How can I get the second coin in World 3 first castle?

  1. I saw it, but how can I get it? The block on the other side has 1-up mushroom so I can't break it and go down to grab the coin.

    User Info: patz

    patz - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The rolling spiked balls will break through the bricks blocking the coin. Make sure to pick up the POW block so it doesn't go off and destroy the spiked balls before they can clear the way.

    User Info: tjeckman

    tjeckman - 7 years ago 8 0


  1. You need to pick up the POW block as you're going up and keep it away from the rolling spike balls. They will trigger it and destroy themselves in the process, but you don't want that just yet. Eventually, they will break through all the grey blocks and the rising platform will stop. Then you can trigger the POW and destroy the balls, and grab the star coin (plus the 1UP on the right side).

    User Info: DorkmasterFlek

    DorkmasterFlek - 7 years ago 3 1

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