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"Mario's 'best of' effort"

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is finally here! But is Mario's next 2D adventure worth checking out?

Bold, bright and colourful. NSMBW is nice enough to look at, but that's all. My most significant complaint is that backgrounds are overused.

Midi all the way, and there's nothing wrong with that. Sound is definitely a step up from NSMB, with lots of remixed themes. Nevertheless, I felt that music repeated itself too often and – for the most part – was just ‘noise' and not memorable (though the castle theme is great!). Again, the issue is variety.

As far as 2D Mario platformers go, NSMBW is definitely a step up. It feels like a 'best of' album: it takes the best bits of what has come before and brings them together in a tight package. The final product is fantastic but you don't get the same ‘wow factor'. Still, it's not something to complain about: nostalgic for some, new and exciting for others.

New powerups are fantastic (ice flower, penguin and propeller suits) much better than those we saw in NSMB. Difficulty has also been increased, feeling just right (especially if you aim for 100%). There were a couple of times I got frustrated and, to be completely honest, I even threw my Wiimote at one point. >_< Even so, I never resorted to using the super guide, which is a new feature that lets the game play itself if you're finding it too hard.

I'm compelled to mention bosses. They are easy but not the easiest we've seen. I enjoyed Kamek's return and the final boss, but most of the tower and castle bosses stick too close to tradition and aren't very exciting.

NSMBW also introduces multiplayer (local, up to 4 players). I've only been able to play with one other person but it works well and can be a lot of fun. Every now and then you'll encounter an issue if players get too far apart but it's nothing major.

Closing statements:
NSMBW is a polished game. Like previous Mario platformers, it's not very long but multiplayer and unlockables lengthen the experience. While it's a shame that parts of the presentation aren't as exciting as the core gameplay and the lack of online is disappointing, NSMBW's faults are easy to overlook. Though I'm left hoping for a Mario game with user-generated content, Nintendo's latest effort is a great game worth checking out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/13/09

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (AU, 11/11/09)

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