1. (Besides the flutter glitch)

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  1. Here is a list of all cheats/glitches:

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  1. Yeah, there many glitches in SMG2, just go and check on Youtube:

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  2. Check out

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  3. I have been through three. 1) I was on the tall trunk slide, I missed a jump, I spun while falling, I bounced up through the platform, and fell back down, going through the platform. 2) I died in Rolling Masterpiece but saw a flipswitch turn red while falling. 3) I accidently dismounted Yoshi on a bulb berry platform in Sweet Mystery and Yoshi stood in midair until I got on him again.

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  4. Go on youtube search glithes.

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  5. Go to

    and can i just say resident evil 4 is an AWESOME name, it is the best game EVER!!

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  6. Do the yoshi slide glitch. I've done it before, but Can't remember how to do it so look at youtube. You can, with yoshi, eat multiple stuff by aiming and making sure that there's a red circle around 2 or 3 items to eat. They must all be close together.

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