How do you get to level 7-6??? I have tried to figure it out and can't. Also 8-7.

  1. I have collected all of the star coins for all of the levels, except for levels 7-6 and 8-7, which I cannot seem to find. Someone PLEASE help me! Thanks!

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Accepted Answer

  1. To unlock 7-6:
    In the World 7 Fortress there are two areas, one inside and one outside, both of which have the lift. Once you reach the inside section, keep an eye out for two cannons on the right shooting Bob-Ombs. Under them should be a moving platform. Jump to this platform and run into the wall to warp to a secret area. Run right with the Bullet Bills to the secret goal.

    To unlock 8-7:
    Just after the second Star Coin in World 8-2 is a section where the spiked balls are rolling to the right of the screen instead of left towards you. Follow them to pass over two red ledges. Once you reach the next part where you drop down to a new area with some Brick Blocks. Run back left through a fake wall and pass between the two red ledges to a hidden pipe. Get all the way to the right to a green pipe and enter it. Jump over the spinning hills to the secret goal.

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Other Answers

  1. Level 7-6

    First Star Coin: Jump onto the back of a Big Buzzy Beetle and ride it until it flies low enough for you to grab the Star Coin.
    Second Star Coin: There will be a line of 8 normal Beetles along the bottom later. Ride the second, third, or fourth one up into the clouds.
    Third Star Coin: There will be a series of Big Beetles -- ride one of the last ones down. Be careful trying to get back up though!

    Level 8-7

    First Star Coin: While you're riding on the second bone dragon track, it will dip in and out of the lava a few times. One of the times will have a Star Coin instead of a few regular coins. Wait until you're almost in the lava, then jump to the right and grab it. Make sure not to fall into the lava!
    Second Star Coin: Get on the track right after the checkpoint. It will go through one lava geyser(jump to avoid taking damage) then through two geysers side by side. The Star Coin is slightly above and to the right of the two geysers. Jump above the geysers and spin jump to get the Star Coin if necessary.
    Third Star Coin: On the track after THAT one, there will be the Star Coin right next to a lava geyser. Wait until you're almost at the geyser to grab the Star Coin, then JUMP! (This is the part where there will be those two tracks crossing over each other.

    Hope this helped! :)

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  2. There are secret exits in 7-fortress and 8-2. You can get the details from hint videos in Peach's castle.

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