Saw or The Grudge?

  1. I'm a fan of both films, but think the grudge is creepier. I own the saw game and it's good except for fighting and replay value. Should I trade it in for another short game but is more like fatal frame and can actually scare you. The grudge for wii just came out but seems like it's rare already, game stop only got one copy and they have lots of saw games. It's also half the price of saw so should I get this if it joins fatal frame in being a rare game forever. Fatal Frame is the only game that ever scared me when not playing in the dark. Is The Grudge for wii good for playing alone in the dark with surround sound. To me it's like comparing slasher movies like Halloween, Jason and Freddy(which are good), to creepy and scary films like the Exorcist, the ring and the grudge which are also good but the latter are a lot weirder and creepier. Should i add the grudge game to my fatal frame collection. I love the saw movies but like creepier games. Coraline didn't give me nightmares but I thought it was like a kid's version of Silent Hill with it's "other world" and it's still one of my favorite movies.

    User Info: animefan09

    animefan09 - 7 years ago

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  1. Well, I've been playing the Grudge for a bit and I have to say, it is pretty scary. I'm a huge horror fan myself (seems to be the only reason to play this game), but you should keep in mind a few things. The game has no health bars of any sort. It really is a "haunted house simulator" in that you walk around (creepy!) locations and find stuff relating to your character's story/the Grudge mythos. You encounter a ghost once in a while and if they confront you, you have to survive via a series of quicktime events and if you lose it's an instant game over.

    So far I'm having fun with it, but it's a totally different kind of game than SAW making them difficult to compare. I haven't played Fatal Frame unfortunately and can't say anything about that.

    User Info: LordVisulth

    LordVisulth - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Saw is so much better, this game is pure crap and i love horror games and movies. i really wasted thrity bucks.
    oh and i love the saw game, i think its around a 7.5/10 as for ju-on a 2/10. Saw for sure!

    User Info: wvu9787

    wvu9787 - 7 years ago 0 3
  2. Well, I haven't played SAW yet, but i'm sure its a cool game.
    I have bought Ju-On: The Grudge.
    And it is awesome!
    I love it! It is a bit flawed with the controls and gameplay, but the scares and jumps make up for it.
    I recommend this game, the Nintendo Wii could use more games like these!

    User Info: axelleos2000

    axelleos2000 - 7 years ago 1 0

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