Review by nWoWhammy

Reviewed: 02/14/11

Cheaply made game, but a lot of fun despite its flaws

Now for two reviews:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

Graphics: 7/10. You can tell they were done cheaply. Nintendo spent like no money after New Super Mario Bros. to upgrade. They just copy and pasted and refined. Really cheap job here. If you're going to put a DS game on the Wii 3-4 years later, at least pay to upgrade the graphics. This game reeks "cheaply made game" and Nintendo lazily just used graphics over again, much like Capcom does for Mega Man games.

Sound: 7/10. No mastery of the tunes? They don't sound like even other Wii tunes. Another cheap job here Nintendo AGAIN. You could've at least Redbook Audio'ed the Mario tunes. And don't get me started by the power-up tune being played on the Wiimote. It was pretty garbage sounding and sounded just plain awful.

Difficulty: 7/10. Not too easy, not too hard. Only had like 2 resets (one of them being Bowser's Castle). Not overly hard, but more difficult than SMB 1 and SMB 3. This game will not be easy to run for a World Record.

Power-Ups: 8/10. Nice selection of power-ups. The Ice Flower is nice for stuffing fireballs from Bowser and killing enemies that would normally not die from a Fire Flower. The Propeller Suit seems to fix the flying problems brought in from the P-Wing, Raccoon Leaf, and Cape Feather from previous Mario games. I would've liked to see a Hammer Bros. suit or the Turtle Suit from New Super Mario Bros. Turning into enemy suits are sorely missed in this game.

Gameplay: 9/10. This is where New Super Mario Bros. kicks butt. It's a fun game despite its copy and paste mentality. There are also parts of the game where you'd say "Oh my God, where did the developers get this idea from?" A good variety of gameplay, the Koopalings are back (except for Roy and Ludwig 2 they're pretty fun battles), and not a lot of annoying stages out of Stage 2. You'll play this one a 2nd time or at least full complete it.

Overall: 8/10. The game is fun, don't get me wrong, but there is WAY too much copy and paste and not enough effort put into the audio. This was a $20 game sold for $49.99. The price point and the copy and paste are too much to forgive considering the price. Nintendo could've done a better job from the technological standpoint.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US, 11/15/09)

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