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"Bigger and better than the first!"

In 2007 Nintendo's mascot, Mario, hit the Nintendo Wii not as a soccer player, kart racer, or a tennis player, but the thick mustached plumber we all have grown to love in another 3-D platformer. Super Mario Galaxy was it's name and it not only awed the gamers at E3, but when it came to release date it was proclaimed as the best game on Wii as it nearly swept the board of all competition of Game of the Year of '07. Beating out games like Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Halo 3. Mario went from galaxy to galaxy in a nearly perfect game. E3 2009 showed us a teaser trailer to a sequel? Not only is it the first 3-D Mario game to get a direct sequel on the same console but we haven't seen such an epidemic since the Nintendo Entertainment System. Everyone seen the game play trailer either shocked in a good way or had a mind full of skepticism. Rest assure this is the one and only masterpiece of this generation of gaming.

Taking the old formula of the original Galaxy and making it better sounds impossible right? Wrong. Nintendo did the impossible and made every moment of Super Mario Galaxy 2 a moment not to forget with not stop action. Retrieving the stolen star from each level isn't the only priority here. In every galaxy, Comet Coins are an objective to find and thus collect. In order to proceed through the game you must collect these coins which will bring a little surprise to you once you collect all 120 stars. Back to the gameplay, as you remember in Galaxy 1, you had the Bee suit, Spring suit, and Boo suit which return here, along with Rock suit- Which enables you to turn into a rock, roll around rapidly, and break things or defeat enemies with it. A new drill power up which that allows you to simply drill through the round. Then there's the Cloud suit, which is my favorite, and this suit allows you to make up to three clouds when ever you want, however you want by simply shaking the Wii remote. The levels that specifically use these new power-ups stand out as unique, fun, and most importantly, genius. All of them can be used by simply shaking the Wii remote or Nunchuck. one of the biggest things that stands out about Galaxy 2 is Yoshi. Bringing the green dinosaur back into 3-D (from Sunshine's Yoshi dieing in the water), is the best thing about the game. I'm a Yoshi fanboy and I'll admit to it. But Yoshi isn't used throughout the whole game which is a good thing and a bad thing (especially for me).

Boss battles can be a tad easy but for the most part they are intense and genius whether you simply defeated them or used a power-up to finish the job. Collecting Star bits is a big part of the game just was the original. Feeding Hungry Lumas to proceed may get tedious for some but take it from me just collect the star bits throughout the levels. It's fun and it pays off. After getting 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy 1 you were allowed to go through the game again as Luigi. Well Nintendo ditched that ol' idea and now allows you to play as Luigi whenever the option was available. The only difference is that Luigi can jump higher and he slides, just like in Galaxy 1.

Galaxy 2's difficulty is something to shine. It's harder than Galaxy 1's by a long shot but in the end it's rewarding. Not too hard to to the pint where you'll put the game down but something like where you'll put a little strategy into it next time around. The controls are the same. Same everything. Which isn't a bad thing by any means. Why fix something that isn't broken? Shaking the Wii remote allows you to use your current power-up or to swing Mario's arms to tackle foes.

Exactly what you'd come to expect from a Mario adventure. Bowser comes on by Peach's castle, says hello, and kidnaps her with plans to take over the world. This time Bowser isn't exactly normal. Bowser is as big as a galaxy and he wants Mario out of the picture for good. In the beginning of the game, well, lets just say it's a pretty epic moment.

This time around the music is fully orchestrated. Classic tunes return while new songs come about and all together the game's music is better than any Mario game ever. One of the best sound tracks created by Nintendo. The explosions, Mario/Luigi, the enemies/bosses, the music in general, etc. all sound fantastic. Graphics look smoother than the original. A small step ahead from the first but still if you compare there's a difference and that difference is flawless as well. The graphics engine is amazing, and really captures that feel of a Mario adventure. The water is great as well.

Play Time/Replayability-
Getting 120 stars will take you around 12-15 hours. Getting all 242 stars will take you nearly 40 hours to complete so $50 is a small feat for such an excellent and long lengthen game. 242 stars goes along way and I expect people to be playing and replaying this game for years. Even after 242 stars and Super Mario Galaxy 1's 120 stars I still stand here wanting more galaxies to play with Mario/Luigi on. I'm virtually on my knees begging Nintendo to give me more.

Final Recommendation-
Super Mario Galaxy isn't great, nor good, nor excellent as a whole. It's phenomenal. Ground breaking. This is not only the best game of 2010, not only the best game of this generation, but one of the best games of all time right under Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. If you have a Wii or plan on getting one, get this game. Forget about your family and Wii Sports, pick this game up and play this game. I can't recommend or talk about this game enough to keep even myself completely content. Never a dull moment, not even a flaw comes to mind of this game. Buy it, play it, love it. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is better than 2007's Game of the Year Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is this generation's best of the best, a showcase for gaming in general , and I think it's safe to say no game is going to dethrone it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/28/10, Updated 02/01/11

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (US, 05/23/10)

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