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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    -----------------------------------[CONTRA REBIRTH]----------------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    ------------------------------------- [WIIWARE] -------------------------------
    If you enjoyed Konami's Gradius Rebirth, then you should be happy to know that
    they are at it again with Contra Rebirth. You play as Bill and Yagyu but if you
    meet certain conditions, you can play as Plissken and Tsugu-Min as well.
    Contra Rebirth and its characters are trademarks of Konami and all copyrights 
    belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other
    sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper
    1 button to fire
    2 button to jump
    D-pad to move or climb
    You can assign the swithch weapons to A or B button
    + button pauses the game
    - button changes options
    Classic Controller:
    Y button to fire
    B button to jump
    X button to switch weapons
    R button to stay in the same spot
    D-pad to move or climb
    + button pauses the game
    - button changes options
    BGM Volume and SE volume controls the volume of the background music and sound
    Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare (must beat hard mode)
    The differences for each difficulty is the number of enemies and in Easy Mode,
    if you die you still hold on to your current Weapon. In Hard Mode, some bosses
    have extra attacks and take longer to fall. In Nightmare Mode, each enemy will
    fire at least on blue circle on death.
    Player Stock: Up to 7 lives
    Screen Adjust and Controller setting adjust the control to what you are using.
    Staff Credit shows who made the game
    Default setting resets everything back to normal
    Exit leaves option menu.
    N - Normal gun. For a default weapon, its fairly decent as it can cause lots of
    continuous damage and does so very fast.
    H - Homing Missile gun. When you need to clear the area of enemies that are out
    of reach, this gun will track onto most enemies and kill them.
    S - Spread gun. A good weapon which good range. This is best useful when the
    room is full of enemies in your path.
    L - Laser gun. It's may be powerful but its not the best weapon to have in the
    game since the next shot is slow to come out.
    Level 1
    You can run and gun through this level with ease. The first powerup you get is
    the spread gun. Run through the level as you shoot through countless enemies.
    There is a homing gun on the route. Get it to rid of more enemies out of reach
    like the cannons and the ground aliens. When you start getting furtherm you'll
    see some snake dragons coming from the ceilings. Shoot them as soon as you see
    them. Near the end of the first section, pods will starts sprouting. Use your
    homing gun to shoot them as you run to the end of the section without direct
    confrontation with them. In the new area, you will see two machines. In the
    Hard Mode, there is an added red machine that is tougher to take down. Shoot
    them down. In the Hard Mode, they will have longer dashes and tricky jumps so
    watch out. When they die, the miniboss appears.
    Shoot away enough of segments to expose its eye so you can destroy it and thus
    defeat the miniboss. Watch out for the blue circle and the green laser it will
    occassionally fire.
    Boss 1:
    You fight a giant centipede while you are on a series of broken platforms that
    plummet towards the earth. Keep an eye on those pinchers to know where it is
    coming from so you can dodge its advances. From the Easy mode and beyond, the
    segments will shoot green sparks at you as the centipede passes. You objective
    here is to shoot away each segment of the boss and finish it off by destroying
    its head. The footholds will break once they reach the top of the screen but
    they'll replace themselves with new ones coming from the bottom of the screen.
    The best way to shoot at it is to hold the fix button and blast at it as it
    comes across horizontally.
    Level 2
    Take your Spread gun and bum rush this level. In Normal and Hard modes, you got
    to watch out for vultures that are initially eating out of trashcans because
    they sneak up on you. They are in easy mode too but not as much. Also beware of
    enemies busting out of doors and some annoying the enemies that pile on in the
    normal mode and beyond. At the end of the section is the first round of the
    boss. Avoid its jumps as you blast it into submission. It will occassionally
    rear back and swipe at you. Get as far away as possible to avoid it then return
    fire. Continue to watch out for enemies popping out through doors as you bore
    your way to the right. You will have to battles with replicas of the very first
    boss of Contra 1 NES. In the Hard Mode, it sends out bouncing black balls at
    you. As you proceed, you'll come across some jetpack aliens. Homing missiles
    can take them out. In the next section, you will climb the wall. The boss is
    back and it launches rockets at you. Shoot the rockets to send them back at it
    for damage. After enough hits, it retreats again. Once at the top, go right
    and you will be on a falling platform. Kill the jetpack enemies until your last
    confrontation with the boss.
    Boss 2:
    This boss will make a series of jumps. Blast it while it is on the ground and
    run past it when it jumps. After 2 or 3 jumps, it will do a short jump then a
    big jump to the left side of the screen which it shows a bunch of skidding on
    its feet. It will rain down a series on orange balls that explode on contact
    with the ground. Keep an eye on where they are going to land so you can avoid
    them. Once the boss jumps back on the platform, it will do a few more jumps,
    time a very very careful jump as it is winding up so you can avoid it arm swipe
    that can accidentally cause you to jump off the right side of the platform to
    your death if you are careless. In the Hard Mode, it will take two consecutive
    swipes with its arms.
    Level 3
    You fight the majority of this level on a moving truck. At the start, a camel
    will give you a Spread Gun. If you got a Homing Gun then use that instead to
    take on the jetpack enemies. Another camel arrives with a Laser. Leave it alone
    and crouch on the upper left side of the truck bed and blast away the enemies.
    On higher difficulties, more enemies arrive while riding the rockets. As the
    wave goes onm some will try to swing into you.
    Get ready for a tough fight because this ninja is the toughest enemy you will
    face and he has a set pattern which I will explain by difficulty.
    Three slow moving fireballs, four arcing fireballs, three slow moving fireballs
    followed by a flip that send a wave of fireballs that must be avoided by going
    to the very left and jumping over the fireball coming directly at you and then
    landing before the upper one hits you. Four arcing fireballs, three slow ones,
    four arcing ones, three slow ones then the boss will go to the floor and a flip
    to send a wave of fireballs. It iwll go on the floor and spin wildly as it will
    send fireballs in every direction. You can wall in-between the fireballs with
    ease. From here you can finish him off with not much effort.
    Next update
    Next update
    The next wave consists of the running of the camels. You can stay on the truck
    and let it hit the camels as it gets pushed back or just ride the camels and
    kill the enemies in the way. Now in the Hard Mode, some games will throw a fit
    but there is a way to beat this part without dying. If you held onto the Homing
    Gun then ride the camels and blast everyone in sight and avoid the bullets. I
    say gamers can throw a fit because in the Hard Mode, camels do shoot lasers at
    you from there mouths. After a while the camels will pack up and you just run
    across their backs until you see a sign to grab onto the missile that occurs
    and ride it to the next truck and fight the next boss.
    Boss 3:
    Out of all the bosses, this one is the toughest due to taking so long to defeat
    it. From the easy mode on, the boss will fire lots of missiles. Your goal is to
    shoot as many of them as you can so that they fly back and hit the boss's pod.
    The missiles get faster with the higher difficulty, the best standpoint is on
    the hood of the truck as you duck and shoot the missiles. The missile spread
    starts of similar to that of the Gradius-boss type wave. Then it will start
    lining itself up with you and shooting three missiles in a line. Once the pod
    is destroyed, the real boss will emerge. It's weakness is the core that is on
    its bottom. The legs will not kill you so you can get go to the very bottom and
    start blasting at the core. Listen for a little noise because the boss is going
    to take the following actions.
    If the boss stays on the ground, go to the top of the truck bed to avoid its
    lasers. In normal mode and beyond, it will shoot homing missiles which you can
    shoot away with ease by holding down-right as you shoot. The lasers get faster
    with increase in difficulty. If the boss goes up in the air, get on the upper
    left of the truck bed to avoid its lasers. As before, they increase in speed
    with higher difficulty. In the normal mode and beyond, it'll launch homing
    missiles during the attack. If it goes off-screen, it will launch missiles at
    you which can be shot away. When it is low on life, it will go off screen and
    start raining down green lasers on your location. In the hard mode, it'll start
    with two orange lasers that turn into your direction for a second attack once
    then it will do its normal green falling lasers. It's other attack which is a
    Hard mode exclusive involves it trying to bumrush you. It will bounce once then
    fly across the bottom of the screen and then the top.
    Another thing to note is that when it attacks from the bottom, it will land on
    the bottom of the bed but if it attacks from above, it'll land on the top then
    drop down to the bottom, so watch out for it when it lands on the top. This
    fight is a test of endurance.
    Level 4
    Ride down the bar and shoot away the homing mines and cannons. There are some
    lava pulls to avoid. In the Hard Mode, there are more lava pools to avoid. All
    you got to do is stay put when the spike blocks close in. Shoot away any laser
    sensors you see to less the hassle. Jump to the next bar when the first one
    gets close to the lava pit and ride that one down. The Homing Missile will take
    out any laser guns that are out of reach. When the second bar breaks, hopefully
    got you got a gun that shoots straight like a normal or spread gun so you can
    fall down the middle and shoot downward with no hassle. The miniboss will make
    a grand entrance with a splash in the lava. Watch out for the magma.
    Watch out for its arcing bubbles as you shoot its face. After a series of the
    bubbles, it will splash again. Avoid or shoot the magman rocks. Rinse and then
    Make your way across the wires as you avoid Magma, sparks and in the higher
    difficulties, extra laser sensors that appear in the most inconvientient spots
    in the level. In Hard Mode, this part is super cheap but not too bad. A pure
    example is the magma that erupts at the end of the first set of wires when you
    got to climb the walls. If you make past this part then you fight the boss.
    Boss 4:
    The strategy is the same regardless of difficulty. You basically stay in the
    middle of the boss as it swings one of its arms to knock away the spike blocks
    in your way. Avoid the arm that is doing the punches as you constantly shoot
    the boss during its attack. To avoid the double punch, just stay in the middle
    of it. The other thing you got to watch out for is the homing sparks and the
    cannons that are underneath some of the smashed blocks. If you manage to hold
    on to a Homing Missile Gun then you are in very good shape as you can stay in
    the middle of the boss the whole fight and shoot any sparks and cannons in the
    way. Another good strategy is to stay in the middle as you hold the fix button
    and shoot down the whole fight and breaking to kill the homing mines and the
    Level 5
    Aw yes the music you hear in the final level of Contra 1 brings back memories.
    Shoot your way to the right and kill the beehive and the aliens along the way.
    On Normal Mode and Hard Mode you fight extra cannons and more enemies.
    Its the heart from Contra 1 and Contra 3. There is a super cheap way to beat
    this miniboss. You can sacrifice a live and duck into the space just underneath
    the heart while you are still invincible from the new life and you and blast
    it to kingdom come from there.
    After it is dead, keep moving to the right as you blast your way to the next
    section. There a ton of mini-Megamoles (Mini versions of the Super Contra NES
    final boss and the Contra 3 Miniboss) to manuever through but luckily you can
    run on top of them. Some of them will jump at you. Get a spread gun to destroy
    those. On hard Mode, some will run in a pyramid. Eventually you will encounter
    Red Falcon.
    Boss 5:
    It's the old Red Falcon himself in his Contra 3/Super Contra Arcade form. In
    the easy mode, he is the final boss. You are still being bombarded by miniature
    Mega-Moles when this fight occurs but you can still use them as footholds. You
    can choose to attack only the face or you can attack its chutes to eventually
    prevent the centipedes from coming out. However, they are not much of a threat
    to you and in most cases, easily avoidable. Red Falcon will use his lasers more
    constantly depeneding on the difficulty level. He telegraphs his lasers before
    he fires them. With the Spread Gun, Red Falcon falls easily.
    Final Boss:
    Bear in mind that you can only fight this final boss, you must be in the Normal
    Difficulty or higher. Against this final boss, the screen will flip into four
    different polarities: Rightside up (south), Upside down (north), and 2 sideways
    (a west which pits you on the left hand side and an east which puts you on the
    right side of the screen) and each of the bosses actions depends on which of
    the polarities is on the screen. You must shoot the boss when you a chance to
    do so.
    South is the default polarity. The boss will send down a series of rubber hams?
    that bounce all over the screen. You can shoot these to earn power-ups. On the
    north polarity, the boss will gather up four big piles of garbage. One of them
    will rear back and crash into the surface and splatter all over the screen. You
    must dodge all parts of the trash to stay alive. It will go through four rounds
    of this. The west polarity will have the boss shooting a beam of trash at you.
    As soon as you this face starts, go to the top of the screen and wait for the
    boss to attack and run into the opposite direction to the other part of the
    screen. If you are feeling gutsy, you can stand in the right spot underneath
    the boss and shoot away the trash as you hit the boss. The east side polarity
    is the most difficult to dodge. It will gather trash around it and you try to
    shoot off as much as the trash as you can until it goes to the left side of the
    screen (which is technically, the top of the screen), it will rain down all of
    the garbage that remains and it is very hard to avoid it. With a Spread Gun,
    you will have better survival results. Once you have this pattern downpat, you
    can beat this boss with no problem. Aside from the usual Nightmare properties,
    this boss pattern never changes.
    Konami for making this game
    You for reading this FAQ
    GameFAQs and SBAllen for hosting the FAQ
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    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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