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    Walkthrough by aristoteles05

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    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Walkthrough)
    Version 1.0
    * Copyright 2012 Aristoteles Swarna Wirahadi *
    By aristoteles05 (email: aris_swarn_wir@yahoo.com)
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Walkthrough
    III. Tips
    I. Introduction
    Welcome to my first FAQ! My name's Aristoteles, I'm Chinese and I live in
    Indonesia, so I hope you understand if my English is not so good. Anyway,
    I bought this game two days ago (25/03/2012), played it and started to write
    this on that day. But I haven't finish the FAQ yet, so there will be updates. 
    For the time being, no one may post this on his/her website except GameFAQs.
    II. Walkthrough
    *Operation Javier*
    Chars: Leon and Krauser
    Author's Choice: Leon
    Chapter 1
    Checkpoint #1
    Nothing to worry about. Just shoot anything that moves and some objects for 
    bullets or herbs along the way until you reach the first checkpoint.
    Checkpoint #2
    Do the usual thing - shoot everything, after that, Leon will jump into one of 
    the houses, there're a couple of items inside, be sure to take them. Then you 
    will find your "guide" (how did he get here?), after a convo with him, 
    he dies, when you turn on him, something takes him down the river, and then it 
    jumps in, take that river monster down, and proceed.
    Checkpoint #3
    You have 2 choices to take, "go left" or "go right". Pick left and you will go 
    through a bridge with piranhas that jump to bite you, and into a house with 
    4-5 river monsters, I suggest you use stronger weapons like the Uzi or Shotgun 
    you might have obtained. Here we are the church.
    Checkpoint #4
    Boss fight! Shoot it in the head until you go out of the house. Sometimes you 
    need to press certain button when prompted to dodge it's attacks, otherwise 
    you'll lose health. When it dives, shoot the tentacles, shoot the rocks if 
    possible. After that, shoot it's head again, until it's dead. First level 
    Chapter 2 (After completing Memory of the Lost City)
    Checkpoint #1
    Just follow the path to a big pool. Several piranhas jump to bite you, new 
    type of enemy here - very thin and red. Very hard to hit, most of the time it 
    has the chance to hit you once (well, it happened to me). Anyways, shoot 
    everything zombies and the skinnies. Grab the herb and SMG when you reach the 
    Checkpoint #2
    Nothing to worry about, just shoot the enemies, and take whatever you can.
    Checkpoint #3
    Take the shiny shotgun, soon, a lot of piranhas will jump on you and hurt you, 
    the most annoying part the game IMO. Manuela will fall in the water, and Leon 
    will jump in too, as Leon, shoot the piranhas that attacks you. After climbing 
    up, out of water, 2 spiders appear, shoot through the zombies. 
    Checkpoint #4
    Wow, zombies everywhere, the horde is good for headshots. Shoot through. There 
    will be a cutscene. Chapter completed.
    *Memory of a Lost City*
    Chars: Claire and Leon
    Author's Choice: Claire
    Chapter 1
    Checkpoint #1
    This is totally familiar to Resident Evil players, Raccoon City...
    Ok, shoot every zombies you see. When you reach the gun shop, grab everthing 
    you can, continue shooting your way to the backdoor.
    Checkpoint #2
    Keep moving.... BAM!! Zombies appear behind the fence... And then dogs will 
    come after you. Kill them all, soon enough, a horde of zombies appear. Just 
    shoot through, you can go for headshots if you want. You will meet crows too. 
    Just shoot them if you can and move on to the police station.
    Checkpoint #3
    Keep shooting the zombies and dogs. Claire will be knocked out by an explosion.
    After that, shoot through. Until you reach the police station.
    Checkpoint #4
    You have 2 choices, "go underground" or "go to the courtyard". Pick "go 
    underground", Claire will be knocked down... again by crows, and suddenly.... 
    ROAR!! A zombie pops up from a hole, shoot him in the head. And then continue 
    shooting, take any item you see, when you reach the front door of the police 
    station, there will 2 annoying dogs, and a horde of zombies. The horde is good 
    for headshot bonus. Kill them, level completed.
    Chapter 2
    Checkpoint #1
    Leon's boss is wounded, after a convo, Claire and Leon enter the door to their 
    left, there are a lot of goodies to take, make sure you shoot everything 
    around, new enemies around here - looks like goblin, maybe it's a Hunter 
    (RE1). In this room you'll find some gold, the next room and the room after 
    have weapons and herbs in it, be sure to take them too.
    Checkpoint #2
    Pick up that First Aid Spray, you'll see a girl. Kill every zombies and Hunter 
    you see, while you protect that girl.
    Checkpoint #3
    Back to the room you've went through, shoot the head statue on your left for 
    SMG and kill the 2 Hunters, and then back to Marvin. He's dead, zombies appear 
    behind you, kill them, now Marvin's a zombie too, kill him as well. Level 
    Chapter 3
    Checkpoint #1
    You'll go the office where zombies will pop out of nowhere, you gotta shoot 
    them. Then 2 choices for you - "Break through" or "Detour". Pick "Break 
    through", you'll go to the small office (take everything inside)  then the 
    back door. There, you see crows eating a corpse. Go upstairs and proceed.
    Checkpoint #2
    Shoot the zombies you see, and an explosion will happen. A big guy with no 
    feeling of pain. Shoot him in the head with SMG, and when he bows down, shoot 
    him with a handgun. Repeat this, until your save from that guy. you'll enter a 
    dark room, and a girl screams for help. Continue protecting her from harm. 
    Shoot through until you have a convo with her. The little girl's name is 
    Sherry. Go down with the lift. A cutscene will occur. Second Boss fight 
    (Chief Irons)!!!! Keep shooting him in the head with your machinegun. When 
    you see it's back (eyeball)  shoot it with any strong gun you have. 
    Level complete.
    Chapter 4
    Checkpoint #1
    Shoot and take items you see, no worries. You'll meet Ada, the woman in red. 
    Move on, do the usual thing along the way until you hear a scream of someone, 
    it's Ben. Go check it out. Oh no.... he's dead. after a convo, Ada will be 
    gone too. Kill the zombies that appears. Soon you'll reach the checkpoint.
    Checkpoint #2
    You'll encounter 2 Hunters and go into a room of jails, take the items and 
    continue. Police zombies will pop out, shoot their heads for safety. Go down 
    to the sewers.
    Checkpoint #3
    In the sewer, there are lots of giant spiders, they're a bit hard to kill, 
    their "kids" are even more annoying. This should not be a problem for you, 
    proceed then. Zombies will appear as always, kill them all. Then, you'll hear 
    Ada's voice, she gives you a Magnum. Take it and go through that door.
    Checkpoint #4
    Third boss fight, it's the monster that killed Ben. This one's quite difficult.
    Use your SMG to shoot the eyeballs on his shoulder. When he's going to hit you,
    use your shotgun to cancel it's attack. Repeat the process until you're hanging
    on the floor, being hit repeatedly, use a grenade. If you've depleted his 
    health to zero, keep shooting his shoulder until he falls down. Enjoy the 
    Chapter 5
    Checkpoint #1
    It's dark in here... Wha-? First giant spiders, now giant frogs? Just shoot 
    them until they're dead. Zombies and spiders come along too, kill them. After 
    a bit of walking, you'll see a ladder and climb up. After a convo, little red 
    flies appear in groups, use the SMG. When Leon says "break through", shoot all 
    the fan blades.
    Checkpoint #2
    Zombies + spiders everywhere!!!! You have to use headshots around here to get 
    through. When you encounter the "big guy", same strategy, shoot his head with 
    the SMG until he bows down, this is the time to run
    Checkpoint #3
    It's a long cutscene, and then...Ta-da!! The fourth boss fight (giant 
    crocodile)!!! Shoot it's mouth with your SMG or shotgun. When Claire says 
    "we can use this", shoot the wheel right above the croco's head. It'll explode.
    ... congrats! You've killed th-- BAM!!! It wakes up, how could it be??!!! 
    Repeat the process until you see red gas canisters, shoot the canister until 
    it falls down and bitten by the crocodile. Shoot that canister to explode it. 
    Now, it's really dead, congrats!!
    Chapter 6
    Checkpoint #1
    You get a radio signal for Annette, the woman that attacked Ada. After the 
    convo with her, zombies start to appear, shoot their heads for score bonus. 
    Suddenly the big guy "Trenchy" pops out in front of you, shoot him in the head 
    with handgun ONLY, you'll run from him though. Don't forget to get the items 
    along the way, and shoot Trenchy's head with SMG, and when he's down, shoot 
    him with shotgun. Keep doing this until you reach the checkpoint.
    Checkpoint #2
    New enemies appear, plant humans and naked zombies. They are stronger than 
    ever, kill them if you see them, Hunters are still haunting you, strong guns 
    needed here.
    Checkpoint #3
    Final fight with Trenchy, just keep shooting him in the head. Grab those items 
    while fighting him. Deplete his health to zero. His punches are really annoying
    . SMG and shotgun are essential to win this. Enjoy the cutscene.
    Chapter 7
    Checkpoint #1
    Shoot the zombies, no items here
    Checkpoint #2
    Shoot the enemies and grab some items you see. Nothing to worry about around 
    Checkpoint #3
    Same as above, when you reach the surveilance room, after looking at one of 
    the CCTVs being destroyed by a Hunter, be ready to take them on.
    Checkpoint #4
    The room looks like a nest. Soon enough you will encounter fat cocoons, just 
    shoot them with your SMG. After that, a giant butterfly will attack you, kill 
    it with your shotgun. Enter the P-4 level Lab, and Leon will "formulate" the 
    vaccine while Claire kill the zombies coming after you.
    Checkpoint #5
    As soon as you get back to the "nest room", 2 giant butterflies appear. Shoot 
    them like before. In the surveilance room, plant humans and Hunters will 
    surround you, shoot the plant man. Moving on, hunters and naked zombies 
    surround you, shoot the ones you are facing, and run
    Checkpoint #6
    Claire will fall downstairs. Shoot all the enemies with everything you got (I 
    ran out of ammo in this part). Just shoot through.
    Checkpoint #7
    The fifth boss fight!!! Remember him? He's William, the one you've fought 
    before. He destroyed the system, no way out now. Time to use the grenades 
    you've saved, it does great damage him, if you're out of SMG or shotgun ammo, 
    use the bowgun or Magnum. Same strategy as before, shoot the eyeball until it's
    Checkpoint #8
    He's not dead, but he transform into a stronger form. Grenades don't works this
    time, but it's ok to use it if you want to. Keep shooting with everything you 
    got, handgun's not included.
    Checkpoint #9
    William's not dead...yet. Same strategy as before, but now's the time to use 
    Magnum. It's powerful enough to deplete his health to half bar. Use grenades 
    when he's hanging on the floor, and keep shooting till it's dead.
    Chapter completed.
    Chapter 8
    Checkpoint #1
    It's time to run, and time is running. You head for the lift, the Hunters come 
    to say goodbye. Shoot them with your handgun until you enter the lift.
    Checkpoint #2
    You see a train, take the SMG if you see it, suddenly Trenchy (the Tyrant) 
    appears. What? It could have been killed in the blast furnace!! Never mind, 
    to kill him, blast his face with the SMG, or other weapons if you ran out of 
    ammo. Keep doing this until somebody throws you the rocket launcher, pick it 
    up, but don't use it just yet, he will deflect it if you use it right away, 
    shoot his face till he's down, then shoot the rocket launcher on him. After 
    each shot of the rocket, be sure to reload it right away. Repeat, till it's 
    dead. After the fight, you get in the train, a cutscene occurs. Then something 
    pops out in the train, it's William again, he just won't give up! Fire him with
    any strong weapons you got, because this is the final battle. When it's almost 
    dead, shoot it's tentacles till he falls. Chapter completed. Enjoy the ending!
    Wait a second, it's not over yet. Back to Operation Javier section.
    *Game of Oblivion*
    Chars: Claire and Steve
    Author's Choice: Steve
    Chapter 1
    Checkpoint #1
    Shoot all the zombies, coming after you, headshots needed. When you enter the 
    a "building" and into the "cell", nothing happens, suddenly, zombies pop out, 
    shoot them all, until you reach the computer, aftet a cutscene, corpes turn 
    into zombies and attacks you. Go to the back door.
    Checkpoint #2
    When you get out, zombies are still in your way, kill them, grabbing pieces of 
    gold, and ammo on the go. Then 2-3 dogs come after you. Back to the square, a 
    horde of zombies appear, headshots are essential to keep you safe. Move on to 
    the big gate which Steve will open, enter it. Continue shooting anything that 
    moves. Until a group of bats fly out of their nest and attack you, shoot the 
    ones that are reaching for you. When Claire says "an explosion would kill them"
    , shoot the truck. Chapter completed
    Chapter 2
    Checkpoint #1
    Pick up the SMG, kill the zombies, pick the gold outside the castle, dogs will 
    pop out, never mind them, you may shoot them if you want. Anyway, in the castle
    , pick up the herb and then other items (bows for bowgun). Continue upstairs, 
    pick up the weapon on your right. When you enter a dark room with a fireplace 
    in it, pick everything you see shiny. You leave the room.
    Checkpoint #2
    2 zombies suddenly appears, shoot them all, don't forget to shoot the left 
    picture the get items. You'll go downstairs, there'll be a cutscene. After that
    , you have a small fight with Alfred Ashford, shoot him when you can, after a 
    few shots, he will flee, leaving you with 2 zombies. I forgot to mention 
    zombies here can spit, to avoid damage shoot their spit.
    Checkpoint #3
    When you get out of the castle, a group of zombies are waiting for you, don't 
    bother shooting them. Just go left, and a Hunter (that's the one from RE1) pops
    out, shoot it with your handgun in the head. Another one along with the zombies
    appears too. Shoot them all, and you'll be fine. Chapter completed.
    Chapter 3
    Checkpoint #1
    Shoot the boxes to obtain some gold, then, when you enter a door, grab the herb
    , continue, the room will be dark suddenly, 4 spiders will attack you, use the 
    SMG, then zombies will come too, blow their heads to smithereens. Not a problem
    Checkpoint #2
    Welcome to the training grounds, small fight with Alfred, again. Use the same 
    way as before. After the fight, he flees, enter the door upstairs.
    Checkpoint #3
    Zombies, Hunters, you name it, lots of freaky enemies hear! ONLY handgun 
    Checkpoint #4
    This is kinda cool for training, if you see a target board, shoot the red dot
    (I sometimes fail to do this and got hit). Zombies are here too. Keep moving 
    until you reach a room with 2 ways, pick right and shoot through, pick left, 
    continue shooting. Dogs are the final enemies in the challenge.
    Checkpoint #5
    You go down by lift, you see a zombie eating the other zombie, then he turns to
    you, kill him, ohter zombies appear, kill them too, after the zombies, it's the
    spiders turn, kill them and proceed. While walking on the wooden floor, big 
    part of it collapses, taking you down. After the fall, kill the zombies, while 
    you pick up the items.
    Checkpoint #6
    Get ready for an easy boss fight with Alfred's "little pet", he's easy to kill,
    just fire your handgun at it, till it's dead. Chapter completed
    Chapter 4
    Checkpoint #1
    You guys are heading back to the mansion, when you reach there, bats attack you
    , shoot the ones that are heading for you. You'll eventually, get in the 
    mansion, pick up the items, shoot the zombies, back to the room with the music 
    box. Pick up the items there too. Here you get to play a mini game on the music
    box. On the first level, shoot the 2 fishes. On the second level, shoot the 
    knight, on the last level shoot the teddy bear. Open sesame!!! Shoot through 
    the zombies back there.
    Checkpoint #2
    Zombies, zombies, zombies, and big guys too. Shoot them all till you get to a 
    room where there's a convo between Alfred and Alexia, you'll enter that room, 
    but no one is in there. "There must be a hidden passage", well, there is one, 
    shoot 2 lights. The secret passage in on the bed.
    Checkpoint #3
    Shoot one of the horses (well I did) to start the mini-boss fight with Alexia. 
    Shoot her, if you see her. A few shots should do it. Watch the cutscene for the
    truth. Chapter completed.
    Chapter 5
    Checkpoint #1
    Now it's the time run. Shoot the zombies in the head, pick the items that's 
    shiny, and don't forget to kill the Hunter and big guys too. That's all I can 
    Checkpoint #2
    Back to the first room of the mansion, there are zombies everywhere, kill, kill
    , kill. Lots of items to take. Finally there are Hunters waiting for you near 
    the exit. You should've known how to take care of them.
    Checkpoint #3
    Outside of the mansion, you will meet another "Trenchy", this part is easy, 
    just shoot his head with the handgun until it's down. Now you going to the 
    plane. Watch the cutscene, after the cutscene, time to fight the Tyrant. Shoot 
    his head with the SMG, repeat, when you face the switch shoot it, it will 
    release a box the pushes Tyrant back. Repeat the process, now you're going to 
    use the missile to bring him down. Shoot the 2 locks (red metal) when you have 
    the chance. Chapter completed
    Chapter 6
    Checkpoint #1
    You're in South Pole, shoot all the enemies you see, the Hunters are quite 
    annoying, so do the zombies. Keep shooting and moving. Until you're in 
    Alexander's office, Alexander is below his office, screaming because he can't 
    move. You'll leave the room.
    Checkpoint #2
    Giant butterflies come after you, shoot them all, and then you will, go back to
    the dark room just now, grab those items, and kill the Hunters + Zombies. You 
    reach the second checkpoint after you leave the dark room.
    Checkpoint #3
    Get ready for the final mini-fight with Alfred. Pick the gold and herb, after 
    that a something try to smash you, dodge it, another will come too, dodge it as
    well. Then the fight starts, just shoot him whenever his head pops out, keep 
    doing this until Claire tells you to shoot the crane, shoot it and the "thing" 
    will fall down, and he will, too. 
    Checkpoint #4
    Shoot the zombies, kill the Hunter, pick up the machines gun, kill the Hunters,
    pick up the herb, Claire will open the door, realize that a snowstorm is 
    Checkpoint #5
    Boss fight against Alexander!!! My favorite!!! First, shoot his heart with your
    handgun. Then, shoot it's heart again (this time Steve says "shoot his heart). 
    After that, continue shooting his heart, when he jumps, shoot him mid-air with 
    the SMG, when he's on the ground, push the prompted button (you'll slide near 
    his heart), shoot it with your shotgun, repeat. Sometimes he'll attack, so fire
    the SMG on him, give him no chance to attack!! There is time when he jumps to 
    the upper level and throws fuel cylinders, shoot them. When he's near the fuel 
    tank, shoot his heart, when Steve says "shoot the fuel tank", shoot it, he's 
    not dead yet. Next round, he'll be hanging on a wire, throwing his claws to you
    , shoot the claws to defend yourself, keep shooting him with SMG. When you are 
    swinging, shoot him with shotgun when you're near his heart, otherwise fire 
    your SMG on him. Repeat and he'll eventually dies.  Chapter completed.
    Chapter 7
    Chars: Claire and Chris
    Author's Choice: Chris
    Checkpoint #1
    Easy, zombies here are good for headshot bonus, kill them and move upstairs, 
    the tentacles need a bit of effort to kill, use the SMG and shotgun. Shoot 
    through the tentacles, you'll enter a room with lots of items in it, be sure 
    to pick them up. You'll meet flying ants, blast them with you SMG, the rest of 
    the way is full of zombies shoot them in the head for bonus score. Continue to 
    Steve's place.
    Checkpoint #2
    Boss fight against Steve!! Shoot him in the heart with SMG, when he's going to 
    attack, shoot him with the shotgun. He'll be pushed back. Keep doing this until
    Chris tells Claire to run. Steve will catch up with you, when he does, blast 
    him with shotgun shells, he'll fall down, but he'll be back, repeat this till 
    he's stuck with the axe. He'll cry in pain, no need to attack him anymore. 
    Watch the cutscene. After that, you'll get back, a group of ants is waiting for
    you. Shoot them with a handgun. Chris will run the next room. Boss fight!!! 
    Against Alexia!!! SMG, shotgun, and bowgun are necessary to kill her. Just keep 
    shooting her, while shaking your Nunchuk when you're burned. When she dies, a 
    cutscene occurs.
    To be continued... Sorry, the game freezes at the time the cutscene occurs

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