Has anyone found all 20 balloons in the free ride course of Island Cycling?

  1. There are suppossed to be 20 balloons you can pop in the 30 minute Free Ride Course. So far, I have only found 15. Anyone found all 20?

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    amadeus_rex - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Thrippa, having the dirt bike helps? How do you get the dirt bike?

    pikachufan43, the balloons do reset each time you quit. You have to get them all in one run.

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    GFREX - 7 years ago

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  1. Start at the southeast tip of the beach. (If you exit the game with B you won't restart quite all the way down, but near enough)

    1. Sweet Beach (if you have Wii Sports Resort) . Hit the balloon and head north along the east coast to the small headland, and take the ramp up to

    2. southern part of small headland. Head north, jump off the edge and head to Camel Rock.

    3. Just south of the arch in Camel Rock. Go through the arch head for Red Iron Bridge

    4. south of Red Iron Bridge. This one's a bit hidden by the terrain, but it's on the eastern bank. Go over the bridge and on to town. Turn left between the L-shaped building and the one with the blue roof.

    5. is in the crook between the two buildings. Come out onto the first main road and go north past the fountain and up one of the ramps.

    6. is in the green area above the fountain. Go back down, pass the fountain again and hang a right past the bowling alley; turn left between the pink and blue buildings.

    7. is behind that clump of buildings. Get on the road and go north, and up the hill to the lighthouse.

    8. is behind the lighthouse. Cruise back down the hill, past the windmills and houses, towards the stone arch. As you pass through, watch the cliff on your left. As soon as you can get up on it, do so and double back,

    9. is on the western end of the ridge. Drop off the low cliff and go east again. This time go north to the cave with the steel ramp and go up the spiral. As soon as you get out, turn right off the path and head toward the lighthouse, and you'll soon see

    10. Hit this and turn north. Follow the fence along the western edge until it ends, then drop off onto the road below. (If you have a cat or dog with you, ding the bell - A button - to send them ahead and they'll make the jump with you.) Keep north on the road through the Loop Tunnel #2 and turn right onto the grass. There's a balloon on the point above the cove at each end.

    11. & 12. West and east sides of the cove. Go back to the road and head up to the ruins.

    13. is behind the center temple. If anyone can find a jump off point, let me know; so far I've always had to backtrack down the path again. Do so, and follow the road south through Loop Tunnel #1. IMMEDIATELY after the tunnel turn left. Go down the hill between the tunnel and the hotel fence, bearing left, you should be able to stay off the beach until you actually see

    14. at the northern end of the beach. Go back up the hill past the tunnel entrance, up to the Toppled Monument for

    15. Shift south a bit and climb Heartbreak Peak, turning right (north) to go into the Lava Tube. Travel up the tunnel to the Silk Sands cave to get

    16. Now turn around and go back. Follow the fence along the south edge of Heartbreak Peak until it ends, then double back westward.

    17. is just below Hilltop Overlook. Backtrack again to get on the ground road and go west. Go into the cave behind Summerstone Falls and up the tunnel, keeping left at the fork. Follow this path on around to Duckling Lake - stop when you see the water. There's a ledge right over your head that you can't see when you come up the path. Carefully turn around and you should see a couple of trees and a balloon. Find a way up to get

    18. by the lake side. This is easier to see if you go all the way past and come back, but that takes longer, of course. Continue to Summerstone Castle and go into the courtyard and around the back.

    19. is in the backyard of the castle. Exit the castle by the eastern gate and head uphill. Keep heading uphill.

    20. is at the Mountain Monument. The whole course covers about 8.6 miles and I've done it in 28 minutes, but I took a couple of wrong turns and tried to jump off a few non-jumpable cliffs. Having the dirt bike helps too.

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  1. Yes
    3 on the beach, one you use the ramp to reach on top of a large rock.
    1 near the resort with the pools, it is on the beach behind it and to the left if you are facing its entrance
    1 up the hill from the resort heading to the cave
    1 in that cave in the sandy circle
    1 at the end of a cliff below the cave
    1 after riding across the long bridge near the cave before the winding tunnel
    1 after the winding tunnel, go to your right up a small hill
    3 up the mountain, 1 behind the castle, 1 around the top, and 1 near the lake
    3 in the town, 1 center, 1 near dock, 1 on the opposite side of the dock near the ocean
    1 behind the lighthouse
    2 on both sides of the "bridge" overlooking the bay at the back of the island approaching the ruins from the lighthouse
    1 in the back of the ruins
    1 near the red bridge, closest to the beach

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  2. I have a small question, say if u got 4 balloons in one run and there were 16 left and u go to do it again will there still be 16 left?????

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  3. Yes. I compiled a map, waiting for it to be accepted, but:
    There are 3 in town: 1 in the grass upside-down U in the middle-north, one in the grass between an L shaped house and a small house in the southeast, and one in the grass at the southwest corner behind a few buildings.
    There are 3 near the castle: one at the piles of rocks up the path east of the castle, one behind the castle but within the walls, and one on the path down from the castle on a long triangular strip of grass by some trees (not the small patch of grass higher up, the one closer to the cave mouth)
    There is 1 in the ruins: turn right as soon as you get up the ramp onto the grass, go between the buildings and around the main ruin.
    There is 1 by the lighthouse, all the way at the edge of the cliff.
    There are 2 by the bay between the lighthouse and the ruins, one on either side of the dropoff by the mountain wall going up.
    There is 1 by the big red-iron bridge: from the northeast side, go straight south instead of getting on the bridge.
    There are 4 on the beach: one way up north right by the tunnel mouth, one through the cave that looks like a camel, one up on the crescent shaped green hill (use the ramp northeast of it to boost up), and one all the way south and east of that last green hill
    There are 4 on the ridge: One is on the northeast side, where there's a sheer grass hill and a few boulders that kinda look like a topped tower; one is just south of that on a little plateau, but you have to backtrack most of the way down the hill to get to it; one is through the cave up top there, the cave that goes through the volcano into a circular sandy area, remember that flag? And the last one's all the way west, on the ridge that's closer to the metal-spiral-ramp cave, but you just keep headed towards the lighthouse and it's hard to miss.
    There is one on a tricky little plateau near the southmost part of the west ridge. You know the cave that has the metal spiral ramp? Stick into the wall to the left of that cave mouth on the ground level and follow it around, it's right before the little rock overhang (which was where one of the very first flags was, remember that? Only you can't get up there from where the flag was, see.)

    I hope my map posts soon, it's easier to show than to explain...

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