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"A Great Sequel To The Mind Blowing Original"

Ah, Super Mario Galaxy 2. The great sequel to the original SMG, and a few other features, enhanced. I remember getting this game 1 week ago, and watching the enjoyable intro scene. This game has very polished graphics, best I've seen on the Wii, a classical storyline, great gameplay mechanics, nice power-ups, and a few other things. Well, lets get on with this review.

Graphics: 10/10. Marvelous graphics. The original SMG's graphics were great, now these are the best on the Wii so far. Mario's red hat and blue suspenders are as colorful as always. Looking back on the first SMG, the graphics of all the overworld characers were good, but the ones returning is like taking them and putting them in HD the whole game. Simply put, if you're playing this game on a regular TV, it's like an HD TV has come with the game. (Not Literally, Of Course.)

Storyline:7/10. Same as always, Princess Peach invites Mario to the castle, Bowser comes to steal her, Mario sets out on an adventure, yada, yada, yada. I mean, I do like the new "twist" on the intro, but, seriously Nintendo. In the next Mario games, I would like to see some kind of a story change. It is great and all, how Bowser is 20x the size of Mario, but all he does is steal Peach, get some sort of new power, tries to be all mighty, and have Peach bake him a cake for once, (hahaha) and eventually gets his *** handed to him on a silver platter by yours truly, Mario. Although it is funny to see what happens to silly old Bowser at the end.

Gameplay Mechanics: 8/10. Ok, the controls of SMG2. The same as SMG, but no major changes. On one SMG2 video, it shows Mario going kung-fu on a hammer bro. He does a double kick, that I spent a whole day trying to do, but epically failed. Otherwise, Mario's jumping skill, is the same as always, but let's get to Luigi. Yes, you can play as Luigi in this game. For some odd reason, whenever you run, then abruptly stop, you slide for 5 minutes. This has caused me tons of frustration, so if you get the option to play as Luigi, DON'T. Now, lets get on to the power ups.

Power Ups/Items: 8/10. The addition of the Cloud Flower, the Spin Drill, and the Rock Shroom are nice additions. The cloud flower is my favorite because you can 1: jump higher and 2: make platforms. The only downside is that the clouds dissapear after a while. The spin drill is great too, but Mario can take too long to get out of the ground. Finally, the most despised item of mine: the rock shroom. 1st, you almost can never break out of the annoying thing. 2nd, you CAN NOT turn for all the money in the world. Well, now that my anger is out on the dammed thing, lets get on to the others. Making a return is the spring shroom, (WHY?!) the fire flower, bee shroom, and the boo shroom. Some of them (SPRING SHROOM) should have been blown into a black hole, but no. Nintendo decided to torture me for another 2 years by bringing back that abomination. Ugh, I almost needed an overdose of Advil because of that.

Oh, and the Co-Star Mode gets a 9/10. A great addition to the game. You can finally kill enemies, collect coins, and mushrooms. Well, I forgot to add this in above, so just use your mind so that I did.

Level Designs: 10/10. The graphics greatly enhance the level layouts, and enemy behaviors. Sometimes the enemies can be fun, at other times they are just a pain in the butt. The levels, on the other hand, have great backgrounds, (The Overworld Maps) and level layouts are great and challenging. With only small clues to solve great mind-bending puzzles to get the Power Stars. And here, I conclude my review of a marvelous game, spanning across time and space, across dimensions far and wide, deserving of a 9/10. A simply brilliant game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/08/10

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (US, 05/23/10)

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