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Reviewed: 11/23/09

A celebration of every Mario bros game that has come before.

These days 2D platforming is virtually extinct. We live in an age of online gaming, FPS war games, and the occasional stab at 3D adventure games, all using increasingly more advanced technology to engross the player further. So when an old school 2D platformer pops up, going against all these trends, it actually becomes quite a big thing. And who better to bring the world back to 2D platformers then the one that started it all - no it is not Donkey Kong! Mario bros was the first proper adventure game, and arguably it is still the best. It is everything that a game should be - simple and fun. The phenemonal success of the game spawned many sequels (that are in some ways superior to the first), which expanded the Mario universe more and more. New Super Mario bros Wii is essentially all those games wrapped into one, with an added spin on it by including multiplayer which shoots the fun and chaos to unseen heights!

Story: Take a wild guess.

- Controls: The wii mote only is used to control this game. You hold it sideways and use the control pad to move mario and the 1 and 2 buttons to run and jump. It's simple and easy to get used to, nothing more to it.

- Difficulty: This is one of the main things I was most pleased with. This game is hard. Very hard. I can't remember the last Nintendo game on which I died this many times. I was so pleased Nintendo listened and made a challenging game as they have built a reputation for making games that are painfully easy. Which is a shame as they are famous for making some of the hardest games ever made with their older titles. In some levels you just got swamped from all corners by none stop enemies and hazards that really push your skills to the limit. Even in the first few levels there is challenge to be found. Nintendo have said this game is aimed at both casual and the hardcore, but I have no doubt this is aimed at veteran mario players. It's not as hard as Mario bros 3 (which still holds the title of hardest mario game) but it's certainly equal to Super Mario World in difficulty.

- Multiplayer: This is where the real draw of the game is. The multiplayer is... how can I put this? Pure stark naked INSANITY!! I mean that in a good way. I played through the entire game with my two brothers, and we had an absolute bawl with it. The funny thing is the multiplayer actually makes the game nearly three times harder, and this game is hard enough! Your team mates are more of a hazard to you than Bowser's forces will ever be! We jumped on each other, got in each other's way, pushed each other into lava or spikes, abandoned each other, and nicked each other's power ups and extra lives. This game could end alot of people's friendships, but I played this with my brothers and I get on well with them. I mean we died so many times we just laughed as our continues wracked up to 10 and higher. By the last level we were on the floor with tears hardly breathing, because we died so much. It won't be to everyones cup of tea, many will find it absolutely infuriating. But the game does expect you to die alot as you get infinite continues. The four playable characters are Mario, Luigi, Toad and er... Toad. I kind of wish they didn't have two Toads as one is bad enough, why couldn't they put Wario as a character? But this is a very minor complaint. Yeah so I love the mulitplayer and I would say this is how the game is meant to be played, but be prepared to get murdered alot. That is all.

Singleplayer: One of the best things about this game is, even if you have no friends to play with you can still have a great experience with the one player. Playing with yourself actually gives you more of a chance to appreciate the level design, as you can take your time exploring the levels and collect coins, rather than dragging impatient team mates about who don't want to collect stuff. Some critics even think that the game is better like this. Other multiplayer adventure games absolutely suck as single player games, but definelty not this game. You can buy this game with the intention of playing it single player or multiplayer, either way your gonna have a good time.

Bosses: The koopalings have returned ladies and gentleman, they have returned! This is one of the main throwbacks to the older mario games, and I imagine it will make many veteran mario players very happy. Actually I have never really been a fan of the koopalings, as I thought that they were basically the same boss over and over, this was one of the main flaws with Mario bros 3. However that mistake has been corrected for this game, as each end of world battle has it's own spin on it, making each koopaling boss different and individual. In one you have to battle a koopaling while swimming in water, and in another battle a koopaling chases you with a giant chainchomp. This game gives the koopalings more to do, and I expect to see alot more of them in future titles. The final boss with you know who, I would have to say is one of the most satisfying finales to a mario game yet, certainly in a mario bros game.

Graphics: The game looks very similar to the DS mario bros game, in both looks and feel. This is probably my main complaint about the game. Graphically it isn't brillaint, it is only slightly superioir to the DS graphics. But this game isn't about graphics, it's about gameplay.

Music: Some of the same tunes from the DS mario bros game are used again. I was a little a bit annoyed about this, as it doesn't attempt to be individual but merely an extension of the DS entry. The tunes as always in a mario game, are catchy and upbeat.

THE VERDICT: This mario game is the most unoriginal mario bros game made yet, but that is actually not a bad thing. It is essentially a compliation of all the mario bros games that came before, taking something from each game. It feels like a tribute, a celebration of mario bros for all the fans. A thank you present from Nintendo for all the Mario veterans who have stuck with them ever since the first game. The multiplayer adds new layers of fun and madness, plus Nintendo have made this their hardest game for the past decade. My only complaints are, it is too short, and it is too similar to the DS mario bros (it even has the same worlds), but I think that was intentional. These complaints are pale compared to my praise. Putting a smile on your face is what Nintendo is best at. In a world of derpressing video games where we see non stop violence, guns, blood and guts, this game is the polar opposite, and just delivers innocent fun. If your feeling down in the dumps, buy this game. In fact if your feeling like the happiest man in the world, buy this game. Whatever JUST BUY IT!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (EU, 11/20/09)

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