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"As the old saying goes: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." However, some aspects could be better"

Hello, GameFaqs! Welcome to my first review. My first submission, really. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (from here on referred to as SMG2) is the sequel to the game Super Mario Galaxy. It is the fifth 3D Mario title to include Mario searching for power stars. Six, if you count Super Mario 64, DS. The game was released on the 23 of May in 2010 for the Wii. I wasn't too interested in the game at the time, because I was probably playing my new Xbox 360. However, I got this game this Christmas, and I have to say that I am pleased. Overall, this game meets my expectations. There are, however, points of trouble. One of the most prominent problems in SMG2 is the EXTREMELY difficult levels. The good thing about these levels, is that they can be skipped.

In one word, the gameplay was good. The game is played with a nun chuck attached to the Wii remote. Mario does all the basics: Jump, double jump, triple jump, back flip jump, long jump, ground pound, wall jump, and he has a few new powers since Super Mario 64: The ability to spin, and the ability to shoot and collect "star bits". The game has you hopping from one planet to another (with weird gravity) to get to your objective. Star bits are colorful bouncing spiky balls. To collect them, all you do is point at the screen, and move your cursor over them, or you can touch them. To shoot, you use the B button on the back of the controller. If it hits an enemy, it will stun them. You can then bump into them to knock them away, and then you'll get more star bits. Spinning is probably your main method of attack. Doing a spin will either knock an enemy away from you and make them die, or it will knock them over, where you can spin into them again. Mario can also gain extra height on a jump by spinning. As always, Mario can jump on an enemy's head to kill them, with the exception of things like spinies. Jumping on an enemy gives coins, where as spinning into an enemy gives star bits. Mario has several power-ups at his disposal. These power-ups are: bee mushroom, fire flower, drill, spring mushroom, cloud plant, boo mushroom, rock mushroom, life mushroom, and 1-up mushroom. Oh, and did I mention that Yoshi is back? The levels are split up into galaxies, and a collection of galaxies is a world. Navigating the world map is really easy. You are represented by the Starship Mario, a spaceship that looks like your head. You either use the control stick, or point and press “A” to select a galaxy, and you will go to the star selection screen. There are usually 2-3 stars per level, and a comet medal. Comet medals make comets appear on galaxies, letting you get another star. This new star will be based off an earlier star, but the comet adds a twist: You may have to beat the level under a certain amount of time, collect 100 purple coins, or complete it without getting hit. After getting enough stars, you can go to the boss stage, and fight one of Bowser Jr's machines, or Bowser himself (who is about 5 times bigger than normal). After you beat the boss, you get a thing called a “Grand Star”, which allows the Starship Mario to progress to the next world. In some levels, you can play as Luigi, who jumps higher than Mario, takes longer to get up when knocked down, uses more air underwater, and has less traction (meaning he skids to a stop). The two-player mode allows a second person to collect star bits, coins, 1-ups, shoot star bits, hold enemies and obstacles in place, and spin (I'm not too sure what spinning does). I give the gameplay a 9/10

Ehh…. This area of the game is definitely the worst, in my opinion. The beginning of the game confused me. The second line in the game says: “Shimmering stardust falls on the Mushroom Kingdom once a century. That time had come again…” This confuses me because I thought that this event happened in Super Mario Galaxy 1, and Mario definitely doesn't look over one-hundred years old. Peach invites Mario over to share some cake while they watch the shooting stars. She asks him to meet her at the castle. (Obviously like in Super Mario 64) The cake is not a lie in this game (Ha-ha, Portal reference). Mario is going to the castle, and finds a baby luma. A luma is a floating star with black eyes. It looks like a starman, except fatter, and with less pointy edges. The luma goes into Mario's hat, giving him the new ability to spin. What bothers me about this scene is that it is the same luma from Super Mario Galaxy 1, and Mario doesn't even seem to care. You enter the next area, and you see a trapped luma fall from the sky. You hear sinister music playing while the ground is thumping, and your controller vibrates. You take a few steps forward, the camera zooms out, and… you see a 400 ft tall Bowser wreaking havoc in Peach's castle. Bowser has apparently taken the power of the stars, and kidnapped Peach. (Again, very similar to previous games) Peach cries out for help as Bowser carries her away. He says he's going to make a new galactic empire in the middle of the universe. This is literally the last time you hear about this until the end of the game. It just seems like they needed an excuse for Bowser to kidnap Peach. You go to some lumas on the bridge to the castle, and they tell you to go save Peach. Duh. They are also surprised to see the luma under your hat, and call him “master luma”. One of the lumas turns into a launch star, and you go to the first level. After you beat the first level, you arrive on a small planet/ planetoid. You meet an obese purple luma name Lubba, who is the leader of the lumas on the little planet you're on. He thanks you for the power star you got, and tells you his planet is a ship. He says his ship isn't in good condition, and learns that Peach got kidnapped by Bowser. He also tells Mario that Bowser took all of the power stars, which is their fuel. The luma in Mario's hat pops out, and Lubba recognizes him as young master luma. Because Master Luma trusts Mario, Lubba and Mario make a deal: If Mario gets back stars for Lubba and his crew, then he will let Mario be the captain, and let him use the ship. The lumas fix up the ship, and make it look like Mario's face. At this point, Lubba makes some absolutely terrible puns. And that's basically the story. You get the stars, progress with the ship, and save Peach. Wow. That's deep. I give the story a 7.5/10.

Music and Sound:
This game is in my top 3 favorite Mario soundtracks of all time, right under SMRPG and Super Mario Sunshine. This game has some great remixes. The ground theme from Super Mario Bros, the underground theme from Super Mario Bros, the sliding theme from Super Mario 64, the Airship theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, the Bob-omb Battlefield theme from Super Mario 64, and the Boss levels from Super Mario 64. These are just some of the wonderful songs in this game. The overall sound is great, but it hasn't changed much from Super Mario Galaxy 1. I give the Music and Sound a 10/10.

There's really not much to say. It looks almost the same as Super Mario Galaxy 1. It's pretty good for the Wii, but it has some video slowdown when too much happens at once. I give the Graphics an 8/10

This is a tricky one. It really depends on how good you are. I am a VERY experienced Mario player. I've beaten Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, all 100%. It took me about 3 days to beat the regular part of this game. (There is a HUGE surprise at the end) However, according to the message I got earlier today, my play time was 18 hours, 44 minutes, and 12 seconds. This is WITHOUT completing the “surprise”. To give an estimate, I expect my total play time to be around 45 hours, maybe 60. And there are some races, and “ghosts” in galaxies that you can try to beat for a better time. I give the Replayability a 9/10

This game is very fun, and I would recommend this game to any Mario fan. The gameplay is very good, but there are some HUGE spikes in difficulty. The story isn't all that great. The sound is amazing. The replayability is very good if you complete the game all the way. Some of the game mechanics have been reused, but most of the time, it's not a problem. This game overall scores a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/11

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (US, 05/23/10)

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