Review by mettocarpicet09

Reviewed: 11/23/09

yet another installment for the ledgendary mario bros. saga

This new game comes as a suprise after the pitiful games Mario has been through, it has a good story and graphics that represent true Mario gameplay with good use of levels and items that is truely challenging.

Story 7/10. The peach getting kidnapped gig is getting old, but the game is supposed to be remade so the story has to be the same. But it is fun and challenging to fight all the original koopas.

Graphics 10/10 These graphics are truly outstanding and fit perfectly with the Mario world. All of the enemies and heroes look like they should, and since they kept small Mario and normal Mario they have truly brought back the original feel, I have not played a better Mario game since the titles of gamecube.

Sound 9/10 This sound is great but it is still a Mario game and it has to have a little fault.

Controls 8/10 Some of the only faults of this game are not the actual game's fault. The sideways wii remote causes problems in control, and the only way to feel truly comfortable with the remote is to get a skin for the controller to make it feel like a gamecube one.

Gameplay 10/10 This game is truly challenging, but in a good way, not the way where you want to destroy your game. But it is true that it will cause a little frustration, but it is minimal.

Play time 8/10 This score is due to the co-op problems. There is not much to say about playtime, if you are a bad gamer this game will take you a long time, if you are good it will still take a considerable amount. But if you are a very hardcore gamer with a hardcore gamer friend you can go through levels in a good amount of time, although if you are by yourself it might take longer because of mistakes and enemies. The worst is when you have to play with a gamer that has no clue what they are doing, you are in trouble, the time spent tripping over each other and being distracted by the bad gamer causing you to be battered and beaten while your partner is causing all sorts of trouble, trust me I know.

Replayability 7/10 This game has a little replay value, but is most fun when you are playing for the first time.

Overall 9.5/10 The small problems of this game cause it to lose points, but it is overall a true Mario game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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