How do I get the Green Stars in Honeybloom Galaxy and Flipsville Galaxy?

  1. Currently, I have 238 stars and I'm stuck on the last Green Stars in both Flipsville Galaxy and Honeybloom Galaxy.

    How do I reach the third Green Star in Honeybloom Galaxy? I tried using the second swing but I end up grabbing the vine instead when I'm not supposed to. I also attempted to get the star by flying to the log above the second swing from the green platform with Star Bits inside those crystals but not matter how hard I float to the star as Bee Luigi, I couldn't reach it - sometimes I was so close to obtaining it that I kept on falling off.

    How do I get the last Green Star in Flipsville Galaxy? The Green Star is above a green platform with two enemies, a blue enemy that spits out rocks and a Warp Star that leads to the boss and the Luma Shop. I know how to flip the gravity, I just have no idea how to reach the Green Star that hovers way above the far right corner. I tried standing either the far bottom right corner, far top right corner or the middle of both the top & bottom right corners and falling "upwards" but end up losing lives in the process. Can anyone please tell me how to reach these final two Green Stars?

    User Info: Mariofanstar

    Mariofanstar - 7 years ago

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  1. To get the 2nd green star in Honeybloom Galaxy, there is no other way than flying from the log. If you want to keep more power to fly, you can try tapping A repeatedly instead of holding.

    As for 3rd green star in Flipsville Galaxy, stand on the very bottom right corner of the platform. While jumping off it to the Star, try tilting the control stick down.
    An alternative method: while falling, spin and press Z immediatedly. You should home right into the Star.

    User Info: romeo777

    romeo777 (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0

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