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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NerdlyNerd

    Version: 1.1.4 | Updated: 07/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii


    Written by Sean Sutherland (NerdlyNerd)

    (C) 2009

    Version 1.1.4


    I am Australian, so I would like to point out that I do have different spelling to the majority of others on the internet. Small differences may occur between region-specific versions of the game, and if you could fill me in on these - to help the guide - that would be greatly appreciated.


    This is my first actual guide for a game, so if there is anything you think I could do to improve it at all, let me know. See Contact Info for my e-mail.

    About The Game

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the latest recreation of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES. After being such a huge success, the first modernized version was born: New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. This game introduced new items, charatcers and lots of new levels, complete with incredible graphics and sound, not to mention gameplay. Now, we have New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the "sequel" to its DS predecessor. Many new levels have been created and lots of new enemies, gameplay features and even characters made their debut on this game. Introducing four-player simultaneous play for the first time, players can now choose between Mario, Luigi and a Blue and a Yellow Toad. New items such as Propeller Caps and Penguin Suits add to the mix, and even platforms that rotate and move depending on how you tilt the Wii Remote are thrown in. Add in the incredible graphics and awesome boss fights and you have one hell of a game.

    About The Guide

    So this guide is made to help you through the game of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and all its levels and modes. There is a walkthrough of the main game with detailed guides to each individual level, diagrams showing how each world is set out, sections explaining controls and different in-game characters and appendices for extra little bits of information. Hopefully there will be something in this guide to help you out with whatever you need help with.

    Version History

    Guide Started - 17 Nov 2009

    • Version 0.5.7 - 21 Nov 2009
      • Completed sections 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7.
      • Need boss strategies for section 2.
      • Completed walkthrough up to World 2-4.
      • Added section 8: FAQs.
      • Finished part of Appendix A and B.
      • Added new Appendix C.
      • Completed Appendix D.
    • Version 0.6.2 - 25 Nov 2009
      • Finished World 2 walkthrough and started World 3.
      • Added more enemies to section 2.
      • Added 1-Up Blast section in Appendix A.
    • Version 0.6.6 - 27 Nov 2009
      • Completed World 3 walkthrough.
      • Fixed some grammatical errors.
      • Updated Appendix A, B and C.
      • Added strategies to section 2.
      • Inculded more sites in Credits.
    • Version 0.7.5 - 1 Dec 2009
      • Finished World 4 and World 5 in walkthrough.
      • Fixed Mushroom Houses in walkthrough.
      • Added Star Coin difficulty to walkthrough.
      • Updated Bosses section, as well as Appendix A and B.
      • Added more sites to Credits section.
    • Version 0.8.1 - 3 Dec 2009
      • Completed up to World 7-2 in walkthrough.
      • Updated Morton Jr. in Bosses section.
      • Finished 1-Up Blast diagram for World 6 in Appendix A.
      • Added World 6 Map Enemies to Appendix B.
      • Included more Hint Videos in Appendix C.
    • Version 0.9.6 - 8 Dec 2009
      • Finished Worlds 7, 8 and 9 in walkthrough.
      • Finalised sections 2 and 4.
      • Completed Appendix A and most of Appendix B.
      • Fixed up some spelling mistakes (thanks to Darkstar Ripclaw).
      • Updated Appendix C.
    • Version 1.0.0 - 10 Dec 2009
      • Changed part of World 5-5.
      • Added two questions to the FAQs.
      • Removed Hint Movies. See Appendix C for more info.
      • Added another site to Credits section.
    • Version 1.0.2 - 21 Dec 2009
      • Small revision.
      • Added extra stuff to Enemies section.
      • Included alternate strategy for World 9-7 (thanks to PocketWocket).
      • Fixed some more spelling errors (thanks to Lanny Heidbreder).
      • Updated Appendix C.
    • Version 1.1.0 - 22 Dec 2009
      • Changed guide to new format.
      • Exclusive to GameFAQs.
    • Version 1.1.1 - 30 Dec 2009
      • Small revision.
      • Updated some enemy info (thanks to dasdre).
    • Version 1.1.2 - 8 Jan 2010
      • Included some extra walkthrough info (thanks to Matt Hoey and Eric Lindsay).
      • Added yet another site to the Credits.
    • Version 1.1.3 - 20 May 2010
      • Added heaps of new info from e-mails. Check the Credits for all the new stuff.
    • Version 1.1.4 - 19 July 2010
      • Yet another revision.
      • Fixed some spelling errors.
      • Included some more small bits of info here and there. Check credits.


    Below I have listed all of the characters featured in the game, seperated into groups.

    Main Characters

    These are the characters that you can play as in the game itself.


    All around good guy Mario has always been the star of the show in the previous games, as this time round, it's no different. As player one, you will always be Mario, no matter which mode you play in. But hey, I'm not complaining.


    Mario's younger brother Luigi has decided to help out Mario this time and show the way if Mario fails too many times. He can also be used in multiplayer and has some pretty awesome outfits.

    The Toads

    With a blue or yellow head, the Toads help fill in the gaps to make four playable characters. But these Toads are no pushovers; they can match Mario and Luigi jump for jump. Their Penguin Suits look kinda silly though.


    Yoshi can be found hiding in his Egg in a ? Block. Hit the right Block and out he pops. Jump on and he can eat enemies (not all, mind you) and jump further. Hold the "2" Button to float a bit longer in mid-air. Eat some fruit to get a bonus as well.

    A handy ability Yoshi has is eating. He can swallow enemies as well as projectiles like hammers and fireballs. In multiplayer you can eat one of your friends if they're annoying you or to help them get past a tricky part in the level before spitting them out again. This also comes in handy when rescuing Toad in single player.


    All normal enemies that can be found throughout the levels are here. They're in alphabetical order, for your convenience.


    These guys just float in the air. They are black balls with electricity flowing over its surface. Don't run into one or you'll take damage.


    White squid looking things. Don't make contact with them at all, you'll take damage. Only found underwater, they like to follow you around. One fireball will end that though. They also have tiny versions of themselves called Baby Bloopers that follow them around sometimes.


    These bombs with legs will walk around aimlessly until you jump on their head. This sets off their fuse and gives you time to run away before they explode. If their fuse is lit, you can simply run into them to kick them around. Use them to blow up different kinds of blocks and other enemies. Their counterparts, the Parabomb, are just Bob-Ombs that parachute from above to take you by surprise.


    A ghost that won't move as long as you look at it. They can't be beaten by jumping on their head or fireballs, so its best to avoid them as much as possible. There is a giant version of the Boo, creatively named the Big Boo. When playing multiplayer, all players must be looking at it to make it stop moving.

    Boomerang Bro.

    The first member of the Bro. family, the Boomerang Bro. throws two boomerangs at you, before they return to them to throw again. Jump on it or take it out with fireballs.


    This sponge with legs walks around one massive step at a time. Touching its legs causes you damage, so try jumping on its orange head or hit it with a fireball. Or you could always just stand under it and wait for it to move.


    Ever dressed up as a ghost by putting a bedsheet over your head? That's what these guys look like. Except they have faces. And boxing gloves. Often found at the top of staircases so you have trouble getting past them. Jump on them three times or use fireballs etc.


    A giant purple fish that will swim after you trying to eat you. If it manages to get you, you are dead, no matter how Super your Mario is. They die quite easily though, only needing one fireball to defeat.

    Bullet Bill

    It's an oversized bullet. They get shot out of cannons called Bill Blasters. Clever. Jump on them to take them out, and freeze them to keep them in mid-air but take away the danger factor. They are unaffected by fire. There are larger versions of these guys known as Bonzai Bills, which are exactly the same. Except, well, bigger.

    Buzzy Beetle

    Little beetles with fireproof shells. Jump on them to put them in their shells, much like a Koopa. Have some fun kicking them around. They can also stick to the ceiling, and will drop when you get close. Watch out for this attack.

    Chain Chomp

    A dog-like ball on a chain. They bounce around barking for a while and then suddenly pounce at you quite quickly. Try to not get hit by them. The best strategy for these guys is to just race past them straight after they jump at you.


    A little red fishy. It swims virtually hypnotised through the water, not moving for anything but walls. The yellow variation actually move away from you when you get close, so that comes in handy. The green ones, called Deep-Cheeps, will follow you for a short distance and try to hurt you. The blue fish, called Spiky Cheep-Cheeps, will follow you much faster than the Deep-Cheeps. Although the spikes are supposed to make them "scarier", it really makes no difference because Mario will take damage from making contact with all Cheep-Cheeps, spikes or no spikes. Each variation also has a Mega version, which are the same except slightly bigger.


    Found on the bottom of the sea, these guys hold treasure in their mouth and open up for a short time before abruptly closing their mouth and eating you. Quickly swim through when their mouth is open and grab whatever it is they're holding before they shut on you.


    These penguins slide around on the ice bowling over any plumber or mushroom that gets in their way. Jump on them, hit them with fireballs, you get the idea.


    Crows that fly in circles in the sky and swoop down quickly to catch you off guard. Jump on them or hit them with fireballs yak yak yak to take them out, but be careful of the mighty swarms that build up if you leave too many.

    Dry Bones

    These walking Koopa skeletons are resistant to fire because, well, they're already dead. You can freeze them and smash them to bits though. You can jump on them and reduce them to a pile of bones, but they eventually pull themselves back together (literally) and start walking around again.

    Fire Bar

    These rotating bars made from fireballs aren't exactly an enemy, as they aren't alive, but they are a nuisance none-the-less. They just sit there and spin around and around, stopping you from staying still anywhere nearby. Just get past them and you'll be fine.

    Fire Bro.

    Approprietly named, Fire Bros. like to spit fireballs at you. Unlike the Fire Piranha Plants, these fireballs are affected by gravity, so watch for where they land. They can be taken out by your fireballs, or you can just jump on their head. But they can't be eaten by Yoshi, so don't fuss over that.

    Fire Chomp

    This little black ball with a creepy face will use the fireballs that make up its tail to spit at you. When it runs out of fireballs, it will explode, so be careful of that. Unlike normal Chain Chomps, you can safely jump on these guys to defeat them.

    Fire Snake

    Made of a bunch of Podoboos, the Fire Snake jumps around chasing you. It can make its head swell to about three times its normal size every couple of bounces, so be careful of that. Fireballs have no effect, and jumping on them is a pretty silly idea. Ice Flowers work like a treat.


    Skeletons of Cheep-Cheeps that have luminescent eyes. Don't make contact with them, just like normal Cheeps. The best thing to do is ignore them, because whenever they are in the water you don't really need to be.


    A cloud-spitting... cloud. They like to expel clouds over certain parts of the level to make it harder for you to see where you are going. Anything will kill these guys, except walking straight ino them, obviously.


    These black furry creatures like to slide along the rails that direct different moving platforms and Brick Blocks etc. Don't touch them; that would just be stupid. Fireballs - need I say more? Yes, because there are also Mega Fuzzies which are the same except massive.


    Mushrooms that were banished from the Mushroom Kingdom. Not very difficult to defeat; simply jump on their head to squishify them. Just watch out when they start raining from the sky. There are also Grand Goombas which are bigger in size and take multiple fireballs to defeat. If jumped on, they split into two regular Goombas. Then there are Mega Goombas, which are bigger still and split into two Grand Goombas. And there are Micro Goombas which are tiny and do no damage if you run into them. They just get annoying as they cling to you and slow you down. Spin Jump to shake them off.

    Hammer Bro.

    Found by themselves or in a pair, Hammer Bros. are so named because, well, they throw hammers. They can't be eaten, so don't try. Move close when they move because they can't move sideways and throw at the same time. They can throw while jumping, however. Take them out with fireballs to make things easier.

    Although you cannot eat Hammer Bros. with Yoshi, you can eat the hammers they throw and spit them back at the Bro.

    Huckit Crab

    Crabs that huck rocks at you. Jump on them, bounce off their rocks, hit them with stuff, you know, the usual. Found at the beach.

    Ice Bro.

    Another of the Bro. family, the ice counterparts spit balls of ice at you. Beat them with fireballs or some head bouncing. They can be taken out by hitting a Brick Block underneath them as well.


    Jellyfish that have a beam of light expelled from under them. They often help you find your way underwater in the darkness. Just be careful, they drop kinda like Thwomps when you get near them, but fairly slowly as they are underwater.

    King Bill

    These guys are FRIGGIN MASSIVE! They take up pretty much the whole screen. Okay, so they aren't that big. Have fun against these supersized Bullet Bills, which are the second biggest enemy in the game.

    Koopa Troopa

    Also just called Koopas, these buggers aren't killed by a single jump. But it does make them go into their shell, which you can then kick around or pick up and throw. Just don't get hit by the shell, or you'll take damage. Ground Pound them to defeat them in one shot. There are green and red Koopas - green will walk straight off a platform whereas red will walk back and forth on the ledge they are standing on.

    Koopa Paratroopa

    A Koopa Troopa with wings. They either fly back and forth in a certain path or bounce along the ground. When jumped on, they lose their wings and become regular Koopas. They can be defeated just like normal Koopas, too.


    Cloud-riding creatures who throw Spinies at you. They stay high up in the sky, but they don't have a really good aim. If you can get up to them, you can jump on them to defeat them, if they aren't holding a Spiny. Fireballs work too, and so does running super fast past them. If you manage to defeat one, they can end up leaving their cloud behind. Quickly jump on to it to gain control for a short time. Simply use the D-Pad to move in which ever direction you want.

    Little Mouser

    A mouse with a "Zorro"-like mask. They sorta just run around. Jumping and fireballs etc. do the trick against these guys.


    Wind-up mechanical Koopas. They waltz around waiting for you to jump on them. Kinda like Dry Bones, they simply fall to pieces on the ground before getting back up again. Being mechanical, they are unaffected by fire, so don't bother trying with that. Can also be shortened to, simply, Mecha.

    Missile Bill

    These bullets are a species of Bills that like to follow you around, and they don't give up. You can jump on them to defeat them just like Bullet Bills, and fireballs have no effect. There are also bigger ones called Missile Bonzai Bills. They are just like their smaller counterparts, except they won't turn around once you get past them.

    Monty Mole

    These moles will suddenly pop out of a hill when you get close. You will have no warning before this happens. Once out of their hiding spot, they will run around chasing you. They can't jump, and the only problems they really cause are when they fall off a platform above.


    Black plants stuck to the ground, a bit like tiny Piranha Plants. They just sit there and open and close their mouths. You can't kill them with anything. Be careful around these guys because they are a real pain.


    These are Buzzy Beetles with red shells and wings. The small ones will begin to fly up when you land on their shell, allowing you access to things high in the sky. They aren't quite enemies, but you still take damage if you make contact with anything but their shell. The giant version, known as a Heavy Parabeetle, will actually struggle under the wait of any player that jumps on it and will slowly drift downward.


    A Goomba with wings. They bounce around like a Paratroopa, and can sometimes be found being followed by some Micro Goombas. They can be defeated just like normal Goombas, but jumping on them first only gets rid of their wings.

    Piranha Plant

    These plants with sharp teeth like to hide in pipes, but they can be found just sitting on the ground. Don't jump on them, it hurts. They can be destroyed by fireballs and eaten by Yoshi, but that's about it. The Super Piranha Plant is a bigger version, and can't be eaten by Yoshi. And it takes several fireballs to defeat, too.


    Fireballs with a mind of their own. They jump up out of lava and float high into the air, before dropping back down. They wait a moment and then go again. Don't touch them at all, and fireballs won't exactly do much. You can freeze them or take them out with a Star.


    A giant orange cactus. They scoot around on the ground trying to keep you from getting past. They don't directly attack you, and they are made up of a lot of ball-like segments. Hitting one segment with a fireball simply gets rid of it and everything above drops on to the rest of the body below. You have to get it in the head to defeat it in one shot. If you eat it with Yoshi when it has leaves instead of spikes, you'll get a Mushroom or a 1-Up Mushroom, depending on the size of the Pokey.


    These giant purple fish like to swim in the water underneath you and then leap out to catch you by surprise. They die just like a Cheep-Cheep, but will eventually return. One fireball does the trick.

    River Piranha Plant

    These plants float in water while using air blown out of their mouth to hold up a spiky green ball. They blow it higher into the air and bring it back down constantly, so you can just time it to quickly get past. Just don't touch the Plant or the ball and you'll be fine.

    These aren't to be mistaken for Ptooies which shoot similar spiked balls. The difference is that Ptooies walk around on leg-like stems whereas these float on water.

    Rocket Engine

    These are long, thin flames that shoot out of engines to try and hurt you. They can rotate much like a Fire Bar but change direction, and they can turn on and off, making you time your jumps in certain areas. Even though they aren't alive I still call them enemies because, simply put, they are annoying. I've shortened the name to RE in certain parts of the guide to save space.

    Rocky Wrench

    Monty Moles pop out of hills, Rocky Wrenches pop out of the ground. They lift their heads up from under a manhole and throw wrenches at you. Jump on them whenever their head is up to beat them, or just hit them with a fireball.

    Sledge Bro.

    An oversized Hammer Bro. Apart from the usual routine of jumping and throwing hammers, Sledge Bros. can also Ground Pound, causing a shockwave that will paralyze you if you are touching the ground when they hit. A simple trick to defeat these guys: when they Ground Pound, jump to avoid getting stunned and land on their head from that jump. Quite easy really.


    Green creatures that like to throw black spiked balls at you. They can be easily taken out by a jump to the head or a fireball, but the spiked balls can only be beaten with a Star or another spiked ball. Be careful whenever they have the height advantage.

    Spike Top

    A red Buzzy Beetle with a single spike on its shell, stopping you from jumping on it. They are impervious to fire, so they can be a real pain. Just sneaking past is usually a good idea, but freezing them for a while is fun, too. They can cling to walls and ceilings, so be wary of them whenever they are nearby.


    Much like a Spike Top, these guys have a lot of spikes on their shell. But, Spinies can be defeated by fireballs. Use this advantage whenever possible, because you can't take them out up close and personal.

    Stalking Piranha Plant

    In a nutshell, these are Piranha Plants with legs and extendable necks. They walk around on the ledge they are standing on, but will quickly stop and stretch their neck up to try to catch you unaware. After a while, they will bring their necks back to normal size and keep walking around. They can be defeated like any other Piranha Plant.


    A bat-like creature that hangs from the ceiling until you get nearby. It will swoop down and try to run into you, like a slower type of Crowber. If you jump them and they miss, they will fly off, never to be seen again. You can jump on their head to defeat them, and fireballs help out as well.


    Blocks that like to squish you. They hang around on the roof. When you get close, their face changes and they drop super quick in an effort to catch you underneath. They can only be defeated by Star.


    These are spiky balls found underwater. They float around, not changing path just for you. Fireballs will take them out, but any contact whatsoever will cause you damage, unless of course you have a Star. If you freeze them, they will break out but will become completely immobile. You can use them to block pipes that are expelling water. There are also Mega Urchins which are much bigger and can't be frozen.

    Venus Fire Trap

    A Piranha Plant that spits fireballs. They can be in pipes or just chilling on the ground. Fight fireballs with fireballs, or just run past. There are also Mega VFTs, which are massive and like spitting fireballs, too.


    A caterpillar-like creature, they are good replacements for trampolines. Bounce off their long bodies for some extra height to get to other platforms. These guys are better left alive - you never know when you'll need to bounce off one. You can also make them angry, and they turn red in colour. They will begin following you around as well. Not to mention there are also giant versions, known as Mega Wigglers. They are the same except for the fact you can't make them angry.


    Here is the list of bosses found in the game, listed in order of when you battle them in the main game playthrough.

    Larry Koopa

    Also Known As: Cheatsy Koopa

    Larry is the Boss for World 1. He has a basic attack pattern, namely shooting a fireball then jumping around. His Fortress battle has a regular floor, and the Castle battle is fought on five moving platforms. To defeat him, you have to either jump on his head or hit him with six fireballs to make him go in his shell. He will then retreat into his shell and begin sliding back and forth across the floor. He will then pop back out again. Repeat this two times to defeat him.

    Roy Koopa

    Also Known As: Bully Koopa

    Roy is the Boss for World 2. He attacks quite like Larry, but he also has an attack where he Ground Pounds and stuns you if you're standing on the ground, much like a Sledge Bro. His Fortress fight is a normal platform sitting above quicksand, and the Castle battle is fought under five pipes which he uses to confuse you.

    Lemmy Koopa

    Also Known As: Hip Koopa

    Lemmy is the Boss for World 3. He likes to roll around on a ball and throw them at you. They don't deal out damage, but if you aren't careful, they'll knock you right off the stage. He fights you on an icy stage in the Fortress, much like the previous Fortress battles. In the Castle, he battles on a similar ice floor, but his ball and the ones he throws is a lot bigger.

    Wendy O. Koopa

    Also Known As: Kootie Pie Koopa

    Wendy is the Boss for World 4. She attacks with glowing rings of light which continuously bounce around the room. Be careful of them when you're jumping over her speeding shell. In the Fortress the floor is normal enough, but in the Castle she floods the room, and you are forced to swim around until it drains out.

    Bowser Jr.

    Bowser Jr. is fought on the Airships found in Worlds 4, 6 and 8. In World 4 he flies around in his Koopa Clown Car spitting fireballs at you. The fireballs will set fire to whatever they hit in the room, so you need to be careful where you jump. In World 6 you fight him in your own Koopa Clown Car, but it's called the Hero Car. You must knock him into electricity on either side of the room. Then in World 8 you need to Ground Pound bombs that he shoots out back up into his giant Koopa Car to damage him while avoiding his fireballs once more.

    Iggy Koopa

    Also Known As: Hop Koopa

    Iggy is the Boss for World 5. He shoots green fireballs from his wand that move a lot faster than the previous Bosses' fireballs. The Fortress battle is in a room with three platforms which move up and down. The battle in the Castle is fought in a room that is tailored specially for Iggy and his pet Chain Chomp. It has some Bounce Blocks and some Donut Lifts, too.

    Morton Koopa Jr.

    Also Known As: Big Mouth Koopa Jr.

    Morton Jr. is the Boss for World 6. He attacks with giant purple fireballs and Ground Pounds. The battle in the Fortress takes place above lava on a platform with a raised section on either side. The spiked black pillars drop down on these higher parts, so watch carefully. The Castle fight is atop some pillars that just poke up from the ground. When Morton Ground Pounds, the two pillars on either side of him shoot up into the roof, crushing you if you are on it.

    Ludwig Von Koopa

    Also Known As: Kooky Von Koopa

    Ludwig is the Boss for World 7. He shoots blue fireballs at you that chase you around or just shoots four at the same time. He can Flutter through the air much like Yoshi can. The Fortress battle is on a normal stage with a gap on either side, and the Castle match is fought on three upward moving platforms.


    Although Kamek makes short appearances in each Castle, he is the Boss for the World 8 Fortress. He attacks by casting magic spells in your direction. The arena you battle him in is filled with green, blue and purple blocks, each of which turn into enemies if Kamek's spell misses you and hits the block instead. The green blocks turn into single small enemies, like Goombas and Spinies. The blue and purple ones turn into multiple Koopas or Thwomps. It takes three bonks to the head to defeat him.


    King Koopa himself is the final Boss, found in World 8. He attacks by spitting fireballs. The battle between Bowser and yourself is in two parts, the first being a nice tribute to the old days. You'll be in a room with a Switch on the other side of Bowser. You need to get past him and hit it to make him fall into the chasm below. You could also hit him with thirty fireballs if you feel like it. After defeating him, Kamek brings him back, except MUCH bigger. You have to use his fireballs to destroy walls behind you so you can proceed. There's another Switch further along that you need to hit to finish the final battle.


    NPC stands for Non-Playable Character. These are supporting characters that have various roles through the game, but are ones you cannot have control over.


    The normal red Toads are seen throughout the game and are often held hostage in different stages. Saving one of these Toads rewards you with a bonus Mushroom House, in which they operate the mini-games. They are also seen in the opening movie and one also stays behind at Peach's Castle.

    Princess Toadstool

    Also Known As: Princess Peach, or simply, Peach

    Captured once again by Bowser, Peach is seen very little through this game. Appearing during the opening movie, scenes between worlds involving Bowser Jr. and his Airship and the closing movie, she really doesn't get seen too much considering just how important she is to the plot of the game.


    The controls as listed below are directly from the instruction manual.


    Make Mario and Co. walk left and right.

    Wii Remote: D-Pad (Left/Right)

    With Nunchuk: Control Stick (Left/Right)


    Run faster than walking.

    Wii Remote: D-Pad (Left/Right) + "1" Button

    With Nunchuk: Control Stick (Left/Right) + "B" Button or "Z" Button


    Make Mario duck so he only takes up half his size.

    Wii Remote: D-Pad (Down)

    With Nunchuk: Control Stick (Down)

    Jump and Stomp

    Leap into the air. Jump when landing on an enemy to bounce higher in the air.

    Wii Remote: "2" Button

    With Nunchuk: "A" Button

    Spin Jump

    Spin into the air. Use this to turn screws. You can also spin in mid-air to float for slightly longer.

    Wii Remote: Shake Wii Remote (Up/Down)

    With Nunchuk: Shake Wii Remote (Left/Right)

    Hit Blocks

    Hit a block by jumping and hitting it from underneath.

    Wii Remote: "2" Button

    With Nunchuk: "A" Button

    Double Jump and Triple Jump

    Jump multiple times to improve airtime and distance.

    Wii Remote: "1" Button + "2" Button when landing

    With Nunchuk: "B" Button or "Z" Button + "A" Button when landing

    Ground Pound

    Somersault and drop quickly to the ground to damage enemies and break blocks.

    Wii Remote: "2" Button, then D-Pad (Down) in mid-air

    With Nunchuk: "A" Button, then Control Stick (Down) in mid-air


    Slide down slopes to plow through certain enemies.

    Wii Remote: D-Pad (Down) on slope

    With Nunchuk: Control Stick (Down) on slope

    Wall Jump

    Kick off walls to gain extra height.

    Wii Remote: D-Pad (Left/Right) to slide down wall, then "2" Button

    With Nunchuk: Control Stick (Left/Right) to slide down wall, then "A" Button

    Grab and Throw

    Pick up shelled enemies, carry them and throw them.

    Wii Remote: Hold "1" Button, release to throw

    With Nunchuk: Hold "B" Button or "Z" Button, release to throw

    Lift and Throw

    Pick up barrels, some blocks and frozen enemies, carry them and throw them.

    Wii Remote: Hold "1" Button + Shake Wii Remote (Up/Down), release to throw

    With Nunchuk: Hold "B" Button or "Z" Button + Shake Wii Remote (Left/Right), release to throw


    Make Mario swim through water.

    Wii Remote: D-Pad (Left/Right) + "2" Button

    With Nunchuk: Control Stick (Left/Right) + "A" Button


    Climb up fences, ladders and poles.

    Wii Remote: D-Pad (Up) to grab on, then D-Pad (All) to move

    With Nunchuk: Control Stick (Up) to grab on, then Control Stick (All) to move

    Flutter Jump

    While riding Yoshi, Mario can jump higher in the air and extend the airtime with Yoshi's flutter on the end.

    Wii Remote: Hold "2" Button

    With Nunchuk: Hold "A" Button


    Yoshi can also eat some enemies and fruits with his giant tongue.

    Wii Remote: "1" Button

    With Nunchuk: "B" Button or "Z" Button

    Tilt Lifts

    Stand on a Tilt Lift to change it to your colour, then tilt it so you can reach new places.

    Wii Remote: Tilt Wii Remote (Left/Right)

    With Nunchuk: Tilt Wii Remote (Left/Right)

    Shoot Fire and Ice

    With the Fire Flower and Ice Flower power-ups, Mario gains the special ability to shoot balls of the respective element at your foes.

    Wii Remote: "1" Button

    With Nunchuk: "B" Button or "Z" Button


    The extras section. Full of all that extra goodness that provides the finishing touches to this game.


    Found practically everywhere, collecting 100 of these will earn you an extra life. And who doesn't want more lives?

    Red Ring and Red Coin

    You may see a floating Red Ring in the sky during a level. Make contact with it to make 8 Red Coins appear and a timer start. If you can collect all of the Red Coins before time runs out, you win a prize.

    P-Switch and Blue Coin

    It looks like a switch with a "P" on the front. Jump on it to have all of the Brick Blocks change into Coins and vica versa (to help reach secret areas) or have a trail or group of Blue Coins appear. Both affects last for a limited time. Blue Coins are just like regular Coins.


    In the red spotted variety, Mushrooms will upsize Mario to Super Mario in the blink of an eye. Just make sure it doesn't get away.

    Fire Flower

    If you hit a ? Block as Super Mario, one of these might pop out. Grab it to get yourself the power to shoot fireballs. These come in handy when there are a lot of enemies nearby, and can also light up your path in the darkness.

    Ice Flower

    Returning form Super Mario Galaxy is the Ice Flower. It gives you the ability to shoot balls of ice at your opponents, much like a fireball. But instead, the enemy will freeze solid and be at your mercy. Not all enemies can be frozen, though.

    Propeller Mushroom

    Getting one of these flying Mushrooms will give Mario a Propeller Cap. If you Spin Jump while wearing one of these, you will shoot up into the sky, higher than usual. You will also return to the ground quite slower than usual. Press down on the D-Pad to make Mario drill straight down - a handy attack to take out enemies or break through blocks.

    Mini Mushroom

    These tiny blue Mushroom make Mario shrink to mini size. As Mini Mario, he can run on water and float through the air with ease. But because of his reduced size, he can't squish enemies by just jumping on them; he must Ground Pound to have any effect.

    Penguin Suit

    The Penguin Suit comes in very handy during icy levels. Mario can shoot ice with this power-up, just like with an Ice Flower, but he can dash and then slide along by pressing down on the D-Pad. He will bowl over most enemies in his path and keep on sliding as long as he remains on ice. He can also slide straight over gaps that are two blocks wide.


    This bouncing bundle of joy makes Mario completely invincible, meaning he can take no damage. They will often be cleverly hidden, but will help tremendously throughout many levels. However, you can still die from falling down chasms.

    1-Up Mushroom

    The green spotted counterparts of regular Mushrooms provide a better service in that they instantly give you an extra life, no questions asked.


    Also called berries, these will just hang aroung on a bush with no purpose at all, until you find a Yoshi. If you can get Yoshi to eat five apples, you will get a power-up. This is very handy when you get stuck as regular Mario.

    Brick Block

    A simple block made from bricks. They contain Coins, 1-Up Mushrooms, beanstalks and other goodies. Hit them from underneath to "activate" them. If they are empty, they will just break leaving a nice empty space.

    ? Block

    These yellow/blue blocks with "?"s printed on the front hold an item. You have no idea what the item is until you hit it. It could be a Coin, a Mushroom, a Star, anything. You can hit them from underneath to defeat enemies standing on top of them. There are also Flying ? Blocks, which are just normal ? Blocks with wings that fly around.

    Coin Block

    Looking just like Brick Blocks, they will give you a Coin but still look the same after. So hit it again. And again. You can get more than 10 Coins, then a bonus 5 at the end if you hit it enough. I've managed to score 24 from one.

    Item Block

    Item Blocks are slightly bigger than regular blocks, and have a roulette-type effect to them. On the front will be four item pictures constantly changing. When you hit the block, whichever item is on the front will pop out.

    Super Guide Block

    The green block with a ! on the front will activate the Super Guide. Check out the start of the walkthrough for extra details on this.

    Bounce Block

    Identifiable by their green and white checkered pattern, this blocks give you an extra bounce whenever you jump from them. And that's about it, really.

    POW Block

    These earth-shattering blocks cause a rough vibration when thrown. This rattle will defeat all enemies touching the ground, and cause all Coins to drop to the floor.

    Glow Block

    Luminescent blocks that light up the dark. They can be carried to help improve your sight in the darkness, but you can't shoot fireballs etc. while it is being held.

    Red Block

    Not at all related to Red Coins, these Blocks appear only in World 3. After activating the Red Switch, all of the Red Blocks become solid, compared to the red dotted outlines they used to be. They can then be used as platforms and help Mario find other ways of completing the level.

    Cloud Block

    Still cubular in shape, Cloud Blocks release a Lakitu when hit. But this Lakitu is different. Instead of throwing Spinies, they throw Coins. They also come in handy if you need to steal its cloud for a while.

    Propeller Block

    Small and blue, these blocks allow Mario to jump through the air as if he had a Propeller Cap on. This allows you to reach high places without losing your current power-up. Throw them at enemies to damage some, too.

    Grey ! Block

    Hitting one of these gives you total control over the Tilt Rail Ledges in the area. It will change colour depending on who hit it, and this shows who gets to move them around.


    Found in hard to reach Brick Blocks and ? Blocks, these helpful items often allow you to enter otherwise inaccessable areas. Look everywhere for these as they will always lead to something good.


    Pick these up and throw them so they roll along the ground continuously until they smash into a wall. They can bowl over numerous amounts of enemies, and are a good way of dealing with enemies from afar.


    Jump on these trampoline-like platforms to get some extra bounce in your jumps. They help reach high areas that can't be reached with a normal jump.

    Donut Lift

    These platforms will change colour from orange to red when you stand on them, then will drop quite quickly soon after. Make sure you don't spend to much time on a single Lift, unless of course you want to drop.

    Checkpoint Flag

    Found midway through MOST levels, the Checkpoint Flag records your progress so far and turns you into Super Mario if you are small. If you die after passing this Flag, you will be able to start from the Flag instead of the beginning of the level.

    Finish Flag

    At the end of every level is a massive Flag. Jumping on this finishes the current level and allows you to progress to the next stage. The higher you jump on to the Flag, the more points you will earn. If you manage to land on the very top of the Flag, you will win an extra life. There is also a special Red Finish Flag, which is found at the end of a secret exit. These are paths that lead off from the normal linear course. If you can find one of these Red Flags, you will open a secret path on the World Map.

    Red Switch

    Found on the World Map in World 3, moving to the north switch will make Mario jump on it and make all Red Blocks solid. Jumping on the south switch makes all Red Blocks transparent again.

    Giant Bubble

    These bubbles hover in mid-air and are full of water. Jump in one and swim through it to the other side. Just don't fall out the bottom.

    Toad Balloon

    Little blue balloons with Toad faces on them, these are found only in Map Enemy battles. 8 will appear, and you need to collect them all in order to free a Toad, who will in turn give you 3 Mushrooms.

    Tilt Lift

    This looks like a long steel girder until you stand on it. It will change to a red colour and Mario's "M" emblem will appear in the middle. By then tilting the Wii Remote side to side, you can control how much the Lift tilts in-game. Use this to reach objects floating high in the air, or ones hiding underneath. It's used a few times in World 1-2 and World 2-4.

    Tilt Fence

    Much like the Tilt Lift, grabbing one of these will change it to your colour. Tilting the Wii Remote left and right will cause it to swing back and forth, allowing you to grab anything it passes by. It's found twice in the World 2 Fortress.

    Tilt Elevator

    This is pretty much a Tilt Lift on a string. When you stand on one, it will begin to move upward, and tiliting left and right makes it move side to side as well. Use this movement to avoid enemies you would otherwise run into. It's found only in the World 7 Fortress.

    Tilt Raft

    Although tilting the Wii Remote doesn't directly affect the way the raft moves, it changes the direction the giant light on the back is facing. Which is handy when you are floating through darkness. Even if you aren't on board you can still control the light. Hit the ?-Switch to gain control when you first get on. It is found only in World 6-6.

    Tilt Rail Ledge

    Hitting a strange Grey ! Block changes all Tilt Rail Ledges nearby so they are under your control. Tilting the Remote left and right makes them shoot across their rail to the other end. Jump on one and tilt for a fast ride to wherever it is you need to go. They're only found in World 7-4.

    Tilt Rail Glider

    Found only in World 8-5, these ledges are just like Tilt Lifts except when you tilt they glide across the rail on which they sit. They don't just automatically fly from one side to the other like the Rail Ledge, they move similar to the Elevator in that they only move when you tilt.

    Hero Car

    Much like Bowser Jr.'s Koopa Clown Car, this white bowl-type thing with a propeller on the bottom allows you to take him on. It will change so it has an "M" emblem on the front when you get in, and you can use the D-Pad to move around as if you were on a Lakitu cloud. Shaking the Wii Remote like a Spin Jump makes it spin and charge in whichever direction you are moving. You'll use it on Bowser Jr's Airship in World 6.


    Here it is, the main reason for the guide at hand. Welcome to the walkthrough. For each world I have made a diagram of the layout of the world, an overview listing the various details about the world and a guide for each level.

    Boss fights and enemy strategies have been listed in here as well as the Characters section so you don't have to scroll through the guide.

    To save space though, the layouts for the Red and Green Mushroom Houses have been placed in Appendix A only.

    Main Menu

    When starting up the game, you will come to the title screen. It will be Mario, Luigi and the two Toads running with the heading "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" and some text that says "Press (2) to Start". If you leave the game idle while on this screen, it will show the opening movie or some gameplay footage.

    The main menu comes up when the "2" Button is pressed. Here you will have the main game save files (say that five times fast), and two multiplayer modes to choose from. Select one of the files and choose the number of players to begin the main game. Choose one of the modes at the bottom of the screen to begin some Multiplayer action.

    The World Map

    The World Map is where you will be spending a lot of your time throughout the main game. Here you will move around the world selecting levels and Mushroom Houses, as well as battling the Map Enemies. You will find all sorts of information here, such as your number of lives, where captured Toads are located and a bunch of other junk. This is also where you access your stored items to use between levels (press "1"), as well as saving and checking the number of Star Coins collected. Get used to this screen - you'll need to be to do everything properly.

    The Game Screen

    This is where the action happens. Whenever you enter a level, you will be on the game screen. Seeing as I can't upload screenshots, I've still got the same simple diagram:

    1-->|Mx99         4--> 07302890   @500 |<--5
    2-->|Ox25                              |
    3-->|()()()                    [?]     |
        |                                  |
        |                                  |
        |                                  |
        |                [?]    [ ][?][ ]  |
        |                                  |
        |      M                           |
        |      M                           |
    • 1. Number Of Lives
      • This counter shows how many lives you have. Reach zero and it's game over.
    • 2. Number Of Coins
      • This shows how many Coins you have collected. When it reaches one hundred, it resets to zero and gives you an extra life.
    • 3. Star Coins
      • This shows you which Star Coins you have found in the current level.
    • 4. Score
      • This eight digit counter displays your cumulative score. Everything from defeating enemies to collecting Fire Flowers gets you points.
    • 5. Time Remaining
      • This tells you how long you have left to complete the level. When it reaches zero, you lose a life.

    Super Guide

    Here's something new: the Super Guide. Basically, if you fail a stage 8 times in a row, you'll have the option of turning on the Super Guide. At the start of the stage on your ninth try, there will be a green ! Block. Hit it to call on Luigi and restart the level. Luigi will automatically run through the stage and show you where to go. You can take control back at any time, but once you do, you can't go back to the Super Guide without restarting the level. If you finish the level using the Super Guide, it will still count as Finished, but on the world map the circle will be solid red instead of blue. In order to fully complete the game, you will have to come back and redo this level by yourself. It will ask you at the end if you wish to try again as Mario or just skip the level.

    Rescuing Toads

    After you complete World 1-3, a Toad will run up to you and tell you that you have recieved a letter. The letter explains that Bowser Jr. has kidnapped a whole bunch of Toads and you need to rescue them. The Toad that gives you the letter is then taken by a Goomba into World 1-1. If you replay the level, you will come across a ? Block that will be making strange noises. Hit it to release one of the Toads. You must then pick them up and carry them all the way to the Finish Flag. When you reach the Flag, the last digit of your time remaining determines the bonus Mushroom House you get. If it ends in 0, 1, or 2 a Green Mushroom House will appear on the World Map Start. If it is a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 a Red Mushroom House will appear and if it's a 9 you'll get a Gold Mushroom House.

    World 1

    Name: Mushroom Plains

    Key:  # - Level Number
          S - Starting Point
          P - Peach's Castle
          M - Red Mushroom House
          G - Gold Mushroom House
          F - Fortress (Mini-Boss)
          C - Castle (Boss)
          ? - Cannon
          X - Enemy Stopping Point
          O - Enemy Pathway
          : - Secret Path
                               |  |
     P        M  G       M--XOOX  ---C
     |        |  |          O  O     |


    • World 1 consists of 6 levels, as well as the Fortress and Castle.
    • The World 1 Boss is Larry Koopa (a.k.a. Cheatsy Koopa).
    • The map enemy is the Goomba.
    • There is 1 secret exit.
    • There are 3 Mushroom Houses (2 Red, 0 Green, 1 Gold).
    • Peach's Castle, which holds the Hint Movies, is located here.

    World 1-1

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Star Coins: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: World 1-2

    Secret Exit: No

    Start by running to the right and hitting the ? Block for a coin. Jump on the Goomba and hit the ? Blocks here for a Coin and a Mushroom. Jump on the next Goomba and grab the Coins. Run across the moivng hill, making sure to avoid or defeat the Goomba. Once past the first hill, wait in the non-moving section before the next hill until a gap appears. Drop into this gap and press down to enter the pipe below.

    In this room you will find a bunch of Brick Blocks and some Coins. Try to get on to the middle platform with the P-Switch while grabbing as fewer Coins as possible. Jump on the ? Switch to turn all of the Coins into Brick Blocks and vica versa. Use your new platforms to jump into the air and collect all the Coins, then wait for the effect to wear off and grab the remaining Coins. Then exit via the yellow pipe.

    Jump across the green pipes to your right, being careful not to fall down the gap. Either defeat the Koopa and Goomba on the Brick Blocks or sneak by underneath. Climb the pipes and hills and pass the Checkpoint Flag. This means that if you die, you can restart the level from here instead of the beginning. It also makes you Super Mario if you've taken damage. Press down to slide down the hill and take out the Goombas, then jump under the ? Block to release a Propeller Mushroom. Grab this power-up to get the Propeller Cap. If you Spin Jump while wearing this, you will propel yourself into the air higher than usual and slowly float back down. Stand on top of the ? Block you just hit and Spin Jump to reach Star Coin #1 high in the air.

    The sign next to you with the arrow shows you a spot where you can practice your jumping. Spin Jump while running to fly into the air and collect all the Coins. You should land on one of the moving hills. Run or jump to the other side and hit the ? Block there for another Propeller Mushroom if you took damage or to get a nice 1000 points if you still have one. Jump on top of this ? Block and Spin Jump to land on the platform above. Up here you will see a red ring. Making contact causes 8 red Coins to appear. If you can collect the Coins before time runs out, you win a prize. All of the Coins are on the platform next to you. Simply collect them all to win a 1-Up Mushroom. Safely make your way back to the ground and you should come to another moving hill with a pipe. Get into the hole and enter the pipe.

    Down in this room are two pipes and a bunch of Coins. What you need to do is stand between the pipes and jump on to the side of one. Hold the direction of the pipe from Mario's position and he will begin to slide down. Jump while sliding to Wall Jump. Keep doing this until you reach the top for Star Coin #2, then exit using the yellow pipe on the left.

    When you resurface, you will appear in a hidden area. There are many of these scattered throughout the levels, so keep an eye out for any weird alcoves like the one you're in now. Near the exit is a Brick Block; hit it to make a 1-Up Mushroom appear above. Once you exit the alcove, the pipe should return quite quickly. Drop into the hole once more, but don't enter the pipe. Eventually you will enter another alcove, but this one is stashed with lots of Coins and there are three invisible ? Blocks, each containing a 1-Up Mushroom. Just jump around near the hill to find them.

    Bactrack to the first fence you come across, then Spin Jump into the air and drift to the right on to the platform. Jump here to reach Star Coin #3. Jump off the right-hand side and run to the next moving hill. Use the momentum to launch yourself into the air and grab the Finish Flag as high as you can.

    NOTE: If you ever feel like you're running out of lives, simply replay this level. You can get a solid 6 or 7 lives for every playthrough.