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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zxela404

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 06/07/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Creation Date:    19/05/10
    Completion Date:  07/06/10
    Created by: Zxela404
    Email: alexturnitin@hotmail.com
    (1.00) - Legal Stuff          (LGS1) | *
    (2.00) - Version History      (VHS1) | *
    (3.00) - Introduction         		   (INT1)          | * 
               |       |
          |  (3.10) - Controls                         (CTR1)           | *
          |  (3.20) - Game Mechanics                   (MCH1)           | *
          |  (3.30) - Story                            (STY1)           | *
    (4.00) - Main Guide           (MNG1) |
          |(4.10) - World 1 |                  	  (WRD1) *
               |       |
          |       (4.11) - {Sky Station Galaxy}		(GXY01)          | *
          |                   Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum       (STR01)  | *
          |                   Storming the Sky Fleet                (STR02)  | *
          |                   Peewee Piranha's Speed Run            (STR03)  | *
          |       (4.12) - {Yoshi Star Galaxy}              (GXY02)          | *
          |                   Saddle Up With Yoshi                  (STR04)  | *
          |                   Spiny Control                         (STR05)  | *
          |                   Spiny Rainbow Romp                    (STR06)  | *
          |       (4.13) - {Spin-Dig Galaxy}                (GXY03)          | *
          |                   Digga-Leg's Planet                    (STR07)  | *
          |                   Silver Stars Deep Down                (STR08)  | *
          |                   Digga-Leg's Daredevil Run             (STR09)  | *
          |       (4.14) - {Fluffy Bluff Galaxy}            (GXY04)          | *
          |                   Search For The Toad Brigade Captain   (STR10)  | *
          |                   Every Planet Has Its Price            (STR11)  | *
          |                   The Chimp's Stomp Challenge           (STR12)  | *
          |       (4.15) - {Flip-Swap Galaxy}               (GXY05)          | *
          |                   Think Before You Shake                (STR13)  | *
          |                   Purple Coin Flip N'Sprint             (STR14)  | *
          |       (4.16) - {Rightside Down Galaxy}          (GXY06)          | *
          |                   Breaking The Laws of Gravity          (STR15)  | *
          |                   The Great Crate Incinerator           (STR16)  | *
          |       (4.17) - {Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla}    (GXY07)          | *
          |                   Gobblegut's Aching Belly              (STR17)  | *
          |                   Fiery Flotilla Speed Run              (STR18)  | *
          |(4.20) - World 2 |                  	  (WRD2) *
               |       |
          |       (4.21) - {Puzzle Plank Galaxy}            (GXY08)          | *
          |                   The Puzzling Picture Block            (STR19)  | *
          |                   Bugaboom's Back                       (STR20)  | *
          |                   Purple Coin Shadow Vault              (STR21)  | *
          |       (4.22) - {Hightail Falls Galaxy}          (GXY09)          | *
          |                   Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper              (STR22)  | *
          |                   Silver Stars In Hightail Falls        (STR23)  | *
          |                   Hightail Falls Speed Run              (STR24)  | *
          |       (4.23) - {Boulder Bowl Galaxy}            (GXY10)          | *
          |                   Rock and Rolodillo                    (STR25)  | *
          |                   Rolling Crabber Romp                  (STR26)  | *
          |                   C'mere Goomba                         (STR27)  | *
          |       (4.24) - {Cosmic Cove Galaxy}             (GXY11)          | *
          |                   Twin Falls Hideaway                   (STR28)  | *
          |                   Catch That Star Bunny                 (STR29)  | *
          |                   Exploring The Cosmic Cavern           (STR30)  | *
          |       (4.25) - {Wild Glide Galaxy}              (GXY12)          | *
          |                   Fluzzard's First Flight               (STR31)  | *
          |                   Jungle Fluzzard Race                  (STR32)  | *
          |       (4.26) - {Honeybloom Galaxy}              (GXY13)          | *
          |                   Bumble Beginnings                     (STR33)  | *
          |                   The Secret Wall Jump                  (STR34)  | *
          |       (4.27) - {Bowser's Lava Lair}             (GXY14)          | *
          |                   Bowser's Big Lava Power Party         (STR35)  | *
          |                   Lava Lair Speed Run                   (STR36)  | *
          |(4.30) - World 3 |                  	  (WRD3) *
               |       |
          |       (4.31) - {Tall Trunk Galaxy}              (GXY15)          | *
          |                   The Flotacious Blimp Fruit            (STR37)  | *
          |                   Tall Trunk's Big Slide                (STR38)  | *
          |                   Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide        (STR39)  | *
          |       (4.32) - {Cloudy Court Galaxy}            (GXY16)          | *
          |                   Head In The Clouds                    (STR40)  | *
          |                   Silver Stars In The Purple Pond       (STR41)  | *
          |                   The Shadow Lining                     (STR42)  | *
          |       (4.33) - {Haunty Halls Galaxy}            (GXY17)          | *
          |                   A Glimmer Of Bulb Berry               (STR43)  | *
          |                   Sneaking Down The Creepy Corridor     (STR44)  | *
          |                   Spooky Cosmic Clone Chase             (STR45)  | *
          |       (4.34) - {Freezy Flake Galaxy}            (GXY18)          | *
          |                   Bowser On Ice                         (STR46)  | *
          |                   The Chimp's Skating Challenge         (STR47)  | *
          |                   Sorbetti's Chilly Reception           (STR48)  | *
          |       (4.35) - {Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy}     (GXY19)          | *
          |                   Silver Chomp Grudge Match             (STR49)  | *
          |                   Masterpiece Speed Run                 (STR50)  | *
          |       (4.36) - {Beat Block Galaxy}              (GXY20)          | *
          |                   Step To The Beat                      (STR51)  | *
          |                   Silver Stars In Double Time           (STR52)  | *
          |       (4.37) - {Bower Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet}     (GXY21)          | *
          |                   Bowser Jr.'s Mighty Megahammer        (STR53)  | *
          |                   Megahammer's Daredevil Bash           (STR54)  | *
          |(4.40) - World 4 |                  	  (WRD4) *
               |       |
          |       (4.41) - {Supermassive Galaxy}            (GXY22)          | *
          |                   Huge Trouble With Big Wigglers        (STR55)  | *
          |                   In Full Bloom                         (STR56)  | *
          |                   Big Wiggler's Speed Run               (STR57)  | *
          |       (4.42) - {Flipsville Galaxy}              (GXY23)          | *
          |                   Flip Flopping in Flipsville           (STR58)  | *
          |                   Flipsville's New Digs                 (STR59)  | *
          |                   Purple Coin Spin Speed Run            (STR60)  | *
          |       (4.43) - {Starshine Beach Galaxy}         (GXY24)          | *
          |                   Surf, Sand and Silver Stars           (STR61)  | *
          |                   Climbing the Cloudy Tower             (STR62)  | *
          |                   Purple Coin Beach Dash                (STR63)  | *
          |       (4.44) - {Chompworks Galaxy}              (GXY25)          | *
          |                   Where The Chomps Are Made Of Gold     (STR64)  | *
          |                   Spring Into The Chompworks            (STR65)  | *
          |                   Cosmic Clones In The Chompworks       (STR66)  | *
          |       (4.45) - {Sweet Mystery Galaxy}           (GXY26)          | *
          |                   Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow          (STR67)  | *
          |                   Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow         (STR68)  | *
          |       (4.46) - {Honeyhop Galaxy}                (GXY27)          | *
          |                   The Sweetest Silver Stars             (STR69)  | *
          |                   The Chimp's Score Challenge           (STR70)  | *
          |       (4.47) - {Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet}      (GXY28)          | *
          |                   Breaking Into Bowser's Castle         (STR71)  | *
          |                   Gravity Star Speed Run                (STR72)  | *
          |(4.50) - World 5 |                  	  (WRD5) *
               |       |
          |       (4.51) - {Space Storm Galaxy}             (GXY29)          | *
          |                   Follow Me, Bob-Omb                    (STR73)  | *
          |                   To The Top Of Topman's Tower          (STR74)  | *
          |                   C'mere, Topman                        (STR75)  | *
          |       (4.52) - {Slipsand Galaxy}                (GXY30)          | *
          |                   Squizzard's Sandy Sinkhole            (STR76)  | *
          |                   Sailing The Sandy Seas                (STR77)  | *
          |                   Squizzard's Daredevil Run             (STR78)  | *
          |       (4.53) - {Shiverburn Galaxy}              (GXY31)          | *
          |                   Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood         (STR79)  | *
          |                   Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge    (STR80)  | *
          |                   Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp            (STR81)  | *
          |       (4.54) - {Boo Moon Galaxy}                (GXY32)          | *
          |                   Silver Stars Pop-Up                   (STR82)  | *
          |                   Haunting The Howling Tower            (STR83)  | *
          |                   The Star In The Sinking Swamp         (STR84)  | *
          |       (4.55) - {Upside Dizzy Galaxy}            (GXY33)          | *
          |                   A Walk On The Weird Side              (STR85)  | *
          |                   Burning Upside Dizzy                  (STR86)  | *
          |       (4.56) - {Fleet Glide Galaxy}             (GXY34)          | *
          |                   Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide     (STR87)  | *
          |                   Fastest Feathers In The Galaxy        (STR88)  | *
          |       (4.57) - {Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker}       (GXY35)          | *
          |                   Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine         (STR89)  | *
          |                   Boomsday Machine Daredevil Run        (STR90)  | *
          |(4.60) - World 6 |                  	  (WRD6) *
               |       |
          |       (4.61) - {Melty Monster Galaxy}           (GXY36)          | *
          |                   The Magnificant Magma Sea             (STR91)  | *
          |                   The Chimp's Bowling Challenge         (STR92)  | *
          |                   A Stroll Down Rolling Lane            (STR93)  | *
          |       (4.62) - {Clockwork Ruins Galaxy}         (GXY37)          | *
          |                   Time For Adventure                    (STR94)  | *
          |                   The Ledge Hammer Trap                 (STR95)  | *
          |                   The Adventure Of The Purple Coins     (STR96)  | *
          |       (4.63) - {Throwback Galaxy}               (GXY38)          | *
          |                   The Return Of The Whomp King          (STR97)  | *
          |                   Silver Stars In The Whomp Fortress    (STR98)  | *
          |                   Whomp Silver Star Speed Run           (STR99)  | *
          |       (4.64) - {Battle Belt Galaxy}             (GXY39)          | *
          |                   Mini Planet Mega-Run                  (STR100) | *
          |                   Snacktime For Gobblegut               (STR101) | *
          |                   Mini-Planet Daredevil Run             (STR102) | *
          |       (4.65) - {Flash Black Galaxy}             (GXY40)          | *
          |                   Jumping Around In The Dark            (STR103) | *
          |                   Dark Octo-Army Romp                   (STR104) | *
          |       (4.66) - {Slimy Spring Galaxy}            (GXY41)          | *
          |                   The Deep Shell Well                   (STR105) | *
          |                   The Chimp's Coin Challenge            (STR106) | *
          |       (4.67) - {Bowser's Galaxy Generator}      (GXY42)          | *
          |                   Bowser's Fortified Fortress           (STR107) | *
          |                   Bowser's Big Bad Speed Run            (STR108) | *
          |(4.70) - Special World |                  (WRDS) *
               |       |
          |       (4.71) - {Mario Squared Galaxy}           (GXY43)          | *
          |                   Make Mario A Star                     (STR109) | *
          |                   Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos             (STR110) | *
          |       (4.72) - {Rolling Coaster Galaxy}         (GXY44)          | *
          |                   The Rainbow Road Roll                 (STR111) | *
          |                   Purple Coins On The Rainbow Road      (STR112) | *
          |       (4.73) - {Twisty Trials Galaxy}           (GXY45)          | *
          |                   Spinning And Spinning And Spinning    (STR113) | *
          |                   Turning Turning Double TIme           (STR114) | *
          |       (4.74) - {Stone Cyclone Galaxy}           (GXY46)          | *
          |                   Silver Stars On The Cyclone           (STR115) | *
          |                   Tox Box Speed Run                     (STR116) | *
          |       (4.75) - {Boss Blitz Galaxy}              (GXY47)          | *
          |                   Throwback Throwdown                   (STR117) | *
          |                   Throwback Throwdown Speed Run         (STR118) | *
          |       (4.76) - {Flip-Out Galaxy}                (GXY48)          | *
          |                   Wicked Wall Jumps                     (STR119) | *
          |                   Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers             (STR120) | *
          |       (4.77) - {Grandmaster Galaxy}             (GXY49)          | *
          |                   The Ultimate Test                     (STR241) | *
          |                   The Perfect Run                       (STR242) | *
    (5.00) - Lists and Other          (LST1) | *
         | (5.10) - Green Stars      (GRN1)   (STR121) - (STR240)    | * 
         | (5.20) - Comet Medals     (CMT0)   (CMT01)  -  (CMT49)    | *
    (6.00) - Acknowledgements          (ACK1) | *
    *If you want to find something quickly, use Ctrl-F and the codes to access each
    *If a section has an asterisk (*) following it, it is complete.
    (1.00) - Legal Stuff           (LGS1)
    Copyright 2010 Zxela404 AKA (Alexander K. Duwe)
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or distributed publicly
    without my permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other website or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. I will however allow
    duplication, printing, etc for strictly personal use.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    The following site may host this guide. Note the lack of plurality in "site".
    (2.00) - Version History      (VHS1)
    Version 0.17 (19/05/10) (Pre-Release)
    - Created the general guide, layout/format, and completed table of contents
    - Finished formatting, legal stuff, mechanics (for now) and story.
    Version 0.22 (30/05/10)
    - Actually got the game >,>
    - Finished controls and some other stuff
    Version 0.30 (31/05/10)
    - Finished up the first 120 stars; started to write
    - 3 Comet Medals 
    - 5 Power Stars 
    - 6 Green Stars 
    Version 1.16 (03/06/10) 
    - Added another 65 Power Stars 
    - Added another 71 Green Stars 
    - Added another 29 Comet Medals 
    Version 1.55 (05/06/10) 
    - Added another 38 Power Stars
    - Added another 33 Green Stars
    - Finished Comet Medals
    - Second-last version; only one more world and a couple of Stars to go!
    Version 2.00 (07/06/10)
    - Finished Power Stars
    - Finished Green Stars
    - Finished all other sections!
    * Any changes in this document at this point will not be acknowledged here,
    unless they are major changes, creditation of someone, or pointing out 
    major flaws. Things such as spelling/grammatical errors that are found will
    be corrected, but the version will remain the same. 
    (3.00) - Introduction         (INT1)
    Welcome to my guide for Super Mario Galaxy, a game released in the America's
    on May 23rd, 2010 for the Wii.
    Mario returns in another 3-D platformer, where he will stomp Goombas, hurl
    shells, and cross the various galaxies and worlds in order to save his 
    "special one" from the clutches of the oversized King Koopa, Bowser. Along
    with a mysterious baby luma who possess strange spinning techniques, Yoshi
    will also come to the aid of Mario from time to time.
    The guide is technically in a complete state, aside from some grammatical
    issues and wonky sentence structure which is due to my tendency to ramble and
    go off topic. I try to capture as much detail as I can regardless of my
    other shortcomings, and I am always looking for ways to improve my work,
    whether through changes in format or actual context. And of course, I'm always
    trying to ensure the accuracy of my work, but things don't always go as
    If you do discover an error, or have any other tidbit of information that you
    believe could benefit this guide, by all means, send it in! Full credit will
    be given (and if you wish for such credit, be sure to express what name you
    wish to be credited under!), and I appreciate any emails I get. I cannot
    guarantee I will always be able to reply, though I try my best to, especially
    when I plan to use the information. I also try to answer any questions I
    get, but I ask that you be as specific as possible when asking a question.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the guide, and that any problems you have are
    resolved throughly!
    								- Alex Duwe
    			  -----------------      ----------------
    			 ----------------         ----------------
    			---------------            ----------------
    			<------[ (3.10) - Controls (CTR1) ]------->
    			===============            ================
    			 ================         ================
    			  =================      ================
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is played by using the Wii Remote + Nunchuck. As is 
    standard with Mario games, the controls are easy to use and fun to do!
    "A" - Continue/Confirm (During selections as confirmation; continuing dialogue)
        - Jump 
    	- Press again (while running) as Mario lands to preform a Double Jump
    	- Press again (while running) as Mario lands to preform a Triple Jump
            - Pree while touching a wall to Wall-Jump
    	- Press while turning to preform a Backflip
    	- Press and hold to Flutter Jump (Yoshi)
        - Swim
        - Stop enemies (as 2nd Player)
    "B" - Feed Lumas/Fire Star Bits
        - Eat/Grab/Spit (Yoshi)
    "-" - Pause Menu (Hold)
    "+" - Pause Menu
    "1" - None
    "2" - None
    "Home Button"  - Allows you to return to the Wii Menu or reset the software
    		 (Does not serve as a save function)
    "Control Pad" - Used to go into camera mode (UP) and pan (LEFT or RIGHT)
    "Pointer" - Point at choices and press "A" to confirm (Menus, saving, etc)
    	  - Hold Upward and tilt to control Mario during Rolling Levels
              - Hold Level and tilt to control Mario during Flying Levels
    	  - Collect/Aim Star Bits
    	  - Aim Yoshi's tongue
    	  - Spin/Shake
              - Throw held items
    "Z" - Crouch
    	- Press "A" while crouching to do a Backflip
    	- Press in conjunction with "A" while running to preform a Long Jump.
        - Crouch (as Yoshi) and press A to dismount
        - Ground Pound (While in the air)
        - Dive
        - Stop (while riding a shell)
    "C" - Reset Camera
    "Control Stick" - Control Mario/Luigi/Yoshi
                    - Navigate Starship Mario
    		  ----------------------      ----------------------
    		 ---------------------         ----------------------
    		--------------------            ----------------------
    	      <------[ (3.20) - Characters + Mechanics (CTR2) ]------->
    		====================            ======================
    		 =====================         ======================
    		  ======================      ======================
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is filled with a plethora of characters and gameplay 
    mechanics, which combine to create a fun gaming experience! Here is an
    alphabetical listing of the various characters, items, enemies, powerups,
    etc, found throughout the game!
    The 1-Up mushroom is a classic green mushroom which gives Mario an extra
    attempt, in the event that things don't go the way they were planned. They are
    generally hidden off the beaten path, in tricky to reach areas, or require 
    (ironically) risking a life to get one. They can be bought in Luma Shops.
    Bee Suit
    The Bee Suit first debuted in Super Mario Galaxy and allows Mario to transform 
    into a Bee. He remains in this state until touching water, getting hit by 
    enemies, or grabbing a Grand/Power Star. By pressing and holding the A 
    button, and tilting the control stick, players can fly Mario around the 
    stage. The only restriction is a energy meter, which depletes while A is held.
    The Bee Suit has other effects, such as the ability to stand on clouds without
    falling, being able to climb honeycombs, and causing the normally cowardly 
    bug enemies to become aggresive. 
    Blimp Berry
    The Blimp Berry, resembling a cyan-colored blueberry, is a fruit that Yoshi can
    eat to transform into a cyan-colored Yoshi, capable of blimp-like flight 
    through air exhalation. It is similar to the Bee Suit in terms of control and
    mechanics, but it allows Mario to reach heights quite a bit faster. 
    Boo Mushroom
    The Boo Mushroom returns from Super Mario Galaxy, giving Mario the ability to
    transform into Boo Mario, resembling a regular Boo with the classic red hat and
    mustache. Boo Mario can become transparent by shaking the Wii Remote, which 
    allows Boo Mario to pass through obstacles such as grates. Boo Mario can retain
    his form so long as he doesn't walk into any sources of light or take damage. 
    King of the Koopa's, Bowser is the archnemesis of Mario, and the typical 
    antagonist in most Mario games. Despite the variance in the execution of his
    schemes (he seems to have grown to tremendous  heights in this particular 
    adventure), he always has one thing as his utmost priority - kidnapping 
    Princess Peach. 
    Bowser Jr.
    The questionable offspring of the King of Koopa's himself, Bowser Jr. busies 
    himself with guarding several of the Grand Stars in his  fathers place, in an
    vain attempt to show his dad that he is capable of dealing with Mario. He 
    generally uses all sort of contraptions and devices in an attempt to defeat 
    Bronze Star
    As the name may imply, Bronze Stars are the less valuable versions of Power 
    Stars, which are obtained if Mario chooses to make use of the services of the 
    Cosmic Witch, who will take control of the player and guide them to the Power 
    Star. They are not considered collected Power Stars, because the player did not
    obtain it themselves. 
    Chance Cubes
    A new addition to the series, these giant cubes are rolled by spinning into
    them, and can have several results depending on what face comes up. They consist
    of 1-Up('s), Star Bit(s), Goomba, or Coin(s).
    A pretty straight-forward mechanic, these small flags depicting Bowser's face
    will change into a red "M" once Mario has touched them, and will turn into the
    regeneration point for Mario should anything befall him. 
    Cloud Flower
    The Cloud Flower, which resembles a flower made out of a cloud, turns Mario 
    into Cloud Mario, complete with baggy white attire. In  this form, Mario can 
    create up to 3 clouds at a time by shaking the Wii Remote. This clouds can be 
    used as platforms, and for riding the wind. They only last a limited amount of
    time, however. Much like the Bee Suit, Cloud Mario will revert back to regular
    Mario if he touches water or enemies.
    The traditional Mario collectible, the golden Coins can be collected in order
    to obtain a high score in a level, and will also refill 1 segment of Marios 
    health should he happen to have taken damage. They may also sometimes be used
    to feed Hungry Luma's. 
    Comet Medal
    Resembling yellow medals with Comets on them, this new addition to the Mario
    series provides a new challenge for players. By collecting these medals, 
    scattered around the worlds and galaxies, players can unlock all sorts of new
    goodies. For more details on what they unlock and where they can be found, 
    check out the Comet Medal Section (CMT0).
    Cosmic Clones
    Cosmic Clones are dark-colored versions of Mario, and similar to Cosmic
    Mario from Super Mario Galaxy. In this game, they rapidly multiply and chase
    after Mario at the same speed on the same path as he does. If they touch
    Mario, he takes 1 unit of damage.
    Cosmic Guide
    The Cosmic Witch (who resembles Rosalina from the first game) appears when
    a player is having trouble to offer assistance in completing a difficult
    part of the level. If players wish, she will take control and guide the
    player automatically to the star. Such stars will be Bronze, meaning 
    they won't actually be considered collected. She will only appear in certain
    levels after you die at least 5 times.
    Dash Pepper
    The Dash Pepper is a reddish vegetable that, when eaten, turns Yoshi orange
    and causes him to dash around at high speeds. In this state, Yoshi can
    easily run up steep slopes and even run on the surface of water. However,
    it only lasts a limited amount of time. 
    The Drill is a new device introduced in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Once acquired,
    it allows Mario to tunnel into certain terrain, and either emerge from the
    other side, or actually into the planet. It can also be used as a weapon in 
    certain circumstances. 
    Enemies in the Mario world consist of both Bower's minions (Goomba's, Koopa's,
    Boo's, etc) and various other creatures who occupy the various lands. Just 
    about every enemy can be defeated through either jumping on top of them, or 
    spinning into them. A few enemies, such as Banzai Bills and Chain Chomps, 
    require special abilities (Star Mario, usually) to be defeated. Defeating 
    enemies can sometimes trigger events, or drop key items. Most enemies drop 
    coins when jumped on, and star bits when defeated by spinning into them. 
    Finally, many enemies can be stunned by shooting star bits at them. 
    Fire Flower
    The Fire Flower, resembling a typical red/yellow flower, transforms Mario into
    Fire Mario, with white and red attire. In this state, he can shoot fireballs
    from his hand by spinning the Wii Remote, and he remains in this state for a 
    limited amount of time. 
    Ghost Luigi
    Ghost Luigi's are special characters that act as the vessel for developer
    completion times. Once a player clears a level with Luigi, they unlock these
    Ghost Luigi's, which are recordings of the developers running through the 
    various levels. Players can choose to compete against these recordings for an
    extra challenge!
    Glimmer Bulb Berry
    The Glimmer Bulb Berry is a fruit that Yoshi can eat to gain the ability to 
    glow a bright yellow light in a fairly large radius around him. This is a 
    passive ability - no button needs to be pressed, and the now-yellow Yoshi will
    simply give off this glow. However, it lasts for a very short time, so it is
    crucial to take care when using it. 
    Grand/Power Star
    The collection of these celestial objects are one of the primary goals of
    Mario - with them, he can pass through Star Barriers and chase after Bowser
    to rescue Princess Peach. Accumulated Power Stars serve the purpose of 
    deactivating these barriers, and the Grand Stars (larger versions of the 
    Power Star), help transport Mario from one world to the next. 
    Green Star
    Similar to the Green Stars in Super Mario Galaxy, these special hidden
    stars are collected for the purpose of unlocking a secret final level. 
    Instead of 3 there are now 120, and they are essentially the additional 
    120 stars a player can choose to obtain. They are scattered throughout the
    galaxies the player first traversed to reach Bowser.
    Hint TV
    The Hint TV is a green-mounted television screen that, when activated, gives 
    the player tips and hints regarding the level, by showing them how to traverse
    an upcoming part within the level.
    Launch Star
    The Launch Star is a large star which is capable of transporting Mario quickly
    from area to area within a galaxy, or from the Starship Mario into the galaxy
    itself. They are generally located in the open, but are occasionally sealed in
    crystal, or needed to be activated by feeding Luma's or defeating enemies. 
    Life Mushroom
    The Life Mushroom, which first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy, does not grant
    the user an extra life, but instead doubles the amount of life segments they
    can have (from 3 to 6). It has a reddish appearance with a yellow-starred 
    design, and like the 1-Up Mushroom, it can be found in tricky spots. It also
    often appears in areas before Boss encounters. They can be bought in Luma Shops.
    Often cast aside by Nintendo in favour of his much more popular older brother,
    Luigi is the younger, greener brother of Mario, and is determined to help
    out as much as he can. As such, players can choose to control him instead of
    Mario in a variety of levels, provided they find him in a given level first.
    He also plays a key role in unlocking some of the harder challenges...
    The Luma are a species of creatures who enjoy engaging in glactic flight, and
    have decided to help Mario reach Peach in the center of the universe. They
    are virtually everywhere, and aid Mario in a variety of ways. While some are
    happy to provided their services for free, some while require payment in 
    exchange for their services. Two notable Luma's are the Baby Luma travelling
    with Mario, who grants him the spin ability, and Lubba, the creator of the
    Starship Mario.
    The red-capped man himself, Mario is often spared the task of having to do
    any real plumbing in exchange for a far more tiresome task - constantly 
    rescuing Princess Peach and defeating Bowser. In this particular game, 
    Mario will have to travel from galaxy to galaxy, exploring strange new
    terrains, defeating strange new monsters, and solving a variety of
    puzzles. All in a day of the life of a plumber, right?
    Princess Peach
    The leader of the Mushroom Kingdom herself, Princess Peach always manages
    to lure Mario with promises of a good time, only to get herself captures
    and whisked away by Bowser. She manages to somehow deal with this, however,
    and generally rewards Mario upon being rescued. 
    Pull Star
    The Pull Stars are a certain type of transformed Luma, which help Mario
    travel shorter distances from planet to planet. Players simply point and
    "grab" a Pull Star to "pull" themselves toward, and there are some
    puzzles often revolving around accurately pulling Mario across the screen
    in a safe manner.
    Rainbow Star
    Resembling a brilliantly glowing star, the Rainbow Star transforms Mario 
    into Rainbow Mario, who gives off a brilliant glow and can gleefully pass
    through any obstacle. As Rainbow Mario, players can defeat just about any
    enemy, and as Mario runs, his speed becomes greater and greater. It runs out
    after a certain amount of time.
    Rock Mushroom
    Resembling a brown rock-like mushroom, eating a Rock Mushroom gives Mario the
    ability to transform into a boulder by shaking the Wii Remote, and roll along
    the ground at high speeds. In this state, he can smash into objects and 
    enemies, though sometimes these can cancel his boulder state (which can be 
    reinitiated by shaking the remote again). It runs out if you touch enemies or
    a Launch Star.
    Spring Mushroom
    Resembling shiny silver mushrooms, eating a Spring Mushroom will transform
    Mario into Spring Mario, capable of large bounces. Though a bit tricky to 
    control, Mario can reach new heights with this power up by pressing "A" as he
    lands, and can also Ground Pound in the air by pressing "Z". Mario changes back
    to normal if he takes damage or touches a Launch Star.
    Star Barrier
    The Star Barrier prevents Mario from entering certain parts of each world 
    unless he has a certain amount of stars. Essentially, these barriers present 
    requirements a player must pass to travel to the next level. 
    Star Bit
    Resembling small pieces of rock candy, these reportedly tasty morsels can be
    collected with the pointer, fired at certain enemies to stun them, and used
    to feed Hungry Luma's for a variety of rewards, such as unlocking new planets
    or giving Life Mushrooms/1-Up's. Every 100 Star Bits also provides an 
    additional life.
    Starship Mario
    Capable of inter-galactic flight, the Starship Mario is a large craft in the
    shape of Mario's head which transports him and his crew between the various 
    worlds in order to collect Power Stars and chase after Bowser. It is populated
    by a plethora of characters and items to help Mario take a break from his
    adventures from time to time.
    Glowing pads scattered through out the galaxies, these warps take Mario to a
    special hexagonal shaped area where, if one suceeds in defeating all enemies
    in due time, Mario can obtain up to 3 1-Up's.
    The loveable green dinosaur, Yoshi has appeared during the Mario series to give
    our plumber a friendly hand. While riding Yoshi, Mario can move through levels
    much faster, and Yoshi can use his tongue to eat enemies and grab pegs to swing
    on. He can also eat a variety of special berries which give him special 
    abilities (see "Dash Pepper", "Blimp Berry", and "Glimmer Bulb Berry").
    			 --------------      ---------------
    			-------------         ---------------
    		       ------------            ---------------
    		       <------[ (3.20) - Story (STY1) ]------->
    		       ============            ===============
    			=============         ===============
    			 ==============      ===============
    Narrator: "Now, let me tell you a new story that also begins with stardust... 
    Shimmering stardust falls on the Mushroom Kingdom once a century. That time 
    had come again...
    "Dear Mario,
    Would you like to share some cake while we watch the shooting stars? Meet
    me at the castle!"
    			- Peach
    Narrator: "The Star Festival had just begun. Toads everywhere were 
    celebrating... Star Bits rained down from the sky...
    [Mario approaches a Baby Luma, who wakes up with a start.]
    Baby Luma: "DeltaXXDeltaDeltaX?!" 
    Narrator: "The strange little fellow seemed confused... Was he lost? He 
    seemed to take a shine to Mario! Mario's cap filled with warmth as he felt a
    new power surging through him! "
    Baby Luma: "Um... Shake the WII REMOTE to spin!"
    [Moving along, a Luma is seen encased in Crystal.]
    Narrator: "What's this? Was this one of the little fellow's friends?"
    [After freeing the small creature, Mario continues on, and sees a giant Bowser
    rampaging in the Mushroom Kingdom.]
    Bowser: "You're too late, Mario! The power of the stars is already MINE! And 
    look what else I got... GWAHAHAAH!"
    [Bowser reveals the captured Peach on his hand.]
    Peach: "HELP ME!"
    Bowser: "I'm HUUUUGE! Even scarier up close, huh? Maybe I'll have Peach bake 
    ME something for once... I sure could go for a galaxy-sized slice of cake
    right now! I'm way too huge for this puny planet! I deserve an empire that's
    more ME size! And I'll put it in the center of the universe! Have fun with
    your stupid mushrooms!"
    [As Bowser flies away, Mario approaches the castle.]
    Luma: "Where did that monster come from!? He took your princess to the center
    of the universe! You must hurry and save her!
    [Mario's Luma appears.]
    Luma: "OH! Master Luma! Young master Luma, did you get thrown overboard too?
    Good thing you're safe! I see... So you're going to stay in Mario's cap? That
    should be safe for now... But Mario, you have other things to worry about...
    like saving the princess! ...But how? I know! With young master Luma's help, 
    you can use the power of the stars! And we Lumas can help a little too! 
    [The left Luma becomes a Launch Star.]
    Luma: "As thanks for saving our friends... We'll send you into space to get
    that monster! Now! Let's go after them..."
    And so, Mario begins to chase after Bowser, determined on rescuing Peach. 
    What strange things await our plumber? Only time can tell...
    (4.00) - Main Game           (MNG1)
                          ---------------      ----------------
    		     --------------         ----------------
    	            -------------            ----------------
    	            <------[ (4.10) - World 1 (WRD1) ]------->
    	            =============            ================
    	 	     ==============         ================
    		      ===============      ================
    		|(4.11) - Sky Station Galaxy		(GXY01) |  
    Star #001 : Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum - (STR01)
    We begin the level with Mario flying ratherly awkwardly through space, before
    landing on a nice green planet with a rather large house and strange fence on
    it. Here, you can choose to examine the sign by Yoshi's houe, but this
    only serve to inform you that Yoshi is "out back". You can head behind the
    house to find two pipes - an orange one that leads you to a otherwise 
    unreachable 1-Up, or the green one, which allows you to proceed as normal
    through the level.
    However, the quickest way to proceed is to place yourself close to the house,
    turn around, and backflip onto the walls. As you connect with the wall, Mario
    should grab it and start to slide down, and you can jump off the wall, do a 
    Spin, and tilt the control stick towards the roof. This should allow you to 
    reach the roof. Since this technique is often used, I will commonly refer to 
    it (the Backflip + Wall Kick + Spin combo) as the "Backflip Spin". It's not 
    always necessary, but I find it very helpful if you can learn and master this 
    If you chose to take the green pipe, you'll emerge in an area where
    with some goombas. Climb up the little hill and smash the crystal to proceed.
    Falling down the hole, you'll emerge on the roof of the building you just
    saw. Talk to the yellow Luma who calls you, and he'll launch you to another
    Here, you just have to follow the yellow Luma as he guides you along. 
    Go along with him, but instead of following him up the first time he goes
    that way, keep heading right. Here, you can use a Backflip Spin against
    the blue wall and climb up, saving a bit of a walk. Up here, you can still
    go back and use the checkpoint if you wish. The ? Coin will trigger several
    notes, which if you follow and collect will give you three 1-Up's.
    Continue to the right, minding the gap of course. There's a 
    teleporter to the right, which leads you (as they all do) to a small area
    where you have a certain amount of time to defeat the enemies before
    automatically warping back. If you do, you get several 1-Up's.
    Continue following the Luma, and ride up the three yellow platforms by
    the tower. The Luma will turn into a Launch Star, and you can proceed.
    You'll land on a little planet, but there's not much to do, so jump
    towards the other planet and continue. Here, you'll orbit around another
    planet, and into yet another Launch Star. There's nothing much but coins
    here, so let's move on.
    Another checkpoint waits you here, and you'll notice some brown sludge;
    this hampers your movement, so just jump past it. The orange terrain if
    fine, though. Long jump past the big slabs on gray rock for now. Go right
    and up, until you see some more orange terrain. Now, we're gonna get the
    Comet Medal - stand on the orange ground and crouch, and when the gray
    blocks come by, backflip onto. Ride it for a while, and grab the Comet
    Medal when you see it [CMT01]. Quickly jump to the right when you
    get it as well - this is where you want to go. Head up past the goombas
    and a Luma will appear.
    Grab the Life Mushroom here and the checkpoint, and run to the other side 
    of the planet. Climb up the platforms and Launch to the final area,
    with a Boss Fight!
    Peewee Pirahna
    This is a pretty easy battle, especially if you know what to do. It's similar 
    to the Petey's Pirahna battle from the first game - the backside is the 
    vulnerable area.
    The best way to get at him is to run directly at him, and veer off to the side
    when you get near so that you're running alongside him. Once you start passing
    him, you can quickly turn and spin to smash into his shell. The first and 
    second time you hit him he'll sort of spin to the side, so just rinse and 
    repeat. Once you hit him twice, he'll be exposed and start running away from 
    you. This is similar to the Bowser fights in the first game when he caught on
    fire; see where he is running towards and run in the opposite direction, so 
    you can catch up to him. He'll even turn around when he sees you, which gives
    you a chance to smack him. 
    Now he'll get mad, and move a bit faster. He actually gets easier at this point
    though. Let him chase you for a while, and he'll suddenly spring towards where
    you are. At this point, you can do a small circle movement - you'll avoid being
    squashed, and you'll be right at the exposed rear. He does this when he is 
    moving slowly too, but it's faster to veer into him at that point. Hit him two
    more times, and you're done!
    [STAR GET!] - [<1/242>] 
    Star #002 : Storming the Sky Fleet - (STR02)
    As soon as you arrive, you may notice a major change; there are Chomps 
    everywhere! Don't bother with the roof; instead, head into the pipe on the 
    left. From here head to the left, past the first Chomp, and go towards the 
    second one. Using the green plant, smack it into the Chomp to reveal a key, 
    which will free the Luma. You can also use the green things to open chests, 
    one of which contains a Star, while others contain star bits and such. Talk to
    the Luma, and he'll launch you to the next area.
    Here, you'll be on a giant capsule, with giant Bullet Bills being fired at you.
    They're not too hard to deal with, and there are stars on pedestals from time
    to time if you feel the urge to take care of them. Anyways, head diagonally 
    left, and you should come to a little indent which opens into the capsule. 
    From the checkpoint inside, head down to the right. Drop down (wave your 
    pointer to collect star bits) and move towards the right. You should land on a
    section above the checkpoint. Move further to the right, and you should see 
    platforms moving up. Ride it up, and when you see a moment you can move right,
    take it. Ride down, and move right again. On this third platform which moves 
    up, ride it until you see a Launch Star, which you can jump into (watch the 
    Amps!). There is also a teleporter you pass if you wait.
    Here, you should see a fairly simple flipswitch puzzle. Not bad, right? Well,
    a rather large enemy will emerge from the house to the left, so I recommend 
    taking this route:
    Up 1, Left Diagonal 1, 2 Right, 1 Up, 1 Diagonal Left (to avoid the Bullet Bill
    1 Diagonal Left, 1 Right. 
    This should turn everything green, and give you time to move away from the 
    second Bullet Bill. Now, head onto the next section, with even more flipswitch
    panels. Before standing on the first panel, be wary of the following: once you
    start the puzzle, Cosmic Clones will appear and chase you. Here is the route I
    recommend you take:
    2 Up, 1 Right, 1 Up, 2 Left, 1 Down, 1 Left, 3 Up, 3 Right, 1 Down. 
    As soon as you finish, the Cosmic Clones will disappear, and you can claim 
    their star bits. Launch to the next area, and touch the checkpoint.
    Here, be wary of the buildings on the right - giant Bullet Bills will shoot 
    out. Pass the first one, and make sure to jump over the gray sticky terrain 
    near the second one. Once you get to the third one, let it fire, and follow 
    close behind it. Watch the gap, and move to the left until you see the 
    Piranha Plant. Head down, and up the ledge.
    In order to kill this Piranha Plant, you need to smack the green ball into it. 
    Once it's down, grab the key and head down. Now, we just have to go back to 
    the star we just passed (by the third Bullet Bill). Head down, and right when 
    the Bullet Bill hits the wall. Quickly head right, and drop into the little 
    gap. Let another Bull Bill pass, and then run to the right, and collect your 
    [STAR GET!] - [<2/242>] 
    Star #003 : Peewee Piranha's Speed Run - (STR03)
    This is pretty much the same as the first level, but now you have to do it in
    a time limit; and the only way to gain more time to is with stop-watches. 
    Quickly Backflip Spin up the house, and launch to the next area. Grab the 
    stopwatch here for extra time, and make your way to the right and up, and jump
    onto one of the gray rocks. Don't forget the stopwatch too! Ride it for a bit,
    and when you see another stopwatch, grab it and leap to the right, and towards
    the Launch Star. 
    Now, we just have to fight Peewee again. It's the same stuff as before, so just
    remember to veer at the right time, run opposite him his rear is completely 
    exposed, and let him jump at you when he speeds up. In terms of time, you can 
    either go for all of them (4) at once, or you can get them as you fight (if 
    you're running in the direction of one, you might as well grab it). Once 
    you're done, claim your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<3/242>] 
    		|(4.12) - Yoshi Star Galaxy 		(GXY02) |  
    Star #004 : Saddle Up With Yoshi - (STR04)
    Ready to meet Yoshi? I sure am! Head forward, and watch for the Pirahna's and 
    other assorted baddies. Bounce up the trampoline, and you'll see a Magikoopa 
    appear. If you act quickly once you regain control, you can long jump and spin
    to quickly take care of, and also free Yoshi. Play around with him a bit, if 
    you wish. The main function are his flutter jump and tongue, which is 
    controlled with B. Head up and to the right towards the large green mound, 
    which has a Comet Medal hovering above it. Use the trampoline behind the mound
    to nab it (CMT02). 
    Once you're ready to move on, head straight from where you meet Yoshi. The 
    sticky brown stuff will slow you down, but Yoshi's tongue will keep the 
    enemies off you. Once you hit the green you can either head forward (jump over
    the gaps) or around if you wanna play it safe. There is also a teleporter you
    can use.
    Heading all the way forward, you'll come to an orange fruit, which you can pull
    by grabbing it and tilting back on the control stick. This will reveal a 
    Launch Star to the next area. Note the exploding volcano as you fly; it'll 
    spit out a ton of star bits for you to collect. 
    On this little planet, you have a checkpoint, a Chance Cube (hit it for goodies
    or baddies!) and some crystals. Smash them all for an enemy, star bits, and a
    Launch Star! Movin on...
    Here, head up the platforms, and up the trampoline. You should see some rocks 
    to the left, and with Yoshi's flutter, you should be able to just barely climb
    it. From here, keep heading left and up, until you get to another trampoline, 
    which bounces you to the top.
    See the flower pegs? You can grab them with your tongue and swing on them. You
    don't swing back and forth on them, however; they simply throw you forward. 
    Make your way across, and into the Launch Star. 
    Touch the next checkpoint (you can use Yoshi's tongue as well!), and head to
    the left. See the green handle in the platform? Grab it with your tongue and 
    pull it to create a little platform. Continue left. The spider enemies can be
    a bit annoying, but you can stun them with your tongue, and run into them to 
    kill them. Head up and to the right. Ride the platform to the right as well. 
    You can extend the platform for a 1-Up, but your main goal is up; wait until a
    wooden platform appear from above, and swing onto it with the peg. When you're
    at the top, grab onto the next peg and swing left. Ride it up, and watch for 
    the Piranha. Swing up the 3 pegs to the right, and smash the crystal, which 
    will send the star up. Swing up the last set of pegs and claim your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<4/242>] 
    Star #005 : Spiny Control - (STR05)
    Oh no - It's a Spiny invasion! Run ahead and grab Yoshi; with him,  you can 
    attack the Spiny's with his tongue to roll them into balls, and again to 
    swallow them. This effectively turns them into missiles, which you can use to 
    break the cages around the level.
    Once you're ready to go, head to the green mound again, where you got the 
    Comet Medal. Shatter the cage with a Spiny to reveal a Launch Star. Grab more 
    star bits from the volcano!
    This is a fun little area, which will actually prepare you for the stuff ahead.
    Grab a Spiny, and while jumping in the air, fire it at the middle cage with 
    good timing to shatter it and free a Luma, who will Launch you to the next 
    In this little area, the platforms are a bit different; the red ones will 
    retract after a little while. Head up either platform (left one has a 1-Up!) 
    and grab a Spiny. Now, extend the next platform, jump up it, and fire it at 
    the cage to reveal yet another Launch Star. 
    Ominous area, eh? Touch the checkpoint, and prepare for boss time!
    Lakitu Guy
    This guy is a pushover; he'll basically shoot Spiny's at you, which you can 
    grab with your tongue (best time is when they are still in midair) and fire 
    them back at him. If you fire them while the Spiny's are in the air, he won't 
    move out of the way and get hit. After the first time you hit him, he'll get
    mad and move across the platform attacking with lightning. You can avoid this
    by either standing on the bottom and upper edges, or by swinging back and 
    forth on the pegs. He'll eventually return to throwing Spiny's. Once you hit 
    him again, he'll back waaaayyy up, and toss more Spiny's. Just as before, fire
    the first Spiny you can get right away, and the second set of Spiny's shouldn't
    even reach you. Once he's down, grab your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<5/242>] 
    Star #006 : Spiny Rainbow Romp - (STR06)
    This is a fun little level where, using the power of Rainbow Mario, you have 
    to defeat 30 Spiny's in a minute. Start by getting the Star ahead of you, and
    the first 5 Spiny's before the trampoline. As you get up here, keep in mind 
    two things; the amount of time you have left as Rainbow Mario, and the way you
    take care of Spiny's. It is best to get Spiny's in groups; get all of the 
    Spiny's in a certain area, and then move onto the next area. This'll prevent 
    you from running around and wasting time. Here is where all the Spiny's are 
    - 5 in the start area
    - 3 near the front of the circle
    - 4 to the right of the circle
    - 7 on the left (near the water, and 2 of which are on top of the water)
    - 4 near the green mound (top left) 
    - 6 to the right of the green mound
    - 1 off to the far right side
    Once you figure out where everything is, you should be fine. I recommend taking
    out the ones in the circle as soon as you can, and grabbing an extra star so 
    you don't run out of energy. From there, you can either head left or right, 
    and just circle around to get at all the Spiny's. Once you get all 30, the 
    star will appear!
    [STAR GET!] - [<6/242>] 
    		|(4.13) - Spin Dig Galaxy 		(GXY03) |  
    Star #007 : Digga-Leg's Planet - (STR07)
    From the start, head up and to the right, avoiding the drill enemies. They
    can be defeated with a well-placed jump, and they can also be defeated with a 
    drill. And speaking of that, you should see one right ahead! Once you grab it,
    you cannot let go of it unless you get hit or use a Launch Star. The drill 
    allows you to go through ground of the same type you're standing on. You can 
    get the nearby 1-Up by placing yourself opposite of it, and drilling down by 
    spinning the remote. To continue through this area, just head south of where 
    you grabbed the drill, and a little bit left, until you're opposite to the 
    large dirt mound with the Luma on it. Drill down, and if done correctly, you 
    should emerge by the Luma, who will send you to the next section.
    Here, stand on the nearby screw to get a good view of the planet. You should
    also see the Comet Medal to the right. To get it, grab a drill, go to the 
    other side, and drill in the sqaure bump on the bottom-right side (CMT03). 
    To proceed through the area, drill on the bump in front of the screw, which 
    will put you on a little hill on the bottom. Head over to the right and drill 
    again to emerge right by another Luma!
    Touch the checkpoint, and either time the platforms correctly, or use a long 
    jump near the edge to proceed. Head to the left (grab the 1-Up if you like!), 
    and head into the area with a Goomba and more platforms. Again, either time it
    well or use a well-placed long jump to get across. Soon enough, a Luma will 
    rush up to you, apologizing for being late. Launch on!
    On this mini-planet, head to the right of where you started and grab a drill,
    then head to the bottom and drill into the planet. You'll see a ton of coins,
    which you can collect if you wish. Once you're done, head up and drill through
    the ground into the next Launch Star. 
    Here, you'll meet the Toad Brigade Captain, who will warn you of the danger up
    ahead. You'll also find a Luma SHop, which can share you a Life Mushroom if you
    wish. Once you're ready, head down, touch the checkpoint, launch, and prepare 
    for Boss Time!
    Another pretty easy boss. The main objective is to hit the star cage on his
    bottom whenever he reveals it. He'll do this at some point after launching
    enemies at you. The easiest way to take care of this is to drill into the ground
    into them, which will take them out and pop you back out opposite him. Once he 
    speeds up, he'll send more enemies at once, so you'll want to spin just before 
    the first one reaches you, so you can hit both in the ground. If he doesn't 
    reveal his weakpoint and starts hopping around, keep in mind that he will hop 
    twice in one direction, then hop twice in the opposite direction.
    Anyways, he'll generally start hopping in one direction or the other when 
    revealing his weakpoint, so don't just drill right away when you see the star
    cage. Instead, move a little bit past the point opposite of him, and drill
    down. If done correctly, he'll hop into the point opposite of you while you're
    drilling through the ground. Keep in mind also that whenever you hit him, 
    you'll emerge on the side he was just on, so drill quickly back down to avoid 
    being crushed. 
    Once you hit him 3 times, he'll be done, so collect your prize by spinning the
    drill! Yay!
    [STAR GET!] - [<7/242>] 
    Star #008 : Silver Stars Deep Down - (STR08)
    As you might guess from the sign in the beginning, more Cosmic Clones will
    appear in this level. However, it's no problem, since your target is the 
    Crystal just below your current position. Long-jump towards it and smash it, 
    and the Cosmic Clones shouldn't even have time to appear. Kill the Piranha 
    Plant here, and spin the remote successively to move on to the next area. Take 
    the pipe down.
    We're no inside the planet, and of course, there's more stuff to do with the
    drill. Spin into the first patch you see, which will bounce you into the next
    area. Here, ignore the separate patch to the right (unless you really want the
    coin), and instead drill into the right side of the first patch with the enemy.
    This'll bounce you off several walls, and send you into the next section. Here,
    avoid the Amp, and head into the pipe. 
    More drilling! The path is just straight down, so there's no real issue. The
    best way to avoid the Amp's is to drill right when the Amp's are below you,
    since by the time Mario actually goes through the ground and drops down, 
    they'll be a safe distance away. Once you're at the bottom, head into the 
    orange pipe, smash the Crystal, and Launch away! Touch the next checkpoint, 
    and launch into the final section of this level!
    Here, we have to grab 5 silver star fragments, so let's get at it! From where
    you land, head to the left, picking up a drill and fragment [1]. From this 
    spot, drill into the ground, and you should emerge from the left side, right
    by another star fragment [2]. Drill down, and you'll emerge near the area 
    where you started. Press yourself against the wall on the right now, and drill
    through the ground. You should pass all the way to the opposite side, and you 
    might notice the next fragment, which is slightly to the right. 
    However, you want to head even fruther to the right, and place yourself on the 
    first patch of ground which looks slightly dark then the regular ground. This 
    should place you right above another fragment [3]. Now, grab the next fragment 
    to the left, which is the one you saw earlier [4]. Finally, head back to the 
    right, and drill down to reach a small area with the last fragment [5]. The 
    star will now form! Drill into the ground to reach the surface a bit, and head
    to the right. You can drill into the darker patch on the right to quickly go 
    onto  the opposite side of the planet. Head left from here and collect your 
    [STAR GET!] - [<8/242>] 
    Star #009 : Digga-Leg's Daredevil Run - (STR09)
    This is just the same thing as the boss battle with Digga-Leg in the first
    mission, except you can't get hit. Just keep in mind that you can take care of
    enemies by drilling into them, remember to stay opposite of him, and remember
    to go a bit past the point opposite of him when spinning into his weakpoint.
    Once you succeed, you'll gain another star! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<9/242>] 
    		|(4.14) - Fluffy Bluff Galaxy 		(GXY04) |  
    Star #010 : Search For The Toad Brigade Captain - (STR10)
    Ah, Fluffy Buff! Very peaceful locale. Head forward, avoiding those annoying
    blue enemies. You can kill them by letting them pound the ground, and then 
    either stomping or smacking them. Anyways, head forward and grab the Cloud 
    Flower, which will turn you into Cloud Mario! Using this, you can create 
    platforms while spinning. So give it a try, and head to the left. The pool 
    here will change you back to normal, but there is another Cloud Flower ahead, 
    so don't worry. 
    Here, you can simply stand on the cloud and use Cloud Mario to backflip up the
    wall. Touch the checkpoint and the TV if you want (though it doesn't tell you
    anything important). Now, make sure you have Cloud Mario, and long jump across
    the clouds. You should be able to get across them without even using any 
    clouds. Before you long-jump to the Launch Star, make sure you have 3 clouds.
    Jump across (you'll have to use at least one cloud to make it) and make sure
    you have two clouds before launching off. And make sure to grab the star bits
    you see on the clouds before.
    This is another area with Cosmic Clones, but right now, we want that Comet
    Medal! It's right in front of us, but we need clouds to reach it. Long-jump
    and use clouds to get over to it, but watch out; Cosmic Clones may appear, so
    don't get startled (CMT04). Once you have the Comet Medal, drop down and start
    collecting the star pieces. Grab the first one [1], and keep running to the
    right until you get the next one [2], then veer up to grab a third one [3]. 
    Keep right and jump over the small rock for the fourth one [4], and keep right
    to grab the final one [5]. Now, take the Launch Star to the next area, with 
    another chance to grab more star bits. 
    Touch the checkpoint, and grab a Cloud Flower. Don't bother with right-side.
    Just stick to the left and use backflips to climb up. Grab another Cloud
    Flower, and use to to get over to the swing. Swing up, and head for the tree.
    Head over to the next tree and you'll see the Toad Brigade Captain. He'll
    mention something about a Chimp (who will appear throughout the game). 
    Using the Cloud Flower, you can pretty much long jump across the entire area.
    Just head for the center and talk to the Chimp, who will clap and award you
    your star!
    [STAR GET!] - [<10/242>]
    Star #011 : Every Planet Has Its Price - (STR11)
    In this hidden star mission, you'll need to get about 100 coins; but don't 
    worry about it, it's not that hard! First, start by climbing the tree behind
    where you start, which'll give you a couple of coins. Now, just make a bee-line
    for the big tree, and go behind it find a pipe. Head inside, and get ready to
    play a little mini-game!
    Basically, the goal is to collect each set of coins before the time runs out. 
    The first set is a small square, so just run around it. The next shape is a 
    larger circle, so just grab that too. Finally, the last shape is a large square
    with some coins in the middle, so grab the square and then backflip in the 
    middle to get the rest. If you do it right, you should get a ton of star-bits,
    some applause, and you should be around 70 coins. Head back out.
    Now, head for the Cloud Flower, but don't go up the ledge - instead, star doing
    backflips and head toward the tree. Once you reach the top of the tree, take 
    the Launch Star, which will send you to the Luma. They want 100 coins...but we
    don't have enough! So grab the ? Coin, which will produce another 40 coins; 
    grab them and you should have enough. Now feed him, and launch to the hidden
    Here, touch the checkpoint, and grab the Cloud Flower. Climb up the first 
    ledge, and use backflip to climb up the tower. There's a Cloud Flower on the 
    third  ledge, so grab it and continue up, and to the right. You should find 
    another Cloud Flower, so grab it and continue straight up. Grab the next Cloud
    Flower, and keep heading up. Grab the last Cloud Flower, and continue straight
    up until you find your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<11/242>]
    Star #012 : The Chimp's Stomp Challenge - (STR12)
    This is where things start to get fun. Talk to the Chimp, who will challenge 
    you to a stomping game. Basically, you have to stomp enemies, for which you 
    get a certain amount of points. If you stomp several in a row, you get more 
    points (100, 200, 300) up to 300, and coins give you 100 each. 10,000 can be a
    bit tricky to get, but there are some tricks.
    Basically, start by turning around and heading for the tree; climb it and at
    the top is a ? Coin which will give you 1,000 points, along with several 
    coins. Then, proceed to stomp the first group of enemies. Bounce into the 
    Goomba pen, and try to stomp them too for some more points. See the Life 
    Mushroom by the tree? You can grab it for another 1000 points! Now, make your
    way up the ledge, and into the next part. The Launch Star will send you flying
    with some momentum, so use it to bounce over the next enemies. Head up, and 
    launch further up. 
    This is where you'll get even more point; bounce on the enemies to the right
    first, and then take care of the big circle of enemies to the left. Hit the box
    to get a bunch of coins, which will hopefully put you near, if not past, 
    10,000. If you still don't have enough, climb the nearby tree and grab an extra
    life for an extra 1,000 points! That should give you 10,000, and the star. If 
    not, just practice making combos by stomping enemies. You should get it at some
    point, and collect your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<12/242>]
    		|(4.15) - Flip-Swap Galaxy 		(GXY05) |  
    Star #013 : Think Before You Shake - (STR13)
    The hardest part of this level is simply controlling any urge you may have to 
    spin. For the first section, spin to make the panels red, and jump to the first
    part. From here, long jump to the next red part, and from here, long-jump
    diagonally to the platform with enemies. 
    With the panels still red, follow the path of red panels, avoiding the electric
    barriers. Long-jump to the next set, and here, move to the very edge of the 
    last panel. This jump is a bit tricky, but you can jump diagonally up towards
    the right red panel, and not touch the electric gate. Here, backflip onto the 
    ledge, and touch the checkpoint.
    Here, change the platforms to blue, head left, and long-jump over to the next
    Now, watch the Chomps; with the platforms blue, the first one will have a path
    to travel. Spin to throw it off, and then spin again to make it blue (not too
    quickly though, you can actual catch the falling Chomp and put him back onto 
    the panel). Once the panels are blue, quickly run along it, and long-jump to 
    the single 1-Up, where you are safe. Now, look towards the next section of 
    blue panels. When you see a Chain Chomp heading down that part, and then head 
    right along the blue panel, jump towards it, and then quickly long-jump to the
    next blue panel in line, another safe point. From here, jump to the Comet 
    Medal (CMT05) and to the next ledge.
    Spin to change the panels to red, and then just leap from one to the other, 
    avoiding the electrical fences. Once you get past it all, you should see the 
    final ledge with the star on it!
    [STAR GET!] - [<13/242>]
    Star #014 : Purple Coin Flip N'Sprint - (STR14)
    This is pretty much the same as the level before, but you now have to collect
    purple coins. This means you have to spin a lot more, in order to collect the 
    coins on all the platforms. The most important thing about spinning is to only
    spin when you are above a gap, not a panel. That way, the panels will switch
    and catch you, as opposed to falling beneath you. 
    For the first part, keep the panels blue, and jump around to get them all. Near
    the end you'll need to change the panels to red, so do so and grab the extra 
    coin. Grab all the coins on the ledge, and you should now have [15]. Grab the 
    1-Up too. 
    Here, you'll have to be constantly switching between blue and red, but it 
    shouldn't be too difficult. Just watch the electrical fences and make your way
    around until you get to the ledge [39]. 
    Now, just avoid the fence and spin to change the panel to blue, then red once 
    the Chain Chomp falls. Grab the coins and move on [52.
    This is the trickest part, so be patient. First, make sure the panels active
    are red, and let the first Chomp fall. Collect his coins, and as soon as you 
    see the next Chomp (the one who moves on red), flip the panels to red. Quickly
    grab his coins, and spin to flip the panels to blue. The next Chomp who starts
    on blue should have just fallen, so quickly grab the coins, and, as the next 
    Chomp moves towards you, jump and spin to the left (to the 2 red panels). Once
    he falls, jump and spin back onto the blue, collect the rest of the coins, and
    jump to the single, safe blue panel. Once the last Chomp in the line falls, 
    spin to flip the panels to red, quickly grab them, and spin flip to the blue
    panel and last coin at this point [71]. Grab the next 7 as well [79]. 
    For the last part, you just have to avoid the electric fences and spin the 
    panels from time to time to collect all the coins, the last 21 [100]. Then just
    make your way over to the star! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<14/242>]
    		|(4.16) - Rightside Down Galaxy		(GXY06) |  
    Star #015 : Breaking The Laws of Gravity - (STR15)
    From the start, you'll enter a pipe. Head right here, and long-jump across 
    them platforms to reach a block with some star bits. Mhm. Now, head all the way
    down. You can stomp the switch for some nice coins. Head to the right, and spin
    to hurl yourself up the flower. Here, avoid the enemies (which can only be 
    killed if there spikes are hidden, and hit the switch to change the gravity. 
    Heading to the left will lead to a pipe with a hidden star, so scroll down if 
    you want that. 
    Continue to the right, though don't jump too high (black hole is nearby!).
    Continue onto the platform, and ride it down. Watch out for the Piranha Plant
    here; move into it's range, and then move to the edge to avoid it's crushing 
    blow. Once you defeat it, spin into the flower to move on.
    Keep heading along the linear path, and into the checkpoint. Now, things get
    a bit trickier with the gravity. Land on the moving platform, and when the
    second one appears, jump down. Ride it across, and proceed to the right.  
    Here, the gravity will be pulling you down, so jump onto the next platform,
    and head across to the switch. Change the gravity, and make your way back to
    the left. This time, jump on top of the platform, and make your way down and
    to the right. Notice the black hole; good thing you hit the switch, eh?
    Now you'll encounter some Chomps, so run across with good timing. There's a
    gap ahead, so mind your footing. Now we have Thwomps; great, go past the first
    one, and you should notice a Comet Medal. Just Backflip-Spin off the first 
    Thwomp to jump up and reach it (CMT06). Now, continue to the right, and touch 
    the checkpoint.
    Ah yes, the Fire Flower! The upper path will lead you to some star bits, and
    the bottom path will allow you to continue on. Smash all the crates, and grab
    the next Fire Flower. Let gravity do it's work, and continue right. Smash some
    more crates, grab another flower, etc. Eventually, you'll come to the third 
    Head into the new change in gravity, and just keep going right. At the fork,
    head up. Continue up, and into a circle area. From here, use the platforms to
    get across, until you see the row of Thwomps. 
    There is a really easy way to get past this part; since you're still on a 
    special gravitational pull, you can actual backflips towards the screen, and
    land on brown blocks in front of everything else. This means you can simply
    head up and to the right, and skip all the Thwomps. Head down instead of up
    though, just for future reference. See the big area below the last Thowmp? In
    the lower right corner is where a future green star will appear, so keep that
    in mind. Anyways, keep heading right, and then up, and you'll see the star.
    Drop in from above to claim it!
    [STAR GET!] - [<15/242>]
    Star #016 : The Great Crate Incinerator - (STR16)
    Remember the pipe we passed in the level? Now, head into it. You can destroy
    all the crates here if you like, but you only need to destroy the upper-right
    ones to proceed. Head in.
    Surprise, time for another mini-game! It's no real big problem though. There
    are many way to do it, so I'll give you the way I like.
    Start by throwing a single fireball forward; the good thing about these crates
    is that it only takes one fireball to smash several. Turn around, and throw
    another fireball to take care of the one behind you. Now, line yourself
    diagonally, and throw a fireball to each of diagional lines of crates. Hit the
    two crates on either side of you. Head to the left side, and hit the  crates 
    on the bottom Hit the diagonal ones too. Now, just repeat on the right side, 
    and you're done! It only takes 8 fireballs this way!
    [STAR GET!] - [<16/242>]
    		|(4.17) - Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla	(GXY07) |  
    Star #017 : Gobblegut's Aching Belly - (STR17)
    We're coming up on the end of World One already, wow! Here, just follow the
    path up the wooden planks, and to the right. Avoid the flames and take care of
    the enemy here. Now, wait until the Thwomp is on the ground, and Backflip Spin
    onto him, and you'll see the Comet Medal right above you (CMT07). Now, continue
    to the left. Defeat the Magikoopa, and hit the switch on the left side. 
    The doors will open, and you can proceed to the next section. Just launch to 
    the next little planet. Touch the checkpoint here, and head forward, avoiding
    the flames. You can jump to the little capsule on the left, but it just has
    star bits. Continue forward, wary of the different elevations of flames. 
    Defeat the Magikoopa along the way, and make sure you take a left before 
    hopping up onto the last platform for a Life Mushroom. Now, head into the 
    Launch and continue. It's Boss Time!
    Gobbleguts can be a bit of a confusing boss, just because there is so much on
    the screen sometimes. The key thing to note is Gobbleguts' 6 weak points; 
    giant red pulsing spots. Gobbleguts will essentially chase run around for a 
    while, and then begin to chase you. Eventually, he will dive into the ground.
    At this  point, his weakpoints will periodically show, and give you a brief 
    moment in  which to smack him. But beware - Gobbleguts is still moving at this
    point. If you just stand there, you'll often be within gobbling distance around
    the time his 3rd/4th weakpoint appears.
    However, I recommend that for the first 3 hits (which is the first phase), you
    focus on hitting the last three segments. This is because although Gobbleguts 
    will chase around this point and things can get a bit tricky, it's easier to 
    hit his last three weakpoints when he's not mad (in his second phase).
    One last tip; you can still hit him while he's in the air! Gobbleguts flies
    fairly low to the ground, so you can often times jump or flip into the air 
    and smack any nearby weakpoints. This can also help speed things up. 
    Once you hit him 6 times, the prize is yours!
    [STAR GET!] - [<17/242>]
    Star #018 : Fiery Flotilla Speed Run - (STR18)
    This is just a speed run of the Gobbleguts fight; not much else to say. Just
    remember that his weakpoint is easiest to hit when he dives into the ground,
    remember to go for the farthest weakpoints first, and remember that you can
    still hit him while he's in the air with good timing! Once you got him down,
    collect your prize! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<18/242>]
                          ---------------      ----------------
    		     --------------         ----------------
    	            -------------            ----------------
    	            <------[ (4.20) - World 2 (WRD2) ]------->
    	            =============            ================
    	 	     ==============         ================
    		      ===============      ================
    		|(4.21) - Puzzle Plank Galaxy   	(GXY08) |
    Star #019 : The Puzzling Picture Block  -  (STR19)
    You'll start the level on a block suspended in mid-air...somehow. There are
    spots you can ground pound on either end for star bits, and a spring on one 
    side for more star bits. When you're ready to move on, ground pound the marker
    in the center, and you'll land on the next area. 
    Here, you can defeat the Wigglers for star bits, and stomp each of the 
    switches. The top left one triggers several notes to appear, and if you collect
    them all, you get three 1-Up's. The bottom left one has more star bits, and the
    top right one has some coins. Hit the bottom right one to trigger the Launch 
    You should notice more ground-pound marks on the ground, but smacking them 
    won't do anything. Instead, go to the other side, and climb the blocks there.
    Stomp the tallest one twice, and go back to the other side (ignore the pipe,
    we'll go there later). You'll notice a new block appear, and you can backflip
    onto it and into the next Launch Star.
    Touch the checkpoint, and you should notice the Comet Medal ahead. To get it, 
    you need to quickly run onto that panel and grab it, before the saw cuts it 
    off (CMT08). As you do this, a saw should cut the big wall in front of us. Two 
    more saws will come down just ahead, and allow us to wall jump upwards.
    Here, just continue to the right and up the ledges, and keep moving - the saws
    will slowly but surely cut away the platforms. You're only save once you reach
    a section where the saws seem to be stuck... so hit the switch to the left!
    Now, quickly long-jump over to the Launch Star (careful of the blade, though!)
    There's another Luma Shop here, but you shouldn't need it; just touch the 
    checkpoint and head on to the last section.
    This is just a real simple puzzle; just make the picture complete. From where
    you begin, hit the first ground pound marker 3 times to move the first piece
    into place. Do the same with the next piece to the left, and then with the 
    final piece. Once you too, a little duo of bugs will appear. Just jump over 
    them and ground pound at the right time, and your prize will appear!
    [STAR GET!] - [<19/242>]
    Star #020 : Bugaboom's Back - (STR20)
    Remember the pipe from last time? Head over to it, and make sure you collect
    all the coins you can along the way (remember that you can stomp the top-right
    switch for some extra coins). Once you enter the pipe, grab the ? Coin, and 
    tons of coins will appear. Just circle around to grab them all (I go left to 
    right). Back outside, grab all the coins you can see, stomp all of the little
    tree stumps for some more coins, defeat the enemy on top of the blocks, and 
    check the patch of grass for some more coins. You should have over 70 coins, 
    so talk to the Luma, and he'll launch you to the secret area. Use the Clouds 
    to get across, and prepare for... a Boss Battle!
    Returning from Super Mario Galaxy, Bugaboom is even easier. Before, you had
    to fly over top of him and ground-pound into him with good timing. The
    concept is the same, but the execution is even easier; simply use the cloud
    flower to create a platform higher then he is, wait for him to pass by, and
    BAM! Ground-pound straight through the cloud onto him. The clouds do fade 
    after a little while, but since you have 3, you can just make another one.
    And that's it; you don't even have to worry about his little bomb attack.
    All you'll have to worry about is picking up another Cloud Flower once
    or twice and waiting for him to pass by. Smack him 3 times, and you're 
    [STAR GET!] - [<20/242>]
    Star #021 : Purple Coin Shadow Vault - (STR21)
    Don't even bother looking at the time-limit for this one; you need to keep 
    moving to avoid the Cosmic Clones. I prefer to start from the left, and move 
    along the outside panels to the right, and then zig-zag left and right while 
    moving down. I also like to do a small circle on each panel, just to make sure 
    I get all the purplse coins. You should finish up near the middle of the stage,
    so be sure to collect all the star bits once the Cosmic Clones disappear. And 
    your prize too, of course! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<21/242>]
    		|(4.22) - Hightail Falls Galaxy   	(GXY09) |
    Star #022 : Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper - (STR22)
    Another Yoshi level? Huzzah! Head across the bridge and grab Yoshi, and start
    heading up the slope. You'll soon see a Dash Pepper, a red vegetable that 
    makes you run at high speeds. Just head straight, grab the star bits you can,
    and go into the Launch Star.
    Here, you'll see three different paths you can take. For the easiest route, 
    position yourself as close to the right edge as you feel comfortable (doesn't
    have to be all the way on the edge), and grab the Dash Pepper with Yoshi. 
    Just hold him steady, and you should go straight up, past some star bits, and
    into the next Launch. You can head up the wall, but it's not relevant at this 
    point. Grab the star bits as you fly across.
    Touch the checkpoint, and continue on your way. Careful though, the platforms 
    here fall after a little while. Grab the Dash Pepper, and start running across 
    the blocks. Keep to the left, and you should be fine. The Dash Pepper should
    run out just a bit before the next Launch Star, so be prepared to jump at the
    end. To the right is a teleport, if you want to use it.
    Touch the checkpoint here, and prepare to head up the wall; there are some 
    poles in the way, but they shouldn't be too much trouble. Just keep in mind 
    that you are heading right and eventually down (in a half circle), so just pass
    the poles from either side. Cross the bridge here, line yourself up, and grab
    the Dash Pepper. To get the Comet Medal, you need to head straight up, and you
    should see it between some purple blocks (CMT09). Hit the purple blocks, and 
    drop back down to where you started. You'll notice the path went left, so when
    you starting up again, veer to the left, and head down.
    Use the pegs to swing over to the next area, and use Yoshi to dismount and jump
    onto that upper ledge. Here, you should see the star, and the best way to 
    prepare for part. Just switch to first person mode, and you'll see that you 
    need to move from side to side slightly as you go up, turn left, veer back 
    down, and as soon as you emerge from the bottom, do a hard right turn into the
    star. It might take some practice, but you'll eventually claim your star! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<22/242>]
    Star #023 : Silver Stars In Hightail Falls - (STR23)
    In this particular hidden start you have to collect 30 coins, before you
    get to the last section where the Hungry Luma is. Most of these coins can
    be gotten on the first part with the ? Coin; grabbing it while trigger a
    ton of coins to appear in a curving shape. They don't disappear, so if you
    miss one, feel free to go back. There are also some in the next area (mostly
    in the center of the gray blocks), a couple more in the first part of the
    last section (by the poles), and a couple in the form of enemies and such. 
    Once you Launch to the hidden planet, you'll notice alot of blue creatures
    running around in a panic. 5 of these are carrying star pieces...and all you
    need to do is catch up and take them out...and that's it! Once you have all
    5 pieces, the prize is yours!
    [STAR GET!] - [<23/242>]
    Star #024 : Hightail Falls Speed Run - (STR24)
    This level is identical to the first one, with a few changes. First, chunks 
    of the ground are missing here and there. Next, meteors are falling from the
    sky. Finally, most enemies are replaced by those things that stick onto you.
    You can shake these off with the remote. Aside from not being able to take 
    the far right path when first claiming up (just take the middle path, and 
    stick to the right), everything is pretty much the same. Just follow the steps
    of STR22.  Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<24/242>]
    		|(4.23) - Boulder Bowl Galaxy   	(GXY10) |
    Star #025 : Rock and Rolodillo - (STR25)
    From the start, run forward and defeat the 3 enemies; this will reveal a new 
    power-up; the Rock Mushroom. Using this, you can transform into a rock and 
    smash into rocks and squish enemies. Pressing A will also allow you to jump 
    into the air, which is useful sometimes You can also break the pillars around 
    here for some star bits and coins. And if you smash into the rather large 
    purple crystal to the left twice, you reveal the next Comet Medal (CMT10). 
    Once you're ready to go, smash into the giant bridge to knock it over, spin 
    into the bowling pins and ramp to launch to the next area. Touch the checkpoint
    Here, you have to defeat all the enemies, so clear out the area either by 
    jumping on their heads or crushing them. The two boulders can be taken out 
    with the rock ability as well. Once you defeat everything, you can continue 
    You'll need the Rock Mushroom, so grab it and head up. Avoid the mucky 
    ground, and be aware of the fact that you cannot smash Chain Chomps even in
    your rock form. At the top of this planet you'll see a big purple crystal; 
    smash it and you can move on. There is also a purple toad near the purple 
    crystal who is trying to break a giant pillar; you can break it to reveal a 
    pipe, which will lead you to a cool little area with lots of Chance Cubes. 
    Once you've had your fun, keep going.
    On this presumably valuable little planet, you can find a checkpoint and a Luma
    Shop, which should tip you off...that once you Launch, it's Boss Time!
    This is probably the easiest boss so far, unless you have a really hard time
    controlling the Rock power. Even so, the boss gives you so much time to line
    up and whack his weakspot, you shouldn't have too much trouble.
    Anyways, the weakpoint is his rear (of course), which cannot be smacked while
    he is in ball form. For the most part he'll spin, but also become dizzy at 
    times. This is your chance to smack into him. Once you hit him once, he'll 
    start to spin for a bit, then stop and jump around. You can technically hit 
    him at this point, but it's just easier to wait for a bit; he'll charge at 
    you,  then skid to a stop, dizzy. This'll give you an even easier chance to 
    hit him.
    Once you get him 2 more times, he'll get a bit more peeved, but all that really
    changes is that he'll skid around twice before he gets stunned, instead of just
    once. Hit him one more time and the prize is yours!
    [STAR GET!] - [<25/242>]
    Star #026 : Rolling Crabber Romp - (STR26)
    This can be a very annoying levle if you don't have very good reflexes; you
    often need to swerve to nab a crab who might otherwise be just out of range.
    Plus, you only have a minute, so you have to hurry. I have a few tips that
    should hlep out, however.
    - Don't stop rolling until you are down to just a coupel crabs; at the 
    beginning, even with bad aiming, you should be able to take down quite a few
    crabs just because there are so many.
    - Don't try to make really sharp turns to get crabs on the sides; turning 
    only moves you a bit to either side, so you can't really swing around and hit
    an enemy on the side unless you do a long circle (which wastes time). If you
    see a crab that's slightly to the left or right, then feel free to get it.
    - The crabs tend to group around the flowers, so don't crush the flowers right
    away; they won't group around it at that point.
    - The planet is grate-like, so you can sometimes see enemies opposite of you.
    This helps prevent you from spending too much time not in rock form (and thus
    not smashing anyone). If you see an enemy directly opposite of you, rolling
    forward allows you to quickly reach it. 
    Hopefully, that'll help you claim your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<26/242>]
    Star #027 : C'mere, Goomba - (STR27)
    Remember about half-way through the level, with the giant purple crystal, the
    unbreakable Chomps, and the purple toad/pipe? This time, if you go past the 
    Launch Star, you can find a golden Gizmo, who wants you to catch a Goomba. 
    But where can you find one? Well, head back to the area where you first 
    started; see those three pillars? The ones on the right side will each reveal
    a Goomba. 
    Now, head south and to the left; the Gizmo isn't actually that far from this 
    spot. The only thing you need to watch for is the boulders (you can smash the
    regular ones with your Rock power, which gives you a bigger opening). The 
    Goomba's aren't slowed by the muck, so just lure it into the marked area and 
    you're done!
    Fun Fact: You can smash the 4 markers to get star bits!
    [STAR GET!] - [<27/242>]
    		|(4.24) - Cosmic Cove Galaxy    	(GXY11) |
    Star #028 : Twin Falls Hideaway - (STR28)
    Ah, a nice beach! You can spin the patterns of sea-shell for star bits, and 
    also spin to steal the Koopa's shell! Start cruising through the water, and 
    just stick to the surface. You'll come across some wooden planks in the water,
    which you can jump over for fun. 
    Anyways, keep heading forward. You can spin into the launch to get some air and
    grab some nice star bits. Then, continue, keep heading forward, and dive below 
    the waterfall. Keep swimming forward and avoid the stalks (or shine the light 
    of the Koopa shell on them to defeat them. Eventually you'll come to an open 
    area, with a ? Coin you can collect to get some coins. Instead of grabbing 
    them, however, head to the right, where you should see a conch shell with the
    next Cosmic Medal in it (CMT11). Now, head towards the tower on the left, with
    the giant switch on top. Hit it...and everything will turn into ice!
    Did you see those two waterfalls in the air freeze up? That's our target. 
    Skate towards it, and wall-jump between both waterfalls to reach the top. Once
    you're on top, move to the left one and smash the Crystal for your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<28/242>]
    Star #029 : Catch That Star Bunny - (STR29)
    You may recall seeing a Hungry Luma by the switch that froze the lake; now,
    you'll need 20 coins to feed to the Luma and get the hidden star. 
    When you start the level, just go about it normally; you don't need to collect
    the coin by the wooden planks if you don't want to. Once you get to the first
    waterfall, though, you'll want to grab as many coins as you can. Grab the ?
    Coin for some extra cash, and grab some coins lying here and there as well.
    Once you have at least 10, you can freeze the ground and skate around. There
    are some more coins near the frozen waterfall, as well as coins on most of 
    the platforms, and 3 coins on the left near a frozen ledge. There's a pipe on
    the right side, but it just leads to 3 Chance Cubes.
    Once you have enough coins, feed the Luma, and he'll send you to a rather
    shoddy planet with a Star Bunny and Switch. Before you talk to the bunny, hit
    the switch, then quickly talk to him. You'll have to chase him around (which
    is easier on the ice), and since you already froze it, you should be able to
    quickly catch up to him, and claim your prize. Remember that you can spin 
    while on the ice for a nice boost!
    [STAR GET!] - [<29/242>]
    Star #030 : Exploring The Cosmic Cavern - (STR30)
    Right from the get go, you'll notice the water is already frozen, and a Luma
    is trapped by the entrance. You'll need to find the key, so starting skating 
    along. Just avoid the enemies, and you'll see a pipe near the now frozen 
    waterfall. Enter it.
    Ground-poung here to move on, and you'll slide down into the water. Keep
    heading right, and watch for the water bubble that will drag you back down.
    Wall-jump up, hit the block on the left for some nice star bits, and long jump
    over the planet to proceed. Touch the checkpoint, and head right only if
    you want an extra coin. Otherwise, dive down. Keep heading down, collecting
    coins if you wish. Head left, and down, and you'll eventually reach a current
    that will push you to the right. 
    At the end, you'll see a switch, so spin into it to open the gate. Giant fish
    will come at you from the wall, but you can swim past the first 2 by hugging
    the opposite walls. The 3rd one can reach you, so either just go right through
    or dart back up when he goes for you. At the very bottom, you'll see a pipe to
    the next area.
    We're now high up somehow, so head to the right and touch the checkpoint.
    You'll see water suspended in the air, so jump up and swim towards the top,
    avoiding the jellyfish. Continue up, and avoid the mines as well. You should
    see a little platform with a Goomba here, so swim up to it. Now, you can 
    backflip from the left side of the water to trim some of the distance. Keep 
    heading up until you reach the penguin.
    Now, you'll come to water that moves from side to side...wow. Anyways, jump in
    and swim to the right edge of the water. When it connects to the other cube of
    water, swim in. Do the same with the next one, and you should see a key above 
    you. Jump to the platform, then jump for the key and spin back to the platform.
    Collect the star bits in the background, and go through the pipe. Talk to the 
    Luma, and he'll launch you to a toadship. Touch the checkpoint and move on.
    Here, grab the drill, and go south, which should place you near a large patch
    of dirt. Drill through the middle of it, and you should pop out the over side.
    Walk left until you see the barrier; defeat the Mechakoopas near it for the key,
    which will open the barrier and reveal some dirt. Drill into it, and the area 
    will flood, allowing you to reach your prize on the platform! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<30/242>]
    		|(4.25) - Wild Glide Galaxy     	(GXY12) |
    Star #031 : Fluzzard's First Flight - (STR31)
    This race isn't too bad, but you'll need a bit of skill to get that dastardly
    Comet Medal. Basically, you have to pass through several (5) gates to unlock 
    it, and then actually grab it. 
    The 1st gate is easy to see; it's right in front of you (1). The 2nd one is
    just as easy, though you might have to fly down a bit (2). The 3rd requires 
    you to swoop down a bit, even lower (3). Now, in order to get the 4th one, 
    don't go all the way down to the water. Instead, when you come to the point 
    where you can dive down or left/right, stick to the left (and grab the 1-Up, 
    if you can!) and keep to the left. Avoid the vines, and you should see the 4th
    gate to the left, fairly high up. Good thing you didn't dive, right? Here, you
    can go either ways, but going left is a bit safer. Keep going whichever way 
    you want, and in the room with crystal vines everywhere, try to stick to the 
    Once you're out, you'll see the gate on the left side, so fly through it (5).
    You should then see the Comet Medal ahead, with the barrier disappearing. 
    This can be a bit tricky to get; try not to go too fast (CMT12). Then, just
    fly through the "golden sun" and you've got another star!
    [STAR GET!] - [<31/242>]
    Star #032 : Jungle Fluzzard Race - (STR32)
    This is actually easier then the previous mission, since you have pretty much
    free rein. The main trick to to fly pointing down as much as you can, since
    Fluzzard flies faster then. Stay close to the water when you can, since hitting
    the water (unlike hitting the walls) doesn't hurt. 
    There are only really three areas you need to be careful of. The first is near
    the beginning, where the 2nd gate was. Don't fly too low, or you'll smack into
    the rock. Also, when you get to the point where you had to fly to the left 
    (where the 1-Up was), fly down into the water instead. 
    If you enter the ice cavern part from the lowest point possible (near the 
    water), you'll be in a fairly tight area, so try to stay in the center of it. 
    It turns to the right fairly sharply, so be aware of that.
    Finally, when you see the crystal vines, you might be conflicted as to whether
    you should dive down or go a little up. I recommend flying a bit up, so that 
    you pass right above a crystal vine, because you might be flying a bit fast 
    from the  previous tunnel and crash by accident. 
    Once you pass the crystal vines, you're pretty much set; you should be able
    to fly straight and place first with no problems. Once you do, enjoy your 
    [STAR GET!] - [<32/242>]
    		|(4.26) - Honeybloom Galaxy     	(GXY13) |
    Star #033 : Bumble Beginnings - (STR33)
    Right at the beginning you'll be swinging on vines, so use your pointer to 
    collect the star bits that pop out. This is a pretty linear level, so you 
    shouldn't have too much trouble. Also, the green petals can be touched to 
    trigger star bits to appear. 
    Anyways, head right, and wall-jump this small little section. Grab the swing
    and swing over to the over side, and continue to the right. Head to the right,
    wall-jump up the damp little area, and continue until you see the Bee 
    Mushroom! Using this, you can fly for a little while, and stand on flowers 
    and petals! However, you can't touch water, so keep that in mind. Fly up and
    touch the checkpoint.
    Keep heading up and to the right, avoiding the gophers, until you come 
    purple flowers. Head straight up, and you should see the Comet Medal tucked 
    away in a corner, guarded by a flying gopher. You can stun it with a star bit,
    and fly into the little nook to grab your next Comet Medal (CMT13). Now, 
    continue back up. 
    Soon you'll come to another vine, and you may see a star in the background. If
    you're wondering how to get that, check the details for the star just below 
    this one. 
    Ride the vines, collecting star bits, and you'll soon land on some bouncy 
    grapes. Make your way over to the right, until you land on firm ground again.
    You might see a ? Coin along the way, which will give you some coins. Touch 
    the next checkpoint once you reach it.
    In this area there are a lot of orange poles, and annoying Fuzzy enemies, which
    cannot be defeated. It's best to stand on the edge of each platform and buzz 
    your way up instead. You can make it all the way to the top without grabbing
    any poles, though be careful of the gopher near the top. Then, just grab the
    swing and make your way to the right. On the 2nd swing, you can go up to the 
    left to find some star bits. When you're ready, grab the next vine, and grab 
    some more star bits. You'll land on some more grapes, but it's a very short
    section, so continue to the checkpoint.
    See those green things? They'll stretch out to attack you, so beware. Fly past
    the first one, and stand where the coin is. Once the next one retracts, keep 
    going. Eventually, you'll see purple pads; you can land on these, but if you
    stay too long, it will eat you. Head up from it as soon as you can. Keep 
    heading right, and descend down the section with the purple pads. You'll see
    another Bee Mushroom, and now you have to head back up to the right. There's
    quite a few green stalks, so buzz through it as fast as you can.
    Once you're in a more open area, you should see some Clouds to the right, so
    go up them. Right above the 2nd one you should see your prize, so grab it!
    [STAR GET!] - [<33/242>]
    Star #034 : The Secret Wall Jump - (STR34)
    This is probably one of the easiest hidden stars in the entire game, so  
    breathe a sigh of relief. Remember the first swing of the level? Just go up to 
    it, and start swinging to the right.  You should notice that ladder-wall on the
    right, and can probably guess that something is up there. At the peak of your
    swing in that direction jump, spin, and wall-kick, and you can start climbing 
    up. There are some star bits in the middle of the climb, and once you get all 
    the way up, you'll see your prize. Not bad, huh?
    [STAR GET!] - [<34/242>]
    		|(4.27) - Bowser's Lava Lair    	(GXY14) |
    Star #035 : Bowser's Big Lava Power Party - (STR35)
    Finally, our first Bowser level! As is to be expected from the first Bowser 
    level, it's not too hard, and actually pretty fun! Let's get started!
    As you run ahead, you'll see a Magikoopa appear, so quickly defeat it before it
    spawns an enemy. Once you do, a Pull Star will appear, so you can proceed to 
    the next area.
    Here, just jump across the crates, watching out for the fireballs that pop out
    from time to time on either edge of the lava. Jump on the spring to get to the
    next area. This is just the same as the one we were at, but with less crates 
    and some spinning fire. You can grab a Life Mushroom here too; just long-jump 
    at it and land on a nearby platform. Smash the crystal on the end to reveal a 
    Launch Star to the next area.
    Touch the checkpoint here, and head on. The platforms here will spin (which 
    throws you off), so jump on them right after they spin. You can grab a 1-Up 
    here too. On the circular platform at the end you'll meet a Hammer Bro, who 
    will toss 2 hammers at you at a time. Avoid them, spin into him, and kick him
    to take him out, which'll reveal another Launch Star. Collect the stars as you
    fly up too!
    Here, you can jump on the middle to get a ? Coin which triggers some coins. 
    Head forward and ground pound the switch to drop down. Avoid the Dry Bones 
    here and hop across the platforms. Here, you'll see some Whomps, which you can
    defeat by pounding on there backs. Just run into their range, let them fall, 
    and crush them. 
    To get the Comet Medal, however, you'll have to play a bit differently. It's 
    above the second Whomp, so you can either use a well-timed Triple Jump + Wall 
    Kick off of him to reach it, or let him fall, stand near his head, and ride 
    him as he stands up (CMT14). Once you get your Medal, head on to the right. 
    Now, these glowing rocks are something you should keep in mind. You can jump on
    them, and then pound them where indicated. If you don't hit it straight on, 
    however, they'll fly in the direction opposite of where you stomp it. For 
    instance, hitting it from the bottom-left will send it flying towards the 
    top-right corner of the screen. This'll come into play later.
    Anyways, hit the rock into the Bowser lock, and the door will open. Jump into
    the gravitational pull, and touch the next checkpoint.
    Here, you'll encounter ground-eating skeletons, so be careful as you make your
    way across. The camera moves kinda funny, but you want to move left and up. 
    You should arrive at an area with purple blocks sitting on the lava. Ready for
    a ride?
    You just have to follow the blocks, which will move up and to the right. When
    you come to the spinning flames, you can jump in the middle to get another 
    Life Mushroom. A Magikoopa will also appear, so smack him if he comes into 
    your range. Otherwise, just ride to  the right and into the next area. 
    Just another purple-block area; but watch out for the statues. They'll create
    electric fences, so jump over them with the correct timing. At the top you'll
    meet two Hammer Bros, so just take care of them one by one. Head up, grab the
    last checkpoint, and climb  the left flagpole if you need another Life 
    Mushroom. When you're ready, smack the glowing rocks into each of the Bowser 
    symbols with good aim. Jump into the door and prepare for Boss Time!
    Bowser #1
    For the first battle with Bowser, it's pretty easy. Basically, Bowser has only
    a few moves. He'll cause meteors to fall from  the sky, which are indicated 
    by an orange light. Then, he'll hover after you and smash his fist down 
    depending on where you stand.
    The best thing to do is to lure Bowser so that he punches near the rocks, but
    not so that he destroys them all. Once he punches them, all the rocks will 
    become the same glowing rocks we saw earlier. If there are any glowing rocks 
    remaining, jump on them, and pound on the symbol to hit them into Bowser. You
    don't have to hit the symbol directly, but it's generally positioned to give
    you the best shot at Bowser.
    Once you hit him twice, Bowser will throw in an extra attack; fire breathe. 
    After each time you hit him, he'll summon meteors, and then chase you with 
    fire. Just keep away from him and you'll be fine. Nothing else changes in the
    fight, except perhap that you have a smaller window to hit Bowser with, but if
    you are positioning yourself close to the meteors when Bowser hits them, you
    should have plenty of time anyway.
    Once you hit him 4 times total, watch the scene and collect your super prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<35/242>]
    Star #036 : Lava Lair Speed Run - (STR36)
    The level is exactly the same as before, but you have a very short amount of
    time to get through. There's not much difference in the level (with an 
    exception being no Bowser fight), but you need to make sure you grab every 
    stopwatch, which gives you can extra 10 seconds. Most of them are straight in
    your path, but I'll list them all here to make things easier.
    - Right at the start
    - By the spring 
    - By the 1st Launch Star
    - Right before the spinning platforms
    - In the air (after beating the Hammer Bro)
    - In the middle of the spinning flames 
    - Before the Whomps
    - Between the 2 Whomps (to the left) 
    - Past the 2nd Whomp
    - Near the start of the ground-eating area
    - Near the end of the ground-eating area
    - To the right of the spinning flames
    - In the middle of the electric fence shooting statues
    You should be able to finish the level with just a couple seconds left, so 
    don't feel bad if you cut it close. The part with the  most hassle is the one
    with the Whomps. You can bypass them a bit quicker by Backflip Spin over them,
    though you have to be careful not to be squashed. Otherwise, try to lure them 
    to fall as fast as you can. Also, don't hesitate on the ground eating part; 
    just try to stick to firm ground as much as you can, and long-jump near the 
    end to make sure you're safe. Also, jumping in the air before the rock (to 
    smash the door with) rises fully from the ground can save you a second or so. 
    Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<36/242>]
                          ---------------      ----------------
    		     --------------         ----------------
    	            -------------            ----------------
    	            <------[ (4.30) - World 3 (WRD3) ]------->
    	            =============            ================
    	 	     ==============         ================
    		      ===============      ================
    		|(4.31) - Tall Trunk Galaxy     	(GXY15) |
    Star #037 : The Flotacious Blimp Fruit - (STR37)
    From the start, heading straight down and you'll come to a Yoshi egg!
    Hatch him and jump on, then head back up. Instead of grabbing the blue fruit 
    (a Blimp Fruit), go to the right and eat the next one, past the teleporter. 
    Fly straight up, and grab the next Blimp Fruit on the left. Continue straight 
    up, and you'll see another fruit. Grab it, and head up and to the right to the
    Launch Star. You can also head to the left, which will lead you to a Life 
    Mushroom. Anyways, launch away!
    Touch the checkpoint, and head to the right for another Blimp Fruit. Fly 
    straight up, and check out the pipe on the left for a Chance Cube, if you wish.
    When you're ready to move on, head to the right, and you'll see another Blimp
    Fruit. When you get it, start heading to the left; you should see a Comet Medal
    up ahead (CMT15). Grab it, and also grab the next Blimp fruit, so you can keep
    going up. Land on the platform here.
    Now, we have to collect some star prices. Falling down, you should be able to 
    grab the first one right away (1). Then, as you fall, grab the other Blimp 
    Fruit, and fly up a bit to the next piece (2). Then, drop down to grab another
    piece (3). Once you fall, jump to the left to grab another piece (4), but try
    to flutter back to where you were. Then, drop from the right side. As you fall,
    grab the Blimp fruit below, float to the left, collect the last piece (5), and
    float into the newly appeared Launch Star.
    Fall down to the right, where you can actually see most of what you will need 
    to climb up. Head left when you fall, and grab the first Blimp Fruit.  As you
    head up, you should see a Blimp Fruit to the left; grab it as soon as the 
    other one wears out. Float up, and veer a little to the left to avoid the plant
    on the right. Grab the next Blimp Fruit as well. Then grab the next one, and 
    head straight up. You should go float directly into the next one.
    Once you see the next one, however, don't float into it. Stay in the center, 
    and keep going. You should see the star above you. Line yourself up with the 
    star, and right when the Blimp powers wears out, dismount off Yoshi to grab 
    the star!
    [STAR GET!] - [<37/242>]
    Star #038 : Tall Trunk's Big Slide - (STR38)
    Head up straight away, and use the swings to go up the tree, until you reach
    the Launch Star. Touch the checkpoint, and prepare for some fun!
    In order to obtain the star, all you have to do is reach the end. Simple 
    enough, right? Before we start, keep in mind that balloons contain star bits,
    and you can press A to jump. Ready? Let's go!
    For the first part, staying in the center of the stage is pretty safe, though
    you might have to veer slightly to the left and right at time to avoid
    Spiny's. As you slide inside, avoid the plants by jumping over them. You
    should soon see a line of coins to the left; start sliding to the left and 
    line up with them, which helps avoid the potholes. Grab the balloon, and the 
    1-Up too. Make sure you move a bit to the right to avoid falling off. 
    Back outside, watch out for the sections where you have to jump over spiked
    plants. You'll then slide back inside, but aim for the balloon and you should
    be fine. There are gaps in here, so you'll have to veer from left to right. 
    Once you're outside, you'll have to make sharper turns to the right and left,
    to make sure you have ground to slide on. At one point you'll have Wigglers 
    charging at you; stick to the middle, and sway left, right and left at each 
    When you're back inside, make your way up the wall to the right; if you don't,
    you'll have no where to land in a while. This is also one of the trickest 
    parts; once you get outside, you'll need to make a jump to a platform with
    spiked plants on either side. Like always, try to stay in the middle of the 
    platform. After you get past that, it's not very hard. Just  turn along with 
    the direction of the slide. 
    The final part is when you are inside the pipe again, and has a lot of spiked
    enemies and wigglers. However, you should be able to just go straight, just 
    make sure to jump over the plants and sometimes enemies. After one last leap at
    the end, you're done!
    [STAR GET!] - [<38/242>]
    Star #039 : Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide - (STR39)
    Luckily, this is the same slide as before. Now, it has 140 coins scattered 
    around, and you need 100. There's not much else to say, so I'm just going to 
    give you the route I use to collect the 100 coins. Good luck!
    First, grab the 4 coins at the start (4). Then, grab the next 17 in the
    center (21). As you pass the spikes, veer left and grab the next 11 coins (32),
    which isn't all of the coins in the line. Before you do grab all of them, 
    swerve up and grab the double row of coins (42). Then, head back into the 
    center, and collect the next 3 sets of 6 (60). Then, veer to the left to grab
    the next line of coins (68). Stay on this side of the tunnel, and when you jump
    across, grab the next double row of coins (78). Then, quickly swerve to the 
    right, and grab the next set (you should be able to grab around 10) (88). The 
    next chain is a really long one that swerves to the left and right, and you 
    should be able to get at least 15 (103). Jump the next gap  (grabbing an extra
    1) (104), and grab the next gap and another 6 or so (110).
    From here on out, there is another 2 coins (112), then a set of 5, a set of 6,
    and a last set of 6 (129). This should leave quite a bit wiggle room for you!
    [STAR GET!] - [<39/242>]
    		|(4.32) - Cloudy Court Galaxy     	(GXY16) |
    Star #040 : Head In The Clouds - (STR40)
    Another cloud level, awesome! Head forward and grab the Cloud Flower! With this
    cloud power you can long-jump and make it all the way across to the next area
    with the giant windmill. The ? Coin reveals several coins, but you need some 
    height to reach it (use clouds).
    Once you reach the windmill, create a cloud where you see the air blowing. You
    can ride the cloud over to the next ledge. Bounce up the drums, grab the ? Coin
    if you want coins, and then get to the cymbal. Hit the center for some star 
    bits, and then launch to the next area. Touch the checkpoint, and grab another
    Cloud Flower. Don't bother standing on the platform; just flip right up and
    hover up (the wind should still carry you). When the cloud disappear, jump up
    and you should reach the next ledge (or use another cloud). There's a 
    teleporter here if you want it, and then move on.
    Create a cloud and right to the right, where you'll find another little area.
    The block here has some star bits, but other then that, there isn't much. 
    There is a 1-Up under this ledge, but it's not really worth it. Launch on!
    Touch the checkpoint, grab the flower, and head all the way to the right; hug 
    the wall. Make a cloud, and you should float up past all the spikes. Now, grab
    another flower, long-jump, and make a platform. Ride it across, jump on the 
    next cloud, and quickly jump forward before it disappears.  Wall-jump here, 
    and head to the right. You can head to the left and up to grab 3 1-Up's, if
    you want. When ready, continue to the right. Just long-jump and make clouds. 
    Finally, the last part. You'll see blocks that open and close above, and a fan
    pushing you up. Make a cloud, though try to get slightly to the right of the 
    center of the fan. When the walls start to open, jump open and  make a cloud.
    As you ride, you should see the Comet Medal, so grab it  and jump back to the
    middle (CMT16). You should be able to make it to the top with no worries.
    Now, just grab the next Cloud Flower, and use backflips to get the star. The 
    fan will push you back a bit, but 3 clouds is enough to reach it!
    [STAR GET!] - [<40/242>]
    Star #041 : Silver Stars In The Purple Pond - (STR41)
    For this hidden mission you will need 20 coins. Some are scattered around the
    beginning area, including a ? Coin near the start. Quite a few can be grabbed 
    from enemies, mostly Goombas. There are also quite a few on the drums you have
    to climb up; grabbing the ? Coin will trigger two columns of coins to appear.
    Once you get them all, talk the Launch Star by the cymbals and feed the
    Hungry Luma.
    Ooh, more platforming! Start by heading to the left, where you'll soon see the
    first silver star (1). Cosmic Clones will also appear, ugh. From here, don't 
    bother going around, just start forward, grab the cloud flower, and then long 
    jump again to reach the next silver star (2). Head to the right, and grab the 
    next 2 silver stars (3) (4). Finally, start heading down, and grab the last 
    piece on the left (5). Then, just head back to where you started for your 
    [STAR GET!] - [<41/242>]
    Star #042 : The Shadow Lining - (STR42)
    What, no clouds at the start? Aww...Well, this first part isn't hard at all,
    despite the Cosmic Clones. Just follow the path that the panels form, which 
    curves right, left, forward, right, and forward. Grab each of the 5 pieces 
    of the Launch Star, which are directly on the path, except for the first one 
    (which is slightly to the right of where you start) and the last one (which is
    down instead of up, so make sure you move down at the end. Once you have all 
    5, take the Launch Star. 
    Here, head to the right, and wall-jump up the blocks. Then, dash across the 
    panels to the right. There are elevations differences at times, so don't forget
    to jump from time to time. Then, wall jump up the next section, and launch up.
    Keep going right, but this time keep jumping to avoid falling. Finally, use 
    the Launch Star. 
    Here, run forward and smash the star free as fast as you can (darn Clones!).
    Then, just grab your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<42/242>]
    		|(4.33) - Haunty Halls Galaxy     	(GXY17) |
    Star #043 : A Glimmer Of Bulb Berry - (STR43)
    In this first section, you'll be running along a corridor which pushes you 
    back. The enemies here aren't too hard to avoid; run through the gap they make 
    or jump over them. Spinning while turn them invisible, but it doesn't help 
    much. Make your way along, and grab each box for some star bits. There's a 
    teleporter by the Launch Star, so check it out if you want. Proceed.
    Here, you'll see what appears to be segments of a hallway moving sideways in 
    and out of existance. You don't have to jump at a single point here; the entire
    path is actuall connected. Just follow the twists the path takes (left first, 
    then it swings to the right at the end, with a final twist to the left), and 
    touch the checkpoint.
    On this next path, it will be coming out from the right side, and you need to
    run slightly to the right as you move along. Nothing to hard, and there is a
    1-Up Mushroom you can grab too. 
    This path is a bit faster, but it's not too bad. You'll have to run forward 
    for a bit, then run to the right to avoid becoming consumed by nothing. Run 
    for a bit, and the next path forward should appear. Then, you'll have to run 
    right again for a bit, and then you can finally go forward.
    This last part involved a jump; you'll have to run forward, then a bit to the
    left. Don't run too fast though, because there's a small gap. Wait a bit until
    the next segment appears, and jump onto it. Then, just hit forward. You should
    see a Comet Medal past this pipe, but how to get it? A path will appear at one
    point, and you want to run along it and to the left, grab the Comet Medal, and
    head down when you can (CMT17). Head into the pipe, and touch the next 
    Here, we'll see the last fruit; the Glimmer Bulb Fruit. Grab it, and head to 
    the right. At the junction, you can head down to grab the key, and up to get 
    some coins. Make sure your glow doesn't give out by grabbing the next fruit, 
    and continue right. 
    You can head to the right to grab a 1-Up, but to continue, head up, then to the
    right (watch the gaps!). Grab the next fruit and head down, avoiding the enemy.
    The path may seem to go right, but it just leads to one blocks, so keep heading
    down. Go down the stairs, and you'll see the next fruit ahead (and an enemy, 
    which you can defeat by spinning into it). Head right.
    Move along the bookcase, and keep going right. At one point it'll seem like 
    there is no path, but just jump to the right and you'll see it continue. When
    you see the next fruit, jump up the bookcase, and start climbing to the left.
    When you see the peg, grab it and swing to the left, and you should see your 
    [STAR GET!] - [<43/242>]
    Star #044 : Sneaking Down The Creepy Corridor - (STR44)
    This first part is the same as the first mission, so just head forward. The 
    teleporter is still here, but the Launch Star seems further back. As you pass
    the sign, it'll warn you about Boos...and a giant one will appear with some
    smaller ones. Th camera will turn around too, so be careful with your 
    controls. Just continue along the path (watching the gaps) and use the Launch 
    Touch the checkpoint here, and head right. Boos will be appearing, but just 
    ignore them. When you come to the first edge, long-jump and you should make 
    it across.  Long-jump again, then head down, avoiding the ground-eater. Don't
    run too far though; when the ground ends, turn to the left. Ride the platform 
    or long-jump, whichever you prefer. Then, just head down, and into the Launch 
    There are way more ground eaters here, but the ground seems to restore itself
    quite quickly, so just run along the ground at a fair tempo. You don't even 
    need to jump at this part with some luck, though jump if a ground-eater starts 
    approaching you. 
    This next section is a bit trickier, but it's the same basic idea. Jumping is
    a better way to get through; just make sure you are aiming at firm ground,
    and that the ground eaters aren't about to eat that ground. Once you reach
    this new area, the camera will turn around, and the giant Boos will appear.
    Just head down here (jumping helps you avoid moving into the empty spaces to 
    either side, so that helps). Once you see the first green panel, long-jump to
    avoid the gap, and you should grab your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<44/242>]
    Star #045 : Spooky Cosmic Clone Chase - (STR45)
    This is exact same thing as the end of the last part, just with Cosmic Clones
    on your tail. The ground seems to be pushing you back more, so you may have to
    jump a bit more. Like before, just avoid the ground-eaters, and remember to
    long jump at the first green panel at the end to avoid falling. 
    Also, you can jump on the heads of the ground eaters without getting hurt, but
    the timing is a bit tricky. Spinning Boos will also turn them around, which 
    can help if they get in your way. Good luck getting to the end!
    [STAR GET!] - [<45/242>]
    		|(4.34) - Freezy Flake Galaxy     	(GXY18) |
    Star #046 : Bowser On Ice - (STR46)
    Finally, an icy level! Grab the Fire Flower right at the beginning, and head to
    the bottom of the planet. Melt the Goomba statue to reveal a Launch Star.
    Here, you can go around melting the icy trees and statues to reveal a variety 
    of stuff, including a pipe in the ice tree to the right of the giant Bowser
    sculpture. That's for the hidden level though, so check it out below. To 
    continue, melt Bowser's face with a cover fireballs, touch the checkpoint, and
    ride down the simple slide, grabbing some coins along the way.
    In this new area, you should notice that some blocks are lighter then others;
    these can be melted with the fire ability. Grab the flower opposite of where 
    you start, and torch all the blocks of snow. You'll find the entrance too a 
    pipe near the top, and a Comet Medal behind a block just behind the pipe 
    (CMT18). head down the pipe. 
    The snowballs here can be pushed by spinning into them, and they'll form paths
    depending on where they roll. You can head around the level with these paths 
    and explore a bit, but beware; the snowballs gradually melt. The fastest way 
    to proceed is just to kick the snowball start towards the middle with the 
    Bowser statue, and jump over the fence into the area. Head to the front of the
    Bowser statue, and you should see a Fire Flower to the right (which'll become
    left once the camera swings around. Hop over the ice patches to grab it (and
    avoid those annoying fire enemies, then hop back and melt the giant Bowser to
    collect your prize! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<46/242>]
    Star #047 : The Chimp's Skating Challenge - (STR47)
    Remember the pipe near the first Bowser sculpture? Well, head into it and 
    prepare for some more fun with the Chimp!
    In this game, you have to get 500 points or more by skating into green things
    (10 points) gold things (50 points) and avoid the spikey things (which wastes
    time, but doesn't hurt your score). After playing a couple, I noticed the 
    patterns vary from time to time, but there are a coupel hints I can give you.
    Firstly, the amount of good and bad things increases over time. At first, it
    should be easy to grab the 1 or 2 green things that appear (and the occasional
    gold one). After a while though, things become hectic, and you can't always 
    grab everything. ALWAYS GO FOR THE GOLD ONES. They're worth 5 times as much as
    a regular one, and will often make the biggest difference. They always appear
    near the last seconds of the game, (sometimes even two), and are critical to
    winning the game. 
    The next biggest issue is avoiding the spikey things. They often appear on the
    four corners, so be careful of that. To avoid them, you can either swerve or
    jump over them. Always try to swerve inside of jumping, because it saves more
    time. Jumping if you have no other choice though, is better then smacking into
    it, since it costs more time and speed.
    Finally, you can speed up by spinning the remote. The best time to use this is
    if you've lined yourself with several green/gold things in a row. It's also 
    helpful in getting as many things near the end of the game (though you should
    use it quickly after getting the gold thing; don't wanna miss that!). And of
    course, be extra careful of spikey things when speeding up. Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<47/242>]
    Star #048 : Sorbetti's Chilly Reception - (STR48)
    The beginning of this level is the same as the first mission, but instead of 
    the fire power, you get rock power instead! Smash the Goomba as you did 
    before, and launch on. 
    As you come down from the slope, hit the first crystal past the Chance Cube and 
    you'll reveal the first star piece (1). Yes, gotta collect them all! You may
    want to clear out all the enemies before you get the rock power though, just
    to make things easier.
    Anyways, once you have the rock ability, head back up to where you started, 
    and smash the Goomba statue to reveal another fragment (2). As you come back
    down, hit the two Goomba statues near where you got the rock power for some 
    more fragments (3) (4). Finally, hit the tree nearest the star bunny for the
    last piece (5). Take the launch, and touch the checkpoint. 
    From here, head start forward. Head right, and you'll see a pipe where you can
    spin 3 Chance Cubes. Keep heading past it, and you should see a Star Bunny
    here. You can drop down from this point to get some extra 1-Up's. To continue
    though, head left, and slide down the slope. You can talk to the Luma to get
    some stuff, and once you're ready, touch the checkpoint, launch and prepare 
    for Boss Time!
    This boss can be extremely easy, or slightly annoying based on how quick your
    reactions are. His weakpoint is the rather obvious red nose, and is thankfully
    fairly large. At the very beginning of the battle, you can even run forward as
    he rolls towards you and get in a quick hit. 
    Basically, you need to time it so that you spin when his red nose is near you.
    The best way is to get him to chase you for a while, and head in a straight
    line; sometimes his nose will be on the side, so you can just swing in and hit 
    it (it will stay there since the rest of the body is turning, but not that 
    part). Or, you might have it where his nose is turning around, which is the 
    trickest part. At this point, you want to wait until his nose is near the top,
    then stop  and smack it as it comes down on you.
    It's not too hard, but sometimes the location of the weakpoint can elude you 
    and become annoying. Once you hit him 3 times, you're done!
    [STAR GET!] - [<48/242>]
    		|(4.35) - Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy   	(GXY19) |
    Star #049 : Silver Chomp Grudge Match - (STR49)
    This our first rolling level, and actually pretty fun. Once you approach the
    ball, the sign will explain the controls to you. Just roll over to the next
    section, jump in with A, and you'll launch to the next planet.
    This area is a bit of a maze, but it's really easy to get around. Just follow
    the trail of star bits above, up to the blue area. Just keep heading up, and 
    you should see the key surrounded by green crayons. After the barrier goes 
    down, head to the right and drop into the hole to proceed. Touch the checkpoint
    The panels here will position themselves as you move forward, so continue up
    for a bit, then turn left. You can keep going for a 1-Up, and step on the 
    elevator to move up. Here, you need to roll over each panel just once. Just go
    in one direction and circle around to touch all the panels. A pathway will 
    appear, so head over it.
    In this wooden area, you'll see a checkpoint, and the Comet Medal right ahead
    of you. Once you start rolling towards it though, the saws will begin to cut
    away the ground, so grab it quickly (CMT19). Just keep rolling forward, and 
    jump up the ledges when you get to the point. Try to hurry along as fast as 
    you can, as the saws will cut sections away behind you. There's a fair bit of
    space to move around, so it's not too hard. 
    In this last part, you'll need to throw a Silver Chomp off the edge, so keep 
    bumping into it. Just keep moving and avoid the edges, and you should be able
    to bump it off fairly easily. Roll down the final path and the ball will 
    break, revealing your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<49/242>]
    Star #050 : Masterpiece Speed Run - (STR50)
    This is the same as the first level, just with a time level. There are a 
    couple key differences, which I'll explain.
    This time, the key is easier to find; just follow the star bit path, and 
    you'll see the key between the blue crayons. Then, you can either roll back 
    the way you came.
    The wooden area is replaced by a grassy area, which is much easier; I 
    recommend sticking to the left, since there is less stuff to worry about. Just
    follow the left side, and head forward/right until you see the next hole, 
    which will launch you forward.
    As for the Silver Chomp, I find the fastest was to knock him off is to smack 
    him towards the top of the screen, since he already seems slightly closer to
    that side, and the camera is positioned in such a way that you can see better
    if you push him in that direction. Once he's done, quickly roll into the end
    and claim your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<50/242>]
    		|(4.36) - Beat Block Galaxy     	(GXY20) |
    Star #051 : Step To The Beat - (STR51)
    Don't worry, you don't need a good sense of rhythm to survive here; the blocks
    also sparkle and when they're about to change. 
    For the first section, you don't even need to worry about blocks; you can just
    long-jump past most of this stuff. Head up the ledge, and continue to the left,
    either on the green or yellow blocks. 
    Once you get into the section where you start heading right, you should see a
    Comet Medal, just past the 1-Up. It's got yellow blocks below it, so stand
    on the green blocks and jump at it as it the ground changes to grab it safely
    (CMT20). Then, just keep heading to the right. Smash the crystal to get a 1-Up,
    and climb up the ledge to find a checkpoint.
    Up ahead, you should see some star fragments, so pick either the left or right
    side and get the piece there (1), and sweep back across to the other side to
    collect some more (2) (3). Now, head towards the left and climb up to reach
    another star fragment (4), then climb to the right to reach the last one (5).
    Keep in mind that every star fragment (except for the ones on solid ground) 
    have a yellow block beneath them, so time jumps accordingly. Once you collect 
    all 5 the blocks freeze, so don't worry about the blocks possibly changing as 
    you collect the last piece and messing up. You can also technically go back and
    collect the Comet Medal if you weren't able to get it (since the blocks are 
    frozen yellow).
    In any case, collect your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<51/242>]
    Star #052 : Silver Stars In Double Time - (STR52)
    This is almost an exact rehash of the first level, with a few changes. Of 
    course, the blocks change more quickly. So quickly in fact that it's better to
    just stick to one color as you jump from block to block; in the time it takes 
    you to jump off the color before it changes to the time you jump + spin to the
    next block, the color you were just on should be back again. This make the 
    level much easier.
    Also, break all the crystal at the beginning; you should stumble across Yoshi,
    who makes jumps a bit safer (and you can dismount off him as a last minute
    Once you get to the end, you'll notice that the piece are in different places; 
    in fact, the entire area is larger. Head forward, and try grabbing the first
    piece in front of you, then hop onto the safe purple ledge (1). Head up to the
    center for another one (2). If you rotate the camera, you should notice there 
    are two more pieces to the right; these are above green blocks. 
    The cool thing about this center piece is that there is another safe purple 
    block two spaces in the 4 key directions; so instead of trying to grab the two
    pieces from here,  turn the camera and jump two spaces to the right to land in
    a much better spot for collecting. Once you grab these two pieces, head back 
    to the center, and head left (3) (4). From here, tilt the camera so you can 
    see the top left corner. From here, long-jump + spin to land on the platform 
    with the final piece. Now, just head back to the center to get your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<52/242>]
    		|(4.37) - Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet  	(GXY21) |
    Star #053 : Bowser Jr.'s Mighty Megahammer - (STR53)
    Time for the second encounter with Bowser Jr!  We'll be using Yoshi a lot more
    in this level - excited?
    From the start, long-jump + spin to get across. Avoid the purple enemies, or
    jump on their heads. Keep going right past the Bullet Bills, and hatch Yoshi.
    You can use him to eat the purple things, and also to grab Bullet Bills. These
    can then be fire, such as at the glass barrier. Do so and move on. 
    Defeat/avoid the purple guys here, and hit the switch with Yoshis tongue once
    you are on the platform. As you go past, you'll have Bullet Bills fired at you;
    grab them and fire back to take care of those darn gophers. Don't worry about 
    the mines on the right; just position yourself at the very back of the 
    platform and you'll be fine. Jump onto the next ledge as you see it, and hit
    the next switch. Position yourself on the right side to avoid the mines, and 
    be sure to smash the gophers and the glass barrier ahead. Jump the little bump
    and head into the Launch Star once you're close enough.
    Touch the checkpoint, and before going forward, grab a Bullet Bill and fire
    it at the Hammer Bro up ahead to make your life easier. You can also fire it 
    at the Bowser Jr. statue for a 1-Up! You can go to the left buy using the pegs,
    but it's faster to just stand near where the Bullet Bills fire and flutter 
    jump to the left. Here, grab a Bullet Bill, and fire it at the glass cage 
    while flutter jumping. Stand on the platform and hit the switch to move on.
    Don't worry about the airships; you can easily jump onto them, and then move 
    back onto the platform. There's even a Comet Medal to the left on the second 
    Airship (CMT21)! Just watch out for the Hammer Bro. Finally, don't worry if 
    you stick too long on an Airship; more platforms will appear for you to ride
    after a while. And of course, don't forget to grab the Life Mushroom.
    You'll soon see the last glass cage, so grab a Bullet Bill and break it. Try 
    jumping slightly before firing though; sometimes the bullet can fly into the 
    floor and hit you. Touch the checkpoint and buy something if you wish, 
    launch, and prepare for Boss Time!
    This is a pretty fun boss fight, and not too hard once you know the tricks. 
    Megahammer has four weak points, which take 2 hits over 2 phases. In the first
    phase, you have to hit the two chest points, and a point on the back by using 
    the Launch Stars around the level. 
    Start by grabbing a Bullet Bill, and launch over to the back with a star.
    As soon as you do, Bowser Jr. will fire many Bullet Bills and a shockwave, so
    be sure to avoid it. In this time, you should be able to quickly fire off the
    Bullet Bill still in your mouth, avoid the shockwave, grab another Bullet Bill,
    and fire it again at the back. One point down already! Now, launch back over 
    to the front.
    Here, things will take a bit longer. Grab a Bullet Bill and fire it at one of 
    the weakpoints; but if you grab another Bullet Bill right away, wait before
    firing it. Megahammer will often throw his hands up in defense, so wait until
    they are down again. Once you take out all 3 weak points, the 2nd phase begins.
    Here, there is only one weakpoint; the compartment in which Bowser Jr. rides. 
    And there is only one time to hit it. Megahammer will fire a couple Bullet
    Bills, and I recommend grabbing one, firing it off, and grabbing the next
    (which avoids any risk from the other Bullet Bill). After a little while, 
    Megahammer will stomp the ground, and shockwaves will slowly come out at you. 
    Just flutter-jump over these. He'll then smash the ground again, and at that 
    time, he'll reveal Bowser Jr. in the compartment. As you jump to avoid the 
    shockwaves, fire your Bullet Bill to hit him. You have to be in the air to 
    have the correct elevation, and you might as well do it while dodging. Hit him
    once more like this to win!
    You can also hit him when he's doing his first shockwave, but this is a bit
    tricker and requires you to fire in advance. Finally, the panels will go out 
    during the battle if you let it drag on, but with this strategy, you should
    barely notice anything. Once done, use the Launch Star to grab the Grand
    [STAR GET!] - [<53/242>]
    Star #054 : Megahammer's Daredevil Bash - (STR54)
    This is EXACTLY the same as the Megahammer battle, except that you have only 1
    HP. All of the attacks and patterns are the same though, so if you managed to
    beat Bowser Jr. the first time with no damage, you're pretty much set.
    The main points to keep in mind is that you can eliminate the weakpoint on the
    back with one series of moves (grab Bullet Bill, launch over, jump over 
    shockwave + fire, grab another Bullet Bill, jump + fire), remember that 
    Megahammer will defend his chest weakpoints after each hit (so don't fire 
    recklessly), and remember that the weakpoint of the 2nd phase is the cockpit 
    with Bowser Jr. (and that it can be hit right when Megahammer pounds the 
    ground). If you keep those main points in mind, you should have no problems 
    claiming victory and beating World 3!
    [STAR GET!] - [<54/242>]
                          ---------------      ----------------
    		     --------------         ----------------
    	            -------------            ----------------
    	            <------[ (4.40) - World 4 (WRD4) ]------->
    	            =============            ================
    	 	     ==============         ================
    		      ===============      ================
    		|(4.41) - Supermassive Galaxy     	(GXY22) |
    Star #055 : Huge Trouble With Big Wigglers - (STR55)
    Ooh, that's a huge Luma! Yeah, everything here is pretty massive. As you
    head by the Goomba, you should notice the Comet Medal to the right; just
    long jump to get it (CMT22). Head left, and use the giant spinning coin to
    wall jump up the block. Head through the first pipe, but be careful in the
    second one; a Piranha Plant pops out from time to time. You can bypass it by
    going around on the pipe. On the next pipe, avoid the dirt, and go to the left
    side. It'll move up and down, and you can proceed forward on top.
    Long jump here to grab a 1-Up, and make your way to the giant Thwomps. Run
    past the first one, and stop in the middle. When the Thwomps come down, you
    can start to wall jump between the two. There's some star bits and a 1-Up
    no top. Head to the right, and drop down into the Launch Star. You can
    drop down to the checkpoint, or just continue on.
    You'll land on a small planet with giant Koopa's, so just head to the right
    and grab the drill. You'll need to use this to drill into the Koopa's from
    below to defeat them. As with Digga-Leg, don't be exactly opposite of them,
    since it takes a little while to dig. The Koopa's are spaced out in such a
    way that if you drill into one of them directly, you can quickly spin again
    and you should be able to drill into the next one right away. Take them all
    out and take the Launch Star. Grab the star bits in the pipe and touch the
    Now you're on giant star pieces...wow! Be careful of the jumps here; some 
    of them can seem a bit smaller then they are, like the last jump to the
    block (use long jump to be safe). You can grab the ? Coin to the right, but
    it just gives you a couple coin. Head left instead, and avoid the Piranha
    Plants in each pipe. 
    Here, run onto the first platform as it rises up, and long jump near the edge
    of it. You won't make it all the way across to the third panel, but you will
    be able to catch the second one. Ride this up, and long jump into the next
    Launch Star. You'll land on a small planet; this will come into play for the
    hidden star. Continue on with the next Launch Star and touch the checkpoint.
    The easiest way to get through this is long jump + spin the first gap (grabbing
    the 1-Up too, of course, then long jump + spin  the next gap, and then run past
    the angry Wigglers to the flagpole with the star. Just time your jumps so that 
    you don't crash into the Wigglers ahead and you'll be fine! Shimmy up the
    pole and bask in your success. Woot.
    [STAR GET!] - [<55/242>]
    Star #056 : In Full Bloom - (STR56)
    ...Okay, it turns out THIS might actually be the easiest hidden star, at least
    once you figure it out. Remember the little planet with the Launch Star before
    the final section of Wigglers? Well, if you run around the surface, you'll 
    notice that flowers will spring up in patches. Make flowers sprout all over
    the planet...and the prize is yours! Yup, that's it!
    [STAR GET!] - [<56/242>]
    Star #057 : Big Wiggler's Speed Run - (STR57)
    This is same as the first mission, just with a time limit. There are a couple
    points which can give you a bit of difficulty, so I'll just address those.
    - Whenever you have to deal with the Piranha Plant's, don't forget that you
    can walk around the pipe. So try your best not to waste time by waiting for
    them to go down. 
    - Try to drill into the the first Koopa straight in the middle; as I mentioned
    before, the Koopa's are spaced out in such a way that if you defeat the first
    one perfectly, you can quickly spin and get the next one, then spin and get
    the last one. This can save a couple seconds. 
    - Remember that you can long jump across the 1st platform before it disappears
    and land on the 3rd platform (though at a lower elevation). Don't worry about
    falling or anything in this section.
    - Finally, go straight in the area with the Wigglers; as long as you don't
    smack into a Wiggler by accident, you'll be fine. You should time it so that
    you long jump + spin just as the Wiggler in front of you is moving past, since
    it takes a second or two to complete the jump.
    Once you get to the end, shimmy up the pole as fast as you can, and you're
    [STAR GET!] - [<57/242>]
    		|(4.42) - Flipsville Galaxy     	(GXY23) |
    Star #058 : Flip Flopping in Flipsville - (STR58)
    Don't worry, you don't have to worry about spinning to flip switch panels;
    just ground pounding flipping grates. Phew. All of the dinosaur-like enemies
    can be defeated by grounding pounding below them, so keep that in mind. 
    Anyways, head left from the start, and smack into the grate. Keep to the
    right and past the other grate (which you can also take), and past the next
    grate as well. Ground pound into the last grate as the dinosaur passes it to
    take care of it. Here, head right (you can find a teleporter past the ledge),
    and go into the middle grate. You'll see the Comet Medal, which it turns out
    is right beneath the teleporter. Grab it and head back, and go into the 
    last grate (CMT23). Drop down into the area here, then pound the grate and
    launch away.
    Touch the checkpoint here, and don't go onto the dirt yet; a Chain Chomp will
    come out and crash just in front of you. As it does, run to the grate and 
    ground pound. In this next area head down, and wait for the next Chain Chomp
    to pass you before flipping the grate. Head down, and jump down the hole to
    get a Life Mushroom. Then, quickly jump out and onto the green. Once the two
    Chain Chomps collide, head to the right and smash through the grate. 
    Run quickly to the right, and stop in the little grassy area. Watch the
    two Chain Chomps collide, then head right again. Jump into the Launch Star,
    and touch the next checkpoint. 
    Here, you're supposed to go into the top grate, just so that you can go start
    to the next ledges. However, you can go into the bottom crate as well, and
    just Backflip over the fence to the ledge. Doesn't really matter either way.
    Head up the ledges, and you'll see grates now moving back and forth. Jump
    onto this one, then quickly pound on it to emerge on top. If you haven't
    noticed yet, the gravity actually switches whenever you pound on one!
    Anyways, ride on top of this one for a bit, then jump onto the next one. Ride
    it up, then jump onto the next one. 
    In this are, I like to do something a bit off the beaten path; see the wall in
    front of you? Well, as you approach it, you can Backflip Spin on top of it, 
    which gives you a nice view of the area ahead. You'll notice that the other way
    is to do something grate flipping and moving around to avoid the spikes. If you
    climb up here, however, you can simply long jump onto the next grate from
    above, or even just long jump + spin to the right and catch the firm grate at
    the end (it requires a diagonal-ish jump). Once you're over here, just backflip
    over the wall, and jump into the Launch Star. Touch the checkpoint here, and
    buy something if you wish. I recommend you do, but that's just because I 
    personally seem to suck on this boss for some reason. Yup, it's Boss Time!
    Weird Thingy
    ... I dunno what this is supposed to be. A hedgehog/dog/dino? Well, whatever. 
    It's sleeping when you start, so pound a nearby grate and run under it, then 
    pound that grate to give it a nice wake up call. Now the battle really begins.
    This guy has an annoying habit; if he isn't charging at you, he'll simply
    follow you around, but not in a way that reveals his weakpoint. You need to
    get him to start charging at you, then quickly pound the grate and pound it
    again when he runs over it. It's not really complicated, but for some reason,
    I always think that even if he isn't charging, he would run over to where
    you were in confusion, instead of heading under the leaf after you.
    Anyways, once you hit him once, he'll get even more annoying; he'll shoot 3
    flaming apples at you (...), which will also clog up any grate you're near.
    And since he tends to start charging right after he fires them, you need to
    dodge the apples, and then quickly run over to a grate. Then, just pound
    to flip it and pound again to hit him.
    Now  he'll get really mad! This time, he shoots 6 apples, which is good in the
    sense that it gives you more time to pick a grate further from him. Then,
    just pound into him one more time with the grate and you're done! Not really
    hard at all, actually...
    [STAR GET!] - [<58/242>]
    Star #059 : Flipsville's New Digs - (STR59)
    New Digs + Drill = CLEVER! Anyways, this level can be either really fun or
    annoying (probably more so annoying in the next level, but I digress).
    Anyways, the first part of this area is the exact same as the first section
    of the first mission, except that it has an infestation of Mechakoopas. And you
    have to use the drill instead of grates.
    Once you drill through the bottom, you'll notice that the Launch Star has moved
    to the bottom-right; so jump into it!
    In this area, head into the back to grab a drill, and use it right away. You
    should see a pillar below you and slightly left to you; go between these and
    use the drill. If done correctly, you'll land halfway up the pillars you
    were just near before, and you'll see a pipe above. Drill into the spot
    below the pipe, and you'll head all the way down to the bottom. Here, drill
    into the spot to the left of the drill (the lowest ledge). Enter the pipe.
    Now, this is an interesting room. The gravity combination of each room is
    different, and will probably annoy you after a while. Grab the drill here, and
    wait for the gravity to point to the right. Drill about halfway up the dirt
    patch, and you should land on the first fragment (1). Again, wait for the
    gravity to point right, and drill in the center for another piece (2). Wait
    for the gravity to point up, and drill in the right for a 1-Up. 
    Not much choice on where to drill here, so head left. Then, head up when you 
    can. Then, move to the center and drill right for another fragment (3). Drill 
    back to where you were. Then head left, and drill on the top patch, and aim 
    for the fourth piece (4). Finally, drill down (above the fragment, which is 
    slightly left of the center (5). Finally, just drill right for the star. Fun, 
    [STAR GET!] - [<59/242>]
    Star #060 : Purple Coin Spin Speed Run - (STR60)
    Ugh, this room again? Well, it's not so bad. To be most efficient, you want to
    take the same path as you did before.
    Now, a more accurate explanation, since this level is annoying. Essentially,
    in each room, you are limited (not always, but often) to only being able to 
    collecting some of the purple coins depending on the gravity pull.
    In the first room, gravity will pull you right or down. When it's right, you
    can grab the drill and some of the coins on the right. When it's down, you 
    can't grab really anything (without wall jumping)...unless you were above the 
    block in the center. And that's what you have to do; jump so that you are in 
    line with the block and when gravity switches, you can reach virtually any of 
    the coins. The leftmost ones are the best to get, because you can't reach them
    otherwise. Once you have 11 coins, move to the right-top corner and wait for 
    gravity to be pointing right.
    If you are in the right-top corner and you drill, you should fall to the right
    and grab the next set of coins (17). Again, position yourself in the top-right
    corner. When you can, drill. 
    Here, the gravity will push you down; so grab the coins on the left, and then
    run to the right side. When the gravity changes and pulls you up, grab the
    coins, and the ones on the left. You should now have (37). When you can, drill
    into the room above from the right side. 
    You should grab the 1-Up, and also land on the blocks with more coins
    on it. The gravity will change to pull you to the left soon, so grab these,
    then grab the rest when the gravity changes. Also, drill to the next room
    when you can (46).
    The gravity will probably throw you down, so grab the coins you can on the
    right and left sides. When the gravity flips, grab the rest on either
    side (58). Then, drill through the top when you can. 
    Now, grab as many of the coins you can that you encounter first, and run to
    grab the others within your reach too. Make sure that when you the gravity
    switches left or right, you're lined up with one of the stacks (probably the
    top one). When you can, drill to the right (from the upper right corner,
    of course) (70). 
    Here, you can grab the coins regardless of gravity pull; since you'll be
    pulled down when you enter, try to grab the ones on the left side. Then, 
    when the gravity pulls you down, run up and wall-kick, and you should be able
    to grab all the upper ones (83). Now, drill back left when  you can, and then
    left again (in the upper left corner). 
    Try to grab the coins on the right side; when the gravity flips to
    pull you left, you can use the dresser on the left to reach all but the 
    farthest coins (92).
    Finally, drill down from the bottom left corner when you can. Grab the coins
    here, and the coins on the right (the gravity will actually help you).
    This is the last of them, so the star will appear. Quickly drill, and you 
    should fall right on it! Phew. You can get mostly any coin in any room with
    wall jumping and such, but I think this is the best way to do it if you're
    not very confidenct. Hope it helps!
    [STAR GET!] - [<60/242>]
    		|(4.43) - Starshine Beach Galaxy     	(GXY24) |
    Star #061 : Surf, Sand and Silver Stars - (STR61)
    Hmm, this reminds me of a long-forgotten vacation...Ah well, it probably
    was nothing good anyways.
    As the title suggests, we need to collect even more silver stars. Yay. These
    are fairly widespread, so let's get started, shall we? We land on another
    physically impossible planet, so don't think about it to much and swim to 
    the other side, where you'll find a Launch Star. Let the hunt begin!
    First, start off by heading forward and grabbing Yoshi. Once you do, grab a
    nearby crab; anyone will do. Head forward, turn around, and climb up that
    rather big slope near where you started. Flutter jump near the top and
    fire it at the cage to reveal your first piece (1). Head back down, and move
    towards the giant statue of...those things...Hmm, they seem so familiar...
    Anyways, swing on the pegs around the statue, and at the top you'll find 
    another piece (2). Now, head back and grab a Spiny; you'll need this in
    a bit. Continue left past the statue, and you'll see a nearby tower and
    caged Blimp Fruit. Smash it with the Spiny once you get close, grab the
    Blimp Fruit, and drift up to the tower top. Grab the fragment here, and
    enjoy the view if you wish (3). If you do, you'll see that the two 
    remaining fragment are off to the left, by a bouncy thing and a strange
    tower. Let's head to the bouncy thing.
    On the way there, however, let's grab something else. See the large hole
    to the left of the tree there? Head into the water (dismount Yoshi), and
    you'll soon find a Comet Medal (CMT24). Grab it and head back up, and continue
    to the bouncy thing. The pipe here also contains some coins, if you want.
    Now, you have to position the bouncy thing towards the fragment; then bounce
    off it and grab the next fragment (4). Just direct the bouncer up by standing
    on the bottom side of it. Once you have that, head back towards land, and find
    a Dash Pepper. Missed this thing? Yeah, me either. Anwyays, you have to line
    yourself up with the next star fragment by the tower, grab the Dash Pepper,
    and grab it as you rush by. The star will form a bit of a distance away, so
    use the remaining Dash Pepper to run over to it quickly (you can get it 
    without the Dash Pepper, but it takes FOREVER!
    Anyways, kick back and enjoy your Pinata! I mean prize. Hm...
    [STAR GET!] - [<61/242>]
    Star #062 : Climbing the Cloudy Tower - (STR62)
    This can be a bit of a confusing level, until you discover how to do it...
    then it becomes really easy. There's no Yoshi in this level, so just head 
    forward onto dry land. You may notice lots of clouds around the tall tower;
    but we can't stand on them without a certain powerup. Instead, turn towards
    the other huge tower, and make your way to it. 
    Dive down into the water in front of it, and you might notice that the door
    is missing; some just swim in (avoiding the spikey enemies, of course). Launch
    up and hit the switch. Instead of freezing everything, it will create a Cloud
    Flower, reeeeally far away. So jump into the nearby bubble shooter to save
    some time. 
    But how to get to the tower without losing the Cloud Power? Well, you see
    those giant water pads? Jump into one, and you can steer it by pushing the
    pad in the direction you want to go. Make your way to the tower, and jump on
    a cloud. Now, just Backflip Spin a couple time, and you should reach the top
    of the tower. Grab the Cloud Flower here too, and jump above the tree for
    your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<62/242>]
    Star #063 : Purple Coin Beach Dash - (STR63)
    I...actually love this Purple Coin Challenge. It's very short, and pretty darn
    easy. You just have to collect 100 coins (out of 150 or so), using the
    Dash Pepper and Yoshi. The coins themselves form a giant circle of sorts, so
    you'll generally be leaning more to the right. 
    Another thing you'll notice is that the coins are often arranged in sets 2
    or even 3 coins wide; in order to maximize what you grab, you should try to
    stay as close to the middle as you can. If you do, you can grab all the coins
    in a row with relative ease. Also, you don't have to worry about grabbing the
    Dash Peppers with your tongue; just touching them works too, which you will
    be doing if you are staying on course. Just stick to the path made by the
    coins, and you should easily break 100.
    One note of warning though; I've experiences some slow-down when running by
    the Dash Peppers. The problems seem to happen when I grab more then once.
    It's not really worth it to swerve to one side to prevent from grabbing more
    than one by accident, and it's not that big of a deal, but it can throw
    your rhythm off a bit. Just keep it in mind and you should be fine.
    [STAR GET!] - [<63/242>]
    		|(4.44) - Chompworks Galaxy     	(GXY25) |
    Star #064 : Where The Chomps Are Made Of Gold - (STR64)
    This level can be a bit annoying, but it's not too bad. Most of the time,
    you are trying to lead Chomps into the circle without getting yourself
    flattened. In the first area, head to the right, and climb up the ledge with
    the ? block. You'll see the Comet Medal here too, which can be obtained with
    a backflip (so watch for the Chomps!) (CMT25). Once you get it, head to the 
    right and hit the switch. Once you down, run down the ramp and stand on the
    block to the left of the hole. This will lower it, and allow the Chain Chomps
    to enter into the hole. When it does, a Launch Star will appear and you can
    continue. Touch the checkpoint here.
    In this area, you need to make your way to the Launch Star to the right.
    To do this, head up the ramp with the Chomps, and backflip over them when they
    get near. Eventually, you can just long jump to the Launch Star. There is also
    a pipe before it, which contains 3 Chance Cubes. Launch when ready.
    Here, just head to the left with long-jumps, and you'll see both the Chomps
    and the path they will be taking; you'll need to spin at the right time to 
    allow the Chomps to cross. Once you get to the switch, make sure the panels
    are blue. Then hit it, and start heading for the green sew-saw thing. Stand on
    the left side to ensure that the Chomp can get over it. Once it's on, spin
    to change the panels to blue, and the Chomp should reach the hole. Jump
    into the Launch Star to move on.
    Touch the checkpoint here; this is definately the most annoying part. The
    first switch here is pretty useless, but the next switch will be necessary
    near the end. For now, just make your way to where the Gold Chomps are 
    appearing. You can do this by simple following the path for a bit, and long
    jump over the relatively short lava pools. 
    Once you get here, head to the right, and stand on the right edge of the first
    bump in the Chomp's path. As soon they get on the left side, start running down
    and head left. You'll see another bump in the road, so stand on the bottom 
    part of it (where it's safe from the Chomp). Once it passes this point,
    long jump diagionall towards the bottom right corner. Run over to the switch,
    and hit it just as the Gold Chomp climbs onto the blue area right before the
    wall. This'll shoot it up, and your essentially done. Wait for the Chomp to
    enter the hole and collect your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<64/242>]
    Star #065 : Spring Into The Chompworks - (STR65)
    The first two sections of this level are the same as the first one; except
    now you need to use Spring Mario. This makes the first part easier; just
    spring up the ramp to the Launch Star.
    The second area is a bit more annoying; you'll need to spring up at the right
    times to get over the Chomps. There's not much room to move from side to side,
    so try to keep going straight. If you're fast and grab the Spring Mushroom
    right away, and start crossing the path right away, you should be synched 
    properly with the Chain Chomps and be able to go forward the whole time,
    with an occasional jump from time to time. Even once you get to the top, 
    keep moving forward and you should only have to jump over one Baby Chomp.
    Launch on. 
    Touch the checkpoint here, and use the camera to look up if you wish; it's
    pretty safe from here on out, though. You just have to bounce up straight
    for the most part, with one shift to the right a bit near the end.
    The ? Coin makes coins appear, and there's a 1-Up on the right that's not
    really worth it. 
    Just make your wave up the first couple of platforms, until you get to the
    first elevator. Spring onto it, then go right, and onto the next elevator.
    On this final part, you need to bounce on a screw, then fly left, and 
    bounce again for the star. Just bounce as soon as you hit each screw to prevent
    falling off, and you'll be fine! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<65/242>]
    Star #066 : Cosmic Clones In The Chompworks - (STR66)
    This is a pretty annoying Cosmis Clone level; the actual leading of the
    Gold Chomp isn't too hard (you just have to hit the 3 points at the right
    time, technically), but the Clones can get in your way. 
    When starting, head the normal way you would, but try to avoid standing in
    areas you're going to need to stand in later. For instance, stay to the left
    of the area with the hole, and left of where the switch is. Long jump 
    diagonally left when you're near the switch (but not too close) to the other
    track, so you can have more room to manuver when you come back. Then, just run
    over to the left side of where the Gold Chomp spawns. If you arrive at a time
    where a Gold Chomp hasn't appeared yet, run back and forth on the left side to
    prevent the Clones from colliding with you. 
    Once you see the Gold Chomp, run over to the first panel to push it down.
    Try to cut it as close as you can, but make sure you're quick enough to let
    the Chomp pass. Start moving to the next panel point, but don't rush; you wanna
    keep the Cosmic Clones for a bit. Once the Chomp starts getting close, jump
    to the point, and as soon as it passes, try to follow behind it for a bit.
    This is the point where you have the most time between hitting panels. Walk
    around there for a bit, then head to the switch (the Chomp should start heading
    to the right by this point. Run around the switch for a bit, but don't go 
    near the hole for now; try not to go past the actual switch, because you
    still need to reach the hole safely. Once the Chomp is on it's way, head to
    the hole, and stay as far left as you can without colliding with the previous
    Cosmic Clones. Move right and behind the hole if you have to; don't go into its
    path if you don't have to. 
    If you have 3 HP at this point still, it doesn't really matter too much, since 
    once the Golden Chomp explodes, the Cosmic Clones will follow suit. Breathe
    a sigh of relief and collect your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<66/242>]
    		|(4.45) - Sweet Mystery Galaxy     	(GXY26) |
    Star #067 : Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow - (STR67)
    I love this level! It has more glow-some platforming and is very creative.
    There are a ton of Glimmber Fruit around, and they respawn after a little
    while, so you should have no real problem with that.
    Start by grabbing Yoshi (of course) and heading to the right. You can eat
    these annoying gophers, so do that whenever you can. Grab the Glimmer Berry
    and head right. Touch the checkpoint, and grab the next berry. You
    might see an extra panel to the right with the glow, but it's just an extra
    1-Up. Head up, and turn right when you can, onto the ledges. Head up, defeat
    the annoying kissy thing, and grab the next Berry. You mau have noticed that
    you could have headed to the right; go there now. Jump from panel to panel, and
    on the 3rd one, you'll see a Comet Medal (CMT26). Quickly head back and up
    before your glow runs out. 
    Head to the left, and up. Once you see the presents (under the glow they
    look like pastries), you don't have to worry about the glow; everything
    here is stable even without the glow. Regardless, make your way forward,
    grabbing the 1-Up if you want, and grab the next Glimmer Berry.
    Head up the cookies, and defeat the enemies up ahead. Swing up the pegs, and
    grab another Glimmer Berry. Keep heading forward, and you'll eventually come to
    the next checkpoint and a Glimmer Berry. 
    Here, you'll need to hit 4 flipswitch panels, so head forward and touch the
    first one. From here, just head left and make a circle around the area. Once
    you hit them all, a Launch Star will appear, so make your way over to it and
    Launch to the next area .
    Here, you'll see a giant present open up, and then disppear quite quickly.
    Touch the checkpoint, and head towards it. Climb up the right side first, then
    run over to the left (otherwise the walls are a bit big to jump over with
    Yoshi). At the top you can find your prize!
    Note: This is a good level to grind star bits!
    [STAR GET!] - [<67/242>]
    Star #068 : Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow - (STR68)
    A pretty fun purple coin collection; the level is yet again just the same as
    the first one. There is no time limit as well, so take your time!
    The first section even before the Glimmer Berry has the first 10 coins (10).
    Grab the berry, and the next 10 coins in space, plus the 5 on the safe 
    platform (25). Grab the next Glimmer Berry and head forward, and ignore the
    coins on the left; head for the ones in open space. Once you get them (and
    the 1-Up, if you want), head back for the Berry again. 
    Now, head left and up, and you should have (52) coins before the next berry. 
    Grab this berry and  go up and left, and you should have (62) coins before 
    reaching the next safe area. Grab another berry, and head right, then up. 
    Including the coins on the green panels and on the safe platform, you should 
    have (83) coins before grabbing the next berry. Head up the ledge and forward.
    Once you get to the pegs, grab all the coins on this platform and then swing 
    up and grab the next berry (93). Now, head forward and grab another 6 coins
    before you reach the final platform, with the final coin in the left top
    corner (100). 
    And that's it!
    [STAR GET!] - [<68/242>]
    		|(4.46) - Honeyhop Galaxy       	(GXY27) |
    Star #069 : The Sweetest Silver Stars - (STR69)
    Ah, another Bee level. The Bee Suit helps you cut through much of the level,
    and help avoid enemies, so it's not too hard.
    Follow along the path and grab the Bee Suit, then fly up to the right. 
    Jump onto the honeycombs here, and just head straight up. Eventually, the
    camera will kinda zoom back, and you'll see a Piranha Plant to the left.
    Don't even bother with guy; head straight up and you should see a swing.
    Grab it and head to the right.
    Here, ignore the Piranha Plant again; just fly to the right, and you should
    see a little area with another Bee Mushroom. Now, head towards the pipe if
    you wish (for 3 Chance Cubes), and then head right to the giant pink flower. 
    If you enter the pipe, be aware you'll have to get the Bee Suit again.
    Anyways, once you've taken the flower, grab the swing and go over to the
    honeycomb. Head up this, and fly to the right area with the Bee Mushroom,
    avoiding the gopher. In this section an annoying hole in the wall whill be 
    dropping bubbles towards you, so avoid it with the Bee Suit and head right.
    Then, head up and too the left (watch out for falling bubbles!). Then, 
    just head up and to the right, pass the hole, and jump over the gopher
    onto the cloud.
    You'll see the Queen Bee from here, a familiar face from Super Mario Galaxy.
    Anyways, spin to open the flower, which you can then grab and ride. Hit the
    balloons for some extra star bits too. You can spin to make it go a bit
    further, so aim for the Life Mushroom above the purple flower. Then, head up
    and to the right. In this little area, there is a star fragment above the
    purple flower (1). Then, head back and grab the star fragment between the 2 
    spouts (2). Head right, and ignore the spinning flower for now. Head
    all the way to the right, in the area with the annoying pink octopuses.
    You'll see a spot where you can wall jump, so head up here for another piece
    (3). Go left before continuing the wall jump action, and grab the fragment
    between the two bubble shooters (4). Now, head back and wall jump up for a Comet
    Medal (CMT27). Keep going up, use the swing, and you'll meet the Queen Bee.
    Grab the Beet Suit, and fly over to the Queen Bee. Land on her, and make
    your way over to her back, where you'll find the last piece (5). Now, just
    collect your prize!   
    [STAR GET!] - [<69/242>]
    Star #070 : The Chimp's Score Challenge - (STR70)
    Another score challenge...yay... The path is less linear this time, so I'll
    give you the path I like best.
    Start by bouncing on the first set of enemies, and head forward. You'll see a
    little area with one guy, and a ton of coins. You don't have to even bother 
    with the guy; just grab the coins. Head back and take the Launch Star; then,
    grab the spinning flower. It'll hurl you right at some enemies, so use the 
    momentum for some comboes. Head to the left now with a long-jump, and take care
    of thes enemies. Take the next launch star.
    Now, take care of the lone enemy and go up the swing. This last area is where
    the most points will come from. Ignore the ? Coin for now and start bouncing
    around the groups on either side. Try your best to get a bouncing combo, and 
    be wary of the fact that these things can still hit you if you're near the
    ground. Once you get both circles, grab the ? Coin and collect the coins (which
    is easier when the enemies aren't around). 
    At this point you should have enough points; if you don't, take care of the 4
    enemies up ahead. If it's still not enough, head to the right, and jump off 
    the right side; you'll fall all the way down to an area we didn't explore, 
    which has a couple extra enemies. You don't really need it though, and it
    should just be a last result. Depending on your combo skills, you should be
    able to easily break the 10,000 on the last section. If you do, collect your 
    [STAR GET!] - [<70/242>]
    		|(4.47) - Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet    	(GXY28) |
    Star #071 : Breaking Into Bowser's Castle - (STR71)
    Time for another Bowser fight!
    Well, the start isn't too hard; just head straight. Aside from some spinning
    fire from point to point, there's nothing to stop you from heading straight.
    The gravity changes a lot here, but just climb up the ledges when you get to
    them. You should see a Magikoopa soon, so you may want to take care of him.
    Otherwise, keep heading forward.
    Once you reaching the double spinning fire, you have to jump on the platform
    and head past the jumping flames. Now head to the right, and you'll encounter
    another Magikoppa. Pass it and you'll enter the actual Castle of Bowser.
    Careful on the platform here; it sinks, and you CAN smack into the ? Block and
    fall into the lava (I know, trust me).
    Touch the checkpoint, and jump on top of the block here to find a Comet Medal
    (CMT28). Keep heading to the right, and avoid the jumping flames. Eventually,
    you'll see a flame falling to the right, and you'll have to start heading up.
    Then, you'll see a flame falling to the left...head left. There will also be
    double pool of shooting flames, so long jump to be safe. Now head up, and then
    right (man, getting dizzy).
    Now for more water cubes! Head up and swim to the right, avoiding the flames.
    Avoid the Cheep-cheep too, and grab the ? Coin for some extra coins. Carefully
    get past the flames, and past the nex Cheep-cheep as well. Fall down, and touch
    the next checkpoint on the right. Head down, but watch out for the Thwomp;
    don't let him crush you. Keep going down, past the Thwomp (and grab a 1-Up, 
    if you want. 
    Here, just keep following the path, which twists left, then down, then right,
    ugh. Avoid the Goombas and Dry Bones, and you'll eventually come to a spinning
    wheel of flame. Head to the right and around, but watch out for the flames.
    Then, jump onto the giant spinning wheel. Again, hit right/down, and avoid the
    flames as best you can. You should see the Launch Star fairly soon, so 
    grab it and continue.
    Here, smash the right crystal for a Life Mushroom and the left one for some
    star bits. Touch the checkpoint, smash 3 glowing rocks into the door, and 
    continue on. BOSS TIME!
    Bowser #2
    As is typical of Bowser fights, the fight is pretty much the same as before,
    with a few extra twists thrown in. 
    Bowser still takes damage from being hit by the glowing rocks, which you
    stomp into his face. Try to get him to pound the ground like you did before;
    close to the rocks (to allow you to jump on them quickly), but not close
    enough to break them. 
    His attacks are slightly different then before. When he smashes his fist into
    the ground, he'll cause a small circular shockwave to appear. This is fairly
    easy to jump over
    When he drops meteors from now own, they will have their own little shockwave.
    Jumping over these are a bit trickier since the shockwaves can overlap, but
    it's still not very hard.
    Once you smack him twice, he'll get angry, and start using his fire breath
    again. There's not much difference, except that the fire will now leave a
    trail that lasts for a bit and can burn you. 
    Smash him another 2 times, and you'll get yet another Grand Star. Yay!
    [STAR GET!] - [<71/242>]
    Star #072 : Gravity Star Speed Run - (STR72)
    This is the same as the actual level, but now you have to do it much faster.
    I'll list where all the stopwatches are. Most are in the path you need to take,
    but one or two are off the beaten path.
    - On the first crate you see (left, between two spinning fires)
    - On the grate where the fireball jump out of
    - Where the Comet Medal was (above the block) 
    - Above a fireball (when heading up)
    - Above some blocks past the fireballs (Backflip Spin onto the blocks)
    - 2 are in the water (by the Cheep-Cheeps
    - Where the 2nd checkpoint was (before Thwomps)
    - Top left corner (before 2nd Thwomp)
    - Past the first Goomba (while going down)
    - To the left of the first spinning flame wheel 
    - Bottom right corner of first spinning flame wheel.
    - Where the launch star was 
    The trickest part is right by the end; remember the giant wheel? Now, you have
    to go all the way around to find the star. The best way to get it is to wall
    kick off the wall and grab it. It can be really annoying with the whole time
    limit, but keep cool and try your best. Try to avoid the flames at all cost, 
    and the platforms (which move in the opposite direction of you, grr) as a
    secondary concern.
    Like with all speed runs, try to avoid enemies if you can. The jumping fireball
    section and also consume quite a bit of time, but long jumps can help in 
    avoiding two fireballs at a time. You can't really avoid the first Thwomp,
    but don't bother stomping him. 
    Also watch out for that last Goomba on the ledge; I often bump into him when
    I'm speeding along the level. Take him out with a jump + spin to avoid 
    wasting time.
    Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<72/242>]
                          ---------------      ----------------
    		     --------------         ----------------
    	            -------------            ----------------
    	            <------[ (4.50) - World 5 (WRD5) ]------->
    	            =============            ================
    	 	     ==============         ================
    		      ===============      ================
    		|(4.51) - Space Storm Galaxy       	(GXY29) |
    Star #073 : Follow Me, Bob-Omb - (STR73)
    From this little planet, make your way across, or if you're lucky with the
    timing, jump and grab one of the spinning pull stars to make your way directly
    to the Launch Star. In any case, just avoid the Amps and use the pull stars to
    get to the Launch Star.
    From here, head down and collect the coins and star bits. Jump over to the
    right, on the moving platform. Long jump a bit (don't go too far into the
    fence) and you should land on the next platform. Time your jump to the
    next platform to avoid the electrical fence, and make your way down. Near
    the bottom platform, you should see an even lower platform heading left and
    right. Drop onto it at the right time, pass by the electric fence, and jump
    onto the next platform. Quickly jump onto the next one as well, before you
    are lowered onto the electricity. Ride it up, and long jump at an opening
    to the next set of platforms that head down. Just cruise down for a bit, and
    you should see the next Comet Medal (CMT29). Once you get it, long jump
    onto the final set of platforms, and jump into the Launch Star as you pass
    Here, you should be almost directly above the next Launch Star. However,
    how will you get there? Well, see the little Bob-omb on the bottom? You have
    to lead it along the path downwards (which head diagonally right/down, then
    moves left at the end) to blow up the cage, revealing a passage and Life 
    Mushroom. So do so, taking care to avoid the electrical fence on your side.
    The Bob-omb never stops moving once it lights its fuse, so try to keep it on
    track the entire time.
    Once you drop down, long jump straight down and spin, and you should grab
    the Launch Star and move on. You can just walk all the way back up, but why
    Avoid the holes and electric fences, and remember the spot from which the
    red topmen spawn from; this'll be important later. Up ahead, you should see
    a Bob-omb and a cage, so spin into the Bob-omb to grab him and chuck it at
    the fence. Keep going up, and head left. You'll see a silver Gearmo here, who
    plays a part in the hidden star. Remember this for later too.
    When you're ready to go, grab the pull star on the side. Keep heading left
    here; it doesn't really matter what path you take (it branches a bit later,
    but not by much). Just avoid hitting the Amp's, and watch out for the 
    electric ball shooters. The last part just before the section will require
    you to fly past a couple in a row, so just pull yourself through it as quickly
    as you can.
    You should see the star now, so just pull yourself towards it and grab it,
    avoiding the electric fence (of course!)
    [STAR GET!] - [<73/242>]
    Star #074 : To The Top Of Topman's Tower - (STR74)
    This level features another interesting mechanic, on top of having everything
    moving much faster.
    Start off on the pull star planet, and make your way to the Launch Star. For
    a really easy time doing this, just hit the blue switch, and everything will
    slow time for a while. Launch over to the next area, collecting the star bits
    Here, the floor will move you either left or right, depending on where you 
    stand. Move to the next switch, but avoid the bubble shooters. Right after
    they fire, hit the switch and go to the right. You'll see a lever, so spin into
    it to open the next door. Ignore the next switch, and continue to the right.
    You should make it to the next lever before time resumes moving quickly; 
    hit it and proceed. 
    Avoid the Amp's up ahead, and just head to the Launch Star ahead. Avoid the
    shockwaves coming from the purple thing, and bounce onto it's head to reach
    the Launch Star. Touch the checkpoint here. 
    Though you can head to the left, just jump on top of the Thwomp, and long jump
    to the right, where you'll see a switch and pipe. The pipe has a ? Coin with
    tons of coins, but you don't need that. Hit the switch, and start climbing up
    the wall (backflips help). Once you're on the second one, right it to the
    right, where you should see another switch. Hit it when you can, and continue
    up. Above the 2nd rotating platform here you should see a wood block above,
    so just jump on this, and you can make it up the rest of the way with another
    Up here, defeat the two red topmen, and a green one should appear. Jump on
    its head and collect your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<74/242>]
    Star #075 : C'mere, Topman - (STR75)
    Remember the silver Gearmo from before? Well, it turns out he wants a red
    topman, so we gotta grab one for him!
    When you start the section with the topmen, start leading a red topman to
    the Gearmo right away. Once you reach the area with the cage and Bob-omb, 
    run ahead a bit and break the cage while the red topman is still safely in
    the back for a bit. Keep leading him, straight to the Gearmo. Just be careful
    in the tight walkways, especially with enemies. Once you get him near the
    Gearmo, talk to him right away, and you'll basically complete the mission in
    two seconds (he'll set up the barriers, and since the topman is already there,
    it'll end right away). Collect your prize and move on!
    [STAR GET!] - [<75/242>]
    		|(4.52) - Slipsand Galaxy       	(GXY30) |
    Star #076 : Squizzard's Sandy Sinkhole - (STR76)
    This first area may seem a bit annoying, but it's not too bad. Just ride the
    sand and jump over the flames at the appropriate time. If you find yourself
    moving too quickly in the sand for your tastes, you can push the control stick
    in the opposite direction to slow down. The flames are pretty big as well,
    so either backflip or them or (if you're in the sand), move left or right
    to avoid them. Jumping and spinning while help you too, but only to reposition
    yourself on the sand (jumping over the flames on the sand is pretty risky).
    Once you reach the end, grab the Launch Star.
    This area is much easier; just use jumps and head across the sand and ledges.
    Avoid the enemies, and you'll emerge on the other side. Use long jumps here
    to avoid the gap, and head straight ahead with long jumps to grab another
    Comet Medal (CMT30). Once you've got that, keepo avoiding the annoying birds
    and head right, then up to the Fire Flower (though you don't have to).
    In this area, clear out the enemies that appear once you get near the lanterns.
    You can light them to have an extra 1-Up appear. The best way to get past these
    blocks is to climb on the first set, and long jump your was across the sand. 
    Jump onto the last block on this section and backflip over to the right.
    Touch the checkpoint and use the Launch Star. 
    Now, this part is FUN! Stay in the center for now, and eventually, rolling
    stones will start coming at you. Move into the openings between each one,
    which are as follows:
    Right, Middle, Right, Left, Middle, Left, Middle, Middle, Right
    Once the last one passes you, move quickly into the middle. The sand path will
    diminish in width rapidly, so keep to the center. Touch the checkpoint at
    the end, grab anything you may need from the shop, and prepare for Boss Time!
    I like this boss fight, even though the last part can get a bit annoying.
    Basically, this yellow guy will move different stuff at you, and when it 
    opens its mouth, you need to hurl fireballs into it. It's best to hurl these
    fireballs while standing on firm ground, since you need to throw about 5 for
    it to be considered one hit.
    The first time he'll open his mouth after he throws 3 yellow rocks at you,
    so dodge the last rock and throw them in. Grab another Fire Flower at this
    point too.
    Now, he'll start throwing two things at once, and after two throws of this,
    he should open his mouth. Again, chuck a few fireballs to move on.
    This last phase is where things can start to get annoying. He'll create two
    cannons, which will shoot balls at you. You can take them out with a fireball
    each. Also, Squizzard will now throw some balls at you, and right before he
    opens his mouth, a pair of HUGE bombs. Sometimes he throws these directly
    at you, and other times he throws it to either side as if to cut you off
    from retreat. Watch the direction of the bombs, and hurl fireballs in his
    mouth as soon as he opens it. If you took care of the cannons, you don't have
    to worry at all about some rock smacking into you as you throw fireballs.
    Once you've hit him the third time, you're done! Grab your prize and move on.
    [STAR GET!] - [<76/242>]
    Star #077 : Sailing The Sandy Seas - (STR77)
    This first section is similar to the one in the first level, but without fire.
    Head forward using the platforms, and grab the Life Mushroom on the left side 
    if you wish. Once you get here, get left/right until you find a pipe - the 
    sand is too rough to cross.
    In here, you are supposed to head left, but you can instead start wall jumping
    to the right, and head over there. See the orange pipe? Drop in front of it and
    move left, and you'll enter into the next area. Cross the sand on the 
    platform here and head right to the Launch Star.
    This can be a pretty annoying area, so listen up! Basically, you just have to
    stay off the sand by riding the mystical sand bird. Whenever something comes 
    in contact with it, some of the bird will disintegrate, though it will
    regenerate after a while. Got it? Let's go!
    First, stick to the right side. Then, once the left side regenerates, jump 
    over there. Watch the Magikoopa - it's fireballs will wreck the bird as well.
    Head left to avoid the cactus, and smack the Magikoopa too.  
    The Magikoopa here can be annoying, but don't risk yourself to get them.
    One should appear near the bottom of the bird at some point, so be aware
    of that. After those two are gone, you'll start to speed up. Stick to the left
    first, then go right to avoid the next cactus. Avoid the series of cacti
    here, jump to the left, and then jump to the right to avoid the next series
    when the bird regenerates. 
    Stick to the center now, and as soon as the bird regenerates, go left. As you
    approach the next set, long jump to the right at the last second, and you 
    should land on the newly formed right side. 
    Now, the final obstacle; a Silver Chomp. Guess he's mad from before. Anyways,
    he'll go right for you, and destroy all the blocks in his path. Try to keep
    him on one side, so that you have blocks to stand on. Once you reach the
    end, long jump and collect your prize! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<77/242>]
    Star #078 : Squizzard's Daredevil Run - (STR78)
    This is exactly the same as the first battle, except that you only have 1 HP.
    There is not much else to say, except that you should definately take out the
    cannons as soon as you can. Things can get pretty hectic once those things
    start shooting everywhere, so save yourself the headache and get rid of them.
    Then, just remember to avoid bombs and be on level ground when firing 
    fireballs, and you should have no real other problems. 
    [STAR GET!] - [<78/242>]
    		|(4.53) - Shiverburn Galaxy       	(GXY31) |
    Star #079 : Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood - (STR79)
    More lava time! Head forward here, but be careful on the grates; they sink
    much faster than in the first galaxy game. When you get to the yellow platform
    that moves you around, long jump to the next set of grates when you can and
    grab the Cloud Flower when you can. Head over to the next Cloud Flower, using 
    clouds to bypass the level. Then, just keep heading forward until you see the
    switch. Pound it, and all the lava will turn to ice. 
    From here, you can head back and grab a Life Mushroom that was to the right
    of where you started, if you want. Otherwise, head past the shockwave machines
    and into the Launch Star. There's a pipe nearby, but that will come into play
    In this area, rocks will be moving from left to right. They can move at
    different speed as well, so be careful. Just make your way up, and avoid 
    riding too far to the right or left. When you get to the midway point with
    the 3 coconuts, you can smack one into the chest for an extra life. 
    Then, just keep heading straight forward, and you'll see the next Launch
    Star. Don't forget the Comet Medal to the right side of it (CMT31). Long jumps
    definately help out here.
    You can skate on the ice, but it's much safer to walk because of the lava pools
    created the meteors. They always land in the same spot though, so just move 
    around them or over them. In the last little section you'll encounter 5 enemies
    that spit green balls at you, so take out the enemies to either side of you and
    then start smacking green balls back. The game may slow down a bit, but just 
    concentrate on dodging fireballs and hitting back green balls and you'll be 
    Now, head across the rocks and wait for the ice droplets to come down and
    freeze the ground make your way across; I don't recommend skating because
    the pieces aren't perfectly connected, and you can fall into the lava. Just
    jump along and grab the Launch Star. Touch the checkpoint and buy a Life
    Mushroom if you want. Boss Time!
    This guy can be tough at first, but he's not that bad. Essentially, you have
    to hit the green balls back at him when he fire them. He tends to shoot a
    salvo of meteors, and then another salvo of meteors with one green ball. He
    also tends to fire it moreso toward to the ground, so you have to stay fairly
    close to him and jump to catch the green ball before it hits the ground.
    Other then that, you just have to avoid crashing into him (he doesn't seem to
    drive in a way that purposely targets you, though) and the lava pools made by
    the meteors. He also has one more attack where he fires numerous meteors and 
    a green ball into the air, which fall after a little while. The order in
    which he shoot them determines how close it is to him. If he fires a green
    ball right away, that means it's going to land close to him. He should use this
    attack right after your first hit on him (if you managed to hit), so you can
    smack him again and get your second hit.
    Now, he'll get mad and race around the stage; for me, he always dashes up and
    down the middle. Just stay to the sides and you should be all right. He'll
    resume firing more salvos of meteors, and when you see a green ball, smack it
    into him for a third time and you'll be done!
    [STAR GET!] - [<79/242>]
    Star #080 : Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge - (STR80)
    This Chimp Challenge can be found in the first mission, in a pipe by the first
    Launch Star (after freezing the ground). This is exactly the same thing as 
    STR47 in Freezy Flake, except that you need 600 points instead of 500. Heres 
    pretty much the same thing as I said before:
    Firstly, the amount of good and bad things increases over time. At first, it
    should be easy to grab the 1 or 2 green things that appear (and the occasional
    gold one). After a while though, things become hectic, and you can't always 
    grab everything. ALWAYS GO FOR THE GOLD ONES. They're worth 5 times as much as
    a regular one, and will often make the biggest difference. They always appear
    near the last seconds of the game, (sometimes even two), and are critical to
    winning the game. 
    The next biggest issue is avoiding the spikey things. They often appear on the
    four corners, so be careful of that. To avoid them, you can either swerve or
    jump over them. Always try to swerve inside of jumping, because it saves more
    time. Jumping if you have no other choice though, is better then smacking into
    it, since it costs more time and speed.
    Finally, you can speed up by spinning the remote. The best time to use this is
    if you've lined yourself with several green/gold things in a row. It's also 
    helpful in getting as many things near the end of the game (though you should
    use it quickly after getting the gold thing; don't wanna miss that!). And of
    course, be extra careful of spikey things when speeding up. Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<80/242>]
    Star #081 : Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp - (STR81)
    This is a pretty fun skating level, and very similar to the skating Chimp
    Challenges. Essentially, you have to defeat 30 Octo's in 50 seconds, using
    3 rainbows stars (left, middle, and right side). You can take any path you 
    want too, but I think there are two ways to get it that are "the best" in
    terms of efficiency and time.
    First, start by getting the star in the middle, and start skating either to
    the right or left. Because of the fact that the camera is behind you, it's 
    easier to tackle the bottom enemies because you can't see them otherwise. It
    doesn't really matter what side you take.
    Now, you can skate over the enemies in two ways; either go up and down while
    heading left/right, or go from side to side. I personally prefer to go from
    side to side, and I'll tell you why. If you do so, you have better access to
    the stars, so you can regenerate your invincibilty (since you'll need another
    star at some point). If you go up and down you can defeat more of the enemies
    quickly, but you'll need to move to one of the sides or the middle to get
    a refill of invincibility. 
    In either case, the only thing to worry about is turning. You can't make 
    very sharp turns, especially with Star Mario; so if you miss something, make a
    circle and come back at it, or just get it later. Don't try to swing back 
    around immediately because you'll just end up passing it. Finally, there are
    no fences on the sides, unlike the previous boss fight. So be careful while
    skating near the edges!
    After a little while, you should be able to get it. 50 seconds is pretty
    generous, and you might even be able to finish before the last 10 seconds.
    Happy skating!
    [STAR GET!] - [<81/242>]
    		|(4.54) - Boo Moon Galaxy        	(GXY32) |
    Star #082 : Silver Stars Pop-Up - (STR82)
    We start off the level with a maze of sorts - yay? From the start, head
    up and to the right, and if you stand where the coin is, the door in front of
    you will open. Head left (to the right is just a coin) and when you get to the
    next junction, head up (left leads to a teleporter. Eventually the path will
    twist right and around, and you should see the Launch Star. 
    Here, ride the purple blocks over to the checkpoint. It moves left and
    right, so just follow it along, and avoid the enemies. Once you touch the
    checkpoint, head right.  These blocks tend to jump up and down, so try to stay
    on the right edge. You'll see a ? Coin as well, which you grab to trigger some
    notes. Once you collect them all, three 1-Up's will appear. Continue along
    the platform. At one point the platform will double back on itself, but it
    will shoot back forward, so don't worry. Jump onto the next set of blocks.
    Once you move forward a bit, you'll come to a little rock platform, and the
    gravity will change. This effects your control too, so be careful. The
    platform moves left and right, but it doesn't give you as much space, so 
    jump from side to side if need be. You'll come to one more ledge, and the
    gravity will change again. On this final part there is a Comet Medal on the
    bottom; the platform will dart in that direction briefly, then shot back up,
    so grab it quickly (CMT32). Jump into the Launch Star to proceed.
    You'll land on the moon now. Interesting. Just collect the 5 piece of star;
    you don't need to worry about tilting anything, since backflipping can reach
    anything. Tak the Launch Star.
    In this area you start in the top left corner, and you have to collect some
    more silver stars. Head to the bottom right, grabbing the first fragment you
    see and the other one above the switch (1) (2). Now, pound the switch. You'll
    see the floor rise up, and you can start climbing up. Head up from the right,
    and grab this piece (3). Jump over to the middle and grab another piece (4). 
    Finally, jump to the right and grab the last piece (5). Grab the star and
    you're done!
    Hint: You can stand on certain section of the floor before it rises and ride 
    it up as it goes!
    [STAR GET!] - [<82/242>]
    Star #083 : Haunting The Howling Tower - (STR83)
    The start of this area is similar to the beginning last time, but much more
    twisty and turny. Star by heading right down, and you'll find a door that
    opens. Continue right, and head up. Turn right. Follow this winding path and
    at the next junction, head up. At the next junction, head up again. Then
    head right. Head the winding path and go down. Soon you should come to
    another path leading to the right, but don't miss the door near the right.
    Go in. Follow the winding path and enter the pipe at the end.
    Touch the checkpoint here and grab the Boo Mushroom to turn into a Boo! Head
    right and spin to turn invisble and go through the wall. Head up and avoid the
    enemy, then follow the push of the fan. Go through the next gate, and head
    up, then right. Kepe following the simple path, avoiding enemies. In the
    more open area where you can go up and down, go up, then down, then up. Take
    the fan. At the next junction you can head down and to the right to grab a
    1-Up, and up-right to continue.  
    The last part is when you have to head straight up past the enemies. It can
    be a pain to guide Boo up this, since he's pretty slow going up. Carefully
    make your way up and you'll see the star.
    [STAR GET!] - [<83/242>]
    Star #084 : The Star In The Sinking Swamp - (STR84)
    This hidden star is in the same area as the first mission; remember the
    Launch Star that takes you to the moon? Well, don't jump into it right away
    now; wait a little bit on the edge of the purple block and you'll see another
    set of purple blocks appear to the left at the last second. Jump on, and start
    running to the left; the blocks move very fast here, so run along with it as
    best you can. There are enemies in the way too, but you should be able to 
    swerve around them and stay on the blocks. You can also jump at certain
    points (such as when the blocks head up then left; you can jump diagonally
    left/up. At the end you'll see your prize! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<84/242>]
    		|(4.55) - Upside Dizzy Galaxy         	(GXY33) |
    Star #085 : A Walk On The Weird Side - (STR85)
    More gravity magic, yay! Head right and jump on this guys heads before he
    starts to annoy you. Head right, and drop up. Tilt to the right as you do,
    so you don't fall back down. Continue right. Jump into the paths that pull
    you do the right, and make your way to the right. You can enter the pipe,
    but this is for the hidden star (found below). Head right, and take the gravity
    path up. Again, tilt right so you don't fall back down. If you the paths line
    up properly, you can even head directly into the next gravity path that pulls
    you up right away.
    Assuming you miss it and land on the ground, don't worry. Just backflip onto
    the blocks, and you can reach the up gravity path from there. You can grab the
    Life Mushroom too by wall-kicking off the right side. In this larger area,
    try to grab the platform that moves across the screen; it'll keep you from 
    falling down. That, or try to land on the ground on the left. Head left either
    way and into the next area.
    Touch the checkpoint here, and stomp the switch. You'll notice the gravity 
    shift, and you can now head up and then left to get into the pipe. The switch
    only lasts a little while, so make sure you hustle! You can also make it into
    the pipe by jumping across the Goomba's, but this is much harder. Try it for
    a challenge if you want!
    Keep heading to the right here, and you'll notice that gravity is all messed
    up here. Defeat those evil brain sucking blue things, and avoid jumping on
    those hopping things unless their spike is gone. As you head along, you'll
    notice some electric fences from time to time. Either jump over them, or walk
    past them, depending on the gravity pull. But you do want that Comet Medal you
    see, right? Well, the gravity pull on the moving platforms doesn't change, so
    make your way to the second one. Now, just wait until the gravity is pulling
    down AND the two platforms are touching. You can then run left, grab the
    Comet Medal and jump left to avoid the electric fence before the gravity
    changes (CMT33). Now, just continue right. 
    At the next (and last) junction, wait until the gravity is going up, and
    jump in. Tilt right to prevent falling back down, and you'll see the star
    surrounded by many eletric fences. Head left, get beneath the block when
    the gravity is pulling down, which is another safe spot. Let the gravity
    go up, then as soon as it goes back down, head to the right side, close to
    the electric fence. Wait about 2 seconds, then back flip towards the star.
    The gravity pull should change and pull you to the star! If it doesn't right
    away, spin to buy yourself an extra second or so. 
    [STAR GET!] - [<85/242>]
    Star #086 : Burning Upside Dizzy - (STR86)
    Remember the pipe we saw near the beginning of the level? You can get into 
    this one fairly easily by riding the second platform with the gravity pull
    up, then run onto the first platform as they reconnect. The gravity will pull
    you down, but you should land on top of the first platform. Now, just ride to
    the left and enter the pipe. 
    In this room, grab the Fire Flower and climb up the crates. Just take care of
    two of the crates in the middle and you can enter the next pipe. 
    Another crate smashing level! This one is slightly harder than the one before,
    but I till think it's pretty fun. You can also take care of this one in a 
    fairly low amount of fireballs. Start by hurling a fireball in front to take
    care of those crates; then, throw one alongside each diagonal (3). Now, run to
    the bottom left corner and line up with the middle of the crates on the bottom.
    A well placed fireball will take the entire row out. Do the same with the next
    4 above, and you're done! Again, you can do this in only 8 fireballs!
    [STAR GET!] - [<86/242>]
    		|(4.56) - Fleet Glide Galaxy        	(GXY34) |
    Star #087 : Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide - (STR87)
    Another (and last, thank you!) flying level. This one can be pretty tricky
    but once you know the path, it becomes much easier. We want to pass through the
    5 gates again to get the Comet Medal, so take a deep breathe, steady your
    hand, and let's go!
    Start by heading down to the right, past the level creature, and then swerve
    back down to the left. Don't worry about the lava monster that appears here;
    just stick to the left and it will miss you. Don't forget to fly through the 
    first gate here though (1)! There is a Life Mushroom right above, but it's 
    unreachable since you had to dive down. 
    Now, slow down a bit and stick to the left side. You can grab a 1-Up in the 
    second hole. Once you grab it, turn hard to the left, and follow the general 
    path created by the star bits. Continue to turn hard left, and you should 
    soon see the next gate; quickly straighten out Fluzzard, and if you've been
    turning hard enough, you should have enough time to fly through it (2).  
    Now, keep turning hard to the right, an you'll see some towers and a red
    balloon. Make the red balloon your target; as soon as you hit it or get
    in front of it, straighten Fluzzard and head forward. You should be well
    lined up with the entrance here, so head in. 
    Stick to the bottom of the floor, but not too close. Follow this path (which
    deviates slightly to the left), and stick left; you might not notice them, but
    there are some bats flying around on the right side. Once you enter the
    little area with the Thwomps, tilt down as far as you can without hitting the
    floor; the timing should work so that you can swoop under the Thwomp unharmed,
    and into the third gate (3). 
    Continue flying down, and you'll see several Bullet Bills fired at you. Now,
    try to stick to the top left or right corner. I always find this area annoying,
    since the control seems kinda wonky at this part. Once they pass you, 
    straighten yourself out and head towards the center, but stay on the left. 
    Enter the open area, tilt down and you should see the next gate (4). Pass it, 
    and you'll notice towers and stuff all over the place; don't worry about the 
    towers falling on you. Stick to the center here, and just avoid the smaller 
    pillars that appear on the left and right. Once you start to pass the first 
    collapsing tower, start moving towards the center even more and go to the 
    ground as  quickly as you can. A giant door will start closing in front of you,
    and you'll see the last gate in front of you; swoop through it as fast as you 
    can (5).
    In this final part, you'll probably notice the Comet Medal being fired in the
    corner of your eye. Slow down your ride and line yourself up with the Comet
    Medal on your left. Take your time, and gently cruise into it (CMT34). There
    are things firing at you everywhere, but they shouldn't really bother you.
    Once you grab the Comet Medal, just make your way straight for the final
    golden gate. Pass it and the prize is yours!
    [STAR GET!] - [<87/242>]
    Star #088 : Fastest Feathers In The Galaxy - (STR88)
    The course for this is identical as before, but there are a few changes in
    how you should fly now that the gates are something you can skip. 
    The biggest change is that now, when you open the first big area before the
    second gate, you don't need to fly hard to the left; you can just fly straight.
    I've found that you can't fly as fast as you do when tilting to the left, since
    you're liable to smack into the ground. However, it is a more straight-forward
    path, and since you aren't flying in complete circle to get to the gate, it
    works out pretty the same, if not even better if you fly straight. It's
    definately safer!
    The other main difference is before the fourth gate; you don't have to move
    down to the left to grab it. Instead, you can just cruise down the middle the
    enter time. You'll probably still end up flying near the 5th gate, though, 
    since the door is coming down at you and you need to be low down. 
    Finally, in the last area you don't have to fly to the left to get the Comet
    Medal, so just make your way straight to the exit. With a bit of practice, 
    you should be able to pull off this level in under a minute, and collect your
    prize too, of course!
    [STAR GET!] - [<88/242>]
    		|(4.57) - Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker     	(GXY35) |
    Star #089 : Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine - (STR89)
    The final Bowser Jr. battle! As you start the battle, you'll see the remenants
    of Megahammer scattered around. There's a single Chance Cube on the right side,
    behind a Bullet Bill cannon. 
    Start by luring a Bullet Bill out and towards you. Head forward, and avoid the
    purple things and the muck which slows you down. Jump on the screw, and head 
    up onto the platform with the cage. Lead the Bullet Bill into it, and use the 
    cannon. Fire it at the target ahead and if you hit it, you'll get an extra 
    life! Kick the butts of the two Boomerang Bros here (take the right one out
    frist, then left) and you'll reveal a Launch Star. You can grab a Life Mushroom
    on the top-left flagpole, so get it if you want. 
    Touch the checkpoint here, and climb into the cannon. Aim for the next
    target as well, but watch out for the mines spinning around you. Once you're
    in this area, head up, and jump onto the red platforms heading to the left.
    Stand on the top edge of it, and ride it for a bit. You should soon seen the
    next Comet Medal ahead, on a blue platform (CMT35). Grab and it and head to 
    the bottom of the blue platform; hanging on the edge here should prevent you
    from getting hit by the mines. 
    Ride it for a bit more, until you see a Cloud Flower. Grab it, and use it jump
    forward to the circular platform ahead. Avoid the mines here and smash the
    rocks to reveal another Launch Star. BOSS TIME!!!
    Boomsday Machine
    This is a pretty interesting boss battle, and makes full use of the Cloud
    Flowers and fans scattered around the stage. Basically, you want to hit the
    weakpoint 3 times, which is the cockpit in which Bowser Jr. sits. 
    For the first 2 hits, Bowser Jr. is sitting stationary in the center of the
    stage, shooting you with slow moving electric balls. These will dissipate any
    clouds they touch, so watch out for that. There are also revolving lines of
    flames on the bottom. 
    Grab one the Cloud Flowers, and make your way to one of the vents. Ride it up,
    and you should come to another Cloud Flower and platform. Sometimes near this
    point, Bowser Jr.'s contraption will begin shining and sucking in all the
    clouds below him. Quickly jump up and make a cloud, and you should be fine.
    You can't touch him yet, but you soon will be able to, so you might as well
    start setting yourself up. Long jump over to him, and wait above him on a
    cloud. As soon as he stops his attack, ground pound into him. Rinse and
    repeat a second time, and things will start to change.
    Now, he'll become a tank, grow taller, and start moving about. The goal
    still remains smashing into his cockpit, but it's slightly tricker; 
    especially with him running around everywhere. You also have to continue
    climb past the first cloud to the second. Once you get high enough, make
    your way towards him, and avoid the shining/sucking move in the same
    fashion as before. Once you hit him one more time, you're done! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<89/242>]
    Star #090 : Boomsday Machine Daredevil Run - (STR90)
    This is the same as the previous mission, except you only have to fight
    the Boomsday Machine - with 1 HP, of course. This means being extra 
    careful in avoid the spinning fire, slow electric balls, getting run over,
    and getting zapped by the shining attack. 
    Aside from that, the fight is exactly the same. Use clouds to climb up 
    to where he is, and hit him while he isn't glowing. Clouds last as platforms
    for a little while, but they fade eventually, so always keep that in mind.
    3 hits and he'll be toast!
    [STAR GET!] - [<90/242>]
                          ---------------      ----------------
    		     --------------         ----------------
    	            -------------            ----------------
    	            <------[ (4.60) - World 6 (WRD6) ]------->
    	            =============            ================
    	 	     ==============         ================
    		      ===============      ================
    		|(4.61) - Melty Monster Galaxy       	(GXY36) |
    Star #091 : The Magnificant Magma Sea - (STR91)
    Wow, a lot of magma in these last couple levels! At the start just follow
    along the path, until you see the pull star. There is a pipe here over the
    edge of the platform; turn the camera and you'll see it. It's for the hidden
    star though, so read about it below if you want. 
    Anyways, just go through this area using the Pull Stars. There are lava 
    monsters around here, but they are really slow. Just make sure you're not in
    front of them when the lunge and you're fine. Head to the left and up, and use
    the Launch Star. To get the Life Mushroom (if you want it), shoot yourself at
    it from the left, then swing up (you should grab it on the way up). Quickly
    spin when you get to the next Launch Star to avoid being consumed.
    Touch the checkpoint here, and make your way to the right, avoiding the 
    flames that shoot out. The lava waves here can be a bit dangerous. The more
    lightly colored platforms are safe to stand on regardless of how high the lava
    is, but the darker and lower ones can be covered by a wave. There is also a
    Life Mushroom here, if you couldn't get the last one. 
    The wave to manuver here is to jump from flagpole to flagpole; tilt the control
    stick to line up Mario with the flagpole, then jump. Stay near the top of the
    poles to avoid the lava, and head up/right. Once you conquer this part, follow
    the path of tiles, and head up towards the lava monster with a long jump. 
    Quickly jump to the side to avoid him, and jump over the spiny blocks to
    avoid falling into the lava.
    Touch the checkpoint, and enter the spinning whirlwinds. Remember these from 
    the first game? Spin around for a bit, then spin the control to fly around
    like a helicopter. Head up into the next whirlwind, then head right. 
    Then, head left on the last one and grab the swing. Take the Launch Star on
    the left.
    Gah, lots of these guys here. Jump onto the next rock, but avoid the next one
    after that; just long jump over to the long rock. Careful on the rock with
    the block; there's a guy hiding in the lava who will pounce out at random.
    The rock after that is safe though. Basically, all the ones that aren't charred
    black are okay. Head left, and you'll see a long charred one. Before heading
    down this, you want a Comet Medal, right? Long jump on the rock ahead, and 
    you'll find it waiting for you, safe and sound (CMT36). 
    Now, head back, and when a monster runs past, follow him on the charred rock. 
    Head left onto the safe spot, long jump to the further charred one when you
    have an opening, then jump right away to a safe rock ahead. Break the crystal
    up ahead, and jump over to the star to collect your prize. Long jumping
    here at the end is a bit wonky, since the other rocks can pull you towards
    them, so make sure you spin when you long jump to make sure you land on
    it properly.
    [STAR GET!] - [<91/242>]
    Star #092 : The Chimp's Bowling Challenge - (STR92)
    Another Chimp Challenge, but this one is much different from the others, pretty
    easy, and pretty fun as well!
    As you may have guessed from the title, you need to knock over as many pins as
    you can; specifically, 50 of the 56 pins. Let's just go through each set one 
    by one.
    The first set is the easiest (of course); just position yourself in the middle
    and fire when ready. Easy 600
    The next set is slightly leaning to the left, but there is one on the right,
    so stay in the middle. 1100.
    The green balls don't do much here, so just plow straight ahead. 1700.
    Center, and jump with A at the right time. 2300.
    If you're lined up in the center perfectly, you can roll over everything at
    any time; the edges of the platform make it just barely crossable at any time.
    Just stick to the center, and roll when it's leaning to one side because 
    Mario takes a little bit of time to actually get rolling. 3600.
    Just wait until the platform has almost lined up, then fire. 4100.
    This one can be kinda tricky; fire when the side that has the 3 extra pins is
    facing. The platform may tilt you a bit to the left, so you may wanna tilt
    slightly to the right as you approach the last three pins to ensure you get
    them. 4700.
    This is the hardest one to get all of them, because the platform is tilting
    around like crazy. Once you get it, you should finish with 5600 if you did it
    [STAR GET!] - [<92/242>]
    Star #093 : A Stroll Down Rolling Lane - (STR93)
    I love this level! It's quite fun once you get the hang of it, though the
    last part can be a bit tricky. There's also a lot of star bits here, so it
    can be a good farming area as well.
    From the start, the pipe to the Chimp is still here; ride above if you want
    to get that start. Grab the rock mushroom and shoot to the Launch Star,
    surrounded by many star bits. Then, just touch the checkpoint, grab another 
    Rock Mushroom, and ram into the bridge to continue.
    Take the ramp, and when you land, move left to catch the next ramp. Go
    straight, and jump over the gap to collect the 1-Up. Take the next ramp; stick
    to the left at first, gently move to the right, and then move back into the
    center before you take the ramp. 
    On the next part, head right, and then head left. On the next section, you
    can head either left (which I prefer) or right, but you can't jump over the
    center. Jump these next little gaps, and then prepare for the hardest part
    Take a right here and hit the yellow side, which will bounce you down. Now, you
    want to tilt to the right, but only slightly; if you do it correctly, you'll 
    hit another yellow wall and start moving forward again. Move to the right 
    when this happens to stay on course, then straighten yourself out and you 
    should be fine! Don't forget to jump at the end to get into the pen with the
    star. Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<93/242>]
    		|(4.62) - Clockwork Ruins Galaxy       	(GXY37) |
    Star #094 : Time For Adventure - (STR94)
    Welcome to the ruins! There are a lot of spinning objects here, so the key
    thing to remember is that gravity is always acting down; don't get trapped in
    a bad spot! 
    Anyways, head to the right past the pumpkin Goombas and cross the first wheel,
    which is pretty small. The other one is a bit bigger, and while require you to
    move around the platform to avoid falling. Just move in the opposite direction
    that the wheel spins (usually right) to keep from falling.
    On this ledge, you can hit the flying block for some star bits. Head to the
    right now, and you'll come across a much bigger wheel. This one has some 
    platforms near the bottom, so it's not so dangerous. Try your best to stay 
    rightside up (backflips help!) and make your way to the right. 
    The last wheel is HUGE, so be careful around here. There is some ground
    below, including a hidden star (details below). Do your best to get on top of
    the wheel, and take the Launch Star near the top.
    Touch the checkpoint here, and make note of the strange color difference in
    the walls. The bluish one will periodically jut out, and if you're standing in
    it's way, you'll fall out of the wall. Ouch.
    Climb up and head to the right, and stop at the safe brown wall before the
    next steps. Continue right when you can until you come to a lamp with a coin
    in front. Wait for walls to jut back out, and backflip over to the left. Long
    jump across the walls here, and land on brown rock jutting out near the end
    (there's a block near it). Wait for the wall to finish retracting and come
    back out, and climb to the top left. Here, you'll see a gravity switch, so
    spin it.
    Now, a lot of the floor will fall away, but there are still sections of blue
    wall that move in and out. Head back the way you came, but move down at the
    first block you see. Across from you is a blue floor that juts in and out of
    the wall still, so when it retracts, long jump over to it. From here, you can
    quickly reach the switch. Hit it to free the Luma, and then head left and
    talk to it. 
    Take the Launch Star, and touch the chekpoint. You'll see giant wheels tumbling
    down the hill; you need to time it so that you run into the little gaps in
    between each wheel. You may notice the Comet Medal looming above you halfway
    through, but ignore it for now. Just move a bit at a time, and grab the 1-Up
    which is in a safe spot in the wall. Once you get to the end, wait for a
    wheel to drop down, and head into the first opening that you can take (not the
    one in midair, the one that is still covered by the ground). Ride this up for
    a little while, and jump out when it gets near the top. This is should land
    you right by the Comet Medal (CMT37). Head back right.
    Now, we have to avoid some spike. Long jump across the first set, and wall
    jump between the enxt set. Deafeat the enemy here just for peace of mind, and
    swing yourself up the nails (just press A a few times). Hit the giant marker
    here and...head to the right. There are two wheels here that spin around, and
    you need to wall jump when you can move up the wheels. Make sure you have 
    something below you when they are turning and your not wall jump during that
    At the top you'll find some enemies and a pipe that has a ? Coin and a lot of
    coins in it. Head right, and head up the elevator of sorts. Hit the switch, and
    more wheel will appear. Now, you have to do the same thing you did before; 
    ride the wheels and long jump near the end to get the star. 
    [STAR GET!] - [<94/242>]
    Star #095 : The Ledge Hammer Trap - (STR95)
    Remember the Hungry Luma at the bottom of the fourth wheel? Well, you need to
    feed it 20 coins, which can be a bit annoying. This means collecting all the
    coins on the wheels, defeating the octo-enemies and getting their coins (which
    is the hardest part, since the coin can just bounce into nothing), getting
    the pumpkin Goombas at the end, and by hitting the coin block between the 
    third and fourth wheels (10 coins here!). 
    Once you get to the hidden area, you will encounter a large amount of hammers
    smacking the ground. They're not actually that hard to get past, but to make
    things easier, let's use those freeze switches. Touch the checkpoint and get
    past the first hammer, then smack the freeze switch. Make your way right, and 
    stop by the next freeze switch. Once time resumes, hit it and head to the right
    until you get to the pipe. 
    In this area, the hammers are pretty much spaced out so that you can just
    keep running forward; you'll get past one hammer, but you won't be fast enough
    to enough get in the way of the next one. Keep tilting the control pad left 
    even though the hammer is in your way, and you'll soon pass. After about 5
    hammers, collect your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<95/242>]
    Star #096 : The Adventure Of The Purple Coins - (STR96)
    You have quite a bit of time, but this can be annoyingggg. Well, let's get
    it over with.
    Pretty much all of the coins are on the four wheels, and the best way to search
    them is to move from one side to the other, and collect all the coins that you
    can each time. It's safer to move from right to left across the wheels to 
    prevent from falling down, but you'll find that a lot of the time, you'll
    need to move to the right to grab coins that would be otherwise unreachable.
    Start by collecting the first 8 coins (8). These ones are a bit easier
    then the rest because you can just move along with the wheel; the turning
    will allow you to collect all of the coins in one go by climbing up and down
    the stairs, right to left. Once you have (23) coins, move on.
    Here, you have to grab the coins on the left side, and then jump over to the
    over side of the wheel and collect the ones on the right side. Once you have 
    (31), move on. 
    Collect the ones on the grass, and jump onto the next wheel (37). 
    Here, you want to move into the center and clear the area here; there are 4
    "legs" on this wheel, so clear out the inside part of each one. Then, drop down
    to where the flagpole is; whenever you see a "foot" (the end part of the leg)
    come by, jump on it, grab the coins, and quickly grab the flagpole again.
    Do this 3 more times and you should have all the coins here (65). Head up
    and to the right, and after grabbing the coins on the grass here you should
    have (73).
    The rest are on the last wheel. And man, these are a bit annoying. Don't
    bother with the middle wheel thing; head down to the bottom and bounce on the
    trampoline. Whenever a section comes by, clear it and run towards the middle,
    trying to clear all the stuff here too. The middle is kind of bad to stick
    around though, because you can be easily thrown off when it starts turning
    to the right. Try to get the inside stuff (especially the stuff in the
    very middle, which is kind of boxed in with jutting walls), and work your way
    outwards. Remember, the trampoline on the bottom helps you more easily reach
    things on the "foot" of the wheels, because you bounce right to it.
    Once you have 100, you're done! You should be able to finish with quite a bit
    of time left over, so again, don't worry about the time limit.
    [STAR GET!] - [<96/242>]
    		|(4.63) - Throwback Galaxy        	(GXY38) |
    Star #097 : The Return Of The Whomp King - (STR97)
    Hmm, this looks familiar... Reminds me of the good old days on the N64.
    Well, your goal is the top of the tower, so start by climbing up the tree.
    Sorry, no owls in this one, but it does allow you to quickly jump into the
    small pool above. You can go to the right, but you just have to go through a
    bunch of Thwomps and other stuff. There is a teleporter and Chance Cube, but
    you don't really need it.
    Anyways, head up the gray slope on the right, and turn left. Defeat the Piranha
    Plant, and get ready to do a huge shortcut. If you triple jump towards the
    wall, wall kick off it, and then spin forward, you can land on top of the tower
    with the Whomp. Saves quite a bit of time. You're free to explore the level as
    you like, but I thought this shortcut was pretty neat (and useful soon).
    However, don't defeat the Whomp yet; head for the flagpole further down. Slide
    down it, and go to the edge. You should notice another platform below. Drop
    down and spin into it; you'll see some coins and another pole. Slide down the
    pole to find a Comet Medal! (CMT38). Now, head back to the right, into the 
    pool, and back up the tower. Defeat the Whomp here, and the Bowser panel
    will disappear. 
    Drop down and prepare for Boss Time!
    Whomp King
    This is basically a bigger Thowmp, with one or two extra attacks. One attack is
    to summon baby Thwomps, which he generally ends up crushing himself; they're
    no real problem. After you hit him once, he'll also create a quick shockwave by
    leaping into the air (and fluttering briefly) once before crashing to the
    ground. Jump to avoid. If you hit him twice already, he'll do this twice in
    a row.
    Finally, his main attack (and when you can attack him) is when he runs over to
    you and begins shaking. A red outline will appear on the ground, so run over to
    the edge of the outline and crouch down. Right before he hits the ground
    (which sends another shockwave) Backflip Spin onto him, and stomp his 
    ...And that's it! Do it 3 times and he'll hand you the star. Yay!
    [STAR GET!] - [<97/242>]
    Star #098 : Silver Stars In The Whomp Fortress - (STR98)
    There are many different ways to collect the silver stars here, because of all
    the wall-kicking and clouds you can use here. I'll give you a method I like
    using, which also works in the next mission. 
    Start by headind to the right, and up the little hill here. Grab the first
    piece right away (1), and continue along the path. Past the wall thing you
    should see Cloud Flower, so grab it, and jump down the second hole for
    another fragment. Spin as you grab it to land, and then quickly Backflip Spin
    and you should be able to get out before the platform blocks you (2). Head up
    the stairs and to the left, past the Thowmp. Triple jump, wall kick, and spin
    to reach the top. 
    Grab the Cloud Flower here, go over the Bowser symbol, and 
    make your way up to the next piece (3). Go back and grab a refill of the Cloud
    Flower, and head left towards the pool. Long jump and head towards the next
    piece, which is in the middle of the cloud paths. Just be careful, because
    the camera will turn 180 degree and change your controls a bit. Grab the
    next fragment (4), and use a cloud (hopefully you still have one!) to make
    your way over to the Cloud Flower by the spinning platform. Now, use backflips
    to climb back onto the tower. 
    Grab the Cloud Flower up here, and head towards the upper-left corner of the
    tower here. Long jump out into open space, and as you fall, you should see a
    couple clouds, including one with the last fragment (5). Grab it, and you're
    done! The star appears at the top of the tower, so technically you should
    grab that last, but I think grabbing this piece out in the open last is
    best, because it's so far away form everything else.
    Anyways, take the left (after grabbing another Cloud Flower) and long jump 
    towards the left. You should come across a slope with coins, so do a backflip
    and spin. Now, long jump left. You should now be in range of platform with
    the Thwomps. Grab the Cloud Flower here, and head towards the tower top. 
    Head towards the triple jump spot; if you run out of clouds, you can just 
    use that make it up.
    Up here, collect your star and bathe in the nostalgia!
    [STAR GET!] - [<98/242>]
    Star #099 : Whomp Silver Star Speed Run - (STR99)
    The strategy I gave for the previous star is pretty much perfect for this. 
    Especially since the timer stops after you collect the last silver star, which
    means getting the star out in space last a better option. The triple jump
    isn't hard at all to execute, and if you are having problems doing it, just
    keep an extra cloud or two and you can still scale the wall. Heres a quick
    summary of the strategy above.
    Head right, take the sandy path for the first silver star, head past the
    jutting wall and down into the hole for the second fragment, head towards the
    tower top with the triply jump + wall kick + spin, then grab the third 
    fragment. Jump out into the pool are for the fourth piece. Head back to the 
    tower, and head to the opposite end for the last piece. Head left from the
    clouds towards the Thwomps. Head back to the tower and collect your prize!
    Just remember to refill your Cloud Power every time you see a Cloud Flower, 
    and you'll be fine! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<99/242>]
    		|(4.64) - Battle Belt Galaxy       	(GXY39) |
    Star #100 : Mini Planet Mega-Run - (STR100)
    Now for something new; on each of these little planets, you have to defeat
    all the enemies to move on. Hmm, I'm sure this couldn't possibly get any
    harder, right. Well, let's get to it!
    On the first planet, just stomp the Goomba to move on. Pretty hard, eh?
    On the second one, you have to take care of three flame enemies. There's
    also a Comet Medal above a pool of lava on the opposite side of where you
    start (CMT39). Easiest one ever? Maybe. Launch on.
    On the third planet, you have to take care of three spikey things with the
    Fire Flower. The crates here contain some star bits, and nothing else. Before 
    you leave, grab the Fire Flower again when it runs out, and launch.
    On the fourth planet, use the fireballs to take of the crabs as well. Much
    easier then running after them, eh? Plus, the fireballs circle the planet for
    a bit, so you can hit something without even knowing it. Move on.
    No enemies here, just a checkpoint and some coins. Move on.
    On the fifth planet, take care of the pumpkin Goombas. The key will appear, and
    when you grab it the capsule will disappear, so enter the pipe.  
    In here, dive down to the bottom and use the green shell's light to defeat
    all the Boos. Hold Z to slow your movement on the shell, and jut wave the light
    around to defeat the Boos fairly easily. Take the launch star to head back out,
    then continue on.
    There's a Luma Shop here, so buy something if you want. Touch the checkpoint 
    and move on.
    On the sixth planet, you need to take out three freezies. There's also a
    Hungry Luma who will lead you to a hidden star, so scroll down to see the
    details on that. Move on.
    On the seventh planet, you need to take out two moles; just ground pound once
    to scare them out, and spin into them to take them out. Grab the key and enter
    the pipe.
    Here, wait until the gravity points up, then bonk the guy on the right. Let
    it switch again, and bonk the first guy on the left. Let it switch one more
    time and bonk the last guy. Done! Head out the pipe and take the Launch Star.
    On the eighth planet, you need to take out Silver Chomps. The only way to do 
    show is to smack the green balls into them. Be careful around here, since the
    Chomps follow you around. On the bright side, it's easier to hit something
    that's coming right for you. And watch your back as well!
    Once you're done, grab the final key and your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<100/242>]
    Star #101 : Snacktime For Gobblegut - (STR101)
    For the hidden star, you need to feed the Hungry Luma on the freezie planet
    20 coins. This means you need to defeat pretty much every enemy and collect
    every coin to be able to meet his demand. I believe you can get 25/26 MAX at
    that point so there is some room for error, but not much. You also can have
    enough star bits to buy a Life Mushroom if you collect every star bits 
    possible (and if you need it, of course).
    Once you've fed him, launch and prepare for Boss Time!
    Fiery Gobblegut
    Honestly, this battle isn't much harder then last time. Yes, he is on fire, but
    you should be concentrating on hitting his weakpoint in the first place. This
    makes jumping and hitting him a bit risky, so just stick to the same strategy
    as before; smack the last segments first, then the first 3 last. 
    The flames don't really come into play unless you let the fight drag on. 
    If you manage to finish the fight in two rounds (3 hits during each dive)
    you'll have no issues. If you go a bit longer, meteors will start falling
    everywhere, and things can get hectic because Gobbleguts has a tendency to
    block your view. The only other thing to worry about is that wherever 
    Gobbleguts bites into will temporarily become a lava pool. But you shouldn't
    be there anyway, right?
    [STAR GET!] - [<101/242>]
    Star #102 : Mini-Planet Daredevil Run - (STR102)
    This is the same as the first mission, but you can't take a single hit!
    Patience is key; the only relatively tough parts are the Chomp area and inside
    the mole pipe. Keep your distance from the Chomps while smacking them with the
    green balls, and watch your back. With the hopping things, make sure their
    spikes aren't up, that the gravity isn't about to change, and that you aren't
    jumping too close to them (they are pretty tall, but they are only weak on 
    Finally, be slow in the area with the Boos! Use Z to brake, and just shine the
    light around. It can be quite embarassing to crash into a Boo by accident.
    Other then that, it's not too bad. Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<102/242>]
    		|(4.65) - Flash Black Galaxy        	(GXY40) |
    Star #103 : Jumping Around In The Dark - (STR103)
    Ugh, probably the most annoying gimmick in the game; darkness. It's not that
    bad, but you can have a lot of foolish deaths here. Make your way to the
    castle; the entrance is diagionally right of you. The glowing blocks are a
    nice reference point.
    Once you get in, grab Yoshi and the Blimp Fruit. There's a platform in the
    middle, so float past it, and stick to the right. There's a Life Mushroom on
    the left, but it's not too helpful with the mechanic in this level. Head start
    up, and you'll see the next Blimp Fruit on the right. Continue up and
    edge over to the left, and you'll soon see another Blimp Fruit. Grab this one,
    and go start, then left at the junction.  Head straight up here, grabbing
    each Blimp Fruit. You'll soon see a Comet Medal, in the top left corner of
    the mansion. Grab it, and jump over to the right (CMT40). Finally, flutter
    jump over to the right and use the Launch Star to move on. 
    Now, we have to collect even more silver stars. Carefully head to the left,
    where the first piece is (1). Walk forward a bit more, then long jump to get 
    the next piece (2). Then long jump forward...again, and smash the crystal for
    a 1-Up. Head right, and up into this new area. There are quite a few blue 
    things here (ugh), but try to ignore them. Head right for the next piece (3),
    then jump to the yellow platform and head up for the next piece (4). 
    From here, ride the platform to the end, then head left for the last piece (5).
    Now, just long jump forward, and head a bit left for the star! Just as long
    as you mind the gaps in this area, it isn't that bad, right?
    [STAR GET!] - [<103/242>]
    Star #104 : Dark Octo-Army Romp - (STR104)
    This level can be a bit intimidating because of the fact that half the time
    you can't see anything, just like the previous level. However, the most 
    important thing to keep in mind is the fact that whever can enemy is, there is
    ground! And where coins lie, there is ground. 
    So whenever you kill an enemy (preferably by jumping, since it's faster, and
    you can make comboes), leave the coin as a sort of marker. Then, simply
    jump to a marker if you need to backtrack, or jump to an enemy to move on. 
    Anyways, here is the general route I believe is best to take:
    Bounce on the first three, then jump to the right one. Long jump ahead and
    spin to defeat the octo there. Long jump left and spin to get that one too.
    Long diagonally left/up to get the next one, then run over to the next ones.
    Run forward and take care of these two with a combo. 
    Long jump and take care of the first two, then head towards the two on the
    left. Take care of them (while bouncing forward), then diagonally jump
    left/up and take care of the two we could have gotten a moment ago. Long jump
    to the left even more and take care of these four (using spin to get them all)
    then the next two on the right. Jump on the two ahead of you, and spin to
    the right to get that single one here. Finally, long jump to the left and
    take care of the last two.
    And that's it! The most dangerous part is the long jumps, but pretty much
    all of the time, you should be landing near the enemy, so there's no danger
    of falling. The spin helps add precision to your jump, but it also gives you
    a bit of height to avoid the dang rocks they fire at you. 
    After a try or two, you should be able to get it. Enjoy your prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<104/242>]
    		|(4.66) - Slimy Spring Galaxy        	(GXY41) |
    Star #105 : The Deep Shell Well - (STR105)
    I actually love the locale here, and the is pretty easy for this late in the
    game, and especially considering what we've had before.
    On the left here, once you climb up a bit, you can find a pipe with a 
    bit of a different game; you can throw 3 shells to open three chests. The
    prizes include things such as Goombas, coins, star bits, and 1-Up's. 
    Once you're ready, head on forward. Ride down the slide, and dive down into
    the water. Follow the path of coins, and grab the shell by spinning. Just
    follow the path, shining light on the stalk enemies or just avoiding them
    if you wish. Avoid those spiny things too. Stick to the left wall once you
    pass the first set of stalks, and you should see an opening in the side.
    Use Z to stop and line yourself up with it, then head in for a Comet Medal
    Keep going from here, avoiding the stalks. You'll then go uphill a bit, and
    you may be getting worried about the lack of air. Just keep going forward,
    and you'll see wall in front of you. Break a block in front of you, and grab
    another shell. Head straight down when you enter; there are some fish
    In this corridor, you'll see more stalks, and finally some air in the middle.
    Depending on how long it took you to get the Comet Medal, you might lose a
    segment of health, but you should be able to grab the air before you die.
    Take the launch star. Here, just long jump to grab the 1-Up, then head down
    into the water. 
    Grab the next shell, and line up with the orange gate. These things will
    propel you forward, but you can still use Z to slow down with shell. Just
    be a bit careful; if you hold Z after getting the boost, you'll hold onto
    it for a bit, so don't let go of Z right away if you don't wanna shoot 
    forward again.
    Anyways, just go through all the gates, and you'll emerge in an area with 
    a ton of spinys while you head up. Just move from side to side to avoid them.
    When you finally get out, you'll be in a pretty nice looking spot. Throw the
    shell at the chest ahead and out will pop a toad, with the star! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<105/242>]
    Star #106 : The Chimp's Coin Challenge - (STR106)
    Yes folks, the last Chimp mission! And not that hard, really... This is
    probably my favourite Chimp level, and I hope you enjoy it too!
    Basically, you need to swim through the level and defeat enemies/collect
    coins for points. The brake feature of the shell can be very handy here;
    you can just pause in the water and wave from side to side to wreck havoc
    on the enemies. This'll mean that you don't get too far in the actually level,
    but as long as you don't hold it for too long, you'll be fine. You need 
    10,000 or more to win.
    Also, each star bit is worth 10, so collecting each clump of star bits quickly
    adds up!
    Start by going down the slide; you should be able to get 1,000 here. 
    Next dive down and start grabbing the chain of coins. As you pass the shell,
    don't forget to keep grabbing the coins. This is a LONG chain. Anyways, once
    you enter the area with the stalks, brake and do a quick wave around, then
    continue. Repeat this with each stalk area, and don't forget the next chain of
    coins as well. Head up past the spinys, and the grab the air. When you get to
    the Launch Star, wait a bit, drop, and head left to grab a 1-Up for 1,000
    points. Now take the Launch.
    Jump across the Goomba and grab the coin here, then fall down the stream of
    coins. Grab all the star bits too. At this point, you should almost have 10,000
    points, so don't bother with the braking anymore. Use the rest of your time to
    cruise among the Boos, and shine light on them to get the last bit of points
    you need. 
    Once time runs out, you should have 10,000, and a new prize!
    [STAR GET!] - [<106/242>]
    		|(4.67) - Bowser's Galaxy Generator     (GXY42) |
    Star #107 : Bowser's Fortified Fortress - (STR107)
    This is it...the final stage with Bowser! And thus, the final Boss. Are you
    ready? You'll be putting all your skills to the test here.
    From the beginning, ignore the Luma and keep heading left; you'll find a
    Life Mushroom up on the flagpole. Always good to be prepared, right?
    Now, follow the Luma past the spinning flames. Launch over.
    3 Hammer Bros? Pft. Just spin into them and bounce off their heads, and they'll
    be toast. Watch for the hammers though! Once they're cooked, spin next to the 
    flower, grab it, and start heading down. Be careful to avoid dipping too low 
    (spin for a little boost) and be aware of the spitting fireballs.
    Once you're over the area with the drill, press A to drill down into the dirt.
    You'll drop down into another area, so head forward and touch the checkpoint.
    The trick with this area is that Banzai Bills are fired at you, and you have
    to run forward, tuck into the corner, and then keep moving forward.
    Here, wait for the Banzai to pass, and go into the left pocket. Then, run
    forward and drill into the ground. You'll pop out in front of another Banzai
    Bill, so run quickly to the right. As soon as you can, head left, all the
    way to the pocket on the other side. Let the next Banzai Bill pass, then
    run up and into the pocket on the right. Finally, run up to the next patch
    and drill through it. Launch with the star here.
    Touch the checkpoint, and jump onto the conveyor. Ride it up a little bit, then
    go to the right. Jump down, and you should land on a while block with a Cloud
    Flower. Grab it, and prepare to climb (though watch out for the Bullet Bills).
    There is a Life Mushroom below, but you shouldn't need it.
    Once you climb up you should see a ? Coin, but it doesn't have anything really
    good. Drop down, and just before you hit the lava, spin to make a cloud. The
    fan should carry you to the right, where you can grab another Cloud Flower.
    Head up, avoiding the bullets again. At the top, take the next Launch Star.
    Run across the bridge and take care of the Magikoopa, then grab Yoshi on the
    right. Swing across the pegs, and land on the platform with the Hammer Bros.
    Take them out with Yoshi's jump + Spin. 
    Right as the doors open, grab the Dash Pepper and start moving. Go right, then
    left, then center. Then, you can go either way, then back to the center.
    Grab the Lauch Star, phew. 
    Ride the purple blocks. Get rid of that Magikoopa quickly, and grab the 
    Life Mushroom if you need it. When the path splits, it doesn't really matter
    what way you go. Eventually, a lava monster will show up on your side, so 
    flutter to the other side. Another one will show up here, so flutter back.
    See the Comet Medal on the left? Just grab the bottom peg to get it, then
    the top peg to swing back onto the purple platform (CMT42). Follow the purple
    blocks as the go up. 
    Now you'll see a Blimp Berry; wait about a second or two, then grab it. Keep
    floating forward, and you'll see another lava monster come out and lunge where
    you just where. Fall back down and follow the purple blocks for the last 
    leg of the journey, hopping up them as they go.
    Grab the flagpole here and shimmy up. There's a Life Mushroom on the far left
    side behind a charred rock if you need it. When you're ready break the door,
    and prepare for the final battle!
    Bowser: Final Battle!
    As is to be expected, this battle is similar to the previous two, but Bowser
    has some updated attacks. Now, when he punches the planet, several shockwaves
    shoot out of his fist in lines, which converge into a sphere on the opposite 
    end of the planet. These shockwaves linger for a while, so be sure not to
    walk into them too quickly after they pass you by. They fade pretty quickly
    after they converge for a while, though.
    Another change is that Bowser now drops 3 meteors on you, which means that
    an extra shockwave is in the play (the shockwaves from the rocks are still the
    same as before, though). This actually gives you a bit of an advantage, since
    you have more chances to smack Bowser.
    The fire breath doesn't seem any different; it lingers briefly on the ground,
    but he doesn't seem to go any faster. He does, however, give you less time
    to smack him with the glowing rocks. So did like last time, try to lure Bowser
    into punching his fist near some rocks (so you can quickly jump on a nearby one)
    but don't let him destroy them all.
    After 4 hits (the first 2 without any fire-breathing, but everything else is
    virtually the same), Bowser will seemingly be defeated. But if you try to 
    collect the final Grand Star...Time for Phase 2!
    The new music here is epic, but unfortunately, you probably won't get to hear
    it for very long. Bowser is off in space flying gradually closer to you, and
    golden rocks are gravitating towards you. All you have to do is smack these
    glowing orbs into Bowser to knock him back. Don't blindly pound the markers,
    though; you have to actually aim. If Bowser is in the top left corner, pound the
    rock from the bottom right corner. Opposite attract, as they say.
    Bowser will not make this task easier, however. With each hit I could swear he
    moved a bit faster, and he was more likely to spin around as well. When he does
    curl up and spin, he's invulnerable. 
    It seems his only attack is to get close to you and punch you, though I can't
    say I've had him close enough to me for him to actually do this. By the time
    he gets really close to you, there's no way you can pound the rock and miss
    him. You have to pretyt much try to get punched by him.
    After 4 hits, he's done. I'm not going to spoil the exact details of the
    ending battle cinematic, but I'm sure you'll love it!
    Enjoy your prize and the ending! It's the interactive kind, so whenever you
    see Mario/Luigi, you can move them around! Pretty cool. 
    [STAR GET!] - [<107/242>]
    Star #108 : Bowser's Big Bad Speed Run  - (STR108)
    Here are all the location of stopwatches:
    - Above the first spinning flaming (triple jump or Backflip Spin
    - 2 or by the Boomerang Bros (where the 3 Hammer Bros were)
    - Middle of the gliding section
    - By the drill
    - Right by where you land after drilling
    - First left pocket
    - Where the last banzai was
    - When launching from second star
    - 5 are in the area with the clouds
    - 1 while launching away from cloud area
    - 1 on the pegs
    - 2 on the Dash Pepper area
    - 5 on the purple platforms (2 in the middle, 2 on right, 1 on left
    Aside from this, there are a few key changes in the stage. Instead of having
    3 Hammer Bros. at the beginning of the stage, there are 2 Boomerang Bros. I
    can't honestly say if this is easier though; the boomerangs are annoying because
    they fly back towards the Bro, even if he is defeated. Defeat them quickly
    though, and you should have little problem.
    In the drill section, the Banzai Bills are gone, to be replaced with less
    threatening octo's. These rock shooters have akways irked me for some reason,
    but you can just run by them and not have to worry about hidden in some corner
    waiting for a Banzai Bill to pass.
    Finally, in the section with the rotating platforms and Cloud Flowers, there are
    no longer any Bullet Bills firing. Makes everything much more relaxing, so
    just jump straight up with no worries.
    My finally tips are to make sure you take full use of Yoshi. Dismount if you
    have to as a last resort, use him to attack the Boomerange Bros. and Magikoopa
    after you get him, and take care in using the pegs, Blimp Fruit, and Dash 
    Pepper. And don't fall off at the end!
    Once you're done, congratulations! You're done the final star....or is there
    another world to explore??? 
    [STAR GET!] - [<108/242>]
                          ---------------      ----------------
    		     --------------         ----------------
    	            -------------            ----------------
    	            <------[ (4.70) - World S (WRDS) ]------->
    	            =============            ================
    	 	     ==============         ================
    		      ===============      ================
    		|(4.71) - Mario Squared Galaxy        	(GXY43) |
    Star #109 : Make Mario A Star  - (STR109)
    Welcome to the secret world everybody! And what better way to celebrate then 
    by running atop a giant Mario created out of various tiles and lava pools?
    Some may remember a similar level from Super Mario Galaxy, and I'm sure most 
    would be relieved to hear that the yellow panels do not spin here. In fact,
    for the most part, this level is pretty easy. All we have to do is step of
    each of the flipswitch panels here. 
    Since green panels disappear after use, it's best to choose a path where you
    only walk over everything once; this'll be good practice for the next level
    Start by long jumping to the right, and hitting all 9 panels. Continue up
    to the right, and grab the next 2 panels by the 1-Up. Head and grab this
    huge clump here (28 connected panels, I believe); the best way is to head left,
    then back right, and weave from side to side to collect them all. There are 
    also 12 on left, so grab those once you do the large clump. 
    Head to the top left corner, and grab another clump of 14. Now, head towards
    the bottom left corner, where you should see a Comet Medal. Get over to
    it with a long jump, collect it, and start heading back to where you started
    (CMT43). Long jump to the next 4 panels, and then long jump to the last 4, and
    you should be done!
    [STAR GET!] - [<109/242>]
    Star #110 : Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos  - (STR110)
    This is probably one of the most difficult stars up to this point, but once you
    have an idea of what order you want to get everything, and once you master a
    somewhat tricky long jump near the start, you should be able to get it 
    every time afterwards.
    There is both a time limit and Cosmic Clones on this level, which means that
    you have to hurry, and you can only step on each panel once (optimally) to
    avoid colliding with any Clones. Also, I'm not going to list the coins you
    should have during certain points; the path should take you by each coin,
    and it's too distracting to pause and check your coins (plus it ruins your
    Start by grabbing the first couple of coins you see. Start heading towards the 
    top right (we'll be moving around the same way I recommended you do in the 
    first mission (top right, then top left, then bottom left, then back to start.
    Try to leave a couple panels here untouched so you can actually make it back to
    the beginning of the level when the star appears.
    Anyways, long jump yellow panels, and prepare for the tricky long jump. Head
    start up, and keep long jumping. The tricky part is when you have to do the
    next long jump; make sure you're lined up properly so that you can grab all
    the coins in mid air. Once you get to the top right with the green panels, 
    weave from side to side as you head left, and make sure the last coin you
    grab on this set is the bottom left one then. Then, jump over to the yellow
    panels, and long jump back the way we came, grabbing the second set of purple
    coins. If you managed to do all this so far without problem, the rest of the
    level should be cake for you.
    From the yellow panel here, jump over to the left (to collect the two coins), 
    and start heading up. Keep to the edge of the panels the entire time; head up,
    then left, and zig-zag up and left as needed to stay on the edge. Once you get
    to the top left (where the sign is), start heading down, and weave left and 
    right. You'll have to long jump at one poit (to across the yellow panels back
    to the green), but aside from that, it's relatively easy. 
    Do this all the way down to the bottom left corner; it takes a little while, 
    and you might be tempted to stop weaving, but trust me, it's best to keep doing
    it. When you're at the very bottom left corner, you should be almost done in 
    terms of coins. 
    Jump over to the right once you've gone as far as you can with weaving left
    and right, and you're on the final section. Keep weaving left and right
    as you head down, and you should soon grab the the last coin. Now, just long
    jump back to the start and you're done!
    [STAR GET!] - [<110/242>]
    		|(4.72) - Rolling Coaster Galaxy       	(GXY44) |
    Star #111 : The Rainbow Road Roll  - (STR111)
    This isn't that bad of a level, though the next star (with the purple coins)
    will probably start to annoy you. For now though, let's get used to the
    Weaving between the platforms here, and make your way to the first ramp, which
    will send you down to the next area. There is a fence around this area, so
    feel free to go as fast as you can. Try to stay in the center and collect all
    the coins. 
    You'll soon come to an open area with a lot of Bob-ombs, but just keep going 
    start and jump over anything that gets in your way. You'll soon come to a
    junction, but it's better to stock to the right because it has the Comet
    Medal, and you'll need to take this path in the next star. It's not too
    hard; you just need to stay in the center, and move slightly to the left and
    right to avoid the pillars. 
    In this next area, the ground you stand on is constantly slopped to the right,
    so you need to move fast and towards the left to avoid from falling off. It 
    might take a little while to get the hang on it, but you'll find that once
    you do it correctly, you should cruise quite comfortably right through the
    middle. Once you near the end of this particular you'll start leveling out,
    and you might notice yourself drifting to the left. Slowly tilt less and less
    to the left, and you should pass through the narrow area fine.
    Go through these next platforms either by weaving left and back right,
    or by jumping. Take the ramp. 
    This last area is pretty simple; you want to tilt your control back as
    much as you can, and stick to the center. You're not really dragged in one
    direction, though it's still a good idea to avoid tilting too far in the
    left or right direction. You can also jump while tilting back to slow down and
    position yourself more comfortably, so there should be no problems.
    Once you reach the bottom, take the last ramp and you're done!
    [STAR GET!] - [<111/242>]
    Star #112 : Purple Coins On The Rainbow Road  - (STR112)
    This is the same as the first level, with a certain amount of coins in each
    section. Unlike the trunk slide, it is very possible to get all 110 coins
    Star by collecting the first couple of coins before taking the ramp (5).
    Get some free coins on the ramp (13), and then head down this section. Stick
    to the center, and collect as many as you can (30). Zig-zag in this next area
    to collect all of the coins before heading down the next section (43).
    Avoid the pillars as you go down here, and weave right, left, then
    center to collect all the coins (64). As you head into the next area, remember
    that the area is sloped; tilt more to the right. There's several sets of coins
    in the middle, so try to grab them as they pop out (79). Grab the coins on the
    platform (83), then take the ramp for some more free coins (88).
    Take this last slope down, and grab all the coins you can (99). If you got
    everything up to this point, you should be able to grab enough coins here to
    get a 100, and the timer will stop (105). Take the last ramp for some more
    coins (109), and grab the coin when the ball shatters (100) to get the last 
    [STAR GET!] - [<112/242>]
    		|(4.73) - Twisty Trials Galaxy       	(GXY45) |
    Star #113 : Spinning And Spinning And Spinning  - (STR113)
    This reminds me of a previous Mario game, but I can't remember which. Hmm...
    Well, this stage is pretty straight-forward; make your way past the revolving
    blocks until you reach the end. The little bumps on the sides can safe you
    if you start to fall, by by jumping and spinning, you should be able to negate
    most falls. 
    Head across the first couple of revolving blocks. There's a lot of star bits
    around, and you can grab a 1-Up. On the third revolving block, you can grab
    a Cloud Flower. These clouds can be used as in a pinch to prevent from falling
    to your doom. You'll come to a section with a 1-Up, so grab it.
    Now, make your way across the rotating blocks one by one. Head across the 
    next section of revolving blocks. There's a 1-Up on the second block, and a
    Comet Medal on the end of the third one (CMT45). Once you make it past the
    fourth rotating block, you should see the star.
    Another tip for the blocks is to avoid jumping where the blocks look dark; 
    this suggest the block is tilted too far down, and you'll start slipping down.
    And when walking on a block, it's always good to stick to the side opposite of
    the direction the block is moving in (so stick to the left, pretty much).
    [STAR GET!] - [<113/242>]
    Star #114 : Turning Turning Double Time  - (STR114)
    This is a slightly modified version of the first mission, with slightly more
    blocks, a checkpoint, and Yoshi. The blocks in each section move faster then
    the ones before, so stay on your toes, especially near the end. There are also
    quite a few 1-Up's scattered throughout the area.
    Head across the first 4 blocks, and you'll come to the section with the
    checkpoint and a crystal. Smashing it will reveal Yoshi, who is a pretty good
    replacement for the Cloud Flower. Flutter jumping will be key in the final
    area, and dismounting can always save you in a pinch. Once you lose Yoshi
    though, he's gone for the rest of the leve, unless you head all the way
    Anyways, head past the 3 spinning blocks, and then past the next 4 blocks. 
    Things will really be heating up here, but don't worry, only one more section
    to go. Once you conquer these last 4 blocks (you'll be flutter jumping a lot!)
    you'll see the star on the last block. Grab it and celebrate!
    [STAR GET!] - [<114/242>]
    		|(4.74) - Stone Cyclone Galaxy        	(GXY46) |
    Star #115 : Silver Stars On The Cyclone  - (STR115)
    This can be an annoying level, but I think I have a pretty good strategy to
    offer, which also covers the Comet Medal! 
    We have to collect another 5 silver stars, so let's get started. Head forward,
    and grab the silver star. Defeat the enemy too. If you stand on the very
    bottom edge of this platform and long jump down + spin, it is possible to
    reach another silver star here. However, there is a Thwomp moving around here,
    and it can crush you if you're not carefully. Give this trick a shot, as it can
    save you a lot of time. 
    If you can't manage get this, there is an alternatie. Head left, and pass the 
    Thwomp with the correct timing. Head up for a bit, then take the green panel 
    on the left to reach a blue switch. Wait for the rolling Thwomp above to come
    down, and as it starts moving up, hit the switch. Long jump up, and follow the
    rolling Thwomps. Eventually, you should see a silver star (1), so grab it, and
    run back before the time freeze stops.
    Now, head back to where the first silver star was. Stand on the platform here,
    and you'll notice a Comet Medal to the right, along with two quickly shifting 
    platforms. Long jump towards the Comet Medal as the  first platform is moving 
    to the right. By the time you reach the Comet Medal, the platform should have 
    quickly moved back and be under you (CMT46). Now, ride it to the right, and 
    jump/run onto the next platform. As you approach the right side, check to see 
    if a Thwomp has just passed you. If it has, jump/run to the side, and chase 
    up after it. Otherwise, wait on the platform, and go at the next pass. You 
    don't want to run reckless to the right, because a Thwomp may come in and 
    squish you. Don't forget to grab the silver star too (3).
    Anyays, as you run up, you should see a little niche on the left with a 1-Up.
    Grab it, and wait for the next Thowmp to pass you. Continue up, and you'll
    finally see a part where you can head up. Stand on this platform here (defeat
    the enemy), and what for the Thwomp to approach you. As it heads back, go two
    space to the right, which is a safe spot. As it passes you, head left and long
    jump to the green panel on the other side. Run onto the space right next to
    it, which is another safe spot. 
    Head left, and stand on the yellow block space, which is also safe. If the
    Thwomp is moving away from you, head right one space, then up one space, and
    then right one space. This is another safe spot. Once the Thwomps passes you
    and heads to the left, head right, and jump on the ledge to the right, which 
    is safe. The Thowmp will be heading towards you, so don't grab the silver
    star, unless you do so very quickly. Once it's safe, collect it (4). Now,
    just head up the path to the right, pass the moving blocks, and collect the
    final fragment (5) and the star!
    [STAR GET!] - [<115/242>]
    Star #116 : Tox Box Speed Run  - (STR116)
    This star is actually easier then the first one, since you don't need to 
    hassle yourself trying to get the second silver star fragment. Start by
    jumping back from where you start to collect an extra stopwatch. Careful 
    though; the camera does a 180, which changes your controls. Head back, and grab
    the next stopwatch on the platform where the first silver star was. Now, the
    path is exactly the same as last time - head right across the platforms, then
    up, then follow the path right with the Thwomps. Check the star before if you
    don't remember all the safe spots, and just make your way to the star at the
    If you take the correct path, you should collect another 4 stopwatches (not 
    including the first two at the beginning). Good luck!
    [STAR GET!] - [<116/242>]
    		|(4.75) - Boss Blitz Galaxy         	(GXY47) |
    Star #117 : Throwback Throwdown  - (STR117)
    This star consist entirely of boss battles, aside from some minor walking 
    around and Launch Star'ing. When you start off, you'll land on an egg,
    similar to that of Peewee Piranha. 
    Dino Piranha
    The first hit of this boss battle is easy; just smack the end of the tail to 
    shatter the egg. This is the bosses weakpoint; even easier to hit then Peewee.
    The strategy is pretty much identical as well; run right at Dino, then swerve 
    to the side, run alongside his tail, and smack the end for a hit. On your 2nd 
    hit Dino will get mad, but nothing really changes, aside for a slightly 
    increase in speed. Smack him another 2 times and you're done.
    Take the Launch Star, and prepare for the next battle.
    King Kaliente
    Undoubtedly a relative of Prince Pikanta, King Kaliente isn't as hard as his
    son; he'll either fire some meteors at you (which will probably just crash into
    the edge of his pool unless you're really close to the edge), or fire a 
    melon at you. Hit this melon back at him, and you'll score a hit. The second
    time he fires it, be aware of the fact that you have to hit it twice; he'll
    knock it back to you the first time. 
    Once you hit him twice, he'll get mad and summon some blue things, which will
    chase you around when you see them. Try to find a little spot without too
    many around, although spinning really close to them should work too.
    Smack the next melon back at him 3 times, and you're done. Also, notice that
    when he tends to smack the melon back at you, it will often fly to the right
    or left, and not straight at you.
    Once he's done, head down to the bottom of the planet before moving on.
    Grab the life Mushroom here, and the Comet Medal above it (CMT47). Head to
    the next planet.
    Major Burrows
    Now we have to beat up some mole!  Major Burrows will follow you around a bit
    with only the dirt showing, and then his helmet will be revealed. Run around
    to avoid this, and once you see him actually stick out of the ground, ground
    pound to make him pop out completely. Run up to him (or long jump) at this
    point, and smack him.
    After the first two hits, he'll speed up, and the requirements to hit him
    will change slightly; when you ground pound the first time, he'll dive back
    into the ground. Wait a second or two, and he'll pop out again, and start
    charging at you. Ground pound when he gets close by, and now smack him to end
    the fight. Move on. Head into the arena to fight...
    Bouldergeist can be the most time consuming boss, especially in his second
    phase. His attacks (in the first phase) consist of summoning various rocks,
    which he hurls at you. Just keep running while he throws them to avoid them.
    Darker rocks will turn into Dark Boos when they hit the ground, and gold
    rocks will turn into coins. 
    Spin near these Dark Boos to grab them, and smash them into Bouldergeist. You 
    can even grab two at once, if he throws two dark rocks at you. Spinning will 
    holding them will also cause them to extend, which can help you hit 
    After 3 hits in the first phase, he will lose his rock form and float around
    the stage. Dark Boos will randomly pop out of the ground; grab one and smack
    it into Bouldergeist to end the first phase, and he'll reform - along with
    two arms!
    In this phase, Bouldergeist can attack you with hands, either by pulling back
    briefly then punching you, or dropping them on top of you. He often tries
    to drop his hands on you after summoning a couple of rocks. This is good 
    because then his hands are not in your way, and you can smck him directly. 
    And that's the hardest part of this phase; hitting him, and not his hands.
    He also has one more attack, which he more commonly uses in the second
    phase; he'll shake, and the ground will turn black to either side of you.
    After a moment, spikes will pop out on the spot, so be sure to avoid that
    Once you smack him 3 more times in his 2nd form, smack him 1 more time as a
    ghost to end the battle. Take the Launch Star and move on.
    Firey Dino Piranha
    The final boss of these section. He's exactly the same as the first boss,
    with two key difference. Firstly, his tail (and thus his weakpoint), will
    alternate between being on fire and not being on fire. Obviously, you can
    only smack him when his tail is not on fire. This means you have to run 
    alongside the tail more carefully, and spin into it as soon as you see it
    go out.
    The other difference is that the fire from his tail creates flames, which
    blazes the ground and stays lit for a little while. Avoid running into this!
    Of course, you have to do this while sticking close to the tail, and keeping
    up with Dino as he runs from side to side.
    Once you hit him 4 times (once to start the shell, then 3 more), you're
    [STAR GET!] - [<117/242>]
    Star #118 : Throwback Throwdown Speed Run  - (STR118)
    This is exactly the same as the previous star, except that you now have a
    5 minute time limit. Assuming you are using the strategies above and fighting
    the bosses as fast as you, there's not much where you can save time. Just try
    your best on the first and last bosses to hit them as quickly as you can;
    most of the other bosses can only be hit at certain times. Avoid running to 
    get the Life Mushroom on King Kaliente's planet to save some time, unless you
    are really having trouble staying alive.
    Eventually, you should get it, and you can rest up after all that fighting!
    [STAR GET!] - [<118/242>]
    		|(4.76) - Flip-Out Galaxy        	(GXY48) |
    Star #119 : Wicked Wall Jumps  - (STR119)
    Here it is, the last galaxy you can get before collecting all the green stars.
    And boy, it certainly takes the spinning technique to another level! This
    level can be very fun to execute once you get it, but also be very annoying
    if you're the person who has a tendency to spin around a lot.
    This first section is easy enough; just keep spinning and heading to the
    right to get into the pipe. If you want to get the 1-Up above, you'll need
    to wall jump between the walls. You can do this by wall-kicking off a wall,
    spinning to activate the next wall, wall-kicking off of this, spinning to
    activate the first wall again, etc. This will be key near the end of the
    level, so practice it here if you want.
    Once you get past the pipe, head right, switching the platforms when you need
    to. Once you get to the end, make the platforms blue, and wall jump your way
    up. Head left now, and once again, make the platforms at the end blue so you
    can wall jump your way up. You'll need to spin as you jump to the left of the
    red platform to get inside this wall jumping area, of course. Head to the
    left, past the spiders, and grab the checkpoint.
    The gophers here are really annoying, especially in the next star. You can 
    use star bits to stun them, however, and then jump over them. Make your way to
    the left as best you can. Since the platforms are very thick and often at 
    different elevations, use the Backflip Spin to make things easier.
    The spikes here are annoying, even more then the gophers, in the next star.
    If you get close to the edge, it is possible to Backflip + Spin right
    over them, even if they are extended. However, this can be tricky, so I'll
    give you another trick in the next star if you're having trouble. For now,
    since you can take all the time you want, make your way carefully to the left,
    and wall jump up again at the end. Grab the checkpoint.
    There is a really easy way to get past this, and it can be used even during
    the next star. Get close to the edge of the spikes, and as they go down, start
    long jumping across the platforms as quickly as you can. If you do it 
    correctly, you can make it all the way to the end without having to mess
    around with the platforms at the end. Just make sure the blue platforms
    aren't up!
    Here's where you'll need to be able to master jumping and spinning, especially
    with the different colors. Jump off the wall, spin, hit the blue wall, hit
    the gray wall, spin, hit the red wall, etc. Or, if you are between a red and 
    blue wall, make your way up by kicking off, spin, kicking off, spin, etc. 
    Once you get up the first section, make sure the red blocks are on. Long jump
    all the way to the left, and spin to land on the blue platform. Long jump again
    to the left and grab the Comet Medal (CMT48). Now, make your way back to where
    you were before.
    Now, head right. You'll notice two sets of red blocks on the right; you'll
    need to wall kick of the blue wall no the right, then wait a bit, then spin
    when you are between the two walls. Now, make your way up, and you'll see the
    star at the top. Phew. 
    [STAR GET!] - [<119/242>]
    Star #120 : Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers  - (STR120)
    The last of the first 120 stars, and also a very annoying one. The strategy
    above works perfectly for this, and all you need to do is work on making
    through it as quickly as possible.
    There is one extra tip I can give you, which involes the spikes. Whenever you
    come to a set of spikes that doesn't allow you to pass right away, move to
    one side of the platform you are on, and slowly walk to the other side, while
    remaining on the edge of the platform near the spikes. This little tactic 
    will spend up just enough time to let the spikes change, and also help in
    keeping the Cosmic Clones off your back, so that they don't hit you by
    Other then that, and remembering the spike trick at the end (where you can
    simply use long jumps all the way across if you go just as the first set of
    spikes goes down), it's not too bad. There are checkpoints in the same parts
    as before, so that helps cut down on the frustration a notch. Just make 
    your way through each section and you'll do fine!
    [STAR GET!] - [<120/242>]
    * Where are the other 120 Star, you may ask? Check out the Green Stars
    (GRN1) Section! Once you have 240 Stars, read on! *
    		|(4.77) - Grandmaster Galaxy     	(GXY49) |
    Star #241 : The Ultimate Test  - (STR241)
    The final galaxy, and one that can have you tearing your hair out after a
    while (especially in the next part). Luckily, there are quite a few checkpoints
    here, so you can practice on problematic areas.
    The first part isn't too hard; it's mostly just swinging on pegs while
    avoiding mines. Grab Yoshi, and start swinging. Because of the closeness of
    the mines, you'll want to avoid flying through the air too much. Just grab
    a peg, then grab the next one as soon as you can. At one point you'll come
    a peg that will practically swing you right into a mine; use your Flutter Jump
    to either prevent from swinging forward, then drop down and grab the next
    peg, or flutter over the mine to the next pegs.
    Near the end, you'll start having Bullet Bills fired at you, so make sure you
    are moving around as quickly as possible. At the last peg, you'll see the
    Launch Star, so make sure you flutter jump over to it (the peg won't 
    through you far enough to make it simply by swinging). Take it, and you'll
    land in the second section.
    This is probably the easiest section; just touch all the flipswitch panels.
    Head left, and everytime you see a panel near the middle, jump over to it
    and touch it, then head back to the side you were at. Make your way around
    doing this. You should circle around the entire stage, and once you do, grab
    the last panels in the middle. Take the Launch Star to continue.
    Here, say goodbye to Yoshi. You can't take him along (without using the
    Flutter Jump glitch). Instead, prepare to use Cloud Flowers! Make sure you
    grab every Cloud Flower on the way. 
    Grab the checkpoint, then head onto the fan. Head up, and jump onto the
    clouds. Head to the right, and jump down. At the last to second last second,
    spin to make a cloud, and grab the Cloud Flower as you float to the right.
    Here, an interesting trick comes into play. The clouds pass through the 
    electric fence, and you can actually land on them as they appear on the
    other side, a little while before they disappear. Try this trick here.
    As you head right, jump and spin, then jump and spin again. Watch the lower
    cloud move to the right, and then long jump to the right at the right time.
    You an grab the Cloud Flower, and land on the cloud. 
    Keep going to the right, which just basically moves in a up and down pattern.
    You'll see the Launch Star, so try to grab it with at least 2 (if not 3) clouds
    in reserve.
    The 4th section is probably the hardest section, even harder then the last one.
    If you have clouds here it can help out a lot, but you don't absolutely need
    them. There is one trick I find helps alot, though it can be somewhat
    Basically, don't spin at all during this level.
    To make your way across the stage, pick a color you want the panels to be
    (I prefer blue, but it doesn't really matter), and make your perogative
    getting from one to another. Whenever you come to one of these things that
    shoots laser beams, jump over the first two, then long jump to either the
    next platform or next laser shooter. If you're really good at this, you can
    even jump towards platforms during the first or second laser shots, simply
    by jumping two or one extra time as you land (to avoid the incoming lasers).
    If you can do this, the stage goes by faster, and helps near the end, where
    monsters will be shooting meteors at you. Don't even bother with them; just
    keep heading forward. Try to avoid spinning at all, except if you really need
    to. If you have clouds, it's a bit better because you can get off the ground,
    but don't forget that any form of spinning changes the panels.
    Once you reach the next Launch Star, head to the next area.
    The 5th section isn't hard at all; you just need to be patient and take your
    time. Grab the checkpoint, and head past the eletric fences, and you'll soon
    come to some pull stars. Make your way one by one, and take your time. Also, 
    make sure to keep pressing on a pull star to stay at it; otherwise you'll lose
    your hold after a little while. 
    At the spinning sticks of electricity, make sure you quickly move forward as
    the left one spins past you to avoid the other one. You'll come to the last
    4 pull stars; don't even touch the bottom left one. Instead, stick to the
    middle one, then quickly grab the top right one when you can, and let go
    right away. Wait until you float past the eletric fence, then grab the one
    past it to avoid touching the fence. 
    Now, the 6th and final section, and the 2nd hardest in my opinion. Don't even
    bother with the first two sets of Hammer Bros - just run past them. You'll
    come to some purple blocks, so head to the right and defeat that Hammer Bro.
    Then defeat the one on the left, and you're safe for now. 
    Tip: You can spin into a hammer to make it disappear.
    Now, you can either go for the Boomerange Bros right away to end the stage,
    or take out the Hammer Bros. It's longer (which means more opportunities for
    getting hit) to take out everything, but it's equally hard to defeat all the
    Boomerang Bros. with so much stuff flying on the screen at once. 
    I recommend taking out the Hammer Bros, going from left to right. Get across
    the spinning platforms as fast as you can, and don't go directly for the
    Hammer Bro, otherwise you'll collide into it. Instead, head up, then try to
    long jump to the left when you're near it. With any luck, it'll be open right
    away to attack.
    The other ones can reach you from here, so quickly go and take out the other
    two. You can also find the last Comet Medal to the right of the rightmost
    one, by jumping and then spinning back (CMT49). By the way, if the middle Hammer
    Bro is on the back platform when you reach it, ignore it for that moment and
    just get the right Bro. If you stand on the bottom right side of the
    right Bro platform, he can't hit you.
    Once you're ready, tackle the Boomerange Bros! It can helpful to jump on them,
    since that puts you above the spinning Boomerangs. Keep in mind that the
    boomerangs will come back even if the Bro who uses them is defeated. 
    The best way to get them all is wait on the 2nd closest platform until they
    all hurl 2 sets of boomerangs. They also have two formations they throw at;
    wait for the one with two Boomerange Bros. near the bottom, and one at the top.
    As soon as the 2nd boomerang leaves everyones hand, long jump and head right
    for the top right one. Spin into him, and quickly smack him off, then
    head slightly down. Another Boomerang Bro should jump towards where he stood,
    so smack him (hopefully into the abyss), and take him out. As you do so, the
    other Boomerang Bro will be throwing stuff at you from the bottom left
    corner (around that area), so run to the left to avoid his stuff. If you're
    quick enough, he should be around throwing or have just thrown his 2nd 
    boomerang, so run up to him quickl from the left side and take him out.
    Once you're done, don't celebrate too much; you have one more star to get! 
    [STAR GET!] - [<241/242>]
    Star #242 : The Perfect Run  - (STR242)
    The last star...and boy, is it something! It's exactly the same as the one
    before, but you only have 1 HP. I don't think I can add much to the steps of
    the first star; just keep practicing on things such as the 4th section, the
    last section, using clouds that pass through the electric gates, fluttering
    over/ dropping below the mines at the beginning, etc.
    There is one extra tip, though. On the 5th section with the electric
    barriers, it is possible to long jump past the last two barriers before the
    first pull star; these two electric things can be really annoying. Try to 
    long jump to the left of them, but still as close to the pull star as you can.
    If you do it correctly, you should be able to grab it out of the corner of
    the screen before you fall.
    Finally, one more note about pull stars; grabbing them and quickly letting go
    will shoot you past them in a direction depending on where you grabbed them
    from. But since there is so stuff flying around, you want to hold the button;
    this will make sure you don't fly around. 
    Once you do it, congratulations! You've obtained the real last star!
    [STAR GET!] - [<242/242>] -> CELEBRATION TIME!!!
    (5.00) - Lists  (LST1)
                      ------------------      ------------------
    	         -----------------         ------------------
    	        ----------------            ------------------
    	        <------[ (5.10) - Green Stars (GRN1) ]------->
    	        ================            ==================
    	         =================         ==================
    	          ==================      ==================
      |* I recommend using Luigi to get these, since he is better at jumping and |
      |such. Also, keep in mind that Green Stars make a twinkling sound, which   |
      |helps track them down.                                                    |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Location (Galaxy):    |            Directions:	         |  Code:   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Floating by the roof at the start   |  STR121  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In the section where you follow     |          |
    |  Sky Station Galaxy    |   the yellow Luma, it is behind the   |  STR122  |
    |                        |   fence where the Luma makes a Launch |          |
    |                        |   Star (tilt the camera)              |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the teleporter (ride platform)|  STR123  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the Comet Medal on the green  |  STR124  |
    |                        |   mound near where you meet Yoshi     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On a rocky ledge to the right of    |          |
    |                        |   the giant fruit you need to pull    |  STR125  |
    |   Yoshi Star Galaxy    |   when you get Yoshi                  |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - At the very end of the level (use   |          |
    |                        |   the pegs past the encased star and  |  STR126  |
    |                        |   use Z to dismount off Yoshi and     |          |
    |                        |   reach it)                           |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the fence of the second planet   |  STR127  |
    |                        |   (in the middle)                     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the Luma Launch Star on the    |          |
    |                        |   fourth planet (Triple Jump + Spin   |  STR128  |
    |    Spin-Dig Galaxy     |   to reach)                           |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Inside the second planet (get hit   |          |
    |                        |   to lose your drill, then Backflip   |  STR129  |
    |                        |   + Wall Kick to reach)               |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Right above where you stand (use    |  STR130  |
    |                        |   Clouds)                             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - High above the ledge with the pool  |          |
    |  Fluffy Bluff Galaxy   |   between where you get the 1st and   |  STR131  |
    |                        |   2nd Cloud Flowers                   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On a hill to the left of the Chimps |  STR132  |
    |                        |   area (use Clouds                    |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Triple jump and spin on the 2nd set |          |
    |                        |   of panels (it's above the 3rd red   |  STR133  |
    |                        |   panel at the start of the 2nd       |          |
    |                        |   section                             |          |
    |    Flip-Swap Galaxy    |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Triple jump and spin on the 4th     |          |
    |                        |   set of panels (it's near the end,   |  STR134  |
    |                        |   on the 3 panels by the spawning     |          |
    |                        |   Chain-Chomp                         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the 3rd checkpoint (jump at   |  STR135  |
    |                        |   it from the right side)             |          |
    | Rightside Down Galaxy  |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Past the last set of Thwomps, in    |  STR136  |
    |                        |   the bottom right-corner             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Behind the Launch Star on the 2nd   |  STR137  |
    |                        |   section                             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Bowser Jr.'s Fiery   | - Long jump past the 1st Launch Star  |          |
    |       Flotilla         |   (into the lava) and aim for the     |          |
    |                        |   left side of the battlements. Then, |  STR138  |
    |                        |   head left with the Backflip-Spin.   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On top of the block at the very     |  STR139  |
    |                        |   beginning (use the spring)          |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Triple-jump, wall kick, and spin    |          |
    |  Puzzle Plank Galaxy   |   off the first wall you see in the   |  STR140  |
    |                        |   2nd section (before it falls)       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Underneath the pink ledge (let the  |  STR141  |
    |                        |   platform get cut and drop)          |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On top of the 2nd section (use the  |          |
    |                        |   left path and Dash Pepper to reach) |  STR142  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the right of the Comet Medal     |          |
    |                        |   (you need to land on top of the     |  STR143  |
    | Hightail Falls Galaxy  |   blocks above, then head to the      |          |
    |                        |   right)                              |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the swinging pegs (swing right |  STR144  |
    |                        |   and dismount at the right time)     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the wall you'd normally       |  STR145  |
    |                        |   knock down (use wall-kicks + spins) |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Boulder Bowl Galaxy   | - Behind the ramp (by the bowling     |  STR146  |
    |                        |   pins)                               |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Behind the left ledge on the 2nd    |  STR147  |
    |                        |   section                             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the left of the star on the      |          |
    |                        |   frozen waterfall                    |  STR148  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the suspended water area (where  |          |
    |  Cosmic Cove Galaxy    |   the 2 moving mines are; drop from   |  STR149  |
    |                        |   above)                              |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the left of where you get the    |          |
    |                        |   key (use long-jump)                 |  STR150  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the river bottom (right after  |  STR151  |
    |                        |   the 3rd gate)                       |          |
    |   Wild Glide Galaxy    |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Top of the far right hill (near     |  STR152  |
    |                        |   the finish line)                    |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the end of the first grape    |  STR153  |
    |                        |   bouncing area                       |          |
    |   Honeybloom Galaxy    |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the second set of swings      |          |
    |                        |   (jump and flutter to the right)     |  STR154  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Behind a rock to the left, where    |  STR155  |
    |                        |   you need to pass Whomps (long-jump) |          |
    |   Bowser's Lava Lair   |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Underneath the ground eating        |          |
    |                        |   skeletons (near the start, on the   |  STR156  |
    |                        |   right side)                         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the top of the tree, above the |          |
    |                        |   Life Mushroom (which is left of the |  STR157  |
    |                        |   Launch Star                         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Tall Trunk Galaxy    | - Below the 1st checkpoint (head down |  STR158  |
    |                        |   then hover to the left and dismount)|          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the last part of the tunnel    |  STR159  |
    |                        |   (need to jump to reach it)          |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the giraffe on the right at   |  STR160  |
    |                        |   the start of the level (use Clouds) |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Cloudy Court Galaxy   | - Way out in the air, when you reach  |  STR161  |
    |                        |   the giant cymbals (use Clouds)      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the right of the regular Power   |  STR162  |
    |                        |   Star (use Clouds)                   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Underneath the teleporter near the  |  STR163  |
    |                        |   start (Drop + Spin)                 |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Haunty Halls Galaxy   | - Above the start of the 2nd section  |  STR164  |
    |                        |   (Triple-jump + Spin)                |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the last part before the      |  STR165  |
    |                        |   Power Star (Backflip + Spin         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In the slide part (jump to get)     |  STR166  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In the bottom left-area in respect  |          |
    |                        |   to the giant Bowser statue at the   |  STR167  |
    |  Freezy Flake Galaxy   |   end (use snowballs + long-jump)     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - As soon as you reach the foggy      |          |
    |                        |   area, turn around and long-jump     |  STR168  |
    |                        |   diagonally to the left (you should  |          |
    |                        |   land on a platform with it below)   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the left side of the elevator    |  STR169  |
    |                        |   (grab it as it rises up)            |          |
    |  Rolling Masterpiece   |                                       |          |
    |         Galaxy         | - Upper left corner of where you      |  STR170  |
    |                        |   "fight" the Silver Chomp            |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In mid-air, left of the section     |  STR171  |
    |                        |   with the Comet Medal                |          |
    |   Beat Block Galaxy    |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the last section, high in the    |  STR172  |
    |                        |   air to the right (Backflip + Spin)  |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In the section with the gophers,    |  STR173  |
    |                        |   blow up the one on the far right    |          |
    |  Bower Jr.'s Fearsome  |   to reveal it                        |          |
    |         Fleet          |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the far right side of the        |  STR174  |
    |                        |   2nd Airship                         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the spinning coin, to the     |  STR175  |
    |                        |   right (Triple-jump + Spin)          |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Supermassive Galaxy   | - Beneath the 2nd Thwomp (slide down, |  STR176  |
    |                        |   then spin to the left)              |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the planet with the 3 Koopas     |  STR177  |
    |                        |   (Triple-jump + Spin)                |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Past the 1st Launch Star (walk      |          |
    |                        |   across the wall on the left)        |  STR178  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the left roof on the 2nd section |          |
    |   Flipsville Galaxy    |   (Wall-jump + Spin to climb up)      |  STR179  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the last Launch Star before   |          |
    |                        |   the boss (go to the opposite side   |          |
    |                        |   of the planet, and "drop" off from  |  STR180  |
    |                        |   top right corner)                   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above a tree in the right corner    |  STR181  |
    |                        |   (use Blimp fruit)                   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Left side of the giant tower (use   |          |
    |                        |   Dash Pepper, jump, flutter, and     |  STR182  |
    | Starshine Beach Galaxy |   dismount to reach)                  |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Right above the bouncy thingy       |          |
    |                        |   (use water lilies to get close,     |  STR183  |
    |                        |   bounce, and use clouds; bouncer     |          |
    |                        |   must be pointing up                 |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the right of the Comet Medal     |  STR184  |
    |                        |   (backflip over Chomps; long-jump    |          |
    |                        |   + spin to reach)                    |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the right side of the roof; 3rd  |          |
    |   Chompworks Galaxy    |   section (either use Backflip +      |  STR185  |
    |                        |   Spins to get up directly, or go     |          |
    |                        |   to the left and climb from there)   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Right side of the last section,     |          |
    |                        |   above the giant drill (drop from    |  STR186  |
    |                        |   above; bounce on drill tip)         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Below a chocolate cracker (right    |  STR187  |
    |                        |   of the starting area)               |          |
    |  Sweet Mystery Galaxy  |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the right of the Comet Medal     |  STR188  |
    |                        |   (jump past it)                      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Right behind the red balloon        |  STR189  |
    |    Honeyhop Galaxy     |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In front of the Queen Bee's head    |  STR190  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On a pillar in the lava; left side  |  STR191  |
    |    Bowser's Gravity    |   (before the 2nd Magikoopa)          |          |
    |       Gauntlet         |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above a block beside the 2nd        |  STR192  |
    |                        |   checkpoint (Backflip Spin)          |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the Launch Star (use pull     |  STR193  |
    |                        |   stars to throw yourself at it)      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the 2nd red wall; past the 1st   |  STR194  |
    |   Space Storm Galaxy   |   Thwomp (climb down from above)      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Let yourself get hit by the last    |  STR195  |
    |                        |   bubble shooter (the 6th one)        |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - At the beginning of the sand slide  |  STR196  |
    |                        |   (left edge)                         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the end of the sand slide (as  |          |
    |    Slipsand Galaxy     |   the last rolling rock passes you,   |  STR197  |
    |                        |   right edge)                         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In front of the first checkpoint    |          |
    |                        |   (walk off the front of the platform)|  STR198  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Left of the hidden star (long jump) |  STR199  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Left side of crescent moon (drop    |          |
    |    Boo Moon Galaxy     |   down and spin right)                |  STR200  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Last section (climb to the top      |          |
    |                        |   where the 1-Up is, then jump towards|  STR201  |
    |                        |   yourself)                           |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - In the volcano to the right of      |  STR202  |
    |                        |   where you start (freeze lava; use   |          |
    |                        |   clouds to reach)                    |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Shiverburn Galaxy    | - At the far right end of the moving  |  STR203  |
    |                        |   rocks part                          |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above cloud with the 1-Up; where    |          |
    |                        |   the meteors are falling (need cloud |  STR204  |
    |                        |   power to reach)                     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the left of the Life Mushroom    |          |
    |                        |   (wall kick off the left blocks and  |  STR205  |
    |                        |   use to moving gravity path to fly   |          |
    |                        |   into it)                            |          |
    |  Upside Dizzy Galaxy   |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Top right corner of the next area   |          |
    |                        |   (ride the gravity up on the left,   |  STR206  |
    |                        |   swerve left to land on the platform |          |
    |                        |   and continue right)                 |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Dive straight down at the start     |  STR207  |
    |  Fleet Glide Galaxy    |                                       |          |
    |                        | - To the left of the first collapsing |          |
    |                        |   purple tower (fairly high up)       |  STR208  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the first target (1st cannon) |  STR209  |
    |   Bowser Jr.'s Boom    |                                       |          |
    |        Bunker          | - Far left of the screen (2nd cannon) |  STR210  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Left of 1st Launch Star (pull on the|          |
    |                        |   highest pull star, then pull on the |          |
    |                        |   third highest, then quickly pull    |  STR211  |
    |                        |   on the highest one again (to propel |          |
    |                        |   far enough to reach it)             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Melty Monster Galaxy  | - Left of the second whirlwind (wait  |          |
    |                        |   until the whirlwind is all the way  |  STR212  |
    |                        |   to the left)                        |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Last section of the bowling level;  |          |
    |                        |   when you are bouncing backwards,    |  STR213  |
    |                        |   pass the fence on the right side    |          |
    |                        |   to reach it                         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Top of the third wheel              |  STR214  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Top right hand corner of the 2nd    |          |
    |                        |   section (when you hit the gravity   |          |
    | Clockwork Ruins Galaxy |   switch, backflip onto the back wall |  STR215  |
    |                        |   and head right)                     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Left of the Power Star; keep on top |          |
    |                        |   of the wheel, then long jump        |  STR216  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Drop down the third hole on the     |  STR217  |
    |                        |   right side (near the bottom Thwomp) |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Top of the tower; centerish (Triple |          |
    |                        |   jump + spin, or ride the Whomp up)  |  STR218  |
    |   Throwback Galaxy     |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Go to the cloudy platforms above the|          |
    |                        |   water, grab the Cloud Flower, (keep |          |
    |                        |   all 3 flowers), go where the silver |  STR219  |
    |                        |   star is, and long jump several times|          |
    |                        |   towards yourself                    |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the capsule (pumpkin planet)  |  STR220  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Battle Belt Galaxy   | - Above the capsule (mole planet)     |  STR221  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Above the capsule (chomp planet)    |  STR222  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Top right corner of mansion (above  |          |
    |                        |   a mine and Launch Star              |  STR223  |
    |   Flash Black Galaxy   |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Drop down in front of the platform  |  STR224  |
    |                        |   before the Power Star (turn camera) |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - First section with the stalks;      |          |
    |                        |   behind the last pillar on the left  |  STR225  |
    |                        |   (use Z to brake shell and move slow)|          |
    |  Slimy Spring Galaxy   |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Right of the Launch Star; (don't    |          |
    |                        |   spin) camera will move, and you can |  STR226  |
    |                        |   head right to find it               |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Bottom right side of the petal      |  STR227  |
    |    Bowser's Galaxy     |   gliding section (before drill part) |          |
    |       Generator        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Ahead of where you get Yoshi        |  STR228  |
    |                        |   (flutter and dismount)              |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the top right panel (right     |  STR229  |
    |    Mario Squared       |   above the two flipswitch panels)    |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - 7th panel down from the top left    |  STR230  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Near the end; right side (jump to   |  STR231  |
    |                        |   slow yourself and line up properly) |          |
    | Rolling Coaster Galaxy |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Take the left path; jump on the     |  STR232  |
    |                        |   ramp with the 1-Up.                 |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Right of the first Cloud Flower     |  STR233  |
    |  Twisty Trials Galaxy  |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Right of the 3rd last block         |  STR234  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Continue left from the 3rd star     |          |
    |                        |   fragment; above the next junction   |  STR235  |
    |                        |   (Triple jump + Spin)                |          |
    |  Stone Cyclone Galaxy  |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Head up the path from the previous  |          |
    |                        |   green star; long jump at it from    |  STR236  |
    |                        |   the right side.                     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the tree (3rd boss planet)       |  STR237  |
    |   Boss Blitz Galaxy    |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Outside the 4th boss area; left     |  STR238  |
    |                        |   side                                |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | - On the right of the 1st section     |  STR239  |
    |    Flip-Out Galaxy     |   (wall-kick up and drop down on it)  |          |
    |    Flip-Out Galaxy     |                                       |          |
    |                        | - Behind the blue wall on the right   |          |
    |                        |   side; just before the Power Star    |  STR240  |
    |                        |                                       |          |
                      ------------------      -----------------
    	         -----------------         -----------------
    	        ----------------            -----------------
    	        <------[ (5.20) - Comet Medals (CMT) ]------->
    	        ================            =================
    	         =================         =================
    	          ==================      =================
    	|* Comet Medals are always in the first mission of a Galaxy |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Location (Galaxy):    |            Directions:	         |  Code:   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | In the section with the 3 grey slabs  |          |
    |  Sky Station Galaxy    | of rock that slowly move downward;    |  CMT01   |
    |                        | ride the second one down and you'll   |          |
    |                        | pass it.                              |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Yoshi Star Galaxy    | On top of the giant green mound right |  CMT02   |
    |                        | where you meet Yoshi                  |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |    Spin-Dig Galaxy     | On the second planet, floating in the |  CMT03   |
    |                        | air beside the right tower            |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Fluffy Bluff Galaxy   | High in the air on the planet with    |  CMT04   |
    |                        | the 5 star pieces (need Cloud power)  |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |    Flip-Swap Galaxy    | On the third section, near the last   |  CMT05   |
    |                        | chomp (panel underneath is blue)      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    | Rightside Down Galaxy  | Between two Thwomps (Backflip to get) |  CMT06   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Bowser Jr.'s Fiery   | On top of the first Thwomp            |  CMT07   |
    |       Flotilla         |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | Off to the left on the second section |          |
    |  Puzzle Plank Galaxy   | (Quickly long-jump to it before the   |  CMT08   |
    |                        | saw cuts the section off)             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | On the final stretch to the Power     |          |
    | Hightail Falls Galaxy  | Star (on the right, between purple    |  CMT09   |
    |                        | blocks)                               |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Boulder Bowl Galaxy   | Smash the giant purple crystal with   |  CMT10   |
    |                        | Rock Mario near the start             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | Inside the conch shell near the sea   |          |
    |  Cosmic Cove Galaxy    | bottom (right side, when you enter    |  CMT11   |
    |                        | the open area)                        |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Wild Glide Galaxy    | In front of the finish line (need to  |  CMT12   |
    |                        | pass through all 5 previous gates)    |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | In the upper right section behind     |          |
    |   Honeybloom Galaxy    | a gopher, where the first spinning    |  CMT13   |
    |                        | flowers appear                        |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Bowser's Lava Lair   | Above the second Whomp (stand on his  |  CMT14   |
    |                        | back when he falls and ride him up)   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Tall Trunk Galaxy    | To the left of the ? in the second    |  CMT15   |
    |                        | section (use Blimp Yoshi)             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Cloudy Court Galaxy   | On the left, when drifting past the   |  CMT16   |
    |                        | opening/closing walls section         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Haunty Halls Galaxy   | Past the Launch Star (wait for the    |  CMT17   |
    |                        | moving walkway to appear)             |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Freezy Flake Galaxy   | Behind the pipe (melt the blocks)     |  CMT18   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Rolling Masterpiece   | In the middle of the wooden area      |  CMT19   |
    |         Galaxy         | (grab quickly before the saws cut it) |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Beat Block Galaxy    | Near the first 1-Up                   |  CMT20   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Bower Jr.'s Fearsome  | On the 2nd Airship, left side         |  CMT21   |
    |         Fleet          |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Supermassive Galaxy   | Above a gap near the beginning of the |  CMT22   |
    |                        | stage (use long jump to get safely)   |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Flipsville Galaxy    | Underneath the teleporter (use grate) |  CMT23   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    | Starshine Beach Galaxy | In the hole near the pipe; dive down  |  CMT24   |
    |                        | (left of the giant spiral tower)      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Chompworks Galaxy    | On the first part of the Chomp        |  CMT25   |
    |                        | assembly line (Backflip to reach)     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Sweet Mystery Galaxy  | Keep right after the 3rd Glimmer Berry|  CMT26   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |    Honeyhop Galaxy     | Go up the wall jump area on the right |  CMT27   |
    |                        | (first section)                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |    Bowser's Gravity    | Above a block near the 1st checkpoint |  CMT28   |
    |       Gauntlet         |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Space Storm Galaxy   | 2nd last set of revolving platforms   |  CMT29   |
    |                        | before the Launch Star                |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |    Slipsand Galaxy     | Top left side; area with the bombing  |  CMT30   |
    |                        | birds                                 |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Shiverburn Galaxy    | Second section with the rotating      |  CMT31   |
    |                        | platforms; right side                 |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |    Boo Moon Galaxy     | Before the Launch Star to the last    |  CMT32   |
    |                        | section (the blocks swerve at it)     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Upside Dizzy Galaxy   | Below the electric fence; grab it     |  CMT33   |
    |                        | from the platform on the left         |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Fleet Glide Galaxy    | Fly through the 5 gates, and grab it  |  CMT34   |
    |                        | near the finish line (left side)      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Bowser Jr.'s Boom    | On the revolving platforms section;   |  CMT35   |
    |        Bunker          | a blue platform (ride red for a bit)  |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Melty Monster Galaxy  | Last section; long jump to the single |  CMT36   |
    |                        | rock before the long charred rock     |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    | Clockwork Ruins Galaxy | Get into a cog at the end and ride it |  CMT37   |
    |                        | up (grab it as you turn up)           |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | Under the platform with the giant     |          |
    |   Throwback Galaxy     | flag pole, near the tower top (fall   |  CMT38   |
    |                        | and spin up to get it)                |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Battle Belt Galaxy   | Second planet, over lava pool         |  CMT39   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Flash Black Galaxy   | Top left corner; above a mine         |  CMT40   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | Stick to the left when swimming past  |          |
    |  Slimy Spring Galaxy   | the long stem enemies; there's a      |  CMT41   |
    |                        | small tunnel on the side with it      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |    Bowser's Galaxy     | Use the swinging pegs near the end    |  CMT42   |
    |       Generator        | of the level to reach                 |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Mario Squared Galaxy  | Around the bottom-left corner         |  CMT43   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    | Rolling Coaster Galaxy | Take the right "expert" path          |  CMT44   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Twisty Trials Galaxy  | On the 2nd last spinning block        |  CMT45   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |  Stone Cyclone Galaxy  | Head right from the first silver star |  CMT46   |
    |                        | (above the moving platforms)          |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Boss Blitz Galaxy    | Bottom of King Kaliente's planet      |  CMT47   |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        | In the air to the right of the last   |          |
    |    Flip-Out Galaxy     | checkpoint (climb all the way right,  |  CMT48   |
    |                        | then long jump left)                  |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    |   Grandmaster Galaxy   | On the last section, by the Hammer    |  CMT49   |
    |                        | Bro on the right                      |          |
    |                        |                                       |          |
    (6.00) - Acknowledgment - (ACK1)
    Thanks to Nintendo for making such a great game!
    Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough!
    See-ya next time!
    Version - 2.00 |
    {Dedicated to A.C} |

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