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"The Best Fitness Game There Is"

When I played the original Wii Fit it was fun and enjoyable at first, but after a while it became slightly boring. Although certain activities in the game were fun, most of the other exercises were very boring. Many of the exercises in Wii Fit were also not extremely good ways of exercise. I have also tried playing other fitness games but they were extremely boring and did not work well. When I heard about Wii Fit Plus however, I assumed that it would be better than Wii Fit, and it was.

Wii Fit Plus has some new features that were not in the original Wii Fit. Wii Fit Plus has five different categories of exercises. These are aerobics, yoga, strength training, balance games, and training plus. The original Wii Fit only had four of these categories, which did not include training plus. Another feature that is new to Wii Fit Pus is a feature called My Wii Fit Plus. In my wii fit plus you can make your own exercise routines or select from a variety of routines that are already available. The only downside to making your own routines is that you can only make your routine by selecting activities from the yoga or strength training categories. Some people might want to choose activities from other categories as well, but unfortunately that is not available. One other feature is that after you are done with a certain exercise it will give you an estimate of how many calories you burned. Wii Fit Plus has all of the same exercises as the original Wii Fit, along with plenty of new ones such as fifteen new training plus exercises, which can be very fun and entertaining, and six new yoga and strength training exercises. Two other new features are that Wii Fit Pus has a multiplayer option, which allows people to take turns using the balance board (which is a special board that measures your weight and balance and comes with Wii Fit Plus in a special package), and that you can make a profile for your pet or an infant. Making a profile for a pet or an infant is basically just for measuring weight and is not for exercising.

The graphics in this game are not great but are still good. The graphics are good in some areas but not so great in others. The reason that the graphics are not truly spectacular is probably because you use your mii characters to play the game, and mii characters do not make great graphics in a game. The sound and music in this game are very good. Although some activities have no music.

The game play in Wii Fit Plus is fantastic. Although certain areas in the game can be boring, most of the game is very fun and entertaining. Having fun while being active is probably one of the best ways of getting exercise, and that is what this game is for. This game is an excellent way of getting exercise because many activities make your heart beat very rapidly and make you sweat all while having fun. A cool feature in Wii Fit Pus is that the entire game takes place on an island called " Wuhu Island." Certain activities such as " Island Cycling" allow you to freely explore Wuhu Island. There are plenty of things to unlock in this game. For example, when playing " Island Cycling" you can unlock five different modes to play, and on the activity "Bird's Eye Bull's Eye" you can unlock three different modes to play. Playing Wii Fit Plus is also a much better way to get exercise than the original Wii Fit.

If you are one of those people who are looking for a fun way to get exercise, or just does not like exercising, then I think Wii Fit Plus is perfect for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/14/09

Game Release: Wii Fit Plus (US, 10/04/09)

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