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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by danmantincan

    Updated: 09/02/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright 2010 Daniel McInnes
     ******       **     **   ** **     **   ********      **     ****     **
    /*////**     ****   /**  ** /**    /**  **//////**    ****   /**/**   /**
    /*   /**    **//**  /** **  /**    /** **      //    **//**  /**//**  /**
    /******    **  //** /****   /**    /**/**           **  //** /** //** /**
    /*//// ** **********/**/**  /**    /**/**    ***** **********/**  //**/**
    /*    /**/**//////**/**//** /**    /**//**  ////**/**//////**/**   //****
    /******* /**     /**/** //**//*******  //******** /**     /**/**    //***
    ///////  //      // //   //  ///////    ////////  //      // //      ///
     ******       **     ********** ********** **       ********
    /*////**     ****   /////**/// /////**/// /**      /**/////
    /*   /**    **//**      /**        /**    /**      /**
    /******    **  //**     /**        /**    /**      /*******
    /*//// ** **********    /**        /**    /**      /**////
    /*    /**/**//////**    /**        /**    /**      /**
    /******* /**     /**    /**        /**    /********/********
    ///////  //      //     //         //     //////// ////////
     ******   *******       **     **       ** **       ******** *******   ********
    /*////** /**////**     ****   /**      /**/**      /**///// /**////** **//////
    /*   /** /**   /**    **//**  /**   *  /**/**      /**      /**   /**/**
    /******  /*******    **  //** /**  *** /**/**      /******* /******* /*********
    /*//// **/**///**   **********/** **/**/**/**      /**////  /**///** ////////**
    /*    /**/**  //** /**//////**/**** //****/**      /**      /**  //**       /**
    /******* /**   //**/**     /**/**/   ///**/********/********/**   //**********
    ///////  //     // //      // //       // //////// //////// //     //////////
    Hello to all! I am Danmantincan and this is my very first guide. Since you're
    here, I'm going to assume that you would like some help with Bakugan Battle
    Brawlers for the Nintendo Wii. Hopefully, you will find this guide useful, and
    if you have any questions, corrections or constructive critiscism, feel free
    too E-Mail me at danmantincan123(at)hotmail(dot)com. If you have any additions
    or extra tips for me to put in this guide, feel free too E-Mail aswell, but, 
    please leave your name if you wish too be credited. Please have the word 
    "Bakugan" in your E-Mail subject line, it will help sort my E-Mails.
    Now for the boring legal stuff. This guide is not allowed to be reproduced, by
    any one without permission from myself, or sold for a profit, at all! No 
    website other than the following are allowed to use this guide; 
    -www.gamefaqs.com         -www.cheatcc.com
    -www.neoseeker.com        -mmgn.com
    If you wish  to put this guide on your website, simply E-Mail me, asking for 
    permission, and I will very likely say yes.
    Version History:
    Version 1.00 - 
     -Added some info on the game after defeating Marduk at the UBT
     -Included list of all Bakugan and their stats
    Version 0.70 - February 1, 2010
     -Sorry for the wait. Had to catch up on assignments and prepare for exams.
     -Added the Brave Battlers Tournament.
     -Added the Maximum Power Tournament.
     -Added the Bakugan Master Cup Tournament.
     -Added the UBT and final Marduk battle.
    Version 0.45 - January 8, 2010
     -Added the Special Shots into the Attribute Differences section...Can't
      believe I forgot to include it before.
     -Began the Story Mode tips for first two tournaments, if you consider the Neo
      Challengers a true tournament.
    Version 0.35 - January 7, 2010
     -Initial release of my very first FAQ, YAY!
     -Includes; Basics, Bakugan Stats, Attribute Differences, Cards and On Field
      Objects (Not very much, but I thought I should put up some information for 
      this game on the Wii).
                                   Table of Contents
    1. The Basics------------------------------------------------------------{BSCS}
        a) Controls----------------------------------------------------------{BCTL}
        b) Rules-------------------------------------------------------------{BRUL}
        c) Battle Types------------------------------------------------------{BBTS}
            i) Match Styles
           ii) Bakugan Battles
    2. Bakugan Stats---------------------------------------------------------{STAT}
    3. Attribute Differences-------------------------------------------------{ADF0}
        a) Aquos-------------------------------------------------------------{ADFA}
        b) Darkus------------------------------------------------------------{ADFD}
        c) Haos--------------------------------------------------------------{ADFH}
        d) Pyrus-------------------------------------------------------------{ADFP}
        e) Subterra----------------------------------------------------------{ADFS}
        f) Ventus------------------------------------------------------------{ADFV}
    4. Cards-----------------------------------------------------------------{CARD}
        a) Gold Cards--------------------------------------------------------{GLDC}
        b) Silver Cards------------------------------------------------------{SVRC}
        c) Copper Cards------------------------------------------------------{CPRC}
        d) Red Cards---------------------------------------------------------{REDC}
        e) Green Cards-------------------------------------------------------{GRNC}
        f) Blue Cards--------------------------------------------------------{BLUC}
    5. On Field Objects------------------------------------------------------{FDOB}
        a) G-Power Boosts----------------------------------------------------{GPWR}
        b) Fuel Canisters----------------------------------------------------{FLCN}
        c) Trampolines-------------------------------------------------------{TRMP}
        d) Speed Boosts------------------------------------------------------{SPDB}
        e) Battle Item Gems--------------------------------------------------{BIGS}
             i) Clock Stopper
            ii) Fickle Finger of Fate
           iii) Power Swap
            iv) Big Advantage
             v) G-Power Booster
            vi) G-Power Stall
        f) Hyper Ability Cards-----------------------------------------------{HACS}
             i) Jamming
            ii) Damage Field
           iii) Stealth
            iv) Confusion
             v) Mirror
            vi) Barrier
    6. The Story Begins------------------------------------------------------{SBGN}
    7. Neo Challengers Tournament--------------------------------------------{NCTN}
        a) Shuji-------------------------------------------------------------{NCTS}
        b) Runo--------------------------------------------------------------{NCTR}
        c) Marucho-----------------------------------------------------------{NCTM}
    8. Supreme Tag Team Tournament-------------------------------------------{STTT}
        a) Jewls and Jenny---------------------------------------------------{STJJ}
        b) Billy and Komba---------------------------------------------------{STBK}
        c) Chan Lee and Julio------------------------------------------------{STCJ)
        d) Runo and Marucho--------------------------------------------------{STRM}
    9. Brave Battlers Tournament---------------------------------------------{BBTN}
        a) Billy, Shuji and Akira--------------------------------------------{BBSA}
        b) Julio, Chan Lee and Klaus-----------------------------------------{BJCK}
        c) Runo, Marucho and Julie-------------------------------------------{BRMJ}
        d) Marduk------------------------------------------------------------{BBTM}
    10. Maximum Power Tournament---------------------------------------------{MPRT}
        a) Jewls-------------------------------------------------------------{MPJS}
        b) Jenny-------------------------------------------------------------{MPJY}
        c) Chan Lee----------------------------------------------------------{MPCL}
        d) Julie-------------------------------------------------------------{MPJE}
        e) Shun--------------------------------------------------------------{MPSN}
        f) Masquerade--------------------------------------------------------{MPME}
    11. Bakugan Master Cup Tournament----------------------------------------{BMCT}
        a) Julio-------------------------------------------------------------{BMCJ}
        b) Chan Lee----------------------------------------------------------{BMCC}
        c) Klaus-------------------------------------------------------------{BMCK}
        d) Dan---------------------------------------------------------------{BMCD}
    12. Ultimate Battle Tournament-------------------------------------------{UBTN}
        a) Marucho-----------------------------------------------------------{UBTM}
        b) Julie-------------------------------------------------------------{UBTJ}
        c) Runo--------------------------------------------------------------{UBTR}
        d) Shun--------------------------------------------------------------{UBTS}
        e) Dan---------------------------------------------------------------{UBTD}
        f) Masquerade--------------------------------------------------------{UBM2}
        g) Marduk------------------------------------------------------------{UBM3}
    13. Post Game------------------------------------------------------------{PSTG}
    14. The Bakugan----------------------------------------------------------{BKGN}
    1. The Basics------------------------------------------------------------{BSCS}
    This will hopefully give you a quick look at the basics of Bakugan Battle
    Aiming                               Throwing
     Control Pad - Choose Target          B Button     - Back
     B Button    - Zoom In/Out            Pointer      - Show Bakugan + Stats
     A Button    - Confirm Target         A+B Button   - Select Bakugan
                                          Pointer      - Select Throw Type
                                           While        / Left/Right for Power \
                                        Holding A+B     | Up for Special/Normal|
    Steering                              Buttons       \ Down for Normal      /
     A/B Button  - Enable Steering        Swing Remote - Throw Bakugan
     Down (+Pad) - Turn Around
     Point Down  - Speed Up          \
     Point Up    - Slow Down          \ While holding
     Tilt + Point Left  - Turn Left   / the A/B Button
     Tilt + Point Right - Turn Right /
    Battle Controls
     Battle Preparation                          Timing Battle
      Pointer  - Choose Ability Card or Start     A Button     - "A" 
      Left/Right (+Pad) - Select Ability Card     B Button     - "B"
      A Button - Select                           Shake Remote - "Wii Remote"
                                                  +Pad         - Use Battle Item
     Shaking Battle                              Shooting Battle
      Shake Remote - ...Yep that's it             Pointer      - Aim
      +Pad         - Use Battle Item              A Button     - Shoot
                                                  +Pad         - Use Battle Item
     A Button - View Throws/Battles, Shoot Bakugan (If viewing throw)
     B Button - Skip Throws/Battles, Shoot Bakugan (If viewing throw)
     1 Button - View Gate Cards
    The rules to this game are fairly simple. The objective in every match is to
    collect three Gate Cards in total. There are 4 ways to score a Gate Card. 
     1. Defeat an opponent by have the highest G-Power at the end of the battle. 
     2. Get a Double Stand by having two Bakugan stand on the same Gate Card.
    Note#1: If you achieve a Double Stand and there are empty adjacent Gate Card(s)
            you will have the option too move the Bakugan you just threw too the
            empty card(s).
     3. If all three of your Bakugan are on the field, choose one two stay and if
    it was not attack in between turns, you win the Gate Card.
     4. Achieve a Critical KO by knocking an opponents G-Power to 0 with a sphere
    At the begginning of each match, every player will throw a Gate Card and then
    the games begin. For each throw, players will have a few decisions they can
     1. Players can chose to make a throw that will get them quickly to the Gate
    Card, or, Players can go around the field, collecting Battle Items, Hyper
    Ability Cards, Endurance Canisters and Bonus G-Power.
     2. Players can choose to make a Normal Throw which is easier to control when
    you first throw, or, a Power Throw, which is fast and powerful throw that is
    great for sphere attacks.
    Note#2: Bakugan at level 5+ are able to use a special shot, when your Special
            Gauge fills, which varies with each attribute.
    Note#3: The longer your Bakugan travels before landing on a Gate Card, the more
            your opponent will gain in their Special Gauge.
    Battles begin when two opposing Bakugan stand on the same card. When this
    happens, the Gate Card opens and any bonuses are added to the printed Bakugan
    GP. Players can then use any Ability Cards too add GP, prevent the opponent
    from using Battle Items, and/or choose whether you want a Timing, Shaking or
    Shooting Battle.
    Note#4: Ability Cards can only be used once per match unless you are battling
            on a gate card that allows a single or both Bakugan to regain their
    ---------------------------------Battle Types----------------------------{BBTS}
    Throughout this game, you will experience 3 times of matches and 3 different
    types of Bakugan battles. With each type of Bakugan Battle, there are 3
    different levels.
    Match Styles
       1. 1 on 1: 1 versus 1, I know it's surprising. Obtain 3 Gate Cards first and
                  you win.
       2. Tag Team: 2 versus 2. The first team to get 3 Gate Cards wins.
       3. Battle Royal: 4 player free-for-all. Like always, get 3 Gate Cards before
                        everyone else.
    Bakugan Battles
       1. Shooting Battles: Point and shoot at your attribute target. Hit the gold
                            targets and you'll get bonus points.
       2. Timing Battles: Watch the icons go by and press the proper button or
                          shake the remote at the right time to get points.
                          In level 1 you only use the A Button, level 2 adds the
                          B Button and level 3 adds the remote (shaking).
       3. Shaking Battles: Shake the Wii remote. The harder you shake, the more
                           points you'll get. In level 1, you just shake the remote
                           while in level 2, the game will make you stop and go,
                           and level 3 will make you shake the remote in a specific
    2. Bakugan Stats---------------------------------------------------------{STAT}
    Every Bakugan in this game has 5 stats, 6 if you count G-Power. Each stat,
    excluding G-Power, can have a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 1. 
    -Speed: This is the speed you throw your Bakugan.
    -Defense: The higher the defense, the less damage you will take from sphere
    -Acceleration: This is the speed of your Bakugan while steering.
    -Endurance: The higher your Bakugan's Endurance, the longer you will be able to
                steer it.
    -Jump: The height of your Bakugan's jump.
    -G-Power: The power of your Bakugan.
    You are able to upgrade the stats of your Bakugan at the Store. You may upgrade
    any Bakugan up to 9 times. There is no way to permanently lower any stat, 
    however certain stats can be reduced during a Bakugan's throw.
    Note#1: The prices for upgrading a Bakugan from 1-Max Level are as followed;
            500, 750, 1200, 2300, 3500, 5000, 7000, 10000, 15000
    3. Attribute Differences-------------------------------------------------{ADF0}
    There are similarities between each attribute with certain generic Bakugan like
    Saurus and Juggernoid. Their stats are the same for each attribute. However,
    each attribute has there own advantages and disadvantages.
    |    -Bakugan-       |           -Terrain-           |     -Special Shot-     |
    |Preyus              |Aquos Bakugan have an advantage|      Aquos Spiral      |
    |Preyus II Angelo    |on the Aquos battlefield, but a|Your Bakugan will be    |
    |Preyus II Diablo    |disadvantage on Pyrus.         |surrounded with water   |
    |Sirenoid            |                               |and your steering will  |
    |                    |                               |take a much longer time |
    |                    |                               |to run out.             |
    |     -Bakugan-      |           -Terrain-           |     -Special Shot-     |
    |Hydranoid           |Darkus Bakugan have an advant- |     Darkus Phantom     |
    |Dual Hydranoid      |age on the Darkus battlefield, |Your Bakugan will be cl-|
    |Vladitor            |but a disadvantage on Haos.    |oaked in darkness and   |
    |Battle Ax Vladitor  |                               |will be able to go right|
    |                    |                               |through other Bakugan.  |
    |                    |                               |When it stands, it will |
    |                    |                               |absorb G-Power from your|
    |                    |                               |opponent.               |
    |     -Bakugan-      |           -Terrain-           |     -Special Shot-     |
    |Tigrerra            |Haos Bakugan have an advantage |     Haos Lightning     |
    |Blade Tigrerra      |on the Haos battlefield, but a |Your Bakugan will be wr-|
    |Tentaclear          |disadvantage on Darkus.        |apped in lighting and   |
    |                    |                               |its G-Power will incr-  |
    |                    |                               |ease until the end of   |
    |                    |                               |your shot.              |
    |     -Bakugan-      |           -Terrain-           |     -Special Shot-     |
    |Dragonoid           |Pyrus Bakugan have an advantage|      Pyrus Strike      |
    |Delta Dragonoid II  |on the Pyrus battlefield, but a|Your Bakugan will be en-|
    |Fortress            |disadvantage on Aquos          |gulfed in flame and move|
    |                    |                               |very fast. Sphere att-  |
    |                    |                               |acks do extra damage.   |
    |     -Bakugan-      |           -Terrain-           |     -Special Shot-     |
    |Gorem               |Subterra Bakugan have an advan-|     Subterra Quake     |
    |Hammer Gorem        |tage on the Subterra battle-   |Your Bakugan will have  |
    |Cycloid             |field, but a disadvantage on   |the force of a boulder. |
    |                    |Ventus                         |When your Bakugan stands|
    |                    |                               |it will cause a huge ea-|
    |                    |                               |rthquake and decrease   |
    |                    |                               |your opponent's G-Power.|
    |     -Bakugan-      |           -Terrain-           |     -Special Shot-     |
    |Skyress             |Ventus Bakugan have an advant- |      Ventus Storm      |
    |Storm Skyress       |age on the Ventus battlefield, |Your Bakugan will ride  |
    |Harpus              |but a disadvantage on Subterra |in a vicious tornado.   |
    |                    |                               |The force of the winds  |
    |                    |                               |will collect surrounding|
    |                    |                               |items even if your Baku-|
    |                    |                               |gan doesn't touch them. |
    4. Cards-----------------------------------------------------------------{CARD}
    There are 2 main types of cards in this game, Gate Cards and Ability Cards.
    Gate Cards are the cards you throw onto the field and battle on. Gate Cards
    increase your Bakugan's G-Power based on it's attribute. Gold, Silver and
    Copper Cards are all different types of Gate Cards. Ability Cards upgrade your
    Bakugan's G-Power, after a battle starts, as long as your Bakugan fit into the
    Ability Card's specifications, or Ability Cards can change the rules of the
    battle by; choosing a shaking, timing, or shooting battle, or eliminating your
    opponents Battle Item. Red, Green and Blue Cards are different types of Gate
    Note#1: The format for Gold and Copper Gate Cards (respectively) are;
     * (Card) - [Pyrus/Aquos/Subterra/Haos/Darkus/Ventus]<- G-Power Boosts
            The format for Silver and Copper Gate Cards are;
     * (Card) - (Effect).[Pyrus/Aquos/Subterra/Haos/Darkus/Ventus]<- G-Power Boosts
            The format for Ability Cards are;
     * (Card)[Compatible attributes] - (G-Power Boost), (Circumstances)
    ----------------------------------Gold Cards-----------------------------{GLDC}
    Gold Cards are Gate Cards that provide double the G-Power for specific species
    of Bakugan (ie. The Saurus Card gives double the gate bonus to Sauruses).
    Shooting Battles occur on Gold Cards.
    * Juggernoid         - [P100/A 40/S 50/H110/D150/V 50]
    * Saurus             - [P140/A120/S 80/H 20/D 40/V 60]
    * Robotallion        - [P110/A 60/S 90/H120/D140/V200]
    * Falconeer          - [P120/A100/S150/H 50/D100/V 50]
    * Stinglash          - [P 80/A 20/S 20/H200/D100/V120]
    * Serpenoid          - [P 60/A140/S120/H 80/D 20/V 40]
    * Griffon            - [P110/A 40/S120/H 80/D120/V120]
    * Centipod           - [P 60/A 80/S 50/H 20/D 90/V 70]
    * Gargonoid          - [P110/A 60/S120/H 90/D150/V 50]
    * Siege              - [P100/A 60/S140/H120/D 80/V 20]
    * Fear Ripper        - [P150/A 50/S 90/H 70/D 50/V100]
    * Monarus            - [P150/A 50/S 90/H120/D100/V180]
    * Terrorclaw         - [P 60/A 90/S 50/H120/D110/V150]
    * Laserman           - [P120/A100/S150/H 50/D100/V 50]
    * Reaper             - [P100/A 50/S150/H 70/D120/V140]
    * Leonidas           - [P160/A140/S120/H160/D120/V140]
    * Omega Leonidas     - [P200/A200/S160/H180/D160/V180]
    * Dragonoid          - [P170/A110/S 80/H130/D100/V140]
    * Tigrerra           - [P 50/A140/S 90/H160/D120/V100]
    * Preyas             - [P 60/A150/S120/H 50/D110/V 90]
    * Gorem              - [P 80/A110/S150/H120/D 30/V 50]
    * Skyress            - [P120/A150/S 50/H150/D160/V180]
    * Hydranoid          - [P120/A 90/S100/H110/D180/V 50]
    * Cycloid            - [P 70/A120/S150/H120/D100/V 60]
    * Fortress           - [P170/A110/S 80/H130/D100/V140]
    * Tentaclear         - [P120/A110/S 50/H150/D100/V 50]
    * Harpus             - [P120/A 50/S100/H110/D 90/V140]
    * Sirenoid           - [P 90/A150/S110/H120/D 70/V130]
    * Delta Dragonoid II - [P200/A100/S120/H 50/D100/V 50]
    * Blade Tigrerra     - [P 50/A 40/S 90/H180/D100/V 60]
    * Preyas's           - [P130/A180/S 70/H130/D100/V 60]
    * Hammer Gorem       - [P110/A 90/S150/H120/D 70/V130]
    * Storm Skyress      - [P110/A 50/S 60/H 90/D 40/V200]
    * Dual Hydranoid     - [P 70/A 90/S130/H100/D200/V 60]
    * Battle Ax Vladitor - [P170/A150/S 50/H150/D200/V180]
    * Vladitor           - [P 80/A 60/S100/H120/D180/V140]
    * Manion             - [P 80/A150/S110/H 50/D120/V 30]
    * Ravenoid           - [P100/A 40/S 60/H110/D 50/V150]
    ---------------------------------Silver Cards----------------------------{SVRC}
    Silver Cards are Gate Cards that do not have any extra effects or bonuses.
    Timing Battles occur on Silver Cards.
    * Pit Dweller    - [P100/A 50/S120/H100/D150/V 50]
    * Vacuum         - [P 50/A 20/S 50/H 60/D 20/V 70]
    * The Cliffs     - [P120/A100/S120/H 50/D100/V 50]
    * Low Energy     - [P 50/A 60/S 20/H 70/D 50/V 20]
    * Heavy Surf     - [P 60/A140/S120/H 80/D 20/V 40]
    * Powder Keg     - [P140/A120/S 80/H 20/D 40/V 60]
    * Sunrise        - [P 20/A 20/S 60/H140/D120/V 80]
    * Aqous Votex    - [P 60/A150/S120/H 50/D 20/V 20]
    * Sun Spot       - [P 60/A140/S120/H 80/D 20/V 40]
    * Earthen Wave   - [P140/A120/S 80/H 20/D 40/V 60]
    * Spitting Fire  - [P 60/A150/S120/H 50/D 20/V 20]
    * The Spires     - [P 50/A 40/S 40/H110/D 70/V150]
    * Muddy Ground   - [P 20/A 60/S140/H120/D 80/V 20]
    * Blue Sky       - [P 50/A 40/S 40/H110/D 70/V150]
    * Wind Farm      - [P 50/A 20/S 50/H 60/D 20/V 70]
    * Fire Pit       - [P140/A120/S 80/H 20/D 20/V 60]
    * Sand Storm     - [P110/A 80/S110/H 50/D 20/V170]
    * Force Wind     - [P120/A 80/S 20/H 40/D 60/V140]
    * Dusk           - [P 80/A 20/S 20/H 60/D140/V120]
    * High Energy    - [P110/A120/S120/H110/D120/V120]
    * Nightmare      - [P 80/A 70/S 20/H120/D170/V120]
    * Tsunami        - [P 20/A170/S110/H 80/D110/V 50]
    * Black Hole     - [P120/A100/S150/H 50/D100/V 50]
    * Whirlpool      - [P100/A 50/S120/H100/D150/V 50]
    * Tornado Alley  - [P170/A110/S 50/H 50/D 90/V180]
    * Elevated Field - [P 90/A110/S100/H 90/D110/V100]
    * Fields of Lava - [P 80/A 70/S 20/H120/D170/V120]
    * Light-Burst    - [P 50/A 50/S 90/H200/D170/V110]
    * Whirlpool      - [P 90/A200/S170/H110/D 50/V 50]
    * Earthen Mound  - [P 50/A 90/S200/H170/D110/V 50]
    * Volcanic Lake  - [P200/A170/S110/H 50/D 50/V 90]
    * Haunted Night  - [P110/A 50/S 50/H 90/D200/V170]
    ---------------------------------Copper Cards----------------------------{CPRC}
    Copper Cards are Gate Cards that can have a variety of different effects from;
    +200 G-Power to the Bakugan that stood on the card first, too all Ability Cards
    used being returned to their owners after the battle. If you battle on a Copper
    Card, it will be a Shaking Battle.
    * Lightning Gate    - Each Ventus and Haos Bakugan gain +100 GP.
                          [P110/A 80/S 60/H 90/D120/V140]
    * Energy from All   - Each Bakugan used by a player who is using all different
                          attributes gets +100 GP.
                          [P170/A 80/S120/H100/D 70/V150]
    * Bakugan Duo       - Each Pyrus and Darkus Bakugan gain +100 GP.
                          [P 80/A 50/S 30/H 50/D140/V 80]
    * Lock and Load     - Each Subterra and Aquos Bakugan gain +100 GP.
                          [P100/A150/S 70/H 50/D 80/V150]
    * Change of Fate    - The Bakugan used by the player with the least Gate Cards
                          gets +100 GP.
                          [P 60/A 80/S 50/H 20/D 90/V 70]
    * Quick Strike      - The Bakugan that stood on this car first gets +100 GP.
    * Overpower         - The Bakugan used by the player with the most Gate Cards
                          gets +100 GP.
                          [P100/A 60/S 90/H120/D140/V110]
    * High Price        - The player with the higher printed GP may not play 
                          Ability Cards.
                          [P 60/A 30/S 50/H 20/D 20/V 40]
    * Delayed Attack    - The player with the least Gate Cards gets all use Ability
                          Cards back.
                          [P100/A 40/S 50/H110/D150/V 50]
    * Quick Charge      - The player with the lowest printed GP may not play 
                          Ability Cards.
                          [P/150/A 70/S170/H130/D110/V100]
    * Power Drain       - The Bakugan who stood on this card first loses half of 
                          its printed GP.
                          [P110/A100/S 80/H 70/D 50/V 40]
    * Stand Your Ground - After the battle is over, all players get all Ability
                          Cards back into their hands.
                          [P 20/A 80/S140/H 50/D 60/V110]
    * Ability Block     - No Ability Cards may be played.
                          [P 20/A  0/S 20/H  0/D 20/V  0]
    * Bait              - The player with the least Gate Cards gets all use Ability
                          Cards back.
                          [P150/A 50/S 90/H 70/D 50/V100]
    * Eath, Wind * Fire - Each Bakugan used by a player using all different
                          attributes gets +200 GP.
                          [P100/A120/S 80/H170/D150/V 70]
    * G-Power Exchange  - The Bakugan have their GP swapped.
                          [P 80/A 50/S 20/H 20/D 50/V 80]
    * Wind Gust Attack  - Each Ventus Bakugan gets +200 GP.
                          [P150/A 50/S 90/H 70/D 50/V100]
    * Fire Breath       - Each Pyrus Bakugan gets +200 GP.
                          [P150/A 50/S100/H 90/D130/V 20]
    * Rainbow           - Each Bakugan gets +100 GP for each Gate Card its owner
                          has won.
                          [P 80/A 60/S 20/H 90/D 70/V 50]
    * G-Power Swap      - The Bakugan have their GP swapped.
                          [P 70/A 90/S130/H130/D100/V 60]
    * Heated Exchange   - Each Haos Bakugan gets +200 GP.
                          [P 70/A170/S120/H130/D 90/V200]
    * Ground Strike     - Each Aquos Bakugan gets +200 GP.
                          [P100/A150/S 70/H 50/D 80/V150]
    * Catch-up          - The Bakugan used by the player with the least Gate Cards
                          gets +200 GP.
                          [P 80/A 90/S 50/H 50/D 60/V 80]
    * Tricky Gate       - The Bakugan who stood on this car first gets +200 GP.
                          [P100/A 80/S 60/H 90/D120/V140]
    * Leap of Strength  - The Bakugan used by the player with the most Gate Cards
                          gets +200 GP.
    * Sinkhole          - Each Subterra Bakugan gains +200 GP.
                          [P 80/A 60/S 90/H120/D140/V 90]
    * Stinger           - Each Darkus Bakugan gets +200GP.
                          [P 60/A 80/S 50/H 20/D 90/V 70]
    * Lift              - The Bakugan that stood on this card last gets +200 GP.
                          [P 70/A170/S120/H130/D 90/V200]
    * Mega Warrior      - Each Bakugan gets +200 GP for each Gate Card its owner
                          has won.
                          [P100/A 40/S 50/H110/D150/V 50]
    * Lava Fields       - The Bakugan with the highest printed GP has its GP boost
                          [P 70/A 90/S120/H130/D100/V 60]
    * Rising Blow       - The Bakugan with the lowest printed GP has its GP boost
                          [P110/A100/S 80/H 70/D 50/V 40]
    ----------------------------------Red Cards------------------------------{REDC}
    Red Cards are Ability Cards that can add a fixed amount to your G-Power, or
    change the type of Bakugan Battle you will enter.
    * Stuck [S]              - +50 GP
    * A Hand Up [H]          - +50 GP
    * Dan's Throw [P]        - +50 GP
    * Clean Slate [D]        - +50 GP
    * Marionette [A]         - +50 GP
    * Perfect Aim [V]        - +50 GP
    * Unexpected Guest [P]   - +100 GP
    * Marucho's Throw [A]    - +100 GP
    * Uneven Bump [All]      - +50 GP if your Bakugan's attribute is different than
                               your opponent's.
    * Runo's Throw [H]       - +100 GP
    * Julie's Throw [S]      - +100 GP
    * Shun's Throw [V]       - +100 GP
    * Battle Gate [All]      - +100 GP if your Bakugan's attribute is different
                               than your opponents.
    * Masquerade's Throw [D] - +100 GP
    * Power Surge [All]      - Allows you to select a Shaking Battle.
    * Fire Wall [P]          - +150 GP
    * Dive Mirage [A]        - +150 GP
    * Quick Draw [All]       - Allows you to select a Shooting Battle.
    * Grand Slide [S]        - +150 GP
    * Spark Out [H]          - +150 GP
    * Blow Away [V]          - +150 GP
    * Shining Nova [All]     - +150 GP if your Bakugan's attribute is different
                               than your opponent's.
    * Timing Battle [All]    - Allows you to select a Timing Battle.
    * Dark Void [All]        - Destroy the Battle Item your opponent has.
    * Dimension 4 [D]        - +150 GP
    ---------------------------------Green Cards-----------------------------{GRNC}
    Green Cards give boosts to many of your Bakugan, or can give a big boost to a
    specific Bakugan.
    * Leap Ahead [H]           - +50 GP for each Gate Card your opponent has won.
    * Blowing Winds [P+A+V]    - +100 if your enemy is Subterra, Haos or Darkus.
    * Triple Threat [P+S+D]    - +100 if your enemy is Aquos, Ventus or Haos.
    * With Darkness [P+D+V]    - +100 if your enemy is Aquos, Subterra or Haos.
    * Equalizer [H]            - +150 GP if your enemy has more GP.
    * Ground Attack [S+H+D]    - +200 GP if your enemy is Pyrus, Aquos or Ventus.
    * Ground Shutdown [A+S+H]  - +200 GP if your enemy is Pyrus, Ventus or Darkus.
    * Alpha Blaster            - +200 GP for Leonidas.
    * Omega Eraser             - +400 GP for Omega Leonidas.
    * Boosted Dragon           - +200 GP for Dragonoid.
    * Tigrerra's Energy [All]  - +100 GP if you have (Blade) Tigrerra in your hand.
    * Cut in Saber             - +200 GP for Tigrerra.
    * Blue Stealth             - +200 GP for Preyas.
    * Mega Impact              - +200 GP for Gorem.
    * Fire Storm               - +200 GP for Skyress.
    * Chaos of Darkness        - +200 GP for Hydranoid.
    * Right Giganto            - +200 GP for Cycloid.
    * Face of Rage             - +200 GP for Fortress.
    * Flare Binder             - +200 GP for Tentaclear.
    * Feather Storm            - +200 GP for Harpus.
    * Forcing Wave             - +200 GP for Sirenoid.
    * Meteor Strike Dragon     - +400 GP for Delta Dragonoid II.
    * Velocity Fang            - +400 GP for Blade Tigrerra.
    * Grand Impact             - +400 GP for Hammer Gorem.
    * Destruction Meteor Storm - +400 GP for Storm Skyress.
    * Darkus Gazer             - +400 GP for Dual Hydranoid.
    * Thousand Destroyer       - +400 GP for Battle Ax Vladitor.
    * Dark Sphere Impact       - +200 GP for Vladitor.
    ----------------------------------Blue Cards-----------------------------{BLUC}
    These Ability Cards can give your Bakugan a G-Power boost. These boosts can
    be a specific amount or random, based on the card.
    * Bright Light [S+H+D]           - +50 GP
    * G-Power Boost [P+S+D]          - +60 GP
    * G-Power Bump [A+H+V]           - +60 GP
    * Blaze [P+A+V]                  - +80 GP
    * Hot Wind [P+D+V]               - +50 GP
    * Intense Roar [P+H+V]           - +60 GP
    * G-Power Bonus [A+D+V]          - +60 GP
    * G-Power Up [P+S+H]             - +60 GP
    * Dark Growth [H+D+V]            - +80 GP
    * Flash [S+H]                    - +100 GP
    * Mega Impact [A+S+H]            - +100 GP
    * Home Advantage [A+S]           - +100 GP when battling on your Gate.
    * Bakugan Spin [All]             - +(0-100) GP
    * Updraft [P+V]                  - +100 GP when battling on your Gate.
    * Summon Wave [P+A]              - +150 GP when battling on an enemy Gate.
    * Heated Glow [P+A+H]            - +100 GP if your enemy has a higher printed
    * Power From Darkness [H+D]      - +150 GP when battling on an enemy Gate.
    * Triangle of Power [S+D+V]      - +50 GP for each Gate Card you've won.
    * Power Triangle [P+A+H]         - +50 GP for each Gate Card you've won.
    * Fire Menace [P+S]              - +150 GP when battling on an enemy Gate.
    * Dark Circumference [A+S+D]     - +120 GP if your enemy has a higher printed
    * Circle of Fire [P+V]           - +150 GP when battling on an enemy Gate.
    * G-Power Spin [All]             - +(0-200) GP
    * Pyrus and Darkus Combo [P+D]   - If you have Pyrus and Darkus Bakugan in your
                                       hand, +200 GP 
    * Gusty Maneuver [P+S+V]         - +120 GP if your enemy has a higher printed
    * Pyrus and Subterra Combo [P]   - If your opponent's Bakugan is Subterra and
                                       your's is Pyrus, +200 GP.
    * Ventus and Pyrus Combo [V]     - If your opponent's Bakugan is Pyrus and
                                       your's is Ventus, +200 GP.
    * Haos and Darkus Combo [H]      - If your opponent's Bakugan is Darkus and
                                       your's is Haos, +200 GP.
    * Aquos and Ventus Combo [A]     - If your opponent's Bakugan is Ventus and
                                       your's is Aquos, +200 GP.
    * Subterra and Aquos Combo [A+S] - If you have Subterra and Aquos Bakugan in
                                       your hand, +200 GP.
    * Ventus and Haos Combo [H+V]    - If you have Ventus and Haos Bakugan in your
                                       hand, +200 GP.
    * Subterra and Haos Combo [S+H]  - +If your opponent's Bakugan is Haos and your
                                       Bakugan is Subterra, +200 GP.
    * Subterra, Ventus and Darkus    - If you have a Subterra, Ventus and Darkus
      Combo [S+D+V]                    Bakugan in your hand, +400 GP.
    * Darkus and Aquos Combo [D]     - If your opponent's Bakugan is Aquos and your
                                       Bakugan is Darkus, +200 GP.
    * Turn of Fortune [All]          - +(0-400) GP
    * Pyrus, Aquos and Haos          - If you have a Pyrus, Aquos and Haos Bakugan
      Combo [P+A+H]                    in your hand, +400 GP
    5. On Field Objects------------------------------------------------------{FDOB}
    When you enter the tournaments in the Story Mode, you will notice multiple
    pickups throughout the battlefields. These pickups can aid you, and in some
    cases, hinder your opponent.
    ---------------------------------G-Power Boosts--------------------------{GPWR}
    G-Power Boosts are the most common pickup and are very important throughout
    this game. By collecting these throughout the battlefields, you could gain well
    over 200 extra G-Power before landing on a Gate Card and using Ability Cards.
    These look just like tokens with a "G+" on it. The white tokens give +10 GP and
    the gold give +50 GP.
    ---------------------------------Fuel Canisters--------------------------{FLCN}
    Fuel Canisters are the glowing green things that you'll find around the field.
    By picking these up, you'll restore your steering meter in the bottom left
    corner of the screen. Fuel Canisters are great to pick up because they will
    allow you to pick up many extra objects.
    Trampolines are the circles that look like they have electricity surging
    through them. Trampolines will propel you in the direction they are facing, and
    will get you up high to get more pickups or get you to some secret areas on the
    ----------------------------------Speed Boosts---------------------------{SPDB}
    Speed Boosts, wait for it..., speed you up. Speed boosts are the redish pads on
    the ground with arrows on them. If you roll or fall onto a Speed Boost, you
    will be sent in the direction of the arrows, which likely points toward some
    kind of ramp/jump.
    --------------------------------Battle Item Gems-------------------------{BIGS}
    Battle Item Gems contain Battle Items that can provide an advantage during a
    Bakugan Battle. In order to unlock a Battle Item, you must hit the Gem fast
    enough to break it. Battle Items will stay with a player, until they have used
    it or until it has been stolen or destroyed. To use a Battle Item, press any
    button on the +Pad. There are 6 different Battle Items you can unlock.
    Clock Stopper - This prevents your opponent from doing anything for a short
                    amount of time. The icon looks like a pause button.
    Fickle Finger of Fate - This is a random Battle Item. It could slow down your
                            G-Power production in the battle, or speed it up, so be
                            cautious when using it. The icon is "?!".
    Power Swap - This simply swaps the G-Powers of the two Bakugan that are
                 battling. This is great to use when an opponent has used all of
                 their Ability Cards. The icon is two arrows pointing in opposite
    Big Advantage - This item steals your opponents Battle Item, so be sure to use
                    it quickly in the battle, assuming your opponent has a Battle
                    Item. The icon is a hand.
    G-Power Booster - This item increases your G-Power production while in battle.
                      The icon is an arrow pointing up.
    G-Power Stall - This item decreases your opponent's G-Power production while in
                    battle. The icon is an arrow pointing down.
    -------------------------------Hyper Ability Cards-----------------------{HACS}
    You will also notice big cards around the field. These are Hyper Ability Cards
    and they will provide your Bakugan with usefull abilities, or mess with your
    opponents controls and vision. Hyper Ability Cards activate once your Bakugan
    stands on a card, but if it fails to do so, it's effects are lost.
    Jamming - This creates a small radius around your Bakugan, and any Bakugan that
              steers within the radius will rapidly lose steering time. This 
              effects allies and opponents.
    Damage Field - This creates a radius, slightly larger than Jamming, and if
                   Bakugan enter this area, they will begin to lose a lot of
                   G-Power, -50 per second. This affects allies and opponents.
    Stealth - If you land on a Gate Card with Stealth, your Bakugan will become
              invisible to all players, including yourself. This could trick 
              opponents into throwing a fairly weak Bakugan onto the Gate Card,
              or make them not worry about that card, allowing you to make a Double
    Confusion - Confusion distorts your opponent's view of the battlefield, making
                it very hard to get a good throw and land on the Gate Card they
                wanted to. This only effects enemies.
    Mirror - Mirror reverses your opponent's steering controls.
    Barrier - Barrier protects your Bakugan from sphere attacks.
    6. The Story Begins------------------------------------------------------{SBGN}
    The Story begins by, obviously, letting you create your character. So make
    a name. Now comes a choice, you must choose your attribute. My personal belief
    is that Pyrus is the easiest after the second tournament, so if you don't mind 
    an early challenge, Pyrus could be for you. Aquos has an early advantage, and 
    is still easy throughout the game. Subterra and Ventus would probably be put in
    the "Medium" difficulty, leaving Darkus and Haos in the "Hard" difficulty 
    level. If you choose Haos you'll have a challenge at the end of the game. So
    pick whichever attribute you feel like.
    Now you get to customize your character. So make any changes to his; Skin Tone,
    Hair, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Shirt, Pants and Shoes. Sorry to the ladies out there,
    you cannot change your character to a female. So when your done your changes,
    press OK and save.
    You then see a short cut scene that shows a green guy (sorry I don't know his
    name because I haven't watched the show) declaring that he wants to rule all
    Bakugan. Then you see some creatures turned to stone in the Doom Dimension, and
    send out Bakugan through a portal.
           *          *          *          *          *          *          *
    Now you find yourself cowering from Shuji and Akira, who overheard you saying
    they suck. They challenge you, but then Dan steps in and saves the day. You
    then enter the 1 on 1 Tutorial, but if you completed it in the Tutorial Menu,
    you have the option to skip it.
    After the Tutorial, Shuji says that he will get you back the The Tournament.
    After they leave, Dan says you were good and yada yada yada. Then being so 
    modest, you say you're only a beginner and need a Bakugan like Drago.
    7. Neo Challengers Tournament--------------------------------------------{NCTN}
    Now you are able to go the the Bakugan Store. You'll meet Alice at the Store,
    who tells you that you can earn Bakugan Points by battling people at the Park.
    The use those points to by Bakugan, cards and upgrades at the store.
    So head to the Park when all of the sudden...A Bakugan falls from the sky. The
    Bakugan introduces itself as Leonidas. It seems oddly intrigued when you
    mention Bakugan Battles and beating the other Bakugan.
    Now the Park, your Room and the Tournament Arena are unlocked for you. You can
    also buy Bakugan and cards at the Store now. If you have the proper version, go
    to the store and take the Manions and Ravenoids, since they are free and give
    you some extra attribute coverage. To check if you have the right version,
    simply look at the cover of the case and it should say bonus Ravenoid and 
    Manion in-game. Don't forget to grab the Ravenoid and Manion Gold Gate Cards if
    you can.
    If you head to the Park, Akira will offer a challenge, but you don't need to
    bother with him now if you don't want. So go to the Tournament Arena and begin
    the Neo Challengers Tournament. During a short cutscene, Leonidas wants to
    battle and beat all the Bakugan, then you question why.
    Before each tournament battle you will have an intermission. There are 4
    options during this time; Battle, Deck (Edit/Choose your deck), Opponent Info,
    and Save. So when you're ready, select Battle.
    A simple battle, there are no On Field Objects to worry about, so simply use
    your Gate Cards to your advantage and when you can, get a Double Stand.
    Same as with Shuji, be sure to use your Alpha Blaster if you get the chance
    with Leonidas, because that's bigger than any Ability Card bonus you'll see
    this tournament.
    Just like the two previous battles, this is a cakewalk. Finish this battle and
    end the tournament that was really just an extended tutorial.
    Congratulations! You just got the Gold Medal and 5000BP. After the Neo
    Challengers Tournament, you'll enter a cutscene that has Dan congratulating you
    and Runo and Marucho saying they don't trust Leonidas.
    8. Supreme Tag Team Tournament-------------------------------------------{STTT}
    After your triumph in the Neo Challengers Tournament, new Bakugan/Cards will be
    available in the Store, however you may wanna hold out until you visit the
    Park. Once you head to the Park, Akira and Shuji will challenge you and Dan.
    Dan will use this as a chance to give you the Team Battle Tutorial. After the
    tutorial, the Supreme Tag Team Tournament is unlocked. Runo, Marucho and Shuji
    are now available in the Park and you can now do Tag Team battles in the Park.
    If you go to the Shop, Alice will tell you that Aquos Bakugan will have an
    advantage in the tournament. Assuming you read the Attribute Differences
    section, you know that means you will be on the Aquos field and Pyrus Bakugan
    are at a disadvantage. So if you chose Pyrus, now is your chance to stock up on
    some Aquos Bakugan, if you didn't chose Pyrus , you can just by stronger
    Bakugan of your selected attribute. So when you are happy with the Bakugan and
    Cards you have collected, go to the tournament.
    --------------------------------Jewls and Jenny--------------------------{STJJ}
    And once again, you have another cut scene, Dan says not to worry about what
    Marucho and Runo said about Leonidas. Now since this tournament is on Aquos,
    Dan is not going to be the biggest help and as I've said numerous times before,
    you having Pyrus will make it much harder. Jenny uses Aquos Bakugan so you must
    remember that when you are about to battle with her Bakugan.
    This tournament also brings something else that is new to you, On Field Items
    (Refer to section 5 {FDOB}).    
    You will notice that there is a ramp at on side of the field. If you go off 
    this ramp, you will be propelled upwards and sent along a track that will allow
    you to collect alot of GP. Just keep track of your green steering meter while 
    collecting the pickups, and you should be fine.
    --------------------------------Billy and Komba--------------------------{STBK}
    No advantages or disadvantages on this team when it comes to the terrain. Komba
    seems to be the player that misses his shots the most often, so when this
    happens be sure to take advantage of the Double Stand opportunities
    -------------------------------Chan Lee and Julio------------------------{STCJ}
    Like Dan, Chan Lee uses Pyrus so she has a disadvantage on this battlefield. Be
    sure to take full advantage of this, especially if you are using Aquos Bakugan
    throughout this fight.
    --------------------------------Runo and Marucho-------------------------{STRM}
    Marucho uses Aquos and has the advantage and Dan uses Pyrus and has a
    disadvantage. Looks like the odds aren't in your favour. However, if you can
    focus your Bakugan on Runo, and hope that Dan doesn't **** things up for you,
    this is a very winnable match.
    After you win you will get the Aquos Crest and 10 000BP which is a good amount
    early in the game. Dan then announces that the next tournament is going to be
    in a Battle Royale format.
    9. Brave Battlers Tournament---------------------------------------------{BBTN}
    Once again, there are more Bakugan and cards in stock at the store. Dan is
    waiting for you in the park and will give you the Battle Royale tutorial. After
    the tutorial, you find out that Dan and Drago were beat by a mysterious Bakugan
    and its partner that played dirty.
    The Brave Battlers Tournament is now unlocked in the Arena. If you head to the
    store, Alice will tell you that Subterra Bakugan will have an advantage, which
    implies that Ventus will have a disadvantage. At the Park, Billy, Chan Lee,
    Julio, Komba, Jewls and Jenny will have challenges for you. In addition, Battle
    Royale style matches are available. So when you are done buying any new Bakugan
    and Cards, head to the Tournament Arena.
    When you enter the stadium, you will be met by Julie, Runo and Marucho who
    accuse you and Leonidas of being the ones that beat Dan.
    ------------------------------Billy, Shuji and Akira---------------------{BBSA}
    Both Billy and Akira use Subterra Bakugan in this match, meaning they will have
    an advantage. However, Shuji uses Ventus and will have a disadvantage. So try
    to concentrate on only fighting Shuji, and hope that he doesn't feed Akira or
    ----------------------------Julio, Chan Lee and Klaus--------------------{BJCK}
    I find this battle slightly easier than the previous, simply because it removes
    any terrain advantages/disadvantages from you opponents. Which makes it easier
    if you are using Subterra Bakugan in this tournament. Klaus tends to throw out
    his Gate Cards early, so you may want to use yours quickly to try and block
    him, or wait and surround his Gate Cards with yours later.
    -----------------------------Runo, Marucho and Julie---------------------{BRMJ}
    Julie is the only person you should really have to worry about in this match.
    If you can avoid her and focus on the two without bonuses, you should be fine.
    After defeating these three, you get the Subterra Crest and 30 000BP. Then, out
    of no where, a mysterious brawler and his Bakugan appear and challenge you to 
    a battle. The brawler introduces himself as Marduk and his Bakugan as Vladitor.
    Dan then runs in, saying he wants a rematch with Marduk.
    Marduk is a good Brawler and I recommend trying to avoid him, in a sense. Try
    to get as many Double Stands as possible and be sure to use your Leonidas Gate
    Card if possible.
    Vladitor then declares that Leonidas was from the Doom Dimension, not from
    Vestroia, and invites Leonidas to join him and Marduk to destroy all Bakugan.
    After Marduk and Vladitor leave, Leonidas says that Vladitor was telling the
    truth, but his time with you has changed him.
    10. Maximum Power Tournament---------------------------------------------{MPRT}
    As always, there are more Cards and Bakugan waiting at the store. Alice also
    tells you that Ventus Bakugan will have an advantage in the upcoming tournament
    so if you chose Subterra, I recommend you take some Ventus Bakugan. 
    At the Park, you will be challenged by Julie, Klaus and Komba. New goals will 
    also be posted on the Bulletin Board. The goals are too beat, Runo, Julie, 
    Marucho, Billy and Komba. By beating them, you will unlock their Bakugan, and
    corresponding cards, in the store. You can beat them in any style of match.
    So when you head to the Arena you will be met by Shun, who announces that he
    will beat you in the tournament so Leonidas won't join Vladitor.
    Jewls uses Subterra Bakugan, so this should be a cakewalk. If you have beaten
    Komba and got Harpus, this will be even easier. On the Ventus field, you should
    notice that at opposite ends, there are extended platforms that will shoot you
    into the air, in a directed path, and allow for a good amount of G-Power boosts
    So grab what you can from these air tunnels for a nice power up.
    This is just a basic 1v1 fight. Grab as many power ups as possible and win,
    that's all I can really say about this match.
    ------------------------------------Chan Lee-----------------------------{MPCL}
    You may now notice that there are tornados moving in a circular path around the
    field. If you enter a tornado, it will throw you up in the air. But be warned
    that it may through you off the field. Aside from the tornados, this is the
    same as the match with Jenny.
    This is simply a tougher version of the Jewls fight. Julie has the terrain
    disadvantage but her Gorem can overcome that and still beat you. So I advise
    using Leonidas, with Alpha Blaster, or another Bakugan that has a +200 Ability
    Card, against Gorem.
    Obviously, Shun will be your toughest match in this tournament. Each of Shun's
    Bakugan will have terrain advantage and he has Skyress and Fire Storm (+200GP
    to Skyress). The easiest counter to this, if you didn't pick Ventus, is Harpus
    and Feather Storm. If you didn't get those, you don't need to worry, using 
    Leonidas with Alpha Blaster, and if possible his Gate Card, will overcome a
    Skyress with Fire Storm. If you chose Subterra at the start, hopefully you 
    picked up any of the attribute specific Bakugan and there corresponding Ability
    Card. If not, try to treat this battle like Marduk at the end of the Brave
    Battlers Tournament. 
    Shun has the Power Drain Gate Card, which halves the printed G-Power of the
    Bakugan that first stood on it. So you may want to stick to landing on your own
    Gate Cards or wait until he stands on his own first.
    After beating Shun, you will get the Ventus Crest and 50 000BP. Shun then
    says that maybe Leonidas isn't totally evil, but if he appears to become evil,
    Shun will stop him. Then Masquerade appears, and like Marduk, wants you and
    Leonidas to join him.
    This fight is ridiculously easy compared to the fight with Shun. Masquerade
    never got more than 50 bonus GP during his throw, which puts him at a severe
    disadvantage. You may need too watch out for his Hydranoid, but Leonidas should
    easily handle it with his Alpha Blaster. 
    So after handily beating Masquerade, he says that you are powerful, and once
    again extends his offer. After Leonidas refuses Masquerade leaves to go cry in
    a corner.
    Then after a cut scene that would probably make more sense if I watched the
    show, but it seems that Vladitor and a green looking guy made a deal, where 
    Vlaaditor destroys all Bakugan and he gets a shiny orb thing.
    11. Bakugan Master Cup Tournament----------------------------------------{BMCT}
    Once again there are new Bakugan and Cards in the store, Alice will also reveal
    that Pyrus Bakugan will have the advantage in the next tournament. At the Park,
    Shun will be the only new challenge. There will also be new goals on the
    Bulletin Board. The goals are too beat Shun, Chan Lee, Klaus and Julio, and 
    after beating them, you will be able to buy their Bakugan at the Store. For the
    next tournament, I recommend making sure you have atleast one Bakugan, that you
    will use, with a Jump of 3 or higher.
    So when you are ready, head over to the Tournament Arena. When you get to the
    Arena you and Dan are talking, and he says that if you beat him, you will
    become a member of the Bakugan Brawlers.
    Julio is a rather easy opponent. Treat this like any 1v1 match. The field
    however is a different story. You will notice that there is lava all across the
    field. For every second you are in the lava you will lose 5 GP. That may not
    seem like much but it can add up, so try to jump over it if possible. There are
    also two trampolines on opposite sides of the field. These trampolines, point
    away from the center of the field. These will send you into a secret area where
    you can get a decent amount of G-Power Boosts and 1 or two Hyper Ability Cards.
    -----------------------------------Chan Lee------------------------------{BMCC}
    Chan Lee has an advantage when it comes to the terrain, however the only thing
    you should worry about is her Fortress. You should notice the shooting jets of
    lava that are right in front of you, they are easy to time, but if you happen
    to hit one while it is shooting up, your Bakugan is taking flying lessons.
    A rather easy battle for a Semi-Final. Take advantage of his terrain
    disadvantage, and this should be a cakewalk. You may notice that the
    trampolines to the secret area on this field have been raised. That is why I
    said earlier on to get a Bakugan with a decent Jump stat, so you can still
    reach it.
    A rather tough battle, try to avoid Drago, but if you chose Pyrus, you can just
    over power him with Leonidas and Alpha Blaster. If not, try to get a Double
    Stand or two and you will be fine.
    After beating Dan, you will recieve the Pyrus Crest and a whopping
    100 000BP. Congratulations you are now an official member of the Bakugan
    Brawlers. But then Masquerade and Marduk show up to crash the party. Marucho
    then gives some background information on Marduk and says that Vladitor once
    tryed to take over the Bakugan world. Then after a touching moment between
    Leonidas and Drago, you leave the Arena.
    12. Ultimate Battle Tournament-------------------------------------------{UBTN}
    At the store, Alive says that Haos Bakugan will have an advantage in the
    upcoming tournament, in addition to the new Bakugan and Cards. Dan will be the
    only new challenge at the Park. There is also a new goal, too beat Dan, on the
    Bulletin Board.
             *         *         *         *         *         *         *
    At the end of this tournament, you will face Marduk, in the final battle of the
    story. In order to make this as easy as possible you will need;
    1. Leonidas at max level. It is easier if only his G-Power was upped, but not
       a necessity.
    2. The Silver Gate Card that has the biggest difference in G-Power boost
       between Leonidas' attribute and Darkus. If you chose Darkus, this obviously
       doesn't matter.
    3. The Copper Gate Card Power Drain. If you don't want to use Power Drain, you
       can use G-Power Exchange/Swap of Tricky Gate if you chose Ventus. Power
       Drain is the best to use in my opinion.
    4. The Red Ability Card that gives +150 GP to Leonidas' attribute.
    5. The Blue Ability Card, Turn of Fortune. If you don't want to leave your
       boost to chance, you can choose any other card, but I don't feel that the
       ones that are available will be of any more use.
             *         *         *         *         *         *         *
    So when you are done stocking up for the tournament, head to the Arena. When
    you get there, you find out that some of the Bakugan of evolved and you and the
    other Brawlers agree that whoever makes it to the final must take out Marduk.
    Preyas has evolved for Marucho, however Marucho still uses Preyas. That means
    he has Preyas and Preyas Angelo/Diablo on his team. Be cautious when selecting
    your team for him because if you try to simply counter Aquos, Marucho can get
    around that.
    On the field there are 4 ramps that lead off of the field. 2 of them have speed
    boosters at the bottom of them and the other 2 have trampolines at the top. The
    ramps with trampolines will take you to the secret area, where you are shot out
    of a statue high into the air, allowing you to get some nice items. The 2 with
    speed boosters propel you to a platform that will give you a few G-Power boosts
    and a Hyper Ability Card.
    Julie has a powerful combination with Hammer Gorem and Grand Impact, try to
    it if possible. Other than that, treat as a typical 1v1 match.
    Runo will be one of the toughest battles in this tournament. She has the
    terrain advantage and, in my opinion, the best special shot in the game. Using
    Haos Lightning, I can easily get +500 GP on the Haos field. However I doubt
    that Runo will get that much if she uses her special shot. Watch out for Blade
    Tigrerra and its Velocity Fang, and you should be able to get by without much
    Treat Shun just like Julie, be cautious of Storm Skyress and Destruction Meteor
    Dan is similar to Shun and Julie, but likes to do sphere attacks. If you can,
    try to position your Bakugan behind one of his using his Bakugan as a shield.
    And of course I am going to tell you to watch out for Dragonoid Delta II and
    Meteor Strike Dragon.
    A fairly easy opponent compared to the last three fights. Using Darkus puts
    Masquerade at a disadvantage, so you should be able to go out and beat him
    handily. And so I don't break tradition, watch out for Dual Hydranoid and
    Darkus Gazer.
    After beating Masquerade, the other Brawlers wish you luck with your match
    against Marduk
    Marduk is very similar to Masquerade. Marduk is actually easier than Masquerade
    because Vladitor has not evolved. So assuming you have made it to  this point,
    you can beat Marduk.
    After beating Marduk you get the Haos Crest and 250 000BP! Vladitor gets mad 
    and absorbs the Silent Core. He then evolves into Battle Ax Vladitor. Battle Ax
    Vladitor then surrounds the arena with the Doom Dimension, which drains all of
    the Bakugans powers. But Leonidas, since being born in the Doom Dimension, is
    still willing to fight. Since Leonidas is not strong enough in his current
    state, the other Bakugan give him their power. After a pretty light show,
    Leonidas evolves into Omega Leonidas.
    Now you must create a deck with Leonidas as your only Bakugan. If you ignored
    the spoiler warning, you should have all the cards needed to beat Battle Ax
    Vladitor. However, if you chose to skip it, you will have to use whatever cards
    you can. My deck was:
    Gold Gate Card: Omega Leonidas
    Silver Gate Card: Aquos Vortex (Chose the card with the biggest difference
                                    between Leonidas' attribute and Darkus)
    Copper Gate Card: Power Drain (This is to sap away most of Battle Ax Vladitor's
                                   G-Power and force him to use his Ability Cards)
    Red Ability Card: Dive Mirage (Just pick the card that give +150 GP to your
    Green Ability Card: Omega Eraser
    Blue Ability Card: Turn of Fortune (Just pick the card that will give you the
                                        biggest boost to your G-Power)
    Now for the Battle. Because you each have one Bakugan, this Match uses Special
    The rules say:
    1. Each player has only one Bakugan.
    2. Each player throws one Gate Card at a time.
    3. Get three Gate Cards first too be victorious.
    4. No Double Stands (if you read rule one you should have come to this
    I started by throwing my Omega Leonidas Gate Card first. But for your throw, do
    not land on the card. Use this throw to explore the field. The reason for this
    is because on every throw, Marduk will use Darkus Phantom, which will absorb
    some of your G-Power and add it to Battle Ax Vladitor's. Like on the Pyrus
    field, there are two trampolines, that point away from the field, on opposite 
    sides. These will send you to the secret area, which resembles the secret area
    on Pyrus. So after Marduk lands on your Gate Card, you can then throw and land
    on it yourself. Marduk will then throw a Gate Card, and throw Battle Ax
    Vladitor onto it. Once again throw Omega Leonidas, collect the G-Power boosts
    and land on his Gate Card. After that battle, throw out the Power Drain card.
    Marduk will throw BAV onto it and you get too go. Since BAV landed on it first,
    he takes a massive hit to his G-Power. Marduk will throw his next card and you
    will battle him again (assuming you have not already won). Just keep repeating
    the process and it should be a very simple fight, despite his terrain
    advantage. I beat Marduk in 3 Gate Cards without using any of my Ability Cards.
    so you should be able to beat him handily by using your Ability Cards.
    If you chose a Copper Gate Card that will boost the Bakugan that first lands on
    that card, such as Tricky Gate, start by throwing that out first and landing
    on it with your throw. Then when Marduk throws his first Gate Card onto the
    field, do not land on it until after he does, to negate the effects of Darkus
    After you defeat Marduk and Battle Ax Vladitor, there is a moment when both 
    Marduk and BAV seem to become less evil. Leonidas and Vladitor both dissapear,
    and you go to cheer up Marduk. Then, you, the Battle Brawlers and Marduk leave.
    Then one day you go walking in the Park and Leonidas falls from the sky, once
    again. Leonidas then says that Vladitor was the one that saved him.
    You have just finished the story mode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers.
    13. Post-Game------------------------------------------------------------{PSTG}
    Now that you have finished the story mode, Marduk and Masquerade are waiting in
    the Park. And some goals have been added to the Bulletin Board. You are now
    able to get the evolution Bakugan. In order to get the evolution Bakugan, you
    must unlock the unevolved form first. If you wanted to get Storm Skyress, you
    will need to go to the Park and beat Shun (the style of match or difficulty
    does not matter), then go to the store and buy Skyress. Return to the Park and
    beat Shun once more. Then head back to the Store and buy Storm Skyress. The
    unevolved Bakugan cost 20 000BP each and their evolved forms are 30 000BP each.
    There are new cards at the Store and there are more tournaments available. In
    the new tournaments, you will be able to choose the match style. I cannot 
    really help with the tournaments considering that the opponents are random, 
    however, if you made it to this point you should really be able to beat these
    tournaments yourself. The only constants throughout the tournaments, are that
    Dan will be your partner if you chose Tag Team and you will have to win five
    matches of your chosen format in order too win the tournament.
    So your goal now is too own every card and Bakugan in the game.
    14. The Bakugan----------------------------------------------------------{BKGN}
    This is simply a list of all Bakugan, their stats, and what attribute(s) they
    are obtainable in.
    Leonidas               - GP:340/Sp:3/Def:2/Acc:2/End:3/Jmp:3
    Omega Leonidas         - GP:470/Sp:4/Def:3/Acc:3/End:3/Jmp:3
    Dragonoid [P]          - GP:340/Sp:2/Def:2/Acc:4/End:1/Jmp:4
    Delta Dragonoid II [P] - GP:450/Sp:4/Def:3/Acc:5/End:1/Jmp:4
    Fortress [P]           - GP:370/Sp:3/Def:4/Acc:3/End:3/Jmp:2
    Preyas [A]             - GP:400/Sp:4/Def:2/Acc:3/End:3/Jmp:2
    Preyas II Angelo [A/H] - GP:400/Sp:4/Def:2/Acc:3/End:3/Jmp:4
    Preyas II Diablo [A/P] - GP:400/Sp:4/Def:2/Acc:3/End:3/Jmp:4
    Sirenoid [A]           - GP:370/Sp:3/Def:2/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:2
    Gorem [S]              - GP:380/Sp:4/Def:4/Acc:4/End:1/Jmp:1
    Hammer Gorem [S]       - GP:450/Sp:5/Def:5/Acc:4/End:1/Jmp:1
    Cycloid [S]            - GP:370/Sp:4/Def:3/Acc:4/End:2/Jmp:1
    Tigrerra [H]           - GP:340/Sp:1/Def:4/Acc:4/End:1/Jmp:3
    Blade Tigrerra [H]     - GP:450/Sp:4/Def:4/Acc:5/End:1/Jmp:3
    Tentaclear [H]         - GP:370/Sp:3/Def:2/Acc:3/End:3/Jmp:3
    Hydranoid [D]          - GP:400/Sp:4/Def:4/Acc:2/End:3/Jmp:1
    Dual Hydranoid [D]     - GP:450/Sp:3/Def:3/Acc:3/End:5/Jmp:1
    Vladitor [D]           - GP:340/Sp:2/Def:5/Acc:5/End:1/Jmp:2
    Battle Ax Vladitor [D] - GP:470/Sp:3/Def:5/Acc:5/End:2/Jmp:3
    Skyress [V]            - GP:360/Sp:2/Def:2/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:4
    Storm Skyress [V]      - GP:450/Sp:2/Def:4/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:5
    Harpus [V]             - GP:370/Sp:2/Def:2/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:4
    Juggernoid [All]       - GP:170/Sp:1/Def:4/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:2
    Robotallion [All]      - GP:200/Sp:4/Def:2/Acc:3/End:2/Jmp:2
    Saurus [All]           - GP:180/Sp:2/Def:4/Acc:2/End:3/Jmp:1
    Serpenoid [All]        - GP:150/Sp:2/Def:3/Acc:3/End:2/Jmp:4
    Falconeer [All]        - GP:260/Sp:5/Def:1/Acc:2/End:2/Jmp:4
    Stinglash [All]        - GP:210/Sp:2/Def:4/Acc:3/End:2/Jmp:2
    Griffon [All]          - GP:230/Sp:2/Def:2/Acc:4/End:2/Jmp:3
    Laserman [All]         - GP:320/Sp:1/Def:3/Acc:4/End:5/Jmp:1
    Centipoid [All]        - GP:240/Sp:1/Def:5/Acc:4/End:2/Jmp:1
    Fear Ripper [All]      - GP:270/Sp:4/Def:3/Acc:3/End:3/Jmp:2
    Siege [All]            - GP:280/Sp:3/Def:3/Acc:4/End:2/Jmp:3
    Terrorclaw [P+A+S+H+D] - GP:270/Sp:4/Def:4/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:2
    Monarus [P+H+V]        - GP:300/Sp:2/Def:2/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:5
    Gargonoid [P+A+S+D+V]  - GP:250/Sp:2/Def:4/Acc:1/End:3/Jmp:4
    Reaper [A+S+H+D+V]     - GP:290/Sp:1/Def:4/Acc:2/End:5/Jmp:3
    Manion [S+H+V]         - GP:230/Sp:4/Def:3/Acc:3/End:1/Jmp:3
    Ravenoid [P+H+V]       - GP:250/Sp:1/Def:2/Acc:2/End:4/Jmp:4
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective owners.

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