Kain: What?
    Luca: The Crystals have all been taken up to that moon, right? Cid and I could
    fix up our airship to travel there!
    Cid (gazing down): I hate to say this, given the situation and eveyrthing...
    But there's no way we can escape this planet's gravitational pull. We just
    don't have the technology.
    Man in Black: There is a way.
    Kain: Oh?
    [The Lunar Whale descends, and the screen fades to white. Soon, it reappears
    with Cecil, in the throne room with the Hooded Man.]
    Hooded Man: You've changed...
    Cecil: Do I know you?
    Hooded Man: ...
    Cecil: If you're just a stray beggar, then you should leave immediately...
    assuming that you value your life.
    Hooded Man (turning): My apologies...
    Cecil: (Have I seen that man before? Ah...!)
    [The screen fades, and jumps to when Edward went to meet Cecil.]
    Edward: What is this, my lord?
    Cecil: A token of our friendship, and of my appreciation for your visist.
    Please, take it.
    [We see a flashback to when Kain and Cecil accidently laid waste to Mist, and
    then we return to the throne room, where Cecil is alone.]
    Cecil: (What did I give to him? What have I done?)
    [Finally, we return to the end of Kain's chapter.]
    Cecil: Welcome back. Hello, Ceodore, Rosa, Cid...and most of all, Kain!
    Rosa (stepping forward): Cecil!
    Ceodore (stepping forward): Father!
    [The screen fades again, leave Cecil in the dark.]
    Cecil: (Ceodore? Rosa? Cid? Kain? What were you doing? No...what was I doing!?)
    [Cecil morphs between his past and present side, stopping on his past one.]
    Rosa (appearing): Cecil!
    Ceodore (appearing): Father!
    Golbez (appearing): Cecil!
    Cecil: (!)
    Cecil (gazing down): Ngh...! Errrgh...!
    [The screen fades, and we go back to when Bahamut defeated Cecil.]
    Mysterious Girl (approaching): A half-breed. As expected...
    Cecil: What...what do you seek?
    Mysterious Girl: But you are a valuable sample, nonetheless. You will be
    [The scene fades to black.]
    Ceodore: Father!? Father!!!
    [Finally, the scene returns to the present time, where everyone is in the
    Lunar Whale.]
    Ceodore: !!!
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Cecil: ...
    Edge: He's finally regained his senses?
    Rydia: Oh, thank goodness...
    Cecil: ...
    Rosa: Cecil?
    Ceodore: Father? Father!?
    Kain (approaching): Give it up.
    Ceodore (turning): What's happened to my father?
    Kain (turning): The man before you right now is nothing but an empty shell.
    Golbez: What did that girl do to him!?
    [The screen pans up, where another group of members is discussing issues.]
    Edward: How are things down below?
    "The moon's advance...severe winds...shows no sign of..."
    Edward: It's all being caused by the moon. Collect yourself, my friend!
    Stay calm, and get everyone to someplace safe!
    "We don't...keep...of...trong to...where...Edw...need...ou..."
    Edward: ...
    Yang: We've lost them.
    Cid: Sorry, but the whisperweed only has so much range to it, y'know.
    Porom: What could be happening down on the surface right now?
    Palom (turning): It's the moon's gravitational pull that's driving everything
    Luca (turning): The moon's gravitational pull?
    Palom (approaching): Everybody knows how the moon affects the tides...but it
    works its will on things other than that. I've heard theories that the moon
    can affect the hearts and minds of animals...and people.
    Cid: And that goes double for this moon, no doubt. Just look at how enormous
    that thing is. With somethin' that big so close to our planet, who could guess
    what'll happen down there?
    Palom: It may not be a matter of just being "close" to our planet before long.
    Luca: You think it'll keep on going?
    Yang: You mean to say it will collide with earth!?
    Cid: Not just that. The moon would likely swallow our planet whole, given
    enough time.
    Porom: No!
    Cid: We've got to get the Crystals back and change the moon's path, and we
    gotta be quick about it.
    [The Lunr Whale begins to shake.]
    Rydia: Aaagh!
    Yang: What is it now!?
    Luca: The Lunar Whale...Something's pulling on it!
    Cid: It's trying to gobble up our ship!
    [We see a shot of the moon, and return to the Lunar Whale.]
    Edge: What's going on!?
    Yang: The moon has seized our ship!
    Porom (turning): We're being pull in!
    Cid (jumping): Luca, prepare for emergency landing!
    Luca: Roger!
    Edge: Geh...
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Edge: Now what?
    Cecil: Grh... Aaahhh!!!
    Ceodore: Father!?
    Kain: Cecil!?
    Cecil: Gaaahhh!!!
    Ceodore: Father!
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Kain: It's getting worse, the closer we are to the moon...
    Golbez: Cecil! What are you fighting against!?
    [Finally, we see the moon, which fades away to the title, and reappears
    on the Lunar World.]
    Ceodore: Ooh... How is everyone?
    Edge: Come on, Cecil, wake up! We're all waiting for you!
    [Once you select your party members, step out onto the Lunar Surface...]
    <Lunar Subterrene>
    [Once 5 members have been decided, the aforementioned party begins to descend
    down the Lunar Subeterrene...]
    Ceodore (coming to a door): Look at these black shards... They couldn't be...
    [Coming to the first crystal, and depending on the group, 5 of the following
    member's words are spoken...]
    Cecil: Grrhhh!!!
    Ceodore: What!? I feel something near!
    Golbez: Here it comes!
    Kain: Stay on guard...
    Rosa: This same feeling... I've felt it somewhere else before...
    Rydia: Something is watching us!
    Ursula: My hands... They feel so hot!
    [The Crystal shatters, and Baigan appears, followed by comments from those who
    recognize the twisted monster.]
    Cecil: Ah...ahhh...!
    Kain: You must be the chief guardsman.
    Golbez: Baigan...
    Baigan: I am reborn... by the Crystal...
    [Strangely, as the battles progresses, the monster whispers something...]
    Baigan: Please...while I still have life...
    [After a while, Baigan falls.]
    Baigan: Beware... It still lives...
    [He dies, and his hands are soon dispatched afterwards. More words are
    spoken by the 5-member party.]
    Cecil: (Bai...gan...?)
    Ceodore: What... what did he mean?
    Golbez: What still lives?
    Kain: Reborn...from the Crystal, he said?
    Rosa: So that's why the Crystal shattered...
    Rydia: His soul faded away...I could feel it.
    Ursula: My father...He told me about him.
    [If Ursula was imported, the following scene occurs if you choose to
    rest up.]
    Ceodore: ...
    Ursula: How is King Cecil faring?
    Ceodore: He hasn't changed a bit.
    Ursula: Oh, I see...
    Ceodore: But I have a strange feeling... I think Cecil understands what is
    happening here. All of it.
    Ursula (approaching): You've changed, Ceodore.
    Ceodore (turning): Huh?
    Ursula: The Ceodore I knew always acted like there was a heavy burden placed
    on his shoulders. The burden of being the prince of Baron... No, the heavy
    burden of having Cecil and Rosa's blood in his veins.
    Ceodore: ...You're right.
    Ursula: It always made me wonder. Why did you never feel a sense of pride
    about your family?
    Ceodore: I had to learn how to.
    Ursula: From whom?
    Ceodore: From Kain, and Biggs, and Wedge. And from all the people my father
    once fought with.
    Ursula: I had always hoped you would feel that way for yourself someday.
    Ceodore: ...
    Ursula (stepping forward): And...yes, so did my father, come to think of it.
    Ursula (turning): I'm sure Cecil will be back to normal.
    Ceodore (nodding): Thanks.
    "Ceodore and Ursula learned the Twin Rush Band!"
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    Ceodore: Not again!
    Golbez: (These... these are Barbariccia's underlings!)
    Kain: So be it...
    Rosa: This magic...I remember this!
    Ursula: We are to face three enemies at once!?
    [The Crystal shatters, and Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy appear, followed by comments
    from those who recognize the Magus Sisters.]
    Golbez: The Magus Sisters...
    Kain: Barbariccia's cronies!
    Rosa: The ones from the Tower of Zot!
    [As the battle progresses, and some of the sister falls..]
    Cindy: This...is for the best...
    Mindy: My...my sisters...
    Sandy: They put us...into mindless copies...
    [After a while, all 3 sisters fall. More words are exchanged.]
    Ceodore: Those sisters... My father fought them in the past, too.
    Gobez: (If that was the Magus Sisters...Could they be coming next?)
    Kain: What does that mean!?
    Rosa: That voice I heard in my heart...was that their real feelings?
    Ursula: The Magus Sisters...My father had his hands full with them, once.
    [If all of the Ninjas was imported, the following scene occurs if you choose
    to rest up.]
    Edge: What are you here for?
    Zangetsu: Master...
    Tsukinowa: I...I...
    Izayoi: I apologize...
    Gekkou: ...
    Edge: I told you to keep watch at the castle for me.
    Tsukinowa: We couldn't just stay there and watch, Master! Not while this moon
    is advancing ever closer to our homeland...
    Gekkou: We've come here to defend our honour, my lord.
    Zangetsu: My creaky old body may not be capable of much... But if it'll help
    stop this moon, I will gladly lay my life on the line.
    Izayoi: I wanted to contribute to the cause... no matter how little it may
    help in the end.
    Edge: You flatter yourself...as if you've somehow become the end-all, be-all
    of the shadow arts.
    [They jump in surprise.]
    Gekkou: No...
    Zangetsu: I did not mean that, my master!
    Tsukinowa: Not at all Master! I...I just...
    Izayoi: My apologies, Master.
    Edge (turning): But, all the same, I will be relying upon you.
    Izayoi: Master!
    Zangetsu: I...I thank you for you kind words, Master!
    Gekkou: I will do whatever it takes, Master!
    Tsukinowa: Thank you, my master! I will do my best to avoid dragging everyone
    else down...
    Edge: In that case, promise me one thing.
    Gekkou: Yes?
    Izayoi: Yes?
    Zangetsu: A promise?
    Tsukinowa: What would that be, Master?
    Edge (turning): Survive. No matter what happens.
    Izayoi (stepping forward): Y-yes, Master!
    Gekkou (stepping forward): It is a promise!
    Zangetsu (stepping forward): I will do my best!
    Tsukinowa: Yes, Master! You too, Master!
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    Ceodore: What's up next?
    Golbez: (The man under Rubicante's control!)
    Kain: Ugh... Not him, too!
    Rosa: No...The monster from the Tower of Babil!
    Ursula: Wait! This enemy... He knows my father!
    [The Crystal shatters, and Lugae and Barnabas appear, followed by comments from
    those who recognize the duo.]
    Golbez: Lugae!
    Kain: I knew it!
    [As the battle progresses and the monsters fall...]
    Barnabas: Uhhhngh...
    Lugae: No...my sweet, sweet Barnabas...
    Lugae: Ha ha ha! Yes, that's right... I will show them... you power...
    [After a while, both fall. More words are exchanged.]
    Ceodore: Why...why is this happening?
    Golbez: (Such talent... If it were only pointed in the right direction...)
    Kain: Lugae...
    Rosa: I'm sorry...
    Ursula: Father...
    [The party continues, until they decide to rest up at another spot. A scene
    occurs if you have both Porom and Palom imported.]
    Porom: I really should have stayed behind, I knew it all along.
    Palom: Don't worry. I'm sure the elder's fine.
    Porom (turning): That's not all I'm worried about. You know how terrible
    things are done there.
    Palom (turning): That's why we're here right now. We need to save Cecil and
    stop this moon.
    Porom (gazing down): ...
    Palom (turning away): You think the elder's gonna keel over and die, just
    like that? Come on! That's not the elder I know.
    Porom (glancing up): Yes... You're right.
    Palom (turning back): You're acting kind of weird, you know that?
    Porom (facing Palom): Listen, Palom. You still want to become a sage, right?
    Palom: Huh!? What're you bring that up for, all of a sudden?
    Porom: You respect Tellah, and you to follow in his footsteps...right?
    Palom (turning): I...well, how am I supposed to know!? Not at a time like
    this, no!
    Porom (turning): I'm sorry. You're right.
    Palom: I kind of realized something when I left Mysidia, though.
    Porom (turning): ...Oh?
    Palom (gazing down): There's someone else out there with the talent for that
    job, too.
    Porom: You mean...Leonora?
    Palom (gazing up): Yeah. It kills me to admit it, but...
    Porom: Well, that's a rare sight...seeing you compliment someone.
    Palom (facing Porom): I'm not complimenting her, okay!? She's my apprentice!
    Porom (turning): Hee hee!
    Palom (jumping): What!?
    Porom (facing Palom): Oh, I'm just glad you're still the same old Palom.
    Palom: Ah, forget it! Let's just go help that guy and get this thing
    over with already!
    Porom: You mean Cecil?
    Palom (turning): Yes! Cecil! Whatever!
    [The screen fades to black and...]
    "Palom and Porom learned the Twincast Band!"
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    Ceodore: These monsters... They're different from the ones before!
    Golbez: Oh no...Not the rulers of Eblan!
    Kain: Ridiculous... Not again!
    Rosa: I...I can't believe this! How terrible!
    Ursula: These enemies... I feel them caring for us, like mother and father.
    [The Crystal shatters, and the King and Queen of Eblan appear, followed by
    comments from those who recognize the couple.]
    Kain: It is as I feared.
    Rosa: Who are you?
    [As the battle progresses, the monsters cry out...]
    King of Eblan: Please...tell Edge...
    Queen of Eblan: Tell...our only son...
    King of Eblan: He must save...Eblan...Save our world...
    Queen of Eblan: Plea...se...
    [They both fall, and the party exchanges words.]
    Cedore: Edge... Were those your...?
    Golbez: (His mother and father?)
    Kain: I promise you... We will not let your hopes go unfulfilled!
    Rosa: (I can understand exactly how you feel. Ever since that time...!)
    Ursula: (If my mother and father ever wound up like that...what would I do?)
    [The following scene occurs if you choose to rest up.]
    Rydia: ...
    Luca (appearing from the top): Rydia?
    Rydia (turning): Oh...Luca.
    Luca: You all right?
    Rydia: Huh?
    Luca: You must have a lot weighing on your mind. Cecil, of course...but also,
    the fates of the Eidolon King and Queen.
    Rydia: Yes...
    Luca (raising her hand): I know they must be waiting for you right now,
    Rydia... just as all the other Eidolons did.
    Rydia: Thank you, Luca... You seem like you've been enjoying yourself up here,
    on the moon.
    Luca: Does it look that way? Well, I didn't want to bring it up... but there's
    someone very special to me here.
    Rydia: Palom, you mean?
    Luca (jumping): No! Oh, no no no no! I'm talking about Master Cid. There's
    still so much I still want to learn from that man!
    Rydia: Have you...talked with Palom at all?
    Luca (walking forward): Ah, it doesn't matter anymore.
    Rydia: Huh?
    Luca (turning): Oh, I don't mean anything more than that. I mean, certainly, I
    had my fair share of jealously and everything... But now, it just doesn't
    matter that much to me anymore.
    Rydia: Luca...
    Luca: It's not like I hate him or anything. I've just other things I need to
    worry about right now.
    Rydia: Really?
    Luca (spinning): Really! We dwarves don't like dwelling over the small things
    in life, you know.
    Rydia: Hee hee... That's certainly a very dwarven thing to say.
    Luca (facing her): Well, how bout you grow a little dwarven spirit yourself,
    then? We've still got Cecl to save...and also the Eidolon King and his people!
    Rydia: Thank you, Luca!
    [The party continues, until they approach another save point, and decide
    to rest up again. If you imported Palom, Porom and Lenora, the following
    scene occurs.]
    Leonora: ...
    [Porom appears.]
    Leonora (turning): Lady Porom...
    Porom: Porom is fine.
    Leonora: Oh, no, I couldn't speak to you in such a tone! You are the great
    white mage of Mysidia, my lady!
    Porom: No, please, call me Porom. The same way you refer to Palom. It's
    fine, really.
    Leonora: Are...are you sure...Porom?
    Porom: Hee hee... Well, if you insist, I'm not going to stop you.
    Leonora: Y-yes, my lady...
    Porom: What were you thinking about?
    Leonora (gazing down): W-well, are you sure this is all right? Taking an Epopt
    trainee like myself on a journey like this...
    Porom: Palom recommended you.
    Leonora (turning to face Porom): What?
    Porom: He gave us a very convincing account of your natural talents. He
    talked about how as your teacher, he feels responsible for you, and so forth.
    Leonora (stepping forward): R-really?
    Porom: Mm-hmm.
    Leonora (gazing down): I...I realy can't believe it...
    Porom: Are you regretting the journey?
    Leonora (jumping): Oh, no! Not at all! I'm happy to be here! I'm... I'm so
    happy, in fact, that I've forgotten about how scared I should be right now.
    Porom: That's good to hear.
    Leonora: ...Oh?
    Porom: I think I'm starting to understand why Palom hasn't brought up his
    dream of becoming a sage lately.
    Leonora: What?
    ???: What're you two talking about?
    [Luca appears.]
    Leonora: Oh, it's...
    Porom: Luca?
    Luca: Look, do you like Palom, or what?
    Leonora (jumping back): Wh-what!? That's... that's a rather sudden question!
    I...er, I simply meant it in the "respect" sense of the term...
    Luca (stepping forward): I'm not asking for all the gory detail. You like him,
    don't you?
    Leonora: Ah... Well, yes. Yes, I do.
    Luca: Oh? Well, good.
    Leonora: Huh?
    Luca: That makes me feel a lot better!
    [The screen pans down and tils across to reveal Palom, who is spying below.]
    Palom: (Women can be fearsome things, sometimes...)
    "Plaom, Luca and Leonora learned the Ice Crush Band!
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal. However, this time,
    they are attacked by a simple group of zombies, which they defeat with ease.]
    Ceodore: Why do I feel like something terrible's about to happen to us?
    Golbez: (An archfiend... The one with control over the dead!)
    Kain: Him!
    Rosa: The undead! That must mean...
    Ursula: Desecrating the dead for his own purposes... Deplorable!
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    [The Crystal shatters, and Scarmiglione appears, followed by comments from
    those who recognize the undead archfiend.]
    Golbez: Scarmiglione, archfiend of earth!
    Kain: Just as I suspected...
    Rosa: The archfiend!
    Scarmiglione: Kah hah hah!
    [As the battle progress, Scarmiglione cries out..]
    Scarmiglione: Nnngh... Pleassse... Before...my very sssoul... is crushed!
    [Scarmiglione falls, but suddenly attacks from behind!]
    [As the battle progress, Scarmiglione cries out again..]
    Scarmiglione: I... thank you... I...am one of the spiritsss.. of the land...
    [If Golbez is in the party...]
    Master Golbez... I was hideous...and yet... You came for me... You alone...
    [Scarmiglione falls, and the party exchanges words.]
    Ceodore: That was one of the elemental archfiends...
    Golbez: (To the earth with you once more... and may it be a more peaceful
    slumber this time.)
    Kain: The rest of them may be following close behind!
    Rosa: Why are all these dead monsters rising from the Crystals?
    Ursula: So these are the monsters my father foguht before...
    [The party continues, until they decide to rest at another spot, where a
    scene occurs if you imported Cid, Calca, and Brina.]
    "Master Cid!"
    Cid (jumping up): Wh-wha? Huh? We under attack?
    Luca: It's me, Master.
    Cid (turning): Oh...oh! Luca! Don't sneak up on me like that!
    Luca (turning): I'm impressed you can sleep so soundly in a place like this.
    Cid (jumping): You kiddin' me!? I have to rest up while I can, y'know! We've
    got some serious work to do!
    Luca (turning back): Wise words from your decades of battlefield experience!
    Cid: You got that right... Hey! What do you mean, "decades"!?
    Luca: Anyway, Master... I was thinking about this enemy we face. Do you think
    we have what it takes to defeat him? I mean, look at this moon...
    Cid: How d'you mean?
    Luca: Doesn't it strike you that this moon almost seems like it was created
    by somebody? It... it's almost like a gigantic craft, of sorts.
    Cid (nodding): Glad to see you noticed.
    Luca: Perhaps Cecil and the others can deal with this doe... but can I? Can
    either of us, for that matter?
    Cid (stepping towards her): You need to believe in yourself, Luca. This is
    your generation's time now.
    Luca: Master...
    Cid: The knowledge and skill you possess is far beyond anything I could
    possibly hope to achieve, Luca. Cecil's a great man, no doubt about that, but
    look at you...and look at Ceodore. At your age, you still have infinite
    potential waiting ahead for you!
    Luca: Y-yes, sir!
    [Calca and Brina dash into the room, and towards the pair.]
    Luca: Calca! Brina!
    Cid: Hmm. Looks like something's on the fritz with 'em.
    Luca (turning): True. They could both use some maintenance work.
    Cid (stepping towards Calca): Here, lemme take a look!
    Luca (running up to him): W-wait! No! You can't!
    Cid (turning): Why not?
    Luca: These guys... They're really fragile! You can't hammer away at them
    like you do the ship's engines!
    Cid (nudging her back): Since when did I say you could tell me how to work
    on machinery? Eh, Luca!?
    Luca (nudging back): Well, I've been doing it for a while now, if you
    haven't noticed!
    Cid (pushing her back even more): Pah! If you think I'm going to retire
    to some country cottage with an apprentice like you running around, forget
    Luca (pushing him back): That's not the issue here! Ugh! Why do you have to
    be such a stubborn old shop foreman sometimes...
    [They both continue to push each other around as Calca and Brina suddenly
    begin to spin around, and fall over.]
    Cid: !!!
    Luca: Agh!
    Cid (jumping): We better fix this, fast!
    Luca (jumping): Yes, sir!
    [They fix up the dolls as the screen fades away.]
    "Cid, Luca, Calca, and Brina learned the Final Calcabrina Band!"
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    Ceodore: Wh-where are you!? Show us!
    Golbez: (You!)
    Kain: An elemental archfiend!
    Rosa: What's waiting for us this time?
    Ursula: I can feel it... Someone's watching us!
    [The Crystal shatters, and Cagnazzo appears, followed by comments from
    those who recognize the aquatic archfiend.]
    Golbez: The Drowned King, Cagnazzo.
    [As the battle progress, Cagnazzo whispers something..]
    Cagnazzo: Yes... my sleep was disturbed... Kah hah hah... Now... I can sleep
    [If Golbez is in the party...]
    Golbez: Sleep in peace... for I, too, may join you in your hell someday.
    Cagnazzo: Master Golbez... It is an honor... to meet you again... Words
    cannot... express...
    [Cagnazzo falls, and the party exchanges words.]
    Ceodore: What is going on here? Why are the Crystals bringing forth our
    past enemies?
    Golbez: (The wind and archfiends cannot be far behind...)
    Kain: (The wind archfiend is up next, no doubt...)
    Rosa: (The other archfiends can't be far behind... Oh, Cecil!)
    Ursula: My father fought against that creature, too...
    [The party continues, until they decide to rest at another spot, where a
    scene occurs if you imported Edward and Harley.]
    Edward (sitting with his harp): ...
    Harley (appearing from above): My lord.
    Edward (turning): Harley?
    Harley: I know it is late... but I was wondering if I might be able to hear
    a song tonight.
    Edward: A song?
    Harley: Yes.
    Edward (turning away): I... was thinking about giving up the harp, actually.
    Harley: What?
    Edward: One can not create music when one's heart is in a state as chaotic
    as mine.
    Harley: Chaotic, my lord?
    Edward (turning back): Harley, a bard is a man who spins the threads of the
    past into a musical melody. And yet I, myself, have yet to come to terms
    with my past experiences. Not even now.
    Harley (stepping forward): Well...what makes you think that matters at all?
    Edward (turning): Mmm?
    Harley: People are sooth by your song, my lord.. They learn from it, and they
    are emboldened by it. I am no exception to that.
    Edward: Harley...
    Harley: My lord... Do you still wish to put yourself down? Ignoring everything
    you've accomplished, even now?
    Edward: Not like that, no.
    Harley: You know well, of course, that I lost both of my parents in the last
    Edward: ...
    Harley: But I still found hope in my life to keep on living... thanks to
    your song.
    Edward: Harley...
    Harley: If the past had been any different from what it turned out to be...
    Then this moment, this instant in time would be irrevocably changed, I
    imagine, from what we have right now. So that is why I ask you...
    Edward: You are right...
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    Ceodore: A tornado?
    Golbez: (The wind archfiend!)
    Kain: That woman, again!
    Rosa: The mistress of the Tower of Zot!
    Ursula: Is that...hair I see, blowing within the wind!?
    [The Crystal shatters, and Barbariccia appears, followed by comments from
    those who recognize the female archfiend.]
    Golbez: Barbariccia!
    Kain: Never imagined fighting you again.
    Rosa: The archfiend from the Tower of Zot!
    [As the battle progress, Barbariccia suddenly exclaims..!]
    Barbariccia: I... Yes...I am an archfiend!
    [She attacks herself.]
    Barbariccia: I thank you... Now, I am myself once again...
    [If Kain is in the party..]
    Kain: I know. That's why I put an end to you.
    Barbariccia: You... Kain... I knew it...
    [If Golbez is in the party...]
    Barbariccia: Master...Golbez!
    Golbez: Return to your eternal slumber, Barbariccia...
    Barbariccia: I am overjoyed... to see you again...
    [Barbariccia falls, and the party exchanges words.]
    Ceodore: (I had no idea one of the archfiends was so... beautiful.)
    Golbez: (Barbariccia...forgive me.)
    Kain: Farewell, Barbariccia...
    Rosa: So even she fell into the hands of the enemy...
    Ursula: (As one of my father's opponents...I give you my highest respect!)
    [The party continues, until they decide to rest at another spot, where a
    scene occurs if you imported Yang.]
    Yang: ... Edge, is it?
    Edge (dropping from the ceiling): Heh. Nice work. Pondering something?
    Yang (facing Edge): We still have yet to find a way to stop the moon's
    inexorable advance. And what's more...
    Edge: Cecil's not showing signs of improvement either.
    Yang: No. But I still believe in him. I know he will find himself again!
    Edge: Yeah. I'm sure everyone here would agree with that.
    Yang: Indeed. And speaking of Cecil... Ceodore has grown to be a fine
    young man, hasn't he?
    Edge: Yep. Your daughter's nothing to sniff at either.
    Yang: Oh, not just yet. There is still a great deal of training ahead for
    Edge: Bah. With her leading the way, I'd say Fabul's going to be prosperous
    for many years to come.
    Yang: Perhaps... but this is not a Fabul issue we are dealing with. It
    concerns the whole world.
    Edge: True.
    Yang: Edge... what do you intead to do with your own kingdom? You are the
    lord of Eblan. It would be a disaster if you passed away without an heir...
    Edge: Hold it right there. You're starting to sound a little too much like
    the seneschal for my liking. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not old enough
    to begin worrying about that sort of thing yet.
    Yang: You don't think so? A king without any worries could not expect to
    make his subjects happy.
    Edge: Maybe so...
    "Edge and Yang learned the Oboro Strike Band!"
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    Ceodore: The fire surrounding us is raging ever hotter!
    Golbez: (I thought you'd be here!)
    Kain: Finally appeared, have you?
    Rosa: This heat...!
    Ursula: The flames are gathering before us!
    "HP and MP restored!"
    [The Crystal shatters, and Rubicante appears, followed by comments from
    those who recognize the imposing archfiend.]
    Golbez: Even you were caught up in this?
    Kain: You...?
    Rosa: You look as if you're...in agony?
    [As the battle progress, Rubicante cries out..]
    Rubicante: Ergh... I... I am Rubicante!
    [Even further into the battle, Rubicantes shout become more persistent...]
    Rubicante: Gah....ahh! What... are you doing!?
    [More into the battle, Rubicantes tone becomes stronger...]
    Rubicante: Strike me down... Now!
    [Gradually, Rubicante begins to weakn...]
    Rubicante: Yes... That's right...
    [He attacks himself, and heals the party!]
    Rubicante: You must stop it... Stop this moon...with all your might!
    [If Golbez is in the party...]
    Golbez: Rubicante!
    Rubicante: It is all...up to...
    [Rubicante falls, and the party exchanges words.]
    Ceodore: So those were the elemental archfiends...
    Golbez: (Your hopes will not be in vain... I swear it!)
    Kain: Leave it to us, Rubicante. I promise we will succeed.
    Rosa: (Cecil... Can you hear this?)
    Ursula: What a noble warrior...
    [The party continues, until they decide to rest at another spot, where another
    scene occurs.]
    Golbez (speaking as Ceodore approaches): You need something?
    Ceodore: N-no...
    Golbez (turning): You're... Ceodore, yes?
    Ceodore: Uh...yes.
    Golbez: I had no idea he had a son at all, much less one your age.
    Ceodore: I, er... They say you are my father's elder brother.
    Golbez: Was.
    Ceodore: What?
    Golbez (turning away): I brought the world to the brink of destruction.
    Since then, I've hidden myself away from the universe.
    Ceodore (stepping forward): So what made you come back now, then?
    Golbez (turning): What?
    Ceodore: Why did you return to us during this time of crisis?
    Golbez: ...
    Ceodore: Did you... come to help us, then? To help my father?
    Golbez: I did.
    Ceodore: Um... Do you mind if I ask you one more thing?
    Golbez: What is it?
    Ceodore: What is it like on the moon that you call home?
    Golbez: Are you curious?
    Ceodore (stepping closer): Well, of course. Part of my lineage is Lunarian,
    after all...
    [The screen fades to black, and the party continues, until they approach the
    next Crystal.]
    Ceodore: This feels so strange...
    Golbez: (The monster from the Giant!)
    Kain: Oh, no... They can even resurrect this!?
    Rosa: A warning alarm!
    Ursula: I... I smell steel!
    [The Crystal shatters, and CPU appears, flanked by a Strike Module and
    Defense Node, and followed by comments from those who recognize the
    technological contraption.]
    Golbez: There it is!
    Kain: The giant's heart!
    Rosa: They've revived even this!?
    [Eventually, the contraption wordlessly falls, and the party exchanges words.]
    Ceodore: Did... did that machine come from the Crystal as well?
    Golbez: (They've even rebuilt the Giant's control system. Why?)
    Kain: (Even the Giant of Babil!?)
    Rosa: Could the Crystal actually recreate such a device?
    Ursula: What was that giant ball all about?
    [The party continues, until they spot a mysterious woman stationed on
    top of a house. Curiously, they approach her.]
    Ceodore: Is she human? Wait! No, she isn't!
    Golbez: You!
    Kain: Asura!
    Rosa: You! From the Feymarch!
    Ursula: That force I feel... This thing is not human!
    Asura (turning): ...
    [Suddenly, Asura attacks the party! Members who recognize the Eidolon
    Queen cry out in surprise!]
    Kain: It's no use! She's under the control of that girl!
    Rosa: W-wait a second!
    [If Rydia is not in the party...]
    [As the battle progress, Asura cries out!]
    Asura: Ry...dia!
    [Asura falls, and the party exchanges words.]
    Ceodore: We... we defeated her!
    Golbez: (We did what we had to to...)
    Kain: No!
    Rosa: Rydia... I'm so sorry.
    Ursula: I...I was so sure we could have saved her...
    [The party continues, until they spot a mysterious man stationed on top of a
    house. Curiously, they approach him.]
    Ceodore: An old man? Anothe trick of the Crystals?
    Golbez: You...
    Kain: Leviathan!
    Rosa: (The Eidolon King himself?)
    Ursula: This... overwhelming force...
    Eidolon King (turning): ...
    [Suddenly, Leviathan attacks the party! Members who recognize the Eidolon
    King cry out in surprise!]
    Kain: Can't he hear us?
    Rosa: I knew it... He's fallen to the enemy!
    [If Rydia is not in the party...]
    [As the battle progress, Leviathan cries out!]
    Leviathan: Ry...Rydi...a...!
    [Leviathan falls, and the party exchanges words.]
    Ceodore: We... we defeated him!
    Golbez: (Forgive us...)
    Kain: Oh, no!
    Rosa: Rydia... If only you were here.
    Ursula: Why couldn't we get him to open his eyes!?
    [The party continues, until they finally reach a dead-end, where a knight
    is perched upon a throne...]
    Cecil: Ngh...! Ah...aaahhh!!!
    Ceodore: Who...who are you?
    Golbez: You!
    Kain: No!
    Rosa: !!!
    [The dark knight turns around, and approaches...]
    Cecil: Ngh...gaaahhh!!!
    Ceodore: Huh!?
    Golbez: I knew it!
    Rosa: Cecil!?
    Kain: I can't believe this!
    Dark Knight: ...
    [The Dark Knight attacks! If the party does not have Cecil or Golbez,
    they will quickly fall. If Cecil and Golbez are in your party, but Rosa
    and Ceodore are not, Golbez will eventually fall.]
    Dark Knight (attacking viciously with Darkness, reducing all party members
    HP to 1): I have no use for these bodies... these shells. I... I am the
    true Cecil!
    Cecil: Grh...waaagh!!!
    [Cecil protects everyone at the Dark Knight attacks.]
    Dark Knight: The final flame? Enough, you shell!
    [The Dark Knight begins to cast Black Fang as Golbez cries out!]
    Golbez: Ce...cil!
    [He absorbs the blow, and falls down.]
    Cecil: !!!
    [The battle ends abruptly.]
    Dark Knight: You dare to believe this atones for anything? For terrorizing
    the entire world!?
    Golbez: I... I am sorry...
    [Golbez collapses.]
    Golbez: Forgive me... Cecil...
    Dark Knight (stepping forward): You dare to believe this atones for
    throwing me aside!?
    [The Dark Knight attacks Golbez!]
    Dark Knight: Isn't this what you wanted? To die at the hands of the brother
    you abandonded!?
    [If you also have Ceodore and Rosa, this extra part occurs. Otherwise, Golbez
    is lost forever.]
    [Suddenly, a healing mist envelopes Golbez!]
    Golbez: !?
    [Rosa appear on screen as Golbezs rises.]
    Dark Knight: Why...why do you choose him, Rosa!? This man threw me away
    like trash! He steered the world to its own destruction!
    Rosa: You are not my Cecil!
    [As the battle progresses, Ceodore begins to stir...]
    Ceodore: Mother...
    [The screen fades to black, leaving only Ceodore visible.]
    ???: You fool!!!
    [Biggs appears...]
    Ceodore: Biggs...
    [Wedge appears.]
    Wedge: You must believe in your parents' blood... You must believe in
    Ceodore: Wedge!
    Biggs: What's your problem, Ceodore!?
    Wedge: Do you remember what Kain taught you?
    Ceodore: !!!
    Ceodore (standing): I..!
    Wedge: Yes! That's it!
    Biggs: Now that's the Red Wings soldier I know!
    [Ceodore stands, and faces the now visible battle.]
    Ceodore: Cecil is my father... Rosa is my mother! And I am their one
    and only son!
    [Ceodore runs into the battle!]
    Rosa: Ceodore!
    Dark Knight: Ceodore...
    Ceodore: You...you aren't my father! My father is right here!
    Dark Knight: Ceodore...you, too?
    [As the battle progresses, the Dark Knight mutters darkly...]
    Dark Knight: All right, Ceodore... So be it... You, too, shall obtain
    eternity... In exchange for your life!
    [The Dark Knight reduces Ceodore's HP to 1!]
    Rosa: Ceodore!?
    [The Dark Knight raises his blade again as Cecl suddenly rises up!]
    Cecil: Ceo..dore!
    [Cecil absorbs the blow!]
    Dark Knight: !!!
    Ceodore: Father!
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Cecil: Let's go, Ceodore!
    "Cecil has returned to the light!"
    Dark Knight: I...I am Cecil! The true Cecil!
    [As the battle progresses, the Dark Knight finally falls to his knees...]
    Dark Knight: Ridiculous...How could you be Cecil!? What...what does that make
    me, then!?
    Cecil (stepping forward): You are myself. That is true... the part that has
    shut itself from the world, once upon a time.
    Dark Knight: I...I...!
    Cecil: But those days are over. You are no longer alone!
    [The Dark Knight falls over, and the battle ends. A bright flash of light
    fills the screen, and the Dark Knight disappears.]
    Ceodore: Father!
    Rosa: Cecil!
    Cecil (turning): You've become a strong man, Ceodore!
    Ceodore: I owe it all to the people who helped me. Biggs...Wedge...Kain...
    and two others.
    Rosa (turning): Two others?
    Ceodore: You, of course! Without my mother and father, I am nothing.
    Rosa: Ceodore!
    Cecil: Thank you, my son!
    Golbez: ...
    Cecil (turning to Golbez): I could hear your voice... it echoed through my
    mind, across the entire ordeal. That was what kept me from withering into
    an empty shell.
    Golbez: Cecil...
    Kain: It's been far too long, Cecil!
    Cecil: To say nothing of you, Kain! My friends, I don't know how to thank all
    of you enough!
    Cecil: Now, let us make haste. We must stop this moon, and ensure the future
    of our homeland!
    [Behind Cecil, a mystical blade appears. Upon picking it up, a stairwell
    forms behind the former dead-end.]
    "Obtained Excalibur!"
    [However, behind the stairwell is another dead-end...? Suddenly, a voice
    booms out from the darkness...]
    ???: You've made it this far, then?
    [The Mysterious Girl steps forth from the darkness.]
    Cecil: !
    Mysterious Girl: Cecil has returned to you, I see. But that has changed
    nothing. The planet has completed its role. Its fate has not changed one bit...
    just as yours remain unchanged.
    [Depending on your 5 party members, the following is uttered by your party.]
    Cecil: Fate is not something set in stone. If you want to change it, all you
    have to do is believe!
    Ceodore: There was a time when I hated my role in life. That all ended once
    I embarked on this journey! That role I hated... it was all just in my own
    Golbez: Let me ask you this, then. What role do you play in all this!?
    Kain: Is that what you've decided? A shame. We haven't given up yet, I'm
    Rosa: What do you mean, our role!?
    Mysterious Girl: I suppose it is all too incomprehensible for such earthbound
    maggots as you to understand. Fair enough. You are free to choose how
    your death plays out. This is your final decision. I leave it up to you to
    [A teleporter appears, and the party is whisked away to an even deeper section
    of the dungeon...
    [The party continues into the depths, stopping at one point to rest for a
    while. The following scene occurs if Golbez is still alive.]
    Cecil: Golbez...
    Golbez: Ah, Cecil.
    Cecil (stepping closer): I...I am glad to see you back.
    Golbez (turning): And the same to you, as well.
    Cecil: I cannot say for sure what our enemy was doing to my mind. But within
    my heart... it was as if the light was slowly fading away from me, deep
    Golbez: ...
    Cecil: I felt so isolated. I was inside a world of profound darkness...
    However, I still had faith... faith that Rosa and Ceodore, and my friend would
    come to my aid... But I must admit, I certainly did not expect you to be
    among my saviors.
    Golbez: Cecil...
    Cecil (stepping closer): So... thank you, my brother.
    Golbez: If you need to thank someone, thank Fusoya.
    Cecil: What?
    Golbez: It was he who sent me to you...putting his own body on the line in
    the process.
    Cecil: Fusoya did that!?
    Golbez: He did.
    Cecil: I am impressed Fusoya still thought enough of you to do that.
    Golbez: Perhaps. But I have had enough of hiding.
    Cecil: Oh?
    Golbez: Indeed.
    Cecil: So you are no longer ashamed of your name, Golbez?
    Golbez: No, I have to live up to my sins...and myself.
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    "The Crystal shatters, filling the room with an ominous presence. As it
    thicken, the aura begins to take form before you... Revealing the great
    oppressor of the soil: Lich, the Fiend of Earth!"
    [Lich appears! Confused, the party says nothing. The battle progress, until
    finally Lich falls. Afterwards, the party exchanges confused glances and
    Cecil: The Earth Crystal?
    Ceodore: Was that Death himself? I felt a sudden dread course through my
    Golbez: (What was that thing?)
    Kain: That was no elemental archfiend...
    Rosa: That enemy was like none we've seen before. Are there others like this
    still ahead?
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    ???: Hee hee hee hee... So... you are the ones who daed to disturb the
    great Marilith's slumber? I will not let you wrest my fire force away from
    me... Instead, you will be burnt to cinders by my flames!
    [The Crystal shatters, and Marilith appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Marilith falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: So these monsters are resurrections as well?
    Ceodore: How many more of these Crystals must we face!?
    Golbez: (I never imagined I would ever fight a fire wielder more powerful
    than Rubicante.)
    Kain: That was no simply monster minion.
    Rosa: She was the protector of the Fire Crystal...
    [The Crystal shatters, and Marilith appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Marilith falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    ???: Oh ho ho... You dare to challenge Kraken, the Fiend of Water? Do you
    honestly wish to throw your lives away so quickly?
    [The Crystal shatters, and Kraken appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Kraken falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: Yet another strange enemy conjured up by a Crystal...
    Ceodore: "The Fiend?" What is a Fiend?
    Golbez: (A...a fiend?)
    Kain: These monsters... They control the elements, much like the archfiends.
    Rosa: The Fiend...of Water?
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal.]
    ???: So... you've made it this far. 'Tis a sad thing that your collective
    destiny ends here... right now! I am Tiamat... the Fiend of Wind!
    [The Crystal shatters, and Tiamat appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Tiamat falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: The Fiend...of Wind?
    Ceodore: Who is behind these creatures!?
    Golbez: (The Fiends... Were they created by this moon?)
    Kain: I never knew such a powerful dragon existed in this universe!
    Rosa: Why is this moon here? And what is it trying to accomplish with the
    [The party continues, deciding to rest up for a bit. The following scene
    occurs if Golbez is still alive.]
    Golbez: ...
    Kain: Never in a million years did I expect you to come back.
    Golbez: It has been a while, hasn't it, Kain?
    Kain (stepping forward): I have somewhat mixed feelings about this
    reunion...but I must admit, you have been a strong ally for us.
    Golbez: You wear an interesting outfit.
    Kain (turning away): It took a very long time...but I have regained control
    of myself. Just as Cecil did...and just as you did as well, I suppose.
    Golbez: So...
    Kain: I owe it all the power of the Lunarians... In particular, the power of
    you and your brother's father.
    Golbez: I see.
    Kain: Is...is this moon related to yours at all?
    Golbez: ...
    Kain: What has happened to your moon in the ensuing years?
    Golbez (turning away): I do not know.
    Kain: Ah...
    Golbez: The Lunarians' Crystals were robbed of their power. The enemy's
    claw were upon them.
    Kain: They were, were they?
    Golbez: Whoever controls this moon...I am going to exact my revenge upon
    "Kain and Golbez learned the Spiral Blow Band!"
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, which
    wordlessly shatters. Beelzebul appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Beelzebul falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: What...what was that monster!?
    Ceodore: How can it be so big!?
    Golbez: (Is this what happens when ones loses all hope, body, and soul?)
    Kain: (Have we blundered into the very depths of the underworld?)
    Rosa: What a hideous creature! Do the Crystals' conjurations know no bounds!?
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, which
    wordlessly shatters. Astaroth appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Astaroth falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: What was that monster?
    Ceodore: That creature... She reminded me of something!
    Golbez: (This is no mere moon... This is home to demons and devils!)
    Kain: A fearsome foe indeed...
    Rosa: She looked like the demons I heard about in legends.
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, which
    wordlessly shatters. King Behemoth appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally King Behemoth falls.
    Afterwards, the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: That was no regular Behemoth!
    Ceodore: We...we won!?
    Golbez: (Do the Crystals control these monsters just as they guide the
    Blue PLanet?)
    Kain: Is this...an evolved version of the Behemoth?
    Rosa: How much more formidable could our enemies possibly be?
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, which
    wordlessly shatters. Iron Giant appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally the Iron Giant falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: A giant... like the one in Babil.
    Ceodore: What an enormous machine...
    Golbez: (That was absolutely nothing like any of Zemus' giants...)
    Kain: (The giants of the old moon were nothing compared to this...)
    Rosa: We...we beat him?
    [The party continues, deciding to rest up for a bit. The following scene
    occurs between Kain and Cecil.]
    Kain: ...
    [Cecil appears and stands behind Kain.]
    Kain: Cecil?
    Cecil: Mm-hmm?
    Kain (turning): It has been a while since we talked like this... just you and
    Cecil: It certainly.  I'm sorry...
    Kain: About what?
    Cecil: I lost control of myself...and look what it has caused.
    Kain: ...
    Cecil: If you hadn't come down from that mountain, I would have been lost.
    Kain: Quit it.
    Cecil (approaching): In fact... without you, Ceodore and Rosa would have both
    been beyond rescue by this point.
    Kain (turning away): I wasn't doing it just for you, you understand.
    Cecil: Huh?
    Kain: Baron in my motherland... It always has been, and it always will be.
    Cecil: True enough.
    Kain (turning back): I have been away from it for far too long.
    Cecil: But now you are back.
    Kain: Yep.
    Cecil: What do you think of Ceodore?
    Kain: He has talent...and he's every bit as earnest as you are.
    Cecil: Is he?
    Kain (turning): I suppose that stubborn streak of his comes from Rosa, though.
    Cecil: Perhaps.
    Kain: ...We have to stop this moon.
    Cecil (stepping closer): I'll be counting on you, Kain.
    Kain (turing towards Cecil): Thank you!
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, which
    is noted by the party.]
    Cecil: Is this... a Dark Crystal!?
    Ceodore: The darkness... It's growing thicker!
    Golbez: This power... it is springing forth from the darkness!
    Kain: No...this is not among the Dark Crystals we know of.
    Rosa: Dark powers...
    ???: The flood of darkness cannot be stopped... You will all die where you
    [The Crystal shatters, and Cerberus appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Cerberus falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: Are there four of these Dark Crystals as well?
    Ceodore: Did...did we defeat him?
    Golbez: (This power... It imprisoned me as well, once.)
    Kain: A flood of darkness?
    Rosa: These are not the Dark Crystals we know...
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, where they are
    greeted by an ominous voice.]
    ???: Soon...Soon, the dark flood will begin in earnest! And you... Yes, you
    will already be dead by the time it begins!
    [The Crystal shatters, and Ahriman appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Ahriman falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, where they are
    greeted by an ominous voice.]
    ???: I am impressed you made it here... But it all ends, now. The darkness
    is about to flood into your world... and the planet you live on shall be
    banished into oblivion!
    [The Crystal shatters, and Echidna appears! Confused, the party says
    nothing. The battle progress, until finally Echidna falls. Afterwards,
    the party exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: A flood of darkness?
    Ceodore: The world, banished to oblivion!?
    Golbez: (No... These are not the Dark Crystals I know.)
    Kain: Oblivion...?
    Rosa: So this moon was created... to destory worlds?
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, which
    wordlessly shatters...and a strange melody begins to play!
    Ultros appears!]
    Ultros: Ho ho ho! You aren't getting past me! No sir! No picking on me, now!
    [Depending on which females you have in your party, Ultros will call the
    following names...]
    Ultros: Rosa... A very cute girl. My favourite kind! Eee!
    [If Golbez attacks Ultros, he complains loudly.]
    Ultros: Ugh! I hate muscle men! Barefoot ones, to boot!
    [If Kain attacks Ultros...]
    Ultros: Ugh! I hate muscle men! All muscley and things!]
    [If Cecil attacks Ultros...]
    Ultros: Ugh! I hate muscle men!
    [If Ceodore attacks Ultros...]
    Ultros: Ugh! I hate muscle men! What, are you the backup?
    [Eventually, the music begins to change...]
    "Ultros has suddenly changed!"
    [Soon after, however, he begins to cry out!]
    Ultros: Gweh gweh... Gaaagh...
    [The battle progress, until finally Ultros falls. Afterwards, the party
    exchanges confused glances and words.]
    Cecil: ...What?
    Ceodore: I...I'm not sure how I should react to that.
    Golbez: (...?)
    Kain: What just happened?
    Rosa: I don't quite understand what happened...but I think we defeated him.
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, where they are
    greeted by an ominous voice after it shatters.]
    "Dare you stand in my way...!?"
    [The Ghost Train attacks from behind! Confused, the party says nothing. The
    battle progress, until finally the Ghost Train falls. Afterwards, the party
    exchanges confused glances and words.
    Cecil: The ghost...of a train?
    Ceodore: Was that a monster, too?
    Golbez: (It was packed to the brim with sadness...)
    Kain: Is there anything we have yet to face here, really?
    Rosa: Where was that train going, I wonder?
    [The party continues, until they approach the next Crystal, which
    wordlessly shatters. The Ultima Weapon appears!
    Ultima Weapon: My name is Ultima... The ultimate power, created in ancient
    times... I am not life, but power in its purest form. All weaker life forms
    must perish in my wake!
    [Confused, the party says nothing. The battle progress, until finally The
    Ultima Weapon falls. Afterwards, the party exchanges confused glances and
    "Obtained Ultima Weapon!"
    Cecil: (Weaker life forms?)
    Ceodore: (Maybe we are weaker life forms... but still!)
    Golbez: (Our weakness is precisely what makes us so powerful...)
    Kain: He was created in ancient times?
    Rosa: He wasn't alive?
    [The party continues, heading into a strange area within the depths. For
    some reason, Rydia pleads to be placed into the party. Soon, the party
    sees the Mysterious Girl appears before them...]
    Cecil: ...!
    Golbez: (Is this just another copy?)
    Kain: Finally here for us, eh?
    Rosa: You're here for us...
    Rydia: Where is Bahamut!?
    Mysterious Girl: I had not anticipated that you'd make it to this point.  But
    the world that lies ahead has no place for you. It is time for you to
    disappear...under the force of a power you know all too well!
    [The Mysterious Girl raises her arm as Bahamut emerges from the darkness.]
    Cecil: I will not allow this to end as it did once before!
    Golbez: Is Bahamut under her complete control?
    Kain: Bahamut! Even he's fallen into her hands!?
    Rosa: Please! You must wake up!
    Rydia: Bahamut...!
    Mysterious Girl: Go, Bahamut! Go, and obliterate them!
    [The Mysterious Girl and Bahamut attack! If Rydia is not in the party, the
    team is incinerated by Bahamut's vicious attacks! However, if she is,
    Rydia will soon try to speak to Bahamut again.]
    Rydia: Bahamut! It's me! Please, you must remember!
    Bahamut: ...
    Rydia: Bahamut!
    Mysterious Girl: Now! Finish them off!
    [Bahamut attacks, but the party still manages to stand... If you don't have
    Asura and Leviathan, then eventually Bahamut and the Mysterious Girl simply
    collapse, and the battle ends...]
    Cecil: Forgive me, Rydia...and Bahamut.
    Golbez: I doubt this is the end. Not like this..
    Kain: If we hadn't fought the way we had, we would have been lost forever...
    Rosa: I apologize, Rydia...
    Rydia: Bahamut...
    [Continuing through the Depths, the party comes upon a strange room, where
    there are many copies of the Mysterious Girls... However, they do not move
    to attack the party.]
    Maenad: ...
    Maenad: I am a Maenad...
    Maenad: We are the Maenads...
    Maenad: Our will is as one...
    Maenad: We must press forward to yet high forms of evolution...
    Maenad: We are the most advanced form of life.
    Maenad: What is our next mission?
    Maenad: Where is the next Crystal we must recover?
    [Wordlessly, the party moves into the next chamber, where even more Maenads
    sleep. However, one figure seems to stand out... Upon examining her, the
    party watches as she slowly stirs and wakes up...]
    Maenad?: Who are you?
    Ceodore: Ah... I am Ceodore...
    Maenad?: Your orders...
    Rosa: Um... could you wait here?
    Maenad?: You wish for me to remain here?
    Cecil: That's right. Good girl.
    Maenad? (backing up): Understood...
    [The doors opens, and the party hesitantly continues. In this room, they
    noticed many Crystals, and begin to collect them; 4 Dark Crystals, and 4
    elemental Crystals are found, among many fakes. Puzzled, the party gathers
    up the 8 real ones, and proceeds on to the next room. They emerge in a
    strangely tiled area, with an almost wintery terrain, and they grow very
    tense. ]
    [At long last, they emerge at the end of Depths, and are greeted by the
    sight of an immense shape looming in the darkness.]
    Cecil: Something is inside here... I know it is!
    Ceodore: Is this... the leader of the Maenads!?
    Golbez: This is it! The very core of this moon!
    Kain: We appear to have reached the bottom.
    Rosa: What is this?
    [Without a word, the party begins to hack away at the core, which does not
    to neagte their attacks. Soon, the core begins to glow white, but still does
    nothing, except cast Osmose and Drain. Eventually, it glows and breaks away,
    to reveal..]
    [A small blue figure...]
    *[Depending on what 5 character you have, the conversation will proceed with
    an alternation between a varying number of your characters and the strange
    blue figure.]*
    Cecil: It's trying to talk to me...directly into my mind!
    Ceodore That...that came from inside!
    Golbez: You... You're the master of this moon...
    Kain: Finally, the one responsible for it all!
    Rosa: I...I can hear something...!
    ???: Let me try this... to see if you can understand my words.
    Cecil: Who are you?
    Ceodore: Understand?
    Golbez: You...
    Kain: What is he up to?
    Rosa: If we can understand what?
    ???: As you may have noticed, I am the keeper of the Crystals. You seem to see
    the Crystals as embodiments of wisdom, but that is not their sole function.
    Certainly, the Crystals have granted you the tools you needed to grow and
    advance as a civilization... But the Crystals are more than that. They record
    and store everything within... The process and final result of every evolution
    that ever takes place.
    Cecil: What is it you're after?
    Ceodore: The Crystals store all of that!?
    ???: Would you understand if I told you that I am in the midst of an
    experiment involving the future evolution of life? That was the reason why
    I created the Crystals. The Crystals I sent to your planet are no exception.
    Now, the time has come to harvest them. I had sent a force of Maenads to your
    planet to handle the duty.
    Golbez: Those girls!
    ???: The Maenads are my latest experiment, built from the data stored within
    my countless number of Crystals.
    Cecil: So why is this moon on a crash course for our planet?
    ???: I am sorry, but your time is over. I fear that you have not achieved
    enough on this planet to satisfy my needs. I cannot allow the universe to be
    ovverun by inferior species that fail to evolve to their fullest potential.
    Hence the reason why this moon has not stopped...
    Cecil: Wh-what...!?
    Ceodore: You... you cannot do that!
    Golbez: You...!
    Kain: You're going to collide them together!?
    Rosa: P-please, wait...!
    ???: You are all a part of the process... the output of the evolutionary plan
    conceived by the Crystals I created. In other words, this is all my work...
    The Crystals, the Maneads, and this new moon. This is why I am called the
    [Enraged, the party attacks the Creator, who appears before them as quite
    a diminutive figure. Despite some strange and powerful attacks from the
    Creator, the party manages to fell him with relative ease... or do they?]
    Creator (standing back up): Long ago... I was born on a blue planet, one
    much like your own. We prospered more than we could ever sustain... until we
    consumed our very planet down to its core. By the time a small group of experts
    noticed, it was already too late to reverse the trend.  So we abandoned our
    home planet and embarked on a space-wide search for another planet to live...
    Months and years passed, and generations lived and died aboard our fleet as
    we voyaged. Eventually, our ability to survive slowly deteriorated to
    nothing... stunted by the artificial environment we lived in. The result is
    this new moon you see... the remains of our space fleet. I am the last
    What kind of civilization should we have built? How should we have
    evolved instead? In search of an answer, I embarked on a lifetime of
    experimentation, creating the Crystals to record all of my proceedings. After
    I made them, I sent them out to countless planets... any place that had the
    potential to sustain life.
    Creator (shaking): Ngh...! I am sorry...but my craft cannot hold out any
    longer... The chemical reactions... that were controlled by my outer
    frame...! They are changing...me... My brain has started to... transform...!
    [The party once again engages in battle, where the Creator has changed into
    a tall, slender figure. He assails the party with noticeably stronger spells,
    but the group still manages to bring him down.]
    Creator: Tell...me...
    "How...were we...supposed...to live...?"
    [Suddenly, a grotesquely twisted monster nears the party, while the members
    themselves cannot even strike the figure...]
    "It's going to swallow us!"
    <Baron Castle>
    [There is a brief flash of light, and the monsters disappear. Figures rush to
    the throne...]
    "King Cecil?"
    "What of King Cecil!?"
    "Your Majesty!"
    <Rosa's House>
    Rosa's Mother (turning): Rosa!? Ceodore!
    <Mount Ordeals>
    [The screen fades mostly to white, and a voice booms out...]
    "O mighty dragoon... You have overcome your lonely trials... I know you are
    capable of this..."
    [Back at the core of the New Moon, the Crystals between to react before the
    fallen party, surrounding them in a glowing light... And outside, all of the
    other party members stand together... Depending on who stands there, the
    following is heard...]
    Brina: (Get...home...!)
    Calca: (Stay...alive...!)
    Cid: We've been waiting for you...and so is everyone else!
    Edge: Are you kidding me? C'mon, we need you to get back here!
    Edward: The will of the people shall be your courage!
    Gekkou: If you give up, then all is lost!
    Harley: Everyone back home is fighting for you!
    Izayoi: We believe in you!
    Leonora: C-can you hear us!? Our feelings!
    Luca: Please! Stand back up!
    Palom: Don't give up, you bums!
    Porom: Please.. may my prayers reach you!
    Rydia: You have to feel it! All of our feelings are with you!
    Tsukinowa: You promised me! You said you'd stop the moon...and we'd all come
    back home together!
    Ursula: All my heart... I put into my fist!
    Yang: You must believe! I know you can live through this ordeal!
    Zangetsu: Please! Fight until the end for me!
    [Back at the core, the party members begin to rise!]
    Cecil (rising): Our lives are tied by the deepest of bonds...and no one
    shall tear them asunder!
    Ceodore (rising): It's true! We are not alone here!
    Golbez (rising): This moon is going to be stopped...and so will you, right
    where you stand!
    Kain (rising): We are still alive... All of us!
    Rosa (rising): Yes! This for Ceodore's future...Cecil's future... the future
    of everyone on our planet!
    "The Crystals have regained their light!"
    [The party rushes back into battle!]
    "The Creator is protected by the darkness! The darkness must be cleared away!
    Let the crystals shine upon the darkness!"
    [Using the Crystals, the party manages to dispel the darkness around the
    Creator: This...this Crystal... What is it?
    "The Crystal's glow has stopped the Creator's rampage!"
    Creator: Stop...stop me...now!!!
    [After a long and tiring battle, the party manages to down the Creator!]
    Creator: The destruction has already begun... My destruction... and that of
    this moon... You must run!
    [The Creator slowly fades away... However, the shaking still persists.]
    Cecil: Retreat!
    Ceodore: We're going to be overwhelmed!
    Golbez: We must hurry!
    Kain: The new moon is starting to fall apart!
    Rosa: Is...is he trying to take us wtih him!?
    [The party beings to run away, but are unexpectedly attacked by the Creator
    from behind, who seems to be trying to take them out with his final breath...
    Desperately, they try to fend him off, and he eventually slinks away.]
    [As the party climbs back up through the chambers, they spot the little girl.]
    Cecil: You!
    Ceodore: Wh-what're you doing here!?
    Maenad: I waited, as you ordered...
    [Once again, the Creator attacks! Suddenly, the Maenad appear in the battle!]
    Maenad: We will stop them.
    [Taking advantage of the opportunity, the party runs off. However, they cannot
    abandon the little girl.]
    Rosa: You can come with us!
    Maenad: Understood...
    [The little Maenad joins the party, as they rush out of the room. However,
    they are still plagued by the attacks of the Creator. However, another Maenad
    Maenad: Watch that child.
    [The party runs off with the little Maenad. It isn't long until the Creator
    attacks again, however. Luckily, another Maenad intervenes.]
    Maenad: That child is us.
    [The party runs again, and sure enough, the Creator shows up. And of course,
    another Maenad.]
    Maenad: That child is our future...
    [Exhuasted, the party gallops away. However, the Creator still persists in
    attacking, and another Maenad attacks.]
    Maenad: Creator, how could you...?
    [Rushing away, the party encounters once again encounters the Creator, and
    another Maenad.
    Maenad: You are our father!
    [The Maenad fades away, and the Creators whispers something...]
    Creator: Th...
    "Thank you..."
    "Thank you all!"
    [Finally, the Creator collapses, and is finally defeated... Without a moment
    to waste, the party runs through the door, and the screen fades to white...]
    [Now, the camera begins to pan around the Blue Planet; first, we see Baron
    Castle. Then, Agart.
    <Observatory - Observation Room>
    Corio: My goodness!
    Apprentice: What is it, sir!?
    Corio: The moon!
    [The camera shows the two moons, as the New  Moon begins to move away. On
    board the Lunr Whale, the party gazes out at it.]
    Cecil: What doe sthis mean for the future of our Crystals?
    Ceodore: It all depends on how we decide to use them, doesn't it?
    Golbez: So that was what the Crystals were for... I can hardly believe it.
    Kain: Perhaps the Creator grew a conscience in those final moments.
    Rosa: The new moon...is leaving us.
    [The screen fades to black, and the Blue Planet is seen from afar. The screen
    fades to white, and begins to jump around the Blue Planet again.]
    <Troia Castle - Crystal Room>
    Epopt: The Crystal has returned...and in one piece, no less.
    Epopt: With this in order, our pople can finally concentrate on rebuilding
    our proud nation.
    Epopt (turning): Leonora...as of this day, you are to stand officially amongst
    our ranks.
    Leonora: I...I... Thank you so much! Um... If I may, however...
    Izayoi: (Hee hee...)
    [Screen fades to black.]
    Epopt: What?
    <Mysidia - Crystal Room>
    Palom: ...
    Porom (wallking in): There you are!
    Palom: Mm-hmm.
    Porom: The Elder wants to see you.
    Palom (turning): He's woken up!?
    Porom: He sure has!
    [The screen fades to black, and re-appears in the Prayer Hall, where the
    elder lies.]
    Elder: Palom... You've returned.
    Palom: Elder, what were you thinking? You know you aren't so young anymore.
    Porom: Palom!
    Elder: It is quite all right, Porom. He only states the truth. I was wondering,
    Palom. Have you made a decision about your sage training quite yet?
    Palom: (turning away): That can come later.
    Porom: Huh?
    Palom: Come on. You know as well as I do how helpless Mysidia would be without
    Elder: Ah, long have I awaited those words!
    Porom: Elder...
    Elder: From this day forward, I leave Mysidia in the hands of you both.
    Palom: Wha...!?
    Porom: Elder, you couln't! We are yet still unprepared for the job.
    Elder: Oh, you'll be fine... as long as the two of you are together. Black and
    white. Darkness and light. Male and female. Your differences are exactly why
    I am sure you will lead us along the right path.
    Palom: You... These aren't your last words or anything, are they?
    Porom: Palom! What are you...!?
    Elder: Ugh! You cursed fool! Back to training with you!
    Palom: Sure thing. Just don't keel over on us, Elder?
    Porom: Palom!
    [A black mage runs up.]
    Black Mage: Sir, a visitor from Troia is here.
    Palom: Oh?
    [The camera jumps to outside the Prayer Hall, where Leonora stands. Porom
    comes running up to here.]
    Porom: Leonora!
    [Leonora turns as Palom also approaches.]
    Palom: If you're looking for me to teach you something, then I'm afraid you're
    out of luck. You've got everything you need.
    Leonora: I...I understand that.
    Palom: So why'd you come here, then? What about the Epopts and everything?
    Leonora: I...I gave it up.
    Palom: Whaaa!?
    Porom: Why, Leonora?
    Leonora: Th-there are lots of Epopt trainees in Troia... most of them much
    more suited for the post than I am.
    Palom (approaching): So what're you gonna do now?
    Leonora (turning): I...I thought I would start on my journey towards becoming
    a sage.
    Palom (jumping): Are... are you serious?
    Leonora (turning back): Wh-what? Is...is that so strange?
    Porom (running up to Leonora): Not at all! I'll give you all the help you need.
    Leonora (facing Porom): R-really!?
    Porom: Of course!
    [A frog appears from the side.]
    Tsukinowa: (Good for you, Porom!)
    Palom (approaching): Well, whatever. Guess I'll be babysitting you a while
    Leonora: Y-yes, sir! Thank you!
    [The screen fades to black, and moves to the Dwarven Castle, where King Giott
    and Luca are.]
    <Dwarven Castle - Crystal Room>
    King Giot: Well, I'll be. So that's what the crystals were made for...
    Luca: Yes, Father.
    King Giott (stepping away from the Crystal): All that junk's way over my head,
    Luca (jumping): What? I could try to explain it again, if you like.
    King Giott: If you ask me, we dwarves aren't meant to sit around all day,
    pondering the mysteries of the world. We should keep it simple, you see? And
    I don't see why we shouldn't protect our Crystals the way we always have.
    Luca (turning): ...Maybe you're right.
    [A little kid runs into the Crystal Room.]
    ???: Luca!
    Luca (running up to him): Mid!
    Cid (walking into the room): Ah, there you are. My grandson wouldn't stop
    whining about how much he wanted to see you, so...
    Luca: Well, perfect! Let's go to the Falcon, all right?
    Cid: Whoa! What, already?
    Luca: Come one!
    [Everyone leaves for the Falcon, where Luca is apparently making repairs.]
    Cid: Oh! Say, that makes good sense, there!
    Luca: This was just a little something I picked up while examing the Lunar
    Whale's engine. We need to do something about this part here, though...
    Mid (approaching Luca): How 'bout this?
    Luca (jumping): Wow!
    Cid: Hah hah! That's my boy!
    [Brina and Calca dance as Giott approaches.]
    King Giott: If there is anything you need, Cid, do not hesitate to let me know.
    Luca: Hmm... Well, we could really use some crewmen, actually.
    Dwarf (jumping) : Lali-ho! His Majesty is free right now!
    King Giott (jumping): Dah! All right, all right! I'd be happy to help out!
    Luca: Oh, Father, you wouldn't understand anything on this ship! I was talking
    about your bodyguards!
    Zangetsu (jumping): Nari-ho!
    Dwarves (turning): How many times do we have to tell you!? It's "lali-ho"!
    [They spin as Zangetsu faces them.]
    Dwarves: Lali-ho!
    [The screen fades to black as the bodyguards climb onboard.]
    <Fabul Castle - Crystal Room>
    Duke Consort: The moon is gone... and our Wind Crystal is safe once more.
    Chancellor (turning): I wonder, though... Now that we know the Crystals' true
    nature, can things ever truly be the same?
    Sheila: Well, what difference does it make?
    [The Duke and Chancellor turn as Sheila approaches.]
    Sheila: People pray to the crystals because they are always there for them.
    They are a unifying force... everyone wants to help protect and care for them.
    Chancellor: Hmmm. Makes sense.
    Duke Consort: I could not have stated it better.
    Sheila: No need to compliment me. That's just how my husband put it.
    Chancellor: Speaking of Master Yang, where is he right now?
    Sheila: Training, of course. With Ursula.
    Duke Consort: My. It is strange to think back to when Yang treated Ursula
    like a rare, fragile jewel...
    Sheila (turning): I think Yang said it best himself: "How can I believe in my
    people's future if I cannot even believe in my own daughter?"
    [Outside, on the grounds, Yang is training with Ursula.]
    Ursula: *huff huff*
    Yang: I told you I was not going to go easy.
    Ursula: Y-yes, Master!
    Yang: Is that the best you can do?
    Ursula (stepping forward): N-no, Master! I'm not done yet!
    [She charges at Yang as the camera pans over to Gekkou, who is stationed on
    the ramparts.]
    Gekkou: (Hmm... I suppose Fabul has its own honour to uphold, as well.)
    [The screen fades to black.]
    <Damcyan Castle - Crystal Room>
    Harley: So the Crystal is the same as always?
    Edward: Indeed. I cannot help but think that our Crystal is different...
    different from all the other Crystals the Creator has made.
    Harley (turning): How so, my lord?
    Edward: Our nation believes in this Crystal, yes...but it would have taken
    more than that for it to recover its light.
    Harley: ...Are you sugggesting that the Crystal itself is evolving, too?
    Edward: Perhaps. Perhaps it has responded to the evolution we ourselves carry
    in our hearts... I would like to believe that, anyway.
    "Your Majesty!"
    Chancellor (running in): There you are! Ah, and Harley, too!
    Edward: What is it, Chancellor?
    Chancellor: Have you obtained the material we were discussing earlier?
    Edward (turning): Harley?
    Harley (facing Edward): Yes, my lord. I have made all the necessary
    Edward: Well done.
    Chancellor: Thank you, my lord.
    [They begin to leave, but Edward hesitates for a moment.]
    Edward (turning): Anna... Tellah... from the bottom oh my heart, I thank you
    [Their images appear as Edward leaves the room, and the screen fades to black.]
    <Eblan Castle - Throne Room>
    Seneschal: Your Young Highness!
    Seneschal (rushing into the room and gazing around): Where is His Young
    Guardsman: He left just a moment ago, sir.
    Edge: What? Again!? Where?
    Guardsman: I'm afraid he didn't say, sir. He simply stated he was going out
    on patrol.
    Seneschal: What was that!? Oh, just when we've almost completed renovating the
    castle... I fear His Young Highness has fallen into his habit of slipping off
    unannounced once more!
    [The screen fades to black as Seneschal rushes out, and re-appears with
    Edge, near the entrance of the castle.
    Gekkou (jumping down from the tower): All's clear in Fabul.
    Zangetsu (jumping down from the tower): Nothing seems out of order in the
    Underworld, either.
    Izayoi (jumping down from the tower): Troia's Crystal is the same as always.
    Tsukinowa (jumping down from the tower): Nothing repot from Mysidia, either!
    Edge (turning): Good work, everyone. You are free to go... Go on, and live
    the life you've wished for.
    Gekkou: Then we will continue to serve as your shadow, Master.
    Zangetsu: Until you next orders come!
    Izayoi: Whenever you are imperiled, just call for us. We will be there.
    Tsukinowa: We are Eblan's ninja guard, and we will be that way forevermore!
    Edge (turning): Pfft. Whatever, people.
    Gekkou: Yes, Master!
    Izayoi: Thank you for your kind words!
    Zangetsu: I bid you farewelll...
    Tsukinowa: Until the nxt mission!
    [Edge walks away as the screen fades to black.]
    <Mist (If Asura and Leviathan were not saved)>
    Little Boy: "Cuore!"
    Curoe (turning): What?
    Little Girl: Don't say "What!" You're supposed to say "Yes?"
    Curoe (turning): Yes?
    Little Girl: Right, right. Doesn't that sound better?
    [The Eidolon King and Queen appear.]
    Little Boy: Ah!
    Little Girl (turning): You!
    Cuore: Rydia!
    Rydia (emerging from the house): What is it?
    Eidolon King (stepping forward): It's been quite a while.
    Rydia (turning): Your Majesty! And the Queen!
    Asura: Mist is certainly a fine place, is it not?
    Rydia: You... you're alive!?
    Asura: Very much so.
    Eidolon King : Once that moon collapses upon itself, we were freed from the
    bonds that were placed on us.
    Rydia: So... so the Eidolons...!
    Eidolon King: All back in the Feymarch, safe and sound.
    Rydia: Oh, thank goodness. But what brings you here, then?
    Eidolon King: Well, we just realized... if you are not able to visit us, then
    the least we could do was to visit you.
    Rydia: So...
    Asura: I apologize, Rydia.
    Cuore: Who're they?
    Rydia (turning to them): My parents. Say hello to them, please.
    Cuore (approaching the King and Queen): Good...afternoon.
    Eidolon King (stepping forward): Hello there! Nice to meet you!
    Eidolon Queen (stepping forward): She look quite a bit like you when you were
    a child, Rydia.
    Edge (approaching from the bottom): (Whoa!)
    Cuore (chasing after Edge as he tries to sneak away): Edge!
    Edge: Uh...hey, Cuore!
    Cuore (jumping): You're late!
    Edge: Sorry, sorry. Kind of hard to find free time when you've got a country
    to run.
    Eidolon King: Ah, Master Edge.
    Eidolon Queen: He's the one who suggested we pay you a visit, Rydia.
    Rydia: What!?
    Cuore: We're gonna play all day today!
    Edge: Sure, sure. No magic, though, okay?
    Cuore (nodding): Okay!
    Rydia: (Edge... Thank you!)
    [Cuore leads Edge over to them as the screen fades to black.]
    <Baron Castle>
    Cecil: Ready, Ceodore?
    Ceodore: No training wheels this time, I hope.
    Cecil: Of course not.
    Ceodore: Haaah!!!
    [They both charge at each and begin to fight.]
    ???: That's enough.
    [They both stop as Kain appears.]
    Ceodore: Kain!
    Kain: I'm your squad captain, starting today.
    Ceodore: Oh! Y-yes, Captain!
    Cecil: I'll be counting on you, Kain.
    Rosa (stepping forward): Try not to be too rough on him.
    Kain (turning): That depends on what Ceodore wants.
    Ceodore: I...I'll be just fine, Captain!
    [Ceodore chases after Kain as Rosa stands by Cecil.]
    Rosa: I wonder how he's doind these days...
    Cecil (turning): Golbez?
    Rosa: Yes...
    [They both look into the sky, and we cut to the Lunar Whale.]
    <Lunar Whale>
    Golbez: ...
    [The screen fades to black, and then cuts to a sunset on top of Mt. Ordeals,
    where Cecil, Ceodore, Golbez, Kain, and Rosa stand at the gravestone of
    Cecil and Golbez's father.]
    Cecil: Are you sure you want to go?
    Golbez: I am.
    Rosa: Do... do you think Fusoya is still alive?
    Golbez: ...
    Kain: Would anyone on that moon still be in one piece, for that matter?
    Golbez: I don't know. That is why I must to there at once.
    Cecil: Golbez...
    Golbez: Farewell.
    Ceodore (rushing up to Golbez as he leaves): May we meet again, Golbez!
    Cecil: Ceodore...
    Ceodore: Someday, somewhere!
    Golbez (turning): Ceodore... Thank you.
    [The screen fades to black, and re-appears on the Red Wings airship.]
    Luca: Do you really think this is in the Red Wings' best interests? Not
    upgrading our airships one bit?
    Cid: We have a royal decree, Luca. We are to disarm our airships and never
    rearm them again.
    Luca: It seems like such a waste...but that certainly sounds like a rule that
    Cecil would come up with.
    Cid (as Kain and Ceodore approach): We're ready to go whenever you are,
    Kain: Good.
    Ceodore: Our destination, Captain?
    Kain: Around the world. We're off on a reconstruction support mission to every
    nation in the land.
    Ceodore: R-really, Captain!?
    Kain (turning): Does this look like a pleasure cruise to you, Ceodore!? Did
    Biggs and Wedge teach you nothing!?
    Ceodore (jumping mental images of Biggs and Wedge appear): I...I'm sorry, sir!
    Luca: Where are we headed first?
    Kain (turning): Damcyan. Edward's procured some building material for us.
    Luca: Roger!
    Kain: Off we go, Ceodore!
    Ceodore: Yes, Captain!
    [The airship fleet rises into the sky and begins to fly towards the sky, ending
    with a final shot of the moon.]
    				/ FINAL CREDITS! \
    ----------------------------------/                  \-------------------------
    ---------------------------------/                    \------------------------
    --------------------------------/                      \-----------------------
                                    <Extra Dialogue - EXSCT>
    ================================\                      /=======================
    =================================\                    /========================
    ==================================\                  /=========================
    Ceodore's Tale - The Adventure Begins  (ESD01) \
    <Baron Castle>
    [He attempts to boost the morale of his soldiers before leaving them on their
    Soldier: Leave this in our hands, Your Majesty!
    Soldier: Cid has taken off to join the fight against our enemy!
    Black Mage: I am ready to sacrifice my life it will keep Baron safe!
    Black Mage: Wait until the monsters get a taste of what Baron has to offer!
    Black Mage: Now is the time to make use of all the training and practice I've
    gone through!
    White Mage: Is the town of Baron safe? Its fate worries me.
    White Mage: If only Kain could be here for us right now...
    White Mage: We must dispatch this monster horde before Prince Ceodore returns.
    [Having quelled the fears of his people, he hurries towards the eastern guard
    tower, where he is again attacked by monsters.]
    [Ceodore decides to investigate Mysidia before venturing into something that
    goes by the name 'Devil's Road'.]
    Black Mage: Welcome to Mysidia, sacred ground for all mages!
    Black Mage: We heard this tremendous sound echo from the east. Has something
    gone awry over there?
    White Mage: A vast swarm of monsters flew away toward the northwest. Baron is
    in that direction, isn't it?
    Black Mage: I heard Palom was dispatched to Troia, the little scamp. That town's
    packed with beauties! Ugh...I couldn't be more envious of him if I tried.
    White Mage: Mmm? I can sense great white magic potential in your body...yes, an
    immense power greater than all others!
    White Mage: The Devil's Road is a path that transcends dimensions...and puts
    you face to face with evil itself. Those who dare to set foot in it must be
    prepared to pay the ultimate price for their courage.
    [Upon hearing this information, Ceodore makes his way to the Inn to fish for
    further findings.]
    Pub Owner: Sorry, kid, but we don't serve milk here.
    Pub Patron: You notice the sky yet? There're two moons up there again - no
    warning whatsoever.
    Pub Patron: This village is home to a pair of twin mages, both highly gifted in
    their respective fields. I'm sure one of them will lead the entire village when
    the time comes.
    Pub Patron: Are you headed for Baron? I'd hold off on that, if I were you.
    Something about what's going on...it all seems too ominous to me.
    Woman: I've...shall we say, "graduated" from my life as a dancer. I know I
    certainly won't miss the toll it took on my body.
    [Ceodore, dismayed at finding no further information, checks the local shops.]
    Shop Patron: Palom is the greatest black mage in all of Mysidia...But if you
    ask me, he's not exactly the most pleasant person to be around.
    Shop Patron: Rumor has it that a dragoon is holed up in Mount Ordeals, over to
    the east.
    Shop Patron: You'll find Porom in meditation in the Hall of Prayers north of
    here. She's the white mage who, in her younger years, accompanied King Cecil on
    his quest to save the world.
    [Ceodore takes it upon himself to check up on the townspeople.]
    Villager: There's a prince in the castle who's just about to come of age. Wait,
    are you...!?
    Villager: I was thinking about visiting Mist a bit earlier. The cave's been
    closed off by Baron soldiers, though, and they refused to let me through.
    Villager: King Cecil has ushered an era of peace and tranquility to our nation.
    A shame that Kain, the missing dragoon, is not here to enjoy it.
    Villager: I imagine that King Cecil would like to see his son Ceodore become a
    paladin like himself.
    Villager: The kingdom of Baron is ruled by King Cecil, the man who saved this
    entire land in the wars of the past.
    Villager: An enormous shadow fell from the moon! What could it be?
    Villager: I knew King Cecil had it in him. Dispatching that monster horde with-
    out breaking a sweat...
    Villager: Huh? The door on the building in the west part of the town? Ha hah!
    You aren't from around here, are you?
    Villager: Hey! You! Could you quit standing there, please? I'm trying to get
    some sun!
    [Ceodore hurries to equip himself with the latest items and finds a secret
    passage in the shop.]
    Shopkeeper: Hmm? Oh, couldn't you read the sign by the entrance? I'm sorry,
    but I can't allow you to go beyond here. Off you go, sir!
    [Ceodore leaves the shop.]
    Villager: You know Cid, the airship engineer? His house is in the northwest
    corner of the village. Come to think of it, we haven't seen him lately...His
    daughter is beside herself with worry.
    [Ceodore feels obligated to check up on Cid's daughter.]
    Cid's Daughter: Where could my father be? He hasn't been back ever since...I
    figure he's just tinkering with his airship again, but still, I'm concerned...
    Cid's Son-in-law: I have to say, I'm worried...The man's not exactly young
    anymore. He'd be livid if he heard me say that, but...
    Cid's Grandson: Have you seen my grandpa? He promised me we'd go on an airship
    voyage once he got back...
    [Seeing Cid's family reminds Ceodore that some of his family still resides in
    the town.]
    Ceodore's Grandmother: Ceodore! Oh, I'm so glad you're doing well. You should
    return to the castle as soon as possible. How happy they will be to see you!
    [Ceodore decides to take a quick break at the Inn before heading to the
    Inn Patron: Rumor has it that fierce monsters appear in Mist Cave whenever the
    moon's at its brightest. If you're exploring Mist Cave during a full moon, I
    hope you're prepared for the worst.
    Inn Patron: King Cecil and Queen Rosa visited the moon once, I heard. Oh, I'm
    so jealous! Hopefully the day will come when regular people can go there
    freely, too.
    Inn Patron: King Cecil never had anything you could call a family. He seems so
    happy now that Queen Rosa and Prince Ceodore are by his side.
    Inn Patron: You know, no matter what happens, we've got King Cecil...and that's
    all I need to feel secure.
    Inn Patron: Queen Rosa has only grown all the more beautiful after becoming a
    mother. I hope I can pull it off half as gracefully as she has!
    Inn Patron: I don't know, though...why are the monsters multiplying so quickly
    all of a sudden?
    Pub Owner: When the monsters swarmed over the castle, I thought that was the
    end of this bar for sure. It takes a man like King Cecil to fend off that
    scourge without endangering any of us.
    [Rested and with the knowledge that the castle is not in any immediate danger,
    Ceodore makes his way to see his father.]
    Kain's Tale - The Ex-Baron Dragoon   (ESD02)   \
    Villager: We don't get travelers here very often. Matter of fact, you're
    the first one I've seen.
    Villager: What's your business in this village? The road to Kaipo's
    blocked, you do realize.
    Villager: ...
    Villager: This village has a checkered past, shall we say. It was once
    burned to the ground by saboteurs.
    Store Patron: This cave-in has been a blessing in disguise! Now we won't
    have any more meddling outsiders wandering into town.
    [Ceodore examines the gravestones.]
    Ceodore: Here lies the motherly summoner who protected our village...
    Hooded Man: (Thank you. I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you.)
    Ceodore (turning): Huh?
    Inn Patron: Ah, we meet again! Would you care to purchase anything?
    Villager: Ah, travelers? Watch out for desert fever.
    Villager: I saw another Red Wings airship flying northbound just now.
    That's towards Damcyan territory...
    Villager: The underground waterway to the northeast is home to a
    fearsome array of monsters.
    Villager: Oh, my! Has anyone told you that you look awfully like
    Prince Ceodore of Baron?
    Villager: The rumor mill is abuzz about strange goings-on in Baron
    Castle right now.
    Villager: Hmm? Say, have I seen you somewhere before?
    Old Lady: You're still a healthy young man. I wouldn't want the
    desert fever cutting down in your prime.
    Young Man: We've had many a dignitary stay here, you know. King
    Cecil, Queen Rosa...King Edward, too.
    Shop Patron: The only way to Damcyan from here is through the
    underground waterway to the northeast.
    Inn Patron: The gravestones by the spring belong to Tellah the
    sage and his daughter, Anna.
    Pub Patron: Yahoo! That dancer's fantastic!
    Pub Patron: Splendid! She sure knows her way around the dance floor.
    Pub Patron: Mmm...the drinks here are something else, no doubt
    about it.
    Pub Patron: I'm from Baron, actually. We're here visiting my mother's
    Pub Patron: I always wanted to see Kaipo one more time before I died,
    and now my dream's finally come true!
    Barkeeper: The new ship route's really helped keep things hopping
    around here.
    Dancer: They hired me on as a dancer here! Can you believe it!?
    Would you like to watch me dance?
    [If "No", nothing happens.]
    [If "Yes", she does a little dance on the mat.]
    [Examine Tellah's/Anna's gravestone.]
    Ceodore: ...
    Hooded Man: You know these people?
    Ceodore: This is Tellah the sage...and his daughter, too. He fought
    alongside my father in the old war.
    Hooded Man: ...
    Ceodore: What about you? Did you know about them?
    Hooded Man: Let's go.
    <Baron Castle>
    Villager: Kain has come back to the the castle with Queen Rosa, I hear.
    They say he was acting rather strangem though.
    Villager: Kain the dragoon has returned! Did you hear about it?
    Villager: What? Queen Rosa? I heard she went into the castle with Kain.
    Villager: Everybody's exicted with the news we just heard, but I just
    can't shake the uneasiness I feel right now.
    Villager: Prince Ceodore! I haven't seen you in forver and a day! My,
    you look so grown-up and mature!
    Villager: Now the only one we haven't seen is King Cecil. Did
    something happen to him, or what?
    Villager: Oh! Cid! You daughter's been worried about you!
    Villager: King Cecil is still held up in his castle now, it seems.
    Villager: You don't think that was Kain walking alongside Queen
    Rosa, do you?
    Old Lady: Ceodore!? Oh, thanks heavens you're safe! Thank heavens!
    Cid's Grandson: Hey, Grandad! I knew you were okay this whole time!
    Cid's Son-in-law: You helped my father in law? Goodness, Prince
    Ceodore. I don't know how to thank you!
    Cid's Daughter: Father!? What are you doing? You know you're getting
    too old to be running around like this! But...oh, I'm just glad
    you're back home safe! I was so worried about you.
    Inn Patron: Did you hear? Kain's back!
    Inn Patron: Rumor has it that fierce monsters appear in the Devil's
    Road when the moon only shows it top half. If you're exploring
    the Devil's Road during a waning moon, I hope you're prepared
    for the worst.
    Inn Patron: Oh! Prince Ceodore!
    Inn Patron: Cid! You're back! Your daughter's worried sick about you!
    Inn Patron: I heard the Red Wings attacked Fabul. That has to be made
    up, right?
    Inn Patron: Prince Ceodore! I heard that Queen Rosa has returned.
    ...Oh! You're okay, too, Cid?
    Inn Patron: Queen Rosa is finally back to where she belongs. I wonder
    where she went off to in the first place.
    Inn Keeper: What's wrong? You look far too depressed to be hanging
    out in a bar. Why don't you have a glass and take a load off?
    Inn Sign: Baron Premium! For a good knight's sleep!
    Rydia's Tale - The Eidolons Shackled   (ESD03) \
    [Troubled over the actions of the Eidolon King and Queen, Rydia checks to see
    what is going on in everyone.]
    Resident: Run... Get away from here, Rydia...
    Resident: Rydia...you're okay!
    Resident: Rydia... help me...
    Resident: What happened...what's happened to us?
    Resident: Our king...our queen!
    Resident: You came back home to see us, Rydia...and then this happens...
    Resident: I was just about to go...on a date...
    Resident: Why...why are they after our Eidolons?
    Resident: Rydia...get away!
    Inn Owner: How am I supposed to conduct business like this?
    Sundries Owner: Rydia... hurry... Run away to someplace safe...
    Armorer Owner: I can't see anything...I can't hear anything... I feel like
    my heart is slowly coming to a stop...
    Weaponsmith Owner: Rydia...my heart...it hurts...
    House Resident: Is...our king safe?
    House Resident: Who can render our powers obsolete like this?
    House Resident: Help me... I can feel myself...fading away...
    King: Rydia...why did you return!?
    Queen: I'm sorry, Rydia... you should be in the land of the humans, not here...
    <Dwarven Castle>
    [Concerned over the well-being of everyone in the castle, Rydia and Luca
    explore the castle to not only top off their supplies, but to ensure
    everyone is all right.]
    Dwarf: Lali-ho!
    Dwarf: This is the Dwarven Castle, under the rule of our noble King Giott!
    Dwarf: That girl was something fierce! We were powerless against her!
    Dwarf: I'm just happy that Princess Luca is safe, lali!
    Dwarf: That girl used some kind of weird exotic power! She made monsters
    appear out of thin air!
    Dwarf: All together now! One, two... Lali-ho!
    Dwarf: "Lali-ho" is the word that brings every dwarf together!
    Dwarf: We were attacked by that airship from before!
    Dwarf: The Tower of Babil scares me! It's all lit up and stuff! We can't
    even go inside, either!
    King Giott: My dear ladies, please do not overextend yourselves.
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! The village of Tomra might have weapons made for human
    hands, possibly.
    Dwarf: There are four Dark Crystals! We have one of them in this castle!
    Or at least we did until that one scary girl took it away from us!
    Dwarf: Go west after exiting the castle! When the road bends, turn south!
    That's how you get to Tomra!
    Dwarf: Dwarven items are strange and wondrous, human! Can you even figure
    out how to use them?
    Dwarf: Dwarven armour is built tough, human! Can you even walk if we put
    some of it on you?
    Dwarf: Dwarven weapons are heavy, human! Can you even hold them properly?
    Pub Dwarf: *urp* We're at war, so nobody's drinking with me! I'll take
    this over war any day, my friends! Time for a little lali-ho dancing?
    [If "Yes"]
    [The dwarf dances around you.]
    Dwarf: Ugh! Lali-hoo, the room's spinning around me! I sure lali-ho'd
    myself in today, I tell ya, lali!
    [If "No"]
    If I can't lali-ho dance, then I'm lali-ho drinkin'!
    [Approach the old developer's office.]
    "We have moved. Our new location will be posted at a later time.
             - Developers' Office"
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! I can sleep this off, no problem!
    Dwarf: We're the castle's rescue team! And yes, I'm a woman!
    Dwarf: That weird guy who put a drill on his airship--how's he doing?
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! We aren't using the base right now!
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! Is there gonna be another war?
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! What the heck is going on, anyway!?
    Dwarf: That red airship...lali-ho, we fought that sucker a long time ago!
    Dwarf: We got attacked, yeah, but lali-ho, I'm not about to admit defeat
    that easily.
    Dwarf: *zzz*
    Dwarf: You've got King Giott's permission! Don't let the treasure here go
    to waste.
    [With some concern, Rydia and Luca check Tomra to fill their supplies and
    check on the citizens.]
    Dwarf Villager: Hey-ho! You've just arrived in the village of Tomra, you have.
    Dwarf Villager: Well, looky here! You're the princess from the castle, ain't
    you? Funny seeing you all the way here!
    Dwarf Villager: Lali-ho? You must be some o' them city folk, ain't you?
    Dwarf Villager: The Sealed Cave? Just go a little ways north of town, and
    you'll run right into it. You better watch yer hides, though. The place is
    lousy with crazy critters.
    Dwarf Villager: If you be fixing to test yer mettle, the Sylph Cave's a better
    bet than the Sealed Cave, I'd say.
    Sundries Patron: The village's been through a lot since we started trading with
    the Overworld. It's like a big city now!
    Inn Owner: Welcome. One night costs 100 gil. Will you be staying with us?
    Inn Patron: Whoa! You're a fancy one, ain't you, lady? You wanna drink?
    Inn Patron: There's a cave a ways off to the northwest. They say it's home to
    something called a Sylph. They also say the cave is packed to the gills with
    treasure, though.
    Warehouse Dwarf: Treasure chests? You won't find any of those here, girl. No
    way, no how. This a warehouse, pure and simple.
    <Kokkol's Forge>
    Dwarf: My master Kokkol met his eternal reward, proud of the great feat he
    accomplished forging the holy sword. I can only hope to carry on the legacy
    he built! Bring me the Kokkol ore scattered throughout the world, and I will
    mix it with items to create new weapons. What do you want to make?
    [Here, you can choose whether or not to create anything. If you come
    back a second time.]
    Dwarf: Bring me the Kokkol ore scattered throughout the world, and I will
    mix it with items to create new weapons. What do you want to make?
    [Again, choose whether to forge or not.]
    <Sylph Cave>
    [Wondering how the Sylph are, Rydia and Luca pay them a visit.]
    Rydia: A Sylph!
    Sylph: (Yang... Please be safe!)
    Rydia: These guys met the same fate, too...
    Villager: Welcome to the village of Agart!
    Villager: I heard an airship crashed nearby. Hopefully, everyone on
    board is all right...
    Villager: Are...are you a dwarf!?
    Villager: Hey-ho! Nothing like that fresh Overworld air, eh?
    Villager: They say some really nasty monster's show up in the Agart
    mine when the moon's half full. If you're going to the mine during the
    waning moon, you better be ready for the worst.
    Villager: You know, once long ago, I was with the dwarves, and...
    Blah blah blah blah blah... Blah blah blah blah blah.... Blah blah
    blah blah blah... Hey! You! I knew it! You aren't listening to me,
    you whippersnapper!
    Villager: Kids will be kids!
    Villager: The rumours say that Baron is collecting all the world's
    Crystals. I wonder how much truth there is to that.
    Villager: The telescope is upstairs.
    Villager: There are two moons in the sky, you know. And just my luck...
    my telescope is broken right now, too.
    Inn Patron: There used to be an old man named Cid around these parts.
    He goes into the mine all the time, actually...
    Inn Patron: Mount Agart is a famous volcano around these parts. Miners
    have dug up all kinds of material from its depths.
    Inn Patron: The mine's packed with monsters, so make sure you're
    prepared for battle before you go.
    Inn Patron: They say an airship crashed west of the village. Have you
    been there to see it yet?
    Inn Patron: Hey-ho! I'm a dwarven descendant, y'know!
    Inn Patron: The mine's east of the village, but you should avoid it
    unless you're confident you can take care of yourself.
    Inn Patron: This village didn't begin to prosper until they found a
    mineral vein in the mine several years ago.
    Yang's Tale - The Master of Fabul   (ESD04)    \
    Fabul (Beginning)
    Monk: Ommm... Ommm...
    Monk: I will do whatever it takes to earn my pilgrimage west, to
    the sacred training grounds of Mount Hobs.
    Monk: I know it all too well, Master. The idea of Princess Ursula
    entering training is simply unthinkable.
    Monk: All clear, Master!
    Monk: The chancellor is waiting in the throne room, Master.
    Monk: Castle guard duty is but another part of my training. It is
    a post I am proud to serve, Master!
    Monk: I understand how busy you are, Master, but I would be
    overjoyed to share a training session with you someday!
    White Mage: They all recover so quickly from their injuries. I'm
    impressed. It is clear that you have taught them well, Your Highness.
    Monk: Master Yang! Oh, I wish you hadn't come to see me like this...
    Monk: My brother went to Mount Hobs to train, and that was the
    last I ever heard of him. Surely the monster couldn't have posed
    that much trouble! He was a tremendously capable fighter!
    Monk: I apologize, Master. My training regimen was more rigorous
    than my body was prepared for.
    Monk: It is an enormous honor to have you visit me like this, Master.
    Monk: They say some really nasty monsters show up in the shooting-star
    crash site when the moon is gone. If you're eploring the site during a
    new moon, you better be ready for the worst.
    Monk: I apologize, my master. Oh, how could I have hurt myself on the
    training grounds like this?
    Monk: Princess Ursula is more of a natural-born fighter than any of
    us in this... Oh. Excuse me, Master.
    Monk: If my training earns me a trip to Mount Hobs someday, then it
    will have been more than worth the effort.
    Monk: N-no, Master, I'm not drinking! This is a herbal cocktail the
    bartender made specially for us.
    Pub Patron: I saw a shooting star course across the western sky a
    few days earlier. After I saw it pass, I made a little prayer for
    peace in Fabul... peace across the entire land.
    Bartender: Well, well, Master Yang! How rare of you to come to the
    Dancer: You want to see me dance? I've still got what it takes!
    [Say "Yes"]
    [The dancer turns around, to reveal a monk.]
    Yang: Whoa!
    [He dances around a bit.]
    [He continues dancing.]
    [He continues dancing.]
    [He finishes his dance.]
    "Yah! ...Well? Were you watching?"
    Yang: ...
    [Say "No"]
    Dancer: What? Oh, you're terrible!
    Old Lady: There is nothing to fear, Your Highness. Princess Ursula
    is being raised to be a kind, gentle woman.
    Monk: Princess Ursula slipped right through our hands, Master. There
    was nothing we could do.
    Chancellor: I can only hope that I am overthinking this matter.
    Duke Consort: Ursula's fascination with the martial arts has gone too
    far. Running off to Mount Hobs alone...
    Sheila: Be back before dinner, okay?
    Fabul (Post-Crater)
    Monk: There is a ship docked in the eastern port waiting for you, my master.
    Monk: I have a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach...
    Monk: Master Yang! Princess Ursula! Please be careful!
    Monk: Whenever I see the two moons, I cannot help but remember the war that
    once ravaged this land.
    Monk: I have grave concerns for Fabul's future, Master.
    Monk: I wonder if Baron's attack has something to do with the moons.
    Monk: I understand this is not the first time Baron has unleashed its
    attack upon Fabul, Master.
    Duke Consort: Our port lies due east of the castle. You'll need to take
    the ocean route to Baron. That's the only way.
    Chancellor: Princess Ursula, please take care of yourself...
    Sheila: Fabul is in good hands. You have nothing to worry about.
    Palom's Tale - A Mage's Voyage      (ESD05)    \
    Villager: Welcome to Troia, city of forests and springs!
    Villager: You know what? There's a great big tower south of town!
    Villager: You'll need a chocobo to reach the Tower of Trials. Why
    don't you try visiting the chocobo village north of here?
    Villager: The wild black chocobos have all but disappeared. I haven't
    seen any in a long time. Times change, I guess.
    Dancer: It's nice to live here. I feel more at ease with so many women
    Dancer: Oh! Are you swimming with us?
    Old Lady: The number of black chocobos has really plummeted lately.
    Chocobo Herder: The water and nature we're blessed with makes farming
    vegetables a breeze around here. That's part of the reason why you'll find a
    lot of people raising chocobos in the area.
    Chocobo Herder: Chocobo's are cute, but they smell funny!
    Chocobo Herder: Did you know that wild chocobo's can fly? It's true!
    Chocobo Herder: Why don't you say hello to everyone?
    Dancer: The food and water here are fantastic. Eat as much as you like,
    all right?
    Pub Patron: I've been a regular at this tavern ever since it opened.
    Surrounded by all these beautiful ladies... Hah hah hah! Life's too good!
    Pub Patron: You see the girls here? You see them!? You can't ask for
    anything better than this!
    Pub Patron: Sorry, pal, but nobody's taking my barstool! You gotta
    fight for your space around here!
    Pub Patron: The barkeep sure is a pretty one, isn't she?
    Old Lady: Would you like to be my companion toady, my dearie? Oh, don't
    give me that dirty look, you!
    Dancer: Ooh! Not bad! You taken?
    Barkeeper: Well, hello there, stranger! Thanks for coming!
    Pub Patron: You got the money to be around here, my friend? It's not cheap,
    that's for sure.
    Pub Patron: It'd be nice if someone could get me a new handbag.
    Pub Patron: Hoh hoh hoh! I'll buy you whatever you want, my dear!
    Dancer: I've got to get this wine downstairs!
    Pub Patron: So there I was... and wham! A critical hit! Oh, the poor goblin
    never knew what hit him!
    Pub Patron: This coot's been telling me the same story for years now. I'm
    sick of it!
    Club Member: Do you have a member's writ?
    [If "No".]
    Club Member: It would appear not, then.
    [If Yes".]
    Club Member: I see that you do. In that case, please enjoy yourself.
    [He opens a secret entrance.]
    King's Bounty Pub
    Young Man: Welcome. The show is about to begin.
    Palom (grabbed by dancers): L-Leonora!
    Leonora: I...no, I can't do it.
    Palom: Aaagh! Kn-knock it off!!!!
    Leonora: Are...are you all right? I...um, please don't glare at me
    like that.
    Old Man: Aww, where did my lovely dancing gilr run off to?
    Old Dancer: I keep a rather special piece of merchandise here...
    Young Man: Was this enough to satisfy you?
    [If "Yes".]
    Young Man: I see...
    [If "No".]
    Young Man: I didn't think so! In that case, how about a chance to
    continue the dream? Do you have the required item?
    [If "Yes".]
    Right this way.
    [If "No".]
    Young Man: Hmm... you appear to lack the necessary qualifications, sadly.
    Queen's Bounty Pub
    Young Man: Welcome to the Queen's Bounty Pub!
    Young Man: Welcome. The show is about to begin.
    Palom: Nice job.
    Leonora: This is so embarrassing.
    Palom: You were still a bit off.
    Leonora: Please...just don't bring it up anymore.
    Old Man: Awesome! Brilliant!
    Old Man: This is it! I'm in heaven!
    Old Man: I heard there's someplace even better than here, but I don't
    know if that's true.
    Dancer: Would you like to soar to even greater heights?
    Dancer: This is some serious power.
    Dancer: These might look nice on you.
    Young Man: Do you wish to press on even further than before?
    [If "No."]
    Young Man: I see...
    [If "Yes."]
    Young Man: Wonderful! Superb! Then let us unlock the door to your
    widlest dreams ever! Do you have the required item?
    [If "No."]
    Young Man: Hmm... you appear to lack the necessary qualifications, sadly.
    [If "Yes."]
    Young Man: Please pass through the corridor below.
    Emperor's Bounty Pub
    Club Manager: Welcome back! It's good to see you here again. The show is
    about to begin! Right this way, please. Now, enjoy the show!
    Palom: That was... breathtaking.
    Leonora: It certainly was.
    Leonroa: I think I'm started to get addicted to this.
    Palom (facing her): You what?
    Leonora: I-I-I'm just joking!
    Dancer: Wow! You're pretty amazing! Making it down here and everything!
    Dancer: Did you enjoy yourself?
    Club Manager: Please come back soon!
    Troia (Post-Tower of Trials)
    Villager: If you ride a black chocobo, you can cross the sea and get
    to the Iodestone cavern!
    Villager: There's a cave northeast of here that's completely magnetized,
    as they say. I guess you better not have any metal weapons or armor
    equipped when you go inside.
    Villager: I saw a black chocobo earlier! I was flying toward the chocobo
    village to the north.
    Troia Castle
    Troia Guard: Welcome to Troia Castle!
    Troia Guard: You must be Palom, the mage. Please come inside.
    Troia Guard: The Epopts devote their entire lives to the gods. Please
    don't do anything to offend them.
    Troia Guard: The Epopts are waiting for you.
    Troia Guard: Troia is a peaceful place, but I wonder how well we could
    protect our nation if a war broke out.
    Troia Guard: Troia is protected entirely by a force of female soldiers.
    All of us in the castle are women...and that goes for myself, as well.
    Troia Guard: Baron is under monster attack, as they say. We must do our
    best to strengthen Troia's defenses.
    Troia Guard: Some of the castle's soldiers know nothing of our turbulent
    Old Lady: What? No, I'm not just some old woman, thank you very much!
    I happen to be the chancellor of Troia, you know! How rude of you!
    Dancer: What!? You thought we were dancers? We serve as guardians of
    the Epopts themselves!
    Dancer: This is the traditional uniform of the Troian guard. It's been
    passed down for generations.
    Dancer: Our treasure chamber lies up ahead. It hasn't been used for quite
    some time, though.
    Dancer: The Epopts cannot fully carry out their work unless all eight
    of them are in service.
    Dancer: I look forward to celebrating your return, Leonora.
    Epopt: Leonora will be able to open the tower's door for you.
    Epopt: Reach the top floor of the tower, and we will ordain Leonora
    as our newest Epopt.
    Epopt: It would be best to fully outfit yourselves in town before
    tackling the tower itself.
    Epopt: The Tower of Trials is south of the castle. You will need
    to cross two rivers.
    Epopt: The only way to cross the river is on the back of a chocobo.
    It would be best for you to visit the chocobo village to the north
    before you set off.
    Epopt: Please proceed to the Tower of Trials.
    Epopt: Aspiring Epopts must first train themselves within the Tower
    of Trials before they are ordained.
    Edge's Tale - The Pulse of Babil    (ESD06)    \
    Troia (Izayoi)
    Villager: Welcome to Troia, city of forests and springs!
    Villager: You'll need a chocobo to reach the Tower of Trials. Why don't you
    try visiting the chocobo village north of here?
    Epopt Trainee: The Epopts have been awfully tough on us ever since the
    Tower of Trials to the south was completed.
    Epopt Trainee: *cough cough*
    "Are you okay!?"
    Epopt Trainee: We've never had training this intense before.
    Pub Patron: There's a big tower built south of here. You have to cross two
    rivers to reach it.
    Pub Patron: What a looker you are! How 'bout spending some time with me, eh?
    Pub Patron: The food and water are fantastic here, and this it what happens
    when you eat too much...
    Pub Patron: There's a chocobo village north of town.
    Pub Patron: Mmm? You one of the new girls here?
    Pub Patron: Whoa! You're a pretty one. It's a toss-up between you and the
    barkeep, that's for sure.
    Pub Patron: Hoh hoh hoh! Not to brag or anything, but I'm the kingpin around
    these parts.
    Barkeeper: Ah, hello there. Make yourself at home!
    Dancer: Oooh! Not bad! You taken?
    Pub Patrong: You got the money to be around here, ma'am? I hope you know that
    it's not cheap.
    Pub Patron: It'd be nice if I could get a black chocobo next time.
    Pub Patron: Hoh hoh hoh! Yes, yes, I'll buy you whatever you like, my dear!
    Dancer: A big-name mage from Mysidia is supposed to be in town or something.
    Pub Patron: So there I was, facing down a giant from the tower...and wham!
    A critical hit!
    Pub Patron: This old coot's stories are getting taller and taller by the
    Chocobo Herder: The water and nature we're blessed with makes farming
    vegetables a breeze around here. That's part of the reason why you'll find a
    lot of people raising chocobos in the area.
    Chocobo Herder: Chocobo's are cute, but they smell funny!
    Chocobo Herder: There are two chocobo forests in the Troia area alone, you
    Chocobo Herder: Why don't you say hello to everyone?
    [Once you talk to all the Chocobo's...]
    Chocobo Herder: Oh, thanks for saying hello to everyone!
    "Acquired Ether!"
    Palom: Hmm. Say, have we met somewhere before?
    Izayoi: I don't think so. Perhaps you are thinking of someone else?
    Palom: Yeah. Guess I must be.
    Izayoi: Yes?
    Palom: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about how scary you women can be
    sometimes. How you plot things while putting up that pretty face of yours.
    Dwarven Castle (Zangetsu)
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! No leaving the castle! It's too late for that today!
    Dwarf: Lali-ho!
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! A dwarf is nothing if you can't jump high. You needa take
    better care of your legs!
    Dwarf: Don't let it get you down! You'll be a fun jumper someday!
    Dwarf: Well, our work is done! Off to the pub for some rest and relaxation!
    You'll find the pub upstairs on the right. It's down the corridor between
    the weaponsmith and armorer!
    Dwarf: All together now! One, two... Lali-ho!
    Dwarf: "Lali-ho" is the word that brings every dwarf together!
    Dwarf: Come to pray to the Crystal, have you? Nice to see a Dwarf with some
    King Giott: *zzz* Scrap the tanks! *zzz*
    Luca: Whatever you do, don't touch these dolls, or else you're gonna pay!
    [If you attempt to talk to either Calca or Brina.]
    Luca: Hey! What did I say abou touching them!?
    Dwarf: Dwarven items are strange and wondrous thing!
    Dwarf: Dwarven equipment if pretty heavy!
    Dwarf: Everyone's over in the pub right now! You wanna join them? Just take
    the corridor between the weaponsmith and armorer, lali-ho!
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! No leaving the castle! It's too late for that today!
    Dwarf: A stiff drink, a few hours' rest... That's enough to handle all the
    diseases I know! Lali-ho!
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! If you're tired, then nothing beats a good night's sleep!
    Dwarf: Wonder how that guy with the airship's going along!
    Pub Patron: I'll eat or drink anything!
    Pub Patron: This beats out workin' any day, lali!
    Pub Patron: Lali-ho! This place is hopping! It's happy hour right now, you
    Pub Patron: Lali-ho! Drinking by yourself ain't so bad every now and then.
    Pub Patron: Mmm? What? Looking for some fun? Why don't you fetch the
    watchmen and lali-ho it up a bit, huh?
    Pub Patron: Nothing like going on the roof to help ya sober up after a long
    Dwarf: *zzz*
    Dwarf: Wait a minute, you! That's a funny face you got there, my friend!
    Dwarf: Lali-ho! You're a weird dwarf, no doubt about it! What kinda
    backwater village did you come from?
    Mysidia (Tsukinowa)
    Black Mage: Welcome to Mysidia, scared ground for all mages! You're gonna
    have to learn to say that too, someday. Try it!
    Black Mage: I saw two people enter the Devil's Road earlier. I wonder who they
    White Mage: Oh! Hello, Lapin. This is the entrance to the Devil's Road.
    You can't ever go in here, okay? Not even for fun!
    Black Mage: I heard Palom was dispatched to Troia, the little scamp. That
    town's packed with beauties! Ugh...I couldn't be more envious of him if I
    White Mage: Mmm? Is there something you need in the Hall of Prayer?
    Pub Mage: The monsters have gotten a lot more restless recently. I hope it
    isn't a sign that something else is afoot.
    Pub Mage: Porom's grown up to be one heck of a pretty woman.
    Pub Mage: You'd better stay away from Mount Ordeals to the east. It's been
    overrun by the undead.
    Pub Mage: Did you hear the rumor about the Baron airship? Apparently one
    of them crash landed to the east of the village.
    Dancer: The western cape has a lovely view. On a clear day, you can sell all
    the way to the Tower of Babil.
    Black Mage: We'll just have to pray that Palom returns shortly.
    Professor: ...What? You stole some vegetables earlier? You know you're not
    supposed to do that! *sigh* Listen, I'll let you have this. Just promise
    me you won't do anything like that again.
    "Acquired Boomerang."
    White Mage: Porom? She's out right now.
    White Mage: You'll need to grow big and strong if you want to be a good mage.
    Elder: You must give your training everything you have, my lad.
    Eblan Castle (Edge)
    Eblan Guard: I occasionally recall the days we spent inside that Cave of
    Eblan as evacuees. I promise that we'll be strong enough to prevent another
    tragedy from happening ever again!
    Eblan Guard: Gekkou, Zangetsu, Izayoi, and Tsukinowa... You never formally
    took on any students, Master Edge, and yet you devote so much time to
    those four. I won't lie to you. I'm more than a little envious.
    Eblan Citizen: Some really nasty monster show up in the Cave of Eblan when
    there is no moon in the sky. If you're exploring the cave during the new
    moon, you better be prepared for the worst.
    Eblan Citizen: That Izayoi...She's spurned every one of my advances. Has
    her heart already been captured by someone else?
    Eblan Citizen: So when do you think Master Edge is going to find a
    queen for himself? Ah! Your Highness! I... Please pardon my rudeness!
    Eblan Citizen: You needn't hide it, my lord. I know you've been
    providing support to Mist behind the scenes.
    Eblan Citizen: I can hardly tell you apart from your late father, Your
    Eblan Guard: Just when tranquility finally returned to Eblan, this
    Seneschal: Please...please don't do anything reckless, Young Highness!
    Eblan Guard: The castle is overtaken with anxiety concerning the
    return of the second moon. Do you have a plan of action to deal with
    this, Master?
    Eblan Guard: The path from the western cave to the Tower of Babil is
    still open to this day. Please take care on the way, Master.
    Seneschal: Your Young Highness! You can't go off to the tower like you
    did before!
    Edge: I told you to not worry about me. I made it back last time,
    didn't I?
    Seneschal: But Cecil and the others aren't with you now.
    Edge: They are. They most certainly are.
    Porom's Tale - The Vanished Lunar Whale (ESD07)\
    Mysidia (Past)
    Elder:  You may have experience in battle, yes, but you are both still
    young.  More spiritual training is still required to master the magic you
    Black Mage:  I've never seen anyone hate his training with such passion,
    much less the best black mage in all Mysidia.
    Black Mage:  I still have trouble believing that he's your twin brother, to
    be honest.
    Black Mage:  I sure don't envy you, Porom.
    White Mage:  I thought Palom had grown out of that phase of his.  Apparently
    White Mage:  Such a shame!  I had hoped that some of Cecil's humble gallantry
    would rub off on Palom during their travels.
    White Mage:  Palom is a world traveler now.  Perhaps Mysidia is starting to
    feel a tad cramped for him.
    Black Mage:  Palom?  I saw him running like his life depended on it just now.
    Black Mage:  I thought Palom had finally decided to act his age.  Now I see
    just how wrong I was.
    Black Mage:  It is beyond my comprehension why geniuses like him act that way.
    He may be a child, but he should still know better.
    White Mage:  The elder has decreed that the Devil's Road be sealed.
    Sign:  Spell Transcription:  The Foundation of All Magic!
    White Mage:  Every time I look up at the moon, I can feel the terrors from
    that time flooding back into me.
    White Mage:  Palom?  No, I can't say I've seen him today.
    Black Mage:  The war may be over, but the things we've lost will never return
    to us...not for the rest of our lives.
    Black Mage:  Palom?  He hasn't been in here, no.
    Dancer:  All this dancing has really worn me out.
    Porom:  (I don't think he could have gotten very far.)
    Black Mage:  Hello there, Porom.  What's wrong?  That's not a very
    sweet-looking face you have there.
    Black Mage:  Let me guess.  Palom's up to no good yet again, right?
    White Mage:  My dream is to become a white mage someday, just like Rosa.
    And once that wish comes true, maybe I'll find my own Cecil to sweep me off
    my feet!
    White Mage:  I heard that an ex-Baron dragoon is in the midst of training
    on Mount Ordeals, over to the east.
    Black Mage:  You guys got invited to Cecil's coronation, didn't you?
    Goodness!  That's one prestigious honor!
    White Mage:  Ah, finally back to the normal routijne!  That's what we need
    to get that horrible war off our minds.
    Man: This is the oasis town of Kaipo, the only settlement in all of the
    Damcyan Desert.
    Boy: If you're lookin' for Tellah's grave, it's right by the water.
    Woman:  King Edwards makes regular visits to Tellah and Anna's gravesite, you
    know.  I see him there all the time.
    Old Man:  Rumor has it that a ten-legged beast lurks inside the undergound
    Man:  My, you're certainly a young pair of travelers.  Make sure you don't
    come down with desert fever, okay?
    Boy:  The pass to Mist is still closed off, you know.  It's giving me one
    serious headache.
    Woman: As long as we don't have any more war, I don't see why Kaipo can't
    become a great city like any other.
    Dancer: I guess practicing my synchronized swimming near those graves isn't
    very appropriate, is it?
    Old Woman:  The king of Damcyan erected graves for Tellah and Anna right
    here in Kaipo.
    Sign:  Leaving town?  take lots of cold liquids to drink!
    Man:  The town of Kaipo is under the domain of Damcyan.
    Woman:  No matter what you do, stay away from that underground waterway to
    the northeast.
    Man:  Kaipo's gotten a lot busier now that the port's finally been completed.
    Old Woman:  Mmm?  My, you're awfully small to be traveling so far away from
    home.  Do take it easy while you're here!
    Old Man:  They say a girl who once fell ill here has become queen of Baron.
    I'm sure she's a sight to behold nowadays!
    Boy:  Welcome to Mist, the village of summoners!
    Old Man:  We used to live cowering in fear of monsters, but that age is all
    but forgotten nowadays.  Thanks to Rydia, Cecil, and that  young man who
    sneaks in here sometimes, we couldn't feel more secure now.
    Woman:  The grave in the north of town belongs to Rydia's mother.
    Man:  There used to be a great many summoners in the world, but I fear the
    art has mostly been lost now.
    Old Man:  I heard you could learn some summoning magic through acquiring
    certain items.
    Grave:  Here lies the motherly summoner who protected our village.
    Dwarven Castle
    Dwarf:  This is the Dwarven Castle, ruled by King Giott!
    Dwarf:  Lali-ho!
    Dwarf:  Welcome back!
    Dwarf:  Princess Luca was waiting for you!
    Dwarf:  Princess Luca's doing fine!
    Dwarf:  Princess Luca's been having a lot of fun lately!
    Dwarf:  Lali-ho!  The word that brings every dwarf together!
    Dwarf:  King Giott is up above here!
    Dwarf:  I saw some weirdos leave the pub!  They were carrying some luggage
    and complaining about a lack of sleep!
    Dwarf:  Those weirdos stayed up every single night working!
    Dwarf:  This area's under construction!
    Dwarf:  Hey!  The guy with the drill!  I haven't seen you in forever!
    Dwarf:  You doing well, old man?
    Dwarf:  Dwarves are built to last!  A bit of sleep's enough to fix
    anything!  Lali-ho!
    Dwarf:  The Godsbird is gone!  I don't know where it went!
    Dwarf:  Take good care of your equipment!
    Dwarf:  All's clear!
    Dwarf:  Lali-ho, everything is at peace!
    Dwarf:  Things still peaceful in the Overworld?
    Dwarf:  We're all fine down here!
    Dwarf:  Laili-ho!  I'm laying off the dancing for a while.  Just about
    killed myself helping those weirdows move out!
    Door:  We have moved offices.  Unfortunately, we are unable to give out our
    new address.  Please do not try to look for us.  `Developers' Office
    Dwarf:  Take good care of your equipment!
    Black Mage:  That was quite a commotion going on in the hall.  What happened?
    Elder:  I'm count on you, Porom!  Onward, to Mount Ordeals!
    Black Mage:  We will take care of matters here.
    White Mage:  I wish you the best of luck, Porom.  Sadly, I am not allowed
    to leave my post.
    White Mage:  Imagine, the Lunar WHale talking off once again... Perhaps the
    wars of the past are closer at hand than we thought.
    Black Mage:  You'll see Mount Ordeals if you travel due east of town.
    White Mage:  What is happening to Mysidia?  And to the world, for that matter?
    Black Mage:  I have to admit... I hate Palom's guts, but we need him here
    right now.
    White Mage:  I fear for the eldler's health, frankly.
    Dancer:  This is...uh, certainly no time to be dancing, is it?
    Black Mage:  Mount Ordeals is home to a nest of undead creatures, they tell me.
    White Mage:  They say some really nasty monsters show up in the northeastern
    lands when the moon is showing its bottom half.  If you're going outside
    during a waxing moon, you better be ready for the worst.
    Boy:  Oh, tha supid ol'Lapin!  Where'd he run off to?
    Black Mage:  I hope that Baron is doing all right, I heard they were attacked
    by monsters.
    White Mage:  Healing magic like Cure actually seems to cause damage to undead
    Namingway:  Oh, hello there.  I'm Namingway.  After my encounter with Ceodore,
    I've been working under the name Challengingway to offer new challenges to
    travelers.  It appears that you have some unfinished business left to take
    care of, however...  Would you mind coming back to see me once you have
    progressed further in your adventure?
    Challenge Dungeon
    Namingway:  Oh, hello there, Porom.  Glad to see you again.  It looks like
    you've completed your adventure for the time being.  Congratulations!  It
    would appear that you yearn for yet more adventure...  I just happen to
    have the perfect place for you!  What do you think?  Would you like to
    explore my Challenge Dungeon?
    Namingway:  Oh, really?  Well, come see me again if you change your mind.
    Namingway:  The going isn't easy, but the treasure changes every tiem you
    enter the dungeon, making repeat visits a must.  I wish you the best of luck!
    Old Man:  Thank you so much for coming.  Up ahead, you will find a number of
    people who require your services.  Try to help everybody out and reach the
    treasure chest furthest inside the dungeon before time expires.  Help as many
    people as you can, and you stand an excellent chance of finding a wonderful
    item!  It is the duty of any white mage to help those in need, after all.
    Hoh hoh hoh!
    Man:  Oh, thank heavens you found me!  I'm in a bit of a bind here.  Would
    you happen to have *Item requested* you could give me?
    Man:  Oh.  A shame.
    Man:  Thanks!  This is a big help!
    Black Mage:  Help me!
    Black Mage:  Thank you so much for helping me!
    White Mage:  It loooks like there's a bunch of evil spirits wandering around
    this path.  Could you track down all the spirits and offer a prayer to them
    for me?
    White Mage:  Oh?  That's too bad.
    White Mage:  Thank you!  The Spirits are somewhere around here, so keep an
    eye out for them.
    Black Mage:  Help me!
    Black Mage:  Thank you so much for helping me!
    Old Man:  You're a white mage, aren't you?  There's a favor I'd like to ask,
    if I could.  I'm not feeling very well right now.  Would you mind castng
    *requested spell* on me?
    [If "No".]
    Old Man:  Ah...oh, well.
    [If "Yes".]
    Old Man:  I'm sorry...but could I ask you for one more favor?
    Old Man:  Ah!  I feel much better now.  Thank you.
    Man:  Oh, thank heavens you found me!  I'm in a bit of a bind here.  Would you
    happen to have a Healing Staff you could give me?
    [If "No."]
    Man:  Oh, a shame.
    Edward's Tale - Star-Crossed Damcyan    (ESD08)\
    <Damcyan (Night)>
    Soldier: What has you awake at this time of night, my lord?
    Soldier: I am worried about Harley, my lord.
    Soldier: The messenger should have returned by now. Something must have
    happened to him in Baron.
    Soldier: It would be wise to get some rest tonight, Your Highness.
    Soldier: Why did Harley volunteer to investigate the fallen star? Could have
    just told us guards to handle it.
    Soldier: The chancellor must be terribly depressed now that the person he
    so often quarreled with is missing.
    Soldier: Even today, I still regret not being able to protect Anna in her
    time of need.
    Soldier: What brings you here at this time of the day, Your Highness?
    Solider: All I can do is hope that the falling star did not directly hit
    Child: *zzz*
    Harley's Maid: Harley must be keeping you worry, my lord.
    Edward: Indeed.
    Harley's Maid: The room is ready, sir. The sheets have been changed for her
    return. You had best get some sleep yourself as well.
    Edward: Thank you.
    Harley's Maid: Then I will take my leave, sir.
    [Edward moves, and she leaves. However, Edward decides to further check out
    Harley's room.]
    [Stepping into Harley's bed, Edward dozes off.]
    Edward: (Ah! This is not the best place to doze off like that.)
    [Check the diary.]
    Edward: What's this? Harley's diary?
    [Read the diary.]
    "That moon has shown itself once more. Are those terrifying days of war about
    to stage a return? The peace we enjoy today is wholly a product of Edward and
    his companions. Power is not what will drive our kingdom in the future.
    Education and science are the true catalysts. I believe this so fervently that
    I traveled to Troia and devoted my younger days to study. This, and nothing
    else, allowed me to attain the position of royal secretary that I enjoy today.
    King Edward is too king to me. My duties are stressful, but I find every day in
    this castle to be rewarding. If I could have it so, I would want this life for
    myself forever--a life free of war and strife. It may be my imagination, but
    ever since the moon, returned to the sky...The soothing, reassuring notes from
    King Edward's harp have taken on a timbre of deep sadness."
    Edward: Harley...
    <Impact Crater>
    Solider: Harley is conducting her business up ahead, my lord.
    Solider: Harley should be investigating the area up ahead, my lord.
    <Impact Crater (with Harley)>
    Solider: We will return to Damcyan ourselves shortly, my lord.
    Solider: Harley! Have you completed your examination of the area?
    <Baron Airship Outside Damcyan>
    Soldier: Our emissary awaits within Damcyan Castle.
    <Damcyan (Post-Crater)>
    Damcyan Guard: The emissary from Baron is waiting for you, Your Highness.
    <Damcyan (Post-Emissary)>
    Damcyan Guard: Kaipo is in the middle of a desert. Beware of desert fever
    in your travels.
    Damcyan Guard: That moon means bad things for all of us, I am sure of it.
    Damcyan Resident: Take a look for yourself, my lord! The flowers are in
    full bloom today!
    Damcyan Resident: What if King Cecil planning, I wonder...
    Damcyan Resident: If Anna were still alive, I'm sure your heir would
    certainly have been born by no, my lord.
    Damcyan Resident: Damcyan has rebuilt itself to become the world's
    commerical center once again, thanks to your efforts.
    Damcyan Resident: Ages ago, the Red Wings stormed our castle... They
    stole our Crystal and tried to burn the castle down. I cannot say I
    have a very positive impression of them.
    Damcyan Guard: The cave to the south of the castle leads to an underground
    waterway. You will find Kaipo on the other side.
    Damcyan Guard: Anna would be overjoyed to see how well Damcyan has
    rebounded and how much support it gives to other lands.
    Damcyan Child: Huh? You're leaving us?
    Damcyan Child: I really like your songs!
    Damcyan Child: *zzz*
    [If you examine Harley's diary with Harley, she blocks you.]
    Harley: Ah. Your Highness! These ar somewhat personal materials...
    Edward: Oh. My apologies.
    Chancellor: You can reach Baron by ship from the port of Kaipo. To reach
    Kaipo, however, you must cross the underground waterway, which is home to
    quite a few monsters. Please make sure you are throughly prepared before
    departing, my lord.
    <Underground Waterway>
    Tail Collector: Hey there! I'm a collector, and I love to collect rare tails!
    I'll trade you one silver tail for five bronze tails, or one gold tail for
    five silver tails!
    [If you try to trade when you don't have enough tails...]
    Tail Collector: Hey, wait a minute! You don't have enough tails! Well, see you
    later. Come back once you've got more tails to give me!
    [If you trade for a tail, the collector can say one of several things.]
    Tail Collector: If there's a trap between me and a tail, I'll walk right into
    it without blinking an eye. Any man would, you know.
    Villager: Welcome to Kaipo, oasis town of the Damcyan Desert.
    Villager: The underground waterway to the northeast connects us to Damcyan.
    Lately, though, there's been word about bandits striking at merchants
    passing through there.
    Villager: Tellah and Anna would have been alive today if it weren't for all
    the chaos at that time.
    Villager: They say a beautiful girl from Damcyan collapsed in town earlier.
    Villager: Tellah and Anna are watching over this town, over all of us.
    May it last for all eternity.
    Villager: A new ship route's opened up at the eastern port. We receive
    travelers from around the world thanks to that.
    Old Man: The higher your level, the more money you'll use up with the
    Gil Toss command.
    Inn Patron: Tellah the sage? Even today, I still find it hard to believe
    that he's gone.
    Pub Sign: Been through the desert? Quench your thirst with Kaipo's
    premium drinks!
    Pub Patron: The phase of the moon changes whenever you rest at an inn
    or use a tent or cottage.
    Pub Patron: Kaaahhh! The drink here is the best in the whole world!
    Dancer: The antlion doesn't lay eggs unless there's a full moon. Isn't
    that romantic?
    Barkeeper: My lord, why do you still concern yourself over Anna? Oh,
    I'm sorry. I apologize, my lord.
    Young Man: Must've passed out. She's got to stop pushing herself with
    that fever of hers.
    Damcyan Guard: Leave Harley to us, my lord.
    Damcyan Guard: Please be careful!
    Old Lady: You know, something just like this happened here a while ago.
    Come to think of it, you do look awfully familiar.
    <Damcyan (Fever/Post-Fever)>
    Damcyan Guard: You'll see the antlion's den once you cross the bridge to
    the east.
    Damcyan Guard: Welcome back, Your Highness!
    Damcyan Resident: The antlion's den is east of this castle.
    Damcyan Guard: Desert fever can be a serious matter indeed if not
    attended to in time.
    <Kaipo (Post-Pearl)>
    Old Lady: You know, something just like this happened here long ago.
    And what's more, I hear those two have since become king and queen of
    Baron. Imagine that! You better take good care of that girl, understand?
    Young Man: You folks are headed for Baron, aren't you? The ship should
    be departing pretty soon. You all right? You sure you're fully
    recovered and everything?
    <Baron Castle>
    Villager: Welcome to the town of Baron!
    Villager: I was thinking about visiting Mist a bit earlier. The cave's
    been closed off by Baron soldiers, though, and they refused to let me
    Villager: My son's a soldier. He hasn't been back home in ages... I wonder
    what's going on.
    Villager: Have you seen Cid, the airship engineer? His daughter's worried
    about him.
    Villager: I hope those two moons aren't some kind of sign from the heavens.
    Villager: Hey! Could you move? Can't you see I'm sunbathing here?
    Villager: Goodness, what a surprise! I'm impressed you made it here.
    Armorer: Mmm? I'm sorry, couldn't you read the sign by the entrance? I'm
    afraid I can't let you in here. Back you go, then! Thank you!
    Cid's Daughter: Edward! My, what a long time it's been! My father hasn't
    returned from the castle. I hope he's just tinkering with his airship
    the way he always does.
    Cid's Grandson: Granddad sure is late...
    Young Man: I'm really started to get worried. I tried visiting the castle,
    but they weren't too welcoming.
    Old Lady: I've heard some disquieting rumors, but my trust remains with
    Inn Patron: I haven't seen Queen Rosa at all lately.
    Inn Patron: Come to think of it, Prince Ceodore seems to have dissappeared
    Inn Patron: I can finally sit in whatever seat I want now that Baron's
    soldiers are gone.
    Inn Patron: A whole army of monsters stormed Baron Castle a little while back.
    It all worked itself out in the end, though, thanks to King Cecil's efforts.
    Inn Patron: This wine is the whole reason I came to Baron in the first place.
    Barkeeper: We hardly ever get any soldiers here in the pub anymore. I guess
    they're all busy or something.
    Lunarian's Tale - Blue Planet That Was  (ESD09)\
    <Crystal Palace - F2>
    [Golbez inspects each crystal.]
    Crystal: It has come...the object of our search...
    Crystal: The wait has been endless...the great secret, sequestered.
    Crystal: They were created... The Crystals...alone...
    Crystal: The dark-dispelling light...must be unlocked...
    Crystal: The rightful possessor...
    Crystal: They are infinite... The rightful ones, floating in the void...
    Crystal: Its history has been recorded... It must be revealed...
    Crystal: The light..at the end of the winding path...
    If You Twincast Meteor
    Fusoya: "Give your power to Meteor!
    Golbez: "Very well!"
    <Hummingway's Abode>
    Hummingway: Fusoya is the leader of the Lunarians. The peace we've retained
    on the moon is all thanks to him. Hum-hummm..
    Hummingway: They say some really nasty monster shows up in the lunar tunnel
    to the northwest when the moon is gone. If you're exploring the tunnel during
    a new moon, you better be ready for the worst. Hum hum-hummm...
    Hummingway: Hum hum-hummm...
    Hummingway: Once, we had to deal with an evil Lunarians named Zemus, but all
    that's in the past. It's been a bit boring here ever since. Hum-hummm...
    Hummingway: It looks like we had a meteor strike towards the east earlier.
    Hum hum-hummm...
    Hummingway: Did you know that this moon used to revolve around the Blue
    Hummingway: There is a mesa on this moon shaped like a human face. We call
    it the Lunar Face. A friend of mine went to check it out, but he still isn't
    back, hum-hummm... I hope he's all right!
    Hummingway: It looks like the meteor struck not too far away from Bahamut's
    cave... Hum-hummm...
    Hummingway: Hum-hummm... Our moon has wandered adrift in space since leaving
    the Blue  Planet's orbit. A bit romantic, no?
    Hummingway: Our moon is home to bahamut, Hallowed Father of the Eidolons.
    Hummingway: Welcome! We are the Hummingway.
    Hummingway: Climb up the plateau and travel southward. Once you're back down,
    go northeast and you'll reach the Lair of the Father.
    Lunarian's Tale - Blue Planet That Was  (ESD09)\
    [The party opens a treasure chest, when a Lord Dragon appears before them, and
    attacks! After a tiring battle, the Lord Dragon finally falls.]
    "Obtained Ragnarok!"
    Cecil: That power...as if he was a god!
    Ceodore: Was he...testing us?
    Golbez: (He was a god... There is no other explanation!)
    Kain: A dragon god!
    Rosa: That divine grace... He was something much more than a mere monster.
    (3) - Acknowledgments           (ACKTS)
    - Thanks to RevenantThings, who completed all of Ceodore's General Script,
    all of Ceodore's Extra Script, and some of Kain's General Script.
    - Thanks to CranberryPSO for Porom's General Script and Extra Script.
    Version- 1.95

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