How does one complete the last Prankster Comet?

  1. How does one complete "The Perfect Run" Prankster Comet from the "Grandmaster Galaxy"?

    The parts with the blue-and-red flip platforms and the part with all the Hammer/Boomerang Bros. are giving me the most trouble.

    User Info: Zootalo

    Zootalo - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For the blue and red flip platforms, it helps A LOT to have some clouds left from the third segment. I generally always had two clouds left to get me through that part, and I would try and save them until the last few enemies that shoot out the red laser rings (that or until I was forced to use them). Do a long jump and create a cloud near the end of the jump. When you land, you should be plenty far enough away from the last laser ring that it won't hit you, and the next enemy will now be shooting laser rings. Note that we're landing on the flip platforms and not another cloud. You can get the most distance out of your clouds that way, since you'll be long jumping to create another cloud after you land. Me personally--where I usually land, I have plenty of time to hit the ground and get back up in the air before the next laser ring hits me.

    Also, in that same section, keep in mind that you can walk onto diagonally adjacent platforms without jumping. That should help you out once or twice when you're trying to time your jumps over the laser rings. If you have to take it as slow as possible, then by all means do so, and only advance after every three laser rings when you have the opening.

    For the Hammer Bros., always use the spin attack instead of jumping on them. For the Boomerang Bros., you may want to jump on them instead of using the spin attack. That way is a little safer, but it takes longer. However, you will need as much time as you can get when taking on three of them at once, so I stick with the spin attack for the Boomerang Bros. too. Just take it slow and watch their patterns. If I recall correctly, each Hammer/Boomerang Bro. will only jump to three different spots and then cycle back to the first location, so decide which spot works best for you. Before going after the next Hammer/Boomerang Bro., take note of their maximum range in each spot.

    For the first few Hammer Bros., you can probably just run up to them immediately and take them out, since you won't be jumping over anything to get to them. After that, keep their jumping patterns and range in mind as you approach them. If you time things correctly, you'll be jumping towards them while they aren't attacking or while their hammers are going in the wrong direction, and then you'll get to each of the Hammer Bros. just as they start attacking again. As long as you keep moving, the hammers will land where you were, and not where you currently are. You'll need to pay much more attention to the boomerangs, though.

    I hope this helps. Chances are that if you made it to the Prankster Comet, you already knew most of that.

    User Info: ConsummateGamer

    ConsummateGamer - 7 years ago 0 0

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