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"Best in the series, but still missing some things."

Harvest Moon Animal Parade Quick Review;

Game in General- Same as past Harvest Moon Games, Magical Melody and Tree of Tranquility, you are charged with the task of rescuing the Harvest Goddess, although in this game, it's more about saving nature itself. You also have to revive an old, dusty farm and make it successful. Later, you can have up to two children, as well as a husband or wife, depending on your gender. (9/10)

Graphics- Great! Fit the game really well, but still look a little crispy to be using on a Wii. (8/10)

Sound- The background music is okay, but when you talk to someone, a sound is played to identify the voice as hig or low (boy or girl) Some of the girls voiceovers are really high-pitched and you may want to skip them as quickly as you can. (8/10)

Controls- Great. Nothing flawed. Motion controls have been removed, so there is no more random hammering or watering. (10/10)

Pros- Same Harvest Moon foundation we all love, many in-depth festivals, including the circus! Being able to ride any livestock helps, as well as getting rides from the circus animals makes travel fast and easy. MUCH improved way of befriending people, animals, and your future pets. Easier plot than ToT. Great cast with a wide variety of jobs. Practically two towns, Harmonica Town and the Garmon Mines, make for a wide variety of landscapes, from oceans, mountains, forests, and your farmlands. Great clothing and furniture system, improved since ToT. Largest world in any Harvest Moon game. Two, count them, TWO children as well as ten spouses for each gender. Much less loading screens going from place to place. Five screens to get to the seed shop is now only two. Family can now help with farming chores such as watering, weeding, and harvesting. They can also make money going mining, fishing, and foraging! Lastly, there is no tutorial, so HM vetrans will be very excited!

Cons- Stationary camera and slightly outdated graphics ruin the gameplay, as well as a silly framerate and lag. Silly translations issues leave the game feeling almost incomplete. Having to buy almost everything also gets quite annoying. Refining ores costs money, as well as going to Toucan Island. Collecting lumber and stone gets tedious. New plots of land, as well as house upgrades and villas are EXTREMELY expensive. Can't get marries until house is level 2. Can't have kids until house is level 3. Some people don't move in until ringing certain bells, so you can't ignore the story. (Although that last one might not be a con.)

Game/Story In-Depth- You move to Harmonica Town after Finn, a Harvest Sprite, asks you to help save the Harvest Goddess. You, on the other hand, are excited to get your own farm. After moving there, Mayor Hamilton starts you off with some seeds, a hoe, and a watering can. Also, a new feature, you start off with crops already growing in your field. After meeting all the local residents and completing many events, you meet the Harvest Goddess. She asks you to restore nature's power by ringing five elemental bells; Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and Heart. After doing so, you summon the Harvest King, who revives the Goddess Tree. You then can play as you like, or can start a New Game+. But I won't spoil anymore of the story! Story gets a 9/10

Overall- 8/10. Great game, but the little errors slowly make the game less enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, this is a GREAT game! Natsume finally did what we asked them to. They made the best HM game since HM64 or Back to Nature. I crown Harvest Moon Animal Parade the best game in the franchise!

Final Verdict- Buy it now! If not, at least rent it. If you like Animal Crossing or any past HM game, you'll LOVE this one!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/15/10

Game Release: Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (US, 11/12/09)

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