Review by Darkowl716

"Almost 20 years later and a step backwards..."

New Super Mario Brothers 2D platform game almost 20 years in the making who could hardly wait? well most of us gamers couldn't wait when we heard the news but now its here so just how good is it?

First I will tell you what game play NOT to expect in this game... The Koopa's don't fall out of there shells as they did in SMW when you jump on them, Yoshi no longer has cool powers when you eat shells and the color of him does not matter, Yoshi is only in certain levels and you cant take him with you after the level is done, no longer are the levels massive like in SMW where you could fly up past the clouds to find secrets however the levels do appear to be stretched out somewhat taking more time to get threw them.

That being said let me tell you what you will find here...

Wall jumpin, Yoshi eatin,butt stompin Multiplayer fun that's right you can take three of your friends along but it may make your goal harder to reach by bumping into and jumping onto your partner but never fear there is a competition mode where you try and collect the most coins, most of those levels on 1 player are built for just that 1 person making it crazy to play just try it out for fun.

New power ups what Mario game wouldn't be complete without them? the penguin suit which freezes enemies and belly slide on ice you can also swim better. The propeller suit is also new by shaking the wii mote you will soar into the air without having to run but you will quickly come hovering down to the ground, the Ice Flower which allows you to freeze enemies? didn't we just get a new power up that did that?

Everything else you've pretty much seen before unless haven't played the New DS version.

If your expecting game play like SMW with the exception of Yoshi you wont be satisfied but if you want a SM3 and NSMDS mixed game play elements you might be right at home because I feel that this is a step backwards in game play here are my scores.

Graphics 9
Story 1
Replay Value 9
Game play 8

Overall 8.5

I couldn't help walking away from this feeling a little disappointed but its still a great game and a must own, I just set my hopes to high... but this was 20 years in the making.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/23/09

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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