How do I beat the thing that spawns metroids?

  1. First of all I'd like to say thank you for help with my other question. It's in sector one right after the cutscene when Ridley gets attacked. I searched an area and found a woman that opened a large hangar-like door. I go in and another cutscene opens and shows hatched metroid eggs on the ground and then a monster comes into the light and 5 or 6 metroids come out of it. How do I beat this? Thanks.

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  1. There are three stages to this fight. In the first, ignore the Queen Metroid herself, charge your beam and use your Sense Move to dodge the Metroids and then immediately fire which will freeze them. Now, fire a Super Missile on the frozen Metroid. The Queen Metroid will release even more Metroids, and now you have to be careful when you switch into first-person mode. Make sure that another Metroid isn't close enough to latch onto your head as you're charging your Super Missile. If a Metroid does latch onto your head, go into Morph Ball Mode, drop a bomb to shake it off, and then quickly switch back. Your best bet is to freeze them as quickly as possible and fire a Super Missile when you have the chance. You can also use Seeker Missiles if more than one is frozen and you can pull it off quickly enough, but this isn't mandatory. This first stage is definitely the hardest; once you've cleared it, you can relax just a bit.

    In the second stage, the Queen Metroid will grow purple crystals on its head and take a more active role of killing you. My advice is to run around the border of the room and use your Sense Move when necessary. When the Queen Metroid starts to blow fire at you, if you're far enough away, switch into first-person and use Seekers missiles to destroy the crystals. Keep repeating this strategy and a cutscene will trigger, effectively ending this stage of the fight.

    In the third and final stage, shoot at the Queen Metroid's exposed belly until it opens up its mouth. Use your Grapple Beam and you'll roll into its stomach in Morph Ball Mode. Charge up your bomb until it reaches a maximum charge and release to use your first Power Bomb on the Bottle Ship. This ends the battle.

    Good luck.

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  1. To defeat the Queen Metroid:
    Defeat the Metroids that she spawns, Charge Beam to freeze, then Seeker Missile on the frozen bodies on the ground. After a few of the Metroids have been defeated, you'll get a short cutscene. After that, you'll find the Queen Metroid on her side, unload a few shots, missiles, whatever suits your fancy until she gets up. You'll need to grapple your way into her gullet and then drop a power bomb in her stomach.

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  2. you can't do much until you defeat the metroids first. it takes time, but you need to freeze every single one before sending a missile their way, otherwise that open metroid will get you.

    but once you clear that, you're onto the real fight against the THING THAT SPAWNS METROIDS. kudos for trying to be subtle but I fear that that might spoil a bit too much lol

    once you defeat her, you have one last segment. I'm not gonna spoil anything but you're authorized to use power bombs

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  3. Charge your beam and freeze the metroids, it works best by dodging them and firing right as you dodge. Get a few of them around you and use a super missile, When you have finally killed all the metroids, along its neck should be a glowing red/purple spines. I found it best to use seeker missiles. Beware of the ram attack, the fire breath, and a ground pound. I was never behind it long enough for it to try a tail attack, but I'm sure it has one. After you deplete its health a cutscene occurs. Watch it, enjoy it, move on to blasting the monster. Lock on when it starts to charge an attack. Samus should automatically grapple and morph into its gullet. I'd suggest to start charging so that you don't take massive amounts of damage.

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  4. During the first part of this three-parter, you'll have to defeat and increasing number of metroids. First there's one, then two, and so on. When there's one metroid to defeat, you can charge up your beam and blast is right after you dodge one of it's attempted pounces. Then you can hit it with three missiles, or allegedly, a super missile.

    When there's more than one, a charged shot will freeze multiple metroids around your target if they're close enough after you dodge. If you think there's enough time, you can charge a seeker missile shot and get a few little metroid-cicles. They all still tolerate three missile shots though.

    After you kill all her babies, Queen Metroid will stop goofing off and actually start attacking you. But first, a bunch of bullseye-shaped crystals pop up on her neck. You just shoot them with Charged Shots, Missiles, and Seeker Missiles until they're all gone. It also helps to dodge her attacks. I hear the fire-breathing attack is undodgeable. When she does this, just jump off to the side and get a few missiles up to her crystals.

    The final stage of this fight is the shortest, almost scripted. You'll start off in First-Person View. Try to shoot her tummy with two charged shots (because that's all the time you have). In just a few seconds, she'll get up and start charging up her own attack. If she completes this attack, you be REALLY dead. What you're supposed to do next is grapple up into her mouth and go in her tummy. Stewing in her digestive juices, you be dead in about 7 seconds.

    Oh, if you want to survive this fight, (almost forgot to mention) you have to spontaneousness become inspired to do an attack that you haven't used since the tutorial, The Power Bomb. In case you forgot how you did it eight hours ago, you just charge up a normal bomb as if it were a power beam shot. When you think it's fully charged, let 'er rip, as it were.

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  5. To beat the queen metroid, you have to freeze the metroids it spawns and hit them with missles. Once you beat all the metroids the queen will grow crystals from its head, hit those with seeker missles. Then, here comes the hard part, once you use the grapple beam to get inside it, lay a power bomb. It doesnt tell you about the power bomb but you just have to try it. Trust me, that part got me sooo bad.

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