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    Combo FAQ by MetrodPrme

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    Red Steel 2 Move/ Combo Guide
    Table of Contents
    Introduction [.01]
    Version History [.02]
    Combo Table [.03]
    Move Guide [.04]
    Finishing Moves [.05]
    Other Tips [.06]
    Copyright Stuff [.07]
    Contact, Corrections [.08]
    Introduction [.01]
    If you are reading this, then you have likely purchased or rented Red Steel 2.
    You've maybe seen internet videos of people pulling off awesome combos with
    sword and gun moves, or learned, earlier in the game, about the special combos
    you can use, and forgot how to trigger them.  Or maybe you just want to see if
    there's some other awesome way to kill cel-shaded ninjas that you didn't think
    of before.  Well, I'm here to help.  In my first ever game guide for GameFaqs
    after using the site for years, I've researched and compiled a number of
    different combos for you to try out that can make you even more of a badass
    Samurai Ninja Clint Eastwood than ever before.  Learn to impress your friends
    and disgust your girlfriend with all the violent and freakin' sweet moves the
    programmers took time to put in to the game.
    Version History [.02]
    * 1.00 (Pretty much finished)- 03-28-2010
    Wrote and compiled the whole guide while watching the Duke-Baylor game, then 
    Life on the Discovery channel, and then the Family Guy where Brian gets a TV 
    pilot and Stewie is unconscious.
    * 1.01 03-29-2010
    After further research, made minor additions to combo table and corrected     
    technique for Matador finish.  Made note about animation for The Shot kill on 
    * 1.02 04-01-2010
    Started a second play through, noticed a few specifics I incorrectly labeled in 
    the first two editions. 
    Combo Table [.03]
    Starting Move                    Icon Triggered                  Finishing Move
    +=+=+=+=+=+=+                    +=+=+=+=+=+=+=                  +=+=+=+=+=+=+=
      Head Shot
      The Storm                                                           Stab
     The Matador                      Stab Finish                       The Rush
       The Ram                                                          The Shot
      The Dragon
      The Cobra
       The Rush                                                      Vertical Swing
      The Reaper                      Plunge Finish                  The Guillotine
       The Eagle                                                         The Ram
       The Bear                                                         The Crush
       The Shot*
       Leg Shot                                                    Horizontal Swing
    The Guillotine                  Horizontal Finish                 The Matador
       The Shot                                                        The Reaper
       The Crush
    *(When used on an enemy who is in mid-jump)
    When an enemy's armor is removed and his health is sufficiently low, you can 
    use these combos to trigger awesome finishers.  Each finish icon (especially 
    the plunge icon) can also be triggered by each of the three types of STRONG 
    sword moves (Horizontal, Vertical, Stab). Weak sword swings will wear down an 
    enemy?s health and kill him without stunning him into a vulnerable state.
    Move Guide [.04]
    All hidden moves can be purchased at the dojo, after which you are given a 
    tutorial on how to use them. Kusagari powers are taught to you by the old ninja 
    sensei Jian, who gives you a new one after most major missions later on in the 
    Finish Icons
    Stab Finish- Directs you to thrust the Wii remote forward
    Plunge Finish- Directs you to swing the Wii remote down
    Horizontal Finish- Directs you to swing the Wii remote sideways
    Hidden Moves
    The Rush- Press A to dodge, and stab forward.  You rush towards the enemy and
    stab.  Triggers the Plunge Finish.
    The Guillotine- Tap A twice and swing the Wii remote down.  You jump up and
    swing your sword down onto the enemy.  Triggers the Horizontal Finish.
    The Matador- Dodge either left or right, and swing the Wii remote horizontally.
    You jump behind the enemy and slash them across the side.  Triggers the Stab
    The Shot- Dodge in any direction, and press B.  You will dodge and fire off a
    round of your active gun right at the enemy.  Triggers the Horizontal finish.
    The Storm- Tap Z and swing the Wii remote to the side.  You execute Link's spin
    attack, which hits every enemy around you.  Useful for breaking lots of boxes
    at once.  Triggers the Stab finish.
    The Ram- Dodge forward and swing the Wii remote down.  You rush towards your
    enemy and bash his weapon with the hilt of your sword, which breaks his guard
    and stuns him for a few seconds.  If executed when his guard is down, it
    triggers the Stab finish.
    The Crush- Dodge backwards and swing the Wii remote down.  You will speed
    towards your target and swing your sword at him with all your might, which
    breaks most types of armor in one hit.  Triggers the Horizontal finish.
    The Reaper- You don't need to fear it, but your opponents certainly do.  Dodge
    backwards and swing your Wii remote horizontally.  You will soar towards your
    enemy and deal out a massively powerful swipe that also damages enemies to each
    side.  Triggers the Plunge finish.
    Kusagari Powers
    The Eagle- Hold A and B together to charge your sword, and swipe upwards at the
    enemy in front of you.  Lower-level enemies will be thrust into the air, where
    you can follow them by dodging forward to jump up and continue the assault.  If
    you damage him enough with your sword or guns in midair, he will land on the
    ground and trigger the Plunge Icon.
    The Tiger- Hold A and thrust the Wii remote and nunchuck forward together.  You
    activate a powerful glowing parry that will counter any move and momentarily
    stun enemies that try to hit you.   Can also be used to reflect bullets back at
    their shooters.
    The Bear- Hold A+B to charge up your sword, and swing the Wii remote down
    towards the ground.  Creates a shockwave that knocks nearby enemies to the
    floor.  Also very useful for destroying nearby boxes and barrels.  Triggers the
    plunge finish.
    The Dragon- Hold A+B to charge your sword, and swing horizontally.  Shoots out
    a directed shockwave that knocks enemies back.  The direction of the wave
    depends on where you release your swing.  Triggers the Stab finish.
    The Cobra- Press and hold B.  Your gun will start to glow, and you can move the
    target reticule over the onscreen enemies.  A small icon will appear above 
    their heads to signify how many bullets you are aiming at them, which are fired
    when you release B (The number of bullets depends on the gun).  Can trigger the
    Stab finish.
    Finishing Moves [.05]
    When you see the specific icon above an enemy's head, use the indicated motion
    or a listed hidden power to finish him off in a totally awesome way described
    in detail below.
    (Icon) Stab Finish
    Stab Finish- Thrust your sword forward.  You will impale your enemy through the
    stomach and draw it out again as he collapses.  When used on the Hammer Guy or
    Chaingun Ninja, you will climb onto his back and pierce him through the
    shoulder blades.
    The Rush Finish- Looks about the same as the stab finish
    The Shot Finish- Effect differs depending on what gun you have active.  For all
    moves, it helps to say something badass like "Looks like you need a shot" as
    you are doing it.  When used to finish off a miniboss enemy like the 
    aforementioned Chaingun Ninja or Hammer Guy, you will execute pretty much the 
    same animation, except from his back, not his front.
    + .357 Magnum- You run up to the enemy and shove the barrel under his chin to
    + fire a shot into his head. Amazingly, this still falls within the
    + parameters of a T Rating.
    + Twin-Barrel Gun- You grab the enemy's shoulder to pull him towards you and
    + unload your gun into his side.
    + Sidewinder- You jam the gun into his stomach and blast him off his feet.
    + Tommy Gun- You knock him off balance with the butt of your gun and spray his
    + body with bullets.
    (Icon) Plunge Finish
    Plunge Finish- Swing your sword down to plunge your blade into the enemy's
    prone body.
    The Guillotine Finish- You jump in the air before plunging down on your 
    opponent, so it's like Link's finishing move from Twilight Princess.
    The Ram Finish- You reach down, grab the guy's head and bash it into the 
    ground.  Again, T-Rated.
    The Crush Finish- You throw your sword right into his body and run up to
    retrieve it before he even knew what hit him.  It's kinda like the move Yoda
    used on that Clone Trooper in Episode III.  You can increase the move's
    effectiveness by saying "Here, catch this" when you throw the sword.
    (Icon) Horizontal Finish
    Some horizontal finishes differ depending on your swing
    Horizontal Finish- Swing your sword to the right or the left.
         Right- You reach back with your sword and slice him across the chest
         Left- You backhand the enemy with your hilt and knock him to the ground.
    The Reaper Finish- You rush forward and slice across the enemy's body, then
    impale him and pull his body off your sword.
    The Matador Finish- Swinging left or right will yield different results.
         +Dodge, Swing Left- You jump behind the enemy, knock him off guard with 
    your sword hilt, and stab them in the back.
         +Dodge, Swing Right- You knock him aside with your hilt, then flip the 
    sword around in your hand and kill him with a backhanded slash.
    Special Finishers
    The Storm Finish- While you are locked on to an enemy, another one behind you
    might attempt an attack.  Also, the guy you are locked onto might jump behind
    you and strike.  If this happens, a Z-button Icon will appear at the bottom of
    your screen.  It appears in two different colors.  If it is gray, then you are 
    about to be attacked, and you need to switch to the enemy and guard against it, 
    but you can?t use the Storm finish.  He might still have armor on, which must 
    be removed before you can use any finishers, or he might be too far away for 
    you to reach with a counterattack (i.e. he is firing at you from across the 
    room). If it is flashing red, you can quickly tap Z and swing hard to the side 
    in the direction the icon appears (left side or right side of the screen).  You 
    will twist your sword around and thrust it behind you, impaling your would-be 
    assailant in the chest.  Sweet.
    Other Tips [.06]
    As I'm sure you already know, sword and move upgrades cost money.  You get
    money for completing missions and killing enemies, but there is also a lot of
    money to be made by just destroying the environment around you.  Nearly 
    everything, from boxes to bottles to barrels to bags of trash, is destructible, 
    and will yield coins.  If you see something that looks breakable, shoot it. 
    Don?t miss the air conditioner units and circuit breakers on building walls.  
    When you are walking along to your next objective, be sure to smash open all 
    the barrels and things that regenerate every time you go outside.  The small 
    orange box safes with one red lock also regenerate. Try to shoot sheriff 
    emblems and explore every nook and cranny for coins and those big copper coin 
    things whenever you enter a new area.  One final tip that I've found makes the 
    game much cooler, and that I mention in my review of the game.  The music is 
    pretty good, but can get repetitive and dull during certain stretches.  Do 
    yourself a favor and download (legally...) Ennio Morricone's score for The 
    Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and play it over the game's music.  It really 
    enhances the experience.
    Copyright Stuff [.07]
    Copyright 2010 Daniel Colby
    I don't care what you do with this guide as long as you keep it to yourself.
    Print it out and keep it by the sofa to reference while playing the game, or
    use it as a coaster, even. But if you want to post it on another website, 
    please contact me first.
    Contact, Corrections [.08]
    If there are any errors with the guide, or if you found a new move, variation
    on a move, new way to set up a move, etc., my email is dhcolby@nc.rr.com. Be
    sure to put something like "Red Steel 2 Guide" somewhere in the subject 

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