Any tips for earning money??

  1. I am wondering how to earn the 25000 for the level 2 house upgrade

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  1. for the first spring planting mostly turnips every3 days and 9 strawberry and the rest cabbage,
    first summer sugar cane and lots of green tea every 3 days makes lots of money. save some tea to make green tea for gifts,also keep 2 cherry trees and plant 2 orange and 2 apple trees instead. got the Hero farmer end of summer.
    also was able to pay off 5,000 for house and buy 1st farm land.
    for fall have 2 plots of land plant eggplant, peppers, rice, but mostly blue mist flower by itself on one plot of land
    this gives lots of money and got the 2nd house upgrade.also cut down fruit trees and plant coffee and olive instead they will be open to buy.
    got Ultimate farmer title at the end of fall,mostly from blue mist flowers and finished 5 bells.
    then buy the second large plot of land for the winter and the watermill on property and need the silver water can to make it easier to water all these crops. but will need to use the hot spring.for 2nd energy.
    for winter mostly all buckwheat on 2 plots and snowflake flower on one land, just keep repeating all winter.
    when it snows in winter your buckwheat will upgrade one level, and if a blizzard will upgrade 2 levels when processed on snowy days in the watermill, so you can have more shinning buckwheat flour or perfect buckwheat for more money.
    then at end of winter buy 3rd house upgrade. and vacation house.
    and gold water can.
    if you finish 5 bells in fall or winter then a short cut is made to top of mine with the hot spring to get more easy energy or just eat the buckwheat cooked in the pot for energy.

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  1. Since the prices for the fish went down and refining ores now costs money, I say growing crops and getting animal when you can(though you get a free calf from Cain when you first go into the Horn Ranch barn)is your best bet.For what fish,ores/minerals/wonderfuls, crops, and animal products are worth go to there are spoilers on this web site!!!).

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  2. Also a in the summer you get free cherries from the trees in the first lot and forging isn't a bad idea for making money.

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  3. I actually found that buying the mixer and pot, even though it's the classic case of spending money to make money, seems to help quite a bit!

    You can throw 2 cherries in summer into the pot to make cherry jam, which if you use decent/good cherries gives you a good boost to profit. You can also throw one herb of any color into the pot to make herb tea. If you add two of the same of either blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries to the pot, you can make jams with them as well, and you can find them free from foraging!

    For the mixer, toss in one cranberry when fall rolls around for some cranberry juice. You can throw in blueberries too. If you grow blue mist flowers during the fall, you can add four of them to your mixer for blue perfume worth over 1000G each.

    You might want to try checking out for some quick, one-item recipes that can help. BEWARE OF SPOILERS THOUGH.

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  4. Yes it is true that refining ores/wonderfuls does take money. Although I've found that if your refining 99 of said items your getting paid more than your spending no matter what. At least for wonderfuls, a stack of 99 white wonderfuls which costs almost 3,500g to refine earns me 10,000g on average.

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  5. while cooking and foraging is a great combination as previously stated, look for crops and animals that give you the most "bang for your buck". As I stated rather lengthily in another answer, in spring go for a cabbage/strawberry/potato field. Summer, which in my opinion is the most profitable season: Honeydews/Watermelons/Sugarcane/Tea Leaves would make the best fields. Fall: while rice and spinach are your highest shipping crops this season, pumpkins and yams also are quite profitable and they grow back. Finally Winter: the only "crop" growable is buckwheat but at least there's milling which is free. I didnt include flowers as crops. The official guide distinguishes between them. As another user points out,given the right flowers and the mixer perfumes can be made and are VERY profitable. Lastly, as for animals: sheep, goats, silkworms, and ostriches are the highest netting animals given the price for their products (buy makers! its worth it except ostonnaise, Ostrich eggs go for 350-1050G whereas ostonnaise only goes for 450G regardless of quality. Don't dye wool or silk either, the raw products go for a lot more gold)

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  6. I found that in the summer I bought every type of seed I could. I also bought the fertilizer, that helps a lot. Also every few days it's ok to mine. Also make sure to forage everything you can. Even if you get 10,000 gold, I would use that money to buy animals from the ranch. I have a cow, a sheep, a duck and a chicken then put the eggs in the incubator if you have one but I think it works well if you get money saved up and then use it to buy stuff that will make getting money easier. I'm making a walkthrough/cheat for things you should buy to make you more money, all the stuff that is 100 gold or more to get and where to find it. I hope my advice is helpful, I didn't post as much as some people but I already have my house upgraded and I'm only in the summer first year

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  7. Use your cherries you start off with! You get two cherries a day, plus your other crop, animlas and mining money. Due to my cherries, in the summer, i make OVER 2000G a day! Also try selling mushrooms by garmon mines and behind your house, they sell for 40G each! Ouite profitable for beginners!

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  8. Hey!!!!! PLANT CROPS!!!!! Also, I found that if you save for a cutting board (1500), you can then cross the flute bridge and fish in that little pond to the left of your character. If you get about 25 pond smelts a day, turn them into sashami (fish and a cutting board). 2000 GOLD A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trust me, i found that i could buy my duck, calf and a lamb and a milker after doing this a couple days!!!!! It is so easy.

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  9. Hey! Seriously the cheery idea is amazing! i didnt think it would work but it totaly did!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much.... Well also you do the spend money to make it as someone has said before it really helps! this game is awesome dont you guys think?

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  10. oh, in DJ's guide it says something about a slow but profitable way to make money, its in the FAQ with a star next to it!

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  11. There are at least 2 very easy - not to mention profitable ways to make money. I sent DJ the suggestion for the first one. You can do this as of the spring inthe first year, IF you buy a cutting board.

    Buy the 30 gold fish from the fish market.
    Cook using the cutting board to make sashimi
    Sell for 75 gold.

    It's slow, but you will double your money every time.


    You need to be able to buy decent eggs and decent mayonnaise (or have the maker), and have the pot and cutting board.

    1. buy eggs (and mayonaise if you do not have the maker)
    2. boil half the eggs and turn the other half into mayonnaise
    3. using the cutting board mix the mayonnaise and the boiled egg for something that sells for 500 gold almost.

    Youa re doubling your money as well, but due to the larger numbers involved it is much faster.

    I am at Summer Day 12, I have all the bells and I am waiting for the rain to stop so i can talk to the harvest king.

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  12. Other than these ideas, check websites for information on things such as fruit and veggie prices.
    Here's a list of what I found.

    Spring: In the spring, grow lettuce, strawberries, and cabbages.
    ~Lettuce // Decent 220G; Good 250G; Perfect 280G; Shining 390G
    ~Strawberries // Decent 180G; Good 220G; Perfect 270G; Shining 410G
    ~Cabbages // Decent 190G; Good 220G; Perfect 250G; Shining 390G

    Summer: In the summer, grow watermelons, melons, cucumbers, and tea leaves.
    ~Watermelons // Decent 210G; Good 250G; Perfect 290G; Shining 410G
    ~Melons // Decent 250G; Good 300G; Perfect 450G; Shining 640G
    ~Cucumbers // Decent 160G; Good 200G; Perfect 240G; Shining 360G
    ~Tea Leaves // Decent 170G; Good 200G; Perfect 230G; Shining 360G

    Fall: In the fall, grow rice, spinach, carrots, and bluemist flowers.
    ~Rice // Decent 210G; Good 250G; Perfect 290G; Shining 400G
    ~Spinach // Decent 180G; Good 220G; Perfect 270G; Shining 400 G
    ~Carrots // Decent 180G; Good 220G; Perfect 260G; Shining 380G
    ~Blue Mist Flowers // 390G

    Winter: In the winter, grow Snowflake Flowers and Buckwheat.
    ~Snowflake Flowers // 150G
    ~Buckwheat // Decent 190G; Good 220G; Perfect 240G; Shining 340G

    Sorry to whoever I took this from- I can't remember where I found this. :)

    Hope it helps!

    P.S. Sometimes during fall, I plant 24 pumpkins, mostly because they regrow, and are good priced.


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  13. CHOP YOUR CHERRIES the land that they take up 3x3 can be used for crops in the spring.
    Plant Flowers they grown in 3 days if good soil here is why
    cherries make a max of 270 and a low of 120 x 2 for every tree so lets say you get 2 shinning 540$ a day in 3 days ull have 1620$ now if u use the 9 squares for hyacinth or pink cat its 120 gold for each flower plus 50 for royal jelly if it appears giving you a max of 1080 plus if you get royal jelly lets say 3 for every 9 spots that another 150.
    now if you turn in your cherries into jam its 290 you dont want to do that if they are shinning only if you get Decent or good so you max on cherries is really not high at all the amount you will make in spring from the flowers turning them into perfume will net you more and in summer get the hibiscus witch is 210$ x 9 every 3 days what im saying is its better to have crops or flowers Not trees

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  14. buy decent eggs (100g each), make half into mayo (mayo maker) and the other half need to be boiled (pot). If you don't have the mayo maker you can buy mayo for 150g. Take the boiled egg and mayo on the cutting board and you get egg salad that sells for 525g. If you do 100 egg salads in a day, you will get about 50,000g. It doesn't take that long and is quick money.

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  15. Grow crops, buy animals and what not. fish, mine, PICK UP EVERYTHING YOU SEE! mushrooms, berries, herbs, oysters, shells, fruit, ANYTHING! the small things cost A LOT!

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  16. in the winter, I grow green bell flowers. it takes 4 and a mixer to make green perfume which sells for 475 (i think, it's in the guide) I make about 17,000 every 3 days doing this. 150 plots = 37 green perfume and 2 left over which I make into decent perfume. And they say you can't make money in the winter- HAH! lol, really it says that in the FAQ that it's almost pointless to plant in winter. It costs a little over 5,000 for seed, but that's still over 12,000 in profit.

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  17. I find that Planting as many seeds as you can get at the VERY FIRST FIRST FIRST day of the new SEASON. Then get some trees for each season. That way you'll have some fruit for each season, that you get from the great trees. That will actually save you on a couple of dollars once the next season comes around. Then get animals, ducks, chickens, cows, and sheep. Then once you've done all of your daily chores go out and try to foarge. I usually make a lot of money that way. And since there is an ocean and a pond near you go fishing, you can usually make a couple hundred dollars from that. And you can go mine at the Garmon Mines, and make some money there. And very soon you'll be very rich. But at the first year is when you want to spend all your money. Get everything that you can, and soon enough by the second year, you'll already know what you need, when you need it, and what makes the best money for you. Also, you don't only need money for the level two house upgrade, you also need 100 lumber, and 100 material stone. Good luck! Well good luck! I hope this helped. :)

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