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"New Super Mario Bros WiI, great for veterans and newcomers alike."

I listed this as my number 2 most anticipated game after E3 2009, so I had alot of hype for this one.

tl;dr version is at the end of every aspect. [graphics, music etc]

Let's get to it!


This IS Nintendo. You're not going to have the greatest graphics in the world. But the last 2-D Mario game before the New series was Yoshi's Island, and considering the comparison, it's the nicest looking 2-D one yet! Very nice to look at, candy for the eyes. The visuals are wonderful, and I catch myself staring at the map screen or other objects and end up running into a koopa :P. It's not real life on a screen, but for fans of Mario, they'll love it. As did I.

8.5/10, tl;dr, they're nice to look at, good for fans of Mario.


Nintendo and the Mario series has always been known for memorable and catchy music tunes. And this game is no exception. It's mind blowing how after over 20 years, they can still make great VG music like this. Along with the new, there's some old. I've caught a bunch of tunes from previous games. Super Mario Bros 3, or even Mario 64. Old time players will find old tracks, and likable new ones. One problem I DID have with the music is the girls in the background. It not only has their constant "ba ba!"s, but it causes the goombas and koopas to "dance" and therefore stop or jump up in the air. Possibly causing you to die.

9/10, tl;dr great new and old tracks, but the girls really ruin it


It's a Mario game. You obviously know what to expect from past games. Although, out of all of the old Mario games, it reminds me the most of 3. Why this is, I don't know. It just feels that way. Another thing to know is it's challenging factor. This game has a couple things here and there on single player, but watch out on multi. I only played with 2 players to start out and it's already frustrating. I can't imagine 4 players.

10/10, it's a Mario game, harder as you add more players


Powerups: The propeller suit, penguin, ice flower and small mushroom. The propeller allows you to jump a significant amount in the air with the shake of the Wiimote. Penguin suit allows you to shoot iceballs, that freeze enemies into ice blocks that break after a certain amount if time. The ice blocks can be jumped on, and thrown. You can also slide on ice and destroy enemies. The ice flower allows you to shoot iceballs, opposite of a fire flower. Finally, the small mushroom shrinks you. You're able to fit through small spaces, and jump much higher. Although, you die in one hit.

Players: Up to 4 players simultaneously is a big thing. It's the major attraction for this game, as it should be. The more players added the better it gets. It's much more challenging and fun with friends or family. The more the merrier!

Worlds: I won't spoil too much, but there are new ideas for the worlds I enjoy.

Mini Games: Mini games are added. One significant one is the coin battle.

9.5/10 tl;dr, this game adds awesome new stuff, and keeps awesome old stuff. It's a mesh of old and new, I like it


I've had huge hype for this game ever since it was announced in June. I think it met up with it perfectly. I couldn't of asked for much more, this game was almost perfection. I can easily say at this point it is the 2nd best game on the Wii,, only outmatched by SSBB.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/17/09

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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