How do I get past Grandmaster galaxy???!!! the comet run is too difficult???

  1. I can get kinda far but then i die? PLZ HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!!

    User Info: dudezrock

    dudezrock - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. -Continued on second post due to running out of space-

    On the 6th not even bother fighting the hammer bros at the beginning or messing with the torches. The key to actually beating this level is to beat the boomerang bros at the end. Beating the hammer bros does nothing at all except get them out of the way, most of them which you won't even have to get out of the way. Just get to the star while avoiding the hammers and bros completely. From the mini star shooter once again ignore the hammer bro enemy and move on. Once you get to the first square platform, I would pause it. Now here's what I did here... I jumped to the second platform, then when the hammerbro at the far end threw its 1st hammer, I long jumped from there to the platform in-between the two hammer bros, then jumped <<--that way onto the platform with the hammerbro and quickly spun into the hammer bro at the far end, which knocked it off the edge.

    From there, I jumped to the torch area, and unless you didn't take out the hammer bro I mentioned, you will be save there for the time being. You'll see a bunch of greenstone platform things that spin from time to time. The hammer bro to the north started throwing hammers at me. I waited until he threw his first one, then I started jumping on the green tiles in a zig-zag pattern to avoid the second hammer. At this point he was stunned for a bit, so I quickly long jumped towards him, hit him and knocked him off. I left the one near the extra life AND the extra life alone. This time, I jumped towards the final place here, the platform with the boomerang bros. Now, one thing most people don't realize from their past experiences with boomerang bros, is that if you duck (As in press Z to crouch) you can AVOID their boomerangs completely and use the control stick to move around while still avoiding them. When each had thrown their boomerangs twice, (WHILE HOLDING DOWN Z) I moved up to one of them and use the spin action to do a trip kick action. This will knock one on their backs if you hit one. While still holding down Z I moved towards the one on its back and trip kicked it again, killing it. I repeated this same thing for the other two. ..and that's how I beat it. Hopefully this helps. .-.

    User Info: Meteordragon10

    Meteordragon10 - 7 years ago 3 0

Other Answers

  1. I managed to complete it today in one try.... (But I died a LOT of times the previous day) Now it's suddenly really easy. There's a few tricks to making it past some of the more difficult parts, which you'll find out from trial and error. The hardest parts are probably the 4th area (the one where you have to jump over red beams while avoiding monsters that shoot firerocks and coconuts at you.) and the 6th area (With the hammer bros and the 3 boomerang bros at the end.)
    From the 3rd level, save at least two clouds on Cloud Mario and make your way to the first enemy that fires those circular wave beams. Jump over his beams slowly then quickly jump to a platform, and wait until he stops shooting again. (or you can use one of your clouds to bypass him) Jump away from him (not back, forward) via long jump or just jump to a platform above him. When the enemies that shoot firerocks/coconuts start showing up, avoid the enemy by staying on the platform in front of the circular wave beam shooting enemy and slightly move to the side while jumping in time with the beams to avoid its attacks easily. Long jump this time across the abyss and use a cloud here, then long jump off the cloud onto the red platforms near the star. From there just jump to it and ignore the enemy there.

    On the 5th level... (one with electric stick things and blue pull stars) Jump over the long electric stick thing to the end of the platform, and I know this sounds crazy, but from there just above the long electric stick, just LONG JUMP right off the edge towards the1st blue pull star and grab it with your cursor. (If you still have a cloud for whatever reason, you can also long jump, use a cloud, then take your time grabbing the blue pull star, but I would save the cloud instead) This allows you to avoid the other electric sticks easily. Once on the pull star, wait until the paragoomba are moving "away" from the pull star in front of you (as in moving away and actually OUT of the way) then grab it. Repeat for the 3rd blue pull star. If both paragooma are flying towards the second blue pull star while you are still on the 1st one, go ahead and pull yourself to the 3rd blue pullstar for a slight shortcut.
    You'll be in front of electric stick where you have to time your "pulls". It's not that hard. Just wait until they have JUST passed on their way back (coming towards you not away) Mario and pull yourself to the next one. You'll eventually see a blue pullstar near two electric sticks that are rotating...just pull towards it as if they weren't there, as they cannot hit you from that pullstar in front of them. (They CAN hit you if you run into them though.) Wait until they start spinning away from you, then when they reach the point where they are facing northwest from your position, move to the 2nd pullstar and then immediately to the 3rd pullstar. They also cannot hit you from here. The next part is with paragoomba again. When it has flown towards you, and out of the path to the last star, pull yourself towards it, but LET GO of the A button BEFORE you reach the pullstar. This will send you floating outwards. When you have floated out enough to be EVEN with the golden ball at the end of the electric stick, pull yourself towards the last pullstar, then spin to break out. Move on.

    User Info: Meteordragon10

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