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    Tenten by SlickSlicer

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    ============Tenten Guide============
    First of all, this is meant to be a fairly basic guide. I mostly play online. 
    If you're looking for competitive tips, look elsewhere. Tenten is a fairly
    difficult character to learn, which is why I made this guide. If you just
    want to learn Tenten's basics though, this guide can help you out.
    I've actually been working on this guide for awhile, but due
    to computer problems/internet problems/community service volunteer 
    work, etc. I didn't get a chance to finish it until December 23rd. 
    Other people have figured out very handy ways to use Tenten, and one 
    person even finished a guide already.
    A lot of this information I learned from xroninbladex and ChaosDragoon from
    Willvolution.net's forums. I've tried to credit them for the stuff I 
    learned from their posts. 
    [1] indicates that the information is credited to ChaosDragoon.
    [2] indicates that the information is credited to xroninbladex.
    Benblast from Willvo has a much better guide for Tenten that you can
    find below. His guide came first, and he has more experience with the 
    game than I do.
    His guide: http://www.willvolution.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=160546#160546 
    Update (1/11/2010): Now that I've had some more experience with the 
    game offline, I'm going to update a few things. 
    --------------------------=== Contents ===--------------------------
    0.) The Basics (Controls) [TB]
    1.) About Tenten [TT]
    2.) How to take out her weapons
    -Short Sword [SS]
    -Staff [SF]
    -Twin Sabers [TS]
    -Spear [SP]
    -Big Sword [BS]
    -Chain [CH]
    -Mines [MI]
    3.) Tenten's Weapons [TW]
    4.) Overall Strategy [OS]
    5.) Combos
    -Without Weapons [WW]
    -Short Sword [WS]
    -Twin Sabers [WT]
    -Chain [WC]
    -Big Sword [WB]
    -Spear [WP]
    6.) General Tips/Tricks [GT]
    7.) Acknowledgements [AK]
    -------------------------=== The Basics [TB]===----------------------
    Here are the basic game controls. Note that these are for single
    battles only.
    Forward or Backward on Directional Pad or Analog Stick-Move
    Double tap forward or back-Dash
    Up on Directional Pad or Analog Stick-Jump
    B-Weak Attack
    A-Strong Attack
    X-Super attacks
    R-Right sidestep
    L-Left sidestep
    Flick Cstick-Deflect kunai
    R+L-Paper Bomb Stance
    R+L A-Paper Bomb Throw
    R+L A+Down-Throw a paper bomb at the ground
    R+L B-Detonate all the paper bombs that you have 
    on the ground.
    Down Y-Command Throw (not all characters have one)
    Back B-Interrupting Attack (can be used to interrupt certain attacks 
    in a combo. All characters have one)
    Forward or Backward on Directional Pad or Left Analog Stick-Move
    Double tap forward or back-Dash
    Up on Directional Pad or Left Analog Stick-Jump
    B-Weak Attack
    A-Strong Attack
    X-Super attacks
    R-Right sidestep
    L-Left sidestep
    Flick Right Analog Stick-Deflect kunai
    R+L-Paper Bomb Stance
    R+L A-Paper Bomb Throw
    R+L A+Down-Throw a paper bomb at the ground
    R+L B-Detonate all the paper bombs that you have 
    on the ground.
    Down Y-Command Throw (not all characters have one)
    Back B-Interrupting Attack (can be used to interrupt certain attacks 
    in a combo. All characters have one)
    ----------------------=== About Tenten [TT]===-----------------------
    Tenten in this game has lots of cool weapons she can throw out. 
    Unfortunately, a lot of it is all style and little substance. Several of 
    her attack strings can be countered. She has a very poor ranged game that 
    forces her to summon weapons if she wishes to throw them. The damage she 
    can deal is mediocre, and even her supers don't take off a huge chunk of 
    Tenten is not completely without options. On small stages, she can 
    capitalize on her fairly fast attacks. Her back b is not too bad for 
    countering enemy attacks. On small stages, her chain attack will also 
    work almost all the time and allow you to pull enemies close to you. 
    Tenten's mines are an invaluable defensive tool in her moveset that can 
    thwart enemy rushdown attempts, lead to throw opportunities, stop
    throws and punish wakeups. Her shortsword also is very fast, punishing, 
    and puts Tenten in a crouch like stance that makes a lot of attacks miss 
    her (sort of like Yugao). Tenten's throw game is above par. She can 
    combo into one of her most damaging set ups after a throw. She can
    also combo into both her supers from a throw.
    --------------------------=== Scrolls! ===--------------------------
    Here I'll just explain the most effective ways to take out Tenten's weapons.
    Most of these require a directional input plus A. I'm unfamiliar with the
    Wii Mote controls. You'll have to consult another guide or something for 
    Note-Some methods for taking out weapons are excluded from this list. 
    This is  because they are either very repetitive to include or totally 
    pointless. For example, you can keep pressing A after back B, back A, 
    or forward BB to take out weapons in the following order-Staff, Short 
    Sword, Sabers, Spear, Big Sword, Chain. There's just no point, though, 
    in standing around in the middle of a battle whipping out weapon scrolls.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Short Sword [SS]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To take out the short sword:
    1.) Press A.
    2.) Press A after pressing back A.
    3.) Press A after a down B attack.
    4.) Press A after a running B attack.
    5.) Press A TWICE after a back B attack.
    6.) Press A TWICE after a forward BB combo.
    In the last 4 cases, it is only safe to take out the short sword if you 
    actually HIT your opponent with the first attack. If they block the initial 
    strike, taking out the short sword leaves you vulnerable. Assuming you hit,
    methods #3-#5 are the most practical ways to take out the short sword.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Staff [SF]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To take out the staff:
    1.) Back A.
    2.) Press A after a back B attack.
    3.) Press A after a forward BB combo.
    As with the short sword, for #2 you should successfully
    hit with the back b first. The third one is somewhat useless
    because the first hit of forward b can be techrolled.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Twin Sabers [TS]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To take out the twin sabers:
    1.) Forward A.
    2.) Press A after a BBB combo.
    3.) Press A twice after pressing back A
    #3 is pretty impractical. #2 is best done only if you actually
    hit your opponent with BBB.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Spear [SP]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To take out the spear:
    1.) Up A.
    2.) Press A after pressing down A.
    3.) Press A after a BBA combo.
    4.) Press A after a forward BA combo.
    Basically, the spear can be taken out after planting a mine or with 
    Up A.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Big Sword [BS]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To take out the big sword:
    1.) Press A after a jump. 
    2.) Press A after a BBBAAA combo.
    3.) Press A after Up BBA.
    4.) [With shortsword] Press A after AAABB or Down BAAABB.
    #1 is the most practical unless your enemy just sits around trying to 
    block everything. #2 & #4 are safe on hit, but pointless unless you 
    really want to pull out the big sword for some reason. 
    I'll elaborate more later, but the big sword basically sucks. There's more 
    than one reason I abbreviate it as BS.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Chain [CH]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To take out the chain:
    1.) Press A while running.
    2.) Press A after an Up BBB combo
    3.) [With shortsword] Press A after an AAABBB combo or 
    Down BAAABBB combo.
    4.) Press A after a Forward BBB combo.
    5.) Press A after BBBYUpBBB
    6.) Press A after Down Y Up BBBA.
    Literally all of these methods are useful.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Mines [MI]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To use mines:
    1.) Down A.
    2.) Press A after a BB combo. [2]
    3.) Press A after pressing Forward B. [1]
    Planting mines also allows Tenten to discard whatever weapon she 
    was holding [1].
    --------------------------=== Weapon Usage ===--------------------------
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Tenten's Weapons [TW]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I'm going to try to keep this section brief so I can talk more about
    her actual combos further down.
    Short Sword: The sword puts Tenten in a crouch stance that makes many attacks
    miss her. It's quick. It also has excellent combos.
    Staff: The staff sucks. Don't do anything with it other than throwing it (B).
    Even throwing it is usually ineffective.
    Twin Sabers: They do decent damage, but give your opponent a lot of chakra
    with each hit.
    Spear: Tenten can do a rotation on the spear with A or throw it with B.
    Throwing it shatters the enemy's guard. The spear is not all that good, but
    it's somewhat ok to use to follow up a successful hit with the mines. 
    Big Sword: This is too slow to be of much use. If you hit your enemy
    when they block it though, it shatters their guard.
    Chain: If you use it from running a, it can throw an enemy off guard.
    Otherwise, it's a perfect finish to several of Tenten's combos. When
    your enemy is grabbed by the chain, they cannot substitute. This lets
    you follow up with various combos. 
    Mines: Mines are Tenten's most invaluable tool. They can be used often. 
    They can be followed up in tons of ways. I'll go into more detail about 
    it below. 
    Aside from providing Tenten with otherwise impossible opportunities, 
    mines can stop enemy substitutes, throw attempts, wakeup teleports, 
    wakeup leg sweeps, and rushdown attempts. They're awesome.
    ------------------=== Overall Strategy [OS]===------------------
    At first, Tenten should try to stay close to her enemy as much as 
    possible. Her long-range moves are extremely poor. The hardest part 
    about playing Tenten is simply getting into a comfortable range. 
    Obviously you will want to sidestep, deflect kunai and block when 
    necessary to avoid enemy attempts at zoning. If you're patient, you'll 
    eventually get an opportunity to strike.
    Tenten's most effective weapons are the twin sabers, short sword, 
    mines and chain. Use the first two offensively, and the last two 
    defensively. Use mines to punish substitutes in particular. Tenten's
    throw game is also above par. From a command throw, you can combo into
    some of Tenten's most damaging combos. You can also combo into your
    supers from a throw. BBX is a somewhat unimaginative, but still
    very effective alternate way to combo into your super. Mix this up
    with your command throw to try to catch people off guard. When
    you're weaponless, BBA is your safest combo [2].						
    ----------------------------=== Combos ===-----------------------------
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Without Weapons [WW]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    When Tenten is not wielding weapons, she still has several solid
    options. Many of her moves in this state lead into drawing weapons
    and using them mid combo. Others allow her to safely chip away at
    small chunks of the opponent's HP.
    Most Important-
    Back B-Tenten's back b is pretty good. Learn where other 
    characters' combos can be countered by this and apply 
    accordingly. The back b launches an enemy far away, which gives 
    Tenten just enough time to draw the staff or sword. You can do 
    this by pressing A once or twice respectively after landing a 
    successful back b. 
    BBA [2]-Two kicks followed by Tenten planting a mine. It is 
    Tenten's safest combo both on block and on hit.
    Down A-Tenten plants a mine. This is usually pretty safe.
    Mines have a nice tendency of hitting opponents if they do anything 
    other than blocking them. Yes, it can even hit them sometimes if 
    they sidestep. It's a useful move to use when your 
    opponent is on the ground and getting up.
    Mines detonate if your opponent's body is on them. If you place a
    mine in front of your opponent, though, they take a couple seconds
    to explode. This gives you an opportunity to run in and throw them
    or run in and attack. It's a very nice and easy setup for Tenten.
    Since mines are so safe, they are also a good way to swiftly 
    dispose of whatever weapons Tenten is carrying [1].
    BBBA-Three kicks followed by Tenten drawing twin sabers. It's
    unsafe on block, but more damaging than BBA on hit. Plus it lets
    you use twin sabers! 
    Down Y Up BBBA-Up BBBA is pretty unsafe most of the time. When used after
    Tenten's down Y throw, however, it's awesome. You need to practice 
    this a lot because it requires a bit of timing. You have to pause
    for a very short amount of time after the throw if you want the
    Up B to connect.
    On very rare occasions, such as against Hiruko, the Up BBBA after
    the throw can miss. Also, sometimes the enemy won't be launched
    after the third B. In this case, the chain attack at the end 
    won't work correctly.
    Down YX-Yep, Tenten can combo into her super after her command throw.
    Unlike other characters, you need to have a bit of timing to do this.
    As with the above combo, you need to pause for a short bit after the
    throw before you press X.
    Running BA-Tenten's running b is quick and punishing. If you
    successfully hit somebody with it, you should press A afterwards.
    It gives you an easy way to draw the short sword. Opponents can tech
    roll the running b, but you still have plenty of time to draw
    the sword.
    If your foe doesn't techroll, you can do a bit more with this.
    If you end up close to the enemy after a successful running BA, you can 
    launch right into the standard shortsword combo (AAABBB). 
    Running A-Tenten can do her chain attack by running and pressing A. 
    Sometimes kunai or projectiles can break the chain. Other times, 
    the chain will go over that stuff to hit the opponent.
    Forward A-Tenten jumps and throws down twin sabers in front of her.
    Not only that, but she draws twin sabers too. This move is pretty
    damn good. It has more range than many of Tenten's other attacks.
    It also can jump over several moves. It isn't totally safe, but
    if you land close to your opponent after the attack, you can
    follow it up. This move can also be used in conjunction with mines.
    BBBY Up BBBA [2]-The Y in the middle is a Y cancel.
    You need at least 25% chakra for this. This is a very useful
    combo since it leads into Tenten's chain.
    The only reason I put this in Situational is because it requires
    25% chakra. If you have at least 25% chakra, this is possibly the 
    best weaponless combo Tenten has. The chakra cost is generally worth 
    it, but if you almost have enough chakra for a super, you might want 
    to use BBBA instead.
    Down B-Without weapons, the only real purpose of this move 
    is to draw your shortsword or bait an opponent into substituting 
    because they think you're going to draw your shortsword. 
    Only draw your shortsword if you actually hit them with the down b.
    Jump B-Tenten's stomp. It can hit characters directly below you.
    Actually, I kind of like it. If an opponent's combo lifts you
    up into the air, you can use this move to counter it sometimes.
    Naruto's BBBBetc. is a good example. I use this move mostly
    defensively. I try to anticipate if an enemy wants to air
    throw me and I use it then. It is also a good way to
    deal with characters that are normally very difficult to approach
    Forward BA [1]-First hit can be techrolled, but the A plants
    a mine. So overall, this is a pretty safe move. The initial
    attack has more range than Tenten's normal B move.
    Jump X-Jump X can be sidestepped. Some characters can even use
    their back b to avoid the whole thing. However, without weapons
    this does have one major use. If you use it at close range, it
    can break an enemy's guard if they're blocking. 
    Otherwise, this can sometimes be used as a sort of desperation
    counter. If you are in the air and your opponent is whiffing
    an attack, you can throw out a jump x.
    BBBAAA-A very tempting combo, but unfortunately it is also
    very easily countered. Only use this if you hit and your 
    opponent doesn't techroll after the third A.
    Forward BBBA-First hit can be techrolled. Ergo, this isn't 
    as safe. The second hit is the same as Tenten's back b for some 
    reason. That means it has some invincibility frames which can 
    let you sometimes power through other attacks.
    This combo is actually pretty glitchy. Sometimes the first 
    forward b doesn't bounce opponents like it should.
    This can make it so that you can't really do more than 
    one more hit. On the other hand, it also sometimes
    makes it so that your opponent can't techroll. Also, I've
    randomly sometimes drawn the sword instead of the chain
    at the end of the combo. I experimented with it a lot and
    it had nothing to do with timing. It was just a weird
    random glitch. Overall, this is another tempting, but
    sadly very unsafe combo.
    Down Y BBBA-The timing for landing a BB after Tenten's command
    throw is tricky, but it's possible.
    Down Y BBX-See above.
    BBBYBBBA-You can cancel the third b in Tenten's BBB combo.
    This is one possible application of this, but the timing is
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~With Shortsword [WS]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    When you're holding the shortsword, Tenten crouches to avoid
    more attacks. This lets you effectively punish people pretty
    easily. The shortsword is one of Tenten's best weapons.
    Most important-
    AAABBB-This is the standard shortsword combo. If you miss the
    first A, Tenten is left wide open. If your opponent blocks the
    first A, they can sidestep. It's not very safe, but it's a
    great way to punish people if they miss you. 
    AAABBBA-This is the same combo as above, but with a twist.
    At the end of the combo, Tenten whips out the chain to drag
    in her opponent. Unfortunately, doing this also means that
    you lose the sword.
    Down BAAABBB-This is a lot safer than the standard shortsword
    combo. Plus, you get an extra hit in. This does require
    some timing though. You need to pause briefly after the down
    Down BAAABBBA-Same as above, but you lose the sword and pull
    out the chain.
    B-You can press B to throw the shortsword. It's a pretty crappy
    projectile that misses several characters entirely and 
    can sometimes unexpectedly miss others. If you really
    need to punish somebody a distance away though, go ahead.
    Jump A-Tenten throws the sword from the air. Actually,
    this isn't that bad a move. Tenten throws the shortsword pretty
    quickly from the air. The range and speed is similar to
    aerial kunai. Unlike aerial kunai though, Tenten suffers by
    losing the weapon. It's probably not really worth it.
    Running B-This is a nice way to throw off your opponent
    sometimes while you're carrying the short sword.
    Running BAAAABBBA-See "Running BA" in the without weapons
    section above.
    Down Y-Using your throw makes you lose the sword, but
    it's pretty unexpected too. Overall, it's worth losing
    the sword since Tenten has some really nice options
    after a throw. You should definitely use this, albeit
    AAAYBBBA-I can never get the timing right on this,
    but I know it's possible. You can Y cancel the third
    hit of the shortsword into Tenten's basic BBBA combo.
    Since the timing is so difficult and you do practically
    the same amount of damage by just continuing the short
    sword combo normally, I'd just completely avoid ever
    using this.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~With Twin Sabers [WT]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Twin sabers are good. They do decent damage and can hit
    your opponent whether they're in front of you or behind
    you. Twin Sabers do have one huge drawback though. They give
    your opponent a very large amount of chakra with each hit.
    The huge chakra gain is, pardon the pun, a double edged sword.
    The twin sabers can punish substitutes. It's possible that your 
    opponent will consider substituting depending on how much
    chakra they gain.
    Most Important-
    AA-This is the basic twin saber combo. The first hit pierces
    foes both behind and in front of you. The second hit
    juggles them.
    AAB-The basic twin saber combo, but at the end of it,
    Tenten jumps back and throws the sabers. It's a nice
    alternative combo that also does a lot of guard damage
    if it's blocked.
    AA (pause) AA [1]-Since the second hit of the basic twin saber
    combo juggles opponents, you can actually do AA twice. It does require some 
    timing though. Also, you have to keep a close eye on your opponent's chakra if 
    you do decide to use this.
    AA (pause) AAB-Same as AA (pause) AA, but it involves
    Tenten throwing the sabers at the end for a tad more
    Down BAA-This is basically the same idea as with the shortsword.
    Unlike the shortsword though, there are advantages to just
    using AA with the twin sabers instead of Down BAA. For example,
    AA hits opponents behind you whereas Down B does not. Like the
    shortsword, the followup to the down B also requires timing.
    An interesting thing to note is that AA with the twin sabers
    will sometimes completely miss tall opponents. To wit, this
    includes Bando, Kagura, Kakuzu, and Kisame. However, if you
    use down b first, the followup attack will not miss them. It's a 
    good idea to spend some time in training mode to figure out
    exactly which opponents AA whiffs against.
    Down BAAB-Obvious.
    Down BAA (pause) AA-Obvious.
    Down BAA (pause) AAB-Obvious.
    Down BAA (pause) AA (pause) Down BAA-This is probably the most damaging
    loop you can use with the twin sabers. The timing is tight, but it's still
    very feasible. It's a lot easier with practice than some other combos that
    you would expect to be basic (example: down y BB is actually more difficult
    to pull off). After the second AA, you have to wait until Tenten touches
    the ground to do Down B. Otherwise, Tenten will throw the twin sabers
    instead. This is probably my favorite twin saber combo. 
    B-The twin sabers make a surprisingly awesome projectile. They
    speed towards your adversary very quickly. Obviously you should
    rarely throw them, but once in awhile it can be a good idea.
    You can even zone other Tenten players with them, lol.
    Jump A-Mostly useless. I sometimes do it and follow up with 
    a paper bomb just for fun though. Basically, this makes Tenten
    throw the twin sabers diagonally from the air. If you hit your
    enemy with this, you're awesome.
    Forward A-Tenten throws two sabers forward and draws two more. 
    It can be techrolled, but it's a nice part of Tenten's mixup
    due to how much range it has. Since the twin sabers normally have
    pretty crappy range, this can be a nice way of throwing your enemy
    off guard.
    Down Y-This basically has the same utility as with the
    shortsword. You should seldomly use this, but it's
    still a useful way to sometimes catch your enemy off
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~With The Chain [WC]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The chain is cool, but unreliable. It misses a lot on
    large stages. When it does hit, your opponent is actually
    completely unable to substitute from it. This lets you follow
    it up in several ways.
    The following combos lead to the chain-
    Without Weapons/With all Weapons: 
    Running A
    Up BBBA
    Down Y UpBBBA
    Running BAAAABBBA
    Forward BBBA [sometimes glitchy]
    Back AAAAAA [useless]
    With Shortsword:
    Now onto following up with the chain. You can do one of
    six things-
    1.) Jump forward, straight up, or backwards. Then do your aerial super
    (jump x). If it hits them on the ground, it doesn't do much damage.
    If you hit them in the air though, it does a LOT of damage. After 
    the chain, you should try to jump in such a way that you end up 
    right in front of the enemy while they are still flying through the
    air. Right when that happens, press X.
    2.) Throw a paper bomb. 
    Paper bombs will bounce your opponent after they are hit by the chain.
    Moreover, they can hit your opponent no matter where they are
    after the chain drags them. If they are behind you, getting into paper
    bomb throwing stance actually turns Tenten around so that you can
    hit them with it. If they are far away from you, it's pretty easy to 
    hit them with a paper bomb. If the chain drags them very close to you,
    you can hurl a paper bomb.
    After throwing a paper bomb, you can hit them with forward ba,
    up bbba, or forward bbba (only if they don't techroll the first b).
    It just depends how far away they are after the paper bomb hits them.
    If you want to waste chakra or troll your opponent, you could just keep 
    throwing paper bombs too.
    3.) You can try to follow up the chain with a combo regularly 
    (without throwing a paper bomb). This is a little bit trickier.
    Your best option for this is forward ba or up bbba.
    4.) You can also try to air throw your opponent [2]. This also 
    doesn't always work.
    5.) Use the free time you have to draw whatever weapon you please.
    6.) You can straight up use your super on them while they are
    falling towards you. This is REALLY tricky, but it's definitely do-able.
    The potential damage you can do off of this is great. Just make sure
    that you can pull it off.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~With Big Sword [WB]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The big sword really sucks. The only cool thing about it
    is that if you do actually hit your opponent while they're
    blocking, it breaks their guard instantly. Unfortunately,
    Tenten's own guard breaks easily while holding it. 
    Most Important-
    B-Tenten throws the big sword. It is a surprisingly quick
    projectile, but the throw itself takes a second.
    A-Tenten swings the sword. This shatters your opponent's guard
    if they are dumb enough to try to block it.
    AA-Two swings. I think the second A is techrollable. I'm
    not really sure though.
    AAB-Two swings followed by throwing the big sword.
    Jump A-Tenten drops the big sword straight down. Just like
    the twin sabers, it's hilarious if you can actually hit your
    opponent with this. It actually stuns them too.
    AABY?????-You can do a Y cancel after hurling the big sword,
    but I have no idea how to make use of this. If you want to
    waste your chakra, I guess you could probably throw a paper
    bomb after tossing the sword. The paper bomb will bounce your
    enemy. This gives you a free ticket to do whatever else you
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~With Spear [WP]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The reason the spear isn't that good is because it can be sidestepped, 
    Tenten can be hit by projectiles while on top of it, and hits from the spear 
    can be techrolled. Unless your opponent can't deal with it, 
    don't use the spear.
    Most Important-
    A-While on top of the spear, Tenten can do a rotation attack. 
    This can be sidestepped pretty easily. If it hits, the attack can also
    be techrolled. Tenten can do this up to 4 times. If you do it a 5th
    time, she brings out the big sword.
    B-While on top of the spear, Tenten can throw it. This shatters the enemy's 
    guard if they try to block it.
    Down AA-Only mentioning this because it's the best way to actually take out the
    spear. Once you have it out, you should either throw it immediately or
    do one rotation and then throw it, in my opinion.
    Stand still-If Tenten is on top of the spear, she can stand still to get
    off of it. At this point she'll assume a neutral pose with the spear.
    In this pose she gains new moves, but her guard breaks really easily. The
    neutral pose is overall pointless.
    A (neutral pose)-Tenten swings the spear horizontally. Weak and pointless.
    B (neutral pose)-Tenten jumps and throws the spear. It's slow and leaves
    Tenten vulnerable.
    Jump A (neutral pose)-Tenten jumps and throws the spear, but it
    works more like an anti-air attack.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~With Staff [WF]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The staff is probably Tenten's worst weapon.
    Most Important-
    B-Throw the staff. It's slow, but if your opponent runs right at you,
    they might get hit by it.
    Jump A-An aerial staff throw that's also unnecessarily slow.
    A (right after you pull out the staff)-This lets you take out the
    shortsword, which is much more useful anyways.
    Back B-Tenten can perform her back b attack and still keep the staff
    A (while Tenten is holding the staff)-Tenten spins the staff. The
    range on this is extremely short. Plus it leaves Tenten vulnerable.
    AYBBBA-Tenten can perform a y cancel after the staff A move. If
    you are not too close and mash B quickly enough, it's possible to 
    combo from it. There really is no point in ever using the staff in
    this manner though. Unless you want to look cool, don't use this.
    --------------------------=== Tips & Tricks ===-----------------------
    1.) Since Tenten has few projectiles of her own, spend a large
    amount of time in training mode learning how to deflect kunai.
    On a classic controller you flick the right analog stick. On a
    Gamecube controller you flick the c-stick. In both cases, you should 
    try to flick the respective stick right when deflect-able projectiles
    are about to hit you.
    Unfortunately, deflecting kunai actually makes you lose whatever 
    weapons you were carrying! You really have to think whether or not
    it's worth it every time. If you're weaponless, it's obvious that
    you should go ahead. Otherwise, you might consider sidestepping
    or blocking instead.
    2.) Tenten has a high learning curve, is risky to play, and isn't 
    very rewarding. If you want to play her well, you will want to spend
    a lot of time in training mode. Despite the fact that
    you have her unlocked at the beginning, she isn't a beginner's character.
    3.) It's rather cliche to quote the Art of War, but oh well: 
    "Know thy enemy and know thyself." Knowing Tenten's moves is actually
    less important in some ways than knowing the tricks that your opponent
    has up their sleeve. Since Tenten requires much more prediction
    than other characters, you should definitely spend some time acquainting
    yourself with what the other characters in the game can do. 
    4.) Be patient. A lot of people will try to zone Tenten, but they 
    can't do it forever. Playing defensively with Tenten actually has its
    benefits sometimes. 
    5.) Know your limits and accept defeat. Some matchups are just going
    to be very, very hard for Tenten. Hiruko is a good example. Tenten's 
    Up BBBA combo whiffs on the second B against him, which renders a large
    number of her most damaging setups totally useless. 
    He can fire off tons and tons of non-deflectable projectiles at you [2], 
    and has far more effective options for rushing down as well. His back B 
    is a notorious move that totally blocks Tenten's entire aerial super as 
    well as most other things she can do. 
    Throwing him isn't rewarding, sidestepping him will usually get you
    slapped in the face with his tail, he can outplay you defensively,
    and he can outplay you period. It is possible to win against him
    by being very patient, doing your back b during his back b, and 
    basically out-predicting him close to 100% of the time. Nonetheless,
    it's still really difficult. Against such odds, don't expect to win
    the vast majority of the time. You're probably better off choosing another
    6.) This kind of counters point 4, but Tenten really does her best 
    when she is up close and in the enemy's face. You should try to stay
    close to your opponent. On the other hand, you shouldn't be reckless (point 4).
    7.) Use whatever works. If your opponent sucks at techrolling or 
    doesn't know how to counter the spear or something, feel free
    to go wild. 
    8.) This is sort of an addendum to point 7. Feel free to 
    try different things. Tenten has lots of different weapons and
    you should definitely experiment with them on your own. If you can use
    the big sword, staff or spear well, ignore everything I said about them
    in this guide and do it! If you discover cancels that lead into
    more devastating combos, use them! If you can always pull off
    air throws after using her chain, go ahead! I believe that
    Tenten has lots of untapped potential. 
    I'm 100% positive that there is a lot of stuff that this guide is 
    missing. Of all the characters in the game, I believe that Tenten 
    benefits the most from excessive experimentation. I am still 
    learning things about her. I think that in the future, people
    will find even more useful cancels, ways to use her weapons,
    and methods of comboing into her supers. I, for one, am willing
    to try out her staff, big sword, and spear a bit more to figure
    out how best to utilize them.
    9.) If you get the opportunity to choose a stage, pick a small one.
    The best stages for Tenten are Tanzaku Castle 1, Leaf Forest 1, and
    Nine Tails Room 2.
    10.) If you are playing on a big stage, sometimes it's worth it
    to avoid using the chain unless you know that your attacks
    won't launch your enemy far. You might be better off simply running after
    your opponent after Up BBB, AAABBB, etc. 
    11.) Red pants>Blue pants. Tenten's alternate costume is pig-disgusting. 
    If you use it, you should be ashamed.
    --------------------=== Acknowledgements [TB]===-------------------
    Thanks to the following:
    -Eighting for making an awesome game.
    -Tenten for being so fun to play by sheer virtue of her huge moveset.
    -xroninbladex and ChaosDragoon for great tips on playing Tenten.
    -Ben for making another Tenten guide on willvolution.net. For the record,
    his came first. I linked to it at the beginning of this guide.
    -The movie Rat Race for making me laugh pretty hard today.
    -Wendy's for their 1$ double stacks.
    -Subway for their 5$ footlongs.
    -Wenway's for their 6$ double footstacks.
    -Gamefaqs and willvolution.net for being pretty good videogame communities.
    -My famil...nah, forget them.
    Note-Guide finished on December 23rd. It will be submitted whenever my internet
    comes back.
    Guide updated on January 11th.

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