How do I beat Ridley?

  1. He's too tough!!! Especially on hard!

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    ZOMBIE_FEUTS - 7 years ago

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  1. Ridley is the toughest boss in the game by far, and on hard can usually kill you in one hit.

    He has a few attacks.
    A straight fireblast, dodge to the right for this.
    A spray fireblast, dodge back or to the side twice.
    He can get enraged and claw you.
    Swipe his tail.
    He'll fly up in the air and send a nuke, hop over the flames.
    While flying he'll also come stab you with his tail, try to boost doge this as much as possible. (There is a way to turn behind you and launch a charge beam at him to cut this attack in half.)
    He can also dash at you and do a cinematic attack where you'll get dragged against the wall. The only benefit of this is getting a free shot off and recharge your health.
    Concentrate your health IMMEDIATELY after he does this.

    Keep blasting charge shots at him every time you dodge one of his attacks until the camera focuses and you see him get hurt. If he's on the ground you'll be able to do a LETHAL STRIKE against him, charge beaming into his mouth.

    After he gets hurt enough he'll become DARKER. He's faster and his attacks are stronger. DODGE EVERYTHING, your beam CANNOT hurt him. Wait until he drops from the air from doing Nukes, or is taunting you with rage; go into first person mode and charge a SUPER MISSILE. This will turn him back purple and make him vulnerable to CHARGE BEAMS.

    Rinse and repeat.

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  1. When he gets darker you can also shoot him as and right after he breathes fire at you to hurt him.

    User Info: classicangel831

    classicangel831 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. All I have to add is that you constantly shake the Wii mote to sensemove away from him in 1st person. Keep it up and you'll keep your super missile ready for when he roars to taunt you.

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