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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NerdlyNerd

    Version: 1.1.4 | Updated: 07/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough (Continued)

    World 1-2

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Star Coins: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: World 1-3, Red Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Run right and slide down the hill to take out the Goombas. You'll end up in another hidden alcove. Enter the pipe to head underground.

    Hit the first ? Block to get an Ice Flower. This item allows you to shoot balls of ice at your enemies by pressing the "1" button. This freezes them solid, making them completely immobile. You can then pick them up and throw them, or Ground Pound them to smash the ice to pieces. Jump on the next purple platform and wait for the left side to reach its highest point. A simple jump will be enough to reach Star Coin #1.

    Continue through the tunnel until you reach a bunch of Brick Blocks with a POW Block. Pick up it up and throw it to make all of the Coins drop to the ground, and also kll all the grounded enemies. Collect the Coins and then run right to find a red pipe with a Piranha Plant residing inside. Freeze it and then Ground Pound it to kill it. You can't pick up frozen Piranha Plants. Jump on the Koopa and kick its shell inbetween the Brick Blocks on the left to score a few Coins. Defeat the other Piranha Plant and move on.

    Jump on to the Tilt Lift to make it turn red and have a Mario emblem appear in the middle. You can now control the Tilt Lift by tilting the Wii Remote left and right. Tilt the Remote all the way to the right to reach the ? Block and get another Ice Flower. Tilt back to the left to reach the green pipe and enter if you dare.

    Inside there is a Brick Block by itself below several more. Jump close to it on each side to reveal four invisible ? Blocks, then hit the Brick Block itself to make a P-Switch appear. Jump on the Switch to turn the Coins into Brick Blocks and climb to the top (careful of the Goomba) to find Star Coin #2. Return to the main path by entering the yellow pipe.

    Once you land on the ground, immediately jump to reveal three invisible ? Blocks. Break the Brick Blocks next to these and climb to the top of the pile next to you. Stand above the Coins and Ground Pound to destroy the Brick Blocks and collect the Coins. Keep holding down to slide down the hill below and defeat the Goomba. Hit the Brick Block at the end to release a Star, then quickly jump up through the floor and grab it to become invincible. You still die if you fall down a hole though. Run past the Flag and bowl over all the enemies in your path, remembering to jump the gaps. Stop when you get to the mass of Brick Blocks and Ground Pound down to the pipe below.

    Defeat the Goombas here if you wish, then jump to the other side and grab the POW Block. Throw it to make the Coins on the ceiling drop, as well as Star Coin #3. Grab your prize and head back up through the yellow pipe.

    Get past the Piranha Plant and grab the Red Ring. Use the Remote to tilt the platform while moving from side to side to collect the Red Coins. Use the green pipe on the right to head back to the surface.

    Use the Tilt Lift here to get higher so you can jump to the Finish Flag.

    World 1-3

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: World 1 Fortress, Gold Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: Yes

    Start by running right and taking out the Goomba. Hit the two ? Blocks for some Coins, then jump down to the pipe bridge. Just further along is a Hammer Bro. Wait for it to throw its hammers and when it moves, run and jump on its head. You can freeze it to make getting close easier or hit it from underneath when it is standing on one of the Brick Blocks. Defeat the Goombas to the right and hit the ? Block above. This releases a Yoshi Egg. Simply jump on top of him to get on. While riding Yoshi, you can press the "1" Button to eat enemies and hold down the "2" Button to jump higher and further than before. Use Yoshi to eat the apple on the bush nearby. A small number 1 will appear. This is a counter. When it reaches 5, you will get a bonus item. Take out the Goombas in front of you, then jump to the ledge with the second apple. From here, you can use Yoshi's Jump to collect all the Coins and Star Coin #1.

    When you land, eat the third apple and then jump up and eat the Koopa. Instead of swallowing, Yoshi will hold the Koopa's shell until you press the "1" Button again. From the edge of this platform, jump and shoot the shell over to the ledge with two more Koopas. The shell should take them out, ricochet off the next wall and bounce back and defeat all of the Goombas. You should earn an extra life. Get on to the next platform and get your fourth apple. Just past the gap will be two Goombas. Take them out and hit the Brick Block. This block also has a Yoshi Egg, but if you are still riding Yoshi, you'll get a Mushroom worth 1000 points instead.

    To the right is another Hammer Bro. Yoshi's can't eat them, so you can either use Yoshi's Jump when the Hammer Bro. is on the top level or get off Yoshi and take it out yourself. To get off the Yoshi, simply shake the Remote up and down like you would for a Spin Jump. Past the Hammer Bro. is your fifth apple. Eat it to get an Ice Flower or a Fire Flower if you've taken damage. Eat the Piranha Plant in the next pipe, then pass the Checkpoint Flag.

    Eat the apple on the next bush, then eat the first Piranha Plant. When the Piranha Plant in the lowest pipe goes back in, quickly drop down. They don't resurface if you're standing on the pipe, and if your too early, Yoshi just bounces off instead of taking damage. From here, move right to discover an alcove in the wall and a break in the yellow pipe. Enter the bottom pipe.

    Leap off the highest point on the ground to collect all the Coins and grab Star Coin #2. Then exit via the yellow pipe on the other side. Eat the apple here and grab the Coins. The Venus Fire Trap in the yellow pipe to the right can spit fireballs, so be careful. If you eat it with Yoshi, he can shoot off one fireball that will take out anything in its path. Use this to defeat the enemies on the other side of the pipe. If you jump up the hills, you will find another secret alcove at the top. Run through here to grab lots of Coins and yet another apple.

    Secret Exit

    Unlocks: World 1 Cannon

    From this alcove, move back left on to the ledge OUTSIDE the secret area. Use Yoshi's Jump to get a high as you can and drift right on top of the alcove. Run right along the top of the screen. You will drop back on screen momentarily before entering a secret pipe.

    Jump from ledge to ledge and collect all the Coins, then jump to the special Red Finish Flag.

    Drop back down to the ground and eat the apple to your left. Then move right, taking out the Goombas and the Piranha Plant in the red pipe. Use the pipe section sticking out to jump to Star Coin #3. Past the pipe is apple number 5. Eat it to get another item, depending on what you currently have. Jump the gap to find a pair of Hammer Bros. Use your new item to take them out, whether it be balls of ice or fire, or flying up into the air and drilling back down on to them with the Propeller Cap. Or use Yoshi to get some height to jump on them. Once you've defeated them, there is a block on the top row with a 1-Up Mushroom - fourth from the right. After collecting it, use Yoshi to grab all the floating Coins and land on the Flag.

    World 1 Cannon

    Difficulty: 0 / 10

    Unlocks: World 5-1

    Secret Exit: No

    Nothing tricky here, just climb the hill and jump for some Coins if you want, then head to the Cannon and enter it, just like a pipe. It will shoot you off into the distance, and you will find yourself at World 5.

    World 1 Fortress

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: World 1-4

    Secret Exit: No

    Having an Ice Flower for this level makes life so much easier.

    Run right and wait for the elevator to take you up to the next level. Once up there, jump on the Dry Bones or freeze it to get past. Use the next elevator to get on to the swing. Wait for the swing to reach the other side and then jump up the ledges. Either wait for the Dry Bones to come out or freeze it and smash it. Climb the moving blocks and then jump to the platform above. Hit the ? Block here and then use the elevator and swing to get on to the moving block.

    From here, jump up to the platform and collect the Coins, as well as Star Coin #1. Jump up from here and make your way up the swings. You can reach the one above when the swing is in the middle of the tower. When the top swing is on the right, wall jump between the walls into a secret area. Climb up here to get Star Coin #2. Once out the top, run left and hit the Flag.

    Climb the blue ledges and then jump up the moving blocks, being careful not to get stuck between two. You lose a life this way. At the top, hit the Item Block to get a random item. Jump on to the swing and wait until it reaches the right. Jump at the little gap to reveal a 1-Up Mushroom. Get it, then wall jump up to where it came out. Use the swing to reach Star Coin #3, then jump out of the top. Watch out for the Dry Bones. Use the next swing to get up to the stairs, then make your way up to the set of swings above.

    Get the Red Ring to make the 8 Red Coins appear, and collect them as the swing moves from side to side. Climb to the top and use the moving blocks on the sides to get to the higher swing. From here, use the next moving block to get up to the last platform. Jump up to the ? Block using the moving block and get yourself a Fire Flower, then head on through the door.

    Mini-Boss: Larry Koopa

    Start by shooting fireballs at him. You should hit him 4 times before he shoots one at you. Jump over it and be careful of him jumping around the room. When he lands, hitting him with two more fireballs will make him go into his shell. He will then move back and forth across the room. Don't touch him, or you'll take damage. When he comes back out of his shell, quickly jump on his head. He'll go into his shell again. Jump over him whenever he gets close, then jump on his head one more time when he pops back out. He'll then flee, knowing he has lost.

    World 1-4

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: Enemy Area, World 1-5, World 1-6, Red Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Take out the two Goombas and hit the ? Blocks for an Ice Flower. Grab the Coins then enter the pipe for some swimming.

    Use your ice to freeze the Cheep-Cheeps to the right so you can get past easily and hit the ? Block for another Ice Flower if you accidentally ran into one. Notice the bubbles racing out of the pipe? That rush of water will push you around, so make sure it won't knock you into anything. Get past the pipes into the next area.

    Freeze the Cheep-Cheeps here as the green ones (known as Deep-Cheeps) like to follow you around. The ? Block here has yet another Ice Flower, so grab it if you need it. At the top of the screen you will see a bit of land that looks like a "T". Freeze a Cheep Cheep and use it as a ledge to jump up on top of the land above. Up here you will find the Red Ring that triggers the Red Coins. Drop back into the water and collect the Coins while avoiding the mass of Cheep-Cheeps in your way. The yellow Cheep-Cheeps that swim past will move out of your way so you can swim through the middle of them. The ? Block here has an Ice Flower, so grab it and pass the Checkpoint Flag.

    Freeze the Urchin so it hits the roof and breaks, allowing you to get past. You will see Star Coin #1 at the top of the screen, so swim through the pipe stream and freeze the Mega Cheep-Cheep so you can get to it.

    Continue swimming and freezing Urchins/Cheeps as you go. You may have noticed that once an Urchin breaks out of the ice it becomes immobile. You can use this to your advantage by making them block pipes to stop the flow of water. Try it on some of the pipes ahead. The ? Block on the other side has an Ice Flower if you've taken damage. Once you're in the tunnel, you'll come across two red pipes stopping you from reaching Star Coin #2. Simply freeze a Cheep-Cheep when it gets directly between the pipes, then stay above it and let it push you up the jetstream to the Star Coin. Then continue on when it smashes.

    Make your way past the Urchin and Clam to find another Urchin, but this one is moving from side to side above a red pipe. Freeze it when it is directly above the pipe and wait for it to smash so it blocks the stream of water. This allows you to get to Star Coin #3. Head down the green pipe once you've grabbed it.

    In this room, kill the nasty Spiny Cheep-Cheep that follows you, then swim to the bottom and grab the 1-Up Mushrooms when the Clams are open. Make sure you hit the left ? Block first so you can get the Fire Flower, then hit the one on the right to get a Star. Then race to the red pipe.

    Back at the surface, swim and take out as many Cheeps as you can. Once you reach another red pipe, then next Clam has a 1-Up Mushroom. Collect it and then defeat the Spiny Cheeps and head back above sea level via the green pipe.

    Run to the top of the platform you're standing on, then jump and bounce off of the Paratroopa and land on the top of the Finish Flag.

    World 1 Map Enemy

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: 3 Mushrooms

    Secret Exit: No

    Basically, when you start this level, there will be a specific layout of the level and a number of Goombas of a certain size (8 normal, 4 grand or 2 mega). See World 1 Map Enemies for the different layouts.

    What you have to do is jump around the level defeating enemies and collect blue balloons with Toad's face on them. Once you get them all, a chest will appear. Make contact with the chest to release a Toad who will give you 3 Mushrooms for use on the map.

    World 1-5

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: World 1-C

    Secret Exit: No

    Start by running right, jumping across the rotating blocks. Be careful not to fall off. At the other side, hit the ? Block for a Coin, then hit the other ? Block moving through the air for an item, depending on what Mario you are. If you get the Propeller Cap, stand on top of the ? Block and when it is on the left side, Spin Jump at the peak to reach a platform up above. Run and duck to slide under the Brick Blocks and let go of down when under the first to hit it to reveal a beanstalk that leads up into the sky. Climb it all the way to the top.

    Up here, hit all of the ? Blocks and jump underneath Star Coin #1 to find four invisible ? Blocks. Using the Propeller Cap, jump on to one of the groups of circling Blocks and then Spin Jump to reach the Star Coin. Then jump back out and drop down the hole on the right side.

    Leap across the massive green rotating block and defeat the Koopa on the other side. Grab the Koopa's shell (hold "1") and jump on to the next gren block. When the block is on enough of an angle, throw the shell along the block so it shoots down and grabs Star Coin #2. Alternatively, you can drop and grab it yourself and then Spin Jump back up.

    You should now come to a group of purple platforms. One will have a screw and an arrow of Coins pointing up above it. Stand on the screw and continuously Spin Jump to pull it upwards. When it reaches its highest point, jump to the next platform and then on to the next with a screw. Spin Jump here to lower this platform and raise one further along. Jump to the normal platform and then up to the raised platform and then once more to the one with the Red Ring. Hit the ring to disperse the Red Coins. Jump to the ones on your far right, then work your way back left to collect the others. Then run back right and hit the Flag.

    Make your way across the next few platforms to find yet another Red Ring. Stand on the Brick Block circling that platform to reach it, and stay on to collect all of the 8 Coins. Jump off to the right and leap across the rotating platforms. Halfway across will be some Coins high in the sky above a Paratroopa between to spinning blocks. Either bounce off the Paratroopa or Spin Jump to reach Star Coin #3 floating up above the normal Coins. Then jump across the rest of the platforms and use the giant green one to get some air as you jump to the Finish Flag.

    World 1-6

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: World 1-C

    Secret Exit: No

    Run straight to the right to find a lonely Paratroopa bouncing around. Run past or jump on it, then jump to the spinning hill. Walk/run continuously to grab all of the Coins, then hit the ? Block for a Fire Flower. Jump past the next platform on to the second hill, and take out the Koopas. Then move to the third and wait for a Koopa or Paratroopa to join you on the moving hill. Bounce off it to reach Star Coin #1. Hit the middle Brick Block on the next platform to get a beanstalk into the sky.

    Hit the Item Block up here to get a random item. Then head back down through the pipe. Jump to the platform on your right (use the Paratroopas if you have to) and grab Star Coin #2. Then run up the hill and hit the Checkpoint Flag.

    On the next rotating hill there are some Goombas and Paratroopas, so take them out before proceding. Once its all clear, run back right down into the gap and jump into the hidden alcove. The entrance is pretty obvious. Enter the green pipe in here.

    You will come out of one of three pipes and land on a spinning hill. The other two pipes release Goombas that really get in your way. The last pipe on the left is the exit. Take out the Goombas with fireballs and jump up to the ledge on the right to get Star Coin #3, then make your way back across to the exit.

    Back on the surface, run past the Flag again and get across to the other side of the hill. Jump on the red Koopa here, and grab the shell. Jump to the next hill and avoid the Goombas. Throw the shell so it hits the Brick Block on the other side, or just hit it from underneath to get a 1-Up Mushroom. Back in the middle of the hill is a Brick Block; hit it to reveal a P-Switch. A bunch of Coins will appear. Collect them all and then jump back off to the right.

    You'll come to a massive spinning hill. At the peak, use the momentum to launch yourself on to the next hill, grabbing all the Coins. Do the same again on the next hill, then once more on to the Finish Flag.

    World 1 Castle

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: World 2-1

    Secret Exit: No

    Start by moving to your right to the spinning cog. Jump on and ride it to the other side. Jump on the Dry Bones on the next platform, then hit the ? Block to get yourself an Ice Flower. This really comes in handy. Get across the next cog and then on to the next ledge. This time, you need to get inbetween the teeth of the cog to get to the other side. If you get stuck under one of the teeth, you will get squashed. On the small cog to your right, jump on and wait for one of the teeth to jump on to when it reaches the top. From here, you can jump high enough to reach Star Coin #1.

    Take out the Dry Bones on the next platform and then get between the teeth of the next two cogs to get through. Jump to the next cog and hit the ? Block for another Ice Flower. Take out the Dry Bones and then make your way across the next few cogs to the Flag.

    NEW INFO: "Just before the checkpoint flag, I took a ride on the top cog up into the ceiling and in there is a propeller suit mushroom, 2 1-Up Mushrooms and a bunch of coins. It then drops you back out of the orange pipe and onto a platform with Dry Bones. (You would have previously gone past this platform and Dry Bones)." - Thanks to Charlene Bohn for this secret area.

    You'll now come across some Thwomps. These guys hang out on the ceiling until you get close, then WHAM! They'll squish you into the ground like an ant. They can't break through the ? Blocks, so you can stand under them. Hit the ? Blocks for a Coin and an item. For the next Thwomp, fall into the gap and jump. You'll hit an invisible ? Block that will stop the Thwomp from hitting you. And for the third, wait for it to land and then either jump over it to the platform or let it move back up and then jump underneath to the next ledge.

    Next up is a Super Thwomp. They're about four times the size of the normal Thwomps and can bash through those weird looking grey blocks. Let the one in front of you drop and smash the blocks, then drop down and grab Star Coin #2 as it rises back up. Stay here and let it drop again (duck if you want to be careful) then jump back up when it moves out of your way.

    The next Super Thwomp will break some more blocks that will allow you to get to a bunch of Coins. Get down there and grab them, then wait for the second Giant Thwomp to clear your path. Drop down some stairs to find the Red Ring. Get yourself ready then grab the ring. The Coins will appear underneath the Thwomps ahead. Hold down the "1" Button and absolutely sprint past all the Thwomps while collecting the Coins. The eighth Red Coin is between two cogs just past the Thwomps. Jump and grab it and claim your prize.

    The two ledges ahead have Thwomps waiting for you. Either land and stop right on the edge of the platform and let the Thwomp go first or run quickly past before they fall. There will then be a platform with a Dry Bones, and then some cogs to jump over. The last cog requires you to land on one of its teeth and then stand in the gap as it passes by the roof. Wait until the cog gets past the red platform and then drop to the pipe and enter it.

    In this room there is some Coins and Brick Blocks, and a P-Switch. Hit the switch to turn the Coins into blocks and vica versa. Jump to the new blocks and wall jump off the right side to reach Star Coin #3. Land back on the brick blocks and then exit through the yellow pipe.

    Jump between the Brick Blocks to find a hidden ? Block with a Fire Flower. This really helps the next battle. After grabbing it, run right and enter the door.

    Boss Battle: Larry Koopa

    Run down the long corridor to enter a room with Larry Koopa, and some strange looking floors. Kamek will fly overhead and cast a magic spell on the room. The floors will rise and the battle will begin. Jump the fireball he shoots at you and fire some back if you want. Jump on his head to make him go into his shell. Get used to this because it happens a LOT throughout the game. As he ricochets between the walls/floors, Avoid him by staying on the higher platforms. When he pops back out again, jump on his head once more. Jump around the room, making sure not to land on him. Then get him one more time to finish the battle. He'll drop a key which will open the door on the right-hand side of the screen.

    The Aftermath

    Mario will run out the door to the right, only to find Bowser Jr. and his Airship. Peach is being held captive onboard. Bowser Jr. will jump back on to his Airship and fly it away, much to the dismay of Mario.

    The screen will return to the World Map, Mario will run off after the ship and he will end up in a whole new world...

    World 2

    Name: Sea Of Sand

    Key:  # - Level Number
          S - Starting Point
          M - Red Mushroom House
          L - Green Mushroom House
          G - Gold Mushroom House
          F - Fortress (Mini-Boss)
          C - Castle (Boss)
          ? - Cannon
          @ - Pipe
          X - Enemy Stopping Point
          O - Enemy Pathway
          : - Secret Path
        O  O
        O  O
        XOOX   ?
        |  |   :
     ----  |   :
     |     |   :
     |       |
     |       |


    • World 2 consists of 6 levels, as well as the Fortress and Castle.
    • The World 2 Boss is Roy Koopa (a.k.a. Bully Koopa).
    • The map enemy is the Spiny.
    • There are 2 secret exits.
    • There are 3 Mushroom Houses (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Gold).
    • Pipes do not count as levels. They instantly transport you between them.

    World 2-1

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 3 / 10

    Unlocks: World 2-3, Red Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Move slightly to the right and wait for the Koopa to fall off the Sand Geyser. Take it out and wait for the Geyser to disappear. When sand circles at the bottom of the screen, it means the Geyser is about to blast back up again. Jump as it comes back up; if you jump too late you'll get caught in the updraft and taken to the top anyway. Drop down the stairs and hit the ? Block for a Coin. Jump across the next Geyser and hit the ? Block on the second one for a Fire Flower. Grab it on top of the ? Block and jump to the safe ground on the right. Wait for the next Geyser to disappear and jump to the platform on the other side. Ride the Geyser up here to get Star Coin #1.

    Jump the next gap and land on the Koopa but don't kick it or kill it, yet. Wait for the Geyser on your left to start rising up and then kick the shell to hit the Brick Block and release a 1-Up Mushroom. Take out the Koopa with a fireball and grab the Mushroom before the Geyser drops back down again.

    Defeat the Goombas on the next bridge and use the Geysers to reach the Coins in the middle. Jump across the next Geysers and platforms (being careful of Goombas) to reach a red pipe which keeps ejecting more and more Goombas. The next Geyser allows you to reach a Coin Block. Keep hitting it for lots of Coins and don't worry about the Geyser. When it drops, you'll land on a platform below.

    Jump to the next block to find a Boomerang Bro. As the name suggests, they like to throw boomerangs at you. They only throw two at a time, so jump at it after it throws its second and bounce off its head. Continue along to reach the Checkpoint Flag.

    This next part is really annoying without a Fire Flower. Jump the gap and hit the ? Block for a Mushroom if you're small or a Coin if you're not. Kill the Piranha Plant ahead or jump over it to reach another Geyser. Between this Geyser and the next is a Paratroopa; use it to reach the other side if the Geysers drop at the wrong time. Stop on the left edge and take out the Piranha Plant here, or stay back until the next Geyser rises up. Jump to this Geyser and run off the left side to get into the small alcove with Star Coin #2.

    Wait for the Geyser to come back up before moving on. Jump into and float to the top, then cross the next Geyser and make your way to the next two ? Blocks ahead. Hit these for some Coins. Ride the next Geyser up and jump over/kill the next three Pirahna Plants, but don't try to jump the middle one when its in the air because of a Geyser. You won't make it. Drop down to under the next ? Blocks for a Coin and a Fire Flower.

    This next bit is tricky. There are three Geysers with a Paratroopa flying above them. You need to jump on the Paratroopa as it passes over the middle Geyser so it lands on it as a normal Koopa. Then jump on it again to get it into its shell. Pick up the shell and jump form Geyser to Geyser until you have a clear shot at Star Coin #3. Throw the shell so it hits the Coin and then jump to the safe platform on the right. If you accidentally kill the Paratroopa, jumping to this platform then back on to the Geysers brings it back.

    There are three more Geysers and a one Paratroopa before a safe platform, then two Geysers, a Paratroopa and a Boomerang Bro. before a leap to the Flag.

    World 2-2

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Star Coins: 3 / 10

    Unlocks: World 2-3, Red Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Walk left and grab a barrel. Run to the right until you reach a ? Block and throw it to take out three Goombas on a hill. Jump to the barrels just down the hill to have a black spiked ball thrown at you. The enemy who threw it at you is a Spike. These guys spit the spiked balls into their hands, then throw them at you. Luckily, there's usually a few barrels lying around nearby which can be used to take them out. You can also jump on their head, but don't do it when they're holding a spiked ball or you'll take damage. Fireballs work, too. Use the nearby barrels or fireballs to defeat it and press forward.

    Slide down the hill and jump up to the first ? Block for a Coin, then to the next for another. You can stand on the treetops if you need to use them. The Brick Block next to the second ? Block contains a P-Switch. Hit it and press the switch to make the Spike drop down so it's easier to defeat. Grab all of the Coins and hit the ? Blocks for an Ice Flower. Avoid the incoming spike ball by jumping on to the tree and then to the ? Block. As soon as the next spiked ball rolls past, leap up the Brick Blocks and freeze the Spike. Either throw it or Ground Pound it and then jump where it used to stand for a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. Now move on.

    Kill the evil little Spinies (not by jumping on them) and hit the ? Block for a Coin. Slide down the hill to find a platform with a bunch of Koopas above it. When you jump on to the platform, it begins to rise and it grabs the Koopas as it goes. Freze the first ones on either side to trap the rest, then when all eight are on, jump on one and kick the shell to take out all eight of them. Let the shell continue to ricochet because when it reaches the top, it will fly off to the right and hit a Brick Block, releasing an Ice Flower. Hit the flag, then drop into the quicksand to the left and slowly drift down to the bottom.

    In this secret area, drop down and hit the P-Switch to makes tons and tons of Coins appear. Drop through them, collecting heaps as you go. At the bottom, enter the pipe on the right. Jump the next pipe and hit the ? Switch to make four moving platforms appear. Whilst being careful of the Spikes, jump up the platforms and grab Star Coin #1. Jump back down and enter the vertical pipe to be shot back to the sufrace.

    Jump up to the barrels and grab one. The Spike will through a spiked ball and take out the Goombas. Throw your barrel at the Spike and head up the hill. Use the moving platform to get down to the barrel below, but instead of hitting the Spike, use it to hit the first Brick Block on the left near it. The platform should get you enough height to reach it. If you miss, just go back to the last area and grab another barrel. The Brick Block will reveal a beanstalk; use the platform to get up on top of the blocks to climb it.

    Jump on to the platform here and ride it all the way to the right, collecting Coins as you go. Eventually, you will come to a POW Block. Pick it up and drop back on to the platform. Make sure Star Coin #2 is above the platform when you throw it, otherwise it will just drop into the gap below. Grab it and all the other Coins, then drop back down to the ground.

    A Spike will throw a ball at you, but you'll be safe on the platform you landed on. Run back left and avoid/kill the Spike, then use the platform to reach a pipe underneath the last part of the level. Enter it to go underground and find a ? Block. Hit it for a Mini Mushroom. This Mushroom makes you so small that you can run on water. Grab the Coins floating on the water, and follow the trail to wall jump off the far wall and grab the Coins in mid-air. Then return back to the surface via the pipe you came in.

    Now be SUPER careful, because one shot will kill you. Dodge the incoming spiked balls and make your way across the platform to where you fell out of the sky. Continue right from here to find some moving platforms. Run straight across the bottom and break the barrels to find a tiny pipe you wouldn't normally fit in. Enter it to find yet another cave. Start running on the water and jump to hit the P-Switch. Grab all of the Coins and claim Star Coin #3 at the end. Use the pipe on the right to exit.

    When you come out at the surface, there will be a Spike on a moving platform on the right. You could defeat it with the barrel, or you could use it to bounce off to get a better score on the Finish Flag. Because you're tiny, however, it would be easier to kill it then jump from the platform, just to be safe. Either way, jump on the Flag to finish this stage.

    NOTE: You can use an item on the map after this level if you don't want to risk being tiny, but you only have to get past one enemy to get a Mushroom in the next level, so don't be too worried.

    World 2-3

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: World 2 Fortress

    Secret Exit: No

    Dodge the Spiny and hit the ? Block to get a Mushroom if you're still tiny. Climb on top of the pipe and jump up the ledges above it to find a ? Block with a Coin, then drop back down and enter the pipe.

    As you might have already noticed, it's dark down here. The only patches of light here are you, lights in the level and fireballs. Run right until you come to a pipe. Jump over it and hit the ? Blocks, but be careful of the Venus Fire Trap in the next pipe. You should get a Fire Flower from the Blocks, so you can use this to take out enemies and light your way at the same time. Make your way over the next few pipes, taking out the Fire Traps as you go.

    You'll soon come to what look like stairs. There are two yellow pipes and lights so you can see them. Enter the pipe on the left. You'll come out in a room with two Spike Tops. These annoyances can only be beaten with ice or a Star, so be careful of them. Jump into the middle to find an Item Block; hit it for a random item. If you get a Star it lights up the entire cave, so use that to your advantage. Exit through the pipe on the right.

    When you come out, stand on the edge of the ground you're on and shoot a fireball. You should get a Fire Trap as it comes out of the pipe. Do the same thing again with the next one, but there's another Fire Trap next to it as well. Once you're past that, slide down the hill and jump the next gap with the moving platform.

    Here you will find a pyramid and a Fire Snake. These guys jump around trying to burn you, and can make their head swell up to a massive size. Be weary of this when trying to get past. They can be defeated by ice or Star, so right now you can't do much. Climb to the top of this first pyramid and hit the ? Block for a Fire Flower, then jump off to the right on to a secret platform with a yellow pipe.

    Back on the surface you will find plenty of Spike Tops hanging around. Climb up to the P-Switch carefully, and hit it to defeat all of them and earn yourself a few lives in the process. Grab the Coins and head back down the pipe.

    Move to the next pyramid, and get to the right-hand side. Under the normal path is a ? Block with a Star. Get it and climb the pyramid, now you can see where you're going. Run right and drop down to a ? Block on the left of the next pyramid also containing a Star. Get this Star and collect Star Coin #1 from the bottom of the pyramid. However, if you take too long and your first Star runs out, the ? Block will only give you a Coin.

    Make your way all the way up and right, and slide down a hill to get to the Checkpoint Flag. From here, you will encounter Fire Traps which aren't in pipes that are a lot more vulnerable to your fireballs. Take out the first one and then jump to the next lot. There are two here, so get rid of them. At the other side you will end up on a red ledge. Just to the right is a Fire Bro., and he is spitting fireballs. Don't get the fireballs confused though, because the ones spat out by the Fire Bro. are susceptable to gravity. That is, they bounce along the ground. Make sure you jump over these ones instead of trying to duck underneath. Simply hit it with a fireball or hit the block it's standing on to defeat it. Run back to the ? Block you were standing on for a Fire Flower, and keep moving left to find Star Coin #2.

    Just right of the Fire Bro. is a Fire Trap on the roof, and Mega Venus Fire Traps past that. These massive versions of the simple Fire Trap take three fireballs to beat, and can't be frozen. Take them out and use the second moving platform to get up on to a ledge in the air. Jump to the next platform on the right, which should have two Fire Traps hanging underneath it. Run across the roof here to find Star Coin #3 and a yellow pipe.

    The pipe will bring you back up to the surface. Climb the stairs (minding the Koopa) and jump to the Finish Flag.

    World 2 Fortress

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: World 2-4, Green Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Run either left or right and climb the fences to the ledge above. Jump up to the door and go in. Jump on to the Tilt Fence in here to gain control of it by tilting the Remote. Swing yourself so you hit the P-Switch, then swing back and forth, collecting all the Coins. Leave through either door.

    Climb the next fence and jump on the Dry Bones. The ? Blocks here have a Coin and an Ice Flower. Jump up to the ledge on the right and run at the four Coins. You'll enter a secret alcove and be able to get them. Jump across to the same spot on the opposite side of the level to find a door. Inside is Item Block, so grab something before heading back out. Make your way up past the Dry Bones and climb the moving fence. Use the next fence to reach the top platform. From here, jump to the fence on the right and jump up through the floor.

    From this point forward, purple fireballs will be constantly shot at you. Be careful when climbing up through the tower. Kill the Dry Bones and jump up the stairs. Climb the fence and then run over the platform to the other side and climb up here, too. When the fences move back over to the left, use them to reach Star Coin #1, then jump back to the middle. Climb up the ledges here and take out the Dry Bones to reach a door. Go through to the next area.

    Hit the Checkpoint Flag and keep running right into the wall. Wow, it's another alcove. Grab Star Coin #2 then jump back out again. Climb the fences until you reach a platform on the right with a Dry Bones. Kill it and then jump next to the wall for a 1-Up Mushroom. Climb a little higher to find a POW Block. Drop back to the Dry Bones platform and throw it to makes lots of Coins rain down. Climb the two fences on the left side wall to reach a ? Block containing an Ice Flower. From here, jump to the stairs and take the first Dry Bones. The ledge under the next Bones also hides a secret alcove, so run right and drop into it to find a door. Go inside.

    Oh goody, it's another Tilt Fence. Swing it so you reach the Red Ring, then move back and forth to grab the 8 Red Coins. Claim your prize and head back out through the door. Climb the stairs and jump to the moving fence, and from there jump to the non-movin fence. Wait here until the moving ones start heading back down, then jump across them to reach Star Coin #3. Just don't get too high or you'll hit the spikes above.

    Use these fences again above the spikes, but time it so your first jump is as they are moving upward, so you have time to get across. Be very careful of the purple fireball here. At the other side, wait for the last fence to come up and use it to reach the door. Enter this door to face the next boss.

    Mini-Boss: Roy Koopa

    He will start by jumping in the air and Ground Pounding. If you are standing on the ground when he hits, you will be momentarily paralyzed, making you an easy target for his fireball. As he lands, jump to avoid his attack and land on his head. He will go into his shell and slide from side to side, just like Larry. Do this two more times to finish him off.

    World 2-4

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: World 2-5, World 2-6

    Secret Exit: Yes

    You will start off caught in a strong wind, slowly pushing you to the right. This wind blows on and off througout the entire level. Run right and stop at the ? Block until the wind stops. Jump on the Koopa and kick it backwards so it hits the Block to get a Coin. Remember this technique, as you'll use it a few more times in this level. Jump up to the ladder and press up on the D-Pad to climb it. Hit the ? Block here for a Propeller Mushroom. You need to be careful now, because if you are caught in the air when the wind blows, you will get pushed a long way. But you can also use this to your advantage.

    Just past here will be some scattered Brick Blocks and a Koopa. Get up to the Koopa as quick as you can and jump on it. Then kick it backwards again to hit all of the Brick Blocks and find a hidden Coin Block, too. Move over to the POW Block and pick it up. You can use this to make all the Coins in the wind drop so that you can collect them all. Enter the red pipe next to the POW Block.

    Down here you will find two Tilt Lifts. Tilting your Remote all the way to the right will get you high enough to reach the four Coins up above, then race down the Lift and collect the trail of Coins leading down. Jump right as you grab the last Coin and do the same thing with the next Tilt Lift. Then exit through the green pipe.

    You will find two Koopas and a ladder to the right. Climb the ladder, then jump up on to the wall on the left. On the top, there are three hidden ? Blocks; two contains Coins and the one in the middle has a beanstalk. Climb the stalk into the sky.

    Up here, drop on to the ground and run along jumping. You will find that there is an entire row of invisible ? Blocks, and the two you can see also have beanstalks. Use the one you came here on to get on top of the new Blocks and jump along up here to find another row. Climb these beanstalks and grab Star Coin #1, then jump along the left side for yet another row. On the very left is an invisible Block with a 1-Up Mushroom. After the stalk on the right there aren't any more Blocks, so grab it here and then enter the green pipe.

    Past the next green pipe is a POW Block and another ladder. Climb up the ladder and hit the ? Block for a Propeller Mushroom, and then throw the barrel off the right-hand side to take out the Piranha Plant. Use one of the Koopas below to get the Coins from the group of Brick Blocks nearby. Then jump past the next few pipes and a big gap to find the Checkpoint Flag.

    Run back left and drop down below the two Brick Blocks next to the red pipe. Hit the right one to break it, then hit the left Block to get yourself a 1-Up Mushroom. Head back to the Flag and then drop off the ledge and back left to land on the green pipe. If you don't quite get in, wall jump off the pipe, spin, wall jump off the ground on the right, spin and you should land up on the pipe. Enter it.

    Using the Propeller Cap, drop off the ledge collect all of the Coins and as soon as you get Star Coin #2, Spin Jump back up to the other side and then collect all of the Coins on the top. Then head up the red pipe.

    After the wind dies down, run about halfway down the hill and stop. When the wind starts again, run down the hill at full speed and jump as far as you can. When you start falling back down, Spin Jump while still powering to the right and you should just get Star Coin #3 before landing on the red ledge above. Jump to the platform with the arrow sign and be careful of the Spike Top on it.

    Secret Exit

    Unlocks: World 2 Castle

    From this platform, you need to wait for the wind to start. Stand in the middle of the platfom and then run right, jumping on to the very edge of the ledge and jumping again. Just as you drop from the peak of your jump, Spin Jump to propel yourself high in the air and over a wall into a secret area. If you don't quite make it over, quickly wall jump and let the wind take you back over the wall. Enter the red pipe in here.

    Jump and grab all of the first lot of Coins, double jump and get all of the second set of Coins, then triple jump off the top of the tree on to the special Red Finish Flag.

    Jump to the next platform and avoid the Spike Top here before jumping to the next ledge. Grab one of the barrels and run to the other side of this platform. Throw it here to hopefully take out all of the Koopas in one shot. The second Brick Block here is actually a Coin Block, so get some Coins then enter the green pipe.

    Jump along the trail of Coins, double jump to get the next set, then triple jump on to the Finish Flag.

    World 2-5

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: Enemy Area, World 2 Castle, Gold Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Run right and use the tree to jump over the Pokey. Run along the quicksand and collect the Coins, but make sure to keep doing small jumps so you don't sink. Hit the two ? Blocks here for a Coin each, then jump the next Pokey and use the Sand Geyser to make it over the giant one after that. Hit the ? Block here to be reunited with Yoshi. You can use Yoshi to eat the Pokeys piece by piece or just go straight for the head to get them in one shot.

    You will come across some quicksand with Coins just under the surface. About this point you will encounter a Lakitu. These nasty cloud riders use their height advantage to throw Spinies at you. Jump up on to the tree here, but watch out for the Spinies it throws at you. Use Yoshi's Flutter Jump to get as high as you can while aiming for the cloud just above the Lakitu. You should grab Star Coin #1 from behind it. You can jump off Yoshi at the peak of his jump to get more air if you need to.

    Run right from here and jump the gap with the yellow blocks. Eat a Spiny while you're running; you'll need it in a moment. Jump under the Brick Blocks for some Coins and leap over to under the next tree. Keep going until you reach a lonely Piranha Plant between some yellow blocks. Use the Spiny to take it out, and then drop on to its platform. Drop into the gap on the right and some Coins will appear. Follow the Coins down into a secret area.

    Down here it is nice and dark, so drop down and eat the Piranha Plant, then eat the Glow Block so you can see where you are going. Collect the Coins along the bottom of the screen and then spit the Glow Block at the Venus Fire Trap to defeat it. Jump as high as you can off the left side of this platform to reach Star Coin #2. Then drop back down to the right and enter the pipe.

    Just back to the left is the Checkpoint Flag; go back and get it if you want to be careful. Quickly run to the right taking out everything in your path. You will soon come to a Super Piranha Plant next to some Brick Blocks. You really shouldn't need me to tell you to hit the ? Blocks anymore, and if you've been hitting them you should have a Fire Flower, so jump off Yoshi and take out the big guy. Get to the top of the Brick Blocks, and from here you should be able to defeat the Lakitu and take his cloud.

    Whizz through the skies picking up Coins as you go. Soon you will be up pretty high in the air, and you will come across Star Coin #3. Drop back to the ground here and you'll land near a Sand Geyser. Use this Geyser to get some height on the Pokey and either eat its head or hit it with fireballs. Then use the ledge it was on to jump high up on the Finish Flag.

    World 2-6

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: Enemy Area, World 2 Castle, Gold Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: Yes

    Start by jumping to the blue platform. Grab some Coins here and then jump to pink rotating block. Stay on here while it rotates to see it start moving along a track. You'll need to stay on board (or at least nearby) to reach the next part of the level. Hit the very first ? Block for a Propeller Mushroom. This comes in handy if you ever fall off, as you can just Spin Jump back on. As the block goes up its first incline, Spin Jump to find Star Coin #1. Take a second jump to grab it if you need to.

    Along the next straight is a bunch of Paratroopas flying around in your way. Jump over them, on them, whatever you feel like. Just don't bump into them and take damage, because you the Propeller Cap makes things so much easier. Eventually the rotating block will come to a drop, but it will stay at the same speed. On the right you will see some moving Brick Blocks. Spin Jump and float over to the right to find a pipe in the air. Use the Brick Blocks to get up to it and enter it.

    Use the bouncy clouds that are along the floor to spring up and collect the Coins that are moving in the air. At the peak of your jump, Spin Jump to grab Star Coin #2. Collect as many Coins as you feel like, but don't waste too much time. Exit through the pipe on the right. If you somehow lost your Propeller Cap, there are two Propeller blocks; one on each side.

    Drop to the blue platform and then dodge the Piranha Plant on the right to get to the Checkpoint Flag. At the next moving ? Block there will be a Propeller Mushroom in case you lost the first one. A Fire Chomp will come at you. What this does is it spits a fireball at you from its tail, and then when it runs out, it tries to kill you kamikaze-style. Spin Jump and then drill down at it to defeat it. Then jump right on to the yellow platform and then on to the next pink block. More Fire Chomps will come at you throughout the ride.

    Jump to the platform above and hit the P-Switch. Jump to the new Brick Blocks and grab the Coins leading downward. Grab all the Coins you can without falling off the bottom of the screen. You will eventually come across a group of outlines of Coins. It means you have to pass over them once to turn them into Coins, then pass them again to collect them, if you haven't figured that out already. Above these is Star Coin #3. Spin Jump to reach it.

    Further along is the Red Ring. Jump and grab it to make the Red Coins show up. Jump to grab the high ones, and be careful when going for the ones off to the right. Get them all for your prize. Jump and grab the Coins that are just down the track once you get there.

    Secret Exit

    Unlocks: World 2 Cannon

    Wait until the pink block has one of its corners as high as they go, then jump and Spin Jump to find a red pipe in the air. It may take a few tries to get in, but don't worry too much. You can still reach it once the block stops moving. You could even bounce off the Fire Chomp for some extra height.

    Jump on to the green platform on the right. Then use the red spinning blocks to jump, double jump and triple jump on to the Flag. If you want a 1-Up but don't think you'll make it, just Spin Jump.

    Jump off to the green platform on the right and then head down the green pipe. Run and jump off to the moving Brick Blocks; if you time it right you should double jump to the other half as they swing out and then triple jump on to the Finish Flag.

    World 2 Cannon

    Difficulty: 0 / 10

    Unlocks: World 5-1

    Secret Exit: No

    Do a bit of jumping around to get yourself a few Coins, and then enter the pipe for a nice flight to the start of World 5.

    World 2 Map Enemy

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: 3 Mushrooms

    Secret Exit: No

    To collect the Toad Balloons, you need to head underground and evade the Spinies waiting for you. If you have a Fire Flower you can take them out quite easily, and they always drop off the ceiling so it's safe to jump on them, too. These means you can collect the Balloons with ease, not worrying about any Spinies running into you.

    Check out World 2 Map Enemies for the layouts.