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"Eye Candy"

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the utter definition of beauty. This may not be as great as the first, however, as there are very little new additions and mostly the same features.

Gameplay - 8 - The controls are the same, but still very easy to use. Plus, with the addition of Yoshi, this meant more fun thrown in with annoyance all at the same time. I found the gameplay here either very fun or very stressful...Depending where you are in what galaxy. But the controls here should make this so much easier. Yoshi or Mario.

Graphics - 10 - As I said before, the graphics are full, fluid, and overall beautiful. To me, I almost felt like I was there at some points because it just pulls you right in. You can even tell that Nintendo has gotten an inch better at water and grass, and especially scales and fur, which was all just mind blowing. The graphics here will be almost mistaken for PS3 material.

Music/Sound - 9 - The music here is most memorable, and somewhat familiar if you had played the first. The minority of some of the levels are alterations of the first one's music in some galaxies. And of course our hero still makes his adorable little "wahoo"'s and "yippee"'s, but again, it was pulled off well. The music and sound may or may not please everybody, but it is certainly not mute-worthy.

Story - 7 - Overall the same plot of every Mario game. Except our dear Peach has been captured yet again by an oddly Godzilla-like Bowser. And our favorite plumber has to rescue her once more. The story is repetitive and almost disappointing right up until a surprise at the last battle...But you'll have to see that for yourself!

Play Time/Replayability - 8 - I managed to beat this game in 2 days, but only because I was up late and early playing it. And depending on how good a player you are also helps. You have more options open to you after beating the game...Which means more stars to collect. So you cannot retrieve all the stars before you beat the story once. I wouldn't want to replay it unless I was stuck inside the house, but there's still plenty to do after.

Final Recommendation - 8 - That depends on how long of a game you want and if you want to complete it 100 %. If you rent, you may be able to beat it in 2 days. But I'd recommend buying it in full...So what are you waiting for?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/26/10

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (US, 05/23/10)

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