Why won't Anbu Kakashi be unlocked?!

  1. Ok this is a list of characters and the ranks on the missions they have done:
    NOTE: I did NOT miss any other ranks because I went through the mission select mode to see their ranks while posting this! Also C1 is the first Two man Squad and C2 is 10 Straight Battles, A1 means 1 on 3 Battle, A2 is the second Two man squad, S is the S rank Rival Match Up, D is the Clash of Rivals Rank D
    Bando: Special Jonin, Hokage, Special Jonin, Head Ninja
    Towa: Hokage, Hokage, Jonin, Jonin
    Komachi: Head Ninja, Hokage, Head Ninja, Special Jonin
    Kagura: Head Ninja, Hokage, Jonin, Hokage
    Yugao: Head Ninja, Hokage, Special Jonin, Hokage
    Sai: Hokage, Hokage, Jonin
    Yamato: Hokage, Hokage, Jonin
    Chouji: Head Ninja, Hokage, Jonin
    Shikamaru: Jonin, Hokage, Hokage
    Jiraiya: Hokage, Head Ninja, Hokage
    Tsunade: Hokage, Hokage, Head Ninja
    Naruto: Hokage, Hokage, Head Ninja, Head Ninja, Hokage, Apprentice
    Kakashi: Hokage(Rank D), Hokage(Rank C1), Apprentice(Rank C2), Hokage(Rank A1), Hokage(Rank A2), Hokage(Rank S Played about 10 times)
    Sakura: Genin, Special Jonin, Jonin, Special Jonin
    Asuma: Hokage, Head Ninja, Jonin
    Shino: Hokage, Hokage, Head Ninja
    Kankuro: Chunin, Chunin, Head Ninja, Hokage
    Temari: Head Ninja, Genin, Jonin
    Gaara: Special Jonin, Hokage, Head Ninja, Jonin
    Guy: Hokage, Hokage, Jonin, Hokage, Apprentice
    Kurenai: Jonin, Hokage, Head Ninja
    Kiba: Jonin, Hokage, Chunin
    Baki: Head Ninja, Hokage, Special Jonin
    Chiyo: Chunin, Hokage, Chunin
    Lee: Head Ninja, Head Ninja, Head Ninja
    Tenten: Chunin, Head Ninja, Jonin
    Neji: Jonin, Jonin, Head Ninja
    Anko: Special Jonin, Hokage, Head Ninja
    Hinata: Hokage, Head Ninja, Chunin
    Sasori: Chunin, Chunin, Jonin, Hokage
    Hiruko: Special Jonin, Hokage, Apprentice, Special Jonin, Jonin, Apprentice
    Kisame: Genin, Special Jonin, Apprentice, Jonin, Special Jonin
    Itachi: Special Jonin, Jonin, Apprentice, Apprentice, Apprentice, Hokage, Chunin, Chunin, Apprentice
    Deidara: Head Ninja, Hokage, Apprentice, Apprentice, Apprentice, Head Ninja, Special Jonin, Chunin
    Kakuzu: Jonin, Hokage, Hokage
    Orochimaru: Chunin, Hokage, Jonin
    Sasuke: Hokage, Special Jonin, Hokage
    Kabuto: Special Jonin, Jonin, Head Ninja
    Hidan: Jonin, Hokage, Apprentice, Special Jonin, Head Ninja, Apprentice
    So Please tell me what I need to do to get Anbu Kakashi

    User Info: narutorox123456

    narutorox123456 - 7 years ago


  1. Truth is, the way you set it up is giving me a headache. The better way is to not post the rank you got, but by going to the mission completion ranking in extra section. Then you write down the percentage you got for each character. All characters need to have over 20% mission completion.

    I'm not sure, but it might be temari, kabuto, and sakura.

    User Info: sharpshooter826

    sharpshooter826 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 1
  2. To get Anbu kakashi, Get 40% of missions including the S Rank For Kakashi. Then Do 20% of Everyone in the Roster, and I Mean Everyone!. After that, get 100,000 Ryo and Do the S Rank kakashi Mission, and then He'll appear fighting you. beat him and Buy Him. Hope that Information is good.

    User Info: -ReDhEaVeN-

    -ReDhEaVeN- - 7 years ago 0 0

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