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Reviewed: 12/07/09

Great Addition to the Super Mario Bros. Collection


It is really hard to judge Super Mario Bros. platform games because its main focus isn't its graphic but its side scrolling action. Anyways I will try my best. I felt after playing though this game the graphic were pretty good for the game. I enjoyed the graphic because it stuck with the classic Super Mario Bros. look but added a newer and more modern look to them. The graphic were very smooth and provided a balance between the NES and Wii graphic. Overall I felt that Nintendo did the graphics justice because its was enough to not be overwhelming.

Overall: 8.5/10


The music was also well done and not overwhelming. It provide a crisp sounds for each level. The music was very catchy and gave a good feel to the environment the level was played in. There were some problems too. One thing I did not like was the fact that the music pretty much all sound the same. I could not really tell the difference while playing the game until I listened a lot closer. Although the castle music is very different, which made it a little better. To be honest though I don't think music makes or breaks any game. When I am playing I don't focus or hardly hear the music. I am actually PLAYING THE GAME. The only times I notice the music is when it speeds up after your time is wasting away. Another thing that is different is that while playing the enemies will dance to the music. In most songs at a certain point the music will do a little "beep beep" and the koopa turtles (for example) will do a little dance. Overall though the music does its job but isn't a talking point of the game.

Overall: 7/10


Well... what can a person say about the Super Mario Bros. story line? Nothing much. Basically to make a short story shorter... Peach gets kidnapped but the koopa kids, which is a good change from Bowser. So Mario and Luigi run after her and while this is happening two toad shoot the two new power-ups into the world. Not much, but its more then all the other Super Mario Bros' story lines. If you're looking for a game with a good story line, look somewhere else. Overall you can't really grade this section of the game.

Overall: N/A


The controls are great! They have a great feel to them and perfect sensitivity. I was very pleased when I found out you turned the wiimote horizontally when play because it gave the feel like you're playing a classic NES game. They also added some shakes of the wiimote to do different actions, such as the most common one, which is shaking it to propeller up. Very easy to use. Although there were a few problems. One thing was that when jump over a gap or lava if you even press down you do a ground pound. Its like an instant death. Another thing I don't like is that fact that you have to tilt the wiimote to move some platforms. I found this to be a little annoying do to the fact that it's hard to run and have your wiimote crooked at the same time. Last I found it odd that Nintendo did not include alternate controllers you could use, such as the Gamecude controller or even the classic controller. I felt this would have been simple to do, but oh well. Overall the controls are right on.

Single Player: 9.5/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Overall: 9/10


This is what makes or breaks a Super Mario Bros. game, the gameplay. I would say there is few things that break up the gameplay. They are: Difficulty, Levels, and Length. So take a look at each section!

Difficulty: Difficulty is how hard it is to complete the game. If you are new to the Super Mario Bros. experience then I think the difficulty level would be just right. For a person who has stuck with this games through the years... not so much. Single player mode is not very hard for a few reasons. Levels at the MOST take about 8 tries and usually once you get through a tough level the rest seem easy. Also there are TONS of 1-ups. In the Super Mario Bros. you were lucky to get a few 1-ups but in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii there are a lot of them. Most likely a person will get one 1-up per level. For those harder ones there are usually more. Not to mention you can get infinite 1-up a few places in the game. So the chances of you getting a game over are slim. Also there are many power ups through the level, making dying even harder. The difficulty is on the low side in general too. Most levels are simple to figure out and the boss fights are very easy. THERE IS ONE THING that you must remember when compare the difficulty to other games... the middle point flag. If there was no mid point flag this game would be twice as hard. Also if you want to make the game harder play with others. Multiplayer makes the game a lot more fun but also harder. (go to multiplayer section to find out more)

Over All Difficulty:This is how hard it is to finish everything single thing you can in the game. If you are trying to beat every single thing you can and do every level then the games difficulty rises. If you beat the game and then go for all the star coins then you will find it to be a lot more difficult. When you are playing the game you will be thinking "How will I get that star coin?" because some look hard! Getting all the star coins makes each level about twice as hard because if you die you have to get them again until you beat the level with all three in hand.

Levels: The level really do make up for the difficulty because they are just fun to play! Each level grants new experiences and new areas. The levels have great ideas and many secrets, which makes it loads of fun. You can see the influence previous Mario games had this new one. Each level feel new and they do not at all be repetitive. There are many new aspects they added to the same, such as a desert sandstorm. The levels are defiantly ones you can play again and again. Its a blast jumping from one thing to another, dodging enemies and getting to the end.

Length: The length is short if you are trying to beat the game as fast as you possibly could. There are many cannons that blast to worlds and skipping about 3. For example you can warp from world 1 to world 5, which could take about 10 minutes. This is mostly for speed runs. If you take your time and play though the whole game is a lot longer. The game is still short but that is usually for Super Mario Bros. game. The game is meant to be play again and again. So one time you will beat it and then go back to get all the star coins. The replay value is good because you can play with others too. Its like a whole new experience while playing with someone else.

Single Player: 9/10
Multiplayer: 9.5/10
Overall: 9.5/10


New Power-ups

Ice Suit: Rating: 7/10
Pros: Freeze enemies. Can throw enemies into others to kill both.
Cons: Ice balls don't go very far. Freeze enemies doesn't kill them, so they can come back.

Penguin suit: Rating: 8.5/10
Pros: Freeze enemies. Can throw enemies into others to kill both. Swim easier in water. Slides on bellies to kill enemies. Can slide on water
Cons: Copy of ice suit. Not good water swimming controls

Propeller Suit: Rating: 9.5/10
Pros: Fly to go to farther places or avoid dying. Press down to spin attack enemies.
Cons: Can only use fly move once until you land again.

A little disappointing for Yoshi fans. Yoshi is only in about 5 LEVELS, which I found to be weird. It seemed like Nintendo just added Yoshi to make more sales because you hardly use him. After a level you complete with him he stays back and does not continue to the next level with you. Other then that... Yoshi is pretty fun to play around with but not as fun as in Super Mario World.

The are many hidden aspects to the game and some are easy to find and others a little more difficult. Either way they make for a fun adventure. There are many secret exits and other hidden treasures to discover.

Overall: 8/10


Multiplayer is probably my favorite part about this game. It takes the game to a whole new level because its well... more challenging. It brings lots of excitement to the game with playing with 2+ people. Before one player would play and the other would wait his turn to give it a go. Now everyone plays at once! The multiplayer defiantly adds to the games replay value. There are only a few things bad about multiplayer. One is if you jump on another player you bounce on their head. This makes it hard to go on small platforms and can cause my accidental deaths. Another is that it getting annoying if the other person takes all the power-ups or runs ahead fast. If one player does lag behind they can press the "A" button and turn into a bubble without losing a life. It is useful for when you are about to fall in a hole or want the other person to get past the hard parts. One thing bad about the bubble button is if all players are in a bubbles you have to restart the level. So spamming the bubble button too much can cause a lot more deaths.

Probably the biggest upset about this game is there is no online capability. It would have been nice to play with other people over wifi and it would make replay value a lot higher. I think that Nintendo should have included it but its done and over with now so no need to review it.

Overall: 9/10


A great game and a great addition to the Super Mario Brothers collection. I recommend buying this game right away. Its a awesome game for all types of gamers.

Buy, Rent or Pass: Buy
Overall Rating: 9/10
Replay Value: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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