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"Best in the series!!!!"

The Harvest Moon series is a favorite by thousands. I have played several of the harvest moon games and this one is the best yet!

A little overview: This game is really like all of the ones previously, the harvest goddess is in trouble, dying really and needs your help to restore power to the land, she's so weak that she can't even revive the harvest tree. The tree that gives the island life. By the time that you arrive onto your farm, everything seems to be great. But when you get to your farm, you realize that your farm is awful. There is a hole in the roof that needs fixing, the the coop and barn is in bad condition too. But whats worse, you have to pay 5000G for your house, unlike in previous games when the home is free. As in all games you meet a sprite, but in this game, a sprite is with you 24/7 unfortunately the sprite cannot help with you on farm work, but he does help to give you advice. (Good sprite:) ) anyway, so yada yada yada, you have to revive the tree doing events to help save the tree and everyone at town. Basically thats the same as in all of the other games, but this has a certain twist that really makes it different and unique.

The goods: There are many great and good things about this game. But really what I would like to point out is these five things:
1. Marriage
2. Children
4. Barn animals
5. Crops

Score 10/10 A+
Marriage is great in this game. Although it does take A LOT just to get married, it is worth it. Unlike in the previous games your spouse is able to help you in all of your chores, although it does take them like I don't know, ALL DAY!! ha ha, no breaks. but it does help you out in a way....... But other than that marriage in this game is a great way to go. Not only can you marry, but you can also get the villagers to marry too and have children. The children are full grown once they turn 1 years old and several events can happen with your children and their children which you would find on my next paragraph.

Children Score: 10/10 A+
The children in this game is so cute. Everything is so cute. School, birth, talking, walking, crawling, events. lost. . . . ect. But anyway the children can do so many things. They too can help out at the barn. In order to have kids, you have to have at least 15 hearts, and a level 3 house.

Pets Score: 10/10A+
Good amazing. Couldn't be any better. Choices are amazing. Must have a second story to have a pet.

Barn animals 10/10 A+
Great. You can get like 5000G each day just by having these amazing animals. Sad when they die. But you can always buy more!

Crops Score 9/10 A- needs improvement
Great awesome fantastic but sadly most are decent so they are not worth that much for the money that you have to pay for just a couple of seeds. Could be better.

The places that need improvement:

There are not many areas that need improvement really. I honestly didn't find any. But if you found anything that was bad then you should really write about it. Then this could be addressed to everyone.

Overall this game is perfect everything is just as it should be. I would really recommend this game to everyone. Harvest moon lovers, and people who are brand new to Harvest Moon.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/20/10

Game Release: Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (US, 11/12/09)

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