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"Jumpman Strikes Again"

Since the Mario industry started with Super Mario Bros. on the NES and to a lesser extent the original Donkey Kong it has boomed with many sequels and spin-offs. Now it has come to the Wii in "New Super Mario Bros. Wii".

PLOT (2/10)
Perhaps the least appealing aspect of this game is the plot, but it is also the least significant part of this game. It is the typically rescue the Princess plot with no major twists aside from a few returning enemy characters.

As the main hype of this game was it's multiplayer it only feels right to make a section for it. This is the first multiplayer in the Super Mario Bros. series to allow FOUR players as apposed to the long-ago two player option. The multiplayer is fairly decent in the game whilst still encouraging cooperation also makes it fun and appealing to the players. Although the multiplayer is fairly solid the game lacks Online play, this was a highly missed opportunity.

GRAPHICS (7.5/10)
The graphics of this game are fairly decent. They look half-way spectacular on a standard television but, like most Wii games, shows pixels on a large HD television. The stages are made in a typical Mario platform style with simply designed backgrounds that neither move or stun the eyes due to their detail. The monsters are well done and don't appear scratchy when playing.

SOUNDS (7/10)
Fairly repetitive and rehashed are just a few words to describe the sound. Many of the sounds are reused from the DS' own Super Mario Bros. and although they are great at first start to get boring later on. As well as the traditional theme music the game also incorporates the well recognized sounds of jumping and block-hitting as well as ground-pounding.

CONTROLS (9.5/10)
The controls are easy enough to use even if you are a beginner. Although the game only uses the Wii-remote the controls are simple with the '2 for jump' and 'control-pad to run' concept. The game also makes use of the Nintendo Wii's signature motion sensor; it does this by incorporating a shaking motion to perform certain actions such as 'spinning'. Even as a beginner you may find that it takes a minute to learn new controls when experiencing a new mushroom, despite this the controls are near perfect aside from lack of Classic/Gamecube Controller compatibility.

The gameplay is fairly dull at first... but reveals to have some hidden features such as secret areas. As with most games the gameplay is the most significant part. It, of course, is a platformer and requires you to jump, fly and throw balls of ice or fire at enemies. The game has many gaming cliches such as bosses and moving platforms but this only adds onto the game. Although every stage varies it sometimes feels like the recurring theme is recurring a bit too much and becomes repetitive.

With few minor flaws such as lack of Classic/Gamecube controller compatibility and repetitive sounds the game is a easy game to pick up and play. Although not a must-have it is a good game to have in any collection or for the occasional casual player.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/17/09

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (AU, 11/11/09)

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