Where can I find a blue feather?

  1. Do i have to buy it or someone gives it to me?

    User Info: YukiAzuma

    YukiAzuma - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The next day after you see your first love confession, Hamilton will send you a letter. He explains the requirements for marriage and mentions a story about a blue bird. When a marriage candidate reaches 9 hearts, you'll awake in the morning to find Mira on your farm. She was walking by and noticed the Blue Bird was around. The bird can be found on the snowy summit of Garmon Mountain between 5pm and 7pm. To get your own feather, go through the 45 floors of the Garmon Upper Mine. You need to wait on floor 45 until 5:00 pm, when you can go through the mine exit to the summit of the mountain. You will see the bird fly off and leave behind a feather for you.
    I hope this helps~

    (information from Fogu.com)

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Other Answers

  1. Mira will come tell you about it once you get someone to 9 hearts.

    User Info: Mothership1953

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