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"You got yoshi. What more could you want? Click and find out"

Two years ago Super Mario galaxy hit the Nintendo Wii. And despite my initial reaction, The game completely exceeded my expectations. It's intuitive design and amazing visuals were by far the Wii consoles best offering. It had a few problems that were easy to overlook given that its pioneering it's level of quality on the console. It's a game I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a reminder of what a fun game is.

And now 2010 hits and we have Mario Galaxy 2. And is probably one of the most obvious choices for a direct sequel in this generation. But does it set itself apart from its predecessor in a good way?

The Good:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 offers more replay ability with unique offerings than any other title, hands down. With 70 stars to complete the game, 120 stars to play all the initial offering of stages, and 242 to collect them all, it's no doubt that completionists will have a lot of time to invest, and have fun doing it. If this game had one major hook, one major selling point. This would be it.

There is nothing about Mario Galaxy 2 is repetitive. The amount of freedom you have to control Mario, coupled with the consistently unique level designs or challenges, will never allow you feel like you've done this before. It's always fresh, always engaging.

New power ups in the game are better this time around than in Galaxy 1. The cloud suit and rock suit has a costume design that I personally feels right in the Mario universe. And Yoshi returns with fantastic abilities such as running at fast speeds or swinging off flowers with his tongue. All the abilities also do their job correctly in making you feel as though you've powered up.

And of course, much like it's previous entry. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is at its pinnacle in presentation. It supports fantastic visuals that seem on par with many of Playstation 3 or Xbox 360s offerings. Mixed in with fully orchestrated music that are sometimes so epic, I have to stall my play through just to listen.

The Bad:

One of Galaxy 2's biggest problems is simply not addressing issues that the first game had.

If you're looking for engaging narrative to go with the epic presentation, it's not there. In fact, Super Mario Galaxy 2 goes out of its way to tarnish the first games story. Instead of acknowledging the events of Super Mario Galaxy 1, it chooses to reset it. One might say that Mario games don't need to bevy voice acting with tons of story, and I will agree. But a game on this scale should be layered with epic cinematic cut scenes. But more importantly, remain consistent and build upon the story of a previous entry.

The game difficulty can be so diverse at times that it may discourage average players after a few hours. Some stars can be so exceedingly difficult to collect can activate a new feature that only seems to add to the frustration. That feature is in the form of a purple starite that acknowledges that you either died a lot trying to get that star or got a game over. The last thing I need to hear after losing up to 15 times is “Maybe you should take a break”. Thanks Grimace but I'll tell you when I've had enough…

Bowser fights are once again recycled throughout the game, only less engaging and less difficult than in the first game. It's a shame you don't personally tango with Bowser like in Mario 64. This time around you are in no way encouraged to touch Bowser. Instead, you are to ground pound planets in his direction. It's a very disjointed fight.

Another personal gripe is the exclusion of the ice flower, but the inclusion of the spring suit. Ice Mario provided a nice twist on game play and certainly deserved some sort of return. But the spring suit is the exact opposite of what you want out of a power up. This is that it only serves to get you to where you HAVE to be but hinders your control and abilities as regular Mario.

The Verdict:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a game you should pick up. Highly recommended to someone who hasn't played the first one as issues in this sequel will not bother you as much as if you waited two years to see something new from what you're playing. To players from the first I somewhat recommend it. New bosses, new abilities, in no way repetitive, everything great about the first is carried over. But if personal opinions caused you to dislike the first game, chances are pretty good they carried over to this title.

The Score:


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/07/10

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (US, 05/23/10)

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