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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NerdlyNerd

    Version: 1.1.4 | Updated: 07/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough (Continued)

    World 6-1

    Difficulty: 4 / 10

    Star Coins: 5 / 10

    Unlocks: World 6-2, World 6-3

    Secret Exit: No

    Run right down the stairs to find a Spike throwing spiked rocks down into the gap. Jump the gap inbetween rocks so you don't take damage. Hit the Blocks here for a Coin and an Ice Flower. Keep moving right and jump up the platforms under the Paratroopa withut getting hit by a rock. After taking out the Paratroopa, wall jump off the platform the Spike is standing on, and spin to the wall to the right. Wall jump from here and land on the Spike's head. You should bounce off a little bit to the left and hit a hidden ? Block with a 1-Up Mushroom. Jump back right and continue on.

    Climb the ledges along the trail off Coins and jump off when they lead down. Stay hanging as you move past the Spike as you move faster. Climb up and jump to the next ledge between rocks and sidestep across, but don't go so far as to hit the Paratroopa. Once it flies under the ledge, climb up the next ones to the right and work your way down the other side.

    Hit the Blocks outside to find two Coins and a Coin Block on the top row. A bit further ahead is a rotating Bill Blaster. These shoot a Bullet Bill then swap direction and shoot one the other way. Climb to on top of the Coin Block and jump along the path of Coins. You should land on top of the Bill Blaster. Jump to the moving platforms and stay on until you reach another trail of Coins. Follow these on to the next Bill Blaster, then jump over the last platforms to a Koopa on some Blocks. Hit the ? Block for an Ice Flower, then climb the Blocks and bounce off the Koopa to the Spike. Bounce again off the Spike to Star Coin #1. Then drop right and keep moving.

    Back inside, climb the wall but watch for the Paratroopa. Jump to the next ledge and the drop along the path of Coins to the ledge below. Drop to the next few ledges and climb across under the wall. Wait for the Paratroopas to move out of your way here, then make your way across the next ledges. Wait for the Spike above to throw a rock and then quickly climb the wall and move into the middle where it's safe. Wall jump off one of the Spike platforms and jump on both of the Spikes' heads, and collect the Coins above. Then drop back down and climb down the right wall safely to the Checkpoint Flag.

    The first ? Block here has an Ice Flower, and there is a Koopa and a Bill Blaster ahead. Jump past the Bill Blaster and get on to a platform moving upwards that is lower than the ledge you're standing on. Jump to the next lot of moving platforms and grab Star Coin #2 on the way. Then jump back to the first platforms and go high into the air. At the top of the screen, jump left to a platform in mid-air and then jump left again to find a pipe, which you should go into.

    This area is a bit like a mini-game, in which you hit the P-Switch above and then throw the ice cubes along the trails of Coins that appear to get as many as you can. Once the time runs out, enter the pipe on the right.

    Grab the Red Ring down here and climb the three ledges just further right to collect all eight Red Coins. Get your prize and continue to the next ledge. Time the Bill Blaster ahead so you can climb under the ledge past the wall without getting hit by a Bullet Bill. Quickly climb back up on the other side and wait for the Bullet Bills to pass. Then climb the wall to the top. Get past the Bills flying through this section and drop past the next ledge on to the wall. Slowly descend down the wall while avoiding the Bills. Quickly scamper to the Item Block and hit it for an item. Grab the item and get on top of the Item Block to avoid the masses of Bills that fly through underneath. If you get a Star, simply run wild, knocking out as many Bills as you can for some extra lives. Then jump to the Bill Blaster on the right and then to the ledge above.

    Up here are some Spikes. Wall jump off the first Spike's platform and then off the wall on the left and bounce off their heads to wipe them out. Above the last Spike's head is a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. Grab it if you want. After getting rid of them, climb back down and head back to the Item Block. Get two Bullet Bills from the Blaster high up on the left to follow you all the way out of the cave. Jump to the airborn platforms and use the Bullet Bills to reach a ledge high in the air that would be otherwise inaccessible. If you don't quite make it, you can wall jump up if you reach the side of the platform. Run left and grab Star Coin #3, then drop back down and jump to the Finish Flag.

    NOTE: For the third Star Coin, you could die just after the Checkpoint Flag and then use a Propeller Mushroom on the World Map. Then just don't take damage until you reach the Coin.

    World 6-2

    Difficulty: 4 / 10

    Star Coins: 3 / 10

    Unlocks: World 6-4

    Secret Exit: No

    Run right and into the secret alcove. Wall jump up to find four Coins, then enter the pipe. Run right to find one of those spinning hills that have been away for a while. Jump over the Piranha Plant and let the Spiny above drop from the ceiling. Jump over the Spiny and it will slide back and hit the Piranha Plant. Keep moving past another Spiny and a pipe with a Piranha Plant. The ? Block here has an Ice Flower, and there are two Spinies on the roof above it. Let them both drop and take each other out. Grab the Ice Flower and continue right.

    On this spinning hill some Coins will pass you and follow the hill around. Run on it facing left and grab the Coins as they come past. The ? Blocks overhead all have Coins as well. Once you get them, run right to build momentum with the movement of the hill and launch yourself over the Super Piranha Plant. Land safely and continue to the Brick Blocks. Stop the Spiny here by jumping on it, then pick it up and jump over to the left to find a Brick Block by itself, covering what seems to be a hole in the wall. Use the Spiny to smash it and then take out the Spiny. Slide under the wall and grab Star Coin #1, then jump through the blue ledge above. Run right past the Spiny's area to find the Checkpoint Flag.

    You will come across two Spinies on the roof. Get close enough for one to drop and stop it when it reaches you. Throw it at the Brick Block in the wall here and then jump over it at it ricochets back. Then make the other Spiny drop and slide under the wall ahead. The second Spiny will bounce back the other way and will take out the first. Grab the Coins in here and jump up to the blue ledge. Make the Spiny to your right drop and fall towards you. It will bounce back and then fall down the gap and hit the Brick Block. A 1-Up Mushroom will come out, so grab it before it falls down the gap as well. Dodge the next Spiny and kill the Goombas on the next hill.

    You'll need to still have the Ice power for the next part. At the bottom of the hill are three Piranha Plants, one of which is in a pipe. Freeze the one in the pipe and jump as high as you can when standing on it to get Star Coin #2. Then jump past the next Plant and head on past the sign.

    Climb the stairs and slide down the hill and over the rotating one as well. Hit the second ? Block on the spinning hill for a Star. Grab it and race forward, making all the Swoopers ahead fly down from the ceiling. Smash through them all with your Star and get some extra lives from the mass of Swoopers that have grouped together on the next rotating hill. Run on the second hill like a treadmill and collect all of the Coins that come past. Once the Coins end, wait a little longer and a pipe will appear in a gap in the hill. Drop down and enter it.

    Run to the middle and hit the P-Switch. Watch for the Spinies as they drop, then use the new Brick Blocks to reach Star Coin #3. Grab all of the Coins and take out the Spinies if you want. Then exit through the pipe on the right.

    Grab the Red Ring at the top and slide down the for the first five. Stand under the Brick Blocks to make a Spiny take some out, then climb up the ones remaining for the other three Red Coins and your prize. Jump over the Piranha Plant on the next rotating hill and get up to the POW Block without getting hit by the Sledge Bros. ahead. Remember to watch for their Ground Pound attack. Throw the POW Block when they're both on the ground to defeat them and make some Coins drop as well. Collect them and then enter the pipe further ahead.

    Climb the stairs out here and watch for the Spiny, then leap to the Finish Flag.

    World 6-3

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: Enemy Area, World 6 Fortress

    Secret Exit: No

    Run right and take out the Piranha Plant if you want, then enter the first pipe. Hit the ?-Switch when you reach the bottom to flood the tunnel you're in. Quickly swim up with the water to reach the platform above, then cross the gap when the Super Piranha Plant is at the bottom. As the next Super Piranha Plant drops down, hit the ? Block for a Fire Flower. Use it to take out the monstrous Plant under you. Slide down the tunnel to the right and use your new fireballs to wipe out the Super Plant here, too. Then use the elevator it was on to get high enough to wall jump off either side and up to Star Coin #1.

    Head through the next tunnel and jump on the Buzzy Beetle. Skip past the ?-Switch and head over to another tunnel leading to a Super Piranha Plant. Take it out with fireballs and thenuse the elevator to get Star Coin #2. Wall jump to get to the ledge above and hit the ? Block for a Fire Flower. Run right and slide down the tunnel.

    Follow the Buzzy to the end of the tunnel, and let another Buzzy drop from the roof and take it out. Continue along like this to get the Coins in the gaps, then use the grey ledges to get to the Checkpoint Flag. Watch for some Buzzy Bettles on the roof in here. Get past them and move to the next area.

    Use your fireballs to defeat the Super Piranha Plant here, and then jump to the grey ledge above and take out the next Super Plant. Smash the one or two of the Brick Blocks and wall jump through them, then off the top of the screen.

    Grab Star Coin #3 and then jump through the red ledge. Hit the ? Block for a Fire Flower and then enter the lower pipe to return to the previous area. Kill the Super Piranha Plants again and then head through the next tunnel to find some Stalking Plants. Defeat them easily with your fireballs and run past the Super Piranha Plant at the other side. Climb the ledges in the middle and hit the ?-Switch. Quickly jump down the left side with the Coins and swim across to the right. Swim up the tunnel with more Coins leading up it to the top.

    Run ahead and take out the Piranha Plants, then run back so the pipes are just off screen. Sprint towards them and jump to the first pipe, then double and spin to the top pipe on the right. Triple jump off here to the Finish Flag.

    World 6 Map Enemy

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Unlocks: 3 Mushrooms

    Secret Exit: No

    If you aren't particularly co-ordinated, you will have lots of trouble with these mini-games. There are a number of moving platforms and gaps in the ground. There will also be Bullet Bills fired from either side continuously. You need to use the moving platforms to collect the Toad Balloons and dodge the oncoming Bills. You can also use the Bills to bounce around and collect the Balloons faster if you fancy a bit of a challenge.

    Layouts are here: World 6 Map Enemies

    World 6-4

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Star Coins: 1 / 10

    Unlocks: World 6 Fortress, Green Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Hit the first ? Block to make a Propeller Mushroom pop out, and a Monty Mole will jump out of the hill ahead of you. These buggers like to suddenly jump out of most of the hills in this level, so be ready for them. They can be defeated just like a normal Goomba, except they will chase after you quite fast. The best thing to do is to stay on the tops of the hills with the Propeller Cap.

    You'll come across a bush with an apple. The next ? Block has Yoshi inside so quickly run over. Wait for two Monty Moles before you hit the Block though, and kill them before releasing the Yoshi Egg. Climb aboard and eat apple number one just back to the left. Eat the Koopa and spit out the shell in front of you to the right. Jump across a few hills, stop on the one with the second apple to draw out about four Monty Moles and stay on that hill to make them all race over and run straight into the bouncing Koopa shell. The next ? Blocks have another Propeller Mushroom, and there is a bush below it with apple number three. Jump back to the ? Blocks and Flutter through the air to the right to get Star Coin #1.

    Jump across the next platforms, taking out the Koopa and Paratroopa along the way. The fourth apple is here as well. You'll come to a giant hill with a Block just to the left. Hit the Block for a Coin, then use it to jump to the top of the hill. Up here are some Brick Blocks with a P-Switch. Hit the Switch and sprint along the trail of Coins that appear at full speed. They will lead you a fair distance and will end with three Coins straight up. Jump here to reveal a 1-Up Mushroom. You'll probably grab the fifth apple as you race over. Don't fuss about leaving the Egg behind; you're better off with the Propeller Cap. Head back anyway and drop down to where the Monty Moles would've met up at the bottom. There is an apple here to start the count again. After eating it, jump back to the spot with the hidden Block.

    Drop down and eat apple number two. Move right but wait for a Monty Mole to drop on to the moving platforms. Jump across once it falls off and then jump over the next Mole that pops out. Bounce off the Paratroopa to the Checkpoint Flag. Run back left and jump the first gap to the platform on the other side. Run right straight off the ledge into that same gap and Flutter as you start getting too low. You should just make it to a ledge with a pipe. Enter it.

    Run up the hill and jump from it towards the POW Block. Jump from Yoshi's back and throw the POW Block to make Star Coin #2 drop from the roof. Grab it and exit through the pipe to the right.

    Jump across the next few platforms and grab the Red Ring. Grab the first Red Coins and stand on the right platform so you fall to the next. Then jump across the rest of the platforms to collect the rest of the Coins. Get your bonus and enter the cave. On the first moving platforms, stand on the left so the right side rises up and jump to it just before it reaches the very top. Jump up and thn jump off Yoshi to a secret alcove above. In here is Star Coin #3. Race out the other side and jump along the trail of Coins to the pipe.

    On the other side of the pipe, jump to the first moving platform and let it lower down. Jump to the second and double to the right, then finish with a Spin Jump to the Finish Flag.

    World 6 Fortress

    Difficulty: 5 / 10

    Star Coins: 4 / 10

    Unlocks: World 6-5, Red Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Yes, that thing next to you is one MASSIVE spiked pillar. Jump up the red ledges above you and watch it spiral up a high speed. Once it comes back down again, run to the other side and get yourself an Ice Flower from the ? Block. Let it shoot up again, the climb the red ledges upwards after it retracts past you. There is another ? Block with an Ice Flower up here in case you got hit already. Hit it and stand on top while you wait for the pillar to get back down past you again. Jump quickly up the next red ledges and defeat the Dry Bones above by freezing it and throwing it into the pillar. Wait for the pillar to start moving back down, then jump to the moving patform. When the pillar has gone past completely, run off the left side of the platform into a coloured section of the wall. Star Coin #1 is in here. Jump back out and use the moving platform to reach the Dry Bones above.

    Defeat the Bones up here and let the pillar whiz past again. Use the next moving platforms to get higher and jump up them while you wait for the pillar to come back down. You should be on the second one when it gets down past you. Leap up the next moving platforms to three red ledges. Wait on either side for the pillar to pass and retract once more before you use the Bounce Blocks to climb the small tunnel in the middle. Wait at the gaps on the side for it to pass and then keep going up to the Checkpoint Flag. You'll notice another pillar shoot down from above. When both pillars retract, wall jump off either side of the middle section to get Star Coin #2.

    Climb the red ledges on the right side and take out the Dry Bones. Hit the ? Block at the top for an Ice Flower refill. Let the pillars collide again and then run over to the Red Ring. Grab it and climb the ledges to grab the Red Coins. If you jump the second you get a Coin you should be able to collect them all before the pillar comes back. I chickened out but still had plenty of time. After the pillar goes down and back, climb to the pipes.

    Pick either pipe - it doesn't make a difference. Just wait until the pillar is retracting past you before you enter because the pipe will shoot you up to the next ones. The pipes up here do the same thing, but you have to time it so that you land on one of the moving blocks without crashing into the pillar. You should then get on the moving platforms and proceed upwards on either side of the spiked pillar. When you reach the red ledge, DON'T JUMP ABOVE IT. Get to the right of it and wall jump to Star Coin #3. Don't be too fussed about taking damage from the pillar because the ? Block to the left has a Fire Flower. Get it and then jump on top of it. If you wall jump from here, you can reach a secret pipe that leads to a room full of Coins. Head through the door afterward.

    Mini-Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.

    You'll notice the stage is kind of small. This is because the two higher parts on either side have one of those stupid pillars pile-drive it every so often. Just stay where you are and bombarde Morton with fireballs. When he shoots his, jump it and shoot some more. When he goes into his shell, stand right near the edge of the lower section. When he slides towards you, jump into the air and land when he bounces back so you can jump over him again and again until he pops back out. When he does, he'll jump into the air and Ground Pound. Jump to avoid this and land on his head. Stand near the edge again and jump over him as he gets close. Then bounce off his head one more time to finish the battle.

    World 6-5

    Difficulty: 4 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: World 6-6

    Secret Exit: Yes

    Start by shooting a fireball. Instant Porcu-Puffer kill. Run right and hit the Blocks for some Coins and a Fire Flower. Run right and jump to the ledge to drop down to the Coins below. Grab thm and climb back up. Keep moving right to reach two Brick Blocks above a gap in the ground. Stand on the right side and take out the Porcu-Puffer when it comes back, then Ground Pound the Brick Blocks and grab the Fire Flower as it drops to get Star Coin #1 as well. Swim under the ? Block floating in the water when the water rises and hit it for a 1-Up Mushroom. Wall jump your way back out, then continue right.

    Hit the ? Blocks ahead and use them to stay above the water as it rises again. Taking out the Porcu-Puffer is your first priority when it returns, so get rid of it before you move on. Jump to the ledge and grab the Coins here, then keep moving right. You'll soon reach the Checkpoint Flag.

    There is a Fire Flower in the top row of Blocks ahead, so grab that for some points. Jump across the platforms with Koopas and drop under the last to some Coins. Climb up the ledge above and then hit the Blocks here for a Coin. Kill the Porcu-Puffer when it gets back and then drop down to Star Coin #2.

    Jump to the next platform and race through the tunnel with Coins. Climb to the ledge and hit the Coin Block above repeatedly for some Coins. Jump to the right and then back on to the Block to reach a Propeller Block above. Use it to Spin Jump through the Coins to your right and land on one of the floating ? Blocks.

    Secret Exit

    Unlocks: World 6 Castle

    When the water is at its lowest, jump between the middle two floating ? Blocks to hit a secret Block with a beanstalk. Climb it all the way to the top.

    Jump to the red ledge and grab the Propeller Block. Jump to the flying ? Block and then Spin Jump and float through all of the Coins above. Land on another flying ? Block ahead. Spin Jump from here to reach Star Coin #3 and land on the Red Finish Flag.

    Spin Jump through the air again and collect the next set of Coins before landing on a platform on the right. Ground Pound the ? Block and collect the Fire Flower that falls out of the bottom. Jump along these platforms and take out the Koopas as you go. Enter the pipe at the other side.

    Get a run up and jump to the floating ? Block, then jump to the mid-air platform. Run straight across and jump from the edge to the Finish Flag.

    World 6-6

    Difficulty: 7 / 10

    Star Coins: 4 / 10

    Unlocks: Enemy Area, World 6 Castle, Gold Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: Yes

    This is easily my least favourite level. Slide down the hill to enter the cave below.

    When you land on the raft, jump on to the ?-Switch to find it's actually the Tilt Raft. Tilting the Wii Remote sideways changes the direction of the light on the back. The screen will still follow you so feel free to wander off, but the Boat will keep moving, so be weary of that. There are also Cheep-Cheeps in the water that you can't see, so try to swim as little as possible.

    There will be some Blocks ahead, along with a Springboard. Get a Fire Flower from the second ? Block and then pick up the SB and bring it back to your watercraft. Drop it near the front. Jump up to some Brick Blocks and climb to some ledges above. Ground Pound the ? Block to drop a Fire Flower on to your raft. Then pick up the POW Block just ahead. Drop back to the Tilt Raft and grab the Fire Flower. Then wait until Star Coin #1 is above the raft and throw the POW Block to get it.

    You'll start passing some pipes on the ceiling. Each pipe has a Piranha Plant in it, so watch out. The water will also begin to rise so you start getting closer and closer. After a yellow pipe will be a Brick Block. Hit this Block for a Star which will light up the entire cave when you grab it. Knock out the Plants in the pipes ahead and dive into the water to kill some Cheep-Cheeps for some extra points. After a red pipe the water will suddenly drop to a lower level so you can fit under the wall ahead. Jump to the blue ledges on the other side and run right to the Checkpoint Flag. Now it starts getting annoying.

    Jump to the Coins on the wall when the Tilt Raft gets closer and slide down on to it. Climb the next blue ledges to another Springboard. Bring this one down to your raft as well and sit it towards the back. You should see some yellow eyes glowing in the darkness ahead. These belong to Swoopers, which will make it harder for you to stay aboard your raft. There is a ? Block with and Ice Flower ahead, so take it. Just past here is Star Coin #2 high up near the roof; use a Springboard to reach it.

    Jump over some Swoopers ahead and then bounce yourself up to a P-Switch. Grab the Coins but don't stray too far. After the time runs out you should come across a Propeller Block. Bounce up to it and grab it, then drop back to your raft. The four Swoopers ahead will wait until you get between them and then three will swoop at the same time to catch you out, then the fourth after that. Spin Jump in the gap in the middle and float left to dodge them all, then land back on the raft. Spin Jump up through the gap and left just after the Swoopers to land in a tunnel. Run through to Star Coin #3. Head back out and Spin Jump to the tunnel on the other side.

    Drop the Propeller Block here and run past the barrel. Stand on the edge of the platform where the fireballs can't get you and throw some ice balls. You should just be able to get the Fire Bro. ahead. Once it's frozen, throw the ice block it's frozen in at the next Fire Bro. to get rid of him.

    Secret Exit

    Unlocks: World 6 Cannon

    Just above you should be a red pipe. Enter it.

    Run up and down the hills after grabbing the Glow Block and watch for the giant group of Swoopers ahead. Jump like mad to avoid them all, and don't try to just run straight underneath them to dodge them - it doesn't work. Enter the red pipe at the end of the tunnel.

    Hit the Brick Blocks for a ?-Switch and hit the Switch to make a moving platform appear. Jump to this platform and then leap to the Red Finish Flag.

    Jump ahead and dodge the fireballs to freeze the last Fire Bro. If a fireball gets you, run ahead while you can't take more damage and jump on the Bro.'s head. Just past here is the end of the line, so just swim ahead if the raft is a fair way back. Enter the pipe here.

    Hit the Brick Blocks for a ?-Switch and hit the Switch to make a moving platform appear. Jump to this platform and then leap to the Finish Flag.

    World 6 Cannon

    Difficulty: 0 / 10

    Unlocks: World 8-1

    Secret Exit: No

    Even though it may look like it, there are no gaps in this level. The ground has just been hidden by clouds. Grab the Coins and enter the final Cannon to get yourself to World 8.

    World 6 Castle

    Difficulty: 7 / 10

    Star Coins: 3 / 10

    Unlocks: World 6 Airship

    Secret Exit: No

    Jump to the first anchor as it swings back up on your side. Hit the ? Blocks for some Coins and the top one has an Ice Flower. Jump to the next anchor as the left side of it swings up and run to the middle. Get on the right edge and jump as it starts falling back down to land safely on the next anchor. There is a Dry Bones here, so freeze it and throw it away. Keep moving right and jump to the fllowing anchor. It has three ? Blocks, and the top one has another Ice Flower. Grab it and then get to the next anchor with a Dry Bones. Jump across the Brick Blocks that swing with anchor to a platform high up, also made of Brick Blocks. Freeze the first Dry Bones and throw it across the top to wipe out all of the other Bones and grab Star Coin #1. Quickly chase after it to get an extra life as it drops to an anchor below. Stop on the Brick Block at the end.

    Ground Pound as the left side of the anchor below starts rising to drop a 1-Up Mushroom. Drop down and grab it, but watch for the first of many spiked balls. Jump to the next anchor and get on top of the first ? Block. Be careful, as the sides of this anchor go deep in the lava. When you get the chance, jump to the next ? Block and then to Star Coin #2. Drop back to the anchor. Run across the next anchor and avoid the spiked ball here, then jump to the higher platform and run over to the Checkpoint Flag. Then enter the pipe.

    This can be really frustrating if you don't time your jumps. Jump to the ledge ahead and watch the spiked balls on the ceiling. Every so often the blocks with arrows on them drop down and let the spiked balls fall to your level. You need to watch carefully so you know when and where to jump. Grab an Ice Flower from the first platform and then wait until the spiked balls drop for the first time. After they move, jump to the green platform and then stay on the left edge of the next ledge to avoid the next spiked balls. Jump when one rolls back towards you. You should be safe across the first green platform, then the rest of the spiked balls dropping is different every time you play.

    Jump to the second green platform, then to the third while watching the balls overhead. You may have to avoid one or two across here, but it shouldn't cause too much trouble. The platform ahead with two Dry Bones' will have a ball drop on to it, so jump it as it takes them out.

    On the next anchor are some ? Blocks with Coins. The last, however, has an Ice Flower. Grab it when there is no chance of the spiked balls falling, then jump to the next anchor. Avoid some spiked balls on here and jump to the following anchor when the right side of yours is at its highest point. As the right side of the next reaches its highest point, dodge any incoming spiked balls and jump to Star Coin #3. Then quickly get off to the safe platform ahead.

    The ? Block may seem a little bit too high, so jump under it for a helping hand. Hit the Block for a Fire Flower and then enter the door to the right.

    Boss Battle: Morton Koopa Jr.

    Run down the unneccessarily long corridor to find Morton waiting patiently. Enter Kamek and the magic begins. Whenever Morton Ground Pounds, the two columns on either side of him will shoot up into the roof, killing you instantly if you are standing on one. Wait for him to do it at the start of the battle, then run forward as they begin to drop back down. Start throwing fireballs as he bounces forward and you should get six in just as he Ground Pounds again. You should be one more column over so you don't get squashed. He'll start spinning in his shell but won't slide around until the columns return to the ground. Stand next to the wall and jump so he ricochets off it instead of you. If he pops up near you, quickly jump on his head. If not, rapidly shoot fireballs once again. Dodge him as he bounces around the room, then get him one more time to finish the battle. Grab the key to exit the arena.

    The Aftermath

    Mario will race out the door to find Bowser Jr. waiting for him once again. The Airship will take off; the pilot obviously not having learnt its lesson from last time. Bowser Jr. will speed off behind it and Mario wll give chase across the clouds to the Airship's second anchor point. When Bowser Jr. gets on board Mario decides to chase after him once more.

    World 6 Airship

    Difficulty: 4 / 10

    Star Coins: 2 / 10

    Unlocks: World 7-1

    Secret Exit: No

    The screen will move by itself this time around, so take your time. Start by running right and hitting the ? Block. Grab the Ice Flower that comes out. Jump across the wheels and over the Mecha-Koopa. Jump over the next Mecha-Koopa and over the gap to the grey ledge to find a Rocky Wrench ahead. Wait for it to throw a wrench and drop back into the floor before jumping up. When it pops its head out, jump on it to defeat it.

    Jump to the first wheel and run on it until the screen moves far enough over so you can jump to the next and then the one after that. There will be some stairs with Rocky Wrenches on them, so climb up and take out the Wrenches. Ground Pound the crates at the top to open up a space which you can get Star Coin #1 from. Then jump back to the yellow platform with the sign.

    When the screen moves over far enough, drop to the Rocky Wrench on the yellow platform below. Then drop down again to a platform below with a ton of crates. Ground Pound through the one above the pipe and enter the pipe underneath.

    Jump across the wheels here, and grab the Coins between each as you go. Don't move too fast or you'll get caught at the right of the screen. Between the two smallest wheels is Star Coin #2. Grab as you jump from one to the other, then jump to the ledge ahead and head back up through the pipe.

    Pass the Checkpoint Flag up here and then jump to the yellow platform. Jump to the first wheel about when it passes the middle of the screen and grab the Red Ring. Jump across the wheels four the first five Red Coins, then drop under the last wheel for number six. Jump to the yellow platform ahead for the seventh, then leap into the air for the last Coin. Grab your prize and jump up to the next yellow platform.

    Jump along the trail of Coins when the Rocky Wrench pops its head up and bounce off it. Jump on top of the crates and Ground Pound through the gap when the Mecha-Koopa is directly underneath so you don't land in front of it. Grab Star Coin #3 and then climb back up to the grey ledge. There are two Brick Blocks here, and the right one is actually a Coin Block, so get some Coins fast.

    Leap to the first wheel when the screen is over far enough and then bounce off the Mecha-Koopa on the second wheel to make the third. Hit the ? Block for an Ice Flower, then jump to the next wheel when you have enough room on the screen. Bounce off the Mecha-Koopa on the last wheel to the platform ahead, and jump on the Rocky Wrench here. Then enter the pipe.

    Boss Battle: Bowser Jr.

    Bowser Jr. will run off and jump into his Koopa Clown Car, so jump into the Hero Car in front of you. Fly around using the D-Pad and shake the Remote to dash in whichever direction you're moving. Use this to knock Bowser Jr. into the electricity on either side of the stage. Just don't miss him and let him knock you in. You'll need to do this three times, and each time he gets zapped he'll dash at you more and more, so be ready. After defeating him, he will fall to the bottom of the screen.

    The After-Aftermath

    Kamek will bring Bowser Jr. back up to you, and just like last time, the floor will fall from beneath your feet. Mario will end up back on the World Map, and the Airship will take off to the next world. But Mario won't give up now, so he follows the clouds higher into the sky...

    World 7

    Name: Cloud Castle Courtyard

    Key:  # - Level Number
          S - Starting Point
          M - Red Mushroom House
          L - Green Mushroom House
          G - Gold Mushroom House
          B - Boo House
          F - Fortress (Mini-Boss)
          C - Castle (Boss)
          E - Castle Secret Entrance
          ? - Cannon
          X - Enemy Stopping Point
          O - Enemy Pathway
          : - Secret Path
                 :          :    :
           L     :   G      :    E
           |     :   |      :
           3---F::   XOOX   :::::C
           |   |     O  O        |
        M  |   ---B--XOOX--4--5---
        |  |      :           :
     S--1--2      :::::::::::::


    • World 7 consists of 6 levels, as well as the Fortress, Castle and Boo House.
    • The World 7 Boss is Ludwig Von Koopa (a.k.a. Kooky Von Koopa).
    • The map enemy is the Lakitu.
    • There are 2 secret exits.
    • There are 4 Mushroom Houses (2 Red, 1 Green, 1 Gold).

    World 7-1

    Difficulty: 5 / 10

    Star Coins: 4 / 10

    Unlocks: World 7-2, Red Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Run over to the pillar and enter through the bottom. Climb the red ledges and enter the pipe above.

    Jump to the four coloured platforms and hit the Block for a Coin. Jump to the next moving platforms and hit the first ? Block for a Fire Flower. Bounce on the Koopa and use his shell or just use fireballs to take out the Piranha Plant on the next platform. Defeat the next Piranha Plant and jump to the pipes.

    On the other side is yet another Piranha Plant. Kill this one as well, then jump to the red platform. Use a fireball to dispose of the next Plant and jump to the purple platform it was on. Then jump to the green and then hit the Brick Blocks on the yellow platform for a Coin each. After this, jump to the rotating red platform. Get over to the purple platform and wait for one of the corners to reach the highest point, then jump from it to the red pipe above and wall jump up to Star Coin #1. Land back on the purple platform.

    Kill the Plant and jump to the green platform. Use the blue pipe to reach the yellow platform, then jump to the pipes ahead. Hit the Checkpoint Flag and drop into the yellow pipe that is lower than the rest further along.

    You'll land on a purple platform. Jump to the red one as it gets close and stay on as it moves across. Jump to grab the Coins as they pass through the air, then jump to the next red platform and do the same again. Hit the ? Block on the other side for a Propeller Mushroom and then leap to the purple platform. As the green one to the right goes down, Spin Jump to Star Coin #2 and drill back down to the green platform as it comes back up. Then jump back to the purple platform and enter the pipe.

    All of the Blocks on the spinning yellow platform beside you have Coins, so you don't really need them. Get across the platform and jump to the pipes. Get from these to the red platform next to you and get under the Piranha Plant to find some platforms moving up and down in unison. Jump across them and then make your way across the platforms further along, followed by a thin green platform. When this platform gets as high as it can, Spin Jump off it to Star Coin #3. Land on the purple platform nearby, then jump to the pipes and enter the green one.

    Jump across the platforms or run along underneath and Spin Jump at the Finish Flag.

    World 7-2

    Difficulty: 4 / 10

    Star Coins: 3 / 10

    Unlocks: World 7-3

    Secret Exit: No

    Meet the Chain Chomp. It bounces around naturally, then suddenly throws itself at high speed towards you. Good thing it's on a chain. You can't defeat it with anything but a Star, so for now, run up to the ? Blocks and hit the first two. You'll get a Fire Flower and the Chain Chomp should just miss you. Climb the Blocks and jump into the giant bubble. When you enter a bubble like this one, you need to start swimming straight away or you'll fall out the bottom. When you reach the top edge it's just like jumping out of normal water, so jump to the platform to the right. You have to swim through two bubbles now, so be careful when jumping from one to the next and don't hesitate to start pressing the "2" Button because it doesn't so anything while you're in mid-air.

    On the other side you will find a Bill Blaster. Dodge the Bill shoots and hit the Blocks ahead for a Fire Flower and some Coins. Now there are four bubbles, and they move up and down so time your jumping. There will be a safe platform once you're past them.

    The bubbles ahead are more of an elliptical shape so you'll reach the bottom a lot quicker. Watch the bubbles next to you as they move back and forth and jump to the next top one, then off to the safe ledge on the other side.

    There is another Chain Chomp here, so wait for it to "pounce" and then jump on to the yellow pole holding its chain. Once the Chain Chomp above moves back, jump to the very edge of that platform and then across its yellow pole to some red ledges. Drop down to the platform by itself near the clouds and wait for the next Chain Chomp to strike. Once it starts moving again, run and jump over it on to the yellow pole here. Ground Pound it quickly but move as soon as you need to. It takes three Pounds to fully lower the pole, so save the third until the Chain Chomp is facing right. The second the pole is completely underground the Chain Chomp will flee furiously towards the Brick Blocks and will break a hole through. Run through this hole to Star Coin #1, then climb up and head right to the Checkpoint Flag.

    Get past the next few Chain Chomps by waiting until they strike and jumping across the yellow poles. You'll find a ? Block with a Coin. Stand on the Block and wait until the Chain Chomp above strikes and then starts bouncing back to the right. Jump through the red ledge and then over the Chain Chomp to the arrow sign.

    Jump into the bubble here and swim around to avoid the Bullet Bills being fired at you. Jump to the top of the Bill Blaster and wait for it to reach its highest point to make some Coins appear, then into the next bubble when you get the chance. The second bubble has a safe platform underneath if you fall. You'll also notice that the Bills move slower in the bubbles, so use this to your advantage. When you land on the second Bill Blaster some Coins will appear above again at the highest point, so grab them and then get through the last bubble. Hit the ? Blocks below for a Fire Flower and a Coin, then hit the Coin Block in the middle. There is a pipe to the left, but we'll come back to that.

    Run ahead and jump high into the first bubble floating above the Chain Chomps. Swim through and jump to the second bubble where you need to wait until both Chain Chomps below strike. Once they have, drop down and grab Star Coin #3, then quickly get back up to the bubbles and work your way back to the pipe from before. Enter the pipe when you reach it.

    You'll drop down into a bubble, so swim right and jump to the next one. Grab the Coins in here and then get to the next bubble, which happens to have Star Coin #2 above it. Grab it and then get through the next few bubbles and jump to the ledge with the arrow sign. Hit the ? Block for a Coin, then jump to the ledge on the right and jump against the wall for a hidden ? Block with another Coin. Get on top of this Block and jump yet again for a 1-Up Mushroom above. Collect it and then get back to the last bubble and jump out of the top to the pipe.

    Swim through the first bubble and jump on to the Bill Blaster. More Coins will appear if you wait until it reaches its highest point, then jump into the next bubble and make your way through to the next Bill Blaster, which you should jump on to. If you wait a little longer on this Blaster, it will take you to the top of the screen and more Coins will appear on the platform next to you. Grab these Coins and use the last bubble to jump to the Finish Flag.

    World 7-3

    Difficulty: 6 / 10

    Star Coins: 4 / 10

    Unlocks: World 7 Fortress, Green Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: No

    Begin by jumping to the green platform. There is a Brick Block, a ? Block and a Fuzzy on the rail. Fuzzies cannot be defeated by jumping on them, so just stay out of their way. Hit the Brick Block fo a Coin, and then the ? Block releases a Propeller Mushroom, so grab it. Spin Jump to the red platform above and then jump to the following platform. Here there are two Fuzzies and a ? Block doing a figure-8 on the rail. Wait for the two Fuzzies to pass by you on the left side, then move to the rail. Duck and jump when the ? Block reaches you for another Propeller Mushroom. Jump to the blue platform overhead to grab it and then duck here to let the Fuzzies go past. As soon as they go around and get past the other blue platform, jump to it and then to the red platform ahead. There are two fuzzies on either side of Star Coin #1 gliding along the rails. Wait until they start climbing the right side and jump through the Fuzzies for the Star Coin and land on the red platform.

    Jump to the platform to start it moving along the rail. A Fuzzy will fall from a rail above to yours, so jump as it goes past. Two Fuzzies will drop next, then three more. Just after you land from jumping the three, the two will catch back up to you from the left, so jump off to the right to the Checkpoint Flag.

    Jump to the yellow platform and watch the Fuzzies as they flick up on either side. Hit the ? Blocks for another Propeller Mushroom, then either wait for the Fuzzies to move to the right and jump to the yellow platform or Spin Jump over the top. If you go under, wait until the last Fuzzy gets past you on the right before jumping ahead.

    The next platforms will be swamped by Fuzzies every so often as they spin around the rail. As soon as they reach the bottom ring jump to the middle platform and then drop to the lower platform, then jump to the other side once they get past. Or, again, just Spin Jump over them.

    On the next platform, hit the first ? Block in the group of five to get a Propeller Mushroom, then jump to a group of Blocks that pass overhead and to the platform with the P-Switch when the Fuzzies aren't in your way. Hit the Switch and drop to Blocks flying past on the lower rail to collect a bunch of Coins down here. Move to the front Block so you stay on as it moves up, and then grab the Coins along the top as well. Jump to the blue platform and then jump above the flower to find a hidden Block with a beanstalk. Climb it up to the sky.

    Run straight over to the P-Switch and DON'T GRAB THE COINS. Hit the Switch to turn the Coins into Brick Blocks and climb them up to Star Coin #2. Grab all of the Coins as you jump across the platforms then Spin Jump from the last so you can aim and drill straight down through the last Coins and back to the ground.

    Jump along the Coins to the platform on the rail. Leap over the Fuzzies that drop to your rail and stand on the left edge as one comes back past. Jump and grab Star Coin #3 before the second one passes and jump quickly when it catches up. Stay on the left after you jump it to let the first one back past you again and jump to the next platform before the second one gets back to you.

    There will be a Mega Fuzzy on the rail above you as you move past, so jump it when it reaches the middle of your platform so you can land safely on the other side. Jump to the Item Block when you reach it and quickly hit it for an item, then jump back to the platform before it leaves without you. When you drop past the next Mega Fuzzy it will jump straight across just as your platform leaves the rail so jump right away. Bound across the Brick Blocks for some Coins and quickly drop back to the platform so you can jump in the second gap for a 1-Up Mushroom. Get the Mushroom and jump to Finish Flag as your platform reaches the end of its path.

    World 7 Fortress

    Difficulty: 6 / 10

    Star Coins: 8 / 10

    Unlocks: World 7 Boo House

    Secret Exit: Yes

    Run and jump on to the Tilt Elevator. It tilts just like the normal Lift, but it also moves from side to side depending on which way you tilt the Remote. It also constantly moves straight up, unless you fall off, in which case it moves back to where you are so you can jump back on. Swing it left and grab the Coins as you move up. Leap off it on to the platform with the ? Block and hit it for an Ice Flower. Get it and jump back to the Elevator. Dodge/freeze/jump on the Bullet Bills being fired above you, and hit the ? Block when you reach it for a Fire Flower. But instead of grabbing it, stay to one side of the Elevator and get the other end underneath it so it picks up the Flower on the way through. This way you have a backup if you take damage as it doesn't disappear.

    Slowly work your way up through the Bills to the Red Ring. Grab it and then jump around collecting the Red Coins as you dodge the Bullet Bills at the same time. Just after the last Coin is an eerie safe zone where nothing is fired at you. Once you get a little higher you will see some Banzai Bills getting shot out above you. Banzai Bills are the same as Bullet Bills, only they are about ten times bigger. Move left with the Elevator to stay in a gap between two as you go up, and then jump on to the one next to you when it gets close to defeat it. Towards the top is Star Coin #1. You'll need to move right and duck under any oncoming Bills, but stand up before you slide straight off. Jump and grab the Star Coin and then rush back left as fast as you can to avoid the next Bill getting shot out. When the Elevator is as high as it will go, move all the way left and jump against the edge of the wall for a hidden ? Block. Jump on to this and then above the "roof" and run all the way right.

    You'll come out of a pipe and grab Star Coin #2. Jump through the blue ledge and then across to the Checkpoint Flag, then get on to the Elevator in here. Slowly work your way up through the Bob-Ombs being shot on to your Elevator, and jump on them so you can kick them off. Also, jump on one and pick it up so you can throw it at a few that get close, if you need to. You'll come across a ? Block, so hit it and take the Ice Flower that was hidden inside.

    Soon you will see Star Coin #3 on the side of the screen behind some Brick Blocks. Use a Bob-Omb to smash your way through to it.

    Secret Exit

    Unlocks: World 7-6

    Below you on the right should be two cannons shooting Bob-ombs. Under these is a moving platform. Stand on this moving platform and and run right to find a secret area.

    You'll exit through a red pipe, and here you will find two Bill Blasters that seem to be stuck on rapid fire. Get as many on the screen as you possibly can and run along with them to the Red Finish Flag. When you jump on to the Flag, you will get some extra lives if you have enough Bills on the screen with you.

    Jump back to the Elevator and keep going up a little further to reach the top. Get off it on the left side and jump to the blue ledge. Stand against the wall and jump here for the hidden Fire Flower and then enter the door.

    Mini-Boss: Ludwig Von Koopa

    He will start by shooting a blue fireball at you which constantly circles the room chasing after you. Don't worry though - it's really slow. Ludwig will then jump in the air and flutter around like Yoshi, only he'll do it several times before landing back on the ground and hopefully not your head. Jump on him as he lands and he'll do the whole shell thing. When he pops back out, quickly jump on his head while he shoots another fireball for the shell jumping again. Three bonks to the noggin will finish this battle.

    World 7 Boo House

    Difficulty: 4 / 10

    Star Coins: 4 / 10

    Unlocks: Enemy Area, World 7-4, Gold Mushroom House

    Secret Exit: Yes

    Start by running right to the edge of the platform. Don't jump off because when you reach the edge the Broozer ahead will knock the barrel towards you and come at you with fists flying. Once it bashes down th grey blocks under you, bounce on its head three times or Ground Pound it to defeat it. Now run through the gap where the grey blocks were and grab Star Coin #1 as well as some other Coins further left. Jump back up to the door and then up to the next staircase.

    Jump to the staircase with the door above you as the Broozer knocks its barrel down. Grab the barrel here and jump to the ledge above when the Broozer isn't in your way. Throw it left to wipe out the Broozer here and the one on the other side of the screen. The door below you is a fake, so jump to the next staircase.

    Run up here quickly and duck through the gap in the stairs to avoid the oncoming barrel, and jump to the ledge above once you draw in the Broozer.

    Secret Exit

    Unlocks: World 7-5

    The Broozer under you will bash through some grey blocks if you draw it further left. Defeat it now and run through the gap to a door. Enter it.

    In here are some Boos. Dodge them as you climb the stairs and ledges to a Springboard. Bounce off it to a ? Block above and then jump to the platform on the right with the wood across the front. There will be some Coins here as well as two Brick Blocks, both of which have beanstalks in them. Climb up one to the top.

    Up here is a ?-Switch and a Springboard. Hit the Switch to make some moving platforms appear, and use the SB beside you to reach the first one. Use the next SB to reach the second platform and then climb the ledges here. At the very top is a Big Boo and yet another Springboard. Stand near the SB and turn your back to lure the Big Boo over, then when it gets closer drop under it and climb the ledges to the door.

    Drop to the ground and enter the door. In here are some Boos and a ?-Switch on the other side of the room. Run over and stomp it and jump on to the moving platform it creates. Jump from it to Star Coin #3 and avoid the fake ? Blocks beside it. The door on the top right ledge is fake, but the ? Block all the way left has a Fire Flower. Get it and exit through the door you came in.

    Between the Coins ahead are two invisible ? Blocks, so hit them and use them to reach the top of the Red Finish Flag.

    Jump to the stairs above and then quickly climb the ledges straight up to avoid the barrels getting pushed towards you. Stop on the right edge of the last empty ledge to dodge the last barrel, then wait for the Broozer to fly straight over you before you jump to the ledge above. Climb up from here to the door further up.

    Quickly run to the Item Block and grab an item, then stand still and wait for the blocks underneath to suddenly disappear. Move from side to side and follow the Coins down. Move the direction the arrows tell you to; they aren't tricks. At the bottom, enter the top right door.

    In here is a Big Boo under some rope on the ceiling. Stand in the bottom corner on the left and wait for the Big Boo to start floating down. Once it gets partially below the top ledge, climb up and use the rope to get across to Star Coin #2. Drop the second you are past the Big Boo and run for the right door.

    Climb up the stairs and jump the gaps while some Crowbers fly over head. They swoop down at you much like Swoopers, but they will do it over and over, so use fireballs or jump on them to get rid of them. Continue across the platforms until you reach four Brick Blocks along the ground. The first has a 1-Up Mushroom, so grab that. Just past here are some more stairs; climb them and jump to the Finish Flag.