Kakashi's Secret Technique after Sharingan ???

  1. Take control of Kakasi and work with Naruto to defeat Deidara using Kakashi's Secret Technique after Sharingan. I have tried all button (forward/back/down/up+SP). How to use Kakashi's Secret Technique after Sharingan ? Thx.

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    calvinalx - 7 years ago

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  1. To activate the Sharingan hold the joy stick down and Press down on the d-pad, then build up your Chakra then just press down on the d-pad again,but hold it for a couple of seconds, you dont need to be near him for it to work.

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  1. Its just sp okay

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  2. just hold X button until the special jetsu works (may be you need to hold for 2 or 3 sec (don't remember the timing well)

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  3. After activating Sharingan, press and hold x until your chakra bar is depleted. Latent ninja power causes the chakra bar to drain faster.

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  4. put kakashi in sharengan mode ( Back+SP ). When you have full chakara, hold down special, then when the sharingan eye is about to disapper, shake the wii romote

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  5. put kakashi in sharengan mode ( Back+SP ). When you have full chakara, hold down special, then when the sharingan eye is about to disapper, it will do his special

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  6. First you need to build chakra.Then you put the joy stick down and you press down on the D-Pad,that will active Sharingan mode.Build more chakra,and then press D-Pad right,but you need to be in a short distance,not too far because the attack wont damage,and not too close because he can attack you and evade the attack.Kakashi will activate the Manggekio Sharingan,and will make the enemy to paralyze,and then does some really good damage,but I really dont understand what happens,I just do the attack.Hope I helped. ;)

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  7. First you have to activate sharingan mode. To do this you have to press back+special with at least 2 dots glowing on the chakra meter(half chakra). After that, build up you chakra to a full bar so you can use the special. for this special(mangekyo sharingan), you have to hold down the special button the entire time. When you start holding down the button kakashi will stand still and a large mangekyo sharingan symbol will appear around him. It will spin around and shrink around kakashis head. During this time, your chakra meter will be decreasing. When your chakra bar is gone, the mangekyo symbol will be very small and about to disappear. As long as deidara is not behind you when your chakra meter is gone and the symbol shrinks, it will automaticly acivate your special and deidara will be hit by it. (the rest is just tips for using this special) In a battle where you are alone, this will be much harder to execute due to the fact that you will not have a teammate to keep the opponent occupied while you activate your sharingan. In this situation, I would suggest that you just fight the battle normally until you are in the latent ninja powers mode. In this mode, your chakra meter will decrease much faster, at least 3 times as fast. Therefore, you will be able to activate this special almost automaticly on your enemy, just as fast as any normal special.

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