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"Player's review after done with the game, do not be mislead, this game is glorious. Specific reasons why its a 10/10. Differences from Galaxy 1."

Im not gonna give a hearty little story of how amazing this game is, im gonna cut straight to the review... there is much to be said:

Intro: Mario Galaxy 1 was great in itselt, Nintendo had worked on it for so long its increadible, the very fact that they admited they took 1 year in perfecting Mario's physics and movements is an example of how excellent Nintendo wants its games to be. Needless to say, chances are you wont find a bug in this game, even if you tried. Mario Galaxy 2 was planned already with the engine made so they had 3 years to work on the new game itself. All this being said, Mario Galaxy 2, IS NOT the same game as galaxy 1.

How is this game different from the first?

-There is the obvious inclusion of Yoshi, he is not a gimmicky character, he cannot do the amazing jumps mario can but he can do the signature flutter jump and he makes killing enemies very easy as he just eats most of them from range. Yoshi can also "hook" his tongue to grab things and sometimes even to pluck out or push back objects. He himself gets a few power ups all which are for limited time. Blimp Yoshi lets mario float for a long time, pressing A he can also hold the location in place until the timer runs out. Glow Yoshi, which turns yoshi into a yellow bulb that can make invisible platforms near visible this makes for some very fun challenges. And finally, the mega speed yoshi, this makes yoshi run for a very fast speed allowing you to even walk on walls and on water! Ofcoarse this stops if yoshi hits a wall so you must master this ability. All these abilities are used frequently but not so much it makes regular yoshi something boring. You will be using regular yoshi most of the time with him.

-There are alot of new power-ups for mario. That being said the old ones are also back but not used as regularly as the new ones. Ofcoarse that is good else it would be boring, we already used the spring and fire powerups enough in the last game. The new ones include, Rock mario, which can turn Mario into a massive boulder to roll over enemies, break rocks, and even play bowling jump through else impossible gaps. Cloud mario is also a very common power up, it makes Mario be able to walk on clouds also, lets him create a maximum of 3 clouds every time he spins as platforms allowing for some amazing challenges and even boss fights... There is also the drill, this is not a regular power up, mario actually picks this one up and it comes to play alot, it is simply used to drill through the ground and Mario will appear at the other side of the planet, also making for some tricky new challenges.

-ALOT more stars, and the games is easily twice as challenging as the last. Dont get me wrong the game is easy if you want to, if you die many times a space phantom will play the level for you and you will get a bronze star instead of gold. Ofcoarse if your a hardcore player there are some endgame levels that will surely test your skill... believe me. That being said one of the biggest changes is that once you beat the game there is SO much more to do than in the last mario, unfourtunately I cant go into detail or that would be spoilers =P

-No hub world, this Mario Galaxy game has no hub world other than the Mario face planet, but the planet gets more interesting over time... Also the worlds work abit like a mix of old school SMB3 and Mario 64 in that there are star gates that block the way until more stars are collected, the same for star bit gates which actually turn into new planets.

Now for the Review:

Graphics: 9.5/10

Yep the graphics are amazing for a wii game.... very amazing. But in the end it doesnt have the polish that new xbox260/ps3 games have. That being said its still a Wii, and this is still Mario, if you play this for the graphics then surely something must be wrong with you. Everything looks smooth, the bosses have amazingly shiny special effects and all the galaxies are very different to one another, all polished to the same extent. Water has amazing visuals in this game, that goes the same for lava.

Sound: 10/10

Some may disagree but the sound is amazing. One can complain abit about the sound... but I cant think of a reason. Mario makes different sounds when he jumps/lands/walks in different surfaces...all differnet sounds. Moving away from sounds and going to music. this games music is aboslutely fantastic. If you thought nintendo hired an orchestra your wrong... they made one, its called the Mario Galaxy Orchestra, no joke. That being said, pretty much 80% of the music is beautifuly ochestrated music that fits for each occasion. During the first few levels you will hear epic music mostly akin to the galaxy theme song and later progresses to different styles, and boss fight music is just epic to a complete other scale. You will ofcoarse also see music that isnt orchestrated and it also sounds amazing, some music might even sound familiar to old themes...

Story: 8/10

The story is more amazing that what you would expect..... actually no its not, its exactly like all the other Marios, Bowser kidnaps Peach and you have to go save her... this time in the center of the universe on his galaxy creating rampage. Baby bowser also comes along. Other than that the story isnt what you would play a Mario game for so I wouldnt complain too much. More story and it couldve hindered the gameplay... the best part of the game.

Gameplay 10/10:

It suffices to say, that Mario Galaxy 2's gameplay is nothing short of an experience. The game is fun until the end, and this game is easily longer than galaxy 1, Mario Sunshine, and even Mario 64. This game is intense, the difficulty curve is perfect taking a huge step up in difficulty in the endgame just for the pros and star collecting junkies. The bosses are way more intense this time around, taking bigger scales, many bosses being stories high and some even challenging with the 6 health power up. The galaxies are very diverse ranging from deserts, to tropical islands, to forests, and rocketships to probably the most abstract and impossible and undescribable concepts. The game is fun. It always puts different powerups in different environments, you will turn lava into ice, you will evade meteors and throw them back, you will use yoshi to run up walls and evade lava. There is so much creativity that you will constantly keep going "did they really come up with that" and cry in joy. This game is truly a platforming masterpiece that has broken all standards and will be defined forever as a paragon of what a platformer's gameplay should be. You will never get bored, every galaxy has some new challenge with new styles and new wackyness.

Overall 9.9/10 for the sake of not saying this game is perfect because no game is perfect.

Last Words: if you like platformers, you will live shamefully knowing you never bought this game. If you like only shooters and rpgs, still give it a try. You will be surprised how good and fun this game is. I had HUGE expectations for this game after reading all the 10/10s and was abit skeptical but I was blown away as well. My vote already goes to this game as game of the year and probably game of the decade. Simply because I have never had so much fun in my life.

The only problem with this game, is that it ends. You will literally want to take slower pace so you beat the game slower so the game never ends. This game was too good to end =(, but all good things come to an end.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/01/10

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (US, 05/23/10)

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