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"A fun single and multiplayer game"

This game was released on 11/15/09 to start this review I will give a brief summary. Ok while this game is a platformer and more single player with friends it is hilarious. You'll laugh you'll cry you'll scream but most importantly it is guaranteed you'll have fun. You may be thinking that this is a carbon copy of of the D.S version well It's not everything is basically different. Not only is this game great fun with family's but it's fun for 1 person too what's best is this game has a major nostalgia effect. If you played Mario bros since it came out those pesky koopalings (bowsers children) who last appeared in Super star saga make a return with 3-D models and voice's. Here's my review and why I'm rating this game pretty high.

Game play:10 Yes the game play is fantastic with 4 people it's hectic but fun no matter how you see it with all the power ups and if you decide to kill your friends in this game(via throwing them in lava) or cooperate you'll be loving this game no matter what. It could have online but it isn't a necessity remember all the old masterpieces that didn't have online? You'll still have lots of fun with this game. While the two toads are bland nintendo isn't lazy because who else could they have. Not Peach because she would be saving herself? Wario/waluigi? they're evil so it won't really work. The only viable choice is Toadette who usually appears in spin-offs.

Story:6 Ok pretty bland it's peaches birthday they get a cake and the koopalings pop out not good but not bad.

Sound:7 Not bad the music would be great if it wasn't for that annoying BAH buh BAH in every level but the voices sound great.

Graphics9: It's not Super smash bros brawl or mario galaxy but it still is great.

Replay value:10 Hands down the replay value is great it's like brawl or pokemon you'll be playing this all day with family friends or by your self you will be trying to beat it 100% and your friends will always wanna play no matter what you just won't stop playing.

Difficulty: 7 It's not hard if you want to beat the levels except a few are hard. But playing with friends and trying to beat it 100% is sure to make this game pretty hard.

Overall:9 This game is filled with nostalgia and fun. It could have online but it's a platformer so it wouldn't need it. The characters look great the game is great and it is especially fun with friends. Even though I'm putting a lot of emphasis on the multiplayer and how fun it is don't be turned away from this game if you don't have friends or family near you because this game is a great single player game and you'll have lots of fun all the time with this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/30/09

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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