Review by Mariofan15

Reviewed: 11/19/09

Mario is back everyone.And this time,he's not alone.

Well,this is my first review and I gotta say.This game is something I've been looking forward too because I am a die hard Mario fan like most people here.When this was announced back at E3,I couldnt wait for the game to come out so I can play it.There hasnt been a home console platformer for quite a while and this game brings back some of the goodness we all know from past games.So,with that said.Let's move on with the review.

Gameplay:The gameplay for New Super Mario Bros.Wii is pretty good.Feels like it did on the DS version.And for the first time ever,more then one person can join in on the fun.That's right.This is the first Mario game that let's other's join in instead of taking turns like back in the day.The controls are easy to use.You have your Wii remote which acts like an NES controller on it's side and you have the Wii remote plus Nunchuck incase you dont want to play old school.The gameplay is pretty solid except for a few instances where you cant stop yourself and you plummet to your doom.There's also motion controls that let you do various things.If you shake the Wii remote,you do a spin jump similar to Galaxy and Mario world.You'll also use it for other things like tilting a platform a certain way or having to tilt a flashlight on a raft your on to see what's waiting for you in the dark.This get's a 8/10.

Graphics:First off,this is a nintendo game so dont expect the graphics to be super shiny or anything.The graphics for this game are the same as they were for the DS one except that they look clearer on the big screen IMO.Of course,they might look inferior to other games out there but the graphics arent what makes the game.It get's a 8/10.

Music:Now,here is where the game shines in my opinion.The music used is awsome.Some tracks are remixed version's of some music from the DS one like the Tower music but that doesnt stop them from sounding really awsome.Even better then the DS one's because you can hear it better.Some of the more famous tracks like the underground theme or Airship theme get's a nice remix which makes them sound really great.I personally love the castle them.Get's a 10/10.

Power-ups:Now,this game like most other's,introduce new power-ups such as the Propeller hat which spins you up into the air by shaking the Wii remoter,The ice flower which let's you freeze your enemies in place and can throw them into other enemies or a wall or simply smash them and the Penguin suit which is like the Ice flower because it too shoots Ice balls but that aint all.It also let's you swim better underwater much like the shell power up did and you also can slide on your belly like an actual penguin on ice which makes you go faster.The other power ups that show up are the classic ones like the Super Mushroom and Fire flower.The mini-mushroom also makes it's return from NSMB DS and has the same uses.Unfortuantly,the Mega Mushroom does not return which is quite sad.Power ups get a 9/10.

Other stuff:The other stuff that show's up are of course,the multi-player modes.The modes you can play are Free for all and Coin battle.I wont spoil what they are because it's more fun to find out yourself.

There are a few mini-games here as well such as a match 'em game the red toad houses provide where you match two of the same item and get to keep it.You can keep going until you get two of either Bowser's face or his son's.There are also enemy battles in the overworld like SMB 3 where you battle an enemy and can get an item for winning.But it's been mixed up a bit so dont expect it to be too similar.

The worlds that appear are what you expect of typicall worlds.You have your plain,desert,etc types.There is also a special surprise for you when you beat the game but I wont spoil that.
Get's a 8/10.

Story:Meh.The story isnt something to write home to.Basically,Peach get's kidnapped like usually and Mario goes off to rescue her from you-know-who.The story get's this.7/10

Replayability:Is there any?Solo wise,not really.But multi-player wise,yes.You might come back to this just for the multi-player fun.I know I would.

Final opinion:Game is very good and is enjoyed more with 3 more people but dont let that stop you from playing solo.If you want to rent this game if your not sure then go right ahead.But,if your a die hard Mario fan and have been waiting for another platformer,then get this when you can.

Final score:8/10.Game is very good as I have allready stated.Get it as soon as you can because who knows when we'll see another platformer for a home console again.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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