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"Old Family Game has Returned!"

The other day my boyfriend got the New Super Mario Bros. for his Wii. When we brought it back to his house, I was eager to play it with him. The commercials of the game intrigued me into playing. With hope, the game would be another thing to bring my boyfriend, family, and I together. That night we played the game I got the nostalgic feeling from memories of when I first was introduced to Mario about 18 years ago.

With the sight of the first world, my first thought that it would be like Mario Party 3. Soon after playing I found out my thoughts were true. But there were pieces of parts the other famous Mario games I have came to love. The game ends with the usual flag and castle like it originally did in the first Super Mario Bro. game. The quick sand seen first from Super Mario Bro. 2 game makes in appearance in World 2. Yoshi, Star World, the midpoints from Super Mario World are added into the mix as well! Then adding the four player option is just perfect for when my sisters, mother, and I play all together.

But despite all the nostalgic feelings, the new aspects of the game are AMAZING! I instantly fell in love with becoming a penguin. After losing a few lives or two or twenty I also fell in love with using the bubble to save my sorry butt. Not to mention made it easier when either my boyfriend or I couldn't get past one part and the other could. I already can see my family and me using it to our advantage.

When I came home, I explained the game to my mother. With easy explanation, we split the cost on buying the game. To give my mother the sneak preview of the game, I had bought the game guide. Could that be better? Yes, but I can still see the benefits of it. One being, proving to my boyfriend I was right that something was where I thought it was, and he didn't believe me.

Over all, I see this as a game that the whole family can enjoy. From my mother and aunt who grew up with the NES, to my sisters and I who had the SNES. I, in fact, see my seven year old cousin growing up to enjoy this game. I anticipate the day my cousin comes over and she can see the mixture of the games we grew up with. The only question I have will be how will we be able to get her away from playing it?

Kudos on such a great game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/08/09

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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