How to unlock the secret character (4th hokage) (not a question i just have to put a question mark)?

  1. This isn't really a question but i think every1 should know this there is a secret character that can ONLY be unlucked by getting HOKAGE rank on all missions exept his own. He is the last charecter you can get, the 41st charecter is the 4TH HOKAGE (Yodame).

    User Info: Bryndyn722

    Bryndyn722 - 7 years ago

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  1. He is not in the game. Its a stupid joke that people put on the internet for each and every clash of ninja game. Totally ignore this. Don't get your hopes up. He is not in the game. If you want proof, have someone hack into the game iso. There is no image of him. Want more proof? Go on youtube. Find a video on him in this game? Your not gonna find him. So, the message is, THERE IS NO FOURTH HOKAGE IN THIS GAME!!!! Fin.

    User Info: sharpshooter826

    sharpshooter826 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0

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