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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nmajmani

    Version: 0.05 | Updated: 05/24/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Super Mario Galaxy 2
                                     Nintendo Wii
                                     Version 0.05
                                   by Nimish Thapar
                        This guide copyright 2010 Nimish Thapar
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Gameplay Controls
    III. Walkthrough
    IV. Version History
    V. The Copyright Clause and Contact Information
    I. Introduction
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the sequel game to Super Mario Galaxy, a continuation
    of the journey Mario takes through the Universe.  However, this time he has a
    spaceship, and he has a whole team of lumas ready to help him out.
    As usual he starts out being invited to the castle by Princess Peach, but
    Bowser has his own agenda up his um... shell.  However, he's managed to use the
    power of the Stars to enlarge his size to Godzilla-Clover sizes.  He's
    kidnapped the princess and has put his original plan of ruling the universe
    back into action.  Mario has to stop him... again.
    II. Gameplay Controls
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 uses the nunchuck arrangement for the controller.  If you
    have played Super Mario Galaxy, the controls will be very similar for the most
    part.  The major difference is in playing with Yoshi.
    ==Mario Controls==
    Pointer - Collect Starbits, aim to shoot starbits, etc.
    D Pad (+ controls) - Camera Angle shifting.
    A Button - Jump, talk, read signs, etc.
    B Button - Shoot Starbits, cancel option, etc.
    (+) and (-) button - Pause
    Shake - Spin, use Special Move
    Control Stick - move around
    C Button - Reset Camera
    Z Button - Crouch
    ==Yoshi Controls==
    Pointer - Collect Starbits, aim tongue
    D Pad (+ controls) - Camera Angle shifting.
    A Button - Jump, talk, read signs, etc. (hold to flutter in the air)
    B Button - Use tongue
    (+) and (-) button - Pause
    Shake - Spin, use Special Move
    Control Stick - move around
    C Button - Reset Camera
    Z Button - Crouch
    III. Walkthrough
    =The Story=
    Dear Mario
    Would you like to share some cake
    while we watch the shooting stars?
    Meet me at the castle!
    Mario, in his rush, puts on his best suit and goes to the castle via warp pipe.
    While there, he encounters the star bits falling from the sky, and something
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~World 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ==The Great Space Journey Begins==
    So this area isn't really a "galaxy" as you will encounter later, but it is
    playable from the get-go, so we'll start here.  As soon as you enter, you can
    move towards the left or right, gathering star bits at your will.  Continue for
    the moment to the right until you reach the edge of the screen.
    In this next region, you'll find a lost baby luma, who will hide in your cap
    because he does not know what to do.  However, this give you the power to be
    able to use the remote to spin, and you can now nab star bits in crystals.
    Continue going right, and you'll soon enter a 3-D field of playing leading up
    to Peach's castle.  Continue towards the castle, grabbing star bits on the way,
    until you reach the drawbridge, and get to see Bowser for the first time.
    Bowser is boasting about how he has once again taken control of the Power
    Stars, and used them this time to make him huge.  He also has the princess,
    remarking that it's about time Peach bake him a cake.  With that, he takes
    Peach, and fly off into the universe.
    Approach the two lumas who are on the bridge of the castle.  They give you a
    bit of information about being tossed off a ship, and one of them transforms
    into a Launch star.  Use the star to be thrust into space, into the Sky Station
    ==Sky Station Galaxy==
    ~~Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum~~
    As soon as you land in the galaxy, a yellow luma informs you that a monster
    (bowser) has taken the power stars, and he guides you to find the star.  Follow
    the path of coins to the right and hop into the green pipe.  This will take you
    to the other side of the planet.  (If you hop into the orange pipe, you will be
    taken to the other side of the planet, but into a caged off area with a 1-up.)
    In any case, after you hop into the green pipe, go to the top of the mound in
    the center of the planet and break open the crystal.  Jump into the revealed
    hole, and be transferred back to the first side of the planet, but this time
    on top of the house.  Talk to the luma on the far side of where you land, and
    he'll transform into a Launch Star to the next planet.
    On the next planet will be a luma who instructs you to follow him.  Do so, and
    he'll take you across a bunch of platforms.  Watch the timing with these 
    platforms. Hit the check point while you're on this stretch, and follow the 
    luma until the end.  At this point, the luma will transform into another Launch
    Star.  You'll land in a small group of planetoids, and use the small jump stars
    to get to the Launch star near the third planetoid.
    This next planet is cylindrical, and as soon as you get here, you want to
    follow the bridges towards the right.  Avoid the dark patches here, they slow
    Mario down and will become problematic when avoiding the large rollers between
    safe zones.  At the end of this platform will be another luma; Follow him until
    he reaches a fenced area and transforms into a Launch Star.  Use this star to
    go to the next planet.
    This next planet has a health boost mushroom.  Grab it, then head forward and
    around the planet to the other side.  Head up the platform areas to the Launch
    Star, and this will take you into your Boss Battle.
    *Boss Battle - Peewee Piranha*
    This boss battle is simple in its essentials.  As soon as you reach the planet,
    you'll awaken Peewee Piranha, and he'll start running around with half of his
    egg still on his rear end.  You'll want to spin attack this egg to crack it
    open.  Then once it's open, spin attack Peewee's exposed rear end until the
    entire egg falls off.  At this point he'll start running around the planet, and
    you'll need to hit his rear end once more.
    After you do this sequence once, his egg will regenerate, and you'll need to 
    repeat the process.  This time, however, Peewee is angrier and therefore
    faster, so watch out.  Once you've done the above process a second time, Peewee
    will surrender and give you the power star.  Nab it! 
    (The first time you complete this mission, you will be introduced to the Mario
    spaceship.  This ship was designed by Lubba and in honor of Mario, he changed
    the external aesthetics to reflect their hero and captain.  This becomes the
    hub of the game, and the main way of navigating around the universe.)
    ~~Storming the Sky Fleet~~
    You'll enter the galaxy at the same point you did last time.  However, this
    time, you'll notice small chomp-chomps rolling around, and you'll notice small
    green bulbs.  You can hit these bulbs with a spin attack and use them to defeat
    the chomps or break open chests.  For now head to the green warp pipe at the 
    end of the dirt trail and go to the other side of the planet.
    Here you'll encounter a luma trapped inside a force shield.  He'll tell you to
    find the key.  Also present are more chomp chomps and a number of chests.  The
    key is actually not in a chest, but in a chomp, and you'll need to place a well
    timed hit with a green bulb to open the chomps and retrieve this key.  (Hint:
    one of the chests also has a starman in it, which allows Mario to just run and
    kill the chomps.  You can use this method if you like.)  After you've retrieved
    the key, the force shield will open, and the luma will transform into a Launch
    Star, and use this to get to the next planet.
    This planet has bullet bills approaching you from the far end.  Go towards this
    end, dodging the bullets, and head towards the opposite side where you'll find
    an entrance into the clear section.  Once in here, gravity will be rotated onto
    its side, and you'll continue to fall "down" until you hit a platform.
    After the first platform, hang right while falling past star bits and you'll
    reach the next section.  Go towards the right, dodging electrodes and using 
    gears until you get to the farthest gear.  Stay on this until you see a Launch
    Star, and use it when you get to it.
    On the next planet, you're presented with a group of flip switches.  The goal
    here is to hit each switch so that they all are showing their yellow side.  
    After you do this first set, a new set will appear ahead of you.  Before you 
    jump on this set, you'll notice the Bill Board telling you to watch out, and
    that's because this set has a special feature to it.  Once you hit the first
    switch, you'll generate a trail of what I call Echo Marios.  This guys will
    follow everything you do, so the idea here is to keep moving.  They cause
    damage if they hit you, so don't let them.  However, once you've flipped all
    the switches they will turn into Star Bits, and a new Launch Star will appear.
    Nab the star bits and use the launch star.
    Once you get to this planet, hit the checkpoint and then head towards the end
    of the planet.  You'll notice Bullet Bills coming out of the side here, so
    dodge these.  At the end of the first run, you'll see the star trapped in a
    force shield and a path that you can follow to the left.  Follow this path, 
    avoiding the Bullet Bill that uses it, and go to the end where you see the
    Peety Piranhas.  Take out the large one with the green bulb, and this will
    unlock the star.  Make your way back, avoiding the Bullet Bill again, and nab
    the star.
    ==Yoshi Star Galaxy==
    ~~Saddle Up with Yoshi~~
    You enter the galaxy on the beginning of a grassy trail populated with many
    enemies.  As soon as you enter the galaxy, you want to start following the path
    until you reach the magikoopa circling a Yoshi Egg in a force shield.  To gain
    access to the egg you'll need to get rid of the magikoopa.  Simply dodge it's
    attacks and jump on its head.  Once it's gone, the shield will collapse and
    you'll have access to Yoshi.  Break open his egg by spin attacking it, and hop
    on.  (One thing you will notice instantly is that Yoshi doesn't slow down on
    the mud.  Remember Mario still does so make sure you know who you're riding if
    you encounter mud further on.)
    Because using Yoshi will be crucial to finishing this mission, you might want
    to practice your tongue technique on the creatures around you.  Aim with the
    cursor and use the B button to grab with your tongue.  After you've finished 
    practicing, head towards the right hand side of where you originally came. 
    Clean out enemies and collect Star Bits on your way to the end of the path.  At
    the end of the path is a large orange bulb.  Aim at this with your tongue and
    pull at it from a sufficient distant.  Removing it reveals a Launch Star; use
    it to go to the next planet.
    On the next planet, you will see a bunch of crystals.  Open these to get coins
    and Star Bits, and in one case access to another Launch Star.  Use this to
    access the next planet.  On this planet you need to scale the circular platform
    in front of you to the top.  Once there, you will notice a sort of Pull Star
    sort of device, but this is designed for Yoshi.  Aim with the cursor and grab
    on to pull yourself to a Launch Star.  Launch to the next planet.
    This next planet relies on the use of Yoshi's tongue to get through.  After
    using a pull Star, you'll need to use Yoshi's tongue to pull open a bridge. 
    Continue these Tongue techniques all the way to the top until you reach a group
    of pull stars all in the same place.  Use the first few to get to a crystal,
    and then break this open with a couple of spin attacks.  This reveals the star.
    You'll need to use the remaining pull stars to swing up to it and nab it!
    ~~Spiny Control~~
    You enter the galaxy at the same location, but this time the Yoshi Star Galaxy
    has been taken over by the Lakitu-brand spinies.  You have a Yoshi Egg right in
    front of you, so crack it open and hop on.  With Yoshi, you can stun these
    enemies and then use them as projectiles, a strategy that you will need for the
    boss battle when we get there.  But before we jump ahead of ourselves, let's
    come back to the start of the mission.
    After you get Yoshi, head down the path in front of you.  Once you get to the
    central circle area, head directly forward and look for a Launch Star trapped
    in one of the glass and metal cages.  Use a spiny projectile to break open this
    cage and then use the Launch Star to get to the next planet. (To use a spiny
    projectile, first stun a spiny with your tongue, then grab it.  Use the pointer
    to aim, and then B to fire.)  On the next planet, you will need to use another
    spiny to free the luma in the glass cage.  Upon being freed, he will transform
    into another Launch Star, and you can use him to get to the next planet.
    On this planet you'll need to make it up the first platform, then use Yoshi to
    pull out the sub-platform  Grab a spike-projectile, and hop up the platforms.
    At the top, break out the launch star you see in the cage, and use it to go to
    your boss battle planet.  Head to the circular battle area to begin.
    *Boss Battle*
    This boss battle involves using spikies to beat a super-lakitu.  He'll throw
    spikies into the arena, and you'll need to use Yoshi to turn these into
    projectiles to throw back at him.  After you do this three times successfully,
    Super-Lakitu will get super-angry, and begins to up the amount of spikies he
    throws at once.  Just remain calm, and repeat the procedure again.  After a 
    grand total of hitting him six times, he'll poof and turn into a power Star. 
    Nab that star!
    The rest of the walkthrough from here on out is still being written.  I just
    got the game today (May 23rd) and wanted to start this off. I'll be adding more
    very soon. 
    IV. Version History
    0.05: 23, May, 2010. First publication.  I put up the few stars I could on the
    US release day of the game.
    V. The Copyright Clause and Contact Information
    This guide is to be stored on the internet only at the Gamefaqs website.  You
    can download this, print it out, and use it for your own needs, but cannot 
    redistribute it without my express permission.  If you wish to contact me
    about this, you can e-mail me or leave a message for me.  Please no spam.  If 
    it is, then it will be deleted.
    E-mail: nmajmani(at)gmail(dot)com

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