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Fun, But Nothing New06/02/10Awasai
Exactly what it says on the box06/01/10darkknight109
Leaves you wanting more... in a very, very good way.06/01/10DDJ
You've really made the grade...06/01/10discoinferno84
Fixes most of Galaxy's flaws, but is not without its own, but that doesn't mean it's not fun.06/01/1094067
Happy deliciousness...06/07/10Archmonk Iga
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review by Batman99506/14/11batman995
It's 2010 and Mario has still got it!07/19/10CooperF4
I had mixed feelings, but most of them good - has the potential to be a classic03/26/12GavLuvsGA
And this is why we're gamers06/16/10horror_spooky
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is as close to perfection as any game will come.06/28/10Josh_3691
To the far reaches of the universe!06/04/10KeyBlade999
'Galaxy 2' is solid, yet is a microcosm of the Wii's major problem11/29/11Kimari
As the old saying goes: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." However, some aspects could be better01/05/11KnuxtheTurtle
The Galaxy Has Expanded11/15/10kobalobasileus
Like discovering a secret level in your favourite game; familiar but also a welcomed return07/22/10lilithdarkstorm
A successful second launch.06/12/15Malorkus
A surprisingly good sequel that tops the (already incredible) original in almost every way06/04/10nintendosega
Mario soars onto the Wii again with another crazy adventure through space06/07/10Parasitic
One of the best platformers Nintendo has ever released and that's saying a lot!06/24/16RagingDraugr
A well-made Mario game, but is it any fun?07/14/17SavageWizzrobe
Does the 2010 sequel outdo the 2007 original?06/01/10shadowmathfreak
Lightning strikes twice.04/08/16SneakTheSnake
How is a game like this possible?06/01/10SuperPhillip
A space so nice he went there twice!07/14/11Wiggis

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